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  1. I would like a sign that indicates that I'm not working from home and that's why my lawn still looks like crap.
  2. The most ambition any creature has shown in that household.
  3. Katie's default speed is slow so I wonder if she would even notice. She probably thinks computer buffering is the computer's way to tell her she should take another nap.
  4. If Sandoval is as good at stilt walking as he is at the trumpet we may be about to see a death play out before our eyes.
  5. Happy National Puppy Day from my overgrown puppy to yours!
  6. Ever feel like you’re being watched.....
  7. bosawks

    MLB Thread

    It's actually "Bucky %#*&@+! Dent"..... I believe he might have even legally changed his name.
  8. bosawks

    NHL Thread

    That's fair.....
  9. Looks like someone is yearning for a Guinness...
  10. Socially isolating ourselves outside!
  11. I now have visions of Pete running as fast as he can to leap a fence, smashing into it, skinny arms straining, pencil legs struggling for traction, and slowly sliding down in a puddle of defeat....
  12. bosawks

    NHL Thread

    As a Flyers fan I blame Dave Hakstol....
  13. Peter responded the same way I did when my parents asked if "the marijuana" was the only drug I had ever tried. "ye........a......h"
  14. I’m pretty sure all Neil Lane had in that briefcase was a bag of popcorn and a bottle of booze.
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