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  1. Reality Steve has posted a couple of days ago through his blog that more BIP contestants are to appear: Women: Tia Booth (Arie’s season, BIP season 5) Becca Kufrin (Arie’s season, Bachelorette #14) Alayah Benavidez (Peter’s season) Demi Burnett (Colton’s season, BIP season 6) Men: Thomas Jacobs (Katie’s season) James Bonsall (Katie) Karl Smith (Katie) Ed Waisbrot (Clare/Tayshia’s season) Riley Christian (Clare/Tayshia’s season) This was posted on June 15. Men: Brendan Morais (Clare/Tayshia’s season) Aaron Clancy (Katie’s season) Women: Pie
  2. Production of season seven is already started after a year hiatus due to COVID-19 crisis caused travel restrictions in most parts of the world and television production was shut down on the second quarter of 2020. From Reality Steve: So now lets talk about “Bachelor in Paradise.” After being cancelled last season due to COVID, they are back in the same location down in Mexico, and filming began this past weekend. They will film for the next 3 weeks in June and it premieres on Monday, August 16th. “Bachelor in Paradise” as you know is an ever evolving cast. It usually starts with roug
  3. Katie's men are here as they released with bios: https://abc.com/shows/the-bachelorette/news/updates/the-bachelorette-2021-summer-season-17-katie-thurston-men-announced
  4. With some Asian countries have opened borders but with restrictions applied those not include in the affected red list countries. https://borderless.safetywing.com/?fbclid=IwAR1fokHc1KlfXxL-Qm6AxutYhmSD1T5d4fZp3Y2mquQ3kH1EsBPpGEa_i2o
  5. So happy that TAR 33 is about to restart production. Filming of the restart season will begin at the end of October and finish before Thanksgiving.
  6. That is good news TAR will be back in the midseason.
  7. Katie's season now has an official premiere date: June 7, 2021. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNX8gx8DNlH
  8. We have not one, but two Bachelorette seasons in one calendar year. This 17th season to air in the summer and the subsequent 18th season later in the fall. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMdrsXbKChA/
  9. Info from Reality Steve: Sadly, no Chris Harrison.
  10. This is from Reality Steve and it has confirmed:
  11. I would agree on that. The restart production of TAR 33 is expected to begin in the first weekend of November 2021 and have to finish by before December. P.S. I am sorry for mentioning vaccines that friendly mods deleted the post.
  12. Coming from Reality Steve on his Twitter feed:
  13. This comes in from Reality Steve on his Twitter feed:
  14. I don't watch The Bachelorette if Carly is on the lead. Time to pass.
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