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  1. My daughter would attribute Kevin and Paige’s willingness to stick with Kim to “sunk cost fallacy,” meaning dropping Kim and starting with someone else seems like losing time and money invested with Kim (the fallacy), when it’s really losing more in the future. Kevin would probably make the excuse that he doesn’t believe in “switching horses mid-race.”
  2. Made me smile too I think the show Manifest (in which a plane full of people returns after 5½ years) had a line about a reality show presidente. Yes, exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully Liz will quickly realize the Noah heart problem and swap it out with Porky Pig’s and then Max won’t stutter too often, heh. Remember how frustrated OG Future Max made us over making Liz fake-cheat on Max to break his heart? 😢😞😒🙁😩 I kept thinking Isabel’s expressions of needing Max in this episode could be a set up for some not-sibling attachment but only after reading your post @methodwriter85 (okay to blame you? LOL) did I realize they’re probably going to have Max with Noah’s heart try to seduce Isabel and/or Rosa. 😫😖😵😑😱
  3. That makes sense. I wonder if more “bubble” shows will be cancelled due to the assumption that a gap of a year between seasons doesn’t make sense for a show with a weak following.
  4. It sounds like it could be fun:
  5. Cagney and Lacey would’ve been on the 3 dirtbags like a hen on a June bug. Shouldn’t Zeke have gangrene by now?
  6. Can a 17-year-old legally manage a bowling alley? Don’t you have to be 18 to sign contracts? I’m confident he’ll do just fine but it kind of left us with a plot hole. I’m glad they went there with him firing the nepotism nephew. Did the nepotism kid letting the customers change lanes without doing anything have something to do with her arm getting caught? I do not believe that a guy who had just admonished his daughter not to point a nail gun (or any gun) at anything you weren’t aiming at would shoot himself. Or are these all ripped from the headlines? If so, I still think it would have been that one person gave the safety lecture, but the other refused to take directions from the lecturer. I was hoping for Chim’s sake the dad wasn’t HIV- or Hep C- or anything else-positive. On a different show, one of the call receivers would have said something like, “I think you guys hit the wrong place.” Huh. So then I guess they went to all the trouble of committing a hate crime just to gain access? Seems a little OTT. Thank you! I was trying to remember when and where I’d been in a revolving restaurant. It was in Toronto with my sister and brother-in-law during the SARS pandemic.
  7. It sounded like a denial to me, and a warning that if Howard tried to take him to court over it or have him disbarred, Jimmy would go to his usual extremes to prove Howard had imagined the whole thing. In Breaking Bad, do we know ?
  8. On the outside chance that anyone is interested in the part of the NY executive order that permitted my daughter's pigment shop to stay open, it is the "Governor Cuomo Issues Guidance on Essential Services Under The 'New York State on PAUSE' Executive Order" page here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-issues-guidance-essential-services-under-new-york-state-pause-executive-order and specifically:
  9. 🤣 IDK, now that we know that he was real Max communicating with Isabel through their twin bond and not just in her imagination due to the poison, I wouldn't mind that continuing for 1 or 2 more episodes -- at least long enough to have a couple of lines of ghost twin humor.
  10. Are we supposed to think Kim's wanting to save Jimmy from himself is a pattern based on her relationship with her mother, and likewise what she lectures Kevin about ignoring her advice she would have liked to tell her mother that (as well as Jimmy)? I like to think the compassionate side of Jimmy never goes away entirely, it just gets paved over with his other identities.
  11. Titan TV now shows this episode airing next week, but I think they had it originally scheduled for this week. Who knows? 🤷‍♂️
  12. Ever since the first episode of Once Upon a Time when Josh Dallas as Charming successfully fought off the evil minions in a sword fight with his baby daughter tucked safely and adorably under his other arm, he has been type cast. I expect this show to get unceremoniously canceled mid-plot like The 4400, at which time Josh Dallas will get the lead in a modern remake of Father Knows Best set on Mars. Why would you put your husband through such torture? In this Time of Corona, this is what married couples' porn looks like? (Another reason I'm glad I never remarried.)
  13. Or could Michael and Maria be half siblings? That could be what leads Michael back to Alex, which is a plot arc I'm not crazy about but which would fit with the show runner's claims that Michael and Alex are OTP. I know! The voice and the face were the same! It so made me wish they had at least cast him as Max again. He could easily play 10 years younger (again!). Is there any way Trip/JB could be Max and Isobel's father? I mean, we've seen people hop in and out of these pods like they're sleeping bags (not placentas). Now that you mention it, my guess is that Maria was just being coy as in it's too soon to bring the boyfriend home to meet the parents, not that he really didn't already know her. Although, with Maria's mom's memory issues, there's a little more reality there, even if Maria was kidding with Michael.
  14. Thanks for the reminder! I just took mine so now I have a baseline reading with my device. This is an issue for any illness that I always forget. It's a cheap one for the armpit, so was only 95.9. Since I know at the doctors' it runs around 97.9, I will now know that if it's 99 here at home, it's really 101, and there's a reason I feel feverish and should contact. . . um, whom? Stocked up at the grocery store today during the seniors hours after all. Most people had masks so I felt somewhat protected. I tried a scarf but it just got damp. There was only one item on my list I couldn't get and I substituted. I left things I don't need immediately in my trunk to "disinfect" for a few days. I washed my hands a bunch of times and wiped a few surfaces with Windex (does that help? it should destroy the virus's outer coating, right?). I shouldn't have to go to a store again for at least 2 weeks, maybe until April 30th. If it looks like it's going until May 30th, we should try to stagger our shopping trips so we don't all go at the end of April. Meanwhile: This interactive map from the New York Times was just updated to show state-wide and local Stay At Home Orders. It directs to local links with more details: nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-stay-at-home-order.html
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