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  1. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree regarding Caroline's flavors. I really don't see that combo being palatable, and yes, technically she underbaked. I think the pineapple just threw her for a loop. I like her, I've met alot of kids like her while teaching and she may be a little hard for some people to take but she's a girl who knows her mind, has confidence and won't be overlooked. She'll use these attributes one day, hopefully to make a difference in a big way. Lawyer, maybe? lol Ellora is a sweetheart, quiet, almost timid, I'm surprised to see her on the show actually. Both p
  2. I thought this challenge was really hard. Bowlfuls of tiny cookies, a fruit, nut and mousse? I see they're giving them 2 1/2 hours this season, I guess in deference to their age, being younger than in previous seasons. Still, this was a challenge I wouldn't want to try. I agree Caroline was caught by surprise, but when she started talking chocolate and pina colada I knew she was a goner.
  3. I don't get the vibe that Caroline is as bad as Ben, maybe I missed something. She seems receptive to criticism, and a pretty good baker for her age. I like all the remaining kids, so far, but there are so many that no one is getting alot of screen time so as they thin the herd I'll have to see who I really like.
  4. I kinda thought Val's comforting Caroline was a bit...contrived. I think the little girl is spunky, and yeah she may have had a moment of panic but I think, or would like to think, she would have pulled it out without momma Val's over the top pep talk. I kept asking her why she was baking 24 cupcakes, why waste time on so many? Did I miss a minimum amount they had to do? Mix your batter, scoop out dozen, bake, done. But hey, that's me. lol
  5. And that is a good argument for older kids to compete. To much younger kids sweet equals good. Edible, not necessarily good. Over time people develop a sense of taste beyond the sweetness, to more balanced flavors being just as, or more, satisfying. This is coming from a woman who has had trouble getting it when they say "too sweet". Is there such a thing, lol. Well yes, there is. Dessert imposters usually involve alot of white chocolate 'lettuce', so yeah it would be hard for a seasoned baker to balance those flavors into something most people would want to eat, and not just present a c
  6. Do ya'll think Duff and Val come up with the challenges or the producers? I was thinking how sick I would feel after tasting so many super sweet desserts in so short a time. I said it before, there are too many kids! I like seeing the past winners' instagram pages to see what they're up to. For the most part it looks like they bake bake bake and post post post for a year or so after winning then gradually taper off. Grow up, move on, get bored with it? Last season's winner, Keaton, is still posting but all his cakes are in the same 3-4 layer, stacked cake format. Easy for him I'm sur
  7. If the producers allowed us to see what we saw of Ben and his obnoxious behavior, what didn't we see? Is it edited in a way to create the 'precocious little boy' character, or is this the best they had to offer of him? In my experience working in public schools, that kid is not only a pain in the ass to his teachers but to other kids as well. He may be getting a pass now because he's 8 but that ship is gonna sail soon enough.
  8. This show joins the (growing) list of shows I continue to watch and ask myself why I'm watching something I don't enjoy anymore. The baking championships were meh at best, though better than last season, the holiday themed 'wars' were trash, even the gingerbread show was a bust and I love the hosts. KBC show, the time limits and twists are ridiculous. There are too many kids! A field of 6 or 7 would be plenty, and give them time to produce something good. It seemed like a fairly simple challenge, though. A single layer of cake, cooled, cut and decorated to resemble a butterfly. Th
  9. That. Was a disappointing sh__show. A huge, BLACK spaceship thing atop four legs colored to look like 'flames' and gift boxes that the judges said looked rough and unfinished. That craptastic piece won? Bakers in Toyland were robbed. And for some unreasonable reason it irked me to have Jen of the winning team use the "angel food crunch" in her cake. That was totally from Stephanie's cake on their season of HBC. I know she didn't own it, patent it or anything, but for Jen to use and act like it was her original idea pissed me off.
  10. Right? It broke my heart. IIRCC he said at one point in the season he's not a 'cake decorator' more of a pastry chef, I think that was him. I thought at the time well kiss the championship goodbye, boy-o, a huge ass cake is coming up in the finale. At the very LEAST, it should not have been leaning like that.
  11. I agree with everything Spunkygal said about the hosts, but it goes beyond the hosts, doesn't it? The set, sure it looks 'holiday-ish' but it feels like they're filming in a warehouse that was converted to accommodate kitchen equipment. In the old kitchen format, with 4 person teams, they had room to spread out a bit, didn't seem to be so right on top of each other. Here, with 3 people they look like they are cramped into too small a space. I also miss the backdrop they used on the old version. I liked them creating a scene and an atmosphere, not just a stand-alone showpiece. I don't know,
  12. My knee jerk reaction is to say you ain't missing nothin' but it may have changed since I last went, many many years ago. I agree Jose seemed very subdued this week, defeated almost. Not my favorite baker but talented for sure. Don't throw in the towel yet, Jose, still alot of baking to do!
  13. Apologies if this has been said but Bakers in Toyland (I think that's the team name) seem to really have it together. I love the calm way they go about their displays, and they win because their stuff holds up! If the baker could just get her flavors right, it would be theirs to lose I think.
  14. Or maybe he prefers they be kept out of the limelight. It's a scary world today, I'd think twice before exposing my kids to potential crazies who think they own part of me because they watched me on tv for a few weeks.
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