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  1. bosawks

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    I've decided I like Anna-Heyward just for how she was at the party. "You hired me to wrangle you not your friends. I'll be on the porch drinking chablis." I wonder what Craig drunk ordered after the party? I'm thinking a box of Andy Capp's Hot Fries.
  2. Well, you can’t have time for your kids and also make time to steal from them. Give a girl a break! There are only so many hours in a day and hard choices have to be made...
  3. bosawks

    "Hell Yeah!" TV Moments

    Rachel Chavkin's speech for Best Director Tony. This part in particular: “I wish I wasn’t the only woman directing a musical on Broadway this season. There’s so many women and artists of color ready to go. It’s a failure of imagination by a field whose job it is to imagine how the world could be.”
  4. bosawks

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Monique being very pregnant and very uncomfortable and really only abandoning ship once during NO was pretty impressive. I would've been bailing left and right if I was that pregnant. I actually would've been bailing left and right if I was that sober..........
  5. You know when your behavior has driven Ramona to silence and turtle time tears as opposed to crocodile tears that you may have over stepped.... That being said I would totally watch a show of all these women having to attend group therapy together like it was my job.
  6. bosawks

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Erika has every right to stay out of this, RInna appropriated her persona as carte blanche to say whatever she wants. I'd be like Erika, "Fuck this, your beef is with her not me. I'll be at the bar."
  7. bosawks

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    My favorite part of Craig and the eyeliner is pretty much everyone arriving asking: "Are you wearing eyeliner?' "Yup" "Huh" And then going on their merry way of eating chicken nuggets with no napkins and drinks with no ice with a shrug.
  8. I get being frustrated by Lu and her belief she's Bebe NoWorth (hello broadway pun*!). But, I mean, they've met her, she'd rather go off on a coke fueled bender and wake up naked on the wrong side of Palm Beach than say a gracious and sincere thank you. It feels like they're deliberately setting themselves up to be angry. It's just not her thing..... *stolen from my cousin who stole it from somebody else I imagine.......
  9. Wait: fields, lawyers, negligees, what the heck is happening!?!?
  10. The martinis at this place look insane. Almost as insane as this episode.
  11. I kinda think Lu is right about the 360. It didn’t look to me like Sonja changed her opinion about going to the meeting whatsoever.....
  12. bosawks

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    You would think they would know by now to bring food, drinks, cutlery and linens to a Craig party.
  13. bosawks

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    Craig would feel overwhelmed by an order of 1 pillow.
  14. bosawks

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    Hannah is really trying to sell it to herself that Luke is emotionally complex and that’s why they’re having communication difficulties not that he’s just a meathead.