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  1. I got mine as well - thanks so much @saber5055! I am looking forward to reading it.
  2. Thanks @Trey and I agree @peacheslatour, Watts is one of my favorites as well.
  3. I saw over the weekend that it was returning Monday night on CBC (which is local tv for the Detroit area) but I couldn't watch since my neighbors kindly asked me over to see "Come From Away" on their Apple+ TV connection (which was extraordinary even for someone who saw the touring company in the theater in late 2019 - highly recommend it for anyone who has access). Thanks for the info about the episode since I will try to remember to watch next Monday's episode and then watch Part I when streaming is available. Was Watts in any of the story lines?
  4. I have been telling people all week about how much fun this is and suddenly had to ask myself, did I sign up yet? Nope so here I am eagerly saying I'm in. Good to see familiar names but welcome all newcomers- I was new last season and can honestly say, this was one of the most fun things I did in the last year (and that is not intended to be damning with faint praise given the general suckiness of recent times - it was just an extra bright spot in my life when one was badly needed).
  5. I love my certificate and feel honored that the Great Tub of Knowledge was gracious enough to award me a book as well. I have enjoyed participating in this contest so much - it helped draw me back into Jeopardy after losing Mother Grundoon in January 2020 and helped me feel part of a community again. Thanks to you all I laughed while I learned stuff - what could be better? I am really looking forward to participating in next season's contest.
  6. By sheer happy coincidence, I had read recent comments here and while channel surfing last night came across the episode Hash which may be one of my favorites of all time for any series. I watched the whole rest of the episode and l laughed like a lunatic. So many great moments - Fish being Mr. Macho both with the arrest of the burglar and with the patrolman/Bernice, Wojo wanting Barney to be divine, a totally relaxed Harris, Levitt trying to use it to buddy/buddy with Barney, the actor/critic commentary from the cell, Barney's reactions throughout and Jack Soo just owned the episode culmina
  7. @Prevailing Wind, I am assuming that your Pogo mention is referencing the old comic strip. The Parental Grundoons loved it and when I was in utero I was named Grundoon for the little creature who could only speak in consonants. Mother Grundoon wrote Walt Kelly to ask for a picture of the character so I could see it as I was growing up. He wrote back that he didn't normally do that but did send her an original strip (with the blue edit pencils marks) featuring Grundoon which he also signed for her. Needless to say it is a prized possession and I would have loved to have seen that m
  8. I have really been enjoying this show and tend to save the latest episode to stream when I want to watch something fun and different. I don't usually correctly guess the Hustler in the early going (more often than not, my first choice is one of the first people out the door) but this week I did for some reason so I liked this episode even more than usual. I also like trying to guess the answers to the trivia questions but I realized that I would probably be rubbish on this show - I haven't lived an interesting enough life to be a good candidate for the Hustler and I would probably be ar
  9. Thanks @saber5055 for the T41 table setting and menu - I will just say YUM - and if either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum's seat is available at the table, I will proudly take my place (long ago and far away in grad school, a friend and I dressed as them for a Halloween party).
  10. I live in the Detroit area so have gotten Canadian/British tv all my life. I can't even remember how long I have been watching Corrie but am guessing it was in the 70s when I got into US soaps as well. I definitely go back to when the Duckworths first arrived, Curly was a binman, Alan Bradley, Gail before she was a Platt, Rita, Emily & Bet in their heydays, etc... I even got a chance to visit the old Granada Studios tour and see the Street in person. As with US soaps, I have gone off Corrie for awhile and then returned but it has been a small part of my life for decades. IMO no s
  11. 1/5 with no * - bad end to the season but I have enjoyed participating with you all this season. You have helped me through some bad times this year and I thank you for that. @saber5055 - it was not the same without you and as far as I am concerned wouldn't be in future. Hope your sabbatical helped and that you can find your center again. No food to contribute this week for the T41 - sorry - just got power back last night after 4 days without due to storms - unfortunately I had a moderately well-stocked fridge and freezer - spending parts of the next few days judging what survived a
  12. Somehow went 5/5 with 2*. Monday-Thursday were nearly instagets for me (Philippines was a bit on the lucky guess side but I settled on it quickly and didn't deviate). Friday I went straight to Potter land but couldn't decide for sure on the creature - finally just guessed snake since You Know Who's snake was so central to the middle to end of the books/movies. I made a pretty good crunchy noodle salad with a new dressing recipe this week (mainly because I can't find my original one) which I will offer up with some garlic bread for a nice August meal.
  13. 4/5 with one *. Shakespeare and Abbott & Costello were readily accessible in my brain. Phoenix was a last minute pop in from somewhere I was not even sure existed. My mind whirled around trying to get to Hawking in time - even though I was clearly picturing him, the name was hiding until the very last second. Cartagena would not come to me for love or money {even while I was resorting to my Real Housewives of NYC part of my brain - please don't judge}. Peaches are in season here in Michigan and I do have a great Peach Sangria recipe and can offer some fresh sliced peaches for tho
  14. 5/5 with 1* - Tuesday-Friday somehow fell into my oddly shaped wheelhouse but Monday was a lucky guess with the guess part being Hawaii - I should know those islands better - my only Hawaiian experience involves deplaning after a flight from Australia to LA (we had to go through customs in Honolulu) and thanks to several hours of mild turbulence {I will never forget the pilot saying " folks we are going to be fine but uncomfortable for awhile due to a large storm we are passing over - get your drinks now because I am ordering the cabin attendants to their seats for the duration"}, I barely reg
  15. 4/5 with 1* (which I admit I only got by the last minute skin of my teeth). My brain twirled through many possible inventions but never came near a mousetrap. So glad you are back @saber5055 - hope everything is okay. You were definitely missed. My cooking skills are on summer holiday this week so I will offer up a Peach Sangria which may not match perfectly with the food on offer but after a couple glasses you really don't mind.
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