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  1. silverspoons

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    It is either to save money? or maybe it was too hard to find 4 airbnb rentals for 2 months in NC? This is the smallest city they have filmed in. It is much easier to find rentals in Large cities like Boston or Philly or Chicago since they have a higher demand for short terms rentals for people on business. I know I have when I rent a home we travel for medical care, it is easy in a big city like Phoenix , next to impossible in Salt Lake which I would consider closer to match to Charlotte. I do think living close together will be easier for some like Elizabeth, Amber and Keith and harder for others like Matt and Deonna.
  2. silverspoons

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I think back to Tommy saying he knew Gina Marie and he had applied to be on the show before but he wondered if the show did not take him because he was from Staten island and Staten island had a bad rep. on the show. He said he was going to show that people from Staten island are different and can play the game nice. I actually think this season, at least at this point is worse then s15. Tommy you and Christie and the gang are not redeeming Staten Island! I find it odd how half the cast is from the NY area. Nothing against NY, I lived there for a few years and would go back in a heart beat (if it were cheaper to live). I tried the feeds again last night, except for Ovi cheering up Nicole, not much redeeming. Cliff throwing Nicole under the bus, Bella yelling at Nick and making up lies with Sam, not fun. I guess I am lucky I avoided seeing Jack.
  3. silverspoons

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    Our state has a teacher's salaries listed and they are also 1-2 off but pretty close to the same unless it is a 10 year raise or getting additional degree. My guess for her extra income could be online teaching English in Asia. I wonder how some of my neighbors were stay at home moms and living well. They are all college grads (I live in Utah) but have larger families and stay at home. Several are teaching English online to China or other Asian countries, if you have a degree (teaching degree pays better) you can make $25-30 a hr and you do not need to speak their language. I know the moms in my area are making 30-35k a year and pick their hours and it is great because no childcare costs because it is done from home.
  4. silverspoons

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I usually have the feeds on 24/7 and am an updater. But this season I just can't watch too long. In the past there were people or situations I did not like but there was always some talks in the hammock I found interesting about life, or a little fun in between drama. I listened to Nicole and Cliff talk this morning and while Cliff was right, not much they can do to change things and they must enjoy the experience , it was just a depressing reminder of how I feel. I know it is not just me, my daughter and her friends are not watching much either. I'm not saying an underdog has to win, but I guess I just dislike the one sided game and with Christie and the DPOV (and her relationship with Tommy) steamroll ahead. I guess I am just missing my escape from the reality of the 110 degree heat and loved my big brother summers.
  5. silverspoons

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    I was happy last night there was very little footage of the experts saying this is a legally binding marriage. We only had Dr. Pepper and the new doctor with a few words about the family and wedding night. Lets hope this keeps up and we only see the experts when they are meeting with the couples. I was surprised Pastor Cal was on unfiltered so soon. If you watch him closely, he seems to at the very least love Greg. When Jamie asks Greg questions Pastor Cal looks at Greg and comments with him and says how happy he is for Greg and his bride. Would lean towards Greg and his wife still being together. Watch him with Amber. Pastor Cal seems to like her bubbly personality and interacts with her when she talks about pre-wedding stuff. but when Jamie asks Amber question about how she felt on the wedding day and Amber is talking about how happy and excited she was, Pastor Cal is not saying anything and looking at the floor and nervously moving his hands. This makes me feel like it is not a good sign for them. Pastor Cal was acting like Matt was this years Luke , Mia or Molly?
  6. silverspoons

    S07.E24: Sean

    Can someone explain the lack of wanting to wear clothes or the lack of awareness that clothes are necessary? It has to be 2 fold? He lack certain social awareness and his mom did not teach him clothes are not a choice, you have to wear clothes. Obviously he was used to just being naked at home. How did his mom not insist he wear clothes, this is just odd to me. Sure she could overfeed him, sure she could tell him what to watch on TV, but clothes, that is pretty basic part of life. I got some pretty bad neuropathy after injury and surgery and that area is painful when certain fabrics touch it, but I searched and found some materials not perfect but tolerable to wear because I sure not going to go shirtless! For the huge amount spent on the care center rehab places for Sean, they should have a someone living with him in his house, day after day teaching him how to cook, wear clothes and clean him and his place. It would have been cheaper and maybe more beneficial? Of course I agree he needed a long term group type home but sadly those just are so hard to find. programs vary so much from state to state, it is unfair but reality. I watched that born this way show, those young people had so many options and parents had lives, but that is CA. I live in Utah and had a family in my neighborhood with a child with down syndrome that was over 50 years old. They got no help for her, this couple had never been on a date night in over 50 years, they cared for that child every day, no programs, no centers, no group homes. So sad the unequal help by states.
  7. silverspoons

