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  1. Despite ABC hasn't yet announced where The Bachelorette will take place in the scheduling process, that I don't see on the fall schedule whether might have to wait till next spring if the network will decide it. Unless Dancing with the Stars is always on the September-November programming slot on Monday nights.
  2. Some say that The Bachelorette has to be pushed to next year, filming and premiere dates could be rescheduled to March and May 2021, respectively. Dancing with the Stars would keep its regular September-November slot in usual Monday nights.
  3. As Matt James announced as the new Bachelor. This thread is reserved for spoilers in the 25th season.
  4. Despite Matty James announced as the next Bachelor, casting is opened from today until mid-September when filming of his season will start on the third Friday of September, which will be the 18. Matt's season will be the first BN season to film in the scheduled production since Clare's season of The Bachelorette was halted production due to COVID-19 pandemic last March, as the aforementioned The Bachelorette season won't begin till March 2021.
  5. Good news that The Bachelor has renewed for 25th season in 2021.
  6. It is official that TAR 32 will now be in fall schedule later this year. Source: Phil Keoghan's Twitter
  7. As with the next season to air this coming fall, the 33rd season will resume production in October at the same time TAR 32 will air on TV. It will have to restart filming of the race, reshoot the first two/three legs until to the end of the race and recast teams to be revamped with TAR 33 production, as some teams are the same from the initial TAR 33 filming last February, not including those who have been eliminated from 33 before production went shut down.
  8. Fuck this. Hopefully that the show will air sometime in July. If not, September will be a final option to have this show will air.
  9. As per previous posts above, I think that TAR 33 will resume filming by October to restart production (as those to re-do the first 2 legs to film again; before COVID-19 suspended production during the initial filming last February) as mentioned by a quote from the fifth paragraph above (click to scroll the quoted paragraph).
  10. From RS regarding on Clare's season with changes post-COVID-19 pandemic:
  11. It looks like TAR 32 will air this summer as both Big Brother and Love Island have been postponed due to coronavirus. Link: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/a-puzzle-all-pieces-broadcast-networks-scramble-program-an-uncertain-future-1288828?
  12. Repost: As I would think the filming of TAR 33 to restart by October and wrap up at the end of that month, as the global coronavirus have lifted with conditions to be improved by early May. Hopefully production would restart and reset. Note: this is a repost
  13. Thanks for the response. The big problem that Clare is from Sacramento, as California is on lockdown with a yet to be determined count of how the Cali lockdown will end. Time for Clare's replacement as might that ain't happen until at least summer as its already postponed the 16th Bachelorette and to be replaced with a younger lead, I think mostly girls from Peter's season as its getting postponed in the next 12 months. The Bachelor 25 will be ahead on the usual September-November production schedule.
  14. The problem when will the California quarantine be going to end? Hopefully as the situation of the quarantine producers might have to cancel Bachelorette 16 and will get straight for Summer Games (as the cancellation rumors have not yet announced) instead of BIP season for this year. Wait for Bachelor 25 as the next regular BN season.
  15. RS posted on his blog about the fate of the BN franchise: Link: https://realitysteve.com/2020/03/18/clares-filming-possibilities-peter-madison-break-up-hannah-b-tyler-what-to-expect-on-the-site-during-this-postponement/ As I think the filming has been postponed till April 13, which is Easter Monday.
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