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    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Hannah is so awkward and not quick with the banter but she's so enthusiastic and excited, it's hard not to root for her. And it would make Caelynn mad, so it's all good. Who needs a runner-up title for Miss USA when you can be the Bachelorette.
  2. waving feather

    The Bachelor Season 23: Spoilers & Speculation

    She is a bad actress, though. They are all fake to a certain degree but she couldn't even be convincing in her fakeness. I don't recall her showing any negative emotions through out the whole show. It's all so smiley and happy and #blessed with her.
  3. waving feather

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Colton was really cold to Caelynn. I wonder if he's caught on how fake she is ever since her hometowns because he was cold when he dumped her there too. He was even more sympathetic when he dumped some of the earlier women (like Hannah B, Katie, etc). He couldn't be bothered about Carlynn's tears. Everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be for maximum manipulation. And you have to hand it to her, she's good at pretending to be sincere, at least for a while.
  4. waving feather

    S23.E09: Week 9

    I felt bad for Cassie, because she was acting like a trapped butterfly. She is obviously not ready for this and at least not with Colton and the more he smothers her, the more she wanted to run away. Geez, he really is a smother-er. Perhaps she would have been more attracted to him if he didn't smother her so much. He kept forcing himself on her emotionally when she doesn't even know herself or what she wanted. Her dad picked up on that and he is probably used to making all the decisions for her. The moment she heard her father didn't give his blessing, the light went out of her eyes. Whoever dates her better be on daddy's good side because he has a TON of influence on her. I can't stop laughing at the end when they were looking for him, with dogs barking and Chris whistling for him like a dog. That was the best part of the whole season. They deserve an Emmy for it. I wouldn't surprised if they added the dog sound effects. And just like a dog, when Colton is hungry, he would probably come back to the house.
  5. waving feather

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    Damn, I felt bad for Beck at the end. And Joe is irredeemable to me at the end, not even when he killed her but his voice-over when he convinced himself that this is what she would have wanted (to be a successful author instead of an alive one). How he has absolutely NO remorse about killing her is disgusting. He even had more remorse about killing Benji. Beck used Joe for sure when they were together but she didn't ask to be stalked in the first place. Just a friendly interaction at a bookshop and he deemed it an opening to stalk her and in the end kill her. No one deserves that.
  6. waving feather

    S01.E09: Candace

    If there is next season, I want Joe to be obsessed over another woman. I want the Beck and Joe chapter to close this season.
  7. waving feather

    S01.E09: Candace

    Does cut off finger work for thumb print security? I thought it has to have warmth. Anyway, I'm glad Paco is avoiding Joe now, less chance for Joe to be his Mr. Mooney, who encouraged his serial killing. Is Mooney a serial killer himself, I wonder... I thought Joe was super obvious when he assaulted Dr. Nickey. He could have pretended to rob him and take his wallet. Instead, he asked to unlock phone and look at the activity instead. If Dr. Nickey is smart, he could put it together that the person who assaulted him is someone he knows. Beck decided not to be self absorbed for once and she found out nearly everything. Joe must be really desperate/ obsessed to buy her "I love you too much so I cheated on you" excuse.
  8. waving feather

    S01.E08: You Got Me Babe

    The reason this show works is because both Joe and Beck are hot messes. If one of them is a "good guy", it would be boring to watch and we'd constantly feel bad for the good person. Now it's entertaining like a train wreck, since Beck has serious issues too. I didn't think Karen was being villainous in the scene at the end. This is exactly what Beck deserves. She did went behind her back and initiated most of the cheating (though Joe is equally responsible). Karen didn't go to confront Beck because she wants Joe back but she wants to put a seed of doubt in her mind and she succeeded. It is funny how she seems to know more about Candace than Beck. Shows how unaware Beck is of what's going on around her. No wonder people in her life manipulate her left and right. I believe even Joe said this episode how Beck doesn't notice him in the relationship. She didn't even notice when he had a head injury.
  9. waving feather

