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  1. I think this is yet another example of Bill having something insightful to say, but not making the effort to express it cogently and explain the nuances. I'm pretty sure based on what's he said in the past that he has no problem hating Trump's enablers and certain parts of his base and is trying to say that we can't lump in everyone who voted for Trump or supports him on certain issues with them if we want to succeed in voting him out. There is certainly something there if he wanted to do the work, but he doesn't. As usual. Of course he took it easy she is totally his type. Blonde, photogenic and willing to say outrageous things to get attention without actually believing anything. Plus she gives him an opportunity to tell us once again how he was mistreated by ABC for being too honest, which he will take every time instead of actually asking questions and calling out BS.
  2. wknt3

    MLB Thread

    I'd honestly be surprised if Jeter gets 100 percent, even though he's a lock for first ballot. Unlike Rivera where it was clear that the was the best there ever was at his position no matter how you look at it, and whom was universally loved and/or respected throughout baseball, Jeter has enough detractors out there that one of them will leave him off their ballot. Probably not one of the public ballots, although I can see someone trying to get clicks by explaining why his advanced defensive stats, or not moving from SS, or what he's done in Miami means they can't vote for him. But somebody will if only because they are jealous that their wife wanted them to use their press connections to help them meet Derek 20 years ago...
  3. But that would have required effort and paying recurring guest star money so we can't have that! It's a shame because we have identified 3 or 4 different ways here that could have made this C- episode into a B+ and I don't think that the current writing staff is too incompetent to see it. So it must be some sort of combination of lack of effort, focus on areas other than quality, and mandates from above. Have to admit that I missed her director credit. But the episode makes so much more sense now. It really has all the hallmarks of a Mariska directed episode. Mediocre staging, poor acting, Benson letting somebody else have some of the spotlight, And of course making the deification of Oliva Benson text rather than subtext. As far as actors directing their own shows, I don't think it's necessarily a matter of the actor's centrality to the series, but their ability to think about the show as a whole and not themselves. Yeah that's not going to happen. I mean this is Benson who lectures JACK MCCOY about how to handle cases. We should just count ourselves lucky they haven't gone to the romantic tension between Benson and the ADA well... I thought she had decent chemistry with Tucker, but yes MH really does have issues with portraying relationships rather romantic or otherwise. I mean if you can't make scenes work with Andre freaking Braugher the problem isn't the writing or the other actor.
  4. The Good: Just about everything with Carisi. Carisi and Fin at the strip club (even if it is still annoying how they keep putting Cairisi in the field to try to keep the viewers interested and cover for how small the cast is these days.) Carisi and Rollins. Carisi with the victim and the defense attorney. Just about everything with Carisi was pretty good which helped considering this was a Carisi focused episode. Until the third act that is - see below. It's good that they seem to have consistently gotten everyone involved in the police work every week even if Benson is still too involved in the field. We could have used a lot more Fin and Kat, but a few years ago we wouldn't have seen anyone doing anything without her. The Bad: Another half-assed CI style teaser where music and quick cuts try to cover for a lack of production value and they don't even bother trying to pretend that there is any question of what happened. Bonus (penalty?) points for finding a way to shoehorn in Benoah. Another he said, she said case involving the famous and powerful. Yes they are competently written these days and try to mix it up a bit. And yes if reflects reality and the headlines. However there are other headlines to rip from and if they feel free to disregard reality when it hurts the entertainment value they can certainly disregard it when it helps it. Not enough Kat and Fin. Especially Fin. We really could have used some of his snark and cynical realism. Especially since the lack of material lead to Ice-T phoning it in. The entire third act and the ending. The courtroom scenes were so poorly written. Another ADA who needs Benson to tell them how to do the legal aspects of their job. And the ending, oh my god the ending. Are they just trolling us now? I mean literally making Benson into a guardian angel above all of us? More Rollins acting holier than thou to Kat about not acting without Benson's blessing? This would be fine as part of another attempt to reboot the character by presenting it as the voice of experience, but as presented it's just a WTF eyeroll moment. They really blew a chance to use Benson well without having her acting as a detective. It would have been interesting to see her dealing with the brass, even on the phone, and/or dealing with patrol sergeant alone and maybe you know actually being a badass strong woman for a change? I mean can you imagine Anita Van Buren just taking it like that when somebody told her dismissively to talk to their Captain? That whole part of the story was seriously underexplored. As somebody mentioned it would have been interesting to see him testifying and maybe find out at the trial he was suspended for not following protocol. The preview for next week. Let's hope the NBC promo monkeys are lying to us once again and that they aren't adding Tucker to the list of characters who are trashed because the writers and/or Mariska can't figure out how to do a relationship. Overall this was a mediocre episode, not really a bad one IMO as you might think just looking at the breakdown of what I liked and didn't . Perfectly competent for the most part, even if it was on the low end with the big showdown in court and the ending. The really frustrating part is that this is yet another example of an episode that could have been a solid B/B+ with just a little bit of extra effort on the part of the writers and producers. I hope the next episode is both better than this and better than the promos suggest.
  5. It was all of that. And also the best depiction of a hostage situation on this series in over a decade... Pretty sure that's the influence of Warren Leight and possibly Mariska. This is typical of WL's use of psychologists/therapists in his writing. And having the squad consult an expert implies that maybe Benson and the squad don't know everything about victims and perps so that's obviously a touchy subject.
