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  1. I knew Ellipse, but the picture did look more like a circle. For Jack & the Beanstalk, I had to recite in my head, Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman! which promptly got me to Jack and the Beanstalk. When I was little, we had a particular book of fairytales that was a favorite of mine. I remember many of them, and I was able to pass the book on to my granddaughter.
  2. Note from the writers room: Katherine Johnson passed away on the day this episode was taped. The writers added this clue to the game to honor her legacy. NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration This clue was the $2,000 clue in DJ in the category, "Women's First," on Tuesday, May 26. The explanatory note, "from the writers room" was posted on facebook yesterday.
  3. I missed hearing the category for FJ. I think I might have gotten it otherwise, but we'll never know. I remember reading about Churchill's speech where he used the term; the speech was at a lesser-known college, Westminster in Fulton, Missouri, in 1946. I knew eidetic because a character on Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid, had it. My keyboard has a symbol for return kind of like this, <---I but also has the word, "Enter" on it. It's old, though. Like probably 8 or 9 years.
  4. I finished Season 1 and then watched Season 2 over several weeks. Agree! The denouement for Season 2 was much more satisfying than Season 1. Each episode revealed a little bit, with Episodes 7 & 8 wrapping it all up. I watched on Starz On Demand, and the bits with the makers of the episodes were interesting. I also read recaps on RadioTimes, which helped clarify some details that I didn't quite get or understand after the first viewing. Now I'm looking forward to watching Baptiste!
  5. Week 35: 4/5 no * YTD: 96/175 9*
  6. Yes, I sobbed. I liked that Lucille & Cyril sang one of the later verses of Amazing Grace, one that isn't heard as often. The Guy Fawkes night celebration was fun. I actually got to go to a Bonfire Night in England a few years ago, so this brought fond memories as well. I didn't realize it was the same father and didn't figure out the actor either, so kudos to those who did. How perfect is Daisy!
  7. It was fun to watch Ken's last regular game. I liked the winner. How long did she last? Yes, I know, I could google it!
  8. I don’t mind the ads, but the company he’s promoting is AAG, not AIG.
  9. I didn't think he was planning to dispose of the planted evidence. I thought he needed to know if it really existed, and then he'd know how to explain it. Since he didn't find it in the first two walls, that might indicate to others investigating that he didn't hide it, that it really was planted. We will indeed. I agree, and I hope it makes some sense. I enjoy the series, but sometimes you just end up handwaving ~ and a miracle happens here.
  10. PW, sorry to hear about your medical problems, but glad you're at home now and doing better. I need to catch up on this thread more frequently, for sure.
  11. For just a moment, I thought Jemmy toddled away back to the stone and went back through it by himself! I had nearly forgotten about Lizzie and her role with Brianna. The farewells tugged at my heart. I still want to know more of Ian’s story.
  12. Seems a little strange, not checking in. However, seeing these shows a second time around didn’t help me get a perfect FJ score! 😊
  13. Sorry to hear this - the show had potential.
  14. That was a fun episode. Loved the pictures for Katy's Katie's birthday that we saw earlier in the season. So many good moments, including the proposal.
  15. Well, of course it's Rio and Mike! Just what I didn't want to happen. Rudy' s realization that he wants Constance to be OK was sweet. Loved her son on the radio with play-by-play of the storm, and stress eating at the store. And Mike and Beau making up and being partners was good.
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