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  1. It's funny how the last few weeks the Mystery Boxes have basically been "cook whatever you want" and the immunity challenges have pretty much been glorified Mystery Boxes with different staging. Also I don't even remember the last time Reynold or Laura actually made something I would want to eat?
  2. It's hard because... like, Tessa's elimination was clearly bullshit. But the brief was also phrased so poorly that all three of them completely missed the mark nearly as much as the time they did "give us a Heston-level surprise" in The Season That Shall Not Be Named and bloody Noelene thought it meant "give the judges a bowl of fish heads". Like, the goal was "give us something we've never seen before", and Poh gave us yet another curry only this time there was a lettuce leaf underneath (so inventive), Tessa gave a deconstructed taco to a judge whose entire story when he was a contestant on the show was "won't stop appropriating fucking Mexican food", and Reynold took the same boring components he always does and set them up slightly differently like he was playing Super Masterchef Maker. I don't doubt that Poh had the best dish of the three, but... like, you can't use your stupid brief to justify eliminating someone when none of them came close to banging (sorry) it on the head. And you certainly can't use it to boot the person who, even ignoring the brief entirely, either (1) clearly didn't have the worst dish of the day or (2) actually did have a dish that was worse in ways that you couldn't be bothered to explain when critiquing dishes on camera is your entire fucking job. But a simple "holy crap that's strong, it kills all the other flavours here" was too hard for you to say and/or the editors to show? Bull. Shit. Team challenges: I'm on team "always hate them" because even aside from dishes being decided by committee being consistently underwhelming, they're always structured so that too many people are standing around doing nothing. I do agree that they get better later in the season, but I'd rather they just get rid of the weekly team challenge episode and just do it when it's actually relevant. We've got a good substitute in the wings already: the old Invention Test format. There's no reason they couldn't do a Mystery Box on Sunday, immunity challenge for the top three on Monday, Pressure Test elimination on Tuesday, Invention Test on Wednesday (with the immunity winner getting the "you pick the core ingredient" advantage), and then the wacky elimination challenge on Thursday, with team challenges sprinkled throughout as necessary.
  3. Moana Hope is part-Māori.
  4. Given Nick's track record of voting for POC on his seasons of Australian Survivor (4/5 possible times, and playing a double-vote advantage in one case), and given what I've heard from people who've interacted with him in person, and given what his part of Australia is like in general, I'm fine with calling that racist a racist. I'm not saying he's like a slur enthusiast or anything, or that it's deliberate, but... there's a pattern there.
  5. The eratica isn't hanging up because then it wouldn't be a white void.
  6. Oh I wasn't meaning it in a good way, just in a "this is why they would want to do it" way.
  7. The current revival of BB Australia is trying to fuse its original format with the BBUS format, with the "sadistic comedy" tone of BBUK. They've kept the old-style shopping tasks for food (think BBUS1's weekly tasks) but added a rebranded HOH (with no "if you win, you sit out next time" rule) making the nominations, only they nominate three people and there's no Power of Veto. And... like, they've probably gone too far towards BBUS for it to work in Australia, but the basic concept feels like it would be a really good evolution for the US. They seem to want more nominees with the twists they've tried over the past few years, and there's no real reason for the back-to-back rule now that people routinely throw challenges to avoid winning, and you could use the shopping tasks as cheap filler now they've stopped doing Have Not competitions. The only real thing that might need to be changed is the lack of a Veto, which despite what it represents in terms of strategy has been stagnant since backdooring was invented fifteen years ago. And you could easily do something like "HOH nominates three people, the Veto MUST be used to save one, leaving two nominees", which really brings the Veto back to its original concept in an unobtrusive way that would also tend to favour the sort of people the show likes without being blatant riggage like most BBUS twists are.
  8. Yes. Without it next Monday would have been the grand final (we'd be down two extra people because of those "only one person is going home" weeks, then two would have gone home this week to give us the final four on Sunday/final three on Monday). Now, assuming only one player goes home each week and they do the standard sudden-death final-four episode, we're probably looking at a finale on Tuesday July 14th. What do we think of the new structure? I quite like it for now. It makes sense that team challenges and pressure tests are the two episodes they got rid of (it means they don't have to do anything with crowds or guest chefs) and team challenges kinda suck anyway (I'd be perfectly fine ditching them permanently, to be honest, and maybe just replacing them with the old-style invention tests that have disappeared the last few seasons), but losing the pressure tests makes me worried we're just going to get the Masterchef US-style "cook three courses of whatever you want" finale that didn't work when they did it last year.
  9. I'm enjoying the Tucker Carlson insults way more than I enjoyed the endless Adam Driver jokes.
  10. Jock was right, Laura. Doing pasta again is boring at this point.
  11. Really odd that they kept going out of their way to say "least like the original goes home" rather than "worst dish goes home". My guess is they were never planning on doing this challenge and really didn't like the original dish very much, but there was an interstate/international chef booked who suddenly couldn't get to Melbourne because of the pandemic so they had to find someone in a hurry.
  12. Not legally. BBAU is also a vastly different beast than BBUS or BBCAN. Back in its previous versions it used to follow the original European format (ie everyone nominates and the people who get nominated most face a public phone vote to evict, and strategy discussions were explicitly banned), and the one US season that aired here (CBB2) rated TERRIBLY, so even with the public vote removed don't expect anything along the lines of BBUS. Australia just isn't the kind of country where that approach works (indeed, it sounds like they haven't even bothered including the Veto, with the announced format basically being "BBUS2, except with three nominees instead of two", and I'd bet that change is only to keep it in line with OG BBAU); like even Australian Survivor took three attempts to not fuck it up. About the only thing that'll be identical to the US version is racism going unpunished, but that's mostly because they've rehired the presenter of the last BBAU and she's spent the last few years since it went on hiatus going from racist controversy to racist controversy without any impact on her career.
  13. Who had "Reynold is a raging homophobe" on their 2020 bingo card? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8368123/amp/MasterChef-favourite-Reynold-embroiled-gay-hate-scandal.html?ito=push-notification&ci=16659&si=1325209&__twitter_impression=true
  14. To be fair, there's a valid reason to cut people out of the credits this season. Also, straws can have multiple designs. There was nothing wrong with the way they looked..
  15. After the last few seasons, I'm so so so sick of the pressure tests being wanky desserts all the bloody time (aside from the "do a sweet dish and a savoury dish at the same time" challenge, last year only had TWO savoury pressure tests), but I will admit I got a big laugh out of this one basically being "we have to do the social distancing thing now; here, put an edible bollard on this plate!".
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