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  1. She does now! https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/95771-amanda-rollins-doing-everything-they-booted-jeffries-for-sometimes-in-a-single-episode/?do=getNewComment
  2. I could have sworn there was one previously, but like the SVU writers we lost the thread with Rollins years ago or just never had it to begin with. So here we go. I think it's pretty obvious that she's not my favorite character. I actually like Kelli Giddish and think she plays well off everyone, but what they've done with her is the biggest waste of great chemistry on television with the possible exception of the meth labs on Breaking Bad.
  3. wknt3

    Law & Order

    Yeah, but I can think of a number of non-arbitrary reasons for letting him keep the beard, including having heard the fan feedback and trying to hide some of the puffiness in VDO's face. Personally I hope it's the former - it would be nice if both the network and Wolf learned something from their mistakes in the last years of the mothership and did things differently when they had the chance with CI.
  4. wknt3

    Law & Order

    It was actually Dick Wolf not the NYPD who objected, or at least it was Dick Wolf whose objections mattered. As to what the motivation was it seems to have been aesthetic, although realism was the official excuse. I remember the rumor at the time being that Dick Wolf's wife thought it looked unprofessional and ugly and she convinced him to give the order.
  5. So Jaboukie seems to have gotten himself in trouble with Twitter. I wonder if this will get on the show?
  6. wknt3

    Law & Order

    Personally I always get Robinette and Kincaid confused,,,
  7. wknt3

    Law & Order

    I've said before that the big difference between Jack and his predecessors was that he was the lead while his predecessors were supporting players. He was more hands on, ehich is certainly in character, but we also saw more of the political side than ever before.I agree that it was great. They managed to change things up a bit while keeping the face of the franchise front and center. Sadly the franchise forgot how to do it the next time they wanted to promote a lead character to a position that had been a supporting role...
  8. wknt3

    Law & Order

    But that didn't involve any sort of pyramid scheme, just poisoning baby food. (Although you could say the whole upscale organic baby food market is a scam to get suckers to buy in...) The only franchise episode I can think of involving a scheme to sell baby formula was SVU;s "Risk" where they were using baby formula to smuggle cocaine. I can think of multiple episodes involving pyramid schemes and multiple episodes involving baby formula, but none that combine the two.
  9. wknt3

    Law & Order

    I'm getting ready to go out of town for a couple weeks so I was adjusting my series recordings so I don't lose anything new or have more shows recorded than I'll ever have time to get caught up on. It really made me wish that whoever designed the user interface worked at NBC a decade ago...
  10. wknt3

    Law & Order

    Agreed. It don't think it was a retcon. It might seem like it since the Rohmbot is not in the same class as Sam Waterston and Jill Hennessy and the writing wasn't as good as those earlier seasons so there wasn't the same sense after the reveal that it had been there all along. I think they did try to show her as particulatry passionate about gay rights, but simply didn't pull it off. I definitely don't remember anything to explicitly contradict it, which probably would be there if it was a retcon. So I put down the sense that it was pulled out of nowhere to the clumsiness of the "shocking" reveal and the fact that Rohm is incapable of nuance.
  11. wknt3

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    I think perhaps the best example of Goren being both at once is "Collective". He clearly loved the toys even as he was doing the whole super profiler thing. The Johnny Seven scene is the epitome of him being a great smart detective who knows people while also being a big kid having fun playing with toys. True although I suspect Nichols would have related even better...
  12. Well it looks like we now know the plot for one of the upcoming season's episodes. Anyone want to bet that they won't rip from these headlines? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/n-j-judge-spared-teen-rape-suspect-because-he-came-n1026111 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/02/nyregion/judge-james-troiano-rape.html I'm guessing instead of the DA winning on appeal they will have the squad prove beyond all doubt that the perp acted knowingly and deliberately and then Benson will heal the traumatized victim with the whisper of justice...
  13. wknt3

    S09.E22: Something Blue

    Yeah the show doesn't really like to acknowledge that there are families outside of the Reagans or suggest that people would ever chose to spend time in some other way than worshiping at the altar of St. Francis of Staten Island. Perhaps if they hadn't killed her off they would have gotten around to having one of the relatives on her side of the family be a crime victim or a perp and have Frank patronize her about how he can't give her family special treatment because that's not the Reagan Way and then gone back to ignoring the existence of her having other relatives ever again...
  14. Dark Horse Unveils 'The Orville' Comic Preview (Exclusive)
  15. wknt3

    The Big Bang Theory

    And while you two are fighting I'll sneak out with it! It will be easy now that the elevator is working...