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  1. Sunny needs to say, "It's your JOB to listen to me!"
  2. Thank you! It has seemed to me that people these days are using Homogenous when they MEAN homogeneous, and those are not the same word!
  3. in my recurring dream, I'm always faced with the information that it's nearing the end of the semester and there's that one class that I have been skipping going to, putting off reading and studying for, and am freaking out that I'm not going to pass. (I finished grad school 30+ years ago, so WTF? )
  4. If you watch whoopi on The View, it's clear she doesn't watch The Bachelor, thinks it's stupid, AND that she'll promote anything for money.
  5. Peter has a lopsided face. His right cheek swells up and doesnt match the left. Hes almost always showing us his left side. Its definitely his good side. In the beginning of the episode, I saw a blonde woman I couldn't identify. It was Kelsey without makeup. Then there was Kelsey with some makeup. Then, on their date, we got full makeup Kelsey. 3 different looks in one girl. And at some point she got her stripey highlights redone.
  6. At least she's not claiming to be a size 12 any more!
  7. Why dont we just go full wizard of oz? 1. a brain 2. a heart 3. Courage 4. A trip back to [Kansas] , I mean Arizona.
  8. what show was this? I tuned into Grey's Anatomy, but this crap wasn't Grey's Anatomy, was it?
  9. I think these women are getting bored. With cocktail parties cancelled, left on their own with hours of nothing to do but talk to and about each other, of course they're going to fight. There's nothing to do but wait for a date with Peter, and then he's boring, too! I bet most of these women are sticking around for the tv exposure, but want to get cut just before fantasy suites. Think about it - this is Peter, 4 times in a windmill! how exhausting! is that the standard expectation now? can any woman escape the fantasy suite without being asked, "4 times? more?" and let's be honest - if the guy gets it right the first time, you don't need or want 3 more attempts.
  10. the SNL Bachelor parody last saturday had a line about how Peter deep kisses the white girls and high-fives the Black girls.
  11. the one I noticed was Lexi (? I think that's her name - the redhead) she had a suit on that was cut HIGH on the leg. while it might look good in a certain pose, if you're standing just right, when she walked it looked AWFUL, with bulges in unflattering places. It seems so weird to me that these women are all competing for Peter's attention. In real life, he would be their younger brother's weird annoying friend.
  12. Bachelor Peter clarifies his thoughts on the white lives matter controversy.
  13. What is going through the mind of most of these women: "you bastard! I push my fake boobs up in this expensive dress, polish my veneers, arrange my hair extensions, apply makeup to my collagen-injected lips and botoxed face, apply false eyelashes, just to go to the cocktail party so you can get to know the REAL ME - and you LITERALLY cancel it!!"
  14. Meghan cannot figure out a point of view. She claims to hate trump, but the republican party supports trump and she NEEDS to be on board with whatever her party does. Ana Navarro is capable of complex thought, she can be a conservative and think trump is a bully and a liar. Because Ana doesn't feel the need to please the republican party. Meghan doesn't have that ability. to her, it's all about us vs. them - the republicans are the good guys, the Democrats are the bad guys. when she says anything against trump, she might be siding with the party she despises. She doesn't make sense, contradicts herself, because she doesn't know what she thinks. as much as she says she hates partisanship and "identity politics," those are the things that drive her opinions.
  15. Easy - tell them "I don't want to have conversations with you about the other women. I want a chance to know each one of you as an individual, and I'm not going to listen to rumor, gossip, and badmouthing each other. I'm not going to settle your grievances with each other, if there's someone in the house you don't like, don't talk to her." of course, that would never work because the producers WANT the women to talk smack about each other, and if there are two that don't like each other they WILL be on a two-on-one date together. But Peter has the ability to walk away from a conversation that is just one woman talking about another being fake, or lying, or god help us, "not here for the right reasons."
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