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  1. shapeshifter

    S07.E04: Red Light, Green Light

    Sherlock did criticize the former gang leader's soccer strategies, but I accepted Halcon/Danny's explanation:
  2. shapeshifter


    No, actually Chris says: And Chris never returns. ETA: But Chris did follow the above words with: —which sounds to me like Chris did not really tell his wife he was meeting with Barry, especially in comparison to his earlier words. So, what @Nordly Beaumont says below.
  3. shapeshifter

    The Good Fight

    Yes, and did I miss her considering hanging out her own shingle? Doing paralegal work? This plot should knock her down a few from her high horse of entitlement, but I don't see it yet.
  4. shapeshifter

    Grand Hotel

    Are soap operas and tella novellas generally this head spinningly crazy with plots?
  5. shapeshifter

    S03. E03. #privacyplease.

    I still see very little difference between this season and the last—and that's not a good thing, IMO. It looks to me like the NIH lady likely had the early stages of the CRISPR-engineered, smallpox-based virus, which she likely passed on to Aaron's gf, who will likely die of it. Aaron will contract it too, but Emily will nurse him back to health. Do schools actually call parents when a girl gets her first period? Didn't Penny know what to do from sex ed or friends or Google? Who is the schlubby COS's side piece? ETA: Despite several references to "private parts," the title of the episode is #privacyplease
  6. shapeshifter

    S07.E04: Red Light, Green Light

    It's kind of written that way--with him not getting over the injury in TV land record style. And having him die slowly from an unrelated injury is probably the only way for the audience to forgive him without making him a big f'in' hero/martyr.
  7. shapeshifter


    During the last binge that I was able to see (Thursdays here) it finally dawned on me that the primary difference between Sharona and Natalie is that Sharona is Monk's "nurse," whereas Natalie is his "assistant." It's an interesting distinction in that it shows character growth/healing for Monk.
  8. shapeshifter

    Elementary in the Media

    Elementary made it to the finalists of the Annual Awards Show: The Primetimers for these 2 categories: "BFFs Forever: Favourite Friendship" (https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/94319-bffs-forever-favourite-friendship) "Happy Endings (Not that kind, pervert): Favourite Season/Series Finale" (for season 6) (https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/94318-happy-endings-not-that-kind-pervert-favourite-seasonseries-finale) "Vote early and often," heh, but do vote by Friday the 21st.
  9. shapeshifter

    Small Talk: Thank You For Being A Friend

    Since none of my nominees made it to the "Get Your GOAT: Favourite Show of All Time" category of the Annual Awards Show: The Primetimers, in honor of my mother, I voted for The Golden Girls: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/94334-get-your-goat-favourite-show-of-all-time ("Vote early and often," LOL.) My 91-year-old mom in hospice care with advanced Parkinson's can no longer even operate a remote, but when someone is there to do it for her, she still likes to watch The Golden Girls, and I like to watch it with her. And, hey, we're winning the category!
  10. shapeshifter


    Chernobyl made it to the finalists for "Best Cinematography" in the Annual Awards Show: The Primetimers. GoT is probably going to sweep everything again this year, but Chernobyl has a shot: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/94339-best-cinematography/ "Vote early and often," LOL. ETA: Now I'm at "Best Writing" and cannot decide between Chernobyl, Better Call Saul, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. No GoT in that category! ETA again: Of my top 3 for Best Writing, only our Chernobyl has a shot. So, once again, "vote early and often," LOL.
  11. shapeshifter

    Law & Order

    Hah! But seriously. Maybe this was supposed to be the implication of that line. Mystery solved?
  12. Ha, that sounds like something a Seinfeld character would do and then have to come up with a disguise upon receiving notice that they will be publically honored as the oldest member of the service.
  13. shapeshifter

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    And after CGJr pats the accuser's knee, he pats the leg of a guy who appears to know her well enough to hug her, and following that there's more hugging and patting among more people than I can easily note. So. What is wrong with this woman that she would accuse CGJr and not anyone else who was there? And, seriously? Handcuffs? How did they get there? I'm an advocate of the #MeToo movement, but this looks more like racial profiling gone amuck than anything else. CGJr is about 50, which is the age at which I figured I shouldn't even have a single drink anymore unless it was followed by going to bed, so maybe he said or did something he wouldn't have otherwise. *sigh*
  14. shapeshifter

    Match Game

    I assume Michael Che was just feeling out of his element, whereas Jason Alexander not only grew up watching the original Match Game, he has already appeared on this version 4 other times, as well as having been a "celebrity contestant" 10 other times on game shows, and have played on poker shows about a dozen times.
  15. shapeshifter

    Major Crimes

    So many great punch lines in the "Turn Down" episode--especially these from Amy! I tried to see via IMDb if there was a particular writer that does the comedic ones with the witticisms, but IMDb doesn't seem to differentiate. Maybe the rolling credits do, but that would still be hard to determine. I really resented Rusty when these episodes first aired, but this time I realized that at least Rusty, unlike my middle daughter at his age, only briefly expresses his objections with regards to violations of "freedom of the press" and his rights to privacy, search & seizure (WRT his cell phone) etc., before calmly surrendering and even being apologetic.