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  1. I'm not paying attention and I'm still outraged. The Brucas/Wiley/Willow/SLS storyline alone makes me appreciate the barge even more. Brad's actions were wrong, to put it mildly. Instead of immediately telling Lucas the truth about their child's death and grieving the loss together, Brad not only lied, he stole Wiley, letting Lucas love a child he knew wasn't theirs while not letting him mourn their loss, wasting precious time that they'll never get back. That being said, while Brad does deserve to be punished, he does not deserve to be judged by the likes of Julian, Mooby and Shebeast. Julian's interference not only made things worse, it be almost got Lucas killed. As for Mooby, given all that he's done and gotten/gets away with, he's so not the one to judge Brad about the evils of child-stealing. One word: "meathook." Never forget, never forgive. RIP, AJ. Because it can never, ever be said too much, S!T!F!U!Carly! You too, Sam. Back to the barge.
  2. Same here. Weinstein's suffering should be as long, slow and painful as possible because maybe then he'll know what he put the survivors through for years, if not decades. I have zero fucks to give about Weinstein's feelings, his comfort or his life span, unless it's shrinking.
  3. As someone who has a mother who's both elderly and has a heart condition, I know all too well how dangerous the virus is. My point is that after all the nasty shit that Weinstein has gotten away with for decades, Karma has finally caught up with him not once, not twice, but several times: the accusers coming forward, destroying his career and his marriage in the process, his being convicted/imprisoned and now his being infected. Normally I wouldn't wish illness on anyone, but ever there was an exception, it's Harvey Weinstein and as far as I'm concerned, the more he suffers, the better.
  4. In light of Weinstein's catching it, in his case, I would like to change the name of Coronovirus to Karmavirus.
  5. Just when it seems like Weinstein couldn't sink any lower, his disrespect of both Ms. Beckinsale and her daughter not only proves otherwise, it exposes his using 9/11 charity work to defend himself for the hypocritical bullshit it is. Weinstein's holding the Serendipity premiere so soon after 9/11 wasn't about restoring normalcy to NYC; it was just another excuse to bully another woman, in front of her child, at that. Ms. Beckinsale's Serendipity premiere tux was not only gorgeous, given the meaning behind it, as far as I'm concerned, it's her best look. Harvey Weinstein is such a sexist, vicious asshole he makes Jeffrey Baratheon look like a saint.
  6. Weinstein's sentence is one of the few bright spots in what's been so far-to put it mildly- an otherwise shitty month. Weinstein has gotten away with so much for so long he thought he was invincible and for the longest time he was, but now that's over. Weinstein's willingness to use his 9/11 charity work as his defense makes his punishment even better. Last time I checked, "philanthropy" and "innocence" weren't mutually exclusive. A criminal who gives money to charity is still a criminal. Weinstein's numerous attempts to claim that he's the real victim failed, as they should have. Weinstein may have fooled himself and his lawyers, but he didn't fool the judge, the jury, the prosecuton and he sure as Hell didn't fool the surivivors. Weinstein might not serve his full 23-year sentence, but that's nothing compared to what the survivors went through. Because of Weinstein, these women have been imprisoned professionally and personally for years, if not decades and they'll never be the same, so Weinstein deserves to suffer for it and if that means going to prison either in NY or LA, then so be it. If he dies there, even better. The moral of the story: "Karma don't play, bitch."
  7. I don't feel the least bit sorry for Sherry Pie. Past indiscretions are one thing; using, abusing, manipulating and sexually exploiting numerous innocent men for selfish reasons is another. I don't take sexual assault lightly, so if any of Sherry's victims wanted to press charges, I wouldn't blame them. The show was right to disqualify her and to air the season as planned because too many queens have worked too hard to let Sherry ruin it for them. Same for Brita's accuser. He has every right to press charges if he wants. Bottom line: the show needs do be much better at vetting contestants.
  8. Grey's Anatomy has been circling the drain for years, but the treatment of Alex proves what a shit show it's become. Had they killed off Alex like they did Derek, Mark and George, I wouldn't have liked it, but at least I would've respected it. Krista Vernoff didn't just destroy Karev; she pissed on his grave. This is character assassination of S8 Game Of Thrones proportions. I'm not the biggest Jo fan, but if Alex had to dump her, he should've done it in person. To paraphrase Carrie Bradshaw after Berger dumped her via a Post-It on Sex & the City, "When you decide to break up with someone, you [should] have that unpleasant conversation face-to-face because not having it- that makes you the bad guy."
  9. Delurking to say that if TK wanted to press charges against that idiot grandma who didn't put the loaded gun away, I wouldn't blame him. Granted, her husband had just had a heart attack in front of her and their grandson and they were scared, but she knew the gun was loaded and she knew that the team was there to save her husband and since Dementia Guy, who only broke into their house because he thought he still lived there, was gone, she had plenty of time to put the gun back before the team arrived and if she had, TK wouldn't have been shot in the first place. As far as I'm concerned, that woman and her grandson not only owes the team their lives, they owe them-especially Owen and TK-an apology.
  10. If I were Eliza, when Higgins asked for his slippers, I'd have to thrown them right upside his head, the sexist asshole.
  11. Another new crush of mine is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who's great in The Get Down, Black Mirror and The Greatest Showman, was an awesome -and hot-Dr Manhattan in HBO's reboot of Watchmen, will be the young Morpheus in Matrix 4 and was riveting as Black Manta in Aquaman. He's also the new lead in this year's reboot of Candyman, which was co-written and co Executive Produced by Jordan Peele. In this version, anyone who says Candyman's name five times in a mirror dies, but Yahya is so fine that I would almost consider saying Candyman's name ten times.
  12. Bumping it up to show love to musical icon David Byrne's amazing performance of "Once In A Lifetime" on the Leap year episode of SNL hosted by John Mulaney. It was so good I was barefooting with the rest of the band.
  13. John Mulaney is adorable. Arguably the best non-basketball related thing going for March since St. Patrick's Day. David Byrne's epic performance of "Once In A Lifetime" had me barefooting with the rest of the band. I heart Jake Gyllenhaal.
  14. For me, the worst moment was the restaurant scene, when Shiela not only body-shamed Elton, she said that his success was only based on luck, not talent nor hard work, the latter two of which she knew nothing about. Elton was just a meal ticket to Shiela, showing him off at her convenience. However, Shiela was right about one thing-given her treatment of Elton, she never should have had kids.
  15. Bumping it up to add Elton John's grandma in Rocketman was a kind and supportive woman who loved and believed in Elton unconditionally, unlike his so-called "parents," who not only did neither, they rubbed his nose in it every chance they got.
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