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  1. MKW's acting career was started by Tupac Shakur, who, IIRC, saw his picture in a casting office and cast him in Bullet. Another example of MKW's great dancing skills was in this video: http://www.twitter.com/ElSangito/status/1435076013747159042 This clip is more proof of MKW's brilliant acting skills-with an ending that, to put it mildly, hits different: http://www.twitter.com/MissMelyssaFord/status/1435081946389008386
  2. In tribute to the late, great Michael K. Williams, here's a scene of him in the HBO series Lovecraft Country, the circa 1950s-set horror series in which he played Montrose Freeman, the abusive father of protagonist Tic. As it turned out, Montrose was a closeted gay man who couldn't accept who he was until one night at a gay bar, where he was surrounded by drag queens. I believe that this moment is one of the reasons why Williams got an Emmy nomination: http://www.twitter.com/thevenusboi/status/1435008193722306560
  3. Tragic. First Ed Asner, then Willard Scott and now Michael K. Williams. All three were TV icons in their own ways, whether one played a grumpy newsman with a heart of gold, the other was a loveable TV weatherman or another who played several iconic characters on several iconic shows, especially Omar Little in The Wire. Because of MKW, I'll never hear "The Farmer In the Dell" the same way again. RIP Mr. Asner, Mr. Scott and Mr. Williams. "Indeed."
  4. On top of that, Busta's latest album, Extinction Level Event 2, features someone in a mask on the cover. If a global pandemic isn't an extinction level event, I don't know what is.
  5. Vanilla Ice has more street cred than Chet Hanks. Hell, Milli Vanilli has more street cred than Chet Hanks.
  6. If the premiere of the latest Disney + Marvel series What If....? is any indication, then it's gonna be one "Hell, Yeah!" moment after another, especially because of the main character in this episode: Captain Carter, as in Peggy Carter. Basically, the plot of this episode seemed like a gender-swapped version of Captain America: the First Avenger, but it was done in a fresh, new way, because of the animation, the writing and most of the original actors doing the voices. What makes this episode work so well was seeing Peggy being her own woman, before and after she took the super
  7. The scene from The Suicide Squad,
  8. Even though I haven't commented on all the Team USA gymnasts, I'm proud of them, especially of Simone. Even though she's still struggling, Simone proves that, to paraphrase the old saying, "It's not how you fall down, it's how-and that-you get up that matters."
  9. Neither would most toilets, I'm guessing. I'd watch Eddie Jackson boil water.
  10. My verdict: Team Simone, all the way. After all she's been through physically, mentally and emotionally, Simone doesn't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. She's won Gold medals. She's set World records. She's broken World records. She has done things for gymnastics that no one has ever done before and probably never will again. On top of that, Simone is one of Larry Nassar's survivors. That Simone not only managed to persevere, but become one of the greatest athletes of all time is a tribute to her courage and her character. So is withdrawing from the Olympics. Simone knows her
  11. A couple of days ago, Wendy threw more shade at Sha'carri Richardson, this time because she was offered $250K to endorse a vaping company. While Wendy had a point that an athlete selling smoking to kids isn't a good look, I didn't appreciate her telling Sha'carri to just shut up and run. Last time I checked, it wasn't Ms. Richardson who mocked a young man's death. After what happened last week, as far as I'm concerned, Wendy has no business telling anyone who's not on the payroll what to say and how to say it. Wendy should take her own advice and just STFU.
  12. Not me. IMO, one rare moment of humanity doesn't make up for all the arrogance, cruelty and stupidity the rest of the time, as the Swavy debacle alone proves. Wendy doesn't deserve kudos for doing the bare minimum when others are doing way more and way better than her, with and without a platform. A broken clock may be right twice a day, but it's still broken.
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