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  1. shapeshifter

    Pet Peeves

    Then you write a script and get rich in Hollywood. Mine too!
  2. shapeshifter

    Pet Peeves

    Maybe the bats are just living under the eaves of your roof? (Wishful thinking)
  3. shapeshifter

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    I have at least 100 Elementary episodes I should rewatch to see what I missed! I only caught this episode's red herrings because I recorded it and watched in the next morning when I was fully awake, and then rewound and fast-forwarded to answer questions posted here. I enjoy rewatching episodes of The Closer and Major Crimes and Monk multiple times because I always catch things I missed. I wonder if Elementary will wear as well. Recently I watched a Castle episode and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.
  4. shapeshifter

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    I totally missed that clue!
  5. shapeshifter

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    JLM's hair has been thinning for over a decade; "moussed hair-standing-on-end" is a technique used by both men and women with thinning hair.
  6. shapeshifter

    Pet Peeves

    In the 80s if my hands were full with groceries or a baby, I'd keep reminding the next youngest one to "Hold my pocket! Hold my pocket!" —something I picked up from observing another mother.
  7. shapeshifter

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    I'm guessing he must have had enough steaks to go around or else it would not have been possible to lure Ollie the German Shepherd away from the pack. Joan deduces: --which is a bit of a red herring of height, since many of the viewers will assume women are shorter than men, but Kate Shindle, who played OTB/drug smuggler lawyer Danielle Olivera, is 5'11" and Danny Binstock (who played the cell phone stealing, drug stealing brother) claims to be just 6'. Danielle is further absolved of the murder by these lines: Speaking of red herrings, H!ITG! Carlos Gómez had his name in the opening credits.
  8. shapeshifter

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    I thought it was a sweet characterization of Bell that he used the descriptor "knucklehead" instead of the typical cop term of "dirt bag," but, now that you mention it, no doubt the writers were emphasizing that this seemingly was a minor criminal rather than a murderous mastermind.
  9. shapeshifter

    Pet Peeves

    Yes. Or maybe something like, "My water just broke. I'll meet you in the parking lot."
  10. shapeshifter

    Match Game

    I think Hasan Minhaj and Caroline Rhea could have but probably not that quickly! I am certain Wayne Newton could not have...... Or either of the contestants? Or any of the contestants ever?
  11. shapeshifter

    Match Game

    I love that answer Yes, but could enough (2 or more) players on the show have spelled "reign" correctly and/or known the meaning to match?
  12. shapeshifter

    Reef Break

    Episode 4 was okay until the last bit went full-on soap opera.
  13. shapeshifter


    IRL I doubt that an adoption agency would reveal what their business with the employee unless she had listed Andy as a reference--in which case should would have asked him to be her reference in advance of the call. But I suppose if she if very young, she might not have bothered to ask him. But do adoption agencies care about the place of occupation of their prospective mothers? I supposed if it was a bar in a location where smoking was still allowed, that would matter.
  14. shapeshifter

    Fargo In The Media

    Ben Wishaw first impressed me in The Hour.
  15. shapeshifter


    Agreed. But I am reasonably confident that Chernobyl will at least win in a lesser category. And these days, with so much competition, just being nominated is a badge of honor.