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  1. I read a review that suggested this seems better as a comedy and fails at the more dramatic parts and I kind of agree
  2. What an odd show and kind of all over the map, but kind of endearing. The opening scene was comedy gold and the bowling alley dancing was a fun segment. A Swan Lake performance seems kind of an odd choice to foist on amateur dancers I don’t see this lasting long enough for a full season pickup sadly
  3. I’m about halfway through the first episode and there’s a lot I didn’t know about Ali’s early career. And I’m surprised how much they are ragging on the Nation of Islam, at least its early years
  4. Uncle Tunde’s pretend American accent to fool the Nigerian seller was pretty funny I was not expecting Abishola to be willing to let her son stay in Nigeria
  5. Tina going on overdrive to make the cupcakes was the funniest part of the episode
  6. Clearly they were concerned given Monica got moved to the Pentagon. But I guess most of them figured it wasn’t their business. I think maybe the secretary thought she had to do what her boss told her
  7. Something I forgot to post about earlier is that there was a #FindtheDoctor game for the fans that started a few weeks ago and had them find clues that were either part of a password for the /mystery website here https://www.doctorwho.tv/mystery or clues to other places to find more clues. In the end, some fans got into the website's code late last week and found the full password that allowed a jump to the end, 3 clues before we were supposed to apparently. What was found was a new promo picture of Jodie and a video that was a voice mail message from the Doctor (voiced by Jodie) to Yaz and th
  8. They are currently filming in Grange Gardens in Cardiff for Jodie's final special (set to include her regeneration) and Bradley Walsh has been spotted on set and photographed with John Bishop. Mandip and Jodie were spotted at some point as well. Here is Cultbox's writeup https://cultbox.co.uk/news/headlines/doctor-who-bbc-centenary-special-filming-in-grange-gardens-cardiff At the bottom of the article is a hard to see link of pictures of Mandip and Jodie filming with director Jamie Stone: https://wrp.huwevansimages.co.uk/events/18541
  9. David Tennant will be starring in the BBC limited series "Around the World in 80 Days". It will be shown later this Fall on BBC1 and PBS's Masterpiece in the US, along with broadcasters in other countries https://deadline.com/2021/09/around-the-world-in-80-days-trailer-interview-david-tennant-1234838249/
  10. It seems another post got lost in the ether, so I'll just repeat the high points. 80 minutes for each episode (at least through Episode 4) seems like too much I didn't feel sorry for Monica at all in this episode. She acted like so many people, especially women, do in affairs with married lovers and wait around for crumbs and a sign that the lover is paying attention. Plus, Monica apparently had previous affairs with a couple of married men, so she should have known better (but then so should Clinton). I think the actress is doing a good job of getting across Monica's hopeless and na
  11. Pretty good stories overall and nice nods to the original show at the end, plus we learned an interesting thing about Elena in regards to her taking over the island
  12. This looks quite interesting and getting Brandy and Eve seems to be a pretty good get (I don't know the other two ladies). I'll at least tune in to see how it goes
  13. I admit, I still can't tell the difference between Wallabies and Kangaroos, at least if they aren't lined up side by side
  14. I think I finished with Episode 3 or thereabouts and besides never seeing the suspect questioned, the difficulty of holding or charging the guy is one of the things that bugged me the most. The Danes seem to be a bit tough about this sort of thing but as an American, I think it's better to hold a potentially violent suspect for at least through enough of an investigation to determine the facts, and possibly charge them too, and then have the right to upgrade the charges as new facts are uncovered. But I guess with the Danish way, a lot of innocent people aren't held in jail or custody for very
  15. I watch a lot of these Zoo programs, so I have seen a baby Sloth on them a few times. Sloths in general are kind of cute in their general weirdness, but those claws that they hang with give me pause. I already watched this season via Discovery+, but I find I'm enjoying watching it again on TV
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