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  1. Don't want to say the trite "thoughts and prayers" but my heart really aches for you. 💔 This virus, the repercussions, it didn't have to be this way. (Not going to get political, that's a can of worms I have no energy for). If people would just do the simple things, wear the damn mask, limit social gatherings. Life doesn't have to stop but it has to change, at least for awhile. School MUST start next month and as a 60 year old I'm not looking forward to it. We were told in June when we turned in our keys that the building was strictly 'masks' everywhere, no gatherings of more than 5 people in a classroom, go to your assigned area, do what you have to do, leave. NONE of that happened. One other person had a mask, groups of teachers standing around talking, close together, hugs, laughter. I was so uncomfortable, I had to get the heck out. Our school has nearly 1500 people, during class changes it's absolute madness. I don't know if I can do it. Besides my age, being overweight and having a history of pneumonia and bronchitis, my son has many, many serious health issues. Not the least of which is being immuno-compromised due to a psoriasis medication that suppresses his immune system. Not having taken it since January has hopefully allowed him to build up some immunity, but who knows. Of course now the psoriasis is rampant, and getting worse. So if/when I do go back, I will have to do as my husband has done all along since he's been working this whole time, wear a mask at home, keep myself as isolated as possible from my son. But that's not going to be easy, our home living areas are open and no spare bedroom so I've been sleeping on the couch for months so my husband can have the bed since he's been working and I haven't. I don't know how I'll be able to work and come home and keep my family safe, from me. That's what kept me up last night, the constant worry of 'what if' and 'what can I do?'.
  2. For her and her family's sake I hope she doesn't end up in ICU, isolated with her family not even able to visit. To me that's the worst part of this whole mess.
  3. I watched it. It was good to see Misha, live and in person. I was just a tad disappointed that when asked a direct question about what Biden would do, his guest deflected the question. I know it doesn't look good to say "I don't know", and in reality she probably doesn't know, but it came across (to me) as typical political speak. Still, good going, Misha. His guest also commented on all the ❤️'s for Misha, all the 'I love you's'. lol. Girl don't come on Misha's insta and expect it all to be about you!
  4. I can't speak for others but, my excuse is multiple re-watches, especially lately during Madness of Corona.
  5. I don't know if you have a Big Lots near you but they seem to have disinfectant spray. If you can find out what days they get trucks in you might be able to snag some. Hubs works there and he brought home 2 cans not long ago. My thought processes seem to follow what everyone is thinking, even when I think I'm being original. I bought several small dishcloths and cloth napkins back in April and I've been saving them for when the wipes, bleach, lysol runs out again. What I forgot was spray bottles. So now I'm at Amazon's mercy, again. Sigh. Just like The Great Yeast hunt of April and May. I'll get my bottles when the rest of the stuff is back in stores. 🙄
  6. I ask that about Amazon all. the. time. So many boxes!! As to the mask issue, I have several, but they all swallow my face, which I thought was fairly normal sized if not downright fat. I was at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and didn't see a bag of grapes I had paid for (self checkout) and when the worker called me back to get them I thanked her, and joked "I can't see with this thing covering my whole face!". The lady who had walked up behind me to use the checkstand said really snottily "Well then take it off!" I didn't even have time to say anything because the worker (a little old grandma lady, bless her) held up her hand and said "STOP". Clearly she was taking no crap on the mask issue. (Snotty lady, by the way, no mask. )
  7. Season 5 on TNT. Dean looked exceptionally handsome today. That's all I have to say. Just that. 🙃 😷😷😷 from Texas😷😷😷
  8. I read JP's 'manifesto' on twitter. I think many of us are struggling with how to change and be better people going forward. Memorial Day changed America, no doubt. I'm thankful my children are grown and I don't have to have that difficult conversation with them. I'm even more thankful that they are amazing, tolerant, caring adults who (from what I see), managed to grow to adulthood without racial bias despite that never being a lesson we expressly talked about at home. Maybe we should have, though. I wish JP had offered real concrete examples of what he/we can do to change tide because I, for one, am struggling to figure that out in my own life. He has the power, the voice of celebrity to do real good in that area, I hope to see how he uses it.
  9. I was afraid it was going to be something like that, UKgirl71. I saw something on twitter last night about how they were 'regrouping' or some such today, in light of 'current events'. Really not fair in my opinion. If ever there was a time people need to come together for some light hearted, frivolous fun, it's now.
  10. Sorry, but my list are hits. Like I said, as the series wore on and Andre Badd got worse, well, slim pickin's for any real content. OH, I left off one of my all time favorite episodes: Clap Your Hands if You Believe. Season 6 I think, soulless Sam is funny and doesn't have a stick up his butt, Dean is funny and frustrated. It's one I go to just to sit back and clear my head. Early episodes of season six blow me away anyhow with how pretty Dean is all clean and domesticated. Damn.
  11. The only 'skippable' for me is Bloodlines, until season 11. Once Amara comes along I kind of drift away, but even that season has some great episodes. LOVE Thin Lizzie (except the final creepy Amara scene), Safe House and Into the Mystic. Season 12, First Blood, Regarding Dean, Family Fued. (disclaimer: My opinions are slightly skewed because I loathe MotherMary) Season 13: Advancded Thanology, Scoobynatural Season 14: Mint Condition, Don't go in the Woods. Yeah, slim pickin's after season 11. I would still watch the show in it's entirety, maybe FF through painfully bad scenes now that I know to expect them. Your mileage my vary, of course.
  12. Last weekend I tuned in to see them back in their 'backyard', together. Turned it off. I was enjoying the zoom style show of them each at home, so much easier to watch than them yelling over each other. Oh well.
  13. When we were first given the stay at home orders in March, online work was optional, only because the district felt it had to ease the pressures families were suddenly facing. "Give them time to get their feet under them" was the phrase our principal used. Gradually the work loads increased, grades were definitely taken. It was decided that the 3rd quarter (Jan-March) would be the final grade for those who either did zero work for the 4th quarter, or if they were already failing, it was a chance to catch up and bring up those grades without missing out on new instruction. For the most part our district has been very successful with online learning. It's not ideal but with many many many Zoom meetings they managed to make it work.
  14. Dean kicking his ASS. The yes I'd be on board. I really only came here to tell you I love your screen name, Dr. Pepper, and also you're namesake to which I am hopelessly addicted.
  15. Doesn't seem weird to me. Andre Badd would absolutely put out a video that (he thinks) makes Jensen look bad/clumsy/foolish/silly. He doesn't get that confident people can laugh at themselves. To me, he's just trying to mock Jensen. I love those bow legs, though.
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