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  1. Cast has been revealed. Ian Thorpe (swimmer) Dilruk Jayasinha (comedian) Matt Le Nevez (actor) Archie Thompson (soccer player) Nick Riewoldt (AFL player) Rebecca Gibney (actress) Dami Im (X-Factor winner and Eurovision runner-up Chrissie Swan (Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity runner-up and TV/radio presenter) Collette Dinnigan (fashion designer) Tilly Ramsay (Gordon's daughter) Gut feeling is the winner is going to depend on how much they want to play nice with Gordon, but aside from that it's probably Chrissie's to lose. I'm am
  2. We haven't had a good logo since, like, Heroes vs Villains. This is actually an improvement on most of the recent attempts. I'm mostly just happy they didn't do yet another "ships or huts with a big yellow 'sun' ball in the background" logo.
  3. The contestants ARE Australian. Would I like to see more variety? Sure. But it's odd how it's basically always the Asian and Middle Eastern contestants being expected to showcase their skills with different types of European and American food, and rarely the white contestants being asked to give the judges gulab jamun or bibimbap. (Hell, even with European food... why is it always British and French and Italian? Why not Dutch or Finnish or Hungarian or Croatian?) Also... like, what even IS Aussie cuisine? A meat pie and chips? A lamington? Chiko rolls? That's all nice but it's not re
  4. I think they just need to bring the Invention Tests back every week to fix the creativity issues, to be honest. Mystery Boxes are fine but those episodes drag without the second challenge because we have to sit through half an hour of tasting in a challenge the producers admit means fuckall, and even the bare minimum effort the producers used to put into it (usually just "pick a cuisine to misappropriate, and three possible core ingredients") would do so much more to discourage repetition than all of the "creative" challenges that just wind up being fancy excuses to let players do the same thi
  5. My guesses for these two answers are (1) the producers wanted "lockdown revelation" casting instead of finding great chefs, and the small pool the judges had to work with during the auditions means some people who'd normally be laughed out of the room may have gotten through, and (2) Ten's insisted on the season being longer in case they're unable to make content, like how they had to stretch the season out during last year's lockdowns.
  6. I just had enough time (Melbourne lockdown + can't work from home) to trawl through the Wikipedia pages for each season. Weirdly they seem to keep getting earlier - the first two seasons' returns were in weeks 10 and 11 (but S2 was 14 weeks to justify it), then it was Week 8 in seasons five and six, then it's been Week 7 ever since.
  7. Return challenges: S1: No challenge; judges arbitrarily bring back Poh and two random blokes to fill time because of the season's weird "free pass to the final week" immunity format. S2: Eliminated players complete a skills test; the top six advance to an Invention Test and non-eliminated players blindly taste their dishes before picking three to return. S5: An entire week of challenges, with current and eliminated players paired together and gradually being narrowed down; winning pair gets return rights for the eliminated player and an immunity pin for their partner. S6 an
  8. Do you think the result would have changed if (1) Iceland wasn't in quarantine or if (2) the stadium was full? Like Iceland did very well anyway but the asterisk surrounding their rehearsal performance being used is always going to be one of the contest's great What Ifs now (I'd say the same about Australia's studio recording, but there was less than zero chance of that doing well), and I wonder whether the extra atmosphere another 10k people would bring would result in different acts connecting. Italy would absolutely still do well if the Ahoy was full, but I don't think France's on stage ner
  9. If the UK's result was because of Brexit, we wouldn't have ended up with half of western Europe getting 0 from the televote (see also: "but politics!" vs Israel making the final). I think it was just a combination of so many other songs tapping into niches and drawing attention (the top five songs in the televote got more points from it than the other 21 combined), and the BBC's usual tendency to pick mediocrity and kill any momentum they could have had with half-assed staging so they can play into the local media's persecution complex. The short answer on the Dutch entry flopping is nobo
  10. Victoria Coren Mitchell being in season 12 is the most excited a cast announcement has made me in a LONG time.
  11. Zac got busted with a Pinterest account full of bigoted gun memes, Isaac is a Covid conspiracy theorist (and given the setup of the Russian Dolls costume, presumably so are the other two), and all three of them took a while to respond to the BLM protests and when they did they appeared to go out of their way to avoid saying that black lives matter.
  12. The only thing that makes me doubt this is he did the UK version late last year, and would he really have done two versions of the show so close to each other? Especially, you know, right now? In other news, it's hard to feel TOO sorry for Hanson getting booted now given all the self-inflicted wounds to their reputation over the last year, buuuut mostly I'm just amused they've somehow changed which brother is the one that looks like he got fashion advice from 1990s Ellen DeGeneres.
  13. I suspect the choice was influenced by how Holey Moley tried to do both, getting passable ratings for the celebrity episode and dire ratings for the child episode.
  14. Definitely Emma's season, where they were so bad the judges were basically forced to give 7/10 scores to raw chicken in the finale to save face at how they'd allowed someone that awful to get so far in the competition. It's not a coincidence that only one person from it got invited back last year and he wound up getting eliminated first. Andy's season wasn't particularly great either, but I'm willing to give them some slack because a few of the biggest names to come out of the show are there. Andy himself obviously got a promotion, Audra judged one of the Asian versions of Masterchef, Ben
  15. I feel like season six's bad episodes stand out so much more because it had been so long since the show really had any, not because they're actually that shit on their own. Like, the first few seasons you've got the really great episodes (Eve, Irresistible, Pusher), the solid middle-ground episodes that are fine but unremarkable (Lazarus, Aubrey, Oubliette), and the really dire episodes (Ghost in the Machine, Space, Firewalker, Teso did Bichos), and you can clearly tell which is which. But then, like, what even are the bad episodes in season four? Sanguinarium is a camp B-grade "What if M
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