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  1. Week 19: 4/5, 0*, 2A* YTD: 43/95, 2*, 6A*, 2M* Whoo-hoo! Beignets? Yes, please! Congrats!
  2. OK to ask, but one place to find it is j-archive.com Yes, same Channel Islands! Family is in Bournemouth England, and we spent about a week on Jersey a few years ago. I’d love to go back.
  3. I saw The Paper Chase movie and the TV series. Also I’ve seen at least two Legally Blonde movies, so that was pretty easy. I know of three places for potatoes: Idaho, Oregon, and Jersey in the Channel Islands. Don’t know why, but PEI makes me think of mussels. Is that a thing there? Loved the Bassett Hound!
  4. I like the air bnb one, Beautiful Strangers.
  5. I watched this episode last night; I'd put it off because I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it. The first twenty minutes dragged a bit, then zoom! Let's get going! I haven't read the book, and don't remember watching any of the other movies, and I'm enjoying this very much. Also unfamiliar with this period of French history, so not sure how it all tracks, but it makes for a fine story. When the gendarmes were chasing them, I hoped they'd find out that Fogg had saved Thierry. But he got away, so that's OK. Also, for years, I thought it was Phineas, not Phileas.
  6. Of course you did! My funny Hampton Court Palace story. I was about a third of the way through the tour, hearing about William of Orange and Mary. Suddenly it hit me - that was our William and Mary!
  7. Week 18: 3/5, 1*, 2A* YTD: 39/90, 2*, 4A*, 2M* I'm making a chicken and lentil stew this week, so I'll bring some.
  8. Sorry, I meant here in this topic forum.
  9. Did I miss comments re: Amy's 32nd win? Ties with James? Kind of interesting, when James lost, I was happy. There were several things about him I found annoying. But while I'm getting tired of runaway games, Amy doesn't annoy me the way other contestants have. Should this go in another topic?
  10. When did we see this, or when was it explained to us?
  11. I recently re-watched Season 3 Episode 6, where Beth accuses Jamie of of forcible sterilation at the time of the abortion. I noted that only Beth used the word, hysterectomy, and when Jamie was trying to reason or explain, she cut him off, so we never heard any kind of explanation for what really happened. And when John asked why she hated Jamie so much, we didn't see that conversation. John just showed up and confronted Jamie, and didn't ask for his side or consider that Beth may not have been truthful. I'm skeptical that Beth knew what she was talking about, and consider it possible that she
  12. When Mr. Zoey goes to the bank, he always tries to get dollar coins. Before retirement, there was a vending machine in his building that took the dollar coins. Now he spends them for small purchases, and also uses them to leave cash tips. It's funny how cashiers often don't recognize what they are at first.
  13. I watched last night's episode. I was interested because College H.U.N.K.S. was a company I'd actually used, a couple of times. I was very pleased with the service. A bit pricy, but worth it. It was a job I couldn't have done easily myself. The back story of the company's founding was interesting. They were looking for problems to solve, and came up with a couple of good solutions. The one guy's "disguise" was dreadful, but the other one was decent. Sob stories weren't too syrupy. That one location's bonuses were incredible!
  14. Week 17: 2/5 YTD: 36/85, 2A*, 2M*, 1*
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