    S09.E01: Nice To Marry You

    These people have been going through the process of interviewing for a few months so it is not just like, Mom Lets go to lunch and you tell her out of the blue you are getting married. The parents have known their child is thinking of doing this. I think it shows that Iris has thought this through and her mom believes her daughter makes good choices for herself since her mom was not only accepting but excited for her daughter. I would also think that if a person before they were picked told the experts thier parents were so against it that they would never attend, it might get them excluded. The show wants families at the wedding. Besides Matt, and Courtney and Jason , have we had entire family no shows? I was a bit surprised the grandparents were the most against the concept, I wonder if it was the TV part more then matchmaking. I would think the older you are the more likely you are to know someone that was married via matchmaking.
  8. silverspoons

    S09.E01: Nice To Marry You

    I kind of wish DeAnna did not lead with I have not dated in 10 years. Greg seemed pretty open and it looked like the wall went up. I wondered if he was worried about her age. His mama was worried he would be matched with someone older and they could not have babies, after hearing no date in 10 years I wonder if he thought she might be 5-10 years older? Did she really not date anyone at all in 10 years, or just not be in a relationship? If she really only had a high school boyfriend that broke her heart and then did not ever date again and it has been 10 years, the experts should not have matched her. If this is the case I would guess she turned 30 and panicked and wanted the fast track to marriage and babies and thought the show was the answer? Amber seems really into Matt ( she asked to kiss him how many times, I was so glad we did not get another Luke response, though it did take her asking like 3-4 times to get a kiss). I have to say she has guts as a 8th grade teacher to make her life so public, I hope the show edits the honeymoon a little or she might have many interesting school years ahead of kids talking about her. I am worried about him, it is not just not having a family, he does not seemed settled in the area. is he originally from the area or after playing basketball did he just land in NC? He also was so happy he had a wife to talk basketball with, I hope he takes an interest in what she likes too. I really hope Iris is not labelled a 27 year old virgin the whole season. I hope there is some other story then her virginity. I loved how excited her mom was and I hope the whole sex issue is dealt with mostly privately and we can see Iris and Keith bond over their love of kids, Jesus and mentoring. I also hope her first words are not I am a virgin, like Deanna's were I have not dated in 10 years. Elizabeth is annoying (and I liked AJ last season). I loved my dad, was an only child and I had him wrapped around my finger but I sure never talked to my dad about sex! Good luck Jamie! I hope it goes better then I predict, I have little hope for them and I also did not like her with the other ladies, she was so loud and in charge, I hope she doe snot ruin this season.
  9. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    I was just thinking, do you think Alana was paid in her name for DWTS? I wonder how much she got paid for that and hopefully all that money is in her name. It is also interesting to go back and watch pre season interviews. They were all Pumpkin and Alana (last year June had just had eye surgery but still made all the interviews). The previews shown were all about the June vs Jennifer and DWTS, no hints of a problems with June or Geno?
  10. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    I was wondering if she was going to a different school based on Pumpkin's address. Hopefully a fresh start at a new school with a good teacher that understands ahead of time what is going on will make the difference. My son's best friend changed schools to the school the sister wives kids went to and he did not know who they were (as in a TV family, he knew one of the kids had run for a student government position and one was on a sports team when I mentioned the names). Some kids just do not seem to care about what parents do even if it is scandalous like drugs, sadly my daughter says it is all too common that parents have issues with drugs these days maybe more then kids if you count the pills issues. I live in conservative area of Utah and several parents with large families have gone to jail over pills addictions and and the kids are actually really nice to the kids and sometimes glare at us adults for gossiping about the parents. Lets hope Alana got a great teachers and great classmates! My worry is high school starts this fall for Alana? I hope someone?? is there to guide her to take the classes she needs. Pumpkin did not finish, not sure Doe Doe did? Sugar bear did not finish. I hope there is someone who can find what Alana is good at in school and make sure she is taking the right classes. Doesn't Georgia like some other states have free either community college if you get certain grades in high school? I hope I heard right, we have that here in Utah, I just hope there is whatever way out of the cycle Jessica got for Alana too.
  11. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Does June really have to stay in Alabama? or is it just a lie to be with Geno. I live right in a tri state area and people get arrested for drugs or other offenses that live over the state line and they can go back to their state after bail is posted? My guess is Alana's home school is online schooling. I know when our school has a kid with any issue that is not easily solved, the easy (and cheap ) solution is give them a laptop and take online classes from home. It is fine if a child a an illness or is struggling with an issue that needs to be dealt with but Alana said she wanted to go back to school. No reason to be home schooling or online schooling a child wanting to be at school. Most of the episode felt real and sad but then Jennifer has to "act" like they were going to fight for Alana. Where was Alana going to sleep ? on the floor? Jennifer has the weird acting adult son living with her and sugar bear and no extra bedrooms. Sad that Sugar bear did not want to even fight for Alana. Just said, "she probably better off with Pumpkin". It broke my heart seeing Alana say she really has no parents, think about how TLC showed then a few years ago farting on the couch, having redneck games at the lake, and doing the charity Christmas and now we have those two parents sure have failed Alana. I was wanting to hear more from Jessica, but hear tears made me know this part was real and not scripted.
  12. I pretty sure he announced he got it already. He believe he mentioned he got it when he did a promotion for a Samoan tourist group? He seems to be Oliver's buddy? That kid seems strapped to Asuleu a lot. Kalini probably likes him helping her around the house. He does do some dances with a local Samoan group. I was like you thought he would be a provider. I was happy to see them have a free home in St George area because it was the ideal place for him, large Samoan community and tons of jobs and ones willing to train a hard working young man to make a decent money (only issue with St George is housing is very expensive but since they had a free place, perfect!). Right now if you are willing to work hard and are physical able a young man like Asuleu could get a job today , I mean today, learning a trade with good starting pay. I have never seen anything like it employers begging for workers, my son gets job offers almost every time we go out, stores are closing early because of lack of help. I think Kalini must like having him home, free pace to live and the social media money is fun money. I say fun money because Asuelu has been seen at our local run fun center (it is like chuckie cheese, those games that give tickets) a few times.
  13. silverspoons

