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  1. This season had promise at the start but gone on to be the worst one out of three, despite appearing to have a bigger budget. Season 2 contestants were sadly on a hotel rooftop but they delivered more fun and drama, if you ask me. I know people dislike Shannon but I thought she's good for drama/TV. At the very least, someone that people would "love to hate" as a character on a TV show. Olivia as the "main lead" in the villa was boring and annoying at the same time. At least the whole thing is over now. I hope they do better casting next season and produce better storylines. The producers
  2. I actually disagree that Kyra is somehow intimidated or influenced by the other girls to feel a certain way about Will. I have seen her speak out against them (in the nice Kyra way) telling them to cool it with going hard against Will or telling Shannon on the spot that she was out of line for yelling at her little sis' best friend that one time. The only person I feel she is submissive towards is Will, IMO. I just don't get good vibes from Will, especially the way he makes everything about him and his feelings. And Kyra was visibly disappointed when Will didn't ask her to be his girlfriend du
  3. Kyra knows in her gut how she feels about Will and where the feeling of unease is coming from, but whenever she tries to have a conversation with Will about it, instead of him reassuring her, it is always her making him feel better because he is sulky about it. Pretty sure that is going to be their relationship dynamic even if they date outside of the villa. Whenever she brings up an issue she has, he will probably make it about his feelings and she will end up comforting him. I'm not for it, but it appears Kyra doesn't mind doing it because she keeps doing it.
  4. Going back to the previous episode, is it just me or did Kyra look disappointed that Will did not ask her to be his girlfriend during their date? She came back, trying to be cheerful with the girls and that she is on the same page as him, but she looked super bummed to me. She definitely likes Will more than he likes her.
  5. If I were Blake, I would be concerned that my fiance is so determined to get her #girlboss moment by spending that much energy on her ex and indirectly embarrassing me in the process. ETA: oh and I will also be concerned that he/she will do the same to me if we were to break up and end on bad terms. Those are red flags.
  6. Lol you hit the nail on the head. She should have at least ACTED like she was unbothered.
  7. Now that Olivia has taken over the title of Queen Bee in the villa, she is unbearable. Unfortunately for her, Korey is not into her, especially since she (over)shares as usual that he is the one asking to slow down the physical intimacy. At least she is aware that her talking non-stop about herself is a turn-off to some people. Korey is so vapid too, so listening to both of them "talk" is painful. Not Trina trying to fish info from Charlie to use as ammunition against him with the girls. She and Olivia sure are petty.
  8. We all think we are the protagonist in our story but Cash sometimes take it too far, not considering other people's feelings. In one of the earlier episodes, I remember Cash confronting Trina about how "disrespectful" she was for going behind her back to pursue Cinco. But later down the road, Cash did the same thing to Trina. Within the context of the game/show, I think neither was wrong nor "disrespectful" for doing it both times. So I didn't like how Cash or some contestants throw around the word "disrespectful" without understanding what it actually means and when they actually meant t
  9. Even in recent seasons, there is Luke P. in Hannah B's season, and Yoseph from Clare's season who berated and belittled her. Greg would not even make the top 20 in the bad behaviour list for me in all of Bachelor franchise history. 😆
  10. That was my favorite part of the episode. This man doesn't open his mouth much but when he does, it's truth bombs everywhere. He's my favorite Islander now, so hope he won't disappoint me! Both Alana and Charlie seem more mature than the rest. Where was Cash? Was she not feeling well? If she was unwell, I hope she gets better but I also enjoyed not having her drama around for an episode. I was so sorry to hear about Josh's sister. What a devastating news, I can't even imagine. Even if Shannon was not into him romantically, they have formed a bond or friendship during their time on th
  11. Cash playing the victim again. She still refuses to accept that what turned Charlie off is her flirting with and considering Cinco and always bringing him up during their chats. Lol. I can't with Olivia trying to start drama with Charlie at the kitchen. And good for him for not falling for the bait.
  12. I have came to the conclusion that Cash loves drama and loves starring in her own soap opera, giving grand monologues. The way she talks about her men in dramatic fashion, how Cinco and her could have an exciting beautiful life together; like he's the star-crossed lover of her dreams. Then with Charlie like how he is THE prince charming, the one she has been waiting for all her life. Relax lady, you know the guy for 4 days. And now she is starting a new drama of how she deserves better. If I were Charlie, I would find it a big red flag that Cash is speaking about how much she sacrificed for hi
  13. The producers can encourage what kind of behaviour they want but they can't control the lead 100%. Tayshia basically told Zac, her F1, "I love you too" during their fantasy suite date. She had a traditional ending to her season and still came out unscathed. Also whenever Zac told her he loves her or falling in love with her, she never stared blankly like Katie. She always responded in a giddy or reciprocal way. That shows to me that Katie (whether she knows it herself or not) has mentally checked out in her relationship with Greg. Maybe it's just pure Bachelorette fatigue she's feeling at the
  14. I actually think this is it. He liked the version of Katie he had in his mind but that illusion broke by her vapid response during their last date conversation. Perhaps because he was more emotionally charged in that moment, he found the difference in their emotional involvement very jarring. She also kept using Bachelor-speak in her conversations with him. "Number 1", "fight for us", "receive a rose", "trust the process", "it's going to get harder", etc. Which is fine in the context of the show but I just think he has reached a point where he couldn't take it anymore and he sees Katie for who
  15. I have no sympathy for Will for the tongue lashing he got from Shannon. It's obvious they are not each other's biggest fan just by the way they started their conversation, but HE chose to approach her to get some explanation of who the girls saved. She didn't seek him out to attack him. And his unhappiness over who was saved is misplaced if you ask me. The girls actually saved him, so he should be grateful. He should be questioning his bros instead why they chose to save Jeremy (who has no real connections) over him. Kyra and his relationship is their business but he went to Shannon and opened
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