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  1. The station that carries Jeopardy! here shows reruns of past episodes on Saturday when they aren't showing a sports event. Last night, they showed an episode with Alex Trebek, which was bittersweet. Nice to see Alex some more, but also sad that he's gone.
  2. I should have phrased that differently. In his first week as guest host, I thought he did a credible job, and I’m looking forward to more of his guest host episodes.
  3. Like some others, I knew Queen Elizabeth II had met JFK due to The Crown episode. And I don't know why, but I thought she'd met Nixon. So that left LBJ. My one correct FJ for the week! I've never seen Grimm nor Arrow, and never heard of Ted Lasso. I was surprised no one guessed rattlesnakes. Overall, I think Ken Jennings did a credible job as guest host.
  4. Interesting roster of guest hosts. I’m familiar with Whitaker because I always watch 60 minutes. On air, I’ve liked Katie Couric. I know a lot of celebs have different public and private personas, but doesn’t generally (with a few exceptions) cause me to dislike them on-air. I’ve never noticed Ken Jennings having a lisp. Then, I almost never notice vocal fry either.
  5. I’m the opposite - I’d watch Austin and skip James! Instead of Delta, I thought Memphis.
  6. One of my days out in England, July-August 2019, was to Brownsea Island. We stopped for refreshments, and there were peacocks who came right up to us and other families there. Quite beautiful. Brownsea Island is also home to red squirrels. We saw only one, but my family has seen more at other times.
  7. I just looked at the episode list, and didn’t see Gayle King listed in any earlier episodes. We watched it last night; interesting. I was surprised that Gayle was so surprised at her White/European portion of her DNA. Her skin tone is on the lighter side, and many Black/African Americans have at least a portion of White/European background. I’ve also learned since living in Virginia that a number of free Blacks owned other Black people, often due to family connections. Those who were free would purchase their relatives with the end result that they would free them. I was unfamiliar with Issa Ray, but knew a bit about Jordan Peele. Liked to learn a bit more.
  8. I thought her hair demonstrated/symbolized the difficulties she was having following Mitch's death. I remember criticizing Ann's hair in One Day at a Time (the original) in the episodes when she was dealing with The Runaways (Julie & Chuck). My friend commented that it was probably more realistic because Ann was so upset and worried.
  9. Glad to see this forum! I don’t know why I never watched this first time. Liked this first episode!
  10. Since there were some posts on the topic, I just have to say how much easier things were before everything was on computer. Yes, some things were a pain to file, store, and find, but with a decent home filing system, the marriage certificate could have been much easier to find. Though things like that that I've scanned, I've always filed the original somewhere. My dad had a nephew who was an attorney, and he took care of a lot of Mom and Dad's legal stuff when they each died. I'm sure it'll be much more difficult for my daughter when my husband and I die. We have a will and some basic instruction, but there's really a whole lot more we need to do.
  11. Week 17: 2/5, 1* YTD: 38/85 seven*
  12. That last montage was fun and heart-rending. And that “See you next week.” We’ll miss Alex so much. RIP.
  13. Yes, that’s it! Thank you!
  14. There was a TV show in the 2012? season that had Manny Petty's House of Mani-Pedis. Wish I could remember or find what that was! Yeah, funny! I'm a sucker for Ted Danson. The only show of his that I didn't watch much was Becker.
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