    S01.E08: You Got Me Babe

    Joe and Beck really deserve each other. They are both terrible people and worse, pretentious snobs. Looking down on people use "babe" and stickers on their pictures. Peach and Benji were exactly right when they said Beck uses people. She just wants Joe back to aid her writing process and she already used Peach's death for her writing fame less than a year after her friend died. And she's posing her dad is dead for sympathy points in her writing. Sheesh.
  10. waving feather

    S01.E07: Everythingship

    Peach proved to be glue of the girl group, no matter how much they disliked her. It really seems like after she's gone, the other three friends no longer hang out with each other. They were all merely her minions and their lives revolved around her. If Peach were around, she'd be able to convince Beck to come to her birthday party. Joe miscalculated badly by killing Peach off. He thought it would bring Beck and him closer but it is actually the opposite, because Beck used Joe as a break/refuge from Peach whenever Peach got too exhausting to handle from time to time. Now with that gone, Beck doesn't need Joe as her emotional support anymore and it's obvious that is all she uses him for. She doesn't admire him or even thinks he's hot.
  11. waving feather

    World Of Dance

    I wish that Derek hadn't asked about Charity's foot bandage and the judges hadn't went on about it because I want them to win or lose by their merit. I watched all the performances without the pre-performance package or the judges comments first so I had no idea she was even injured from their performance. The only difference is Andres was highlighted more in their routine. My favorite routine by them is still the one for the Cut, but this was still good. It's been said that they use too much acro in their routines but I don't think so. Their "pure dance" moments were just as fantastic. They are unlike that young ballroom acro couple who came back this year. C & A quality of movement is just a treat to watch for me, perfect combination of grace and strength. And I'm surprised none of the judges mentioned that they added ballroom steps in their routine. It was well done too. I think Kaycee is a better dancer than Sean. She is very talented. Sean's strength is more on choreography. Their routines, except for the Duel one, are all Nappytab-lite for me. I feel like I've seen so many similar routines on the old So You Think You Can Dance. Their Duel performance was iconic, though. I was hoping to see more of that from them, not the cutesy light bulb dance or the typical dancing in the rain. I think there was a team season one who did something similar before. The Lab are going to win this year, aren't they? They deserve it. They have been delivering clean and exciting routines consistently. Been a fan since last season. I wonder if Michael's routine would be as impressive without the special effects. He is an amazing dancer for sure but contemporary solos often look awkward and choppy to me. Still, he is interesting to watch. Was a big fan of Zack in SYTYCD but hated all of Ashley & Zack performances on this show. It's just a mess. He should come back as a tap dancer. He would do well.
  12. waving feather

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Bekah is approaching Ashley I's level of obnoxiousness and attention seeking. I'm not sure what those screenshots of DMs from Arie is supposed to prove, besides outing herself as an immature high schooler wannabe who has to show "receipts" for every gossip. I get it, Arie is a doofus with poor EQ and doesn't know what he wants but she's acting all melodramatic over him like he ran over her cat. Both Siene and Tia showed their disapproval of Arie without pulling childish stunts like Bekah. Sit down, kid. Yes, she IS a child not because she's 22 but because she acts like a brat since WTA. And anyone with a brain cell can tell the image she carefully "curated" for herself on the show is fake AF.
  13. waving feather

    S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    I'm gonna say it: I think Becca is quite an actress. I didn't think she looked that sad when Arie dumped her in the last episode. Just embarrassed. And she just wanted to make it work with Arie for Bachelor fame. It seems it worked in her favor as she gets to be the Bachelorette and now ready to "find love" again. Hey, it's all fair game, but I don't view her as a victim of big bad Arie.
  14. waving feather

    The Bachelor Season 22: Spoilers & Speculation

    It's more likely that if he wants to contact Lauren and want to win her back, he has to dump Becca on camera.
  15. waving feather

