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  1. As far as I'm concerned, the real winner was eliminated last week.
  2. If they do use another child actor, chances are it'll be either Millie Bobby Brown or Finn Wolfhard, who not only co-star on Stranger Things, one of the hottest shows on television, they've both got budding movie careers, with Brown's lead role in Godzilla: King Of the Monsters & Wolfhard's role in the It movies.
  3. That kid is the worst. It would serve the little shit right if he gets nothing but coal for the rest of his life.
  4. Poor James. That he managed to compete at all is incredible, to say the least. If there's another all-star season, he should be on it. Condolences to him & his family. Ally's been hit-or-miss for me most of the time, but she was good tonight, plus her willingness to give her spot to James was very classy of her. Lauren's dances were nothing special. They didn't make me laugh like Ally's Charleston nor make me cry like Kel's Contemporary or James' Foxtrot. They, like Lauren, were just there. Hannah's dances meant nothing to me, either. Then again, neither does The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Kel was amazing tonight. His Tango was strong, powerful & sexy. His Contemporary was beautiful, heartbreaking & all too relevant because it was about something that matters, not being dumped on a so-called "reality" show. Kel for the win!
  5. Bumping it up to say that I've been watching this season of Dancing With the Stars despite the presence of now-former contestant Sean Spicer because of front-runner James Van Der Beek. While I wasn't checking much for the Beek during his Dawson's Creek days, since then he's not only gotten hotter with age, he's got some serious moves-and apparently, his wife agrees, otherwise they wouldn't have a houseful of kids. Edited because James & his wife suffered a miscarriage over the weekend.
  6. Thank Heaven Spicer's gone. He's one of the worst contestants the show has ever had, regardless of politics. So what if he "tried hard?" So did Sailor, Karamo & Kate, but they improved every week; Spicer, OTOH, either stood around or stomped around while his partners did all the work. Those who voted for Spicer for the wrong reasons not only didn't do him, the show nor the other/better contestants any favors, some of them don't even watch anyway, which makes Spicer's elimination even better. Best of all, it spares us another Bobby Bones-esque debacle. Tom knew that having Spicer on the show would be a disaster & he was absolutely right. Maybe Tom should become an Executive Producer. Couldn't be any worse than who they've got now, IMO. Good riddance, Spicer. Better late than never.
  7. Just because Spicer's making the Finals & even winning doesn't mean that it is. I say fight fire with fire. Vote for anyone who isn't Spicer & tell your friends & relatives to do the same, whether they watch the show or not. The irony of Spicer getting kicked off on Impeachment week would be delicious, to say the least.
  8. Spite. Spicer's playing Frankenstein was redundant. He's so bad he almost makes me miss Master P. James' VW & Team Trick were the dances of the night for their elegance, originality & sex appeal. James' mistake didn't bother me because it was still way better than anything Spicer did.
  9. ITA. Bobby Bones can have several seats. Last time I checked, the show was called "Dancing With the Stars." Nyle DiMarco & JR Martinez didn't have the hugest fan bases when they first competed, either, but the longer they competed, the better they got and the more popular they got, unlike Bones, who came in with a built-in fan base who rigged the game in his favor, at other and much better dancers' expense. At least DiMarco & Martinez's wins were earned honestly-again, unlike Bones. On another & much better note, Kate & Pasha's VW was sophisticated, charming and beautiful. In other words, everything Spicer's VW was not. Then there's James' Samba. Everything about it was tight: the music, the choreography, James' pants and his ass. Only James' hips were loose, as they should be. Spicer couldn't pull off a samba that great in his wildest dreams.
  10. Poor Sailor. I didn't think she was gonna win, but she didn't deserve to go this soon, either. As far as I'm concerned, if Spicer gets within smelling distance of the finals, let alone wins, this show should be cancelled. Sorry Tom.
  11. Not only was Hilary Duff's character awful in that episode, the "mom" played by Missi Pyle in a similar episode was even worse. Her anti-vaxxer stance not only endangered her son, it put numerous other kids at risk, including Noah, however accidentally. She was entitled to her opinion, but she was not entitled to gamble with innocent peoples'-especially childrens'-lives because of it. I had no problem with her dying at the end of the episode because IMO she was a selfish, sanctimonious bitch who used her beliefs as a weapon. I don't normally blame victims, but she's an exception to the rule.
  12. I respectfully disagree. Jared Harris was great, but Jharrel Jerome was brilliant. Jerome's performance in the When They See Us finale alone was disturbing, shocking, infuriating, heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting. Jerome's Emmy win was richly deserved, as far as I'm concerned. As for Jerome's future career-wise, if there's ever a live-action version of Miles Morales, Jerome would be perfect. Cheers to Billy Porter! His win was fabulous, his speech was fabulous, his suit was fabulous, his hat was fabulous-Hell, he's fabulous! Re GOT's Best Drama win, the cast & crew deserve it; D & D, however, suck like a hooker on speed. D & D should have ended the show with the 10 episodes it deserved, not just the 6 they wanted.
  13. Here is the thread to celebrate the Award nominations and/or wins of the Pose cast and. crew, like Billy Porter, who won the Best Actor, Drama Emmy and rightfully so. His win was fabulous, his acceptance speech was fabulous, his suit was fabulous, his hat was fabulous-- Hell, he's fabulous.
  14. Both Dinklage & Gwendoline should have been nominated for Lead in their categories, but at least D & D didn't win for writing.
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