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  1. The 26 yr old that Arie was dating in June: http://people.com/tv/new-bachelor-arie-luyendyk-jr-s-ex-shades-him-twitter/
  2. He was. We used to call him "The Tongue" on the previous forum during Emily's season. With today's SM activity and the way that Bryan's kissing was mocked, this is not gonna end well.
  3. I followed X-Factor the season that 1D was created. They sounded like butt in the lives all the way thru to the end, just like IRL. It's the cuteness factor that is most important. I thought 1D should have won that season. Knew they were going to be big.
  4. This is non-news. I'm just surprised that they took so long to announce their "breakup". I'm so glad that I didn't bother with Nick's season since I knew he was a waste of time.
  5. Conor had a somber expression all night. I noticed that he cant fake it and smile like the other boys when he is uncomfortable. I first noticed this the night he had to sing Despacito. I finally listened to Afterbuzz. The thing about the Silhouettes were interesting. I mentioned that I recognized that the one all the way to the right was Drew. My first thought upon looking at the left silhouette was that it was Conor but upon second look, I DID thought it might be Mikey, esp considering how popular he seemed to be. I still can't believe that he didnt make it but am ahppy about it.
  6. I wrote this in this thread after the first live show, I think. Almost named it.
  7. I knew that the silhouette all the way on the right was Drew before the reveal. Should have said something.
  8. She's also the oldest chick there and low energey. If that blank, Ashley I, was there, she would be making fun of how old DaniM's eggs are. I hafta say that Iggy may be the most unattractive dude to ever appear on this show if you take into account BOTH looks AND personality. Only that meathead Mikey T from last yr could match him but at least Mikey had a certain affability that Iggy cannot even ape. Good riddence.
  9. Too bad Juan Pabs just got married. What awful timing ;-)
  10. Yeah, he is so good-looking that we can't remember his name. Which would be Wells. Anyway, it doesn't matter who they pick. Bachelor is gonna bach. And ho. And douche it up.
  11. Yeah, I'm sick of Raven being the alpha ho.
  12. Thanks! Mikey - No comment. My hate-on still hasn't deflated yet. Jaden - why did they dress him in a spacesuit? Dafuq? The 'architects' sure want him in the band, dont they?
  13. I came in when Michael was singing. I think it was a good song choice for him, all things considered. Drew was good as usual. He looked much better with the curly hair. How was Brady? I'll try to catch his performance later but I was worried for him. He seemed a little too confident in his IG this week.
  14. Only 3 of the last 8 boys left are 18 and older. Which makes the chances of you figuring it out higher esp. since one of the 3 (Chance) is not in school obviously. I'll just leave it at that.
  15. They are not allowed to reveal what songs they are singing for their solos this wk. I saw Andrew Butcher rehearsing singing Journey's "Open Arms" a few weeks ago on someone's IG so it's probably something they all do.
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