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  1. This is what I do not understand. Was Devan visiting Korea or did she get a spousal visa? I was discussing with someone who is an American trying to get a spousal visa in Korea. They had lived in Korea for work for a few years and fell in love with someone and wanted to marry and stay. They said it is hard to get a visa but because Deavan had a child with Jihoon and said they wanted to raise the child in Korea she got an easy path to getting the visa. Usually you have to be fluent in Korean but she did not have to be. I guess Devan posted she studied Korean for 2 years (maybe on an app? Because I kind of doubt she went to BYU to study Korean and it is not taught at any high school or state college) and that qualified her? So this is what I have wondered, did she just get multiple tourist Visas? or did she get a spousal one ? If she had a spousal one then the jury duty thing should be a non-issue. I would also like to know if she did get a spousal type visa how that changes divorce and custody. If she did get a spousal Visa in Korea she was agreeing to live in Korea and raise her kids in Korea?
  2. CA was dropped from the CT travel ban. Utah was added. I live in Utah and at some point my husband has to go to CT so we have been watching the bans. Now people get around this easily. I live near the national parks, which are full of people from New England visiting. Some travel by RV so there is no ban but those that fly just fly into a neighboring state and drive in CT or MA. One reason why I feel like this will never end, I watch these national parks so jammed packed, more then they have ever been with people from all over the country visiting, like 1,000 a day and they go back home. Everyone thinks national parks are safe? but with 60k people visiting from all over the are hot spots, The areas near Zion Park and Grand Canyon North are per captia the worst areas in the US plus there is little medical care near rural national parks so people fly home in search of care. So as long as they just went to CA, no trips to NV or stops in other states (almost everything in the middle of the country is banned) then they are okay to go from CA directly to CT and back.
  3. I saw one of Devan's excuses was jury duty. As someone that lives in Utah and was called to jury duty, breast feeding is on the form to get out of it. Devan's son would have been around 12 months months so breastfeeding would have excused her. Kalini is in Utah still breast feeding a 2 and 3 year old so I am sure there would be no issues with a 1 year old. Also think of the 80k Mormon missionaries that serve all over the world, some are called to jury duty and being overseas gets you excused. I do think Devan has an edge if the divorce is filled in Utah. It is still a mom friendly state. I have seen some horrific cases first hand and moms that had some serious issues got full custody over dad's that had a much better living and lifestyle situation for the kids. I hope Jihoon gets some rights or help with his case. At first I thought Devan might want summers free to have fun and send her son to Korea but now with new Boyfriend it looks like she wants him to be daddy.
  4. Cody has admitted to acting and playing it up to get more DR and air time. Ripe is a weird one to pick not to know? At least Enzo and forlorn , was more believable. Since Nicole was dropped by carefree ,maybe depends will pick it her up now? I have wondered sometimes how she did a 4 year nursing degree and worked in the ER and sometimes does not know about common medical issues. Maybe she did not want to admit peeing yourself in your 20's more then once is not normal, but some of the other questions like about Advil or ingrown toenails, basic stuff I would think an ER nurse should know? The one thing I am glad she does speak of and with conviction is people should not go uninsured. She saw to many people go broke getting medical care. Then you have Cody saying he has no insurance and she gave him a lecture. You would think Cody's GF serious illness would have woken him up, but I guess not.
  5. I asked my family who they wanted to vote for, and there was silence, mo real stand out favorites tonight. Last week harder stronger contestants. My daughter said give a vote Celina since she is Kaycee (big brother's good friend) and she sang decent. Who do I think (not want) will go to the finals, Daneliya, Voices of our City, Bad Salsa, Christina and Max Major.
  6. I also do not understand the Michael Yo love? I so want a comedian to win but not him. I did not laugh. I think I heard him say Simon in his act? Could he not change it up? There are several others coming up? Tonight seemed to not have many Wow acts so I bet he gets top 5. I think Archie, Roberta, The nooks, Simon and Maria and Michael Yo will go through. I voted for Archie and Feng. No real favorites on tonight.
  7. They did not show him if he was there. If her mom who is a surgeon could get a few days off to come, why could the dad not come. Henry's mom was in a wheelchair so even if he had some health issues, it seems like the show made sure the venues were accessible. I kind of feel like if he passed away she would have honored him in some way?
  8. Maybe soon! If anyone else watches married at first sight? The new season is in New Orleans and there is a doctor that is in the same program as Josh. She went to med school in Australia and came back to finish in New Orleans. Her name is Amelia (can;t miss her she is the quirky bride with a bird nests in her hair and her bridesmaids rode a unicycle down the aisle! Her mom was a doctor and Josh's dad was a doctor, I wonder if ti is a thing to send your kid to Australia to become a doctor now (It used to be to the islands). This might be our chance, since people are on the look out for her and there have to be fans of both shows?
  9. Sadly Abby posted today that her husband has Cancer and it has spread to his lungs and stomach. I feel so bad, she had finally found some happiness. I hope he is able to beat it.
