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  1. FJ was an instaget for Mr. Zoey. He's very knowledgeable about Presidents, VPs, etc. I on the other hand figured out the year and still couldn't come up with it. I like Jennifer, but it still seems like there are some extra-long pauses when she's choosing a category. Only one ungiven answer in Round 1, but four in Double J! Don't know if it was the pauses or something else that slowed them so much.
  2. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that a question in Famous Novels was not something written by a man! Has that ever happened before? ☺️
  3. I saw the movie today. Recommend, and she was very good!
  4. Week 12 1/5, 0* YTD: 30/60, 5*
  5. Somebody remind me why this is the senator's nickname, please? TIA!
  6. My dad had a major stroke nearly 30 years ago. He spent a couple of weeks in the hospital while they waited for an opening at the recommended rehab facility. He was retired, but he got physical therapy plus training so he could take care of himself when he was released. He was in the rehab facility for about 6 weeks. That's what Dottie needs, just for a few weeks.
  7. Week 11 3/5, 1* YTD: 29/55, 5*
  8. I liked this episode. I'm starting to learn more of the characters names and quirks. Carol and Phyllis were good together. Deciding when to retire and what to do when you do retire is a quandary and it's easy to second-guess whether it was the best decision or not, so I enjoyed that aspect. Any scene is made better by Nurse Dennis being in it.
  9. Mr. Zoey knows a lot about presidential matters, so when he said Sherman, I went with that. Yes, when I see a question where a person is asked for, I always try to think of a name. I don't know if Lot's wife is named, though. I liked Elise's clothes today, too. I wouldn't feel comfortable in a bright print like that, but she looks great in them.
  10. Well, maybe you could... Actually though, I did get them all right.
  11. I loved the Disney on Broadway category, even though it was ridiculously easy. And yay! Two FJ' s in a row this week, so good for me! I am starting to feel smarter again after the ToC.
  12. Re:Jack’s first avocado from Gregory, Kate cut the avocado, so to me, she gave permission to Gregory to give it to Jack, rather than try the banana he’d rejected earlier.
  13. I was freaking out at baby Jack and the Pilgrim Rick hat, and some of the others with the hat. I remember the Thanksgiving where there was conflict over who should wear the hat, and they were insistent that Miguel shouldn't wear it, because it was Jack's.
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