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  1. Yeah it's dumb of them to admit it. Also dumb to admit that they have not considered anything for season 2 and is just starting to brainstorm now since it got renewed. This showrunner may be too "honest", lol. Just say you are working on it and it's gonna exciting and go.
  2. I liked the show better before reading the showrunner or writers' takes. LOL. Unfortunately, they don't seem to know what they are doing fully. They should have either embraced Jeanette being psycho or not go there at all.
  3. This. And I would also have to disagree with the suggestions that all teens are a little bit of sociopaths and that explains Jeanette's behaviour. Maybe some of the shady behavior but definitely not most of them, including stopping to smile after hearing Kate's cry for help. Most teens would have 1) try to open the basement door impulsively to investigate further where the cry for help is coming from or is what they heard even real. 2) run away in panic at first but later spilling it to their parents or siblings what they saw because they were so shakened by it and don't know what to do.
  4. I thought of this too. He was always trying to guilt trip her about her ruining his life, when he was actually ruining hers. And he made a big suicide speech but didn't/ couldn't go through with it because it is just another manipulation tactic of his. That particular scene with "Disarm" and the final scene with "Creep" are covers sung by Olivia Holt. Such well-produced covers, I hope they'd upload the full versions somewhere.
  5. Did I miss it where they said she called in a tip?
  6. Jeanette was telling Kate the truth when she told Kate that all she ever wanted was to know how it felt like to be in the spotlight/popular like Kate. Kate probably didn't expect to what extent Jeanette was willing to go in order for that to happen or how crazy she was. Unfortunately for Jeanette, throughout the show, it has been made clear (at least to me) that people are drawn to Kate because she is kind and gracious. Kate and Mallory's conversation at the therapist office summed it up for me. Mallory: Can I confess something? I used to really dislike you, like a lot. Kate: I don
  7. I really hope Olivia Holt receives some sort of recognition for her acting in this show. Since episode 2, she has been playing Kate in the most subtle yet affecting way. I have not seen any of her other shows but she's impressive in this one. And Blake Lee does a great job at showing a variety of emotions and thoughts on his face. After Martin locked Kate in the basement and he sat down to play his vinyl, great acting!
  8. I forgot to mention Greg in the midst of all the more serious things that went down in this episode. He was totally inappropriate when he went to Martin's house to ask to use his phone. He knew Martin was reluctant but still barged in and crossed all kinds of boundaries by strolling around the house, touching things, looking at things and being nosy. Ewww. How rude.
  9. @Chicken Wing Wow, I'd have to rewatch that. But that does make sense if it turns out to be the case.
  10. Damn, this episode is really sad to watch. All the What Ifs. What if Kate has gone to school the next morning? What if she left immediately during that night when Martin told her to? She was so close to escape him and all of her trauma, but just small decisions changed the course of the entire thing. If she has left then, Martin probably would still try to manipulate her into a relationship, but may not have resulted in a kidnapping. But after spending the 2nd night there, there was no way he would have allowed her to leave. It's just really sad because no matter what her therapist tells her,
  11. This episode was good in the beginning and the end but weak in the middle, when Nancy was going through the dreams-cape, facing each trauma. It got really cheesy for a minute there. CW shows sure love this concept, huh. I remember The Flash doing it too. I'm excited about Temperance Hudson. Hope she is as fabulous and evil as they have shown so far. I'm no fan of Gil, but even I winced the way Nancy dumped him. Lol. She basically said "I was only with you/liked you because of an evil parasite on me". Harsh, Nance.
  12. Besides Mallory being evil as a twist, I was also thinking how about Ashley being Anabelle? Not that I want her to be but she would have a motive. How was Berenice IV's relationship when Cleopatra? Still interesting to me that she chose that nickname and talked about it to Jeanette's brother. Is there a bigger significance? I'm just doing wild guesses at this point. Lol.
  13. Greg seems to lament losing his job and blaming it on Kate's accusation of Jeanette and the rumors surrounding Jeanette but if you think about it, he did deserve to lose his job over the key issue. He did not realized that a key was missing from his care for the homes he's showing?? That's a big security concern and he should be disciplined in some ways. Just a random thought, lol.
  14. Jamie is a big loser with a pretty face. He's not particularly good at anything, not charming, not funny, not mentally strong and just generally weak even by teenage boy standards. He's trying to convince two girls how much he cares about them. I'm glad Kate was smart enough to ditch him in '94 and even back in '93 she was already over him. Same with Jeanette. Those girls have much more fortitude in their pinkies than Jamie, who is having a self pity party every episode, when he never really had it that bad compared to him. And if he did, like the drink driving accident, it was his own doing.
  15. Mallory is brash and loud but I don't think she is a bully. She was annoyed that she got busted (at both Jeanette and Vincent) but if Jeanette wasn't so gleeful about sharing the news of Kate Wallis and was a tad more sympathetic that her friend got into trouble (like Vincent was; he was emotionally intelligent enough to ask Mallory what happened), I bet Mallory wouldn't have been so upset at her. There is a time and place to tell your Kate Wallis gossip and it was NOT the time, Jeanette! And Jeanette was the one who ended the friendship (even though she said/lied in 1994 in the mall scene* th
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