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  1. Antiques Road Show has announced that this year's tour has been postponed. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/ontour/
  2. Daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter were supposed to fly to Kansas to visit her father, and then come here a week later to visit me, but that's not happening. They were to leave on April 4 and go home from here April 18. Instead, they are both working from home, and granddaughter is home as their schools have closed. They live in the UK, in Bournemouth. I got to spend a few days in Scotland a few years ago. We went to the Gathering in Braemar, and then spent a few days in Edinburgh. Really good time!
  3. The Progressive karaoke commercial with the obnoxious voiced woman is the worst ever!
  4. Harvard, 1636, Yale 1701, but no mention of William & Mary, chartered 1693 by King William and Queen Mary. Darts! LOL! Must be fate. I recognized Menzies, but not Graham (McTavish). Edited to add, I thought Brianna should have made it clear to Roger that she overheard during the wedding celebration about Bonnett’s still being alive. The way she said it sounded like someone told her directly.
  5. Week 28: 3/5 1* YTD: 75/140 9*
  6. Kevin didn't go to California and need an assistant, so Kate didn't go to California either. Thus she wouldn't have met Toby. Randall didn't go to the same school as Beth in one scenario or at least didn't meet her and immediately be smitten as he was in his "real life." I seriously wanted Rebecca to tell Randall that she'd think about it and talk it over with Miguel, rather that just cave and say she'd do it.
  7. I said Stone Cold Pilots! Yes, Sid's story was very amusing! I was glad he won, and Jessica was out.
  8. My understanding is that other shelters were not diocese related shelters, but run by other groups/non-profits.
  9. Yes, overall I liked the episode, but the dick-and-debbie-downer attitudes were a bit much. How do you know (be certain) something won't work unless you give it a try? Nice for Bishop Finer to reconsider the grant for the other program. Can't see that working in real life, but for tv, I'll handwave.
  10. The Death Valley Days episode, Hugh Glass Meets the Bear, was on recently. The movie, The Revenant also told the Hugh Glass story, They were very different takes on the same man's story.
  11. Week 27: 3/5 YTD: 72/135 8*
  12. It was the Red Band Society. From Wikipedia:,"the series focuses on a group of teenagers living together as patients in a hospital's pediatric ward." Spencer and Annable were in the main cast; Moore was a recurring cast member. Yes! Yeah, there have been several examples of how poorly Kevin treated Randall when they were growing up. Randall clearly still has "issues" that need to be addressed. Overall I think he's a good man with good intentions, but his "mental illness" keeps winning out over the kind or rational choices that he could/should be making.
  13. Just read that due to covid-19, Jeopardy, among others, will be taped without a studio audience. Reasons include Trebek' s compromised immune system, audience is older, and are often tourists who have flown to California. Snap! Driad!
  14. A family member and her husband, both UK citizens who live in England, had a two-year old placed with them for adoption. The child was removed from the home around 6 weeks old, and was with foster parents until she was two. So I can see why Catherine was afraid he'd go in the system; it can take time before a child can be placed with adoptive parents, and being in law enforcement, she'd likely know how it would work. Just finished Series 2, which I liked every bit as much as Series 1.
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