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  1. And, she hasn't (yet) said she'd refuse to move to Chicago.
  2. Yes, and the WAY he sniffs the food. Its not just a little "is this food still good?" He seems to be getting some weird pleasure from sniffing, and puts the whole tortilla up to his face, for a lot longer than is necessary to see if it was bad, before putting them back!!!
  3. It's never been my thing to eat food off a partner. But whipped cream, chocolate sauce - I can see how someone might do that. Not sour cream or tacos! I would have just insisted we keep dressed, and sit down to eat tacos. If there is a moment that Bachelor in Paradise jumped the shark, taco tuesday was it. Not sexy, not appetizing, just gross.
  4. Yes. And Kenny's just says "age 40" I agree! Last night's taco date was especially disgusting. Get naked in front of a camera crew and someone giving you instructions, and eat food off each other. At least they were already a couple.
  5. Sounds like kyland has been in therapy with a Rational Emotive therapist.
  6. Just watching the rest now. The Bachelor franchise has reached a new low. Kenny eating off Mari's naked body, and the lady (hostess?) asks, "good taco?" Was this supposed to be romantic? Sexy? Or just comical? It failed.
  7. These women need to give the guys a chance to catch up. It takes a while to figure out how to relate to someone, and you can't rush feelings just because you're on a TV show. He is awful. I am entertained, though, when it seems that every time he likes a woman, she falls for whomever is his nemesis at the moment.
  8. Well, he always sadly evoted the right person.
  9. She went along with it. She was active in the scam. She was not a small child, she was graduating high school. She doesn't deserve to be considered a "Star." She could just get a job and work at proving that she is better than her parents behavior.
  10. My son (age 29) has ADHD, and I hold him responsible for anything he says or does. ADHD is not an excuse for a grown man to be a jerk.
  11. Ok, here it is: Screen Rant: Big Brother: Whitney Calls Out Derek F.'s Rude Comments on BB Comics. https://screenrant.com/big-brother-whitney-derek-f-comments-bb-comics/
  12. That interview with Julie is worse than I thought. Have they done away with the jury members voting for the winner? Because Julie seems to think Jesus will choose the most worthy house guest. She needs to go. In other news, an article I can't link for some reason, from Screen Rant, was about Whitney responding to Derek F 's comments about her comic book cover. Derek said hers was inappropriate for kids, talked about her workout top, talked about a dad bringing it home to his kids because he wanted to look at it, (like it's porn). But Derek also praise alyssa's cover as looking AMAZING, an
  13. Derek X might very well have googled previous winners, strategies, alliances, watched videos, etc, and still not realize that there hasn't been a black winner.
  14. When someone who hosts a show keeps bringing "god talk" into the show, non-believers might begin to perceive the show as having a religious bent, and turn away from it. Personal beliefs are personal. When you host a show, you are, to some extent representing the network. If the hosts of Amazing Race or Survivor routinely talked about god or religion, it would change the feel of the show for some viewers. maybe in a more positive way for some, and a negative way for others. I don't want to think about people winning a reality show because god favors them, so for me it would have
  15. Children can be told they are adopted, but that is different from having it broadcast on a tv show. Kids don't deserve to be considered "the adopted kid" by their peers. It's not a matter of shame, it's just keeping details of how your family came to be, private, only telling people you want to tell. it's also not a sob story.
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