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  1. DanaK

    SEAL Team

    Deadline is reporting that it looks like the show will be renewed and go to Paramount+ (along with Clarice), with the first few episodes of the new season being shown on CBS before going fully to P+. The deals are still being finalized https://deadline.com/2021/05/seal-team-clarice-move-cbs-paramount-plus-season-5-season-2-network-sendoff-david-boreanaz-1234754114/
  2. I always find the girl gang sketches a laugh riot. Pretty good show overall. I think the intro with the cast credits is too long though. I find I really enjoy the bloopers at the end
  3. Good interview with the executive producer on the season finale and the show in general https://deadline.com/2021/05/blue-bloods-spoilers-recap-season-finale-tom-selleck-kevin-wade-interview-cbs-1234756119/
  4. I have only bought new cars, gone into the dealer knowing what I wanted (my parents helped me through it for my first car) and had my own financing set beforehand (the dealer really pushes hard for you to take their financing). People really have to watch out for themselves when buying cars, used or new, and using financing, and the episode was a really good illustration of all that. Riley and Al didn’t help themselves though with their inflated I-know-better attitude
  5. Fantastic 2 hour finale. Very, very different from the usual episode. Given it was one story, I can see why they played the 2 episodes together. A TV critic called it a tense finale, playing like a 2 hour movie, and he was right I'm a little confused who the guy was who attacked Joe and the other guy at the motel and Joe shot him in the knees. Wasn’t he a Georgia cop or ATF guy that Erin interacted with a couple of times earlier?
  6. Sad at it being the end, but yeah, it was starting to run out of runway and it was time. I can’t help but feel the writers sensed it with that finale that had so many things happen at the end
  7. Sad to hear. The ratings weren’t solid but like others said, it was a sweet show. Gary Cole made for a great grandpa in spite of his character’s flaws
  8. I think it's for the best. I kind of liked it but it just didn't fully gel for me. I never understood why both kids ended up in the same place far from home
  9. Renewed! https://www.givememyremote.com/remote/2021/05/14/abc-renews-the-rookie-a-million-little-things-the-goldbergs-and-more/
  10. Renewed! https://www.givememyremote.com/remote/2021/05/14/abc-renews-the-rookie-a-million-little-things-the-goldbergs-and-more/
  11. That there shows how much this show has evolved from focusing on Anna Faris and her mom and kids to focusing on the women in the support group
  12. Did it seem like they forgot Dre was leaving or thinking of leaving his firm? I thought he had actually made a deal with a new employer, but he was right back at the same firm like nothing happened
  13. Yeah, it's time. 8 seasons is a very good run for most shows (I think most scripted shows shouldn't last more than 7 seasons) and it feels like a good time to end
  14. I got the feeling his dad didn't understand the financial stuff too well either
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