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  1. Well, that sounds gross, too, but I wasn't aware of that one.
  2. I got FJ. After telling myself 3 times that Bavaria still exists, think of something else! I got the TS of Orion, vial, FTC, The Old Curiosity Shop (love Dickens), and the Moonstone. I got the entire category of English lit right.
  3. Roger Ebert was a movie critic. So, there's really no need for him to have read the books. You shouldn't have to read the book that a movie is based on to be able to enjoy or understand the movie.
  4. Someone wrote an unauthorized biography of me? Aargh!
  5. My mom never made us eat anything. If we said we were full or that it was gross that was it. She didn't make us something else, but we didn't have to eat it. My paternal grandmother would give me a full-sized adult portion of food. I knew better than to try the gross bit with her, but I would eat until I was full and she would say "three more bites." I've never understood that concept, but I learned to say that I was full a bit before I was so, so I could comfortably fit in the 3 more bites.
  6. EJ and Sami gross me out. He may not have raped her in the traditional sense of the word. But, he would only help save Lucas if she would have sex with him. It's just so icky that they got together after that. Luke and Laura level icky.
  7. An article on how fingerprints develop in the womb: https://www.livescience.com/30-lasting-impression-fingerprints-created.html
  8. Yeah. It's pretty stupid. Realistically speaking, Victor's not going to live more than 10, maybe 15 years. Then, the company would probably mostly go to Brady. He's just sabotaging his inheritance. And, I was a little confused. He said that Victor killed his baby. I thought Sarah and Eric's baby was the dead one. And Victor didn't literally kill a baby, right? I know he's morally questionable at times, but he's not a murderer.
  9. I don't know anybody who works there, and I've never gone in, but there is a little art gallery on Main Street in my small town.
  10. I took Art Appreciation in college so I didn't have to actually produce any art. But, the teacher had other ideas. We had one project where we had to draw a common object (the example was a key, I used a soda can tab) and divide a piece of paper into 12(?) squares and draw the object from different perspectives. Not sure what I did wrong on that, but I got a D. I also got a D when he had to do a drawing with converging lines, or whatever. I at least know why I got a D on that. I got A's and B's on the tests, but those two projects (which I didn't feel should have even been a requirement) pulled me down to a C. I think I've triggered myself.
  11. I remember that annoying me so much when it happened. first that she was actually going to make that announcement at the NB. That was when I knew she would back out. Because, you know if you announce it everyone is going to mob him. Telling him privately and letting him spread the news as he saw fit would have been the way to go. Keeping it a secret for longer than until the next day, that was big time wrong.
  12. FJ was an instaget. I don't think I got any TS, but I'm not sure. I got the entire category of American Healthcare right.
  13. I always think everyone should have a separate work name. Just so work problems can't follow you home. I worked at a travel agency with someone names Stormie. Apparently some of the passengers thought that was a bad omen. One said they were going to call her Sunny, and she was like "no you're not." No point to that story except that I just remembered it.
  14. I hate SORASing and continuity definitely suffers for it. IMO, the worst SORASing was Ciara because she was this cute little kid when what's his name and Hope were engaged, and then she was a teenager the next week at the wedding and when Bo came back to life. So, was she a teen when Bo died, or had Bo been dead for years? Were Hope and what's-his-name together for a lot longer than it seemed? It was just a really really really bad time for a SORAS.
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