  10. I was talking to my children and we could not think of a Samoan family that did not have extended family living with them. My kids went to school with some of the families that are in the cultural group Asuelo is in. It is just common for families to live together or have family visit for long times. It can be an Aunt that comes for a year or a nephew that comes to college for 4 years or siblings living together raising kids. While I am sure saving money is good, I think living with family is important to them. I think we will see in the next two years if they will ever move out. Their home is not in what I would consider a good school area. The home and neighborhood is fine but the school borders here are crazy weird. There are about 20 elementary schools and only 2 I would not send my kids to (and I have personally visited all the schools) and their school is one of the two I would not send my kids to. There are no real private schools here so it is just public school so it will be telling to she if she moves or not when school is starting for her kids.
  11. I have no idea what is going on with the edit. All I know as someone local is Asuelo is liked , works and they look happy. There is for sure an edit, between the time frame, that clinic visit, and the trip. I kind of think maybe Kalini wants to be on TV (and her sister) and Asuelo is told just to show up and act. He seems very hurt and confused why people hate him right now, it is kind of sad. He says it is TV and he is a nice person, why the hate. I just hope whatever the story is they know what they are doing. As I have said before he works and not for a yogurt shop. Last year they filmed the Axe date around April 2019 and measles outbreak was Sept/October 2019 (and the birthday was end of Jan 2020). Asuleo worked from April to October almost everyday with a long commute (about 2 hours) 7 days a week 10 hours a day. This job was at a national park. There was a huge banner at the end of my street and I know people who worked there and went to the shows/meals/classes. I wonder how COVID would change it. Today they banner is back up and the shows start tomorrow. Since they are open to the public I assume it is okay to put the name of his group, you can clearly see he is performing, the ticket cost and he teaches classes. It is less because of COVID, last year it was full days 7 days a week . It is called Siva Pasefika, they have a website and facebook page. I did not want to link because it is a site that sells tickets but you can see he is very much a part of it. He is fact is really like the "lead" since he is the youngest one from the islands, the other young men have been raised mostly in the US and have learned form their family. Also you can look up the Springdale, where he is performing and teaching is one of the worst COVID spots in Utah, the only place south of SLC requiring masks. Most of the counties down here are green (new normal) but Springdale because of all the tourist has a very high COVID rate and no medical facilities. I am surprised if Kalini is really such a germ freak, she is allowing him to go? If we go along with TLC's story that he usually works little and helps so little, why would she let him go to a virus hot spot when they are living in a very safe area with few cases, when he could be at home helping her? I really think this season was all because of her one post complaining about being a tired mom last summer when he was working. None of her cute family posts or videos got picked up by the media, but she posted how he was not home, she had the kids and was overwhelmed and she got lots of attention and articles and suddenly wanted to film her again? I just do not know why they go along with the story. Either they are fake in public, at church, at work, in the community, or on TV they are fake? As for her job. Southern Utah is full of programs for troubled teens. They branched out to many states and countries, of of the most talked about was in Samoa. I have no idea if she was connected to these but so many people are. In Southern Utah most Samoans if not in the construction industry (like her dad is) , they are in the trouble teen industry. It is possible Meri from sister wives when the show first started was working for the same trouble teen "company". It is a very complex network starting in Southern Utah, started by Mormons and Samoan did the hard work, I dug into it after first moving here after hearing some horror stories and had to kind of stop, because it seemed everywhere I turned someone was involved at some level or their family was. Here is a picture of him leading the group. He is not dumb or slow. He gives talks to large groups of people and is well liked.
  12. She is doing family practice and depending on where she does it it could be less or more hours. Where my ex did his residency, family practice had many weeks that were 40-50 hours just working in a clinic that was 8-5, then there were the 6 weeks of OB/GYN or ER rotations that were longer days. The state where my ex went made sure you had sleep , it was the law. I remember one time my ex worked a night shift (he was not family practice ) and he wanted to go shopping with me the next morning for a gift I was buying for family and he wanted to pick it out. I remember he dropped to the ground in the store behind a rack, one of the people who did schedules to ensure hours off and sleep was at the store. he would have been in big trouble if he was not sleeping since he worked longer then he should have the day before . While we have no idea where she is going, if she went rural, it could be very relaxed. Plus family practice does a little of everything, so it is not 6 years of surgery everyday or 4 years of delivering babies. It is usually 6 weeks of each area, so some 6 weeks will be harder then others. I actually did not mind having some weeks be normal and some be busy. If you do not have kids it is not as bad. The residents with kids it was much harder on. Bennett seems like he would be fine if dinner was at 6 pm for 12 weeks and then for 6 week sit was at 9 pm. I think it would be worse if Bennett had a 9-5 type job, then he might want someone home at 6pm every night. Since he does theater , I would assume some of his evenings will be busy?
