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  1. Heck I saw a couple of blue check mark accounts bring up UK and Trial By Jury! Even Hate Crimes. Nobody mentioning True Crime though which might be part of the reason it was one and done...
  2. So Crimininal Intent is trending on Twitter! Unfortunately it's because some blowhard was going on about "LAW & ORDER" but at least people besides us are talking about the show again...
  3. I think you're both right in a way. Olivia as the solo lead killed the ensemble feel, but making her the only star and focus of the show was separated in time a bit from Stabler's departure. When Meloni left they tried to replace him and keep going. In fact they basically told the writers to make Amaro Stabler 2.0 which predictably failed. It's too bad that nobody involved had access to someone with experience in replacing actors and characters... I think Munch and Cragen departing heralded Benson taking over completely, but they left because of it instead of them leaving causing it. As far as I can tell they were pushed out in a drive to cut costs enough to keep the show viable (although with Belzer there were also health issues at play and I'm not sure how much longer he could have stayed on even in his reduced role) and the bosses had decided to devote all the focus to Benson as she was what was keeping the remaining core viewers interested. If they had kept the arrangement of Munch and Fin basically alternating episodes and just cut Florek things would have been basically the same except we wouldn't have gotten Carisi or maybe they would have kept Barba recurring.
  4. Yeah that was how I took it although I did RW to check the wording as I thought for a second he was upping the stakes in his constant declarations he was done with the role. It was about this being the last time at home on tape and the next show being live from New York in the fall.
  5. We can only hope, but as long as they have folks like Leight and Martin in charge we're going to be getting a lot of relatives and family drama (and IIRC the new show is being run by someone from the Chicago franchise who is not a L&O vet). I remember reading some interview somewhere where he said he likes to think of the squad as a family and I can believe it. Come on and sing along! Baby cop, doo doo doo doo doo doo... Mommy cop, doo doo doo doo doo doo... Daddy cop, doo doo doo doo doo doo... Grandma cop, doo doo doo doo doo doo... Grandpa cop, doo doo doo doo doo doo... Run away, doo doo doo doo doo doo Run away!
  6. I think you mean "I just thought I saw it on my TV schedule" seeing as how it never happened...
  7. I think @GHScorpiosRule has conclusively proven on these forums that the rumored Law & Order movie never happened despite what some would have us believe!
  8. Interesting idea, I mean the franchise has been on for so long but it's never done a movie. Never.
  9. It sounds like Warren Leight really really wanted to do Stabler family drama (surprised?) but they will have to drop it whenever they come back to concentrate on setting up and promoting the spinoff. As far as the relationship between Benson and Carisi I agree that it was better than I expected. The show has always had a hard time with depicting conflict between the separate yet equally important police and DAs without portraying the ADA as the bad guy. Even when it was great. I wonder if they are wary of having Carisi and Benson butt heads because the current writing staff so often had the conflict with Barba and Stone as hinting at UST? Yeah, but that's when they were mad at Meloni for leaving and trying to build up Mariska and the new younger co-leads. Like I said before I'm pretty sure that is going to be largely forgotten now that he is back in the fold.
  10. It's a good example of one of my favorite franchise phenomena, On any other series you could grumble about how they had already done basically the same story before but they had an ironclad defense in that they were ripping from totally different and newer headlines. They had done the multiple death nightclub fire almost a decade before with "Heaven" which was based on the Happy Land Social Club fire. My favorite example is "Who Let the Dogs Out" which was their take on the DIane Whipple case in San Francisco and "Submisson" which was "inspired" by Michael Vick. Anyone else have any similar pairs (or more!) they like?
