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  1. So is the character of Patrice retconned thereafter (presumably because TPTB saw on screen chemistry between the characters of Patrice and Provenza) or should we just excuse her behavior because she assumed Wesley would be found innocent?
  2. Well it wasn't going to be the NBC peacock. There was some peacock mention, but it was quickly forgotten again. The religious bits annoy me because they are both random and "important!" and then fade away. I mean, the evil scientist who appears to be an immigrant from a non-Christian-majority nation is suddenly Little Miss Sunshine who believes in "miracles" of the seemingly Judeo-Christian variety. This seems bound to annoy agnostics, atheists, and believers alike. So is Noah's Ark going to trump science, the peacock, sapphires, Tarot cards, and Egyptian scrolls? They haven't late
  3. Just to clarify: "Dr. Sturgis missed his cue" refers to the character missing an opportunity to declare his love for Connie, not that Wallace Shawn missed an acting "cue," right? Yes, this 100%
  4. That's right, I thought we'd get to see her new haircut in this episode! The production codes for the 2 episodes are sequential (T12.16765 and T12.16766) so I guess they went with the comedic rule-of-3 joke that Mary showed up 3 times in a row to get a haircut and left 3 times without one, in this case with the 3rd time showing up in a hat looking like she really was getting one (probably she just had her hair up, and maybe got a little trim). Or...?
  5. From my experience and perspective, there was a lot more explanation to the break up of this short-term relationship than any of mine. But those were in my late teens and 20s. Are 30- and 40-somethings (and older) more chatty about break ups? Isn't "ghosting" a popular term for a reason? No. I'm not bitter. Why do you ask? 😉
  6. Yeah, Dr. Gupta has to have been taken over by a body snatcher. At least that's what the actor seemed to be conveying.
  7. Oh John. 😞 But thanks show, for conveying how despondent so many are feeling these days and yet managing to end on a positive note. That's what I try to do too. Hmmm. I wonder if it just annoys most people. At least with a show of at most 30 minutes of screen time to which the viewers have pre-committed themselves, they're not likely to walk out before you get to the heart warming part. And kudos to the writers for teasing the heartwarming throughout. I should do more of that. I love the concept of alternate universes. And now I will never again use "black hole" as a negativ
  8. Meh. Dele is thriving. And: Dele, it is Mommy. Bob showed me his "Sights and Bites" book. He is very pleased with the rhyming title. But there are some things he missed. If you want peace and quiet, there's a large jacaranda tree in Granny's backyard. I used to read there. You can climb it and see everything, but no one can see you. I always wanted to be the one to take you to Nigeria, but I'm looking forward to seeing my home through your eyes. Even though I am not with you, I will be in your heart, as you will be in mine.
  9. Journalist Lucinda Franks https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/06/business/media/lucinda-franks-dead.html
  10. I wish this could be the whole show. I thought Angelina was going to kidnap Baby Eden so she could have her own family, but replacing Olive is a better fit for the show. Yeah, it looks like the ol’ character switcheroo of making an annoying character (Jared) likable right before they get stabbed or shot or zapped or shoved off of a cliff. Wardrobe doesn’t even need to put a red shirt on Jared, but it might be a nice Star Trek homage.
  11. Pass because I can’t decide if to know the history of every object I touched would be a blessing or a curse, and doesn’t everyone already talk to the animals? Butterflies because of what @ratgirlagogo just pointed out about that being an ecologically sound decision, and I like to try ”Never get something stuck in [my] teeth again” because I’m old and so I know better and although there are plenty of nice folks working in the dental profession, none of them needs (or wants) me to by them a new swimming pool, and hand lotion easily prevents paper cuts
  12. I just noticed that Mary McDonnell has a recurring role in the ABC show Rebel.
  13. Since it's Austen-derivative, I'm going to skip rewatching. It would probably just remind me of all the reasons it really shouldn't have been renewed. But I will watch the new seasons if I can.
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