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  1. I don’t think there is enough therapy in the world to help Kenya at this point.
  2. I hate myself that I find Luke’s stupidity so entertaining.
  3. Sara wanting to own a high end cannery was the most Sara thing ever. Except for maybe a high end organic goat yogurt farm.
  4. I can’t believe those BRAVO assholes found a way to get me to watch LCK. 🤬
  5. Ooof, double eliminations are always hard. And I agree with it but still hard.
  6. I don’t have an ounce of romance in me but I want Sarah and Shota to sail into the sunset and have little baby chefs.
  7. Some people are kind of grating out of proportion to their actual offenses and I think Tater Tot is one of those people. That being said I really hope he goes.
  8. Leah going hard for Ramona is not going to turn out like she wants. It’s always Turtle Time on the RHONY.
  9. Happy 9th birthday and 6th gotcha to Sweet Alli!
  10. With the miracle known as double-sided tape, her boobs....
  11. I think I would have gone with some sort of pork satay for Sci Fi. ”May The Pork Be With You” but after that I got nothing.
  12. I think Sara’s, “Not really, causssseee, it’s a milkshake.”, was some seriously underrated snark to Gabriel aka Tater Tot.
  13. I enjoyed Richard this episode. Words that I never thought I’d string together in a post but there ya go...
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