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  1. Yes, Clay Aiken was the punchline of many gay jokes by all late night shows. It was nasty, with insinuations about being a child molester. The difference is that Clay got famous for being on a singing competition - which has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and he had every right to not disclose it, it's irrelevant. subsequent competitors have said that American Idol discouraged gay contestants from disclosing their orientation in the early seasons of the show. They didn't want it to interfere with viewers voting. Colton Underwood got famous for being on a dating show where th
  2. actually, just after the incident, someone put together a video of Kelly Ripa Licking regis Philbin's shoe, and a bunch of other things proving she is no germaphobe. The background story was that Clay was being tried out as a possible co-host, and Kelly R did NOT want him (she wanted her husband to get the job) so she made it clear by interrupting him, and taking over parts of interviews that he was supposed to do. she knew if they had bad "chemistry" he wouldn't get the job.
  3. Well, maybe when that 36 year old makes a ton of money and only works an hour a day, and has household help.
  4. Yeah, I wonder about producer manipulation. It would be pretty easy to make some calls to encourage people to go to a location, to encourage a "local judge" to vote a certain way, design a challenge that favors one team, or any number of things to get the result the show wants. This show is not the same show it once was. They should go back to the original formula, and not try to incorporate elements of Survivor, Fear Factor, and Amazing Race. If this had been the first season, the show would have been canceled.
  5. I agree. I got what I had considered "expensive" outfits when my son was born (like $40 back then) and I ended up exchanging them for plain, inexpensive sleepers and onesies. I have friends who bought beautiful baby outfits for their own kids, only to have the kid outgrow them before they were ever worn.
  6. Maybe this was Meghan foreshadowing that she is leaving The View soon, for a greener pasture.
  7. I agree. Sunny is clearly an intelligent and educated woman. I think she brings a lot to The View.
  8. Yes - Sher thinks of herself as some kind of rebel, like she pushed back on overly restrictive or discriminatory rules. In all likelihood, she was the girl who was cutting class, smoking in the bathroom, talking back to teachers, copying homework from others, etc. And she said she had multiple detentions to serve or she wouldn't be allowed to go to graduation (or prom?) That means that even when given detention, she wouldn't show up. What she sees as "feisty and outspoken", her teachers saw as obnoxious and entitled. The meghan we have all seen on The View is the same Meghan s
  9. Meghan has an interesting take on high school detention. She was a rabble-rouser? that means she was the loud kid who stirred up trouble on purpose. she seems rather proud of spending so much time in detention, and, from her telling it, she even skipped out on detention, given that she had so much time to make up or risk not attending graduation. This is HIGH SCHOOL - not grade school. She's bragging about being openly defiant of teachers, causing trouble just for kicks. She hung out with the "bad crowd." she was an entitled brat then, and she's an entitled brat now. with high s
  10. today's Book Review on The View - the book "The Good Sister" sounded familiar, so I looked it up on Amazon. There are SIX different novels with that exact title, and I'm sure I read one of them at some point, but now I'm confused.
  11. Meghan didn't care for Sarah's comments about the government trying to dictate women's bodies. Her twitter today is all about abortion=murder.
  12. Meghan talks about privacy and how employers can't ask you questions about your health. Hmm... When I worked for a mental health agency, I was REQUIRED, by state law, to have a TB test. I never thought it violated any privacy concerns, I was OK with proving that it was safe for me to see patients. AND I appreciated the opportunity to know I didn't have TB. I would assume that schools, hospitals, etc, would have the right to require COVID vaccinations for employees. And it sure would get ME to feel comfortable flying on an airplane if I knew everyone on the plane had been vaccinated.
  13. Watching the show very late: So Meghan thinks the problem is that republicans are being screamed at about being dumb rednecks trying to be superspreaders. Who is doing that yelling? I mean, I know I am, but i didn't think any republicans were listening. And if they are being called those things, why not just prove that its not true by GETTING VACCINATED? That might prove that they are not dumb rednecks. Didn't the View quote recently that over half the republicans think trump won the election? So if they believe that the current administration is only in power due to fraud, how is
  14. That reminded me of the times that Meghan SCOLDED the studio audience for reacting to something she said - I predict that will only get worse.
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