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  1. No. I'm pretty sure his left arm is hiding his name tag.
  2. This relationship seems so contrived. I'm not seeing any spark or chemistry. They've just been told this is how it's going down and neither of them has the gumption to object. I find all the pictures sad and their prospects sad... Everything about this is just so plain and flat and sad.
  3. I wonder if the discontent started when Jeremy decided he and Jinger wouldn't be joining the family arrangement.
  4. Just 3 of the other sites using this car lot photo. https://www.hurricanecarlot.com/ https://www.detailxpertsfranchise.com/blog/2018/02/15/become-used-car-dealer/ https://www.hertzcarsales.co.uk/used-cars-blog-franchise-vehicle-dealership-vs-independent-vehicle-dealership
  5. She's ten. She should be more responsible. 🙄
  6. I believe they moved to Texas with the IBLP headquarters. Somewhere near Big Sandy.
  7. 'Cause no one would snark on him if he had a manicure. 🙄 It saddens me that so many people think wedge sandals work with semi/formal wear. Especially espadrille-wrapped ones.
  8. I want to like this paragraph a gazillion times. When my kids were Izzy and Sam's age, it would take me months to get through a book. By the time I had an opportunity to read I was falling asleep. As much as I love them, given a couple of child free hours, I'd retreat into a little me-time piece of heaven - quiet cup of tea, crossword puzzle, classical music. I know not everyone's a hard core introvert but I find it somewhat tragic that anyone should be at such a loss on their own for a bit. She IS doing research!!! She asked randoms on Instagram, ffs.
  9. In their narrative, not only are we child haters, we actively conceive so we can have abortions.
  10. Where I am, that house plus a yard (!) would set you back a cool $2 million. Don't know how hot the devil's balls get, but we're "enjoying" a humid 90-100F the last little while. Hurricanes tend to skirt around us, but we get some heavy rain these days and that causes flooding in these expensive houses. I guess that's payback for driving up real estate prices. Fair dues. 😆 I, too, suspect there's Voulo money somewhere. Maybe a trust that pays out upon marriage or 30th birthday? Looks like a sweet life.
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