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  1. As long as we're being fair to the writers let's not forget that what we see of Atlanta on SVU is the people who have a connection to Rollins. I mean it would be pretty much straining credulity even more than usual if that family came from anywhere other than the "Staten Island" of the Atlanta metro...
  2. The Good: Fin! For the fist time in a quite awhile they actually gave Ice-T some good material. A nice mixture of snark and dramatic moments and he was well used as a connected NYPD veteran and Benson's confidant. Rollins!!!??? Have they finally figured out how to write her as a functioning adult? With the exception of her spur of the moment trip to the bar to watch the fight there were no real WTF moments. She was professional and non-judgemental. And Giddish continues to have great on-screen chemistry with all of her cast mates. I just hope that they don't make the same mistake they have
  3. Because Benson is just that super special and empathetic and understanding - duh! Have you not been paying attention to the show the past decade or so? It's just like the into says. "In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses and some other random loosely connected or adjacent crimes are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detective who investigates these vicious felonies and understands the victims and everyone else and solves all their problems by whispering and making constipated faces is Olivia Benson. These are her stories." Maybe. I
  4. Sure, but as a NY state resident a NY governor ignoring that team out of some mixture of arrogance, ambition, expediency, and stupidity is all too believable. And heck there was another politician out of NYC not too long ago who had a higher office than governor and a bigger team of aides and made decisions consulting with people who were much worse than Wheatley. So it's not all that unrealistic. Or maybe reality needs better writers? Wheatley has been an expert in cyber crime from the beginning - both his criminal activities and his legitimate business front were tech oriented,
  5. We don't even need a NEW plot. We just need to move on to the much more interesting Marcy Killers plot that they keep teasing us with before going back to the whole supervillain nemesis nonsense.
  6. Frankly my dears, I don't give a damn...
  7. It's even stranger as this week's episode has the actual NYS flag on the stage with the same fake seal on the podium in front of the governor. Maybe some sort of legal concern? Or maybe they figured that since they were basically putting Andrew Cuomo on screen and photoshopping out his name they might as well keep it up everywhere?
  8. The Good: The COTW. A nice blend of straightforward and twists and the specifics naturally leading into the exploration of larger issues. Perhaps they might want to consider doing more of this? I mean it seems like a a variety of sexually based offenses investigated by elite detectives could work? And so could using the crimes to explore larger social issues. I would watch that. Maybe even multiple series... Carisi. He got a lot to do this week and it was all good, solid legal material. Maybe they've finally figured out how to depict the natural tension between the separate yet equally i
  9. Well, you can tell by the way he's a screwed up prick he's a Rollins man, no one to talk...
  10. It's complicated. Some have huge budgets and some have tiny budgets and the economics are pretty much a black box in a lot of cases with no publicly available viewership figures (even as the streamers have more info than any broadcaster ever had) and in some cases it's hard to even determine what the business model or motivation behind programming decisions are - like why NBC has many of it's contracted talent making better shows for it than airs on the main network that don't seem especially niche. I suspect given the promotional elements, the overall importance of the Dick Wolf relationship
  11. I did and I still think it makes sense in a lot of ways. You avoid a lot of the worries about offending the delicate sensibilities of those who spend most of their time telling us not to worry about offending anyone and it would give the service a flagship original drama. Plus it would fit what seems to be their strategy of taking creative talent that has an existing deal with NBC and letting them make better shows than what's on the broadcast network. It would also be a way of promoting Peacock as the streaming home of L&O so they might be able to pay enough to make the numbers work. But
  12. I'm sure she does have a crossover coming up. Who knows if they'll bother to actually bother to have them talk about it, or if it will just be another misunderstanding keeping them apart even as fate and Dick Wolf keep throwing them together. All we can do is hope that we gain more by having less focus on Benson during SVU than we lose by having Benson take away time from more interesting stories and characters on the OC episode.
  13. I don' t think they did which is actually a good thing - most press leaks are like that where everyone assumes it was whomever they didn't like that did it and nobody ever finds out for sure. As far as the FBI not acting so stupidly unfortunately there is voluminous evidence in the public record that the FBI like all law enforcement agencies can be just that stupid in real life, although it is more of the standard trope of the feds coming in as big shots but not actually being as good as the the local cops. At least in shows featuring city cops - in shows where the feds are the stars it tends
  14. The Good: Donal Logue! He still has screen presence to spare and the ability to pull off and elevate whatever he is given. I'm hoping this is a backdoor pilot for the long stalled Hate Crimes spinoff and they have him signed as the lead. Murphy's return! Separate from DL because I like the way the wrote the character. They acknowledged the past without wallowing in it and he was a colleague who respected Benson without worshiping her. It would be nice if they could handle all the returns of old favorites like this. Rollins???!!!. She was a competent detective and took responsibility for
  15. I don't like it as much as the other entries in the franchise, but it's fine. By openings I was actually referring to the cold opens om SVU and Criminal Intent and not to the themes per se. The same principle applies - good "dated" beats bad "modern" any day and trying to graft parts of other shows onto older series just for the sake of keeping up to date usually ends up making things worse, As long as the content is fresh and relevant the presentation can stick to the classic formula and viewers will show up,
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