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  1. Katy M

    S01.E11: Freedom

    there's no way he would blow off the championship game, when he's literally blown off every other game? And their camping trip. And pretty much everything else. He didn't even know where his daughter was all night. OK, apparently he at least thought she was with Bella, but she doesn't even have parents. these kids are raising themselves.
  2. i said Jerusalem because I'm an idiot. I got the ts of black prince, Nashville and lentils. Not a great night for me.
  3. It's not that she's a lay person. It's that she's a woman. this is an evangelical Baptist church that is pretty strict on following Bible rules. If they can't dance, they can't have women teaching men.
  4. Come to think of it, if they haven't biopsied yet, how do they know for sure it's cancerous? Isn't that what a biopsy is? I think they should have left the cancer out altogether. IMO, they showed growth by having Bonnie be the one to reach out to the new girl. She went above and beyond chasing her down the street.
  5. Mary, no you can't give the sermon. Why would you even think you could. the ingredients were all there for a perfect storm. Mary having a bad day, Missy being heartbroken, Sheldon being Sheldon, George just in general not liking his life. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to watch next season. I was kind of hoping they were going to retcon. Especially with that black hole episode.
  6. Why would you be mad at someone for having a hard time after her husband died? That's just as ludicrous as being angry at Sheldon.
  7. That's the audience's fault for thinking that a celebrity is necessarily anything like they put out to the public. They're just people.
  8. But, isn't that because he wasn't there? He was at college, right? I just want to see the scene where Billy Sparks breaks Sheldon's arm. Because he totally deserves it. It will have to be a flashback because it happened when he was 8, but I still want to see it.
  9. I was surprised that I only missed the last clue.
  10. Katy M

    S01.E11: Freedom

    But didn't she ask where his truck was because she didn't see it? And if she drove him there, how would driving himself home even have been an option? I clearly missed something.
  11. Well, good then, because I didn't think Horton hatched anything, I thought he just head Whos. Must have been in my subconscious soewhere.
  12. I think that was a fairly good finale. I'm glad that Adriana decided to go on her own. Drew has his own health things and it did seem needlessly reckless to me to postpone the surgery. However, they were giving them a cancellation slot and Drew turned it down. Would that slot have still been open? i actually have a question about the premise in general. You're not allowed to buy kidneys. Is it all unethical that Drew let Gina move in with him rent free in order to basically keep an eye on her? I know she had psych evals, but I would have thought that would have come up at some poi
  13. Did they know this was going to be the series finale or were they cancelled unawares? Because as a finale, this kind of sucked. the last scene did seem like a last scene and it's great that Andy and Jill got married. But why introduce 2 new characters and give Adam cancer?
  14. It's illegal to get engaged at 48. 47 is fine. 49 is fine. But not 48. One of those weird laws on the Stars Hollow books that never got removed. Like limiting flying deer hunting season, making it a felony to draw a fake body chalk line, not dying your hair more than once in a 24 hour period. Lorelai is going down.
  15. Katy M

    S01.E11: Freedom

    So, you're hiding from your dad and you think the best place to hide is where all his passports and stuff are? Makes sense. Didn't walker fake his death for a reason? I guess it didn't matter because Clint knew who he really was. Maybe the person who hasn't been shot should drive home. trey wasn't supposed to drive which is why he had Bella drive him home, but didn't he drive to get there which is how is truck got not home?
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