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  1. Looks like it's going to be 20 legs, because Australian television never met a TV show it couldn't drag out to the point of nausea (there's 14 teams instead of 11 as well, but that's still a fuckton of non-eliminations to deal with). The stalkers at RFF had evidence of seventeen legs, and the promos have implied one location that wasn't known and outright confirmed another, and combining them with the gaps between spoilers means this is the most likely route:
  2. It's pretty common for the The Challenge types to end up selling their dick pics on OnlyFans. Or so I have heard. Also Angie from Palau has passed on.
  3. I liked Tony too. It kinda felt like he'd somehow never seen the show before and looked it up on Youtube, only to somehow accidentally end up watching videos of the Australian version instead. I wouldn't object to seeing more of him.
  4. That was the main problem tonight. In addition to Vanna being increasingly irrelevant, as she has been for years, the ridiculous number of tossup puzzles and the added cash bonuses for solving mean that literally the only reason to spin the wheel of fortune, on Wheel of Fortune, is for the Million Dollar wedges, and the risk-reward of that isn't worth it. It's become Just Hangman, with the wheel only there to make the title make sense.
  5. Masked Singer UK is back (minus Ken, thank fuck) and holy shit, the level of celebrity they seem to have gotten this season.
  6. I thought she was going to get disqualified because her cutting half of the doughnut off to make the hole bigger would have violated the "don't break the doughnut" rule. Very fun episode. I can't stand Rylan and wouldn't want a full season of him but the other four would all be great.
  7. I *think* the idea with that task was that the course was set up so that you could either do the long, time-consuming, annoying way around, or you could simply ignore it all and use the open patch of ground on the other side of the two finish lines, but none of these contestants was smart enough to work that out. That was a problem for most of the season, actually - they were okay at being fairly entertaining (though I still think it's one of the worst seasons) but aside from that Mawaan was really the only one who seemed familiar enough with the show to try and exploit the ambiguous wording/setups of the tasks. Plus there's been the added hurdle of the NZ version doing the same thing better at the same time (mostly; Jeremy seems to have been chosen for being attractive than because he'd be good in the role), which hasn't helped.
  8. Yeah, a lot of this season's tasks were too complicated or fiddly for the players to really do anything super innovative. There were a few really good ones (the tree bagger, the water barrels) but most were pretty mediocre and... like, I'm willing to be lenient on how like six of the stage tasks amounted to "draw/mime this thing" because of the social distancing requirements, but they filmed most of the tasks at the house without any restrictions, so it can't really be used as an excuse.
  9. Yes. And the bunching only happens because they're so beholden to the "12 legs in 21 days" thing Phil uses on Twitter that they don't have time to do anything else. I get that it's probably a budget thing, but you can't tell me it'd be too expensive to replace "everybody's on the same <2hr flight from Paris to Berlin" with "teams are now taking three overnight charter buses from Paris to Berlin". You'd get team relationships developing at a time you could film them (the reason they stopped the Eat Sleep and Mingle at the Pit Stops), they'd be too split up to bother with alliances so the actual racing would be improved, and the buses could be set to offer enough downtime for someone like DeAngelo to explore for a few hours. And yet the actual cost increase would basically be... renting the buses and an extra day or two of crew wages? You wouldn't even need to book a hotel because they're on the bus overnight? I'd call that a win.
  10. It depends on the franchise but generally the only ones with anywhere near as much strategy shit are Israel (which basically drags its seasons out to like three episodes per leg to justify the cost, meaning most legs have a voting Yield or U-Turn to fill airtime), Canada (where the tasks are much harder to counter the fact that they rarely leave Canada, causing a metric fuckload of strategic quitting that the producers haven't worked out how to disincentivise), and one season of the Australian version which was built around a network-enforced "Australia vs New Zealand" gimmick that nobody liked. All the rest? No deal. Like, they do still have the U-Turn and whatever but most non-US seasons have basically no overt strategy beyond the absolute bare minimum. Like most of the time they don't even tell us if a U-Turn is coming (unlike the US version, where it's the focus of the preview every. damn. time.) because it's such a damp squib of a twist they can't sell it effectively. The "Will and James trying to be reality TV characters" thing would make sense because they both HAVE been on other reality shows before: James as a random midseason boot on the CW flop Capture, and Will was runner-up on one of the awful co-ed seasons America's Next Top Model was doing shortly before it got cancelled.
  11. I think the pacing issue is a Covid thing, with the show wanting to keep the stars apart as much as possible. That opening two minutes is the only time the groups have mixed this season and there's no guarantee it was even the right people in the costumes. And as much as this season's been remarkably light on starpower compared to previous seasons, there's still been a couple of people here who were famous enough there was no guarantee they'd be able to come back if filming got suspended like the Australian version was when one of its dancers got Covid. The stupid, season-destroying pacing is a necessary evil here. (But that doesn't mean the show should escape criticism for how bad everything else has been this time around.) In other news, of course Steven Tyler gets covered by the big-mouthed Crocodile. OF COURSE.
  12. I think it's more of a Covid thing, like they want to avoid the groups mingling with each other for as long as possible (especially after filming of the Australian version got temporarily shut down after a backup dancer caught it). They may not have realised everyone is wearing a mask.
  13. Anyone who's able to Fly To Auckland for this week's Taskmaster NZ, do it. I don't think I've ever seen such a tour de force performance from one contestant before.
  14. Isn't it basically just a TBC leg? Which, contrary to what Phil said, they HAVE already done in India before?
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