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  1. I loved her name too. They shoot 5 days in one day, right? Poor Matt. Tomorrow is the end of a long week. Does anyone know offhand if longtime champions tend to lose on Fridays? 🙁
  2. This was a liberal arts college where I was employed as a librarian after I had my MLS. We all cleaned tables, but after several years, the College finally contracted a company for maintenance that realistically allocated resources needed, so we librarians seldom did any cleaning after that, and students only dusted shelves (with dust masks provided). Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Agree with this. 😧 I know! When Matt said “What’s crochet?” I yelled “Cross stitch! Cross stitch!!” And then when he bet everything on motorcycles, I yelled, “No! That’s not your category!” And then, mercifully, the round was over, and I thought of Buzzy reminding the TOC players during the recent rereuns how he had $0 going into Day 2 of the 2-day contest and yet he won. Whew! But, again, I liked both of the challengers too.
  4. I'm not sure if you meant it would violate some sort of contract even if he guest hosts or if you meant permanently (and Law is not one of my strong suits), but: From Variety: "Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will host the remaining episodes of “Jeopardy!” for the rest of the year, Variety has confirmed. However, the search for a final, permanent host is still ongoing" (Sept. 16, 8:45am PDT, variety.com/2021/tv/news/jeopardy-mayim-bialik-ken-jennings-host-mike-richards-1235066317).
  5. Have you seen it enforced? Or is it maybe just an effective deterrent? About 2 months ago I was in a medical office waiting room and had trouble communicating with the staff because: I have loud tinnitus that makes it hard for me to hear only if there is other background noise. The staff member speaking to me was behind plexiglass and masked (of course, and thank you). There was someone in the small waiting room talking very loudly into a cell phone. I said to the staff member that I have trouble hearing when there is background noise and gestured toward the loud pe
  6. From Variety: "...However, the search for a final, permanent host is still ongoing" (Sept. 16, 8:45am PDT, variety.com/2021/tv/news/jeopardy-mayim-bialik-ken-jennings-host-mike-richards-1235066317).
  7. Could be legit too. The rust doesn't look Photoshopped. Too much. Heh. This one looks like the office, room, and building keys to the campus where I worked until May 2019 in Illinois, so maybe NYU or another such place: Haha, one of the reply tweets asked if he dusted for prints.
  8. “So say we all” er ah — at least the 3 of us.
  9. Isn't Buzzy a possibility now, after everyone (including TPTB) got to recently see him again doing a stellar job for 2 weeks?
  10. I had been really hoping Robin Roberts would get the permanent host position--and I now think even more that she would be great--but last night I saw her hour-long interview, "Amanda Gorman: Brave Enough with Robin Roberts A Special Edition of 20/20" (which is also on Hulu?) and was glad Robin Roberts was available to do it, precisely because she did not insert herself into the conversation, but instead brought out the best in her interviewee (poet Amanda Gorman).
  11. It is probably just the writing, but my inner cattiness wants to bring up acting. Down, cat!
  12. Good point. Plot hole, or clue? If it's a plot hole I will be a bit disappointed with the writers.
  13. Wow. I am seriously curious as to whether the doctor(s) know about the specific language of the sign? And next time you are there, please tell us if it is still there with the same language. I was very relieved when my boss at the college library where I worked announced that we would no longer forbid eating in the library. There was a café in the library and a large area of tables and chairs across from it. Before we abolished the "no food or drink in the library" signs and policy, I would occasionally do my part by quietly strolling up to students surrounded by large amounts of food
  14. Yes! Speaking as a member of the American Historical Association, I was outraged by that ruling. They are definitely letting Matt get away with way too many short cuts If I read the look on Matt’s face correctly, he quickly computed that it was faster to say the acronym and was prepared to “be more specific,” and then MR decided (likely for time too) not to say, “be more specific.” Have we heard any of the guest hosts say “be more specific”? I think so, but they’ve skipped a lot—again, probably because they’re struggling to get through the clues in time.
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