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  1. Eisenhower was born in Texas, but the family moved to Abilene, Kansas when he was very young. No idea on FJ, but forehead slap when the answer was revealed.
  2. Glad this forum is here! I've seen several of the actors in other series. Dawn French was so good in the Vicar of Dibley, good to see her here. Maggie opened a huge can of worms, and I suspect the reporter knew exactly what he was doing by plying her with G&Ts during the "lunch" interview. I do hope she is forgiveable. I liked her husband, and her daughter-in-law was funny. I laughed when I saw Peter update his days until retirement on the chalkboard. I did the same thing on a calendar when I was several months out from my retirement day. The sites are just lovely. In one of the "after shows," the cast talked about how the barbecue was supposed to be on a warm sunny day, and it was actually quite cold, and they filmed over a two-day period. It looked bright and sunny, but it was cold!
  3. Week 5: 3/5, two * YTD: 14/25 four*
  4. There was an article about Kellie and LaVonne in our local paper (Daily Press) on Wednesday, because they both have a connection to Hampton University before becoming Olympians and moving away to other places. Interesting background. So now I'll be cheering for this team.
  5. I’ve found Outlander to be interesting to watch. The time travel aspect is kind of mind-boggling. Yes, they did.
  6. Made me sad that no one got the Outlander song connection. FJ was an instaget for me.
  7. Did anyone else think Michael (middle guy Monday) looked like a younger Jeff Goldblum? Just me? I got Monarch butterfly at the last second. Around thirty years ago, I was driving US 75 near Topeka, and saw what looked like a river of beautiful butterflies flying south. Chills, so gorgeous.
  8. The hymn is, I Vow to Thee My Country, and the tune is Thaxted. I don’t know how often it is used, but it was at the wedding of Diana and Charles, and also at her funeral. It was used at the funerals of Churchill and Thatcher, as well as John McCain. I found the information in Wikipedia. Many storylines were wrapped up with happy endings. Pleased that Harrison will be with his sister. Sad for Alan’s brother, but he went out as he wished to, I think. Not all is well, but I think left on a hopeful note.
  9. Carrot soup, maybe? And with Gillian, you never know how many will come for supper.
  10. Week 4: 3/5, one * YTD: 10 11/20, two * @saber5055 Thanks for the correction!
  11. I just read this - thank you! I'll try to stay humble and kind! Not a country music gal, but there are a few I like. Here's Tim McGraw:
  12. I got FJ; years of Presbyterian Sunday School served me well there. I went with Malaga, Spain for Picasso museum. I went to the Picasso Museum in Malaga last summer. Hayes is one of Mr. Zoey’s favorite Presidents, but I didn’t get that one.
  13. I watched The Hours yesterday, so I knew Virginia Woolf right away. I was running through the British actors of Walters circle, but didn’t land on Walters soon enough
  14. I agree, she didn't come on to Ruth. Ruth jumped to a conclusion that just wasn't true. Perhaps Caroline found Ruth attractive, and would have been open to see if the relationship went anywhere, but I don't believe that she had a nefarious plot in mind. I think Caroline was clear, that she asked Ruth to do the interview for the reasons she said, no ulterior motive.
  15. Money problems abound! John gets dumped, and then Judith asks Caroline to dinner. Gillian had such a bad day. Poor sheep, and then the vandalism/mural isn’t a Banksy. I caught that too. Only one more episode? That doesn’t seem like enough, with all the plot lines that need to be resolved. I love watching the families, and I’m also happy to watch without having to be involved.
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