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  1. Quite a few of the broadcasters have already confirmed their acts will represent the country next year. The only two who have already confirmed they won't are Estonia (whose act has been given a free pass to the semis of their national final but will still have to win if again; this may be a way to protect themselves given it turned out the dude was A Racist) and Sweden (who have decided to void this year's results entirely, basically because Melodifestivalen is such a big event in Sweden). It does sound like Rotterdam will be hosting again next year though, with Germany as the designated backup if they have to pull out. I really hope the Netherlands does host if that's the alternative; I feel like if I was to rank the contests based on how they were handled the previous Dutch contests would be pretty high on the list, while Germany's been responsible for two of the very worst contests ever.
  2. Yes, he likes big "But"s and he cannot lie.
  3. Sam interviewed President Obama in the first season and Elizabeth Warren in 2017. And I'm pretty sure Stacey Abrams has been on at least once.
  4. Televoters was never the issue with the language rule (they didn't even exist at the same time), it was that the juries kept defaulting to the entries in English and French because they understood them, with the only real exceptions towards the end being bouncy novelty pop entries people think are fun jokes (the Say Na Na Na-style songs) and weird experiments (like Nocturne). And getting rid of juries wouldn't work either because then we'd just get a repeat of what happened in those few years that were televote only, where eastern European nations would pass the trophy amongst themselves and even with excellent songs the western Europeans couldn't get out of the semi finals.
  5. Out of the twelve betting sites listed here, Russia is currently favourite on ONE of them. Iceland is leading on ALL of the other eleven.
  6. I would also add... Bertram is 80 now. Plus as much as it would be bad if one of the teams got it, imagine how much worse it would be for the show if one of the teams got it early in the race and passed it on to someone in another country.
  7. I'm getting massive Aqua vibes from them, and I'm not sure if that's good or not. (Indeed, the year the actual Aqua was the interval act they DID tell Europe to go fuck themselves.) As you may have heard, Iceland has gone viral, probably partly because Netflix is bankrolling their entry as a tie-in for that Eurovision movie they're doing: But it's still not the most viral song of the contest. Finland's preselection is this weekend, and this is basically a shoe-in to win because it's gone CRAZY there:
  8. I like the Diary Room chair. Very reminiscent of the wacky BBUK Diary Rooms rather than the boring BBUS ones. It doesn't even need the seat, really - it'd look better if they were just sitting on the ring part.
  9. I think the problem with that idea is the lack of the culture shock that has defined this show for the last two decades. If TAR had started as a show that only did one-three countries every year (like The Mole did; eg, "the Vietnam season", "the Greece and Cyprus season", "the Benelux season"), that might have worked. But it also wouldn't have lasted as long as it has. Like that's an idea that could work (and has in the past; TAR Canada films domestically with a couple of international legs, and TAR China was originally a domestic race with teams of expats competing), but it wouldn't be TAR. It'd be one of those cheap knockoffs that used to turn up every couple of years trying to steal TAR's thunder.
  10. Taco is Tom Bergeron. This week alone his video package had journalism references (he used to be a reporter in Boston), a whoopie cushion (Whoopi Goldberg was the centre square on his version of Hollywood Squares), a dancing pose, and stars (because... well, you know).
  11. I would have loved MC: The Professionals if there weren't as many glorified Hell's Kitchen service challenges and if the cast was a bit more dynamic. I think the ideas were there (I loved the concept of the fusion invention test, and MPW's glee that they bought camel meat in case Moroccan got randomly picked was hilarious), it's just that when you've got a cast almost totally devoid of charisma doing challenges that aren't particularly challenging for them or entertaining for us, it's hard to get invested.
  12. There were also references to being a child star (which they were) and the 1996 Olympics (they're from Atlanta). It's definitely plausible that it's whichever one of them is still alive. Taco is Bergeron. Sometimes it's easier to follow the voice than the clues, and... it's his voice. The clues for Tim Allen are so obvious they have to be decoys, like how a bunch of Tree's clues last year kept implying it was Elvira for no reason.
  13. No less fair than it is for Mexiben to be here while his best friend Andy is one of the new judges.
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