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  1. Survivor is off from production for the rest of the year, as we won't see Survivor 41 in September 22, 2021. Filming for seasons 41 and 42 will now be scheduled from April to July 2021. Credit from Martin Holmes aka Redmond/Twitter
  2. The premiere date of October 14 was made final, with a season finale in mid-December.
  3. It will be two-three weeks away to reveal the TAR 32 cast. Finally!!!
  4. Season 16 will premiere on October 13.
  5. Also, Reality Steve posted a column on his blog earlier today and he wrote: Source: https://realitysteve.com/2020/08/27/podcast-197-reader-emails-answered-column/
  6. Reality Steve Just Confirmed Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Are Fully Engaged From Cosmopolitan; this is a huge shock.
  7. Sounds like The Amazing Race is back for season 32 and here the episode list for this season: Episode 1: Port of Spain/Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 (Airdate October 14, 2020) Episode 2: Bogota, Colombia 🇨🇴 (Airdate October 21, 2020) Episode 3: Manaus, Brazil 🇧🇷 (Airdate October 28, 2020) Episode 4: Asuncion, Paraguay 🇵🇾 (Airdate November 4, 2020) Episode 5: Paris, France 🇫🇷 (Airdate November 11, 2020) Episode 6: Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 (Airdate November 18, 2020) Episode 7: Almaty, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 (Airdate November 18, 2020) Episode 8: Bi-country leg: Kazakhstan 🇰🇿/India 🇮🇳 (Airdate November 25, 2020) Episode 9: Hyderabad, India 🇮🇳 (Airdate December 2, 2020) Episode 10: Siem Reap, Cambodia 🇰🇭 (Airdate December 9, 2020) Episode 11: Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭 (Airdate December 16, 2020) Episode 12: New Orleans, United States 🇺🇸 (Airdate December 16, 2020) Hoping this could have 2 double episodes by November and December in order to end this season in time for Christmas. Repost for the map once again:
  8. October 14 at 9 pm for the first two episodes due to Big Brother 22 and will move to a new time period at 8 pm from October 28.
  9. Important Bachelor news: Credit: Reality Steve/Twitter
  10. ApprenticeFan

    Tennis Thread

    Nope. It was already announced in June that the US Open won't have spectators (aka behind closed doors), but will still have limited linespersons and umpires. No mixed doubles, qualifying, wheelchair and all junior matches. Doubles are reduced to 32 players in 16 team format for this year. https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/53070667
  11. This is getting bullshit right now, from the idiot Reality Steve: Link: https://realitysteve.com/2020/08/11/the-latest-on-bachelorette-what-to-believe/ From now, I will not watch this season of The Bachelorette as planned.
  12. As furthermore that TAR to be moved back to 9 pm from September to December with Big Brother being expanded to at least early December. Since Survivor is off from production for the 2020-21 TV season that it will be back till next September. Not yet and let CBS decide TAR to premiere for a September 23 premiere. Perhaps, a Survivor special is to be called Survivor: Greatest Seasons Ever in place for the delayed 41st and 42nd season production until February 2021. If season 33 will be able to restart production like reshooting of the earlier legs during in the initial production back in February 2020, and will have to recast new teams (as some of the same teams from the initial production and will be asked to return for filming) for this season and the locations will be a slight change. More likely the "resumption" of TAR 33 filming could be in November-December 2020 or January-February 2021 when COVID-19 vaccine is to become available.
  13. It would look like season 32 will be back to 9 pm timeslot as many scripted shows have been likely to postpone filming until at least mid-November. Survivor has indefinitely postponed its filming of 41st and 42nd seasons as that show would plan for a "greatest season special" similar to The Bachelor.
  14. I am deciding to skip Clare's season whatever. I will not watch this season and move on to Matt James' The Bachelor season.
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