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  1. With the more updated spoilers, I think that neither one of the F4 will be selected as the next Bachelorette where it will be the second consecutive year that a lady has finished outside of F4. My picks for next Bachelorette (the 16th Bach'ette season) would be Victoria P. (the blonde nurse) or Kelley (the city attorney).
  2. Peter Weber's potential wives-to-be just released their bios
  3. Week 1 and most of week 2 spoilers from Reality Steve through Reddit: Source: http://realitysteve.com/?p=20640
  4. Reality Steve posted on his podcast through the spoilers that Victoria F gets eliminated in the fantasy suites, as the final 2 will be Hannah and Madison. By the way, Hannah will now be going by Hannah Ann in this season.
  5. OK and let's move on for latest Bachelor stuff and here is the awaited preview of Peter's season:
  6. I can confirm when I last posted back in February, the Philippines is an alternate country for TAR 32 that will be visited on this season as it was given a last-minute change to now-cancelled legs in Australia or New Zealand was planned pre-production. Remember, the Philippines has overlapped within not one, but two Amazing Race franchises: Israel and the US as they filmed at the same time (November 26-December 3, 2018).
  7. Its OK that I shouldn't post it as I accept the joke.
  8. Different Hannah, Hannah Sluss, not Hannah Brown. Talking about the girls from Peter's season.
  9. Reality Steve posted on his Twitter about on Victoria F legal trouble accusations:
  10. Looks like our frontrunner has getting into her decent troubles: Credit: Reality Steve
  11. The 24th season has released the promo:
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