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  1. I read an article from the 90s (either posted here or was a link in a link) where a reporter interviewed Betty several times and she seemed to indicate she was content in prison. I find that hard to believe given the reported tough rules and arbitrary changes the prison instituted per the article, plus the reporter implied Betty may have been lying to him on several occasions and she complained to him several times about the rules. However it was reported that Betty was mostly well behaved so maybe she is happy. Maybe she was angry at Dan not for his controlling behavior but because she couldn’t get him to come back to her. There was a boyfriend mentioned in the article that wasn’t behaving too well (while she was in prison) and Betty’s disappointment in him made me fear a bit for his life
  2. I suppose I meant usual conman/bad boy story and not huge headlines (and not a well known story to me) like the Broderick story. As I said before, I was pretty aware of this story when it happened. I had an instant interest when the season’s topic was announced Back on topic, I didn’t realize Dan could continue to find a way to mess with the monthly alimony, which was probably an impetus to Betty getting a gun, but here too, retaining a lawyer would have helped protect her
  3. Damn, all that "not my fault" whining and crying from 9 years ago reminded me of her similar antics nearly 30 years ago
  4. I didn't watch last season because the more generic story didn't particularly interest me, but this season has me riveted. I was in my mid-20s when the murder and trials happened and kind of followed the story after that. I didn't really delve too much into the backstory at the time, but I recall Betty's histrionics in media interviews and at the trials. This season and various comments here have taught me much more about the backstory than I bothered to learn at the time. The whole thing is sad, sad for the various families (hers, Dan's and Linda's) and particularly the kids. I hope Betty got at least some mental health counseling, but her latest "It wasn't my fault" screed at her last parole hearing suggests she's still delusional and considers herself blameless. I hope she eventually finds some peace (though maybe she did once she killed Dan and Linda). I think Betty, Dan and Linda pushed each other to the limit and all three had a hand in things going off the cliff, but just to be clear, that doesn't mean Betty had any right to kill Dan and Linda. If she were ever paroled, I'm not entirely convinced she wouldn't make someone's life miserable Buying the gun just screams intent to me, but sometimes you can't get everyone on a jury to agree. Even if she was afraid that Dan would keep screwing her over even after the settlement (which, let's be real, he might have), she could have gotten a lawyer to protect her. But for some reason, she just couldn't cooperate long enough to keep one to do the work for her.
  5. This definitely was a sad episode because Betty got crushed in the settlement decision and her parents refused to come be with her. Betty should have had a lawyer for the hearing and she seemed pretty lost at times, but she seemed to kick a little ass at times, as Dan’s lawyer seemed to acknowledge, unless I misunderstood that She didn’t actually owe that 700k to anyone did she? Or did it just get deducted from her lump sum leaving her a few thousand? She still gets 16k a month, so that’s not bad I too don’t get how she could legally buy a gun with all the stuff that happened
  6. https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/a33010218/doctor-who-pearl-mackie-bisexual-pride/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_content=socialflow&utm_campaign=TVTWitterpost&utm_medium=social Doctor Who's Pearl Mackie, who played Bill Potts in Series 10, has come out as bisexual
  7. Any idea how many episodes left for this season?
  8. The dragon fire seemed really potentially dangerous to me, even more than getting slammed into poles. As an older person, I cringe at all the contestants getting slammed by doors, poles and windmills. That has to be tough on the joints, even for younger people
  9. Betty was one of many women who were of a time where they were dependent on the man in the marriage and had no work history of their own. She and Dan had also made it into the rich people's club and she was so used to a certain lifestyle that she couldn't give it up. But she was clearly mentally ill or on the verge that she went over the top in either trying to keep her marriage together or sticking it to Dan and Linda. Dan was just as bad with his vengefulness in not giving Betty the money or understanding she deserved. Like many posters have said, they were both bad, bad people and the separation and divorce brought out the worst in them. Linda should have permanently headed for the hills instead of getting entangled in that mess I kind of wonder what would have finally happened in this ongoing fight if Betty hadn't ended it with killing Dan and Linda. They probably would be fighting to this day
  10. I know right? I kept noticing how awful his beard was in previous episodes and his whole face looked awful in this episode Another one who loved the opening credits. I like how creative they are being in their last season and doing some off the wall stuff
  11. Betty may have become a double murderer, but both she and Dan seemed to be psychopaths of some variation. Dan just didn't live to further show how nuts he was Is Betty getting any psychiatric treatment while in jail?
  12. HBO Max hosted a virtual panel with current and past Doctors Jodie Whittaker, David Tennant and Matt Smith to celebrate HBO Max streaming Doctor Who in the US http://thefutoncritic.com/video/2020/06/24/video-doctors-jodie-whittaker-matt-smith-and-david-tennant-come-together-for-the-first-time-for-a-virtual-doctor-who-panel-27313/20200624warnermedia01/
  13. I still marvel that this show got 4 seasons after it went so off the rails in Season 2. I bailed sometime during Season 3 In the end, I think it's pretty clear, at least to me, that the change in showrunners caused a lot of the problems. Goffman seemed more interested in a family drama than a Scifi/fantasy show and sidelined everyone that wasn't part of his vision. He didn't seem to care at all for Crane and Abbey's great chemistry. Not to mention being insensitive/clueless to how they treated the Black actors/characters. Of course, the show was rebooted in Season 4 with the move to DC, but it also was rebooted early on in the second season, with the gang defeating Moloch, who up til then was the central premise of the show. When you have a team take over a Scifi show who aren't really interested in Scifi, you create a pretty muddled show
  14. David Tennent and Jodie Whittaker were guests on The James Corden Show via video to talk about Doctor Who ETA: Corden then had a segment where some fans participated in a cosplay competition where Jodie and David, in their original Who costumes, judged https://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2020/06/watch-david-tennant-and-jodie-whittaker-don-doctor-who-costumes-to-judge-james-cordens-cosplay-contest
  15. https://cultbox.co.uk/news/jodie-whittaker-thanks-fans-for-sign-language-version-of-her-song-yellow Cultbox has a nice article on a group of fans doing a sign language version of Jodie’s cover of Yellow (not sure the date they released the video) to benefit Mencap, a charity that helps people with intellectual disabilities and one that Jodie is an ambassador for. Both Jodie’s brother (whose son Harry had Downs Syndrome and died when he was 3) and Jodie recently thanked the fans for their efforts. The article contains the fan video and Mr. Whittaker’s Tweet that included Jodie’s video thanks. Jodie had dedicated Yellow to Harry
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