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  1. Oooh, I think Anna was plenty joyfully available. The problem at the time was that Anna wanted to keep getting pregnant and Josh just wanted sex (can't forget his decidedly-less-than-over-the-moon reaction to Anna's positive pee-stick for baby #4, I think. And that conversation they had where he suggested 5 kids would be lots and she thought that would be a good start. ). Now, of course, Josh has been chastened and Anna is controlling their family size.
  2. I was reading here while she was posting. I was pretty sympathetic for a while but then it just started getting over the top. I took a break from this forum and when I came back she was gone and I'd missed the drama. 😥 Does anyone know on what page here it all started unraveling?
  3. Mr Smithers it's a very dapper fellow. You know, for a cartoon. Jeremy could do worse than emulate the Smithers style. To be fair, he already has done worse.
  4. Why does anyone think the public is owed any information on the Dillards, or any of the other Duggars/adjacents? Derick can stretch the truth as much as he wants. These adults get to choose what and how much they share. Isn't it enough that the Duggar brood's privacy was sold by their father? Derick and Jill are former tv personalities. Just because people want to know does not mean they're under any obligation to disclose anything about their finances, their children's births or their fertility. They can tease all they want, withhold what they want, spin what they want. Their audience is not entitled to anything. Don't like it, don't follow. I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion here, where we can collate all the info in various media, their show/books, speculate wildly and deep-dive into public records. It's fun and interesting for me because their world is so foreign and I find religion fascinating (and weird, no offense intended), but they owe us nothing.
  5. I've noticed that god never seems to lead people anywhere they don't really want to go. It's quite fortuitous. He doesn't even mansplain! Just invokes a God of the gaps for a process we don't really understand (yet). Weak science. I'm getting a middle-aged Jon Lovitz/Ray Romano vibe. I am too visual 🤢🤮
  6. Jana and John David look less alike! They are SEVERELY close. More frontal than an acceptable side hug between an ENGAGED couple, never mind a courting one. That young woman is obviously sluttish with VERY loose morals. Mama would be rending her garments over his apostasy.
  7. I seriously doubt that any of the kids, even the boys, have received cash from appearances on the show. Pops is bankrolling all these property purchases. If the name on the deed means anything, it will be the spawn's leg up and payment in full for their part in the tv ministry. Most likely it's for tax purposes and the management will never leave Jim Bob's greedy, grasping hands. All sons will remain non-voting members of The Firm.
  8. There are lots of pics of Duggar boys holding nieces. Apparently the rule is not enforced... anymore, if ever. Surely, they wouldn't have made it up just for the interview! 😱
  9. That's silly. They can't speak Spanish! LOL Maybe they'll draw on Jeremy's study of classical languages and go with Angela, Eliana or Evangeline.
  10. Looking at the Hall of Womb, I think the tiles must be 16" or 18" square otherwise the nursery would only be about 3' wide. So, good news for the inmates, I guess.
  11. "Can't wait to come to your place for dinner!"? More like, "Can't wait to take advantage of your good nature and generosity by descending en masse and guilting you into feeding our huge and hungry brood!"
  12. Since they have long-term guardianship of Tyler, it's better for Tyler that he's counted as one of their own. How the legalities are represented in the "press" is irrelevant compared to the health and wellbeing of the child.
  13. I found myself reading this in the voice of Brenda Lee Johnson (The Closer) as she's luring a suspect into a false sense of security before going in for the kill. TBH, I enjoyed it more that way.
  14. Maybe that's not what Joy would want. However they behave in private, publically the family should be guided by Joy's wishes as to how her loss should be handled. (Unlike her "sister-in-love") Joy's online behaviour suggests she doesn't want to dwell on it. She's been able to share the joy of her friends and family over their new babies. There's no need for her family to discuss it publically.
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