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  1. Because she thinks Bezos is just trying to make Biden look good, because, according to Meghan, he should have offered to help when trump was president. Trump had said enough bad shit about Bezos over the years, that there was a lot of animosity there. Even if Bezos did offer to help, trump would have reacted poorly. Meghan's just pissed because "her side" couldn't work well with others, and Biden is getting people to work together in a cooperative way.
  2. I agree. It was not a good look at all. Like she had a cold, or eye infection, or had been up all night crying. I think Joy's glasses have those transition lenses, that change in reaction to light. My husband has those, and they stay dark when he comes in from outside, and they also darken in bright indoor lights. I wish Joy would get glasses with regular lenses, just for doing The VIew.
  3. What masks did she throw away? Because when Fauci was telling people NOT to use masks, the only ones available were the blue disposable ones from medical supplies (that are intended to use once and toss) or the N95 masks that you could buy at a hardware store that people used to protect their lungs when spray-painting or using chemicals. He said it wasn't necessary for people outside of medical settings to wear them, and urged people not to place orders for the masks that would then mean medical personnel would go without them. The cloth masks that we all have now ? those started to be manufactured and sold AFTER Dr. Fauci told people to wear masks. I remember that as soon as Fauci was advising people to wear masks, news shows were talking about fabric stores and other places that were making them. Those masks didn't exist before then! There was never a time when cloth masks were being sold, and Dr Fauci said don't bother, throw them away. If Meghan is saying she had a collection of re-usable cloth masks BEFORE April 2020, she is straight up LYING.
  4. Wait. She tweets that she wants Biden and his party to work with "her" side? No, that is NOT the tone to take! She needs to urge the Republicans to accept the election results and respect and work with the President, not vice-versa!
  5. Meghan refused to acknowledge Joy's point. Ted Cruz proclaimed to a group that Biden did not win, that the election was fraudulent, and urged supporters to stop the official certification of the votes, resulting in a riot. Then he shows up to witness the inauguration of the man he says is not the real winner. Joy was right to call him an enemy. But to meghan, criticizing one republican is criticizing all republicans.
  6. Joy used the word "putridity" and then immediately wondered if it was a word (it is, she used it correctly). Once she said it, it probably sounded unfamiliar, so she wasn't sure if it was right.
  7. As many times as she talks about how the 70+million people who voted for trump need to be considered - did she ever feel the same about all the 2016 voters who who voted for Hillary?
  8. No, it was my interpretation. (If it was verbatim, I would have typed it without spaces between the words, becausethat'showMeghantalks)
  9. I watched the first segment only - here's my take: Joy asked "Why was Ted Cruz there at the inauguration? he encouraged people to riot over the election which was "stolen" from trump. As far as I"m concerned, he's the enemy." Meghan: Oh my god! Ted cruz is the ENEMY? How can this country move forward when you're calling republicans the enemy? when democrats call republicans the enemy, that is making the country divisive! what about unity? You can't see ALL republicans as the enemy and still claim you're about unity! I'm a conservative republican - am I the enemy? are democrats seeing ME as the enemy? I am not the enemy. Democrats need to understand that 70+million people voted for trump. HOw are the democrats going to invite those 70 million into the discussion? they can't be divisive and see them as the enemy! I am NOT the enemy!!! I don't agree with most of what Joe Biden has already done as president, because I"m conservative, but I respect him. You, know the one thing about Joe Biden - he has been PERSONALLY touched by cancer (Me: WHO HASN'T?) so he will put forward a platform to fight and cure cancer. Because his son had the exact same kind of cancer as my FATHER! My father, who had CANCER! My father my father my father myfathermyfather....... Whoopi : OK, time for a break. Me: time to change the channel
  10. So, they lasted 2 months? Longer than I expected.
  11. Finally getting around to watching. The reading "erotica" was stupid, mostly because they kept 'bleeping' words, so that it made no sense. Then I got bored and switched to something else.
  12. YES . That's who I was thinking of.
  13. But she is an "Arizonian", through and through, right? Boy, I get flack for calling myself a Chicagoan, even though I moved out to the suburbs. Meghan identifies being from 3 different places.
  14. I wish the cocktail parties were structured differently. LIke, have Matt introduce a topic (not related to childhood trauma r anything serious) and they just all chatted together. Then, MATT could take aside each woman for a little one-on-one "chat" to get to know her. None of this "Can I steal you?" crap, just everyone getting a few minutes to talk (or makeout, if that's how they want to spend the time) The emphasis could be getting to know someone, not having the women claw each other in an effort to "win". Even last week, Chris H announced an activity with "Matt wants someone who will FIGHT for him." Really? is that an admirable quality - someone who sees "LOVE" as defeating the competition to win the prize? Take Victoria, for a prime example - does she even LIKE Matt? because it seems she is so focused on defeating her competition, that she lost sight of what the prize is. I'd like to see some of these women grapple with their feelings - are they ALL really ready to get engaged to this guy, just because that's the premise of the show? In the real world, haven't they ever met someone they liked, and NOT "fallen in love?" I guess the producers assume that we all want to see women talk dirty, be embarrassed, compete, backstab, gossip, etc. And maybe some people do. I'd like to see one man meet a group of women, try to figure out what it means to fall in love, how to figure out your feelings in this artificial situation, and how to navigate several relationships that are building, to find what you really want. This show could be so much more.
  15. Yes, I recall Joy used to annoy the hell out of me with her constantly reverting to "Monica Lewinsky" and "Lorraine Bobbit" jokes. Once she got past that phase, I liked her.
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