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  1. Wilford Brimley first came to my attention in The Natural. I loved watching him on the screen. His appearance was similar to my brother who was about 15 years younger.
  2. Except Sara, who dunked hers in the champagne bucket just before spurned mistress (sorry, don’t recall her name at the moment) turned up seeking revenge? attention? love & support? What a horrible time in history to be a woman! Although when hasn’t it been? Getting better, but two steps forward then one step back...
  3. Yes, sometimes. When the category was Women Playwrights (?), I immediately said Lillian Hellman. Then when the clue specified the years (1980s), I couldn’t come up with the correct name. We’re having thunderstorms, so missed portions of tonight’s show. I like all three of them, Foster, Lane, and Connick, but was happy Foster won!
  4. Enjoyed the celeb Jeopardy! w/Burnett, Mills, Philbin. I was never a big fan of Regis in any of his iterations, but still nice to see him in this.
  5. I don't know when it first appeared here, but I saw the first episode on Netflix last night. An early unexpected twist already. I don't think I've seen any of the actors in anything else. I'm intrigued enough to keep watching.
  6. I watched the movie this afternoon. I hadn't seen the first Psych movie until earlier this week - also using peacock. I have Cox Contour, so pretty easy to set up. Really enjoyed both movies, but it was great seeing Omundson. He first came to my attention in Judging Amy, and I've liked him ever since. Very funny in Galavant, too.
  7. Time traveling is so mind-boggling, it makes my head hurt. So I don't try to follow the logic, I just let it be. Liked your jokes, @saber5055! My copy of Trebek's book came! I've read a little bit, and wish I could just sit and read today!
  8. I agree with many of the criticisms of the show. However, I still enjoyed watching it. I'd read it ended up on a cliff-hanger, but until the last few minutes, I didn't see how they would wrap it up. Then we see the moustache twirling Samuel Parker, and the threat becomes more real. But I'm fine, imagining that future maharaja August is rescued in the nick of time, and Parker eventually gets what he deserves. And all live happily ever after. The sets and locations were gorgeous. From what I've seen of India in such shows as The Amazing Race, I don't think I'd like it or appreciate it as it should be. Noisy, dirty, crowded. I'm afraid I would be too much like Henrietta Beecham, critical and put off because it's so different. Yet even she came to appreciate some of the culture that was so foreign to her.
  9. zoey1996

    S03.E05: Coup

    My mom had that same hairstyle circa 1968 and thereabouts. I’m quite enjoying Colman and Menzies in their roles.
  10. Trebek gives update: https://www.today.com/health/alex-trebek-shares-cancer-treatment-update-jeopardy-news-t186971 His book, "Reflections on My Life," comes out next week, the day before his 80th birthday.. Also announced are a four-week series of 20 memorable Jeopardy! episodes, beginning July 20.
  11. Did you mean Matt’s mother? Celibacy was still required for unmarried priests/clergy. In the Anglican Church, a married person can become a priest or marry after becoming a priest. That has evolved over time, and with the ordination of women, some married priests serve in the same church. So both Leonard and Will are expected to remain celibate at the time.
  12. Interesting observations in the article, but IMHO they blew it by referencing The Tortoise and the Hair (sic). It's the Hare!
  13. Cherchez la femme. One of the few things I remember from high school French class many years ago. I felt bad for Cathy, to have lived with her mother’s illness for so long, trying to conceal it and take care of her mother. Also feel bad for Mrs. C, having already been in a bad marriage, and to find out the second husband was so different than she’d thought. Loved Leonard trying to comfort and care for her.
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