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  1. Dirtybubble

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    I think she looks lovely. With those stupid hair extensions out she looks classy. And OMG her son looks just like her, especially when they smile. The daughter, unfortunately, looks like Thomas.
  2. Dirtybubble

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    I think it's because he's just been around the bachelor block so much he just appears to be older than what he actually is. Well thank God you guys have some damn common sense. I didn't understand all the Demi love on Twitter so I came here where I could read some intelligent posts. Send Demi and her gf on their way if they've decided to stay together. This is the problem I've always had with this show. Too many couples group together quickly, don't go out on any other dates, and don't really do anything else except take up space and mooch off a free vacation. If you've decided you have meet your mate good LEAVE and give the space to someone who will add something to this show. WORD! There are other dating shows that display fluid sexual people in relationships that aren't used to show how progressive a show is....
  3. Dirtybubble

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    No not winner but he did compete so IDK, he seems an O.K. guy and as far as I know they're still together now so who knows. Even if it's just a fling let her have some fun.
  4. Dirtybubble

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    "I shred metal." WTH?! The fact that he said that with a straight face means he is either the greatest actor in the world or he actually believes it's ok for someone over the age of 14 to say that. Katherine and her new beau seem happy together but they are such an odd pairing physically. It's more than she's taller than him, she seems to overpower him in personality/fashion wise. That outfit she was wearing overpowered her as well as he. Enh, IDK I hope she's happy with him even though he seemed out of his element on this show and speaking of looking uncomfortable.... Wow I don't know what to make of Cameran's poor husband Jason. He just looked so bewildered. He seems nice enough in a boring vanilla sort of way.
  5. Dirtybubble

    S06.E13 Outfoxed

    *sigh* I agree this show has lost its flair and I hate to say this but I miss T-Rav and J.D. Yeah they are douche bags and I wouldn't want to spend time with them IRL but for reality tv they are GREAT! There are too many people on this show that don't do anything and that's a shame because I really like them. Whitney, Danni, Naomi, Cameran....I like them all as people but holy cow they are just taking up space. Give them something interesting to do or replace all of them! As much as Madison gets on my nerves she does make for great t.v. so keep her and all the other originals.
  6. Dirtybubble

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Yay! Danni is going to be at the reunion!
  7. Dirtybubble

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    NaomiEEEE and Cameran are stunning! Chelsea and Kathryn WTH?! Guys are boring =(
  8. Dirtybubble

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I have no words for how annoying this lady is. I guess she's supposed to be funny but I fell like smashing her head against the tree! Yay, you're not constipated now go away
  9. Dirtybubble

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Wowzers! Check out @SnarkBravo’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SnarkBravo/status/1157475570617241602?s=09
  10. Dirtybubble

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    Thank U! I think this entire Chlamydia thing has gotten out of control. If what happened is true (which I too think it is) it's not really that big of a deal but people are flipping out like Shep gave her HIV or something. It's a shame there is such a stigma behind this and it's used a slut shamming tool. And I'm sad Danni is so embarrassed about it.
  11. Dirtybubble

    Austen Kroll: Charleston's Brewer-preneur

    I will be in Charleston in Nov (I think they are filming that time of the year!!) And I want to visit one of these bars and try his beer! Trop Hop I hope it becomes available in other cities in South Carolina.
  12. I think that's a great idea! She could really shake up the series and bring some FUN to the show. Plus I would love to see other women on this show than just old, white cougars =(
  13. I liked it until I realized it was actually a commercial for Fiber One =( Just leave it as a parody music video and it would have been fun but to try and shell out lousy diet bars at the end doesn't make any sense. What the fudge does that video have to do with Fiber One bars? I don't see the connection....
  14. So I'm just gonna leave this right here
  15. Dirtybubble

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    Ok how awesome was it to see Murray back?! He was one of my favs from Season 2 so I cheered when they reached his warehouse/home and was forced to look in the camera! Yay for Steve and Dustin, yay to Smirnoff/Alexi, and boo to Erica! She has gone from mildly annoying to down right irritating A.F.!!