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  1. Around here, when it hits 10°C, people put their shorts on and get their paddle boards out.
  2. Surely there would have been a celebration for the Kellers' 40th anniversary, the date for which was fixed... 40 years ago. Nurthan chose to piggyback on their anniversary, not the other way round. They CHOSE to share that date. I don't see anything wrong with the Keller anniversary celebration on their date. It's not like these fundie receptions run long. Lots of time for a party afterwards. If Nathan and Nurie didn't want to share the limelight, they'd have chosen another day. I got married on what would have been my grandparents' 51st anniversary had my grandfather been alive. It woul
  3. That's what confuses me. If she was able to have the sleeves made differently, why not have the neckline modified? The safety pin was a really poor choice and Jill has always placed high value on her appearance.
  4. Quiverful Barbie couldn't be arsed to manage the logistics of getting multiple kids to multiple swim classes. Parenting is hard.
  5. I took my daughter to the dentist on Monday. We're halfway there and I ask if she has her mask. She forgot it. The dentist's office has a box of disposable masks in the entry. She's 20 and is good about masks. But she had taken a sedative in preparation for having her wisdom teeth extracted. Sometimes we forget things. I'm not going to judge Jill for this. Maybe she had one for him but the doctor's office had the patterned child size ones. Impressed that he appeared happy to keep it on even in the store.
  6. Yep. My bad. This makes it worse, actually. ColorBridesMaids.com sells dresses like that - mismatched lace, awkward designs. It's not just crappy homemade alterations. I'm still puzzled by the difference in Jill's sleeves and the dress on the site, though.
  7. Meh. I preferred the long hair and beard. Preppy's never been my esthetic. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Someone in the Fundie Wonderland fb group found the source for the bridesmaid dresses. The modesty alterations are pretty horrible. The safety pin Jill's using to raise the neckline is a disaster. Reminds me of Michelle's modesty panel for her tin man dress, which, awful as it was, may actually have been better since the dress's bodice wasn't pulled and puckered. Jill should have just worn a separate shirt underneath. 😅 https://www.davidsbridal.com/SearchDisplay?catalogId=10051&facets=productColorToFamily%3A%22Green_Meadow%22&langId=-1&resultType=products&productSize=small
  9. Doesn't this apply to most people on social media? Always making their lives look polished and perfect. The highlight reel, if you will.
  10. The post is really the wedding shot of Jill and Nurie and 3 pictures of a cake. Philip's head happened to be in one. Poor Philip.
  11. The wedding must be over now (no drinking and dancing til dawn for this crowd). Nurthan will have gone to bed. Why has Jill not uploaded photos? Is she waiting for the bloody sheet? Wouldn't that rate its own post?
  12. He'll definitely get Nowhere if he tries to cross that border. It's closed until at least August 21. 😃
  13. That last picture. Friends must have brought those skewers. That's a nice pile of veggies. Other than the failure to observe distancing guidelines, it's nice to see them with friends, not "sweet friends" but, you know, real friends. I think Jill just has a loose stomach. She could probably benefit from some ab workouts.
  14. Oooh, I think Anna was plenty joyfully available. The problem at the time was that Anna wanted to keep getting pregnant and Josh just wanted sex (can't forget his decidedly-less-than-over-the-moon reaction to Anna's positive pee-stick for baby #4, I think. And that conversation they had where he suggested 5 kids would be lots and she thought that would be a good start. ). Now, of course, Josh has been chastened and Anna is controlling their family size.
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