    The Bachelor Season 22: Spoilers & Speculation

    Same. I like both Becca and Lauren fine but neither has chemistry with Arie, so I wouldn't have tuned into this season if I didn't read the spoiler of a switcheroo. Ngl, that's how I usually decide if a season is worth tuning in--by RS spoilers. So I'm excited to see how it would all go down. Too bad Becca has to be humiliated but that's expected when going on this show. I don't think Lauren should be held responsible for her "pain". That's all on Arie. Even if she said no to Arie, would Arie stayed with Becca or would their relationship last? Heck no.
  16. waving feather

    S22.E10: Week 9

    Oh, okay. If we are talking about just on reality TV then sure... Bring on Clares or even Ashley Is. In that case, both Arie and Becca are "dull" as well because they seem pretty normal for reality TV standards.
  17. waving feather

    S22.E10: Week 9

    YMMV, but just because people are quiet doesn't mean they are dull. So, Lauren's family is quiet or quiet around a stranger like Arie or in this unusual situation but that doesn't mean they are dull. Some people just like to be chill and non dramatic.
  18. waving feather

    S22.E09: The Women Tell All

    I liked Bekah on the show but she thoroughly annoyed me on WTA. Her "I'm too mature for my age" act is annoying and she thinks she's the worldliest person in the room. I'm sorry, no matter how "mature" you are at 22, your view on life changes when you hit your late 20s. That's just natural and that's life and it's not a put down on her. For example, when she is near her 30s, she would probably start thinking whether she would want to be a "nanny" as a life career or whether going to a pot farm with friends is worthwhile activity. I would have respected her if she just owned being called young. Just say it's true that you have your fabulous youth to enjoy! But no, she has to be offended people brought up her age as a topic of conversation. I never felt defensive about my age when I was 22. I loved being young. Krsytal was sort of gross on the show with her baby voice and empty platitudes but seems...likable on WTA. She's finally using her authentic voice, which is attractive and even the audience can't seem to bring themselves to boo the "villain" of the show. She's fun and I liked her reaction to Caroline who was being such a drama queen to matters that doesn't affect her.
  19. waving feather

    The Bachelor Winter Games

    During the kissing contest, I remember one of the judges (Jo Jo, I believe) commented that she seemed more into him than he into her. Wow, she has great perception, considering she just saw them together for the first time.
  20. waving feather

    The Bachelor Winter Games

    Yuki is annoying and attention seeking. Why was she dramatically sobbing over people she just met a few days ago. My goodness!
  21. waving feather

    Boy Band

    I am not sure how many boys they started off with but I saw a pic on Michael's IG and Noah was with the BB boys.
  22. waving feather

    Boy Band

    Didn't Noah try out for BOY BAND? I think I saw a pic of him with the boy band contestants before top 20.
  23. waving feather

    Boy Band

    Finally some decent quality videos of their performances at Christmas tree lighting in Arizona: Eyes Closed - The choreo made me laugh and laugh but the boys try so hard. I'll Be Home - I like how joyful Sergio and Drew looked performing. Some interviews from the red carpet at AMAs: Afterbuzz TV - smart of them to whip out "I'll Be Home" a cappella whenever they can. Clevver News
  24. waving feather

    Boy Band

    Say NO to dancing, IRL! You aren't made for it. Some partial HQ live recorded videos of their performance at the Grove LA: I'll Be Home For Christmas (I'm glad they performed this Christmas song instead of their single Feel This Christmas because the latter is so bland.) Eyes Closed (It's nice that they had a live band behind them. They really should start investing in a backup band; it makes them look and sound more professional.) Drew's voice is still my favorite. :)
  25. waving feather

    Boy Band

    Exactly. Don't they have a PR person to guide them on making up fun standard answers? I'm sure all PR personnel have FAQs that can be shared with their artists to prep. Their image is kiddy, their interviews are dull, their vocals are just passable and their songs are generic. They have no chance unless they completely change things up.