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  1. I can stand Matt Amodio; however, there are a greater number of things about him than usual that I find annoying or irritating. 1) What’s 2) His flat affect 3) Runaway games 4) Pattern of picking high-dollar clues first, and bouncing around the board As well as other things, but I won’t pick it all apart. There are also things that are endearing, such as him usually being a good sport, and friendly exchanges with the other contestants. Overall not a favorite player, but not the worst either.
  2. I've read the article, and can't find the references to her Jeopardy! wardrobe. It's all about her life, how she started acting, her marriage and philosophy of raising children, etc. The link is to a long article in "The List." What am I missing? TIA!
  3. OK, I watched all of the episodes. Cheesy jokes? Check! Silly puns? Check! Dad jokes? Check! Gorgeous scenery? Check! Photogenic wild animals? Check! Kittens in a box - oh wait - domestic kittens? Check! I enjoyed this silly, cheesy, show. Great to see wild animals up close. And the scenery? Amazing. Not a bad way to spend eight hours over the summer, when nearly everything else was re-runs or inane "romance" shows.
  4. The remaining six episodes with Helen Mirren narrating.
  5. Saber, started out in Decatur, IL, then moved to Canton for about a year, where I attended Spoon River Community College. Then back to Decatur until we moved back to Kansas. First husband was in the Navy, on a nuclear submarine; when he got out after six years, he got the job offer from Illinois power to work on their nuclear power plant near Clinton. He worked on a retrofitting project at Havana IL, then back to Clinton. I married very young the first time, and my daughter was born less than a year later, so my background and motivation was different than yours, but we are kindred
  6. Category was "The First Name Their Mom Chose" and the clue was "Frontiersman Kit Carson & actor Kit Harington"
  7. I started as a feminist and member of NOW (National Organization for Women) in the early 1970s living in Charleston SC. I marched for allowing women into the Citadel then. It was federally funded, yet no women were allowed to enter college there, even while foreign citizens (male) were. When I lived in Illinois, I marched in Chicago. I think it was the Mother's Day March in 1980, in support of the ERA. I continued as a NOW member after my move to Kansas. As my life has changed, and I'm now longer a NOW member, I remain a staunch feminist and supporter of women's rights, and indeed of all
  8. Me too! Taking to Small Talk...
  9. Got my hopes up until the DD in DJ. Me too! Yup! Kit Carson shout out!
  10. I received my book today. That was fast! Thank you so much @saber5055! I know I’ll enjoy it!
  11. Ugh, I should have avoided this thread since we don’t see it until 7:30! Makes me a bit sad; I liked her a lot.
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