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  1. The actor who plays Detective Ennis is really good at conveying menace. I’m nervous every time he’s on screen.
  2. This episode just made me numb. Numb.
  3. bosawks

    NHL Thread

    Ring that bell, Oskar!
  4. A little 4th of July fly hunting.....
  5. This series is just further proof that Lili Taylor is always one of the best things in anything she’s in.
  6. Correct! If all goes according to plan I will be the proud adoptive parent of one Harper.
  7. Alli social distancing.....
  8. As I’ve said before pets are so perfect that they have to have the one imperfection of mortality for us to be worthy of them. I wish you all of the happiness with your new beginning.
  9. Well, now if Stassi doesn’t name her Karen I’m going to be disappointed.....
  10. I’m dying to know who that “not interesting” guest judge was who slid into Padma’s DM. And I have to agree with Tom, there Is way more than one dish he would beat Bobby Flay.
  11. Stephanie’s pasta always looks so, well, ethereal. I would love to try it. Have we ever had a season where both Padma and Tom seemed to consistently be in such a good mood? And dammit Malarkey I cant believe I ended up kinda liking you.
  12. bosawks

    S17.E13: Parma

    Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, all I can say is I hope you take the advice my mother gave to me and my brother in the back of the car in hour 10 of what should’ve been a 6 hour drive, “SHUT IT”.
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