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  1. Sharpie66


    Paul Ritter, who played Dyatlov, just died at age 54 from a brain tumor.
  2. I recently subscribed to American Scandal, another Wondery production. They just finished their latest scandal, Bernie Madoff, and announced the next will be McCarthy. I like the range of topics, from the Unabomber to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. They even have a single episode on the Comiskey Park Disco Demolition fiasco, which as a Chicagoan of a certain age, I really loved listening to! They usually cover the topic over five to eight episodes, with the final one being an in-depth interview with an expert on the topic.
  3. Sherwin-Williams had a report on the dangers of lead in paint in 1904, so it was definitely known in the industry. In the book The Poisoner’s Handbook (highly recommended!), there’s a chapter on the origins of leaded gasoline and the controversy since it was introduced to reduce engine knock. In the early 1920s, the creator of leaded gasoline did a demonstration for the press over how very safe it was, even dipping his hands in the gas. He ended up on extended medical leave from the gas company to recover from the exposure, but they still managed to get its use okayed for decades. The New
  4. I just looked up the show at PBS Access, and they have all seven episodes available! The question is, “To binge or not to binge?”
  5. Even Tristan showed veterinary competence when he was the one who figured out the lead poisoning as soon as he saw the board, but left James to take credit for the diagnosis.
  6. This was my favorite episode so far! Feckless Tristan, wonderfully supportive Mrs. Hall, little touches of Helen/James, Hugh sticking up for Siegfried until he hears about his own horse, competent James who suffers over the darker aspects of his profession, and Seigfried with that backstory anecdote about WWI and then fully backing James after the autopsy. I teared up with James both after he put down the horse and then after he was validated. Oh, and Sexy Siegfried’s sexiness doubled once he put on that bowler! I normally don’t find those attractive (they usually bring to mind Monty Pyt
  7. Excellent second episode! Even though I’m listening to the audiobook, I still thought that they had done a rewrite and had Tristan pass his exams, he was so believable. I really like his bonding with James over their issues with Seigfried. “What the Devil happened to my car?! Tristan!! HERRIOT!!!” Heh. Also liked how Tristan knew that James had passed his exams first time around—yes, he might make mistakes, but James is a smart guy. In the book, he does go into how transitional veterinary medicine was in the 1930s. James’s mum mentions in the first episode that the motor vehicle has gotte
  8. I just downloaded the audiobook for the first Herriot book and started listening tonight. Seigfried is definitely different in the book, but he is a ladies man, so Sexy Seigfried works for me. The book begins with the calf’s delivery, but is complicated by the addition of a doubting Yorkshire uncle of the cow’s owner adding dire predictions since James isn’t as experienced as the Yorkshireman’s hometown vet. I haven’t reread the books in nearly 40 years, so this should be a treat.
  9. According to this, UK vets couldn’t use “Doctor” until 2015. https://www.rcvs.org.uk/news-and-views/news/uk-veterinary-surgeons-to-use-courtesy-doctor-title/
  10. Just finished watching, and it was everything I was hoping it would be! I loved the books when I read them as a kid in the ‘70s, and I have fond memories of that original adaptation. When I saw the trailer for this version, I thought it looked charming, and it really was. The performances overall were very good indeed, especially James and Mrs. Hall. Both the scenery and the animals look wonderful.
  11. Rachel’s story on the polio vaccine and the push for acceptance brought back my memory of that sugar cube. I was born in 1966, so I am guessing we had herd immunity and they were in no rush to give us the vaccine, so I didn’t get it until first grade, in school. Or maybe there was a minimum age? I’m not sure. I also remember getting another, this time injected, vaccine at another time but in the same school, but I don’t know for what (smallpox, maybe?).
  12. A few seasons ago, Paul was handing out handshakes willy-nilly, so I think he has been very parsimonious with them since.
  13. You can freeze heavy cream in ice cube trays.
  14. Just finished today’s finale. One fewer persons on the podium—Sam Bennett is both the green jersey winner and the stage winner! Everything else was as I previewed. At least NBCSN has finally realized that we want to see the awards ceremony. A few years ago, they just briefly showed the three top GC people on the podium. Roglic’s son was freakin’ adorable in his daddy’s arms on that podium.
  15. Bunga Bunga is halfway through now, and it is just as good as I had thought it would be. Not just informative, but entertaining and even funny (the host’s reaction to a Let’s Sing Praises to Berlusconi video is hilarious—basically, “I have never seen so many big breasts in my life!”). Mostly, though, it is infuriating to hear the level of corruption around the man for decades.
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