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  1. Something that bugged me. The doctor was a psychiatrist, an MD. Psychiatry is a medical specialty. Rollins tells him that she is studying for her Masters in psychiatry. There's no such thing. You can study psychology in graduate school, and get a master's or PhD, or a PsyD. But theres no masters in psychiatry. And a psychiatrist would know that.
  2. I haven't watched the show yet, but the problem with "Ok Boomer" is that it's used as a blanket statement to mean "You're old, so your opinion doesn't count." I find it offensive.
  3. What has always bothered me about the "View Your Deals" is the insistence that all the items are "50- 60% OFF!!" when in reality, the prices are about what you would expect for similar items online or in a store. The Kimonos, for example. Cute, for $19.95 - that's about what one would expect, buying the same thing at JCP, or Target, or on Amazon. But don't tell me that the retail price is over $50, (Over $80 for the velvet ones) and I'm getting a DEAL. Because that just isn't the case. A 4 ounce tube of handcream is $22 and I'm getting a deal by paying $11? Give me a break!
  4. just as I said: "The View hosts tried to smear me, they were totally triggered" DJTJ says The entire reason for his appearance was to set up a situation where he "triggered the liberals", and he came with ammunition he could use to accuse them of hypocrisy.
  5. Publicity for his book. He wrote a book, titled "Triggered: how the Left thrives on Hate and wants to Silence us." The point of his appearance on The View was to "trigger" the hosts, so he and Gargoyle can go on twitter and laugh at how the "liberals" are so triggered by anything pro-trump. I"m sure he thinks the appearance went well. DJTD was asked about disclosing the name of the whistleblower, he said there was nothing wrong with it, and Sunny said "my law degree says otherwise." She said it is a felony. I think DJTJ is the one who was "triggered" by Sunny. After the show, He tweeted that he didn't know where Sunny got her law degree, but she should ask for a refund.
  6. He brought that up, and brought up Whoopi's defense of Polanski, to deflect and distract. Criticism is launched toward his dad, and he says, "Racist? I'll tell you what's racist! Sexist? I'll tell you what's sexist!" and the discussion then becomes about the examples he brought up, instead of the pertinent discussion at hand. HIs whole thing is that he praises his dad and it "triggers" liberals. He was using his appearance on The View to start arguments, then tweet the clips so he can brag about it. He wanted to dredge up the "Joy in blackface" topic, so people would discuss that OLD topic, instead of the real stuff going on in his father's administration.
  7. But that's not the definition of the word "fact." Facts are not subjective. If something is true "to you" but not to others, it's called an opinion. shrug
  8. Most elementary school districts around here have after-school daycare until 6PM. But the classroom teachers go home, the kids who aren't in the program go home, and the kids who either qualify for state-funded care, or those whose parents pay, stay until the parents pick them up. School days extended till 6 wouldn't work, because you'd have to re-negotiate all teachers' contracts, and pay them more. (And find new teachers, because many would quit)
  9. Junior is at fault. "He started it" is not a valid defense for committing a CRIME.
  10. Not a fact. there were racist attacks against his predecessor that were vile. He tweeted one that "no other president has been treated more poorly," and someone replied, "Lincoln? JFK?"
  11. Junior and Meghan have the same tactic when arguing. Deflection. If someone brings up a negative point about someone, instead of actually discussing THAT POINT, that specific event, they say, "You can't criticize, because this other person did something just as bad," and then try to switch the conversation to that. Someone mentions trump's racism, and it's "But JOY wore blackface 50 years ago!" someone mentions trump's misogyny, and it's "But Whoopi defended Polanski!" and it works - because even on this board, people are talking about THOSE issues, instead of the real, current ones. It's the same thing MEghan does when defending republicans, it's the "both sides!" argument she uses, when she brings up Assange, trying to switch the topic, when she counters criticism of any republican with "but HILLARY..." She then sways the discussion to talking about those issues instead of the current one. It's Hasselbeck all over again. I will never forget when Hasslebeck answered "what makes sarah Palin qualified to be VP?" with "What makes Obama qualified?" and then diverted the discussion to his qualifications instead. Meghan does it, trump Jr does it. ANd I do believe that the appearance on The View was directed at publicity for Jr's book about triggering Democrats - by purposely "TRIGGERING" The View panel. It's his schtick, and you can see the smug smiles Junior and the gargoyle had when the panel was arguing with them.
  12. Whoopi was upset and yelling at DJTJ, he and his mamacita were grinning like the idiots they are.
  13. Kimberly gargoyle was introduced as a consultant to the trump campaign. When Sunny addresses her, Sunny was sure to refer to DJTJ as "your boyfriend", just in case anyone wasn't sure why she was there.
  14. Whoopi introduced jr as " the son of the gentleman in the White House, DJT" She should have said DJTJ, the name given by Steven Colbert, I think.
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