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  1. I partially agree with this. I think the bit about people using dark humor and sex as a means of escape is true, but that only gets you through for so long and you burn out on that. You saw that in Band of Brothers, the early episodes there was a fair bit of joking and joshing but by the last two-three episodes everyone was sick of war and espeically sick of the replacements who were "WHEN ARE WE GONNA JUMP INTO BERLIN I WANNA SEE SOME ACTION!!!!!!!!!" I can see why the oldtimers would want those asshats to get shot just so they'd shut the hell up. As for all of the characters becoming quasi
  2. IIRC it was the episode where Trapper and Hawkeye wanted an incubator to help make pencillin or something. It was health related and would save lives so of course the Army says no. Hawk and Trap got to a press conference and start questioning a general and there is a cut to Henry Trapper and Haak witting in Henry's office and Henry is railing at them. He stops and reads the paper in front of him, "Did you really call a two star general a nincompact? Col. Flagg was always great because he said the most outrageous things in the most casual, matter of cat way. "Corporal, I'm gonna need you to ge
  3. I doubt they will do a show about horses because having just one young animal only gives them one 'storyline' although it's not like the storylines they have are complex; you have the shy baby, the one who loves to explore, the one who gets into trouble. I'd like to see a show about wheaten terriers, if only because they are one of the few dogs whose coloring changes dramatically as the puppies age.
  4. The last person you'd expect singing Alicia Keys No One on the Italian version of The Voice: Any Italian speakers out there that can translate what they say after she stops singing?
  5. Queens performance at Live Aid. Freddie Mercury had a cold/strep throat, and was touch and go as to whether he'd make the gig, but the band annihilated it The montage at the end of the series finale of Friday Night Lights set to Delta Spirits 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.' It showed that there was more to life than football, well except for Buddy. ;p Tinker makes the SuperTeam!!!! The Scrubs season 8 finale with The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel
  6. For those ragging on Henry Winkler, you do know that he had a serious learning disability to the point where his childhood doctor declared him retarded, so I think it's more than fair to cut him a good bit of slack. As for Martin Short it's not like he has a lot of irons in the fire movie or tv show wise, this is more a ploy for some casting director to notice him.
  7. I don't think it's that the stars trained for this show, most tv stars even back then worked out and kept in good shape. A couple of problems with a possible remake. 1)Too many networks. Do you include the cable networks or just the Big 4 plus the CW? 2)Too much chance for an injury which could put a star out of action for a couple of months. And the injury would be replayed the star who was injured would be ridiculed right out of the industry. 3) It wouldn't be taken remotely seriously. Not that the original was, but it would get ripped to shreds on a site like, well like the one I'm writ
  8. Most reality Tv for a couple of reasons: 1)How much of it is so obviously scripted, and I mean scripted beyond how the show is edited. 2) How much importance there is in 'bringing drama' ie catfighting, chicks clawing at each other, just people losing their shit ALL the GODDAMN time. I loathe this because it has filtered out from the TV world down to the high school students who watch and emulate this kind of bullshit level. Guy I went ot school with is a high school teacher and he has to break up fights at least once a day between kids because of 'drama.' Shows like Pawn Stars or Storage w
  9. Actually Amber's reaction is pretty much the norm in today's society, thanks to all of the bullshit shrieking and screaming and flying off the handle and 'drama' and fighting has percolated out from the various "Real Housewives of Whatever out into the real world. Go on Youtube and put 'school fight' into the search box. You get THOUSANDS of videos. EVERYONE is now A SPECIAL ANGEWIC ITTLE PWECIOUS FWOWER and if anything should happen to them like someone farts ten feet away and they smell it, one must instantly fly into a tizzy and tantrum and tweet out a gazillion tweets complete with hash
  10. Christ. 30 seconds in and I wanted to punch Max through the front window. That HAS to be a new record. All because his teacher assigned him 10 more homework problems. Oh goody, now Drew is acting just as petulant and bratty as Max. If I was that chick I'd have thrown something at him. And Adam and Kristina, just, NO. That building is gonna cost AT LEAST $500,000, probably over a million and their like, "Eh, NO PROBLEM, LET;S SIGN THE PAPERS RIGHT NOW!!! Wasn't Adam just whinging about how the recording studio was gonna go out of business and they were down to their last $10,000? That scen
  11. Agree with Brandon and Emily Valentine hooking up. That ,made zero sense. She suddenly appeared at West Beverly and becomes the center of attention of the gang because she wears a beret and knows where all the KEWL parties are, gets Brandon to take scary SCARY drugs and wreck his car at said party, then goes all way super stalky and is presumably institutionalized and we never hear from her again, I mean NOTHING. No hints that Brandon and she are exchanging letters or whatever or anything then out of nowhere Brandon just decides for no reason to drive to San Francisco and ZOMG ITS EMILY!!!!! A
  12. Something semi horrible happens to Ryan so of course Amber rushes to his side.
  13. I don't understand this line of thinking. Meyers and Fallon have gotten upswings in the ratings since they started their shows, Kimmel has settled in comfortably, Colbert will be taking over Letterman, Fergeson is doing well. The only utter Failure is of course Conan, who has been reduced to having to beg to host the MTV Movie Awards in a desperate pathetic attempt to get people to pay attention to him/watch his show. And that isn't even going into all of the daytime talk shows which tweak the format, usually eskewing the monologue but are essentially the same. The shows are cheap to produce,
  14. The scene where the army doctor tells Spiers that he can't do anything for Grant kills me because of Spiers holding Grant's hand. Keep in mind this is the same guy who shot an killed a dozen German soldiers in cold blood because...well no one really knows why. The scene where the German general is allowed to address his men and gives the speech that applies not just to them, but to all soldiers. You can tell Winters and Nixon appreciate it.
  15. I've noticed a 'thing' in ads now is to have dudes shriek and screech and scream like terrified 8 year old girls who saw a mouse. One is the dudes in the Burger King commercial who is standing behind at all black dude wearing a basketball jersey that says Webber on it. Black dude turns around and ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S CHRIS WEBBER!!!! There's another one where a dude shrieks because he has a bug crawling on his arm. That redhead chick in the Wendy's ads, one in particular makes me want to slap her in the face until she bleeds. It's the one where she and her oh-so-hip f
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