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  1. Still, 6 hours work! We used to have DirectTV, had to switch to cable due to a line of sight satellite issue. But that’s a whole other story.
  2. Regarding "troth," it was used in traditional wedding vows. When I was planning my wedding in 1989, I was researching vows. I'd heard Pledge thee my troth before, but didn't really know what is meant. It boils down to promising to be faithful. We used Church of Canada vows. We were married in the First Presbyterian Church in Old Cowtown, Wichita, by a Presbyterian minister. DH was Episcopalian, and I was Presbyterian. Our minister had to agree to use the Church of Canada vows. "I take you to be my wife/husband; to laugh with you in joy; to grieve with you in sorrow; to grow with you in love; and to be faithful to you alone as long as we both shall live."
  3. I hadn’t heard the Oliver’s story line will be ongoing. I was worried about the caller hanging up. I like Katie’s home business, but I want her hair pulled back when’s she making lasagne. Also with Anna-Kat; she should have washed her hands before grabbing a handful of cheese to put on the lasagne. Oh Trip! Trust exercise! Never change!
  4. I despise the Unstoppable commercial with the older woman with the slicked back pale blond hair who goes into ecstasy at the fresh scent. Weird new age music too.
  5. Is anyone else seeing the gross ear wax ad that's showing up on here? Why would they think something that gross would sell their product, whatever it is?
  6. Very interesting! Thanks for the link!
  7. I saw the tickets announcement on my PBS station during the holidays. I just now went to the site and registered for Williamsburg. I have no idea what I'll bring if I get tickets. We went to Des Moines in 2000 and brought a china clock and a cookie jar, and my husband brought a silver plated inkwell and (if I remember correctly) another silver inkwell. Nothing was worth much, but we had a great time. We learned a little about the items. At that time, each ticket holder could bring two items. A guy in line with us brought some dolls that his grandmother owned. We're in a couple of frames near the end of the broadcast.
  8. Overall, I liked the episode. However, Miles confronting his father's friend sounded like an accusation and annoyed me. You don't just blurt out, "I know you're behind the God Account" with basically no proof, just a hunch you have.
  9. I thought that too. I got Lawrence Welk. My Mom was young when he was starting out. Mom got to go hear/see him & his band in some of the Midwest (Kansas, Nebraska) dance halls. She and Dad always watched his TV show. Happy Ken won, sad it’s over.
  10. Cracker Barrel serves a Marion Blackberry jam that's really good. I didn't realize they were also called Marionberries, though.
  11. No, it wasn't. There were some plants mentioned, and one of them was a variety called Crystal Palace. I learned about the Crystal Palace on the "Victoria" series shown on PBS, in the episodes that covered the creation and opening of the Great Exhibition in 1851.
  12. Well, the title is Carol’s Second Act. Wouldn’t be much of a show without her. I like the rest of the ensemble characters, and I think they all work well together. Doesn’t Carol have another child? I seem to remember her mentioning two children, but I’m not sure. I could use less time on the pharma rep daughter, but her “date” didn’t work well, so maybe we’ll see less of her. Love Nurse Dennis!
  13. Friday January 10 Category: His Own Museum, $1,200 clue A museum devoted to this scientist and inventor is housed in what was originally the Tuskegee campus laundry. Fun fact: he lived for a brief time in Minneapolis, Kansas, where I graduated high school several decades later.
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