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  1. She's not even outnumbered at this point. Despite her delusion of being the only conservative on television, she's not even the only conservative on her own show.
  2. Over the years, every once in a while, someone who went to school with her would say something on twitter or somewhere. Then mysteriously the post would be deleted. Baldwin would sic his PR people on them. He's a very wealthy thug. This is just the first time that the truth was able to gain so much traction that they couldn't spin it and cover it up fast enough. Now all he can do is tell people to go fuck themselves on SM and all she can do is post conveniently timed breastfeeding selfies hoping to distract people. Good luck with that.
  3. As does Matt. Good parents miss signs too. I made damn sure my mother went to her grave never knowing what happened to me. She was a good mother.
  4. I see. I think I misread your previous post. You're right. Even with this creep far out of the picture, it cannot be business as usual. With two small children involved, I hope to god they are getting the hell out of everyone on the crew and watching closely besides. It does bother me that even with this, more blame is being placed on Amy than Matt. I realize there is an irrational hatred of her around here, but he holds a lot of responsibility for this.
  5. I don't see how his parents offering up the details beyond what Jacob has shared benefits anything. We know what happened and we know who did it.
  6. Man, she's even more annoying in "now that I'm a mother" mode.
  7. Considering who the bail is for, this isn't about freedom of thought. It's a danger to society and a flight risk.
  8. The (Dixie) Chicks are another good example.
  9. That had nothing to do with his supporters, that had everything to do with his own ego. The ladies were right to call that out.
  10. Her liplining is getting as exaggerated as Trixie Mattel's.
  11. Harpies? Interestingly sexist choice of words.
  12. For me, attempts to convert people are insulting. I'm forty years old, I'm an atheist and have read more of the bible then they have. Certainly more than a child parroting what their parents tell them has. They act like we aren't constantly being exposed to christianity in America. People like Jill treat it like a competition to save the most souls and it's not about the people, it's about how good it makes her feel.
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