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  1. Aren't there several other Republicans in the running for the election? Are they all going to get airtime?
  2. Do a recap, fine. But everyday, it's a picture of Meghan's face, the headline is Meghan's outrageous comments. Even when she was off, the headline was "Meghan's off, so now we can debate this topic". It's ridiculous.
  3. Hope ABC is paying attention. Has the show ever not been nominated for best talk show and talk show host?
  4. You're supposed to rub the sunblock into your skin, Farrah
  5. Watched the whole season. I really ended up really enjoying it. I hope it gets another season.
  6. I feel sick. I had myself convinced it was financial crimes. Probably because I didn't want anyone else to have suffered from this sick fuck's demented urges. But of course it's images of child abuse. He never got any real intervention when he molested his sisters. His parents and church guaranteed this would happen sooner or later.
  7. Wasn't it less than a week ago she was boasting that he's a diligent provider for their family? I knew that post wouldn't age well, but dang.
  8. I think she really enjoys being contrary and loves to complain. Nothing is good enough and nothing pleases her.
  9. It's not supposed to be this far outside the natural lipline. Unless you're a drag queen.
  10. Notre Dame Law without a wealthy parent to give her a foot in the door. We should all be so stupid.
  11. Someone who wasn't a rabble rouser.
  12. This is like the fifth piece of mom jewelry she's shown off.
  13. Most parents have plenty to keep them busy while the baby naps. She's just revealing how much help she has.
  14. Its It looks like a combover with a braid attached. Or a drunk wearing a Davy Crockett hat sideways.
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