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  1. I get it that he does not want to get his hair cut right now. I found some people who will come do it in my yard, but I'm still not sure about how safe it would be having them that close. And he might not want to get a haircut because he might think it would rile up Twitter and Reddit posts about his hypocrisy. But. Stephen, dear. If I send you some of these very nice hair ties with no metal, will you please just go for the ponytail in the back? Not digging the mullet.
  2. Perhaps, but likely just leftovers. But you're kidding about Early Bastille Day, right? 🙂 Better they use them up than a child finds them, right? But why not 9 p.m.? Let's imagine it took them until 10 to do it safely. My daughters always hate it when I try to make them feel more kindly to towards those who are making them miserable, so, sorry?
  3. Perhaps Perry and his sidekick with help the explosion along for that and other reasons (EB's reputation) after they find EB's body. But I'm still not sure he will die. Perry or Della may get there in time. Hmmm...perhaps Perry gets there in time and convinces EB to let him fake an explosion and fake EB's death, --or Perry gets there in time but EB is comatose and Perry fakes the explosion and EB wakes up in hiding in Perry's basement.
  4. 64°F and the neighbor’s air conditioner unit that hangs next to my tiny bedroom’s window turns on at 1:30 a.m. This seems to be a regular thing now. In better news, my youngest daughter and her husband put in an offer on a house in another state and plan to help find me a place nearby before next summer.
  5. I speculated after the previous episode that the “resurrected” Charlie would be Emily having another baby. In this episode we saw Emily in prison, in profile, clutching a pillow to her abdomen, effectively rendering her silhouette identical to the silhouette of a woman who is pregnant.
  6. The contestants seemed to be selected for their attractiveness on TV more than any familiarity with the show, which means answers "obvious" to those of us familiar with Match Game rules and, more importantly, answers, would *not* be on the radar of the contestants.
  7. Yes! Maybe it's because Terry Gross is the interviewer's interviewer, but Matthew Rhys seemed so relatable. And lots of tidbits relevant to this board/series too. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/13/890370370/in-perry-mason-matthew-rhys-lives-out-his-boyhood-noir-fantasies
  8. I would be happy with a reveal that Perry already took and passed the bar to deal with his property issues. But these police are not Raymond Burr Perry Mason's police. It seems the only way anything legal gets done in this show is through bribery, threats, and debts.
  9. I didn't notice all of that --at least not to the degree that you did-- but I was not watching under optimal conditions. But from your description, it sounds like the point was to convey EB considering all of those options. Does that seem to make sense? I wondered if the writers thought it would be cold in the basement.
  10. Since Lupe's offer for Perry's property is only $7K and Emily needs $25K to get out on bail, I wonder if Perry will go to Alice for bail money. Della's last argument scene with E.B. is going to impact her finding him (dead or alive) if she does, or even if Perry does. Either way (dead or alive) what about E.B.'s nose bleed last episode? Maybe an autopsy will reveal tumors, and there will be drama over the reasons for his suicide (or attempted). I will be a little annoyed if social media reveals they made Della gay just to prevent speculation of an attraction between her and Perry.
  11. I am sports ignorant, so sorry if this is a dumb question, but could he have been a Super Bowl champion the previous year?
  12. Even though vasectomy or condom were the obvious answers to what would Alec finally get on the 7th episode of his new show, I drew a blank and could only think of "get a Life." Maybe the prompts were worded a little confusingly? Is that on purpose? Shouldn't be, IMO. Like maybe it should have been "What would happen" instead of "what would Alec get"? Or would that be to broad?
  13. Yes, I'm pretty sure being charming is a requirement to be a professional baseball player these days. 😉 Mark Duplass is also hot and smart, but I can't recall where I've seen him previously. I may have him confused with some other actor person. ETA: I also thought High and Mighty. High and Dry didn't occur to me, but it was an equally good answer.
  14. Seriously. I thought maybe they were on coke, but brain damage is (sadly) more likely. Or maybe they were just hamming it up. I tuned out most of it, but the "right" answers for an animal that would kill you if it sat on you were pretty WTH-ish. I thought maybe dinosaur would be up there, but not snake or lion. So did the younger guys just not practice hitting the buzzer fast (for sudden death) or were they letting the older guys win out of respect?
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