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  1. Those marble races reminds me of snowboard cross, which I fell in love with during the 2014 Olympics. Of course, people are better than round balls, so no competition there, but I do get the appeal.
  2. Pandemic expert compares Contagion to Covid19:
  3. The Republicans have wanted to privatize the US mail for decades. What I don’t understand is why the vote for that bill was bipartisan. I ordered my sheet of stamps just for the And Now..A Stamp one.
  4. Hello! Finally got caught up. Totals: 2,3,4,3*,3,4*
  5. I’ve never heard of milles bornes before this, either. Is it a board game or a card game? The game we played as a kid that involved triumphant yelling was “Pit,” which was a card-based takeoff on stock floor trading. Iirc, you got to hit the bell when you got a winning hand. The other big card game was Uno, which was first marketed in my home town of Joliet and became big there before almost anywhere else. We even had the first international Uno tournament in Joliet in the late ‘70s—me, my best friend and assorted family members all competed in it.
  6. They kept that press conference on for an hour, so I don’t think they are paying attention to Rachel. Joy made a similar plea over the weekend.
  7. I am supposed to be visiting Mom and bro in Tampa right now, but that’s cancelled. Took me forever to find the right contact number for Orbitz (note to self: google that s**t early!), but finally got it done three days before departure. I was going to have American hang onto the fare as a credit, which they are doing for everyone, but that only lasts through the one-year anniversary of booking, and who knows if I’ll be able to fly by years end. So, luckily I had travel insurance and am going to file my claim tomorrow. I could use the money in my savings account. Browncoat, where in Scotland were you going to go? I am hoping that will be my next trip abroad, some year soon. We were there in 2012, but blew through it pretty quickly, and I want to spend a whole week in the Highlands instead of one day, as well as return to Orkney, which I looooved so much. I would seriously consider retiring there if I could!
  8. I did okay of TS, getting lobster, Nelson, Vt and NY, FL, and claw (thanks to a Doctor Who episode), but messed up on FJ, guessing Soap.
  9. Here in Chicagoland, the mid-afternoon broadcasts this past week have overlapped with the governor’s press conferences, so I either lose part if the beginning round, or the show entirely, which is what happened on Friday. Thank goodness for the Jeopardy archive site!
  10. Watching the last quarter of Wait Until Dark now. Alan Arkin is sooooo delightfully evil!! “Now all the children have gone to bed, we can talk.” And the way he just flutters that scarf around her head is so creepy.
  11. For some reason, I was getting hung up on Caribbean island nations, trying to figure out if we had any that we gave up at some point. I never even made it to the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t take notes on TS like I usually do, due to an armful of cat. I did get reason, Oklahoma, and telegraph.
  12. Quick beam, does Milwaukee still broadcast the show at 3:00? I was at Marquette when the show returned in ‘84, and that timing meant I could only watch on Tuesdays and Thursdays (I had band practice the other three days).
  13. If you mean why there was such a jump in the death stats today, I gathered that there was a big jump in the infection rate several weeks ago, just before they shut everything down. But, no, they don’t seem to know for sure why it zoomed upwards today.
  14. Chicago missed out on most of the first round due to Gov. Pritzker’s press conference, but I did tune in right before the Arizona TS. I got Arizona, Bag End, Dresden, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, and FJ-1992. My favorite podcaster is a huuuuge Dresden Files fan, so even though I haven’t yet read the first six e-books of the series I bought on sale, I knew it right away.
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