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  1. Why does the guy in the Oreo commercial have a blue face in the beginning then a regular face a few seconds later? It's disturbing.
  2. I can't tell you how creeped out I am by that hood ornament thing. Of course I also hate those blow up wobbly things you see at some businesses, ugh. But that silver liquid metal woman-thing is just wrong.
  3. I've come to dislike Sunny to an unreasonable degree but I have to respect her choices in regard to Covid. It may seem like over-vigilance to some but for those who are truly fearful it cannot be taken too seriously. I wish they would just do her segment and be done, then back to the kitchen or vice versa. Stop pretending that she's just a few steps away on the patio, you're not fooling anyone!!
  4. Agree! I wish they would leave him alone. They pounce on his every move, like bullies in school waiting to pick on the nerdy kid. Personally, I hate arugula ( all bitter/spicy greens for that matter) but the salad looked great. Those fresh tomatoes really did it for me. Sunny having no clue how to build a 'jar-fait', really did it for me in a whole different way. She's giving Sandra Lee a run for her money at this point.
  5. This topic has been dormant for over a year but watching reruns lately has me needing to ask someone more familiar with the show and character than I, when did JJ's voice change so drastically? The hoarse, throaty thing she does in latter seasons really bugs me. I wonder was it the actor's choice or was she directed to do it so JJ would seem older.
  6. @7kstar, my heart hurts for you, but I admire your strength. I wish you peace. While re-watching S6 Family Matters yesterday for the umpteenth time, I caught a small nugget that made my day. I am also a huge Seinfeld nerd, cannot pass up a rerun no matter what. So when Sam and Dean walk into the Campbell's badly lit (why is it so dark?) ...whatever the place is, the outer offices to their Alpha jail, Christian hugs Sam, then snubs Dean with a nod and mutters his name. Dean says "Newman." I laughed so hard and had to watch it twice. Sigh.
  7. I'm sorry to anyone whose feeling may be hurt on Jared's behalf but I call Texas sized BS all over his twitter tirade. It struck me as odd, that after nearly a week of great reviews for Jensen and Batman The Long Halloween, he makes an announcement about a project in partnership with his wife, and JP has to get all butt hurt and wring his hands. Maybe my personal life is influencing my perspective but I have had a belly full of people who inject themselves into every situation, find a way to be a victim, make everything about them. It's a fine example to set for your children, jackass.
  8. For lack of a better (more appropriate ) place to put this mini-rant: WTF is wrong with TNT? Why in the name of chuck do they keep screwing with the episodes? I was enjoying season 3 Dean-getting-ready-to-go-to-hell yesterday when BAM they follow a season 3 with a season 1 episode. I know, I know, Netflix. But is it too much to ask to just show the show in the order the show should be shown? Leaving now to the tune of Styx "Too Much Time on my Hands".
  9. Hathaway, YES! I even call her Morticia when I talk about her to friends and family (who don't watch the show and don't get my fascination with it).
  10. trudysmom


    I don't even know what the product is but I LOVE the commercial with Jason Alexander's face on the shirt has "Believe it or Not" playing. I don't know the product because all I can think about is George and his answering machine song. "The Susie" is one of my favorite episodes.
  11. I agree Suzy Rhapsody, she seems to be more condescending every time I watch.
  12. I guess I'm telling my age here and maybe where I'm from (deep armpit of east Texas) but when I was a kid we said people who talk like Katie talk through their nose. Once it's pointed out they can control it. It grates on my nerves though, probably unreasonably so. Add me to the chorus of viewers who wish they'd just kept filming from home.
  13. The gag reel feels forced. There were a couple of laughs but for the most part it felt like Jared just screwing around for the gag reel later. I'd have to say it fits the crappy season and crappy finale pretty well, crappy. On the up side, Jensen did look genuinely happy so that was nice to see. When he ran out the door during the barn scene blooper I thought 'keep going!' . He should have.
  14. The Mother's Day episode was excrutiatingly blah. Colored fruit plates? Really? With edible flowers courtesy of Katie and goat cheese from GZ. Alex had to to make subtle dig at GZ red plate, I don't recall exactly what she said but it was bitchy, IMO. Sunny's shrimp boats looked okay, but really it is not hard to make rice. GZ's onion bacon tart was the only thing that looked somewhat original. I think this show's ship has sailed, jumped it's shark, whatever. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!
  15. For the first time I found myself not liking Duff this season. Grumpy old man. Maybe it's loss of sleep as a new dad but whatever for 2 weeks in a row I told him to shut up. He was unfairly biased against Derek in my opinion. What, there can only be one white, bald man who is an amazing baker? Derek was robbed. That 'last week's loser gets the advantage' was a way to yank his win last week out from under him. Kudos to him for keeping his cool and baking an amazing cake despite Duff's condescending pettiness.
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