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  1. waving feather

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    Demi admitted before that she has mommy issues, didn't she? Yeah. I could see that dynamic with her girlfriend. The acting cute, the little girl smooches.
  2. waving feather

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Oh dear. Hannah B is being a hypocrite again. She made a dig at Luke P saying she had to deal with immature men on her season who was not secure enough about her dating other men. And that Demi is lucky to have Derek who is so chill about it. Goodness gracious. Then why weren't you chill or secure enough to deal with Jed's ex problem too, Hannah? I don't even think she realises her own double standards and illogical thought processes. Someone needs to sit down with her. Also, because she was the only girl on Bachelorette, she appeared semi attractive but now I see her in paradise with the rest of the fresher faced-girls (who are even older than her), she looks kind of haggard (sorry). And are we supposed to view Demi as some kind of hero for being brave enough to tell Derek the truth? The "truth" at her convenience to cover her own ass so she looks like a good person. Just say you are using Derek to get roses to stay and wait until your girl comes. At least own it. Derek is dumb because he knows he is being played, yet still be her doormat willingly.
  3. waving feather

    Bachelor in Paradise 6: Speculation and Spoilers

    Dylan seems nice but he is so desperate for Hannah that it's not a good look. I have no idea how he got so obsessed with her so quick when he barely spent time with her. She's cute but I wouldn't call her a beauty.
  4. waving feather

    S06.E04: Week 2, Part 2

    Something is suspicious about Caelynn and Dean. When they started talking initially, they were so comfortable and seems like they have hooked up or at least flirted before in real life. If so and she is already looking forward to meet him, why all the fuss and crying over Blake? Christian is a hot headed guy and acts a bit unhinged but at least this will teach Jordan not to take and destroy other people's things for fun. He got away with it once but at least will feel the consequences a second time. It's such a bully mentality too, assuming that the other party would not retaliate.
  5. waving feather

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    I was reading her long post and she lost me when she referred to herself as "strong woman that I am". If you have to keep saying it, are you really?? Just another cry for attention. It's not like she treated the men on her season the most kindly, so please don't be having a pity party. And she's not the first nor will she be the last Bachelor/ Bachelorette to fail at finding someone on the show. Hannah replied to a comment on her Instagram post: To me, she is being two-face about it again. She expressed her regret on having had sex on Colton's season. So one would assume she would at least try not to "do" it again based on her own convictions. But then on her own season, she was freely mounting multiple guys and like "woohoo, I did it four times! I do whatever I want with my own body. Boo to anyone who questions me". And now in this post, she is basically saying again that she has fallen, was hurt by it, it was a mistake and temptation of the flesh etc. So which is it, Hannah? You have beliefs and speak about it often but handwave it anytime someone tries to challenge you on it. The thing is, no one is forcing anything on her or shaming her or expecting her to be "perfect". She is doing it all in her head to herself, then busy justifying it and being defensive when people bring it up. Now I think it is highly possible that she misled Luke in some of the things she said to him about sex before marriage.
  6. waving feather

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    All that plastic surgery really mess up Becca's face. She is almost unrecognizable.
  7. waving feather

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    Oh goodness. I was curious so I looked up her Instagram stories and she is one of the most annoying and narcissistic characters this show has ever had. She's such a try hard and thinks she's the shit now and somehow her messy ways are "cute". Who is feeding her all that? Wow, I knew she was immature on the show but her real self outside the show... all the men on her season dodged a bullet, including Luke and Jed. I don't wish that on anyone.
  8. waving feather

    Bachelor in Paradise 6: Speculation and Spoilers

    Considering they share the same ex (Kristina) and now have also "shared" Caelynn. Ewwww these people are gross. Let's hope none of them have STDs to pass around. It's hilarious how Dean thinks he has a say in any of this.
  9. waving feather

    S06.E02: Week 1, Part 2

    Hannah B. and Caelynn are quite a pair of ex besties. They are such bad representation of women and I wish they would stop acting like they are what female empowerment should be. Especially Caelynn who is twisted. Claiming how Blake tried to "silence" her and treated her like a dirty little secret. That's quite an accusation. She isn't even his mistress or a side piece to be a dirty secret. They were a one night stand booty call to each other. Stop exaggerating things for attention and sympathy.
  10. waving feather

    S06.E02: Week 1, Part 2

    Caelynn might as well don't respond because her response is vague AF and didn't address anything. People better be careful around her. She is good at manipulating and smart enough to do so. Blake to me is not smart enough to be manipulative.
  11. waving feather

    S06.E02: Week 1, Part 2

    One of the thing Caelynn was furious about was how Blake couldn't read her hurt silence. Come on girl, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Plus it was over the phone where you can't even see one's facial expressions. Their convo was hilarious in a way. She just screamed and cried at him nonstop and he was going wtfwtfwtf. LMAO. If she really wanted to clear the air, she would have hear him out. She was the one who wanted to "talk" in the first place, right?
  12. waving feather

    S06.E02: Week 1, Part 2

    LMAO I don't feel sorry for any of them. Caelynn or Blake. Caelynn made Blake out to be like the big bad wolf when it was just a booty call. She even reassured Blake in the texts that it was "just sex". If so, what's the big deal? Unless she was lying to Blake all along that it wasn't just sex, and she caught feelings. Unfortunate but you can't really blame him for it either. And it seemed like BOTH agreed it was a "mistake" or they regretted it. Thus their "panic" over it. So, meh. Wow. Both Hannah Brown and Caelynn giving pageant girls a bad name on this show.
  13. waving feather

    S06.E01: Week 1, Part 1

    Right? According to Jed, his ex Haley and him were not exclusive as well. So it's cool with Demi but not with Jed. The double standard. Hannah's eyes are too big and guant for her face. She looks cute now but the guantness will be more severe as she grows older and it might not be as pretty. She seems nice but dull and unwitty just like her personality on Colton's season. Alabama Hannah is more lively so she was a better Bachelorette even in her hot mess ways. If sex is an important and sensitive matter to Caelynn because of her past trauma, why did she choose to hook up a guy who is not even her boyfriend? Seems like she decided to have casual sex and felt bad about it after. I don't consider sliding into DMs as being bf/gf or exclusive. What do these women see in Blake though? He is so unattractive even just on looks. Can't believe they willingly hooked up with him. I wasn't amused by Kristina too. Everytime she comes on BIP, it's because she is involved in drama. And she goes for terrible guys like Dean and now Blake. She's a mess.
  14. waving feather

    Week 5: August 5, 2019-August 7, 2019

    It's weird to me how much Weston and Emily DISLIKE each other. They can't stand each other, especially when they have to work at something together. Imagine them on the Amazing Race, lol! The constant bickering during the baby and the shoe rack challenge. Weston seems like the worst person to date. His ego is big and fragile and he gets worked up easily. Emily is also an impatient person.
  15. waving feather

    Week 5: August 5, 2019-August 7, 2019

    I could see Kyra started to lose interest in Cashel the moment she saw him in person. Why can't she just admit to herself that she is not really into the guy? Either that or she is really scared and insecure and put her guard way up. I can't tell. Girl has major issues, though. She is only confident and sure of herself when she is doing surface level flirting. Anything more and she bolts.