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  1. Well, that was disappointing. No real way to win with that bottom two.
  2. Just a heads up: That extended preview at the start of the first episode spoils at least the first elimination, and probably the second and third as well. If anyone is wondering more specifically (direct spoiler for Sunday and indirect spoilers for the next couple of weeks):
  3. Planet of Giants, part one in 1964 and The Zygon Invasion in 2015.
  4. I usually really hate the "you on a plate" challenge because everyone tries too hard and I wind up thinking they're wankers, but this group doing it was... kind of fun? Also Chrissie is a national treasure and I will not hear otherwise.
  5. My biggest disappointment was how they went out of their way to highlight how the international versions of the show have been running since 1973, and then literally all of the international clips were HD shots from the last decade or so. I don't know that we needed so many clips of a one-off UK special that wasn't even technically The Price is Right, or of the shortlived 2012 Australian revival (a catastrophic failure chiefly remembered for how they plugged the Walmart-knockoff sponsor store over 20 times in its 30-minute premiere episode and how they replaced the previous version's $600k+ sh
  6. Better yet, "why is"? "Why is garlic bread?" "Why is Donkey Kong Country?" "Why is Belgium?"
  7. Meanwhile, in Australia: I have no clue how they could afford (apparently) Anastacia, especially considering they've already had Macy Fucking Gray this season as well: Also just for camp goodness, here is a toilet doll singing It's Raining Men:
  8. Starts Sunday night in the usual timeslot.
  9. What evidence do you have for any of this? I can't find any proof Bertram mentioned anything about Austria, Vietnam, OR South America, let alone any of the other places you're just speculating about.
  10. Wow, Australia's first reveal. Also, Vampire sang way better than I expected from the "would have gotten mocked by Ve Neill on Face Off" costume.
  11. I suspect the solution is going to be a LOT of self-driving legs, remote locations, and rapid testing for task employees where interaction with locals is necessary (eg, boat drivers in island legs). I don't think Asia is necessarily off the table, just that most of the "usual suspect" countries are. It's true that places like China and Japan and Vietnam are out, but Turkey and Jordan and Georgia and the Maldives and Uzbekistan are all basically open as long as you present negative tests upon arrival (and they'll probably do testing at every Pit Stop for exactly this reason no matter what
  12. Today's 20 years since the first episode aired. Admittedly, I've been a critic of things the show's done over the years - the Japanese game shows, the fact that Africa had been demoted almost entirely to slums, safaris, and schools until they finally did a "modern city" leg in the continent in season thirty, the casting of basically every returnee season - but I've never once doubted the show's heart is in the right place and they're trying to do the right thing, which is more than I can say for pretty much any other show on television anywhere in the world.
  13. Masked Singer Australia is back September 13. Costumes include Baby, Kebab, Pinata, and Toilet Brush.
  14. WIDM did a livestream challenge over the weekend, basically just the Sri Lanka election challenge with a larger cash prize and with exemptions involved somehow. Eleven players for the first time since 2002, but even more notable is the diversity. The usual Caribbean person (two this time! One from Curacao and one with Surinamese heritage!), a Latina woman, an old white dude born in the Belgian Congo (now the DRC), an Afghan refugee, and a son of Palestinian refugees. And then the white people are the niche celebrities (opera singer! Magazine editor! Voice of Smurfette!) instead of the big
  15. I never knew I needed a ska cover of Ode to Joy until tonight.
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