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  1. Week 35: 4/5 no * YTD: 79/175 thirteen* I would blame missing Friday’s FJ on the tooth extraction I had earlier in the day, but the truth is, I had no idea.
  2. No, it shouldn’t be renewed. It’s already scraping the bottom of the barrel for plots & characterization; it deserves to be put out of its misery (as does the audience.) Now whether or not it is renewed is still up in the air. I’ve agreed with the criticisms of hair and fashion. It has very little to do with what was being worn in the late 80’s. My daughter graduated high school in 1989, and what was worn at the time was very different.
  3. I will be watching new seasons. I don’t plan to rewatch season 1, but I’m planning to enjoy the story as it continues.
  4. I usually watch The Conners, though I wonder why I do. Anyway, saw the episode last night. Jackie does poorly, in the red for FJ. Aaron Rodgers was fine, like his guest host appearance. They showed the FJ category, something about cats, but we didn’t see the clue.
  5. I thought so too! Ben would be better off if he cut off his relationship with Darlene; she’s never relatable/likable. Why are they together at all? I never miss Jeopardy! and thought Rodgers was good as host. That said, why couldn’t the writers give Jackie a win, even if it was third place. I also wanted to see the cat question!
  6. Anyone else remember Oshkosh b’gosh, adverts from years ago? I remember one of my grandpas wore Oshkosh overalls. Anyway, that’s how I came up with Wisconsin.
  7. Did they know FDR & SS were there? While FDR may have been enamored with Martha, I have seen no evidence that it was reciprocated IRL. She may have felt grateful, and friendship, but only platonic. I think the writers had enough for a compelling show without the soapy components. I would have preferred it without many of the fictional situations.
  8. Lovely tribute. My hope is that someday, all pet animals will be loved and cared for all of their lives.
  9. It's available now on Tubi! I started watching last night. I'd seen a few episodes, but not the entire series, and had been looking for it for a while.
  10. Week 34: 3/5 no * YTD: 75/170 thirteen*
  11. So I’m thinking, suppose Ronald is parked/camped on the Kleinsasser land, they discover him, and it blows up all over, with everyone ending up dead/severely injured/in jail. What a mess that would be. And no more far-fetched than some of the plot we’ve seen so far. Liked that Jerrie is given something to do. I was hoping that Margaret would nail Horst’s carcass to the wall using a nail gun. He deserves some sort of grisly death.
  12. Thanks! I was sure I saw it spelled with a C. Now, what is 90DF? Liked the time/era grooms. They were all good. Lower drama, but still there. Mr. Zoey manages to stay happily ignorant of most pop culture celebs, etc. He’ll sometimes hear a reference and claim he’s never heard of whoever. It isn’t important to him, so he doesn’t retain it. Ask him anything about Presidential or other governmental history, and he’s your man.
  13. Who the heck is Cia; what is she known for? I tried to google, but it keeps giving me CIA references! Celeb grooms were fun. More later…
  14. With the glitches and downtime with primetime upgrade, etc. I’d like to exchange email addresses or some other way to stay in touch with a couple of primetimers when forums are down. If anyone’s interested, send me a pm, please.
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