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  1. I'm guessing "The Canadians of Africa" refers to a particularly nice and friendly African country or group. --sort of the way I think about people from Iowa because I live near Chicago.
  2. Since Sidney and Charlotte now appear to be OTP, I suppose Young Stringer's father's near death experience might foretell Young Stringer's own ill fate. The PBS OTA signal went out today, but fortunately the episode is online free. Thank you to any who give to the station?
  3. I appreciated this character arc too. I can't recall seeing or reading anything close to it before. Anyone else?
  4. This^ may be the most insightful comment I've read on any social media about any topic. @sistermagpie can I hire you to help me make decisions?
  5. In terms of time frame and geography, Jane Austen would have had to at least known of Dido Elizabeth Belle, and very likely may have met her, right?
  6. I totally agree and very good points except, perhaps, that Frankie's reaction is only OTT for a normal person. For Frankie, "Over The Top" is normal.
  7. The appearance of Jacob at least explained the screen time spent by Sol slowly typing about the LOL ostrich burger video: "Frankie is dying. But I can't watch. I'm in too much pain." --2 episodes ago and then repeated in the previous episode. This is the first time I've seen a classic 3-part joke stretched out over 3 episodes. With the show's episodes all being dropped at once and only being about half an hour long, I can see why the writers went for it. I wonder if this is the first time it's been done and if we'll see others doing it.
  8. That's true, but I did see what she meant, they had a lot of "near misses" even with a quick kiss, close but interrupted. I don't need to see anyone kiss to know they love each other but the "almost kisses" seem odd. I think showing couples loving each other in a more mature way, sex, talk, being comfortable just being together without having to put on airs, is nice. Two other possible reasons for the lack of PDAs and sex shown on the show could be (1) the target audience (oldsters?) may not be statistically very interested in seeing it, and (2) the episodes are short, and PDAs and on-screen sex are really just fillers.
  9. Mallory getting a job for which she is not qualified is a very common real life occurrence (e.g., the Peter Principle). I think having the "donor" child will be sufficient since Barry is going to be a part of it's life (regardless of whether or not the reckless moms depart this mortal coil in short order). If the show's final season includes a flash forward, I could imagine seeing them having adopted another too.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking, but you put it more succinctly, @Bryce Lynch I have an important email that needs editing if you're so inclined. j/k
  11. I thought it was completely in-character for Grace to play the dutiful wife and quash her ticket to autonomy —both physical and financial. I hated that she did it, but anything else would have been equally painful emotionally for her —a classic “between a rock and a hard place” scenario. Anyway, if we consider that taking Mark Cuban’s money would also be losing autonomy, either choice leaves Grace in a position of having to serve a man.
  12. Not exactly, but IIRC, they were hooked up in milky bathtubs running spaceships. Did I get that right?
  13. I hope this starts a Mothers Day trend. It could save marriages.
  14. I thought the writing did an excellent job throughout the season of making the viewers want Nick to be out of the picture and a terrific job of getting him out. I wish I lived in a world where $50K meant I could live in a beach house in LA. This show seems to be depicting 1950s economics. And I’m really glad Bud didn’t have to give a kidney. Yet another reason to not put you DNA into a public database. I’m sure at least Brianna and my middle daughter would agree with me. I really really hope “being engaged forever” becomes a real life thing that eventually replaces marriage.
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