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  1. Were the books like this? My sister had the complete set in the 1960s, but I never read them because the covers were so spooky, 😆 . I read a couple that my daughters checked out of the library, but those didn’t have any supernatural elements that I can recall.
  2. I missed today’s episode, but they are now airing one episode every day of the week at 5/4CT on Start TV.
  3. When Nancy walked past the fancy water wall, Ghost Lucy walking parallel to Nancy in the water wall was very pregnant.
  4. But wouldn't Chen need to at least have x-ray vision to shoot someone in the head through a wall? And, couldn't a gunshot ignite a bomb? I don't know if it would (that factoid did not appear on the School of L&O final exam), but even if it couldn't, isn't that something Chen might have considered?
  5. Did Dom only go after Santiago because she cared about Darlene?
  6. First the good: Lots of good one-liners, "You have over-produced hair." I loved Stevie's "ruffled botanical" blouse even though it would be hypocritical for her to wear a $265 top, and also loved Elizabeth's irridescent tan slacks at the 18:30 mark (https://www.cbs.com/shows/madam-secretary/) Heh, I don't know if Mike B. has a son, but I doubt it's his son who is into K-Pop. The rest: I liked that the President and First Lady of S. Korea were a happy couple, but it bugged me that Henry and the S Korean prez didn't get to enjoy their illuminated manuscripts together because the show wanted to make some obscure point about gender. Mike B. shouldn't rely on a baseball bat for protection if he's not going to use it. They don't have to kill off Dimitri; Blake's prediction is already coming true: Dimitri likes to watch violent comedy videos on YouTube and he doesn't like health food. Since Stevie's other bf is as bland as cold unflavored oatmeal, I'm guessing Blake will break up with his bf and then Blake and Stevie will be endgame. Will Supervillain Senator Prison Break wind up doing something evil and get caught?
  7. I don't know what to think of a website titled "Cancelled SciFi," but according to reporter johnnyjay, Emergence has "Bubble status."
  8. In "eps3.8_stage3.torrent" Darlene seduced Dominique to get Dom's FBI access badge. I don't recall exactly how that lead to Dominique being found out by fellow-fibbie Santiago that she was onto Santiago being a double agent for WR/Dark Army, but it did lead to Irving axing Santiago to death in front of Dominique, which traumatized her to the point of agreeing to work for Irving/WR to prevent her mother and family from also being heinously murdered.
  9. I’ve always taken their reaction as disgust, not guilt. Disgust was at least part of why Brenda got drunk after the scene in the Mexican jail with the 16-year-old rapist, but this was also one of our early glimpses of Brenda's own ruthlessness. I guess it doesn't make it into Peter Goldman's season 7 "class action lawsuit" because Gabriel wasn't there to hear what happened (Gabriel was back in LA taking care of the kittens):
  10. Having been frankly/rudely/angrily interrupted by some daughters when I begin a sentence with “I hope this doesn’t make you mad…,” I suspect that frequently “Do you mind if I come in?" is similarly asked when the person asking has reason to believe that the person who is inside might not welcome the person asking. Therefore, the literal meaning of “Sure” (i.e., “Yes, I do mind and would prefer it if you would just go away”) is likely also the real meaning. Otherwise the respondent might reply something like, “Come in! Come in! Can I get you something to drink?” to disabuse the visitor of any notion that they* are not welcome —which I’m picturing as a scene in some old B&W movie. ————- *Singular “they” used intentionally.
  11. Just watched this episode (1.8 2018 Thanksgiving episode) for the first time. Last Thanksgiving I flew from the Midwest to the almost-East to meet my future son-in-law and his Republican relatives. My daughter warned me about not making any political remarks. Watching this episode was amusing to me because although I am white (but not WASP) it is around my son-in-law’s African-American relatives that my daughter doesn’t have to worry about me saying something offensive.
  12. Not “boring” for me but definitely ponderous. Each new episode feels like a chore I have to do, but watching always turns out to be more compelling than I imagined. There’s an analogy, but I won’t type it. Killing Darlene makes sense if there’s someone else Elliot cares about (Krista) and they’re making an example of Darlene. If Vera is in turn planning to use Krista as an example of what could happen to Darlene, this could be a twist on the “Mexican standoff” —which, if this where the story is going, I wish didn’t involve so many Damsels In Distress —although, to be fair, Elliot himself spends way too much time in trunks. He should know by now to kick the tail light out to be able to see where the car is going and to also possibly trigger a traffic stop for a tail light being out. Leon provided the drugs to Elliot with which he spiked Olivia's coffee. In another scene, Leon was wallpaper in the room with Vera and Krista. In other words, Leon was wasted; they could have had a stand-in for him.
  13. Good point on this just probably meaning her cycle is changing (as in "The Change" aka menopause) which set off a psychological alarm for her regarding the state of her biological clock. But the script formula for this show just does not allow for them to have an appropriately meaningful conversation. --And I'm glad this is not that kind of show (I do not watch This Is Us).-- But then they opened the door too wide onto the pregnancy talk with Jessica saying that it was Nolan who made her want to have kids, but she can't wait for "a year or two." This makes no sense to me because she's not going to find another Nolan and get to know him well enough to plan a family in any less time than that.
  14. He was lucky. Jessica must have gone off The Pill for pregnancy to even be a question. And didn't tell him. Not nice. Or smart. I know a few women who take it every day, because they really really hate periods My oldest daughter is Shahi’s age and has switched from The Pill to the newer IUD that delivers a healthier lower dose of hormones, so, assuming that’s what Jessica has, she probably didn’t do anything “wrong.” Nothing is 100% effective. What was “wrong,” IMO, was the script and direction —as was noted upthread— and I blame that on the formula of cramming a cornucopia of resolved plots into each episode. My favorite is usually the comedic opener, and it was this time too. It was ridiculous, but fun. I also liked the way Chen and the veteran female officer bonded —even though it was equally unrealistic. Lopez managing the diamond guy was enjoyable. The football plot had a few interesting twists. Just remember that a big dose of suspension of disbelief is required for this show, and it’s kind of like watching a video at a slightly faster speed.
  15. The perp is a 16-year-old.
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