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  1. I guess Warren Leight likes her and the character which is probably why she was on in the first place. It was pretty typical SVU continuity as regards the larger L&O universe - they brought in character because the showrunner had a good relationship with the actor and then pretty much ignored everything that happened off screen since the last time we saw them and didn't really bother with thinking about if everything what they did really matched up with what we've seen before. It was pretty good all things considered. And as far as not realizing the obvious that was actually respecting fra
  2. Bingo. Just got around to watching this episode and was thinking about the Bill I used to actively enjoy watching even when I disagreed with him would have made just that point if this subject came up. Maybe talk about the playing of "God Bless America" by some teams and some of the other ridiculous performative patriotism of sports and argue that the problem isn't diversity it's that don't need another anthem we need to get rid of the one we already have at the games. That would be provocative and interesting and maybe generate some actual interesting discussion. You wouldn't even need to kno
  3. I think it has been dialed back further, but it is still there. I think we need to remember and realize that Benson as our Lord and Savior with the rest of the squad as acolytes at best started in the second half of Season 17, was the entire focus of Season 18 and there has been a dialing back since then with a seeming tug of war between Mariska and the showrunners, both Leight and Chernuchin. I understand that most of those episodes are eminently forgettable, but we need to try to remember or we end up blaming writers and EPs for what is clearly a Dick Wolf/NBC decision and not appreciating t
  4. wknt3

    A.P. Bio

    We've all been saying this since the beginning. I'm pretty sure that they were there since the network wanted some more experienced performers instead of just relying on their 2 (3?) stars and the young actors playing the students. They were featured more in the first season and then they've sort of been shoved in the background and the writers have never really figured out what to do with them.
  5. The show realized it before that. IMHO the worst of the Benson warship was Season 18 which was essentially one long infomercial for Mariska's ideas and foundation. Just about every case (almost all of which had the same basic plot) was solved by Benson alone with the rest of the cast reduced to sidekicks. Remember Joe Biden stopping by? Or "Motherly Love"? directed by Mariska which had Benson shot and lit to look like a literal angel? Ever since then they have tried in various ways to dial it back it a bit.
  6. Did you mean to type "a deep and instinctive empathetic understanding of victims' needs and experiences"?
  7. She'd still find a way to escalate it into a hostage situation and a 10-13...
  8. I'm 1000% sure it's budget related, but that doesn't change the end result. We will have the same problems as before of not enough characters compounded by no fresh blood in the main cast so we will end up with Carisi out on the street investigating even though he's a DA as we rehash the same storylines. And to make it worse this means we get LOTS of Rollins since Benson will have her OC cameos and they certainly can't match Car Shield's offer to give us more Fin. It's stupid and reflects short sightedness on NBC's part making a multi-year renewal with no plans to prevent this happening again
  9. Actually it's probably not, since the availability on Peacock reflects the different rights packages and therefore which episodes would have different censorship standards. I must admit that I haven't watched on Peacock as I always have plenty of good episodes from all seasons with skippable commercials on DVR. Has anyone here watched? Do we at least get the uncut and uncensored network versions of the episodes?
  10. Sally O'Malley is the character you are thinking of, played by Molly Shannon. Thanks. Much better than that other Tucker who is still a mother...
  11. As we've discussed before most of the censorship decisions are not made by the individual networks, but by whomever actually did the edits in the package they use since it seems like most cable networks use the broadcast syndication edits since they are shorter and therefore there is more time for insurance commercials and promos for NCIS and Criminal Minds (which are also censored in weird ways, but I digress). It makes no sense because there is no policy, just laziness and the whims of whatever conglomerates were purchasing syndicated shows 10-20 years ago. I suspect that the reason there ar
  12. In many/most cases it's not the current networks making the decisions about content. It's that they are using edited versions meant for either broadcast syndication or an earlier cable run because they are shorter and therefore there is more commercial time. And it is cheaper to air those and not do any work. Which means words that air unbleeped on other shows get cut and you have some oddities especially if the show was not a huge hit and was aired previously somewhere with Standards & Practices that banned certain words, but didn't care about others. And it gets really weird because some
  13. wknt3

    Major Crimes

    I don't think it was anything so high fallutin'. I just think Duff had his particular hobbyhorses that he rode into the ground. Heart issues, foster care, etc. If there was anything deeper at play in the way that so many of those plots/themes kept repeating in the last couple yeras of the show's run it was that the network was so busy interfering in how the show told stories that nobody had time to think too much about what stories they were telling.
  14. Wow. So this is what you can say on Morning Joe and get fired for? I mean I can think of lots of appearances on the show that I've thought should lead to termination of employment and all that's happened is they've gotten their own show on Peacock... National Religious Broadcasters spokesperson fired after pro-vaccine remarks on 'Morning Joe'
  15. John Oliver Is Taking His Art Collection, Including the Rat Erotica, On Tour (Video) American Visionary Art Museum and Maryland Food Bank win comedian John Oliver’s ‘Masterpiece Gallery’ contest
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