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    Sophie, the singer that sang about her life in 7th grade, my daughter knew her right away. I guess Shane Dawson, asked people to follow her and did a video with her and now she has a huge following? I wonder if a following that that and a backing of Shane Dawson will get her a lot of people just voting for her on the app that do not even watch? I wish they had explained more about Kodi Lee. As a mom with a child that has autism and one that that struggles with creativity and music , iIwas wondering how he learned his music, memory, if he only knew so many songs. I was surprised to read that he can learn a song after hearing it only 1 times, it is a rare skill, I would have liked to hear that part of the story. I want to have a good comedian , it seems like they do not get enough time. I know it is suppose be to be equal time but the guy on fire got was 3 times as long as the comedy lady. I would have rather seen 9 minutes of comedy and 3 minutes of the guy on fire. Anyone else bothered by them flipping between taping days? Simon and Howie are harder to tell, they dress pretty much the same day after day and have the same "hair" look. Gabi went from long straight hair, to short hair to braids and back and forth. I miss the days when they did one city each show. Now we know they are just putting together shows with clips of people that fit that filmed over a period of time.
  14. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    I was talking about the entire season not per episode. Sister wives got 10k for the entire first season not per episode and then 75k for the next season not episode. TLC would never pay 75k an episode, as I states above it is 10% of production cost, and a concrete example was the little couple last season, which they have been on air what 8 years? was getting about 14k an episode for the entire family and they had much higher production costs and ratings then honey boo boo. I have tried to search for Kendra's wetv contract to see what they have paid in the past with no luck. As for Jon Gosselin, I had watched some streams of meetings child stars and him had fighting for the kids to have money set aside and set working hours and the law got passed. That law did help get those kids off TV and into school full time and a more normal life. I do not know if he did it pre or post divorce but it did get done which should be a law in every state for kids on TV
  15. silverspoons

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    June had the account sets up from the start but at some point they stopped? Anna accused June of not putting enough in her account. Since we do not know how much he show paid, there is no way to know if June took any out or if it was just lower pay first 2 seasons, It was Kate Gosselin that was forced to get the accounts set up when Jon and her broke up. Kate was spending the money and Jon fought to get laws passed in PA to protect kids on TV. Before that laws were only in NY and CA since filming kids was rare in other states before reality tv,