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  1. I like hotel and campground pools to myself. Of course, I know I'm not entitled to that and I keep my grumbling inside my head. But, believe me, it's there:)
  2. I thought Austin Peck was a decent recast. And let's not forget that Matthew Ashford is like Jack #3, but 1 and 2 weren't on very long so I'll grant you that probably doesn't count. And, while he was very different from Michael T. Weiss, I thought Roark Critchlow made a good Mike Horton once I got used to him.
  3. I don't think everything has to go somewhere. It was just funny.
  4. Maybe they deal on the side and they're giving her the first ones free to hook her so then she'll pay up the wazoo for more.
  5. But, pretty much everyone (except for maybe Ned) that treated Skye like family has died. Tracy has always been openly hostile. Monica certainly never took to her. Emily, Alan, Lila, and Edward are all dead, and with them perhaps any loyalty she felt to the family.
  6. Tracy Middendorf? That's a long time ago, but I don't know what you mean by old new Cari.
  7. OTOH, If I'm playing and the category "People named Aloysius" comes up, I'm betting 0 no matter what the other contestants have for scores. Because I'm 100% sure I'll get it wrong. I don't know any.
  8. Don't get me wrong. What Monica and Bobbie did was completely wrong (although I think Monica only found out about it after Bobbie did the shredding). However, I think their motivation was grandson/great-grandson. Not because they think the Corinthii are so great. Especially in Monica's case. Now that I'm thinking about it, since Monica didn't find out until after the fact (again as far as I can tell), that was the perfect opportunity for her to throw Carly under the bus.
  9. Never mind. Turns out she didn't buy the plantation after all.
  10. Not really. Most lawyers work on contingency for this kind of thing. Especially when it looks like a slam dunk. The hospital does not have the consent form on file because Bobbie shredded it because Carly forged it. No consent form = no consent.
  11. I don't think anybody should cancel anyone. But, I figured since you get cancelled for having a wedding at a plantation, owning one must be worse.
  12. If they're worried, they can always do a DNA test which will also get switched.
  13. Jason used to climb in Emily's window without anybody else knowing he was there. Or maybe Cook was going to help her get in. We've never actually seen Cook (I don't think), but i've always gotten the impression that she's been waiting for just such an opportunity. Or, for all I know, they switch out cooks so often they just call her Cook because they can't be bothered to remember her name. But, I think my scheme would still stand.
  14. I thought the mere existence of plantations was bad. Do we need to cancel her now? I get so lost on this kind of stuff.
  15. I might have. I was talking with a boyfriend once, and he said "for someone who's always lived in small towns you sure know a lot of people that were murdered."
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