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  1. Wasn't it the police who were busting in? Police -- Gangsters Tomato -- Tomahto (especially as shown here) Ha ha!
  2. At the end of both episodes, right after the credits, "a man's voice" (Closed Captioning) says "Now I get it." and who was born a "Hebrew" before being traded as a child to the Irish mob, right? --which would make him a potential a triple spy. Ha ha! I would appreciate that.
  3. S2 is set in 1979, so maybe she is Hanzee's mother? And "she" is Amber Midthunder as Swanee Capps who was totally unrecognizable to me as also being Rosa Ortecho in reimagined Roswell, New Mexico!
  4. The Rolling Stone review is not behind a paywall when accessed at the San Francisco Chronicle's site: https://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/Fargo-Heads-South-For-Winter-15565635.php It's not really spoilery, but there's a brief reference to the style of episode 9 --which tells me that other reveiwers may have seen the entire season.
  5. I didn't get that from the episode. I'll try to keep that in mind next time I see it and see if it rings true for me. ___________________________ Today I saw parts of the first 5 episodes on The CW. Wow did Sharona have a hideous beehive hairdo in the 2-part pilot! They got another hair stylist after that, and she looks so much better! But Leland still has the bad toupee throughout the first season --I think until they get another stylist in the second season. The 2-part pilot also has generic background music, which detracts from the quality.
  6. If I understood this correctly, @KnoxForPres, you are the Less Weird One of the two of you--which if fine if you enjoy each other. And (also if I understood correctly) it sounds like you have some psycho-emotional baggage from the ex. Try Googling the word gaslighting, if you're not already familiar I'm not saying that you didn't have positive growth while with the ex. But you might also have attained that growth at a cost to mental health. But I may be projecting (again). I met my ex 40 years ago at age 27. My entire first 27 years I had cried excessively and frequently. He and I got in a verbal argument after our first night together and I cried. He became very angry at my crying (i.e., cold shoulder, rejection), and I was soon trained not to cry. For the last 40 years I have been embarrassed when I don't cry at funerals etc., although I did cry a lot during the 2 years of my divorce 30 years ago. Recently I have Zoomed with a grief counselor following the death of my mom. She lead me through writing a letter to my mom and reading it aloud, which resulted in a healthy amount of crying.
  7. Here in Chicagoland, The CW airings of 2 non-consecutive episodes just switched to Saturday midnight to 1am Sunday CDT and 5-6pm Sunday. This makes more sense chronologically. The M-F airings of 2 consecutive episodes from 5-7pm CDT are continuing as well.
  8. The CW is now airing Monk Sundays from noon to 5pm CDT.
  9. My family has had lots of awkward moments, visits, years, relationships, etc. So, to me, reading your story, it sounds like your father may have been living with a "friend" and didn't want you to know, so he imposed on his other friends to take you in during your trip--which would put them in the awkward position of covering for him and being a bit dishonest with you. Or maybe I've just got too wild of an imagination, have watched too many TV dramas, and have had too many unfaithful lovers myself. Tangentially, for several years I've talked about getting a DNA test in case the eggs my daughter sold 20 years ago grew up to be someone who wants to find me. Recently that daughter told me about a friend who had had the test and learned that their father had unknowingly fathered a half-sibling during a one-night stand with an exchange student. That knowledge caused a lot of misery for that family. After the story, my daughter asked what did I expect to come of reuniting with strangers with whom I shared DNA. I came to see that it was probably better not to ring a bell that could not be un-rung, especially since our family struggles to get along with the members we have.
  10. I appreciated Steve just telling the celebrities "you're going to play" instead of making them decide after the first question like he does on the regular Family Feud. I wonder if there are plans to finally do away with that seldom-used option for both shows in the interests of time and not annoying the viewers. The other frequently awkward moment is after the first person to buzz in has given an answer that is not the top answer. At least half the time the other player doesn't answer quickly enough and looks totally startled and confused when learning they missed the 3-second window. Richard Dawson always gave extra time--often too much. But at least Steve could look at the other player when he says "2 answers will beat it" and also say: "You have 3 seconds to give an answer that will beat it." IDK. Something less awkward. Maybe make it funny somehow?
  11. In order for a computer to sort while ignoring the beginning article, all possible articles must be entered, and/or the sort algorithm must ignore the article, and/or the items must be entered in the form of: First, A. In other words (punny?) it’s cheaper to sort without considering beginning articles of A, An, The, La, Le, Les, etc. That’s probably why telephone books never ignored initial articles, which gave rise to a lot of businesses with names like “AAAA Hotel.” But libraries will continue to sort beginning with the first letter of the first word after the initial article so that books can sit on the shelves in a logical manner. 🙂
  12. Oh. Duh! Of course! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Match_Game
  13. For “Blank _____” I initially “drew a blank,” heh. 12 hours and a night’s sleep later, I’m thinking “Blank look.” Or maybe a clever answer for the show would have been “Blanked out.”
  14. And every show I can recall with a host doing monologues has always had a tenuous start, so, in comparison, this was pretty good. Tarik was great. Good casting for the "side kick." But I really wanted to jump through my computer screen and jump on stage to give her a 3M giant Post-It pad to peel off like they have in those brainstorming meetings at work. Still, she didn't miss a beat pulling off the remaining bits of paper that were potentially in the way. And the drawings were good without being over the top.
  15. Long shot: Alec was 58 when he began hosting the Match Game More likely: A writer's mother-in-law's birthday
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