  11. The way I read it is that Stabler leaving his family was Leight's speculation, most likely based on one of the few things that had been decided was the Stabler was no longer married. Hopefully the writers will come up with something better and more in character like Kathy leaving him after all the mess of his last few seasons and that is what inspired him to get his act together and put him on track to lead and OC task force. I think it will be somewhere in between. We aren't going to get a lot of Liv crying about being abandoned because Dick Wolf has mended his fences with Meloni and they are going to go full memory hole and expect us to forget that they ever threw Stabler under the bus. No idea about how they handle Stabler's interaction with other members of the team but most likely there will be so little it won't really matter. It sounds like they might be dumping some of what was planned - Hopefully they will address the aftermath of Fin's shooting, but I have a feeling that will be glossed over, but if Simon and Sir Toby get dumped too that is more than a fair trade in my book! Personally I'm hoping they go through with this It's something they really should do and if they go through with it it gives me some hope that maybe they really have gotten past the Benson worship for good and will let the ADAs actually do their job!
  12. Some other write ups of the big announcement - https://ew.com/tv/christopher-meloni-returning-law-and-order-svu-season-22 https://www.eonline.com/news/1147158/law-and-order-svu-season-22-premiere-will-reunite-benson-and-stabler And for those interested in hearing it straight from the source - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-law-order-svu-podcast/id1480917617?i=1000473223139
  13. Because they are elite detectives of course! Or because of lazy bad writing. Take your pick.
  14. You've raised plenty of interesting points that I unfortunately don't really have time to address right now so I'm just going to reply to this one. I don't think this is a response to viewer complaints as they've long since written off most of the viewers who care. I think it reflects a shift in leverage and relative power. The writers are pros and can see all the obvious problems we see, The Benson worship started going out of control in the second half of Season 17, dominated Season 18, and has swung back and forth for the last few seasons. I think that if a tell all history is ever written you will find that it reflects behind the scenes struggles and Mariska's creative influence versus that of the showrunner. Leight and Chernuchin were experienced veterans and Leight had a lot of capital after managing to keep things going after Meloni left and resetting the tone after the super campy last Baer years. Eid was a newbie who had no track record as a boss. Also they really needed Mariska to sign a new deal if they wanted to break the Gunsmoke record so she was holding all the cards. So after slowly building during Leight's run that season was all stroking Mariska's ego and pursuing her personal interests. Chernuchin was a veteran with some pull with Wolf and they knew they would break the record and needed to try to keep some casual viewers if they wanted to keep going, but he didn't have a personal relationship with Mariska. So there seemed to be either a tug of war or a deliberate attempt to channel MH's ego. You had a lot more focus on the squad and the DA and even some moments where Benson was wrong (for instance the ESU captain ordering her to stand down when she attempted to take over a hostage situation) and some epsiodes that were all about how Benson was the end all, be all of policing like "Something Happened". I think Leight now has the backing of Wolf and the network to get things under control and make episodes that will play in syndication and not alienate the remaining casual viewers, as well as the relationship with Mariska to sell her on a bit of subtlety.
  15. wknt3


    The DNA of the network is more talking heads than hard news. It was a replacement for Roger Ailes'(!) America's Talking network and there was a lot of internal corporate politics at play that kept it from really ever trying to go in that direction early on, including a desire among the execs to differentiate themselves from CNN and avoid compteting head to head, and CNBC and NBC News not wanting the new network poaching on their turf. MSNBC really only goes in that direction when there is something so big and important going on in the world that that there is an overwheliming audience demand for actual facts and the top brass wants to be ready if they have to cut in to the broadcast network feed (the aftermath of 9/11 comes to mind) or if ratings are in the tank and they can't agree on new hosts. I would say that it became more liberal because Fox News so thoroughly staked out the conservative territory it was the only way to go given that there was a reluctance to go straight news for the reasons I mentioned above. Also CNN was following the lead of their new competitors and going for more cheap non-event dependent personality driven talking heads programming so the centrist lane was being occupied by a competitor who could hire away their most successful talent if they tried to go that way just as Fox hired most of the early right wing pundits and hosts. Microsoft probably had some influence as well as their other high profile venture into journalism was Slate which also has a liberal editorial viewpoint.
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