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  1. I had forgotten how annoying Hannah was on her season on Bachelorette until I watch her on DWTS. She is still as uptight and whiny like how she was on the Bachelorette. She needs to chill out a bit. It's true relevancy is relative, so let's see what Hannah does from here on out. She doesn't have the best voice for a hosting gig though. Funny enough, out of all the previous Bachelor nation people, the people I enjoy following most on social media are Arie and Lauren. They just seem compatible and there is such an ease in their relationship. I know we shouldn't judge a couple by their SM but usually I can smell fakeness or a try hard but there is none I've sensed so far. Ironic because they are not the most popular Bachelor nation couple. In fact the other couple I enjoy are Rachel and Bryan and they are not well liked either. Lol.
  2. Landon getting upset at Hope for not telling him when he would have done the exact same thing if he were in her shoes. And how does one suppose to break the news to people anyway? "Hey... you may not remember me but I'm your long lost forgotten girlfriend? So you should ditch your current gf and get back with me". Lol. And then if he didn't believe her, she would have to jump through hoops to convince him. Nah, what Hope did was perfectly reasonable and she wanted to maintain some dignity, can't say I blame her. I hope Landon makes up his mind quick, choosing one or none and doesn't string both girls along. I don't worry so much about Hope because she is a tough cookie but Josie seems so emotionally fragile.
  3. I'm more intrigued by this season than season one. Season one was boring at parts when they focused too much on their day to day lives and love interests. I like them this season when they are more focused on the task at hand. Even with Macy and Harry, they acknowledged that they have feelings for each other but didn't dwell on it too much. The only thing I'd change right now is to give Mel her powers back. As with the original recipe Charmed, I found Piper's time stopping power to be the most effective and fun. So it was great to see the same with Mel during season one. That power is missed this season.
  4. I still feel like Josie and Landon, sweet as they may be, only have friendship chemistry. I like them better together when they were being there for each other as friends. I don't like this scenario because Josie is bound to get hurt ultimately. I don't want to see the twins going through any more pain, because they are not very good at handling it. Hope goes through it often but she's already a battle hardened warrior, with what happened in her childhood. So she can handle most things now without going off the rails.
  5. Yep. Especially for Donna. Even back then she was completely with Dick in wanting to avenge her boyfriend's death. And she sort of went after Deathstroke on her own too when she found the dead Amazons. But suddenly she's being a hypocrite about Dick? Nah, it just doesn't add up. Hank, I get because he was never comfortable with using Jericho and he never really got along with Dick either. Still, you would think they have gotten over their anger the first time they split up. I understand if they just want a time out from all of Dick's drama, but that's not how they left. They left in a huff, lol. Gar is so sweet and he's the only one of them who is allowed to be mad at Dick because Dick just left him unprepared with a super powered toddler. That's irresponsible of Dick. Hank and Dawn are exhausting to watch. Dawn coddles and soothes Hank too much like he's a baby and I think that's one of the reason of their dysfunction. Out of the pair, I actually like Hank more because he's more honest with himself. Dawn likes being the savior and the "righteous" one in the relationship, fixing the broken men. The same thing happened with Dick too.
  6. Shocker! Not. I've always guessed they wouldn't work because their personalities are too different and Demi is too immature and 100% not ready to settle down. Last season of BiP is just a joke.
  7. I don't think Dawn was being fair to Dick in her evaluation of him that he's starting this for the sake of his own ego. Dick can be misguided and doesn't have the best EQ dealing with the kids at times (that's why he needs Kory at his side) but his heart has always been in the right place since the beginning of the show. Rachel wouldn't let him leave her and she and Gar seems like a package deal. I'm not sure why young Robin is sticking around but Dick isn't forcing him by any means. Perhaps he's starting up the Titans because that's the only thing he knows to do with kids who have special abilities. And it's not like people like Rachel can go back to normal life. The only mistake Dick did was bringing Rose into their business.
  8. I would feel sorry for Katie if she were stuck in a loveless marriage with kids, where it is much much harder for her to leave her partner who doesn't fill her "love tank". However, this is not the case. She knew him for 2 weeks before engagement and has been dating just a couple of months. If she's really unhappy it's not that difficult to just walk away. Like how Whitney and Connor have broken up since filming. But I believe Katie wants bragging rights as one of the successful Bachelor nation couples, so she's hanging onto him by hook or crook. I like Katie and thinks she's a nice person but this is just what I see.
  9. Dean better be careful. If he breaks up with Caelynn, he might face the same defamation that Blake went through. Caelynn is an expert at playing the victim. When she started crying at the reunion show because Blake exposed her lies, Blake should have started crying too and acted pitiful. But he is just not crafty enough to go head to head with her.
  10. I think both Katie and Chris emotionally abuse each other. Their relationship is unhealthy. I am with Chris that she shamed and strong-armed him in front of everyone during the reunion show. If this is the talk that they have had several times before, why is she bringing it up again in front of everyone? So that every can shake their head at Chris and tell him to man up? It doesn't help their relationship at all. She should just leave him if she is not getting what she wants out of the relationship. I think he would be relieved. Caelynn is a liar. A very charming liar. It is scary how convincingly she can lie (with tears and all). Even though Blake got a lot of heat, I am glad he stood his ground about the text messages and why he did it. Why should he be wrongly accused of silencing her or those big triggering words she used against him.
  11. We thought Demi's teen angst days are over after Kristian arrived and Derek left. That was what she was sulking over right? But now she has miraculously find more reasons to be angsty about. All for the sake of getting more screen time. I prefer the other problematic blonde Corrine. She is a mess but she's more fun and entertaining than Demi.
  12. I have been watching this season casually; just watching the dance clips. But I have to say, Sophie's dance with Marko is the best routine of the whole season. It was reminiscent of old SYTYCD routines where the choreo, dancers and music all come together to produce a perfect piece of art. I am with Dominic that it deserves to be nominated for an Emmy. From start to end, it was electrifying. There have been some good routines this season but almost all of them have certain parts of the dance that takes me out because of a lack of connection/ chemistry or uncertainty on the part of the dancers. But Sophie nailed this one from start to finish and the emotions are just right. Marko, that amazing man, always brings out the best in his partners, while smashing it himself. He's the perfect All Star.
  13. Finally saw this in HD and wow, they are all plastic to a certain degree but no one compares to Bri. She has the same duck lips done as Caelynn but worse workmanship. And that nose! I like Tayshia more on BIP than the Bachelor. At least she seems like a real person here; the good, the bad and the ugly. She was so fake on Colton's season, always grinning vapidly at whatever Colton does or says.
  14. I feel like Tanner thought of Jade as a charity case (due to her "wild" past) that he took a chance on. Probably why he seems to look down on her a lot. Called her worthless in their partnership or to that effect. Too bad because Jade seems like a sweet lady and deserves better than him.
  15. True. But I don't think Katie or Nicole were particularly pressuring them into a proposal but more trying to gauge whether they are "all in" in the relationship. If they are not or unsure, they should have just walked away like what Kevin did last season during this stage. Not continue with the charade. Besides, engagement in the Bachelor world just means let's date in the real world. So it doesn't mean much to me.
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