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  1. RS has just posted on his Twitter page earlier on as Alayah came through the rose ceremony in Ohio. Peter talked to her and made a horrendous drama with her and Victoria P, as Peter did not give her a rose and still sent home (once again). (See video above three posts up) Peter felt a little hard as he gave his apology to the production right came through even though he thought on his mind about Alayah leaving the rose ceremony location where Peter walks right through to the hotel (see video below) In the aftermath, Peter couldn’t concentrate on his chances to talk to the girls who would have to go home next.
  2. Pretends to get shocked Credit to Reality Steve/Twitter The post from doyoucallthisimmature/Instagram proved to be false and I would give an apologize on its behalf. Well, let's go down with the latest video spoilers below at this post: I WILL BE FUCKING DONE DUE TO THIS. AS THIS WILL CALL THE LAMEST AND WORST SEASON EVER IN THE SHOW'S HISTORY. Credit also to Reality Steve/Twitter Scroll down three posts below with week 4 eliminations
  3. Reality Steve has the photos and videos on the 1-on-1 date in his Twitter page, as the date will involve soap box race derby in Downtown Cleveland (due to large kilobyte capacity, I trimmed out into URLs instead): https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180153716319670277 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180197294911737857 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180201503920967681 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180204910786355201 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180205587289776128 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180211441359560707 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180218682871615489 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180219521560387585 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180219871440883712 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180226244509655042 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180226567080951809 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180228299815096327 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180228665264746496 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180233689613193217 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180234636083044359 There's a bonus below https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180340699360833536 https://twitter.com/RealitySteve/status/1180340780780658690
  4. Sorry for the long delay once more, here's the latest spoilers from good ol' Reality Steve: Here's more for the other 1-on-1: Credit to Reality Steve/Twitter
  5. Well there are some facts on Victoria F met Chase Rice pre-show (as they were dating together prior to filming): Credit to Reality Steve/Twitter Well there's more, Peter and Chase Rice have getting confrontation to talk Credit to bachelornation.scoop/Instagram
  6. Summary of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor Cut before filming (33 to 31): Alexis Thind, Lauren Maxey Week 1 (Los Angeles; 31 to 23): Avonlea Elkins, Hayley Heckmann, Jade Gilliland, Jenna Serrano, Katrina Badowski, Kylie Ramos, Maurissa Gunn, Megan Hops Week 2 (Los Angeles; 23 to 19): Courtney Perry, Eunice Cho, Lauren Jones, Payton Moran Week 3 (Los Angeles; 19 to 15): Alayah Benavidez, Alexa Caves, Jasmine Nguyen, Sarah Coffin Credit to yourbachelorspoilers/Instagram Currently on week 4 in Cleveland, Ohio. So after Ohio, the girls will explore places in the Americas as Costa Rica will experience moderate to heavy rains within the week as the country might get cancelled and relocate to an alternate country somewhere in Europe as not much rainy. All info comes from Reddit via bachelor.spoilers/Instagram, bachelornationspoilers/Instagram and all.things.bachelor/Instagram Well, well, well, this upcoming season is getting a FUCKING PIECE OF BULLSHIT as two of the favorites (including a strong early favorite) have been eliminated prior to Ohio. Totally a mediocre and shifting into a graveyard season.
  7. 15 women are left according to RS, the latest eliminees from week 3 rose ceremony are Alayah Benavidez (Miss Texas USA 2019), Sarah Coffin (the early favorite), Jasmine Nguyen (the Vietnamese chick) and Alexa Caves (the African American girl). Those people are still remaining in the competition: Hannah Sluss Lexi Buchanan Kelsey Weier Mykenna Dorn Deandra Kanu Natasha Parker Victoria Paul Victoria Fuller Tammy Ly Kelley Flanagan Sydney Hightower Kiarra Norman Savannah Mullins Madison Prewett In addition to above, the upcoming dates in Cleveland and the list will be as followed: http://realitysteve.com/2019/10/01/the-bachelor-peter-spoilers-exclusive-whos-left-on-peters-season-the-dates-in-ohio-this-week-hannah-brown-becoming-a-storyline-on-peters-season/2/
  8. Credits to Reality Steve/Twitter In addition, Just Jared has the photos of that date: http://www.justjared.com/2019/09/27/the-bachelor-peter-weber-spotted-on-first-one-on-one-date/
  9. Sorry for the long delay, anyway the spoilers for the first group date of week 3: Credits to Reality Steve/Twitter
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