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  1. Good episode overall, though I think we could have done without a 4th story (Sean's). I guess we didn't find out who is currently picking up Henry's checks in that post office box; I wonder if we ever will. The story of the dead woman's conspiracy ranting Dad was sad; he just couldn't accept that she was dead. There are way too many of these conspiracy nuts in real life and too many harass the survivors Also, Abigail probably should go back to being a full on detective. I don't understand why a detective would be used as a glorified receptionist and assistant to the Commissioner
  2. The finale on guns was both enlightening and quite sad. So much death. It’s really disheartening that the Mexican government had to back down from arresting El Chapo’s son because the cartel had more firepower and was only too willing to cause a lot of destruction and death. That doesn’t bode well for their future
  3. I’m very surprised Rachel didn’t lead with The NY Times report instead of the interview with Dr. Fauci, unless he was live and they couldn’t delay it. That...was something Good interview with Fauci, and he’s clearly, clearly happier right now. Lots of good info and just good plain talk. He seems reluctant and yet happy to twist the knife into Trump and his administration. He at least survived the era intact and didn’t feel forced to retire like Dr. Birx
  4. Several 7-day ratings for the week of December 28 to January 3 were updated. The special got 6.364 million viewers, slightly higher than initial figures. It remained 10th on the weekly chart
  5. Per Cultbox, more Weeping Angel filming https://cultbox.co.uk/news/doctor-who-series-13-block-1-of-filming-continues-with-a-familiar-foe In case anyone is curious about the length of Series 13 filming, fans have estimated that with Covid protocols, the usual 3 or so weeks of filming per episode is now likely taking 5-6 weeks per episode
  6. DanaK

    S06.E06: Biscuit

    Good, crazy episode. I thought for sure Dina would reveal she was in on trashing the store to fool Glen into making her co-manager
  7. It was nice to see Stephen happy about the news. He himself has said Trump has made him so angry
  8. To add to my previous thought, I think they can improve the show by having Kyra's character teach in a way that adds some craziness. They at least are going to have her tutor some people or whatever she signed up for, so that's a start. It just feels like the show needs a bit more than what we are getting. I do like her budding friendship/relationship with the Aussie guy And I'd like to know how the 2 kids managed to end up in exactly the same area in the big city after coming from Iowa
  9. The second. And I too adored The Neighbors after the not quite funny pilot. I stuck with it because I loved the premise. There’s a germ of a possibly good show here
  10. Somewhat better than the pilot, but I think Kyra could have chosen a better project
  11. The Flash premiere is scheduled for March 2 at 8pm ET
  12. More info from Cultbox on what Bishop said in his Q&A and the purported actor playing his dad https://cultbox.co.uk/news/doctor-who-series-13-new-information-from-john-bishop
  13. A supposed tidbit from John Bishop about the first episode There is supposedly video of the Q&A, but it’s not being shared at this time
  14. I thought Sonny and the nurse had nice chemistry (not in a romantic sense)
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