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  1. Is Anna going to have to relocate to another state with seven kids to be close for visitation days?
  2. Poor Janessa. She's going to be infantilized until her own menopause unless Jill can fart out one more.
  3. If she thought he was a dick, that tells me a lot more about her than him. I've never heard anyone badmouth Nathan Lane before.
  4. And don't you feel bad for his pro partner? You can only imagine what went through her mind during that first rehearsal as she realized what she had to work with. Or more accurately, DIDN'T have to work with. Twenty minutes later...."Let's try something really different! I'm gonna grab a chair..."
  5. Dropped a heavy book to mimic the sound of a fall, before breaking out the wails. This ain't her first "look at me" rodeo.
  6. What she saw as an argument could have been nothing more than a discussion with a director trying to stay on schedule.
  7. It's traumatic to find out that people don't agree with your bigotry? Shut up Candace. She makes me sick.
  8. Roseanne: Does your mom still call you Norbie? Darlene and Becky: Norbie?!?!?
  9. I have a problem with the prosthetics in general. If three of your main cast member need to change their appearances so much that they need hours in the makeup chair and you're not making Planet of the Apes, you're not doing a good job at casting.
  10. She discussed the abortion in the big Barbara Walters interview. She was dating someone at the Pentagon
  11. How does she know? The Carter administration was before she was born. I thought she didn't know or care about things that predate her? (Heads to YouTube to watch Paul Begala humiliate Princess of Arizona)
  12. Considering the critical acclaim her movie performances have gotten, her previous relationship with FX and the fact that she's headed to Broadway, I'm pretty sure she could land an audition on her own.
  13. That's unfair. She's miscast here (pretty much the entire cast is, it's a far cry from season one), but she's proven herself as an actress and doesn't need her brothers help landing work.
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