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  1. I got FJ. Honestly nobody else even occurred to me. I was like, New Hampshire? Frost. I got the TSs Everglades, a good man, China, A Tale of Two Cities, Carbon and Franks (Francs?). I got the entire categories of Phrase and colors correct, and didn't get any categories completely wrong. I would like to point out that Heather(?) wasn't completely incorrect when she said that the Subways wraps are wrapped in paper.
  2. That's actually funny because the study I read said increased libido. LOL. I don't know if it was a different drug. Also, depression, loss of fertility (after a year of stopping drug), headaches, and acne. Side effects for women include blood clots, stroke and a 20% higher chance of breast cancer. If you need the hormones for other reasons, yes, birth control pills are useful. But, to me, the risk of serious health complications isn't worth it. Use a condom and double up with a diaphragm or something.
  3. Yes, but that was because John hunted the ghoul while he was only eating corpses. Plus, Maggie was hunting what she thought was a ghoul in Nightmare Logic because corpses were being desecrated. And when GadZeke put Sam into an imaginary case it was about ghouls.
  4. What @Mrs. Stanwyck said, but they also apparently hunt ghouls which only feed on dead bodies, so there is that.
  5. Even if it's a monster baby? Can monsters get sick? wouldn't their super healing powers protect them?
  6. Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that I know that they have had not plot-relevant problems before. the main reason I was posting was just to say that I was pretty sure that the episode wasn't about "bad luck." But, yeah, it made no sense either way. In fact, they probably should have had good non-plot relevant things happen. Our lives are filled with millions of little inconsequential things--good and bad, all day long.
  7. OK, I've already gone on record stating that I hate this episode, and I stand by that. However, I will point out that the point of it wasn't to say that Sam and Dean had it easy, or never had problems. It's that they only had problems that were plot-relevant. Cavities and dead spark plug, not plot relevant. Car getting totaled by demon-driven semi, and Dean having to care for sam, plot relevant. Still hate the epi, just trying to be fair to the concept. It also doesn't explain why they can no longer pick locks as that's not a convenience, it's a learned skill
  8. I agree about Dan, and I guess Christine, also. I haven't seen the show in eons and haven't given it much thought. But, I loved Bull, and Mac was OK, too, but not really a standout.
  9. I'm not saying that I do it with regularity, but I'm 47 years old, and I've always lived placed with stairs, and I probably do it once every 4 or 5 years. So, I've probably fallen downstairs 20 times or so in my life.
  10. Not to nitpick, but her higher purpose was gaining her freedom.
  11. no. He was a loose canon. He'd already turned on him once as a demon, and if he came demonfied again, he would much stronger than Crowley.
  12. It seems to me like every time someone falls down the stairs they die. at the very least they're in a coma. I can't count the number of times I've fallen down the stairs and been none the worse for wear.
  13. They came up with one. Too many side effects came out during testing. Of course, I'm not really sure how that's different than women's. Hormonal birth control is just so bad for your body.
  14. In a sense, yes. The women are all happy with their B.C., and now are going to allow the men to have sex with them without any of them having to worry about babies, I guess.
  15. You and me both. Apparently it's not that they were unlucky. They just weren't supernaturally protected from things like car breakdowns and cavities. Have I mentioned how much I hate this episode?
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