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  1. I was almost with Ailianna requesting a table for 4.5 because I got Carson City right away (thank you Kit) but then I went east and got caught up in Denver. Musical comedy knowledge (Unsinkable Molly B) helped me rule it out - dates seemed wrong - my brain flew to Sacramento just in time. So I would like to join the 5/5 table please.
  2. I feel like I am in very good company at the 2/5 table. Started and ended the week well but very bad middle. On Tuesday through Thursday, I did a lot of muttering at the tv "oh yeah I really should have known that". Congratulations bybrandy! It is a heady feeling.
  3. 4/5 - no *. i was trying too hard on Friday to think of obscure names and totally overlooked Hades. Happy New Year to all! I started mine by hibernating and trying some new recipes, including the William and Mary sauce. I am having my first sandwich with it tomorrow for lunch. It tastes quite good but not exactly Cheese Shop - probably due to the steak sauce and mustard used. My choices were somewhat limited last week due to holiday depletion of shelves, me trying to avoid big stores and what seemed to be a shopping frenzy in case weekend weather predictions were accurate.
  4. 3/5 - Could not make Lamaze come to my brain for love or money and I just blanked on Phyrric victories in general and wouldn't have gotten the guy's name in a thousand years - although I have been known to use the phrase from time to time. Luckily Some Like It Hot is one of my favorite movie endings of all time so I felt I was able to get back on track for the end of the week. Oh well nobody's perfect (although somebody in this contest probably will be 😀).
  5. I was 5/5 with one*. I felt lucky with the categories and especially with the Defender of the Faith - a lot of Tudor history at college but more recently I have been watching a lot of historical shows on Smithsonian and Prime so had heard references to the status in the near past.
  6. I wasn't really rooting for or against anyone last night but once Brayden got Bartleby, I was firmly in his camp. After an early American lit class piled heavy with Melville (Omoo, Typee, Moby Dick), Bartleby was the only part I could truly say I enjoyed- whenever I say or think I prefer not to, I chalk one up to him.
  7. Thanks Zoey1996 for the info- saddened but not surprised at events being cancelled. I am now picturing Merchant Square and the rest of DOG street. So many happy memories! Saber5055 - if you do find the recipe, please post it again. I'll be off work on the holiday weekends and it might make a good project.
  8. Most importantly thank you all for the Birthday wishes. All the Birthday dinners sound delicious. I actually had some lobster mac and cheese that I had ordered from Maine earlier in the year and stashed in the freezer for the occasion. Browncoat- I am extremely jealous of the barbecue and the sandwich- please enjoy both. I may indulge myself by mail ordering some Cheese Shop House Dressing - a bit pricey but oh so good. Are they doing the Grand Illumination in CW still? On to the contest - I was 3/5 with 1 * - I rarely miss Sondheim lyrics.
  9. I am deeply appreciative of the honor and am taking a bow, curtsy and every other show of respect possible. I would never consider myself a "brainiac" but I would give thanks to a good liberal arts education, a trivial mind (in the best sense) and enormous good luck last week with the categories. Seriously to win for last week makes me smile at a time when I needed one. Not to be maudlin but as many of you know, I lost Mother Grundoon in January and this past Sunday marked my first birthday without her. I won't lie - it was a bit hard but I tried to put on my big girl panties and be grateful for what I have in this year when so many have lost so much. I have always enjoyed this board but really value it now as a means of communicating with other fans when it is easy to feel a bit isolated. I am happy that I joined in the contest this year but seriously did not expect to do well. To have been named the winner for last week was a terrific birthday present! Hope I don't have to wait for another whole year to pass to do as well again.
  10. Right there with you Browncoat - i think they'd take the degrees and throw them and possibly us off Crim Dell bridge. Today I was remembering being in my dorm room there at Jefferson when I heard about John Lennon dying so I was already feeling old - I didn't need the young whippersnappers not knowing Peter Frampton. And thanks to many history classes at W&M, I too like the idea of the parallel universe where Henry VIII married Catherine the Great.
  11. I am not sure I really believe it but I went 5/5 with one *. It was due to a couple lucky guesses (Mediterranean and Malta) and some long ago memory from being forced to complete Moby Dick for the last section of an early American literature class which was heavy on Hawthorne and Melville (for the W&M fans - the final took place on the second floor of the Wren building for some odd reason with tourists wandering in by mistake).
  12. Right there with you Kimmmmmm trying to figure out what was going on with WDIV. I honestly started to wonder if I had fallen into some Jeopardy trance and forgotten who the players should be. Then I remembered the Holy Grail at Harrods and knew something was up. I tried to watch but got irritated by the swaying and bailed. I went to J Archive to see what FJ was - made an educated guess and confirmed it by reading more about Garros online.
  13. FJ was an instaget since I have been a major Python fan since high school which was the time period local PBS stations started running episodes (middle70s). I have a clear memory of my entire geometry class singing The Lumberjack Song to a befuddled teacher (for some reason lost in the mists of time). Also a friend and I tried translating the Parrot sketch into French when we needed to perform something in French class - again slightly confused teacher but happy students. I would have been really angry at myself if I hadn't gotten it.
  14. 4/5 - I couldn't move quickly enough through my mental map of Africa to get to Uganda and frankly I am not sure my mental map of Africa is accurate enough to ever get the question correct. I really need to brush up on geography in general.
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