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  1. Well, that was certainly a season of television. I guess. I'd accuse it of ending not with a bang but a whimper, but the whole season never even reached whimper status.
  2. I'm ready to go all in on Leopard being Seal now. There was a megaphone with the Australian flag on it in his package this week. He was a judge on The Voice Australia.
  3. The only thing that could have made Chiijohn even better is if they'd run into the census woman.
  4. Four episodes left, and only the bland football twinks are even remotely entertaining. Oooooooof.
  5. Could have been worse. A guy was interviewed about Stupider Watergate on Australia's national broadcaster last week, and he literally started his explanation with "So we have a saying in America, 'quid pro quo'", like the rest of the world doesn't have WORDS.
  6. The TAR10 episode in Mongolia is one of the greatest episodes of all time. I have no idea why I bring that up. But it's more thought about Mongolia than this season's producers put into tonight's leg.
  7. Yes, Monday and Tuesday nights.
  8. Unfortunately it was confirmed during the week that Ten is so confident this will be a major success he's been signed on as host for at least three seasons. The good news, I suppose, is that it's been far more of a ratings flop than they anticipated (635k for the premiere and 522k for episode two despite two months of promos in literally EVERY commercial break, with Australian Survivor averaging 750k and The Masked Singer averaging 900k in the exact same timeslots in recent weeks) and it's not looking likely it'll be brought back next year? I feel bad for wishing for the cancellation of a TAR franchise, but... you know, hurry up and put us all out of our misery already.
  9. Aaaaaaaand... ratings flop. 635k, in a timeslot where the last few weeks The Masked Singer Australia was averaging 900k. And it wasn't very good either (production was so poorly timed they had about six weeks to edit the season and it showed), so ratings are likely to drop further for the second episode tonight.
  10. Australia's version just finished its first season. It did feel a little bit like people who were there as big drawcards/to cross-promote something conveniently lasted longer than those who didn't, but also there were really only a couple of people who weren't good enough to be finalists so it didn't seem that egregious. Also somehow Lindsay Lohan, who had never been to Australia before filming the season, wasn't the terrible judge.
  11. It feels like this year they've been more careful to make the clues point to other people as decoys. Like Leopard's clues are clearly trying to get us to think it's Dennis Rodman, even though we have video evidence that he really can't either sing (his Happy Birthday to the dictator) or dance (there was a dancing challenge when he did the UK's Celebrity Big Brother). Maybe the Elizabethan drag is part of that, but also... like, a leopard on its own would be boring. The drag makes it stand out. But a Leopard Seal also makes sense from the clues. Likewise, they're trying so hard to get us to think Tree is Ana Gasteyer that I'm about 70% sure it can't possibly be. But you know who else fits all of the clues in a less obvious way, and per Youtube seems to have a similar singing voice to Tree? Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
  12. Me too. I think being on the BBC and having to justify every pound spent/studiously avoid product placement is really tempering some of this show's worst tendencies. In particular, I'd be shocked if the final challenge is the usual "sing backup on Ru's latest shitty forgettable dance track".
  13. I hope it's not All-Stars. Not just because Andy's there as a judge and it would seem weird, but because you know this show's idea of "All Stars" nowadays is, like, Lynton the Ocker Stockman and Ice Cream Ben compared to the legitimately excellent casting for the first All-Stars miniseason. I'm okay with the new judges, though it could definitely have been much better. In particular, Jock is that one white dude who got treated like the food messiah for appropriating bush tucker a couple of years back, and... like, if your show's been criticised for MORE THAN A DECADE about the lack of diversity on its judging panel, maybe that's not the right choice? Still, at least it's not Billie and Matt, so... a win for all concerned?
  14. I mean, considering she'd literally never been to Australia before filming it, she's doing a pretty damn good job. Like I think we all knew she was going to overestimate the pull and target demographic of Australia's third-ranked TV channel (no, Lindsay, they didn't spend the show's budget getting the director of Black Swan to dress as a wolf), but considering she somehow got an Australian rugby player from the 1990s correct, she's a better fit for the show than the US panel seems to be. Also I'm amazed Rottweiler's backup dancers' BDSM puppy fetish hoods got past the censors. Hilarious.
  15. It's tradition for this version to have the loved ones watch at the final challenge.
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