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  1. That was just out and out rude. I wouldn't have spent a dime at that store if I were you. You should have gone to another store, bought the expensive item taken it into that store and then say you have to go shopping now. Totally Pretty Woman it. In my case, it wasn't specific to me. It's just that nobody was around. I don't get that. I've worked in food places before. And the same would hold true for stores or anywhere you get off the street traffic. You keep an eye on the door.It's just common sense.
  2. I was just thinking that there was another aspect that was bugging me about Sam getting mad at Dean for not telling him that Jack was going to die (and allowing it, I guess). It wasn't Dean's secret. It was Jack's. If Cas hadn't broken Jack's confidence, Dean wouldn't even know. If someone told me somebody else's secret, I'd keep it to myself. Well, assumign it wasn't going to hurt anybody else. If Jack's secret was that he was going to sacrifice Sam, then yeah, tell Sam. It's also Jack's choice. As much as I don't like Jack, I have to say he has the right to make his own decisions.
  3. If it was the same audiofile, of course. Did they have a second audiofile of just the music. A lot of time music is recorded first and then vocals are recorded. So, if the audiofile of both was messed up, they may have had the earlier one with just the music.
  4. I'm not sure in this case if my pet peeve is myself or other people. I never know what to do when I go into a place of business and nobody notices me. I feel like trying to get their attention comes off as obnoxious. But, how long am I supposed to just stand there. Today it was only about a minute, so that's not too bad. But, this summer I went into a store/ice cream place to get a chocolate shake (I think we can agree that's an absolute necessity) and I stood there for 5 minutes and then just decided to leave. But in that case I didn't even see any employees. I feel like I could have wiped the place out had I been so inclined.
  5. I thought the Mac and cheese was the next night, and every night thereafter now that mom got it out of her silly head to feed the kid veggies.
  6. I'm no Carly fan, but I've never really seen any evidence that she's the type to lay the sins (or what she considers the sins) of the parent on the child.
  7. Oh my goodness. I got teased about a lot of things. I was the school pariah from 1st grade on. Kindergarten was OK. My name was one source of amusement. if kids want to tease other kids, they can find any little thing to do do it with. I kept asking my mom if we could move. She said they wouldn't be any nicer to me anywhere else. She was probably right, but maybe it would have taken a couple of weeks at a new school to hate me.
  8. Well, if he said it while they were, shall we say, busy doing something, I could see how that would bother him. Context is everything. I worked with this woman once who dressed like she wanted everyone to check her out. Then one time I answered the phone and the person on the other end said something like "I'm just calling the sexiest woman in (town I live in)." I almost hung up thinking what the heck? But, then I realized what was probably happening and asked if he was looking for the other woman. Yep. Who calls an office like that?
  9. Dred Scott was about slaves that escaped up north or were taken up north by owners. Plessy v Ferguson is about segregation.
  10. Yeah, if I sold my house and used the money to go on a round the world cruise, would that stealing from my heirs. Or if I leave my home ownsership in tact and I happen to have $50k sitting in the bank to go on said cruise, is that stealing? Is there an age where I cease to own my stuff and am just stewarding it for my children? Back to bad commercials: I think I've just kind of gotten numb (for lack of a better word) to Liberty commercials. I've just gotten neutral to them. But, I hate the one where the dad is pulling out filing cabinets from behind his daughter. It's just weird and makes no sense and annoys me to no end.
  11. No, no. They've read the rule book. The boys can't find out anything until it's time for them to find out. THEN everybody will always be talking about it all the time.
  12. I usually just try to keep my opinion to myself. Unless someone purposely goads me. I have one issue that I'm particularly passionate about. I won't bring it up. I probably won't even comment if others are discussing it, because there's no doubt that I'm in the minority. But, if you get in my face about it, well, I'm only human.
  13. I think Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston looked OK. But, I think they should have had Suzanne sit down, too. It just looked awkward.
  14. My pet peeve: Christmas movies in October. And not that I particularly care that much, but are no channels going to play Halloween movies because they are already onto Christmas. I have a hard and fast rule. No Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. Except for one in July. I don't know why, but for some reason I find that acceptable.
  15. My guess would be that she doesn't want to bother and doesn't want you making her look bad. Wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
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