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  1. Now that you mention it: Shouldn't Max's therapist think his friend was a little at least a little bit psycho? PSA: I missed this episode when it aired, and kept checking Peacock, but it's up at NBC.com now.
  2. I interpreted Simon’s look to mean that when he heard her heartbroken sobs he felt sorry for her loss (of the hope of being pregnant) because he really did love her, and that maybe he was beginning to reconsider having a child —– which isn’t quite the same as disappointment, because he was so sure he didn’t want a child until that moment. But maybe that’s what you meant too? Anyway, that look was definitely a liminal moment for the character of Simon.
  3. Yes, please. And maybe more than a president, we need a National Guru, and I think we can all agree it should be Jon Batiste.
  4. Taking a break from moving packing. The NY Times had a human interest article about pandemic “hate wearing” clothes, which seems to be choosing to wear uncomfortable clothes that you don’t even like the way they look (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/06/style/pandemic-dressing-takes-a-dark-turn.html). Seriously? Is this like the really old joke that goes: “Why do you like sitting on top of the refrigerator?” Answer: “Because it feels so good when I get down.” I’m not sure, but I think she was saying she does it because she has some really expensive outfits that never really worked and she thinks she should get some wear out of them. Sort of Anti-Marie Kondo Is anyone here doing this?
  5. I happened to rewatch the last part of the Pelosi, O'Donnell, and Posen episode twice and teared up both times because Norah was so thrilled to be a cousin of HLG's, and he was delighted with her joy. Yes but Norah O’Donnell is a cousin of an African American person 😉 and both Italians and Jews were treated as non-white at the time that their families immigrated to America -- and immigrant Irish were "others" as well.
  6. This makes sense to me because your husband was only around the sick person for the length of the ride, whereas I assume you spent extended periods of time around your husband when he was sick. This is a good example of how Covid germs can spread too, and why, although wearing masks primarily protects others, it can also potentially lessen the amount of viral load we would take in if we were around an infected person. At least, that's my understanding. If I've got it wrong, anyone can correct me. We are *still* learning about Covid, so it's hard to keep up. My daughter in northwestern New York state (where I'm moving in 2 days) just sent me a form to register for the vaccine there. Even though the estimated time for my group (65+) there is currently 14 weeks and it would be only 2 weeks here in Illinois, I'm relieved to be on a notification list. Maybe 14 weeks from now all the folks who have had their second shots (like my oldest daughter and her first-responder coworkers will have in Oregon) will have good recommendations for dealing with the side effects of the second shot -- although I'm guessing it will just be rest, water, and acetaminophen (or is it ibuprofen?).
  7. Yeah, all shows with people meeting up before work should have series finales revealing that everything happened in the characters' imaginations on their actual way to work. This is one show where that reveal would work.
  8. Generally PDAs and love making on screen are tedious at best, which is probably why they usually mercifully cut away after we get the drift. But this show has been hiding physical intimacy almost like the audience viewers are the kids. I wonder if it is in part to not alienate viewers who might be as culturally reserved as is Abishola —— perhaps especially since Gina Yashere (Kemi) is a writer/story editor who might be more sensitive to audiences with more reserved sensibilities? Or maybe it’s just because it would feel like a betrayal to the character of Abishola.
  9. I was yelling "crawl" at them in the first round. Then I fell asleep.
  10. Near the end of the series, as they wrap up storylines (and kudos for them doing this so well), at the end of "Mr. Monk and the Badge" (11/20/2009, Season 8 / Episode 14 ) in which-- --after Monk gets off of the scaffolding and resigns to his superior officer (and becomes "former, former, former Detective Adrian Monk) -- disoriented from swinging around a high rise with a deranged window washer, he stumbles off down the street in what struck me as a manner mimicking Charlie Chaplin. I think there's a couple of cases in which Natalie is the first to notice key evidence. I recall noticing that recently but not which episode (currently I'm living in over-the-air TV Monk land, heh). But I was kind of looking to see if Randy ever did anything to warrant his end-of-series promotion in NJ, and noticed in "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan" that Randy took down the murder-rampaging perp with a Janga move in the lumber warehouse. That episode also has a good example of something happening that makes no sense (which I maintain is contained in every Monk episode) in that the Mother of the little boy who spends the day with Randy pays $300 for that purpose.
  11. I can’t recall if anything was mentioned, and I have no knowledge of homeowners’ insurance then or now (other than it being based on assessed value), but maybe the insurance was significantly more than selling. I’ve seen burning one’s property for financial gain as a plot point in several Law & Order shows. But, also, she needed the money right away, and I think selling took more time then. I do recall in the 1950s when we lived in Connecticut, my father took a new job near Philly, and he was only home on weekends for the 9+ months it took for the house to sell.
  12. Seems like we all agree that Ken Jennings (I can’t not say both his first and last name) exceeded our expectations. I agree that he was “channeling” Alex, and I think it worked because he came by it naturally, having done over 70 episodes with Alex himself. Kudos to whoever decided to have KJ be first to………you know.
  13. I think Stephen has found his therapist and his therapist's name is Chris Rock, LOL. And because my insomnia is worse than ever, I had to look up the Snoop Dogg quilt: https://www.beddingprint.com/products/snoop-dogg-albums-cover-poster-quilt-blanket-ver-2
  14. Labeling them at least gives future generations a chance to make an informed choice. I was living thousands of miles away when my parents moved from Illinois to Hawaii in the mid 80s. My sister took a lot of furniture, and my mom kept photo albums and a few things, but most small stuff disappeared, including some Christmas ornaments that my mother said had come from Germany with her assimilated Jewish relatives who got out just before the rise of Hitler because "they saw the handwriting on the wall." I wonder if the Christmas ornaments would have been of value because of the provenance -- and the same goes for yours.
  15. Hah. Maybe turning 40 is considered entering The Twilight Zone. But, seriously: It makes one doubt whether any of those numbers are correct. I would hope that a 40-year-old turning up for a Phase 2 vaccine in your state could point out that Phase 3 ends at 39 and get the vaccine. But it would probably depend upon supply and demand, because even if the web editors were asleep at the wheel, "nurses call the shots." What they should have done was make Phase 2 be 39 and older so 40-year-olds could show up and say they were 39. You know. Like Jack Benny? Well, actually, I doubt 38-41 year-olds are familiar with Jack Benny's "I'm 39" joke (when he was much, much older).
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