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  1. Robyn still eating while Karen drops the Juan bomb and runs is why I can't quit either of them.
  2. I saw Rebecca in it and she was her typical wonderful self and from what I recall it was a temporary gig while Victoria was doing another role.
  3. This whole season seems so awkward since they can’t have the real argument of whether they are on the side of wanting Monique fired or not. It’s making everything so stilted.
  4. Giselle getting bit by that karmic pepper made me chuckle for the entire episode.
  5. Guess who was up on the roof cleaning the gutters.....
  6. Maybe the dog park has a bar because of the muddy water park?
  7. Since I’ve watched I’ve been scouring South Jersey looking for packs of wild cows. So far I’ve been unsuccessful.
  8. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that “growing up” is code for his wife growing up and leaving Pringle’s drunk Peter Pan ass.
  9. As a dog owner Dani’s muttered “Ergh, goddangit” is as real as this show has ever been. Especially when coupled with her dog’s smiling “look at me” face.
  10. My internal body temp regulator will never make sense of a parka paired with flip flops and shorts. Unlike John’s....
  11. Isn’t “lying in the filth” the very definition of BRAVO?
  12. Maybe they're on Robyn time.......
  13. I can say I would have no idea if I should say it was off base or on base if you called me lunch meat?
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