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  1. Calvin is a player and the smoothest one of the lot because you wouldn't have guessed he is one until after some time. I'm glad Aaron said those nice things about Mackenzie during the recoupling speech. He didn't have to but it was nice of him to do it after Mackenzie's ego has taken a hit. Goodness, I still have a soft spot for Mackenzie even though she's such a whiny brat. Carrington has been making the episodes with his one liners. "Do you guys want to play charades?"
  2. I don't get the impression that Carrington hates Mackenzie at all. Johnny, yes, but Carrington seems quite neutral on her except for thinking she and Connor are a bad match.
  3. I didn't like how Mackenzie used tears to get out of hearing criticism once again. This time with the girls. That's her go-to move whenever she hears something unfavorable towards her. How does one grow out of this? They do, right? Right?? Eventually...? Still, I don't like Jalen. It's not because he wants to get to know other girls or Kierstan but his condescending tone when he was talking to Mackenzie. Like suddenly he is too good for her, when he was kissing her ass just a day before because he wants to stay in the villa. He's just not a nice person. Aaron also told Moira he wants to explore other options but he wasn't a dick about it.
  4. Colton, apparently, is batshit. There are screenshots of court documents Cassie filed in the article below and just a warning guys, it describes highly disturbing behavior from Colton. https://hollywoodlife.com/2020/09/14/cassie-randolph-granted-restraining-order-colton-underwood-stalking-harassment/
  5. I guess I still like Carrington. Will have to see how he treats Laurel moving forward. Aside from the lame and obvious fake out, he was again clear with Kierstan that they will not work as a couple in the conversation the day after. I appreciate that he did not mislead her since he "broke up" with her. I like Kierstan too, so I want her to be happy and hope she can find someone who appreciates her. I'm 50-50 on Jalen. On one hand I liked that he stood up to Mackenzie and told her he will continue doing what he wishes to. So he has a backbone and that's great. On the other hand, Mackenzie's fears were not unfounded because he was laying on thick with Kierstan and was trying to make a move on her. Moira is a hypocrite, that is all. She's not a good catch at all. I see Aaron bailing soon. Just like how Mercades was mean-girling Laurel about Carrington, I felt Justine was doing it to Sher in their poolside talk too. The passive aggressiveness was strong in that conversation. But unlike Laurel, Sher refused to be intimidated and responded well. Good for her!
  6. Yep, how is that source trying to spin it as if it's a BAD thing that she broke up with him after he had recovered from Covid. It's even more commendable that though she may already intended to break up with him, she and her family, putting themselves at risk, took care of him and let him stay in their family home during recovery. Colton and his family should forever be thankful to Cassie and her family for their kindness. The Bachelor franchise let this unstable guy to be the lead of the show. He may be a good faker but he's not that good to me.
  7. Oh, sweet Moira. She's so pretty and nice, but so vapid. I could feel Aaron's eyes glazing over while she was talking. Carrington actually made sense when he told the other guys if they don't intend on coupling up with the new girls, they better slow their roll for now. He has more common sense than Johnny, that's for sure. I'm not a big fan of Cely and her loud voice (which she seems to be losing for some reason), but she doesn't deserve that. ETA: Pretty rich of Johnny to be ready to call Mackenzie a hypocrite. Lol! "Your girl is definitely pushing the paper, but you're signing every check" is a great line by Carrington. Who knew he has it in him...
  8. Johnny is 22?? Oh wow. He looks like he could be 28 or 30. That explains a lot.
  9. Aw, this is the first time I enjoyed Mackenzie since the beginning of the show. She was actually smiling and having casual conversation like a normal human with another guy! Irish Law Firm really brings out the very worst in each other. Connor is still a dud to me though. His conversation with Mercades was painful. She was trying but he was again doing the whole "that is a very valid point". Dude, you are on Love Island, not a corporate meeting! I used to find that charming until I realised that's all he has. Glad Mercades told Johnny he was not her only option. He was getting cocky over there with all the attention she was giving him. He can say all he likes about how much he cares for Cely but he was the one going after to kiss Mercades in the kissing challenge and she wasn't even his initial partner. I find it sort of charming that Kierstan is still pining over Carrington. Who knew?! People (including me) thought she was just using him to get further in the beginning. I do hope they find their way back to each other. I rather they win the 100k than Cely and Johnny.
  10. I wouldn't be as patient as Justine if someone like Cely was loudly waking me up to do morning yoga, of all things. Especially before I have had my coffee. And when Cely was sharing that with her past boyfriends she had to tone down for them... I'm sorry to say this but girl, they may have a point. If Johnny continues to date her in the real world, guaranteed he will ask her to tone down after some period of time. The problems Irish Law Firm has are not sorely on Mackenzie. She's not the only toxic person in the relationship, he too is, with always going behind her back to gossip about her or agree with others badmouthing her. He's two-faced, period. Him being "scared" of her is not an excuse. He's a grown man. I think Connor is also the one who said he had never pursued a girl in his life and only waited for girls to approach him. That is...not attractive (to me).
  11. Last year it was pretty reserved too. I feel like I would see more action on Survivor. Maybe that's just the US version because the seasons are so short, they don't get enough time to get comfortable there. I don't recall the UK or Australian versions to be this reserved. In this show, aside from the fact that they are all swim-wear ready and comfortable to show off their bodies, most of them are wall flowers. Johnny could be interesting, but he is playing it safe and he is very aware of the cameras and his own image. That makes it less fun.
  12. Mercades is beautiful and MESSY and I love it! Hope she is kept around by at least one of the guys, so she can entertain me. She came in with all guns blazing but if it weren't for her, Casa Amor would be a snooze fest. It already is at the girl's villa. If I were Johnny, I would ditch Cely just for her voice alone.
