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  1. SnideAsides

    S31 Preview & Speculation Thread

    The preview didn't fill me with hope (after this premiere, the LAST things we need are another lame twist on the U-Turn and a bunch of boring You Are Ballast challenges, regardless of location), but also CORINNE AND ELIZA CAPSIZING A BASKET BOAT.
  2. SnideAsides

    Masterchef (AU)

    Starts April 29th. Of note, it sounds like there's fewer themed weeks this year - there's a Queensland week and Nigella's getting her own week again, but they're lumping all the other celeb chefs who'd usually get their own weeks together as "Legends Week".
  3. SnideAsides

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Madonna and a stage magician are this year's interval acts. Hoping Iceland's operatic death metal BDSM show wins, just to stick it to Russia and all the other homophobes.
  4. SnideAsides

    TAR31 Anticipation Thread

  5. SnideAsides

    Million Dollar Mile

    It's been dumped from the schedule. NCIS rerun next week, then a new season of The Amazing Race (aka Million Dollar Circumnavigation) CBS were originally holding over until Survivor finished. The remaining episodes will be burned off on Saturday nights starting in May.
  6. Swamp mask lady was dressed as a Silurian, John. You racist. 😛
  7. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    I'm loving this Belgian season already. The cooking relay? Perfection.
  8. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

  9. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    I'd say "it ended not with a bang, but with a whimper", but that usually implies that everything was good beforehand, and honestly this was one of the worst seasons ever. Still, the Belgian version starts tonight Belgian time, and that's promising to be as excellent as always.
  10. SnideAsides

    Proposing A Toast To Whiskey Cavalier

    I second the Taskmaster envy. And the first season is easily the weakest, so if you loved that one you're going to ADORE the rest. I also second the recommendation to avoid Taskmaster US like the plague. It's sooooo bad.
  11. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    Don't look at the official website if you don't want to be spoiled about this week's elimination, but the "Who is the Mole?" fan poll currently has the final three at 37, 32, and 31 percent.
  12. SnideAsides

    S06.E01: Aftermath of Brexit

    Truly the best new addition to the credits is Xi Jinpooh.
  13. SnideAsides

    Wie Is De Mol?

    Agreed. I think a couple of the early civilian seasons are worse, but this is definitely my least favourite celebrity season of WIDM. Like, at least the Dominican Republic season had Ellie and Cecile. This season... Sinan, maybe?
  14. SnideAsides

    The World's Best

    That would get them into a world of trouble (sorry, I couldn't resist), as that is literally the format of All Together Now.
  15. SnideAsides

    The World's Best

    I don't think this show would be as bad as it is (and holy shit it's a stinker) if they weren't undermining the show's entire generic name by pushing the weird "America matters more" subtext so damn hard. Like there are legitimately big names in the crowd (to use one example, Angela Groothuizen is essentially the Dutch equivalent of a Spice Girl, and was one of the judges on the original version of The Voice), but none of the crowd gets anything but the most superficial focus because they're so focused on the three Americans. This could be so much more, but they've basically just merged America's Got Talent with All Together Now, and done a pisspoor job of plagiarising either.