  6. It is not normal, but not completely unknown especially in the world of police procedurals. It is just about unheard of for someone as high up in the office to show up at a scene unless it is an extremely high profile crime and/or a scene with complex legal issues (i.e. a murder on the sidewalk in front of a consulate with the forensic evidence on what is sovereign foreign territory) On the other hand more Steve Schirippa is always a good thing and it allowed them to basically bring multiple characters into the same plot so like a crime drama judge I'll allow it even if there is no real world justification. Yes it does as the show has shown us time and time again. And yes this show is the mirror universe version of SVU. Both are shows with tons of great NYC actors and first rate crews dragged down by lazy writing, the egos of their stars, and a ham fisted ideological agenda. The only difference is which side of the political spectrum the agendas are on. It has a Chaplains Unit, but the God Squad is a bit of Blue Bloods usual fantasy with it's usual window dressing of diversity (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and "Other") before giving us the usual because we haven't seen enough of Frank with the Catholic clergy. In real life such a meeting would probably be with either the Chief Chaplain and Assistant Chief along with the Deputy Commissioner of Employee Relations or with the entire Chaplains Unit (there are less than a dozen at a time.) Because that would violate the first rule of the Blue Bloods writers room - tell, don't show. But on the other hand more focus on the suicide rate of cops would have meant having to hear more about how it's all the fault of not unquestionably accepting everything the police do so it was probably better the way it was.
  7. Congratulations! You understand how to do ripped from the headlines crime drama better than the current writers and producers of the Law & Order franchise. Better drama, better reflecting real life, there is seriously not one good reason to do it the way they did. Even if this was the NBC execs chickening out again they should have stood their ground on this one.
  8. The Good: Nicholas Turturo and Kelli Giddish. Not their characters mind you, they are still bad, but the actors did a great job selling material that was questionable at best and even occasionally got me to buy in. Garland and Carisi. They made a good team and their scenes seemed like the best written and most well thought out parts of the episode. Leight actually allowed a kidnapped female detective to get out on their own without extended torture porn! And they used the storyline to set up possibly nudging Rollins back on the rails. I don't have a lot of faith they'll follow through, but I was happy to see that maybe something good might come out of it. Bonus points for the elite detectives of the Special Victims Unit not completely botching a hostage situation! Vincent Kartheiser was pretty good this time after being mostly forgettable last episode. Fin and Kat had some good moments. It was better than the first part. The promos for next week look interesting. The Bad: What was the point of the Noah scene? In an episode that was already short of time to resolve the plot wasting time is unforgivable. The ending. It was lame in a twofold way. First Benson lamenting that the poor abused women would never have their day in court was trite and horribly acted. If that was the best take I shudder to imagine what the rest were like. And then of course they blew it by deciding to make the suicide explicit when they could have had a great ambiguous ending by not showing the suicide directly and giving us enough to suggest that both incompetence and foul play were strong possibilities. The pacing felt off throughout much of the episode and the search for Rollins never felt like it was the Red Ball all out mobilization that has always been shown throughout the franchise before in these sorts of situations. The trashing of the DA's office and everyone above line ADA continues. Overall it was a marked improvement over the last episode and I don't know how much of the problems were caused by botching the set up instead of unforced errors. There is definitely some potential if they choose to use it. Hopefully they build on this and get back on track.
  9. I would think his rank isn't as important as being a Reagan. Not because of any nepotism, but because he can't take out the garbage without stumbling upon a crime and being pulled into a lengthy investigation and racking up the OT! And yes supervisors below Deputy Inspector in NYPD can really rack up the overtime pay as there are a lot of special events and details that need somebody running them as well as supervising crime scenes, etc. The NYPD actually had to change their policy to allow Captains to get overtime pay (they used to get comp time instead with limits on use) in order to get Lts. to take promotions as the Sgts. and Lts. were making more than Captains. But even taking the overtime into account it does make you wonder how Jamie has paid off so much debt while living in nice apartments and eating out constantly while Danny has struggled despite working morning, noon, and night and making more than Jamie (as a Detective 1st Grade he makes slightly less than a lieutenant) and living more modestly...
  10. No disrepect to Eddie but I think it's more that it's the holiday season. The Airing of Grievances is over and now is the time for Feats of (Emotional) Strength.
  11. They figure it out as they go. That's why TV writers get paid the big bucks because they can figure out a way to stretch things out if they get more episodes or wrap everything up if they get cancelled. 🙂 . And most shows don't really have everything planned out episode by episode anways. They have a starting point and an end point for the season and ideally a general idea of where they want to be at midseason and for sweeps. The rest you are making up as you go along and all sorts of unexpected outside factors come into play (ideas don't work out, ideas work out better than anyone could have expected, execs meddle, actors playing recurring characters get hired away, etc.) even under normal circumstances and a big part of the job is figuring out how to make it all more or less fit together. And since they are getting paid by the episode they are usually more than happy to figure it out.
  12. From everything we know there is no "newer, younger audience" unless you are talking about viewers who came in 10-15 years ago instead of 20. The biggest factor in the downward spiral has been the lack of new or casual viewers forcing the show to pander to a certain core group of the existing fans (and the ego of the actor who is the reason those fans keep watching.) The viewers keeping the show on the air have been there for awhile and stay because they are following Benson's story and they either don't care about the agenda being pushed or support it for various reasons plus a few die hards who will watch just about anything in the Law & Order franchise. I don't think that the show runners have forgotten about the original fans as much as they take direction from Dick Wolf and NBC who want to keep the show going no matter how much it departs from the original mission or dilutes the franchise ban. I would say there is plenty of evidence that the show runners would prefer something closer to the classic formula than to what the show became immediately prior to the last few seasons and they have tried to implement that with various degrees of success but have met resistance from the other players who influence the direction of the show. Meanwhile the rest of us will be feeling more like glory holy...
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