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  1. There were a few scenes in the middle of the season where she looked REALLY young in a creepy bad way : the one that is coming to mind is a group date in Asia where she ran up to greet Colton first at the start of the day portion of the date. She was wearing a cropped shirt and shorts and full makeup. I didn't see a "Woman", I saw Jon Benet Ramsey. It crepes me out, especially with how sexually aggressive she was (not critiquing being sexually aggressive, itwas just off-putting coming from someone presenting as so young) I never thought he was into her ( or vice versa) - I don't think he liked the Hannah drama, I think she was a producer plant with the potential to be the next Bachelorette from day one, and he had to keep her after her opening up about her rape. I think he may blame her for whatever goes down with Cassie (I'm unspoiled), but Colton was clearly into Cassie and at this point that relationship is a huge mess and he looks bad for not realizing what's going on with Cassie and Cassie is being dragged for being confused. It's bad, and some of that is due to the Cassie/Caelynn convo on the bus, and its easier to blame the person you don't like than the one you do. Her sass was fun. It was her cruelty that went hand in hand with that that was so off-putting to many of us. IMHO, she led with the cruelty, and responded when challenged with the sass, which deflected the cruelty pretty effectively. I just wish she hadn't started with cruelty, towards Tracy, towards Courtney or toward anyone else.
  2. fib

    S23.E09: Week 9

    THIS. Her dad acts like his story with her mom is the only right way to have a happy marriage. Which is bullshit. But my main takeaway from seeing Cassie get close to all in,then hear her dad not give her blessing and freak out, then have her dad tell her "you don't live him" and decide to leave, then have Colton almost persuade her to stay? She is not mature enough to get married. If you can't OWN your feelings and decisions, you're not ready for the challenges of marriage. This has not felt like an audition for the lead role at all. Maybe she wants to be famous, but she is not playing the "there is no one who loves me,even though I'm so great" role that is the blueprint for becoming the lead. (I think Caelynn was auditioning, fwiw)
  3. “wedding day vibes” also makes ZERO sense. “good vibes”, “happy vibes”, “loving vibes”, sure! wedding day vibes? what are those, jitters?
  4. For Lauren, the answer is because she tans too much and is super basic.
  5. Sure, but then dont go on a show to find the person ou want to marry. He has essentially disappeared, even from independent pieces discussing the history of the show: from the Cut “Writer’s Note: I made multiple attempts to contact Alex, following leads from Wong, Chris Harrison, people who knew him at Harvard and Stanford, and his LinkedIn page. He appears to be the head of strategy at Microsoft in London; to his credit, he hasn’t been in the fold of the franchise for years. As Rob Mills, the ABC executive in charge of "alternative series," including The Bachelor, tells me, “He is absolutely the D.B. Cooper of The Bachelor” If you’re the DB COOPER of something, you are deep deepoff the grid.
  6. Im not remotely saying that if ANY man decides to never marry, he's gay, Im saying that after watching Alex Michel on the show, and afterwards, I think its possible he is gay. And just to be clear, That's not an insult. Being gay is totally forking fine. Its only even remotely problematic if you are duping people and hurting them by willfully concealing that fact. And Alex Michel probably shouldnt have appeared on a show where women put their lives on hold to date him if he "never wanted marriage". And it's not like Im judging based on the fact that he didnt choose one of the 16 women picked for him, Im judging based on the fact that in 48 years of life he has NEVER found anyone world wide who he wants to marry, despite having once presented himself nationwide as the "Country's Most Eligible Bachelor" It's not only that he doesnt live his life on social media, its that he has completely disappeared, wont talk to Chris Harrison or any of the producers at all, even to the extent of not providing a statement to include in reunion shows of any kind (as evidenced in the link I included above) And "confirmed bachelor" isnt something I invented, see this wikipedia page for some backstory: "He never married/confirmed bachelor". Maybe when you were younger you just werent aware of that, or it wasnt as true in your region as it was with my british family.
