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  1. Meghan is an idiot of she thought that people would be responsible.
  2. Compared to Boob, with his blanket training, molester enabling and adult child policing, he's a teddy bear.
  3. https://youtu.be/HTe-El4NjgQ A disturbing video about their mentor Matt Jacobson "training" (beating) his children. One of his daughter's is speaking out. Jeremy and Audrey are mentioned in the video as labeling this man a mentor.
  4. I loved Frank. He was such a sweetheart!
  5. Allison Brie as either Debbie or Bitsy
  6. Would anyone be surprised if Khloe did insert herself into this situation and pay people off?
  7. I vaguely recall Melissa and Julie on Larry King, mentioning at some point they were planning to create a family name out of their last names. Never heard if they had done it.
  8. Ruthie Ann Miles welcomes third daughter Hope Elizabeth was born last month.
  9. Nurie always looks like her bottom lip is caught between her teeth. It's always the same spot, so I assume that's just what her mouth does. But either way, she doesn't ever look genuinely happy.
  10. That high up? I doubt it. We have lattice, no ones playing peekaboo
  11. I have no problem with a person calling their mother mama, but for some reason, when the Rodrigues kids do it, it's nails on a chalkboard.
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