  13. Dr, Pepper asked him some different questions then we normal hear (or maybe we are just not shown). She asked him if he would be willing to move. Amelia will be moving in June for her residency. She will find out where in March, but already put in her list of cities so he would have no input. Dr. Pepper had to make sure it was someone who was 100% willing to move because moving is a given. About the last name, I wonder if it was brought up, because she might not be able to change her last name or might not be able to take his fully depending on how far she is into taking her medical boards. My first husband was a doctor and he took my last name, but we had to be married before he took his boards. It was clear whatever name he was at that time would stay. We divorced and he has to keep my last name. I wonder if they asked him if having the same last name for kids, or having combined last names was okay. Remember Anthony and Ashley disagreed? I think knowing Amelia might have to keep her name professionally would be something the would ask Bennett in a round about way. You would be surprised at how many men are taking last names these days. I know at least 10 people I went to college with that did this. It is not always about career, mine was for my father who was ill and I was an only child, last member of my family with the name.
  14. Her shade was mild and funny without even saying his name, like just mentioning the rat mouse. Ed said she got a house make over like she got some huge payout. She admitted to getting some paint and painting her little area pink and buying a piece of foam maybe 6 to 8 inches thick to use for her and prince to sleep on and a fan for above her bed ( big make over Ed). She was very proud of her changes. She also seems so proud of her son. She washed her clothes by hands with a smile. I bet Ed could not do this once. It did not bother her a bit, she smiled and talked and washed every item by hand, rinsed and softened by hand. After that I will not complain when my washing machine gets load because I do not even the load. Also not to justify Asuleo but I can see if all he has ever seen is his grandma washing by hand everything piece of clothes in his hut and then sees Kalini throw a load int he washer and press a button, how he sees this as easy. It is probably coming off wrong. We had neighbors from Vietnam and they had their 6 year old do his laundry. Some neighbors said that is too young , almost were saying abuse. The mom explained she would walk miles to a river and do it by hand in Vietnam and she did not understand how her son putting clothes in a machine and pressing a button was hard or something meant for only older kids. She kept saying all you do is press a button over and over to the neighbors.
  15. Asuleu is Mormon. When he was first here he was spotted a a local ward (church) but since Kalini had said she was not an active Mormon during season 1 I did not say anything. Then they posted pictures on social media of being at church and going to conference meetings. Anyone who is Mormon or has Mormon church knowledge would be able to tell they are going to church. Then when he was playing volleyball with his friends, he mentioned church on the show. Since it is public now, I feel okay talking about it. I do not know if maybe Kalini is just going for the kids or if she is back to being a full member? She lives with her parents who are active Mormons and there are so many Samoans in our area they have Mormon services in the native Samoan language. I have wondered if he converted or was always a member. Samoan has many Mormons so it is possible he could have been before he met her. His jobs. He works at the rec center. There is a booklet they send out for people to join the rec center and it shows the staff and he is pictured. Besides regular rec center duties, I think he teaches some Samoan dance classes to young people. He also works at the national parks system. I pull out of my street and at the stop light is this big banner of the national parks and his face is on it. This job is maybe an hour drive from their house and has some crazy hours. He and several others put on a cultural dinner and dance show, twice a night 7 days a week with only a short time off in the winter. I can;t imagine he could get home before midnight. He also does private parties and events with his group, they put on a feast of food and dances and activites for parties , schools or events. I have also heard rumors he works for her dad's construction business. I have no proof of this, but I have seen some of the guys he is friends with working on jobs so it is not hard to believe he would too. There is so much construction work and a dire need for workers, that I can;t see him saying no to his FIL if he was needed on a job. Kalini I think talked about maybe working at an office on the first season but quit to have the first baby. If Kalini wanted a job, there are no issues at all getting one. My high school aged daughter was offered which did require some computer skills, but was an office job with spreadsheets and it was $22 a hr and she could not even drive yet. There are so many day caresthat would hire and that let you bring your kids if she did not want to be away from them. There are also 3 at home legit companies that offer jobs all the time, a local bank, a property management company, and health insurance company. These are popular with mom here. These are all legit jobs with full benefits for major companies , they give you a computer and you train for a few week and work from home doing customer service , billing type jobs. So she has options. I watch our local jobs boards and are amazed a person will say I need a job and they get offers within minutes. Even felons, I always think of Paul (Karine) saying he can't find work because he is a felon. He needs to move because they will hire felons here (on a trial basis but if you prove yourself, you will get a good job). She lives with her mom so her mom could watch her kids. I do not see her mom as retired and I can't see her mom wanting her grand babies in daycare? If not her mom the Samoan community is incredible at taking care of each other. Now I think there would be some stigma as to why she had to work (like why Asuleu was not providing, or her parents or siblings not helping) but if she needed to work and needed help, I know they would step in. Then there is the Mormon community, she could easily find an at home mom in her ward to help her and the cost would be low. I see people willing to do it for $1-2 an hr or a flat $100 a week. Childcare is not an issue like it is in other places. I remember 15 years ago seeing people pay $8 an hr in NY, it is not like that here. There are so many people who love babies, I forgot that group. There are many Mormon women 50-65 that beg when someone posts for childcare to be able to take care of a baby again. They will say I raised 6 or 8 kids, I have a degree is family studies, I would give your baby all the love I have and treat it like my own. Some women really miss babies.
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