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  1. Even better would be a scene of Georgie revealing his engagement and Nina picturing him as a little boy, in a shout out to George's initial reaction to Annie's engagement in the first film. Nina's attempts to remain calm on the outside while freaking out over losing her "baby boy" on the inside while trying to hide it from George could be comedy gold.
  2. Give Anjanue Ellis all the things ASAP.
  3. My verdict: loved this! Needed this. Given the massive shitshow that is 2020 on numerous levels, the world needs something sweet and fluffy and this was almost perfect. All it needed was Howard Weinstein, aka Franck's partner. Of course, it would take place during the pandemic because George needs something to freak out about because that's what he does, hence Nina's sending him to a separate room. Seeing, Annie, Brian, Matt and Franck again were nice touches while Rachel, Georgie, Megan and Rachel's Dad were welcome additions. That the reunion was for charity was best of all. I view the special as not only a teaser trailer for a third movie, it could even lead to a fourth if Georgie gets engaged-to a guy. Hopefully, it wouldn't be just another coming out story; it would be another "George freaks out" story.
  4. Bad Education won for "Best TV Movie," so Ryan Reynolds might not throw Hugh Jackman too much shade after all.
  5. Sterling Kathleen was much funnier than Kimmel. Loved the essential workers as presenters. Making it a fundraiser gave the show a touch of class. Watchmen and Succession didn't do so badly, either. 🙂
  6. The Flash's DCEU dad won an Emmy. Imagine that.
  7. IMO, the best thing Perry has ever made by far is Gone Girl, which he neither wrote nor directed, thank goodness.
  8. If only Perry's shows were as good as that speech.
  9. Meh on Tyler Perry. Like I always say, " Just because a billion people go to McDonald's, that doesn't mean that the food is gourmet."
  10. Love H.E.R. Loved "In Memoriam." Rest In Power to all mentioned.
  11. I'm thrilled for Uzo, but I was hoping that Jean Smart would get an Emmy. A big, blue one.😉
  12. I can imagine Ryan saying something like, "Ruffalo beat Jackman like Hulk beat Loki. 'Puny God,' indeed."
  13. After that speech, Ruffalo should get another Emmy.
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