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  1. shapeshifter

    Things That Happen On TV But Not In Real Life

    Statistically, way fewer American teens drive today than before cell phones were ubiquitous. Of course, 2019 cell phones probably cost as much as teenager's cars did in 1979.
  2. I was wondering about that too. But I think the next episode is a couple of months later. ETA: Yes. She gets pregnant that night. Quite possibly Penny did drink while pregnant, but not on screen. I really wish I could wear Amy's linen suit with the crewel embroidery to my daughter's wedding in August. It's not on As Seen On TV yer, but it's probably light years out of my price range anyway. [I missed this bit of dialog the first time around, so probably a lot of others did too, which explains] I don't know why there was so much flak about Penny being pg given this bit of dialog: [SHELDON] What would you like me to say? [LEONARD] How about congratulating us? [SHELDON] Are congratulations even in order? I didn't think Penny wanted children. [LEONARD] Well, she didn't, now she does. I'm guessing once this episode has aired multiple times, more viewers will at least shrug off Penny's change of mind. Also, I can fanwank this bit to imply that Penny's "Do you wanna" was more about having unprotected sex than just sex, even though I wish she hadn't been quite so drunk: [PENNY] Yeah, well if something else had been wrapped, we wouldn't be in this situation. [LEONARD] Excuse me, but if I recall, you're the one who went out drinking with Sheldon, then came home and attacked me. [PENNY] Attacked you? I said, "Do you wanna?"
  3. Rewatching now: I'm wondering if the elevator got fixed because Sheldon and Amy won the Nobel.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, @Driad! Re-airing here too! But they did have more time by making it a double episode, so, if Mary was filmed (or just written) and cut, it must've been a creative choice.
  5. shapeshifter


    I was wrong about that. Corrected above. And, last week, I saw it as a real person's legs in pants in the trunk. This week, I don't think the cops would be so convinced of her murder by Gene or later the Chechens if there was no body. I just rewatched after reading your entire spot-on post, @tennisgurl, and this^ ("Fuches truly is a cockroach") rang so true; Fuches actually fuckin' (or is that "Fuchin'," heh?) scurries like a cockroach. ETA: I guess Sally is a kind of cockroach too. But, wow, Stephen Root manages to convince us that this incapable slimeball really could hypnotize several gangs of killers to do his bidding. Satan incarnate? When Fuches says to the gangs, "actually pulling the trigger, ending a life, well, that takes someone with no soul," for half a minute I thought he hesitated to kill Gene because he (Fuches) had a soul, but, no, he doesn't kill because he doesn't want to be responsible, but he's fine orchestrating killing. And, BTW, would Barry have gone on that killing rampage without Fuches having orchestrated his life for these years since he came back with his dishonorable discharge from killing the innocent? IDK. He did it in Afghanistan. But a real friend would've at least steered Barry towards therapy rather than being a professional assassin. Why does Sally think being an artist means telling the truth? That's more like being a historian. I mean, if I paint a portrait of someone, I don't hesitate to take off a few pounds or years -- being an artist is creating something more than a photograph or unedited documentary. Hader and Berg are having Sally call truth-telling "art," but do they really think that? Or is it just supposed to be Sally being wrong about being an artist?
  6. shapeshifter


    And yet — if I understood it and remember correctly — Sally slapping Barry caused him to spring into action, planting the Chechan symbol in the car trunk, which freed Gene. <--remembered wrong. Just rewatched. Sally slapping Barry didn't do much. Right after that NoHo Hank texts Barry that it's all good because Fuches is there, and THAT sets Barry into a killing rage that mirrors the war flashback when he wrongly killed the innocents because his buddy was killed.
  7. shapeshifter

    The Media Thread Emanation

  8. shapeshifter


    S2E8 "berkman > block" Is mine. For all the reasons included in your post, @thuganomics85, plus, I really appreciate the shorter format. Both the shorter (but not too short) episodes, and the shorter seasons. No fluff or filler. There were a lot of layers of meaning to Barry killing his protégé. Barry was killing the surrogate of himself. No shit (as NoHo would say). That is how to do a cliffhanger. Plus, will Sally ever be sucked into Barry's vortex? She seems to be a survivor, but her life is barely of value, on every level. And yet, she alone is unharmed by the shadow that Barry seems to cast upon those in his life. How did the calling card bullet wind up on Esther? I guess Fuches was going to kill Gene and make it look like a suicide, but then he didn't. I guess he figured Barry would kill him if he did that, but now Barry wants to kill him anyway.
  9. Thank you, both. Now I realize my memory of it is more of a composite: [HOWARD onboard a plane to Texas with Sheldon] I'm an astronaut, and you know it. You just don't like admitting it, because you're jealous. [SHELDON] Well, truth be told, as a child, I did dream of going to space. Those astronauts were my heroes. And when you got to go, it was hard for me. [HOWARD] Thank you. [SHELDON] Because it made me realize they'll just send anyone up there. [SHELDON (during turbulence)] I'm sorry for every mean thing I ever did or said to you! [HOWARD] I'm sorry, too! It's all my fault! [SHELDON (plane rumbling, rattling; passengers gasping)]If you weren't my friend, there'd be a hole in my life! [HOWARD] Thank you, Sheldon. [SHELDON] Kind of like when Firefly was cancelled. But not as big.
  10. Also, didn't Sheldon and Howard have a train trip together during which Sheldon admitted he was jealous of Howard being an astronaut who had gone into space? Or something like that?
  11. But it seemed like a lot of the audience was ready for it to be over. I wonder if part of JP's bowing out was based on that. I think the writers needed Raj to have another relationship fail so that they could do the "you don't have to feel lonely when you have friends!" scene. Now that you mention it, I can look back on the Anu arc and see that this was always her purpose as a character in the show. They made her likable, but not too likable. And Raj was into her, but not that into her. So kudos to the writers, actors, directors, et al. for keeping us guessing.
  12. So, maybe, a woman George . . . crossed the line with outside the bedroom comes to the Cooper house to see some bedroom furniture that they are selling, and one thing leads to another. never before crossed the line with comes to the Cooper house to see some bedroom furniture that they are selling, and one thing leads to another. never crossed the line with comes to the Cooper house to see some bedroom furniture that they are selling, and George trips on the dust ruffle, and they tumble together onto the bed, and Sheldon misconstrues what he is seeing. never crossed the line with comes to the Cooper house to see some bedroom furniture that they are selling, and George has a heart attack; the erstwhile bedroom furniture buyer administers mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and Sheldon misconstrues what he is seeing.
  13. But Raj was never happy. So he certainly isn't any different in the finale than he was before. Personally, I'd prefer Sad Single Raj to Miserable Married Raj, but then one miserable marriage that ended nearly 30 years ago was more than enough for me, so my preferences are outside the norm. I think Raj will ultimately find greater happiness with his long established friendships than he would have in Europe. The romantic moment with Howard in the airport was unrealistically depicted, but there's truth in what it portrayed.
  14. Maybe the Shamy Nobel was based on Bednorz's experience (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Bednorz#Life_and_work😞 I just picked Bednorz at random from the link @ProfCrash posted because his was the first I noticed for a Noble won in physics in the second half of the 20th century. So. Now y'all can rest assured that the Nobel plot was realistic. More or less.
  15. You might want to wean yourself with the newly minted The All-Episode, All-Topic Continuum thread. 😉 I can't believe that it took over 270 comments on the finale for someone to point this out. Admittedly, it didn't occur to me, but I went through menopause over a decade ago. What's all y'all's excuse? So. That's settled. (Yeah, right.) Anyway, there's also: