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  1. But if they had, then they wouldn't be able to praise Padalecki's superb acting in that awful barn scene. (which I watched once and never will again) His tears, his pain, his 'nuance' (barf) all so heart-wrenching. To get him ready for...other things. Like life after Dean, life after SPN, a ten-gallon hat. I knew that Dabb was going to shit all over Dean and the finale, I was prepared for that. I was not prepared for how I feel about everyone else since then, Jared and Misha especially.
  2. Can I get an "AMEN"!? I have seriously considered unfollowing Supernatural on twitter because of all the CW/Walker/angry fan crap that clogs my feed with nonsense. Only pretty pictures of Jensen from time to time stop me.
  3. Ditto. Either biscuits and gravy, or egg on biscuit with cheese, but cheese and gravy, no thanks. I also have never seen sausge gravy made that way. Born and lived in Texas my whole long life and momma and daddy always drained (or dreened, heh) the grease off the sausage first, made the gravy, added the meat back in. But to each his or her own.
  4. Sitting on the floor? I'm not doubting you, in the 90's I had 2 babies that were a full time job and didn't get out much. I recall Rock the Boat as a catchy tune but had no idea that such things were going on outside my bubble.
  5. That was Benjameena (sp?) from a season of GBBS. She didn't win her season, but I recall her bakes were very good. Yeah, I found that odd as well but maybe the way she treated her oranges made the peels more edible? Who knows. Jon's unpeeled oranges didn't bug me at the time, though I trust what Duff and the judges said about them being rubbery. LaShonda's though, in that trifle looked bad and unappealing, amatuerish. Even so I'd rather she taken the whole thing that Julianna.
  6. I can only hope that this season of KBC is better than we got for Holiday Wars, Holiday Baking Championship and that God-awful CandyLand mess.
  7. Not the only one. But I would have been fine if they'd sent Juliana, too. But LaShonday put orange slices in her trifle, and I said to trudysdad, didn't they just sent Jon home for his unpeeled oranges that were inedible? (To which he said huh? who's jon?) Makes me think of Desiderata "avoid loud and aggresive persons, they are vexations of the spirit". Amen. I think in the end it will come down to Lorenzo or Meghan. They like the taste of Eva's bakes, but in the end it has to be pretty and she's a quality baker more than a decorative one. Still love her though.
  8. KInda sad to see Jon (sp?) go, but I'm glad Eva got to stay. I don't expect her to win but I like her. Maybe it's a kindred-age thing. When Jesse said 'decorated upside down cakes' I groaned. Some things don't need decorating. An upside down cake, to me is one of them. It takes away from the cake which, as I understood it growing up when momma made them, was that it was pretty and delicious just the way it came out of the pan. But what do I know? LaShonda is wearing on my nerves, in fact most of them are at this point, lol. I'm a Grinch this year, ya'll , sorry.
  9. THIS sums up the whole sad, ugly season.
  10. I wonder if, even though they don't say it, their judgements in the main bake are colored by their impressions from preheat. LaShonda's poptart topped cupcakes were a miss, so maybe that was still in Duff's mind when he critisized her fondant carrot? He's pretty particular about fondant in general. Surely there are things that are edited out that we don't hear, maybe Lorenzo was too snarky for their taste at some point, who knows. I was glad to see Eva win over Jamal. She doesn't need to talk about her work, her baking speaks for itself. Lol, trudysdad said Jesse requested the big table so he could sit across from Nancy, that way she can't try to feed him unless she tries to climb across the table. Which, give her enough booze and she might.
  11. Amen! I'm embarassed for her to be on this season, such a waste. While I applaud Food Network for trying to shake things up a bit and try something new, the format of these holiday shows is terrible. This one in particular is a mess. And these 'artists'? Come on. If I wanted to watch someone be really bad at sculpting cake I'm sure there are Youtube videos. I watch these shows to see people more talented than I do lovely amazing things with cake and sugar, not amazingly bad amatuerish things. To the re-runs of better seasons!
  12. Woke up this morning still hungover from last night's ending and all the feels. Two things hit me right away. One, I may have been better able to get on board with it if it hadn't felt so rushed. Sam's life shown in litte snippets of passing time didn't seem like Sam to me. I knew it was Sam, but it went by so fast, that when he died all I could muster was it was nice his son told him it was ok to go, like he did with Dean. And two, that Dean was finally, if not stabbed in the back, then the closest thing to it, so I'm sure Badd and his stable of hack writers are happy.
  13. The Dean Winchester that I knew could barely sit still between hunts. He needed to be doing, he needed purpose. Now he's happy in Heaven, idle, no purpose, just eternal sunshine and unlimited beer? I'm sorry, that's not the character I came to know. I'm glad it's over, if only so Dean and Jensen don't get screwed over anymore by Badd. One thing, Wayward Son made me smile when Dean said "I love this song".
  14. Finally caught up, man it was a hard binge to get through. Kind of like a root canal but without the laughing gas. Because I binged the last 4 episodes (or so, not even sure) I was pretty wrung out by the end and have to admit the montage at the end got to me. Not because it was so well done, but it was good enough to remind me of what the show had been. I hate this drawn out ending. But it fits so much of 2020, the pandemic, the election, the shutdowns, it just keeps going and going and going, drawing out the angst, frustration and sadness. Just end it already.
  15. I missed the Kid's Holiday Baking special, was really bummed about it too. I blamed Comcast but then when anything goes wrong in our house we usually blame Comcast, lol. I searched out this forum to mainly say one thing: I am so tired of hearing judges on any of these shows saying that ingredients 'play well together'. Ugh. Just stop.
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