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  1. trudysmom

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    I hate "Dichael" too, but I agree that his controlled rage reminded me of Michael. Not exactly the same, but very similar. Of course, Jensen is both, so that may be all there is to it, lol. I actually would be much more afraid of crossing this Dean than an openly angry Dean or DeanMichael.
  2. trudysmom

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    You're right, DeeDee79, sorry I didn't clarify the quote. The article is an interesting read, I just found that to be a sticking point. As to the misogyny the writer was talking about, Supernatural has never treated female characters with much respect, Mary being the ironic exception. It's one of those things about the show I learned to stick my fingers in my ears and la-la-la past because if I think about it too much is pisses me off. And no, Jack is in no way blameless, not for her or the others he killed at Duma's instruction.
  3. trudysmom

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    I'm one of them. She kept yammering and hammering at Jack until he snapped. Now, some have suggested that it wasn't him, that someone/thing else was talking to him, acting through him. But what I saw was her in his face and him saying stop. Whether he was talking to her or some unseen force only he could hear, MARY heard Jack and still she kept on. So to me, yes, she bears some of the responsibility. A "badass hunter" like her should have known better. I realized with this episode that the problem I have is not Dean and Sam's manipulation of Jack, that was totally justified, Duma's willingness to use Jack to populate heaven, or Jack's innocent wide-eyed 'it was an accident' attitude (but then, he is 2, so I guess that fits). The problem I have is that I just don't care about any of it. I only watch any more to see how the boys will handle whatever nonsense is going on. More recently, I only care about scenes with Dean. I know I'm supposed to care that Mary is dead, Not!Bobby is pissed and supposedly lethal, Jack is throwing a temper tantrum that could destroy everything, and Hallucifer is happily whispering in his ear. The show wants me to care about all this stuff, but I just don't. I had to keep reminding myself that Dean was grieving for his mother, because at times I was sort of puzzled about why he looked upset, or angry. And then I was annoyed because I had to think about her, and I don't want to think about her!
  4. Knowing that is once great show turned shitshow is almost over and he can move on? That's my guess.
  5. trudysmom

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    Jediknight I so admire your positivity, you and SueB give me hope. If only you were a writer for the show I'd have more reason to feel optimistic. Sadly, I don't think these writers can, or even want to, write an interesting, compelling story any more. It seems that everyone except Jensen is phoning it in. And that makes me mad, sad and ultimately glad that it's almost over. Yes, it was. Reminded me of his controlled, calm but lethal Michael. Me too. I knew the episode was doomed from the opening seconds. I think I yelled "Enough!" at the tv. Not even Dean's eulogy for MotherMary could save this idiotic mess.
  6. trudysmom

    S14 E19: Jack in the Box

    That's an hour of my life I'll never get back. Dean crying in the woods was only good thing about it.
  7. trudysmom

    Spring Baking Championship

    I don't have a favorite yet, except maybe Corey. Saber is growing on me. At some point in this episode yelled at Clinton to shut up. Man he can be annoying.
  8. trudysmom

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I was glad to see Duff win, even with his Lunar Rover not wanting to come out and play. The Lunar Module part was so realistic, and I noticed they emphasized how much CAKE was packed in there! I really hated Buddy's underwater cake display. I thought the colors were gaudy, the holes all over the 'coral' gave me the creeps. The fish were meh, compared to Ben Franklin, who I have to say was spot on. In between, he had an opportunity to do some really cool (steampunk, maybe?) stuff with the gears but just went big, again. Props for not doing a tiered wedding cake style cake. But at the end of his presentation I thought, this is a space challenge, not a Ben Franklin challenge. Mostly I'm glad it's over and there won't be a season two to draw me back in. Yes, I'm weak.
  9. Fingers crossed, Pondlass1, and toes and eyes...
  10. I suppose we all have different interpretations of how their actions have led to bad decisions or heroic outcomes. A case could be made that if Dean hadn't gone to the bar alone, he wouldn't have been roofied by the witch and lost his memory. It's not a case I would make, but I can see how if you're looking for fault, or blame, you could find it. I generally don't look for fault in either brother, unless it slaps me in the face. I have them in boxes in my head: Sam smart, compassionate (sometimes to a fault) empathetic and Dean badass fighter, passionate, loyal (sometimes to a fault). While I am staunchly TeamDean, I don't begrudge Sam his attributes any more than Dean's flaws keep me from liking him. Different strokes for different folks and all that.
  11. You aren't counting his leading the raid against the BMOL? I thought that was a pretty great heroic thing. My particular favorite is Regarding Dean, when he went up against the witches to try to get the spell broken to save Dean. Maybe not BIG, world-saving heroic, but heroic, to me.
  12. trudysmom

    S14.E18: Absence

    Mary's dead, yay. The boys are sad, boo. Cas is sad, more boo. Jack is darkside, I don't care. I'm more annoyed by Mark Pellegrino on my tv than anything. My lord why won't he go away?
  13. trudysmom

    The Act

    Yes, and DeeDee admitted it to Gypsy when she got her sign the papers for Power of Attorney. She told her she'd been to jail, didn't want that for Gypsy, something like that. So yeah, she knew.
  14. trudysmom

    S14.E17: Game Night

    I have been surprised by the debate about Jack and Nick. To me it felt pretty straightforward. Jack killed the bad guy, the monster. That's what the Winchesters do, and he considers himself one. Even if Nick hadn't gone all serial killer evil, and hadn't just bashed Sam's head in, Jack would probably have toasted him. When he sees him, he sees Lucifer, who cut his throat and took his grace, who betrayed him and wanted him to fight to the death against Sam. Given his toddler/adolescent level of maturity, it's very black and white. "He hurt me, and the people I love, I'm going to hurt him. Then he can die." Mary saw him kill Nick, the human, in an inhumane way. She should have kept her trap shut but she couldn't so maybe she's toast, too, maybe not. At the very least I hope she learned not to push an all-powerful being when he's pissed off.
  15. trudysmom

    S14.E17: Game Night

    Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. Death means nothing on this show, and Jack cares, or cared about what Sam and Dean think of him so if he did kill her, he'd just bring her back so they wouldn't be mad at him. Of course, then she'd tell on him and they'd still be pissed, at least a bit, so poor woobie can't win. Mean old Dean might yell at him, Sam might look disappointed for a hot minute. Mother Mary would be all forgiving, of course. After a painful rewatch (Dean was still in it, after all) I'm still frustrated with Sam not taking Nick out when he had the chance. And when Dean wouldn't let Sam get to him in the bunker because they needed him alive until they found Donatello, wth? Sam, who is boy genius, computer hacker. He figured out who what where when and how in 13: 11 when Donna's niece was missing. He cracked this complicated computer dark web thing. But he couldn't hack the phone or something? I wish if the writers are going to inflict Nick on us, they would show us something interesting. Like where/how did he get the grace and know to use it on Donatello?