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  1. Yes, he is an excellent moderator (which is much harder than it might appear, based upon how many skilled and talented broadcasters fare poorly at it) and a good conversationalist in the all too rare instances when he is actually engaged without going off on a tangent about whatever his latest obsession is. It's why I keep watching along with the show still featuring some interesting guests. And it's why I find it so frustrating - he has the ability to better, he is just lazy and self-absorbed. HBO marketing on line 1. They hear you have the tagline for their new Real Time marke
  2. She needs to get assigned to a NYPD helicopter. Preferably after Jamie pisses off a major drug cartel...
  3. Personally my belief is that those shows failed not from over saturation (except in the minds of network execs who didn't like NBC being so tied to an "uncool" franchise) and more because there was nothing really different from the original except in the case of Los Angeles being not nearly as good. I don't see any of the announced or current spinoffs as having that issue except maybe Hate Crimes. Looking at it from a strictly SVU standpoint I would argue that this is a good sign as it indicates that NBC at least is really seriously trying to move on and send the series into the sunset while p
  4. I wonder if we're going to see any of the mothership defense attorneys as regulars? ‘Law & Order: For The Defense’ Spinoff From Dick Wolf & Carol Mendelsohn Gets NBC Series Order Law & Order Criminal Attorney Drama For the Defense Gets Series Order
  5. Well to be fair Stabler's not using it anymore...
  6. If they had actually gotten Noah mixed up in this I might have snapped. Maybe even headed down to the Wolf Entertainment offices with a list of demands for Leight and Martin. I'm sure all of you would pitch in to that GoFundMe right?
  7. The Good: Carisi. There wasn't enough of him and he was stuck in Rollins nonsense, but he was his usual sensitive awesome self and made most of his scenes watchable. Garland. He was what the show wants us to believe Benson is - an empathetic and sympathetic leader. I'm going to throw in Kat too since I liked her this week. No awkward crossover mentions of Stabler. I'm guessing the OC writters and producers saw the script and asked them not to say anything about their show. It wasn't a 2-parter. The Bad: Another musical montage opening, poorly edited with overly loud music in an
  8. It's a honor to have you joining us here Mr. Leight!
  9. This isn't a matter of lack of skill/experience most likely as the BTS folks like hair and makeup, props, etc. tend to stick with a producer as long as there are jobs and it's not like the franchise hasn't had it's share of older stars over the years. Most likely it is the actor's choice. Meloni has the self-confidence to let them do their jobs while he does his which is not always true for leading actors. It's not like Ice-T's hair looks better in the CarShield ads or anything else he does. To borrow an example from another police procedural it's not the fault of the excellent BTS technical s
  10. Nah. There's no way Tucker is watching this drivel. Despite the tragic circumstances of his passing he, unlike us, has half a brain.
  11. The Good: Rollins. Addition by subtraction. If we are going to have to do the whole Rollins family drama, at least we get a palette cleansing this week. And political material is always better when they don't have to try to make Rollins the voice of "All Lives Matter". Fin. A lot of good material this week. He was the voice of reason. Or at least justified cynicism. And it was nice that they seem to be letting him push back on Benson a bit again. Kat. It was nice to see them giving her some good material. And without Rollins around they don't need to make her more a stereotypical woke ac
  12. I think that there is definitely some network "assistance" happening here. It just feels like typical demands from network "creative" executives. Going for "prestige" by copying the most superficial elements of award winning cable and streaming shows. Because somehow they will get critical acclaim and younger demos by making it more serialized and coming up with "distinctive" cinematography and lighting. I mean it's always worked in the past right? Making Major Crimes serialized, trying to copy CSI's stylistic quirks on Criminal Intent, letting social media influence creative decisions on Crim
  13. The podcast link to the proper audio version was posted in The John OLiver: True Brit thread at the time. The Bugle may have given in to this relentlessly visual world, but I have not!
  14. The Good: Nice use of the entire squad and Carisi as well as bringing in MEs and supporting characters. It is a good sign that they are going to keep on the same back to basics approach and not return to Benson and her sidekicks. They even had an ME! And not just for Warner nostalgia! Some much appreciated subtlety with the squad making some reasonable assumptions while trying to maintain professional detachment and trying to explore social and moral issues through layered characterization. They didn't always stick the landing, but it was a nice try. The Carisi scene where they did there
  15. How could you forget Tuck Buckford???!!! I blame the same chemicals in the water that are turning the frogs gay!
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