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  1. Alli used to have issues when I’d walk out with a broom or mop and drying her off from the head first was a no go. Now she walks into the towel after being out and the rain and every once in a while when I walk out of the utility room with the mop she’ll just slowly stroll out of the room like she has somewhere better to be......
  2. bosawks

    S17.E13: Parma

    I could watch the judges at the table roll their eyes at Kevin as he dumps pre-grated Parmesan on their plates All.Damn.Day
  3. I can totally see Scott understanding that John was running a con but still giving him the money just so he would stop bothering him and STFU.
  4. A company might be able to survive COVID or Sonja but certainly not both.......
  5. This makes sense to me. Of course in my head she just had Chris foot the bill for a soundproof room where she can go, curl up in the fetal position and cry.
  6. I'm the type of person who, if commanded to call you "Dr. Wendy", would do so ad nauseam. Every single member of that catering crew would have been introduced to "Dr. Wendy". "Have you met Dr. Wendy" "I'd like to introduce to Dr. Wendy" "Do you know Dr. Wendy" "Look! It's Dr. Wendy" "Hey, Dr. Wendy" And that's all I would ever call her.
  7. Ashley must be playing the percentages, One of these times when she goes to Michael to make sure nothing happened, nothing will have happened.....
  8. “To fathers and sugar”, that was awesome. Butcher making someone make that choice, that was not awesome.
  9. Temporary amnesia or black-out drunk? po-tay-to, po-tah-to......
  10. I figured out my issue with Leah and Dorinda. They are just so joyless in everything. Ramona, Sonja and Lu still have moments of enjoyment in their messy ass lives. Leah and Dorinda are me doing yoga, "Namaste yourself and fuck off".....
  11. Maybe he needed it for IVF treatments.........
  12. I can stomach Andy when there are dogs. If there are no dogs, "Thbbft" ........
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