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  1. yes, technically, but not really.
  2. FJ was an instaget. As was the tiebreaker. I got the TS of conchologist and Pillars of the Earht. I embarrassingly missed all of the Es. The first one I had an excuse because I thought each clue had to have 5 Es. AFter that I don't know what my deal was.
  3. Katy M


    Both my parents are only children. My mom says she wished their parents had had more children so they had other people to bug. LOL. Also, they had two kids. I don't know if my dad had any strong feelings on number of children (but he did want a boy). But, my mom said exactly two. She didn't want an only child and she didn't want a whole bunch.
  4. I can't stand Charlie. she's awful. So, maybe she would be the best match for Ross. LOL. There was a time I wanted Joey and Phoebe to get togehter, but now I feel like they each need someone more mature and smarter than they are for a partner or they wouldn't be able to survive. I know that's really mean of me, but they dumbed Joey down so much, that I just don't think Phoebe would do it in keeping them up to an average of an average IQ.
  5. I know I'm wrong:) but of the four Batman movies in that particular franchise, I liked Batman Forever the best. It's the only I really liked at, actually. Batman and Robin was by far the worst. But, I don't think it was George Clooney's fault. It was a bad script.
  6. You need a visa for Australia, so you'd have to enjoy it from the airport.
  7. Just out of curiousity. Mary drove Sheldon to school and then waited around for him to finish, because of course, it's too far to make two trips. But, is she planning to do this every day? If not, how is Sheldon going to get there and back? They could easily introduce a new character who lives near them and is commuting, but what is their plan right now? Dr. Sturgis leaving doesn't even affect that because he doesn't drive. Inquiring minds like mine want to know!
  8. Yes. She told George to call her Melissa when they went to Red Lobster.
  9. I thought Sheldon's predicaments were a bit OTT. I loved that Mary was having fun and Sheldon was right to do his first day by himself. I had orientation the day before classes started and I'm pretty sure I got a book list when I signed up for classes, because I remember my parents were still there when I bought my books.
  10. I got FJ but it was a complete guess. I got the ts of the Hate U Give, girdle, New Brunswick, and larval. I got the entire category of streaming wrong and the entire partial category of purple right.
  11. Didn't they basically go at it in front of a bunch of kids in the planetarium? Yeah, I know they just woke up in front of them. But, honestly, I wouldn't put anything past Ross. Plus, until Emily gets to America, he might consider them on a break.
  12. You made me curious so I checked. EBay has one that claims to be all 15 seasons, but it looks really suspicious.* Amazon has 1-14 (and 1-13 and 1-10), but no 15. *It says 5 have been sold. I hope nobody's getting ripped off. 15 is going to be the only season I don't buy. I found the whole thing to be ridiculous. I enjoyed some of the scenes in Atomic Monsters and Proverbs 17:3, and I liked the bar scenes in the Last Call. And, I, a party of one, liked Carry On and the ending montage of Inherit the eArth, but that's not enough to make me buy an entire season, even if it means I don't end up with the complete set.
  13. Yep. That was me. And, I think it's all game shows. Not just this one. If your goal was to be on a game show and you live in Southern CA, you have reason to thank this pandemic for something, because your odds of getting on one got a lot higher.
  14. I agree completely. If Ross can't even concentrate on Emily for the amount of time it takes to say wedding vows, he's not ready to marry her. He's still hung up on Rachel. I actually don't blame her for any of the breakups, with the possible exception of Julie. Just noting her unhealthy attitude.
  15. I really hate the word toxic. But, no I don't think they have a good, loving relationship. Ross had a crush on her in high school. That's fine. They meet up again years later and he says something about going out, she agrees, but it never happens. Again, fine. But, then he just moons over her for a whole year, which, IMO, is a little creepy. She finds out that he likes her (really, how did none of the girls notice this all year?), and decides maybe she'd like to date him. OK. But, then he comes home from China with a girlfriend. The two reasonable things for Rachel to do is to a: drop it. After all, she just interacted with him for a whole year without feeling the need to date him. Or B, get him alone and tell him how she feels. But, instead she passively aggressive tries to throw little chinks into their relationship. Ross finds out Rachel likes him and decides to decide who to date by making a pro/con list. I don't have the problem with this some have. Although, that should have just told him to date Rachel, because he clearly wasn't all that in love with Julie if he needed a list after dating a few months. But, anyway, she found out about it, didn't like it and decided not to date him. Again, fine. You can date or not date whomever you choose for whatever reason. But, then Ross got all possessive. Not cool. Then they date for a year and I'm not even going to touch on the break or not a break thing and just say they broke up for some reason. They then get past their animosity and start being friends and then Rachel wants him every time he has another girlfriend. The whole thing is just stupid and they needed to move to different states eons ago.
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