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  1. It appears that Alli is a fan of the cheesecake batter....
  2. Well, he really must be a magician because I actually found David Copperfield charming. And Cynthia Erivo gave Audra a run for her money.
  3. Since I consider Alli a gift it really is just a matter of reciprocity..... Last shore day of 2019!
  4. Thanks @Mindthinkr! Haven’t been around a whole lot since I’ve been covering for my boss but Alli would never let me miss a holiday...
  5. RIP Ann Crumb. Her performance of “Anything But Lonely” is one of the most adult performances of a ALW song.
  6. @KnoxForPres it’s a hammock style car cover. I prefer the kind that almost looks like a rectangular box once you get it secured. Amazon has a nice selection in the $30-$35 range and if you keep your eye out for deal of the day even cheaper. Alli is a boisterous one and is hard on them and they still last 3-4 years.
  7. Sometimes the car ride back is the best part of vacation....
  8. Keeping her eye out for Halloween.
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