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  1. I know I missed it, somewhere in the threads, but why did VK retire?
  2. One of favorite Wes moments was when he called out Evan on The Ruins. After the Tonya and Veronica fight, the guys were sitting around and Evan was saying how they all have said things about Tonya. Wes chimes in and says "I haven't. Derrick hasn't. Cohutta hasn't. It has been you three." Or something to that effect. Love that. Also, Wes was the first one up to stop the fight and then Evan decided he needed to to be a good guy, too. Evan holding Tonya, afterwards, was laughable
  3. Evan has been an arrogant, awful person since he first appeared in Fresh Meat. Just horrible. Power went to his head and it made him even worse - and that is hard to believe. I question the woman who married him. Plus, Johanna making Evan the Godfather to her son. WTH?
  4. I have no doubt that there are some racists within in The Firm - Prince Philip goes without saying. But, I don't think he would make a comment about the color of the baby's skin. Harry talks of Zoom calls with Philip with great affection for his grandfather. I would be surprised if Princess Michael would make a comment. Remember the brooch she wore to a Christmas luncheon? The comment, I think came from Charles or Andrew. Harry is close to Beatrice and Eugenie so maybe he doesn't want to call out their father. I never believed that the boys were so happy with Camila joining the fami
  5. Maybe they will call him Gus. I had a feeling Philip would be in the mix. Maybe this honor will make Prince Philip feel better. Edited to add: August is a very German name. Maybe they are paying tribute to Eugenie's very German ancestors. Plus, I believe August was one of Prince Albert's names.
  6. I didn't think of Albert. I did read that one of the possible middle names will be Stamp which is an old family name on the Brooksbank side.
  7. What is everyone's guess as to what Eugenie and Jack will name the baby? I am leaning towards Philip or Arthur.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/22/theater/bob-avian-dead.html
  9. The news about Evan and Carly didn't surprise me. Carly simply wanted to get married and have a child. She saw Evan as her last chance. You don't certainly turn on a dime about someone like Carly did in BIP. I feel for the kids.
  10. What is the story behind Zara's name? Peter isn't very royal, either.
  11. Why does Jenna look gaunt? Weight loss? Makeup? Work done?
  12. I always liked Sunni, but felt she looked much older than the rest of the squad.
  13. Exactly. I never understood her appeal. She was not particularly pretty and was a good dancer but nothing amazing. Ally never seems to be in contact with anyone from her days on the squad.
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