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  1. Why cant TLC vet the cast better? How hard is check social media. There are so many sleuths on websites that find these posts, TLC could hire one of them, or they would probably do it for free for some promtions of their site/blog. One thing that does also surface with Alina posts (besides the racism) is how TLC creates a storyline and leaves so much out. I did not hear TLC saud Alina went to high school in Indiana? or college in the US? They have this story of this long disatnce 13 year friendship turned romance and COVID time off gave them a chance to meet in a new country. She is nee
  2. Britini's full interview is out on her local Buffalo news channel. She sinks to the bottom for me. I just hope she does not stick to Hannah early on and bring her down. It is not just the long winded talking. It is piecing together her story, and I feel she has been told she is the best all her life and likes to brag. She has lived at home her whole life. By the sounds of it lives in a nice home with a good standard of living. She went to a smaller private local college. She has never actually worked as a teacher just student taught. It is like she is an overconfident Nicole A? Nicole A
  3. I watched the USweekly mini interviews and read the parade interviews and looked closer at social media I could find. Britini fell on my list. I was worried will she be annoying or fun and I think she might be the annoying first boot now. Brett went slightly up, not my favorite but I do not think he will be one of the first to go. He played football (I believe by one of the videos I watched his dad died when he was in high school), weightlifts but is more soft spoken then I thought. Travis gave the best answer to who are you looking for in an alliance partner. Everyone was saying loyal,
  4. Why do people count out Hannah in the all girls alliance. Maybe it is because my daughter just applied to top STEM programs/IVY/T20 last year that I see Claire and Hannah as the most similar. UChiago (Hannah) was the most selective T20 college last year, UMich (Claire) was usually the backup choice of many but still a top school in CS. Hannah going to UChicago at 16 and in STEM means she has to be incredibly smart. I honestly did not know how hard it was to get into UChicago until I started seeing people whio got into to Ivy league sad that got rejected from UChiacgo CS with 1600/36 4.0 and s
  5. I have some hope for a smart girls alliance...Hannah/Sarah/Claire? Three Stem college grads! maybe Britini but I am torn about her, she is either going to be great or annoying, I need to see an interview with her.
  6. I am. I was impressed with Dr. Proctor taking George to the game and the box seats. It was a nice moment. I just watched Jennifer's story. Such a sad ending.
  7. I have been trying to figure out if there are any duos and trying to find out more on some houseguests. Alyssa has met Jess (19) in person and I think she will play a similiar game to hers. I do not think that will work, Maybe teams will help keep her safe but she will be targeted if she comes out guns a blazing wanting to win early on. Frenchie is a crazy super fan. He named his daughter Robyn Kass (not joking) , he has been tweeting about the show for years and watches BB Canada too. I was hoping for someone more like cowboy farmer Jason but that is not Frenchie. He could go down
  8. I looked up her parents story. This is one time the show might have downplayed a story? I know that some of the past sob stories from my area were recruited for their story over their talent. Jayy's story should be a lifetime movie or dateline series, In fact I think maybe that is how she could have been found, Derrick from big brother does a show on Discovery ID and talked about her case? The story as I read it , was 2 men came into her parents small grocery store. She and her sister were teenagers and working. One man put a gun up to Javvy and her father pleaded for her not to b
  9. I live near a waffle love location and truck. The waffles are okay but not wow for $10. It is just a hard sweeter small waffle with strawberries and cream or nutella. I would take my mom maybe once a year to their location (they have eat in locations in Utah) but since they did not require masks to go inside even during the height of COVID I could not being my 75 year old mom inside. I have not been since 2019. I found the recipe., it is simple and I bought some of the special sugar needed to make the waffles and they are very easy to recreate. Now I wonder how they are making the waff
  10. She thought she was. If I read the article correctly, she went to get new implants or veeners. The dentist removed the old ones and did not replace them. There was a disagreement about the promotions June was suppose to do in exchange for the free dental work and now June is left without the final set of teeth. I kind of feel bad for June of this one. I do not find the dentist fun (I can't have novacaine so imagine a fillings and root canals without it) and I can't imagine how June feels having the veeners off and the nubby teeth showing and the implants gone. That has to hurt and then y
  11. I also think the questions got easier. The guy who won the 100k who married his cat , those questions were easy. The kids watching with us got them all right. I wish when they had the head to head with the champion they both got the same questions. Last week the TV/Movie question was put the saturday night live hosts in order with the number of seasons they each had appeared in and the cat guy's question was a irddle with for the movie die hard (with a dice and the opposite of soft?)
  12. She was supposedly born with the cataracts and she said something like her mother either did not want her to get surgery or did not get it dx in time and then they were not able to be removed. Then June was against Anna's daughter having the extra thumb removed. I always found it kind of sad how some of the fears got passed down to from generation to generation (as well as the generations being so close together, June could be a great grandma in her 40's!) . I just wish the show would get the Pumpkin. Alana, and Jessica some mentors. Maybe part of the payment from the show could be the GED cl
  13. I was happy for the excitment over getting the first baby boy in a long time in the family. I was more happy to see the cake baked by Ella and Pumpkin and not some crazy over the top paid for by the shpw reveal. It is little scences like this I believe are real and I wish this show had more of them. While I believe most of the show is scripted, it must be so confusing for Alana to hear and see so many different opinions on eating healthy, diabetes and losing wait, The show only has 1 or 2 weeks left? I wonder how they will tie it all up? We have to see the big does Alana have diabe
  14. The auidence was not real. I wonder if it will be at some point because Vegas is reopening so much right now. I wonder if the final shows will be filmed there. It seems like some Tv shows have turned to Vegas over CA or NY because of the strict rules there. I thought the nurses Choir was okay but not buzzer worthy. I would like them to give the buzzer to acts other then singing so we can know there will be some non-singing acts in the finale. I also do not get this new type of magic with I will guess what you picked. There seems to be some tech tricks not magic? Was the email sent
  15. I think he could find someone in Utah. If his english were slightly better , he could get sponsored to teach. The school districts in my area of Utah are dual immersion with Asian languages , Chinese is most common and then Japanese and Korean. Every class needs teachers. The pay is not great but you have a place to stay , enough to live and travel to do sightseeing. It is very common for young women to come teach for 1-2 years and have an adventure in America and return home. Kind of like the Americans that go teach English in Korea. In the meantime, if he really does have a trade like
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