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  1. During one of Meghan's rants, she muttered something like, 'nobody is worried about the Lincoln project, believe me.' She was talking over someone else (surprise) so it was tough to hear, and I might not have the quote exact But it contradicts what others are saying about the Lincoln Project advertisements. (they pay to have them aired on Fox News in DC, to make sure the president sees them, and there are reports that he is upset about it) I wonder what Meghan's source is that "nobody is worried" about the videos.
  2. Yes, she doesn't trust that his medical judgement is right, but she wants him to tell it to liberal groups. The point, though, was about republican LEADERS not wearing masks, and putting down people who wear masks - making derogatory comments about social distancing, talking about how people can choose to wear masks or not. THAT is the issue. Not whether people who gather are on the left or right, but the leadership of the country encouraging safe practices. what's the saying - every disaster movie begins with a politician refusing to listen to a scientist. OK - here's my guess. Based on nothing than watching Whoopi for years. Whoopi once had a line of socks. then she had her ugly christmas sweaters. Didn't she say she MADE the crown? Maybe she is thinking - with everyone doing online videos for work, for family get-togethers, doing everything through zoom or something similar - can she cash in on it by coming out with a line of crowns, tiaras, jewel-studded headbands, animal ears, etc. kind of similar to how Disney has expanded their classic "mickey ears" to 100 different themes. Perhaps WHoopi wants people to start asking about her crown. then she'll be telling us that so many people asked where they could buy one, that she decided to create and market a line of headwear for online meetings.
  3. I only saw the first half of the show, it was cut off for a special report on violence in Chicago. Since the news comes on after the show anyway, the special report could have waited, in my opinion.
  4. Both. Firecrackers all the damn time. But quite a few people around here have the big display fireworks. They shoot off a few here and there, then some days more and more, and then a LOT the weekend of the 4th.
  5. She was intimidated by the idea of Jon Stewart and his skill at putting people in their place. Also, Meghan would not know how to deal with the supreme court decision on abortion. I think having multiple categories and multiple awards, along with only a handful of shows, means everyone gets something.
  6. OK - here's the cutie who is getting hyper and upset about the fireworks. she's 6 months old (we think) and part border collie (best guess) she was picked up as a stray in Chicago.
  7. When I was a kid, we took family vacations to a lake. It was relaxing to lie on an innertube or air mattress, floating on the waves. But my dad thought it was HILARIOUS to swim underneath and dump you over. Once, I was very relaxed, dad dumped me over, and my nose and lungs filled with an unhealthy amount of water as I tried to right myself. I freaked out. I never learned to swim, I would experience that same panic you describe. But it DOES take away from the graduate whose name comes next - their family never hears their name called, as the person announcing would just reinforce them if they waited until the applause died down for each graduate. My son's high school came up with a solution. They announced ahead of time that applause should wait until the end. At the ceremony, the principal announced that any student whose family was disruptive would not get their diploma at the ceremony, the parents would have to make an appointment to come in and get it from the principal. It seemed to work, only a handful of families would carry on and be obnoxious. I don't know if the principal carried through on the threat though.
  8. Pet peeve- Fireworks. People thinking it's cool to shoot off fireworks every evening 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after july 4. Just stop. We just got a rescue dog, she's cute as can be, but she had been a stray, neglected and possibly abused, and she's a bit nervous. We've had a lot of success so far with her, in a very short time. But random loud noises are making it difficult.
  9. That's what I heard, that his kids had never seen this act before.
  10. this is the same MEghan McCain who ALWAYS brings up if something happened in a blue state or a red state (ignoring the fact that NO state is 100% either way) . she is the one who prefaces statements with "as a conservative", and says to a guest ,"you and I disagree politically" before she compliments them. Meghan McCain is a wealthy white woman who likes guns - that's her identity. And her politics go along those lines. She is naive enough to thinks she's such an anomaly because she's a republican who has a gay friend.
  11. And in Illinois, I was at Home Depot and EVERY employee and customer had masks on. Because it's the rule. And in Illinois, covid 19 cases are going down, because masks are required in public places, and businesses were delayed in opening up.
  12. NASCAR is now saying that the "noose" found in Bubba Wallace's garage, had been there since October (he wasn't the only one who used that garage) and that it was actually a pull-rope for the garage door, not a noose.
  13. Yes, it was when Whoopi (I think) asked Abby a question about her kids, Abby started to answer, and Meghan interrupted with a little "always talking about babies! have some sympathy for the childless one! I don't have kids!" rant. It was incredibly rude. I recall at the time that Abby looked very hurt. She had been trying to tell a cute story about her kids, and Meghan wasn't having it.
  14. When Meghan replies with "it's an ongoing conversation" she means, "I haven't figured out yet how to say something that isn't either agreeing or disagreeing with the conservative view point." Meghan got the last word in the first hot topic segment, and she went on and on and on. So Whoopi asked her to go first for the next topic. Meghan wasn't happy, and after Sunny, Joy and Whoopi all said what they had to say, Meghan TRIED to speak again, but Whoopi cut her off. Sunny's makeup issue is something I've seen before - it's when you use contouring makeup, and then move to different lighting. What looks good in your makeup mirror doesn't necessarily look good when you've got a higher intensity light shining on you for TV.
  15. Yeah, she has portraits of the founding fathers or something like that. And didn't Bitsy have a similar obsession, or, I mean hobby? Who does that? I mean, people collect various types or artwork, but patriotic art? Portraits? It's like how a high school US history teacher would decorate her classroom. And I'm imagining a crib comforter with the constitution printed on it, and a mobile with presidential faces (republicans only)
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