  13. Caleb could be missing from an episode and I wouldn't have noticed. That's how little impact he makes in general. Nice guy; boring TV. Regarding the talk about how the men are more prudish and reserved compared to the ladies... I don't think it's that they are prudes but they just aren't into to these girls. Even a peck on the lips seems too much for them most days. Calvin only started smooching Moira after he learnt they are among America's favorite couples. I hope Casa Amore folks have better personalities than this lot. A good personality goes a long way when everyone is fit. Kierstan is the prettiest girl there and she truly is gorgeous even without make up but the men there are not really chasing after her aside from the initial intrigue.
  14. So basically Mackenzie doesn't like Connor when he is being himself. Got it. She only likes her version of Connor, the puppet. This is the first time I've found Carrington attractive, when he was talking to Kiersten at the end. They are very natural as friends or more than. Never would have guessed the one guy I was grossed out by in the beginning would be the only guy I would find attractive right now. Now I kind of get why Kiersten was a bit obsessed with him.
  15. Why do we keep losing the interesting and level-headed women like Kaitlynn and Lauren but keep the boring ones like Moira or Kierstan. I know we need some around for drama but it's good to have a good mix. My least favorite is actually Cely right now. She's fake af.
  16. Cell reminds me of the quote from Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl about "Cool Girl". She tries so hard to be one.
  17. Never would have expected Connor to be a loser. Never would have expected that I'd respect Carrington more than him now. Like what...? That man-child is more direct and honest than Connor. He made a lot of sense when he was speaking to both Kirstan and Lauren. It's not cute that Connor is such a spineless people-pleaser. By doing that he essentially pleases no one, not even himself. It's unfair for Mackenzie too when he whines about her to another girl but say something else to her face. Lauren is too good for him. How cool of her to cook for the whole villa. "The Great World of Cry-na" was a great line by the narrator.
  18. That was still funny. She flipped out before because she was "accused" of being possessive when she's not, only to prove 2 days later she is indeed crazily possessive. I don't dislike the girl, she seems like a nice person in general. Just very toxic in a relationship. Eta: Johnny is not fond of how Mackenzie is treating Connor. I'd be the same if my friend has to tolerate that level of possessiveness from someone they are dating.
  19. I think it just dawned on Connor that he is with a child. Mackenzie's outbursts are getting more and more dramatic. I hope she's ok for real. Love Island doesn't seem like a good place for her. I thank her for bringing the drama though and those who voted for Connor. I like Lauren too, she's chill and has a good personality, so far.
  20. Totally agree. What Connor did there was the right thing. Instead of going off in the heat of the moment (like James), he just tried to lay low and process his feelings before he confronts her. Mackenzie is just highly insecure. She's acting this way because she is afraid Connor is going to leave her and if she keeps this up, he might. How she got so pressed over 2 pecks in a show like Love Island and during a game baffled me. She said because he "leaned in". Of course he had to literally lean in, those women are all shorter than him.
  21. I think the problem is compared to the UK show, this show does the re-coupling and/or dumping too quickly. Maybe this is due to fewer episodes? It actually creates more drama when they are allowed to stew by themselves without recoupling/dumping opportunities. And we would not have lost Kaitlynn too soon. I gave Mackenzie the benefit of doubt after her first meltdown over someone's joke of her own "joke". Connor had to mollycoddle her then and he had to do it again. Lame excuse of her getting upset that someone took half a day to tell you their feelings. People need time to process their emotions before too, Mackenzie! She's a mess. Jeremiah looked like he couldn't wait to be out of there.
  22. Fair enough. Moira in general is a more quiet and reserved person, that combined with the fact that she said she has only had one boyfriend that she dated for a long time... perhaps it is the lack of experience in handling men. Especially overbearing men. Hopefully she sits him down in the future to tell him to they can only be "friends" and end it there, for her own peace of mind in the villa so the lines are clear. It gives good drama and diversity but I find it's always tough for people who have very little dating experience to be on Love Island. I miss Kaitlynn. She brought the drama and low key manipulative so it would have been interesting to watch her. She's always giving good advices to the girls as well. I liked what she told Moira when she was opening up to her and Mackenzie about James.
  23. Moira is 28, though, so a full grown adult and one of the older ones in the cast. Mackenzie, on the other hand, is only 24 but she was able to articulate to James exactly why he was being out of line. Hope Moira watches this back and realizes sometimes keeping quiet will only give the other party more chances to say manipulative and nasty things and escalate them. She needed to shut him down in a firm and non-sulky way.
  24. Both Moira and James annoyed me. He can't calm down. He's like an annoying chihuahua yapping non-stop without trying to listen to the other party. Give her some space, dude! What turned me off more wasn't even this episode but the previous one where he was pressuring her to have sex. I think Moira was turned off by that too and started to retreat from him. Moira is also a horrible communicator. He's right that she couldn't even look at him while they were talking. She was just sulking like a big baby. For her age, she is quite immature at handling conflict.
  25. I don't think she is too good for the show. Despite looking put together, she strikes me as ditzy (it is more obvious on the podcast when she's paired with Rachel). Easily impressed by all the wrong things. She mentioned on her season she was drawn to Garrett because he fishes just like her father. Plenty of men fish too. He ain't special. And she keeps harping about Arie even after 2 years. When she interviewed Hannah Ann on the podcast, she brought up Arie again. I get she was trying to relate to HA but she was like projecting onto HA her experience. It wasn't exactly the same. I don't blame her because it was hurtful but she never really got over the whole thing, in my opinion. At least I don't have to hear that annoying "let's do the damn thing" phrase again.
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