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  1. I don't think she is too good for the show. Despite looking put together, she strikes me as ditzy (it is more obvious on the podcast when she's paired with Rachel). Easily impressed by all the wrong things. She mentioned on her season she was drawn to Garrett because he fishes just like her father. Plenty of men fish too. He ain't special. And she keeps harping about Arie even after 2 years. When she interviewed Hannah Ann on the podcast, she brought up Arie again. I get she was trying to relate to HA but she was like projecting onto HA her experience. It wasn't exactly the same. I don't blame her because it was hurtful but she never really got over the whole thing, in my opinion. At least I don't have to hear that annoying "let's do the damn thing" phrase again.
  2. Garrett never hid who he truly is so it's on Becca that she chose to stay with him for 2 years. She always appears to be highly insecure about romantic relationships observing her on both seasons and has terrible taste in men. Remember her ex that came on Arie's season? Anyway, she should already be wary by how much Garrett badmouthed his ex wife on national TV and took no responsibility for his part. She still accepted him then. Be careful, Becs, the same thing might happen to you.
  3. Sure, buddy. You have moved on. No one said you couldn't. Is the publicity stunt necessary? The Bachelor franchise is full of famehos but none quite like Colton Underwood.
  4. Not sure what Becca ever see in him. Another time she has to apologize for him. https://people.com/tv/becca-kufrin-talks-her-relationship-with-garrett-yrigoyen-apologizes-to-rachel-lindsay/
  5. Wow, he looks like he could be her father. I mean, it might not be far from truth.. sugar daddy?
  6. Personally, I hope they let Claire get her chance first. I'm not a big fan of her, but it would be unfair to make her wait just so the Bachelor franchise can appear woke. If the franchise sincerely intends to change then waiting a year will not matter and they can still make Matt the Bachelor next year. Longevity will tell the true story, anyway. And shoving a woman aside to make way for a man is not a good look too.
  7. Since during the show, Cassie loved Colton like a sweet puppy who follows her around than a man she wants to be married to, so this was inevitable. Maybe Colton could get with Hannah Brown now, though I think he has better taste and wouldn't wish her on him. But they could both bond over their issue with Rachel Lindsay.
  8. Hannah has used the f word many times in the past. But who knows what her "standards" really are. She waffles all over the place. Not only with men but how she conducts herself. Pilot Pete explained in the podcast that he was not the one who reached out to Hannah B. for closure but she's the one who reached out to him first. And that's why he asked Hannah Ann if he could talk to Hannah B for closure. She came onto Pete's season trying to get attention from him (and screen time), which is already annoying but she had to contact him again because she's having such a "hard time". She's always having such a hard time and it's never her fault. Poor little Hannah.
  9. Not sure how Bryan respecting Rachel enough not to speak over her in her domain (the Bachelor world or in media) is considered a bad thing. If nothing else, it shows he is not threatened by how sharp and articulate his wife is and has no problem letting her shine in her element. I saw the episode of Celebrity Fear Factor they were on. They worked together great and were equal partners.
  10. Nick V made a video about it on his Instagram and it's surprisingly thoughtful. But I made the mistake of opening the comments out of curiosity and was appalled by what those people that were defending Hannah were saying. They are showing themselves to be not only ignorant but actually racist. Yikes! Are those her typical "fans" or are they just using this opportunity to express that racism? It's horrifying either way.
  11. Hannah has little self-awareness. Her Instagram and tik tok videos are an example. Everyone does it but hers are the most obnoxious. She thinks that makes her relatable but it just shows how out of touch she really is at her age. She is not a teenager anymore. She also wants to fit in with the woke "cool" LA crowd so bad but she is still the little ignorant girl deep down. She will tell you that we are all humans who make mistakes and while that may be true, it doesn't mean everyone needs to accept and forgive her "mistakes" all the time. She will likely play victim again and write a long instagram post about what a tough time she went though because of it. I didn't like her on DWTS too when she was so uptight and frankly speaking a bit rude to her partner from sometimes.
  12. This season has a lot of talented singers, it's a pity they didn't get to experience performing live dolled up with the big production. Allegra would have made the finale in any other season. What a talented singer. But who I'd most likely look up after the show is Joanna. She's not the most powerful singer but her tone is gorgeous, especially her lower register. And there's always an ease about her performances which I love.
  13. Speaking of the Hannahs, although both are selling similar image of themselves on instagram, Hannah Brown and Hannah Ann, I just find Hannah Ann more appealing. She does the most obvious things but always does it in such a earnest way, I can't help but find it sort of charming.
  14. Yeah, he could be a bore with no good sense of humour for all they know. I found Tyler Cameron boring too, both looks and personality. And he's gotten less attractive since the show, probably because he hangs around Hannah Brown so much, who is a major turn off for me. Also, don't these people get tired of showing us their work out videos all the time? Are there people who would find watching someone work out entertaining? Genuinely asking because 90% of the Bachelor influencers do it when they're not even fitness instructors and it's the most inane thing. You are exercising, big whoop!
  15. Clare is over-dramatic. She and Hannah Brown are the same type of people who get on their high horses and lecture others, as if they are so above them. I can't stand the attention seeking Quarantine crew (despite winning DWTS, I still don't think Hannah B. is a good dancer. Her TikToks are embarrassing and she can't dance on beat), so I don't think highly of Matt. It's strange that he already has a fanbase fighting for his honor even before he appears on TV. Since he is already well known on social media, he doesn't need the show, right? No way he would be interested in someone like Clare.
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