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  1. Good thing I saw the FJ category or who knows where I would have gone with that. not that It really helped, because I too said La Marseillaise. Then I said, it's probably O Canada. Then I said, stick with your first answer, Katy. The one time that advice was wrong. Grrr.
  2. That would mean that at one point in time Liz would have slept with Sam's husband/ex-husband Jason (and Drew?), her stepfather Ric, her cousin Nikolas, her father Julian. I was hoping to make a longer list, but that's all I got.
  3. Hey, that's how Hogan's Heroes won the war for us. And if you travel back in time, like far back in time, everyone speaks perfect American English.
  4. Then the $30K will pay for something else you won't have to pay for. It's going in the fund somewhere.
  5. Semantics. he feels like he's Drew. But, that's the ethical question I was getting at. I agree with you because this is some kind of weird delusion. But, the other side is you are who you think you are and nobody has the right to mess with that.
  6. Franco thinks that he is Drew. He has Drew's memories, and apparently not his own. He's not DRew, of course, and I'm not sure how much Franco there is in him, but presumably some. this is the way that he wants to stay. He has stated that. He is identifying as Drew. This is actually an interesting question. Does anyone have the right to force him to get therapy to change who he thinks he is. I tend to think yes, because he's clearly not Drew and therefore is delusional in believing something that is not true, but you can draw the parallels.
  7. Ew. That would probably ruin the mood.
  8. I think her $30K fine will more than pay for the 14 night prison stay. I'm sorry, but I'm just not going to feel bad for her. It's a mere two weeks and she knew what she was doing was illegal.
  9. I think that it just perpetuates the assumption that you can buy yourself out of anything. Even if it's a high price. It also means that different people will have different penalties. Obviously only someone with real money could do this particular crime, but let's say it was a little different. Still fraudulently trying to get someone into school, but without the huge payouts. So, FH and WM have enough money to pay off a $500,000 fine. Couple 2 that did this only have $100K in savings. Do you also fine them $500K and force them to labor from beyond the grave to pay that off, or do they have to go to jail while others simply pay a fine?
  10. But only that episode, right? That wasn't a season-long/series-long arc. I don't think they ever mentioned the Bagles again. She could have done that same stuff about Aerosmith.
  11. The people in her courtroom probably don't even know how to read in the first place. And even if they did wouldn't take her advice.
  12. He's sick of getting lied to. I have no problem with that. Other than the fact that everyone in both of his families are all world-class liars. Even if he had done a background check on her, it wouldn't negate the fact that she had lied. he would simply have found out earlier.
  13. No other band? Lorealai only liked the Bangles and nobody else? We have proof-positive that she wasn't into Aerosmith, or another band that was actually also popular with teens at the time? And, you're actually incorrect. The original plan was for Sookie, Lorelai, Rory AND Lane to go. I don't really see Lane being into the Bangle that much, either. Too pop sugary for her tastes.
  14. It's a deterrent. Future people might think twice if they know they might spend some time in jail. Nobody really minds doing community service. Heck, you have to do it just to graduate from high school nowadays. How can a high school requirement be considered a punishment? And if you have a couple of million or more, a $30,000 fine isn't that big of a deal.
  15. Aerosmith? A band popular when Lorelai was younger. Something edgy enough for Lane to also like (and for her mother to forbid). Popular enough int he early '00s for Madeline and Louise to like. And def something college guys might go to.
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