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  1. When I reached that point (last daughter in college) I switched to a table top tree and some lights and garlands around the windows and a couple of stockings. Now I don't do anything, although when I saw a Hanukkah menorah in Wegmans it occurred to me that I now have windows that neighbors could see my lights from and I wish I'd gotten it together so my apparently all-church going neighbors could see it--which is the opposite of what Mom did (not putting the menorah where the neighbors could see it). Hrmmm...and now that you mention it, @SusannahM, I need to find out if my pregnant daughte
  2. I saw it differently. Did you hear all of this part? [Bob to Goodwin] You know, you and I are the only two who can do every job in this company. I'm sorry for the way I handled promoting Kofo. I should've talked to you first. [Goodwin] Nonsense. You are the boss. You have the right to break the hearts of your employees. [Bob] Look, it was a tough call, but you got to make those decisions when you're in charge... you'll see. [Goodwin] What do you mean? [Bob] One day, I'm gonna step aside and you're gonna be the unfortun
  3. From👆 With this latest remark from EP Appelbaum, it sounds like Spring 2023 could be an unsurprising S2 start date too: "Though La Brea was originally conceived as possibly a summertime series for NBC, the demands of production and post-production instead dictated a Fall 2021 launch. Season 2, similarly, will very likely premiere in Fall 2022, but definitely within the traditional 2022-23 TV season. (Meaning, if you were crossing fingers for Season 2 to change things up and air as soon as next summer, that won’t be happening)" (December 1, 2021).
  4. Yes. Nothing about the character of Taylor ever hinted at a dark past, but it seems the writers are completely morphing this show into a soap opera, so Taylor suddenly having a parent in prison fits with a show that they might as well re-title 911: Nights of Our Lives.
  5. I've observed this too, but I guess he has always been no-holds-barred in his monologues, it's just that you and I and others like it when Colbert directs his verbal barbs at those who we see as threats to life on earth rather than taking on tweenage boyish sex and potty humor.
  6. I liked Amy well enough but it wasn't until she shared today that when she's not doing her day job, she writes comedy as part of a group, that my hard heart grew 2 sizes. I wasn't as alert as yesterday, so no TSs or FJ or at least half of everything else for me.
  7. Agree with the above posts, especially regarding Skylar Astin/Max. Definitely not an upbeat movie special, but the acting and production were superb——even more so in the midst of a pandemic. But if they really did want to continue the series with more specials or whatevers, it seems a little less heart wrenching would be more effective with regards to selling it. I was watching on a Roku TV and had issues with having to restart the show at most of the commercial breaks.
  8. Whew! I was worried! My daughter's Boomer was in time out for awhile too, but he's out now:
  9. On Tee Vee, a little hiccup in a magical green light tends to *mean* something. I'm wondering if Riley & Josh are now in 1968 in a commune, maybe blabbing to Silas about the portal. That could be why Silas in 10K BC wishes Josh had never been born. So I'm the only one who wasn't paying enough attention to see it was a a tower? I thought it was a rocket for space travel: 👆what we were all thinking.
  10. From https://tvline.com/2021/11/30/la-brea-recap-season-1-finale-josh-vanished-gavin-sinkhole/ So Silas is either Gavin's grandfather or Eve's grandfather? Or should we even speculate that Silas could be Levi's grandfather? Or does the show's time traveling leave open the possibility that in an alternate universe Gavin's or Isaiah's or any character's parents are not the same as in the universe seen in the opening minutes of the show's pilot?
  11. Apparently the moronic "Where did they go?!" line is an Easter egg??? From an interview with writer, creator, and EP Appelbaum by Deadline yesterday:
  12. This Deadline interview dated yesterday (November 30) does say the writing has already begun and “the production is going to be starting up soon,” but nothing else about expected air-date for season 2, which is not surprising and sounds both realistic and honest. IMO, given ongoing “supply chain” issues and new travel bans due to the omicron variant, the show’s people will have to be pretty nimble if season 2 will even begin by fall 2022. Maybe ramp up the CGI budget to create believable backgrounds for shots that typically wouldn’t need them??? Lost did a lot of helpful recapping befor
  13. Am I the only one who was expecting Gavin and Izzy to ride away on the mastodon/mammoth Fred Flintstone-style? I know. So stupid. 🙄
  14. I finally broke my losing streak and got the FJ of "Sister Cities." Lately I've been coming up with an obviously wrong response and then figuring I don't have time to come up with the correct one, but this time I pushed through. I also yelled the TS of "Selena Gomez!" and then silently chastised them for having not seen Hulu's recent Only Murders In The Building in which Gomez costars with Martin Short and Steve Martin. I only ran FILL IN THE PHRASE, but just missed the last one in SPLITTING HAIRS, so, not the most intellectual categories to excel in, but Mom and Dad were really b
  15. Although I may have lived with a guy for 8 of my 68 years and had 3 kids, apparently you and I are Very Much Alike, @supposebly. When I'm stressed I clean. A shortage of paper towels could probably trigger a mental break, LOL, but that Never happened. But now I recall decades ago when my oldest was a toddler, I had a date with a guy who came to my apartment and held up a jar of honey that was sticky on the outside (this was before they invented those wonderful no-drip lids) and remarked about how everything else was so clean but this jar of honey was--and then I think he was at a loss fo
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