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  1. Her liplining is getting as exaggerated as Trixie Mattel's.
  2. Harpies? Interestingly sexist choice of words.
  3. For me, attempts to convert people are insulting. I'm forty years old, I'm an atheist and have read more of the bible then they have. Certainly more than a child parroting what their parents tell them has. They act like we aren't constantly being exposed to christianity in America. People like Jill treat it like a competition to save the most souls and it's not about the people, it's about how good it makes her feel.
  4. The employees always know. No matter how slick the cheaters think they are. Tori wrote that because she knows that Caryn does all the work when "they" babysit, while Matt does whatever he wants.
  5. Sounds like no one got saved at the DMV. She's really been making a point of saying how much she loves her children and motherhood in every post. Trying to make Nurie feel bad?
  6. That's because Matt is awful. He always has been. Amy's far from a saint, but she's put up with a lot of mistreatment.
  7. She makes a living parading their private lives for all to see, produces a reality show based on them dealing with his infidelity, then is shocked that their daughter found out about Dad's cheating on google? Is she for real? She can't be this stupid.
  8. Devastated because they took vows and he turned around and paraded his mistress around in front of her. Having an affair with a married man is a lot to go on. Save your sympathy.
  9. But Chris doesn't makes her miserable, so there's that. Things are different when you are well matched. I don't know if Matt and Amy were ever really a good match. Caryn is already doing all the work while Matt dicks around on his phone when his grandkids visit. Unless she is completely spineless, that's going to get old for her.
  10. I think any chances for kid and parenthood anecdotes in general will turn into yet another topic she will stop dead in its tracks with her humorlessness. Unless she can make it political and attack the left for something she doesn't approve of and can twist it into "the dems want to kill my baby with their death panels!" Or something along those lines, she won't want to discuss motherhood at all.
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