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  1. Their rules are that if your pronunciation would change the way a word is spelled, then it's wrong. Mill-ne, could be spelled Milne, so it's correct.
  2. Because those are the choices that he decided to make? It's really none of our business.
  3. I just wish they would focus more on the case and less on their personal lives. The stuff where McGee wants to go home because he's going to have the apartment to himself is fine because it's not really taking focus away from anything and it gives the characters a bit of character. Same with Torres wanting to play the piccolo (which I actually might not mind seeing a couple of scenes of). But, Jack's whole daughter thing is annoying. I'm sure part of the reason I feel that way is that I can't stand Jack and don't understand what her character brings to the team. Which is probably why they have to give her this personal problem arc, otherwise she's just kind of there. Just make her go away.
  4. Did Kasie call McGee Bishop? I could swear she did when they saw Nugget Dude on the screen. Jack, TMI. Ducky gave her some good advice. But, I can't care. Gibbs, why does Jack need to "get McGee to lead?" He's been in charge before. He knows what he's doing.
  5. I got FJ right. I miss Blockbuster. I also got Zanzibar, Iron curtain, Voice vote, and Carribbean , although I clearly can't spell it. Oddly enough I got the entire Boston Fire Boat category right. And I didn't get any category entirely wrong. I did miss a couple that I knew that I just couldn't access quick enough (Roald Dahl for one, argh). I hate being old.
  6. Well, do we know why? Maybe he had the flu and he didn't want to pass it on.
  7. As justification for Sam killing him? I don't think so. If anything that would just go to more motivation.
  8. Me during FJ: Where was McKinley shot, where was McKinley shot, where was McKinley shottttt???? Chicago? Oh well. I did get Tom Hanks, crop top (thanks Dance Moms), cliff, Buddy Holly, Woolworth and Gilbert Stuart. There were some pretty surprising misses. I might have gotten hodgepodge had they not been board jumping.
  9. I love your post with the heat of a thousand suns.
  10. Katy M

    S01.E07: Vatican III

    I'm actually relieved that you all think it's a box of poop. I thought it was a dead and bloody rat which would have been so much worse, IMO. I find it weird that she opened it. I mean maybe she would have opened it later, but with a line of customers there? I probably wouldn't have opened it at all, though. he was creepy. Actually, if it was poop, I find if really odd that she opened, because if it was at all fresh she would have smelled it through the box.
  11. Maybe it can be answered. If James Dean can come out with a new movie, surely they can find a way for 2004 Ken to play James:)
  12. This is why you don't buy, or subscribe, to things when they immediately come out. Let them work out bugs first.
  13. Now I wonder why I even bother watching this show. I clearly zoned out, because I don't even remember that happening.
  14. This is the episode that hooked me. It's probably like the third episode I saw. I didn't care too much for the first two. Especially Fresh Blood with the gory scene. I mean think about taking that episode out of context where you don't really know any of the characters or back story and it's a bit offputting. But, this episode, with its Christmas flashbacks and Young Sam and Dean, and the crazy Santa couple and the sweet scene at the end. Yeah, this is what started it all.
  15. I'm pretty sure it can be done, but you have to very techy. It's not something the average person can just do on the fly.
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