  7. After rewatching and hearing about the fact that he fell off the face of the Bachelor World, Ive come to the conclusion that the first ever Bachelor, Alex Michel, was quite possibly a closeted gay man. His season, in hindsight, he seemed to be performing interest in the women, more than being actually interested in any of them. At the time I chalked it up to the awkwardness of the format and show, but his taste in women seemed performative rather than genuine, IMHO. He was a 31-year old man who was single, stayed single long after the show, and is apparently still single? Not even George Clooney has that track record. I may be way off, and if so, sorry Alex. I just honestly think that "confirmed bachelor" is a weird thing to be in 2018. https://www.bustle.com/articles/137741-whats-season-1-bachelor-alex-michel-doing-now-even-chris-harrison-hasnt-seen-him So I guess my point is, who would have something to gain? Fleiss. The MOST DRAMA EVER!. And its not like he cares about the contestants. That we know.
  8. eh - im not one to defend Lauren, but cleaning and cooking smells were really tough on me during the first 5 months of pregnancy, whereas light exercise was generally helpful. i firmly agree that 6 tests is wildly dumb.
  9. Ugh no - they are sooooo painfully corny and scripted. Jonathan is the "Contractor" brother. Definitely the better of the two. My gaydar(admittedly faulty) alerts strongly for the other one, marriage or no.
  10. Yes? Pretty sure Steven made it quite clear throughout that he is a gay man. I cant remember anything explicit at this point, but he did make a rainbow themed meringue cake and referenced the song somewhere over the rainbow from the wizard of oz... which is the source of the phrase ‘friend of dorothy’, an old euphemism for gay people. I swear he talked about his partner, too. As a female crafter and baker and person with a masters in occupational safety, I shipped Kate hard, but glad she didnt win... Sophie and Steven were better, more consistent bakers.
  11. To temper chocolate, you melt it (getting it up to 120F), cool it rapidly by adding more chocolate to 82F, then warm it to 91F, and then cool til it is pipable. Main point of this commentary is that chocolate is still liquid at 82F after adding the extra, so it wouldnt have to be that hot in the tent to get it to melt. (though it technically melts around 86-90F on its own). He should have realized how hot it was and used caramel. Or meringue (with the blowtorch to make it brown). IMHO, this was a bit of a failure on Steven's part to adjust to the conditions. He had options, just didnt use them. Many shows like this have VERY limited A/C - the main other example I will showcase is Bachelor in paradise - there is no A/C on in the resort, because A/C messes with the audio. So I think that the tent has generally been a good option because England is usually so temperate. But it was really hot the last 2 summers in the UK, and in June 2017, it was hotter at Heathrow than it had been in 40 years (34.5C ~ 94F) . (The filming locale is just west of Heathrow, so that's pretty representative of the temp). I don't know exactly when the show films, but based on the comments about exams and such, id say it starts in the spring and ends in early summer so it can air in August. That would put the last couple weeks right around that late June heatwave in 2017. Average June High Temp is 20C ~ 70F, so you can see why the bakers struggled. This is soooo outside their norm!
  12. Im disappointed Julia went home - I found her bakes more interesting than Stacey's. And Stacey baked parchment in her pie! And it was wonky!!! And her pastis de nata was terrible. I felt like Julia had more upside, where as Stacey has been stuggling for weeks. Bummer.
  13. She's my least favorite at this point. She doesnt exude warmth, she exudes competitiveness, but then, doesn't really do anything awesome. I've been rooting for her to leave for awhile. Yes, but she is only 21!!! (I was SHOCKED when I heard Prue say that. I figured she must be much older to be an immigrant who came to be with her busband). Apparently she met her hubby while she was on vacation in Turkey when she was 18, and moved to England sometime afterthat. I felt a little better when I heard her hubby is like 26 or something, so it's an age appropriate pairing, though that is soooo young!
  14. They were on Ashley and Bens podcast too. Their first son was 7 months, so it was a bit of a nice break, plus an opportunity to refocus on the relationship in the midst of all the changes that cone with parenting. Imho, i would do that, especially if I got paid for it!!!!!
  15. I foresee them pulling a Kaitlyn/ Britt. Maybe with Jason, maybe with Wills? I dunno. I think both of them have too much pride for that, because seriously, I think if the first night Bachelorettes get to pick, theyre goig with Hunky, Pretty, Dumb Colton. ?
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