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  1. True! I have had it with Deavan's sour puss face! I remember this from the 1st season she was on. Gah she always had a frown. The apartment wasn't that bad. It was small but not bad looking. It looked clean and it was furnished nicely.
  2. His pillows are cute but $55 is just way too expensive for a throw pillow and if I remember correctly some of the them are just slip covers--not an actual pillow itself. He also sells face masks as well. They are $25 for a 3 pack which isn't bad but IDK they're just not that attractive. He has a kinda cute pink flamingo mask but the description says it's a polyester fabric not cotton soooo IDK *shrug*
  3. I thought Armando's daughter was going to live with them? So why is he leaving her behind? I must have missed something somewhere. As if I needed a reason to luv Kenny more, here comes Truffles OMG the cutest overload is too much =D No more Cheese stick PLEASE! He is unbelievably boring and I don't give an F about his stupid cheating story. UGH I don't know what it is about this guy but he just oozes dullness--his stupid face, his stupid boring clothes AHHH! Ari is really giving me spoiled American vibe from her. Her mom is great and I love how supportive she seemed to be of Bini but I just get the feeling Ari knows she can just fall back on her supportive parents if the slightest little thing goes wrong. IDK maybe I'm just in an angry mood
  4. I'm glad you brought this up because it has been bugging me for awhile. The dependence the daughter has on Kenneth is a bit odd to me. I don't remember seeing a husband/boyfriend in her life so I guess I can understand why she turned to her dad for assistance and he certainly doesn't seem to mind but something about how dependent on him she seems to be is a bit bothersome. I'm hesitant to say anything because I like Kenneth and his family very much but something just seemed off to me.
  5. Oh I understand the pain and hurt but I could have sworn I heard one of the daughters say specifically to her son that they will never seem him again....maybe it was a slip of the tongue but it just seemed a weird thing to say to a child. Yeah I thought that too even though he does seem like a nice guy. *shrug* Yeah that was a major letdown. And the tears in his confessional seemed so fake to me. IDK but I'm already not liking this guy. Something about him seems so...slimy. His only redeeming quality was therapy cat. Take that silly body harness of kitty and just keep him in a carrier when you travel.
  6. Man that was tough! I am a bit bothered by this idea that his family will NEVER see Kenneth again. I heard that repeated numerous times by them but I don't understand can they not visit? Nobody can fly down there and see him?? I never thought I would say this about a 90 Day show but this show really needs to be 2 hours long. If I can endure awful Big Ed for 2 hours I can get 2 hours of Kenny and Armando =D
  7. That sounds like something Robot Chicken would do 😆😆
  8. There has got to be something in between short/tight and unbelievably ill fitting and ugly. I have to agree the H&M recycled, reused dresses are FUG! Especially that pink thing. It looks like a bed sheet just sewn together.
  9. LoL--well I must be the only person on the planet that liked Capt. Ross! Yeah he was a lot different than Deakins--he was in your face, gruff, but IDK I just liked him. He was captain around the time Bobby was going off the rails and Ross called him out for his behavior. We the audience understood why Goren was doing the things he was doing but Ross didn't so understand how frustrating that was for him. Plus he did help Goren out on numerous occasions (the whole going to prison for his nephew story line, getting Goren reinstated, etc.) I also liked more personal story lines for each character as I never wanted to watch just a cops and robbers show. I liked to know a little more personal stuff with each character (another reason why I liked the CSI shows so much) and I really liked the little fling that Ross and Rogers had. I just wish Goren and especially Eames could have had a little side romance for their characters. I mean we had a little something for Wheeler and Logan (however brief and sad it was) but still throw the 2 main characters a bone for pete's sake!
  10. That's one of the things that has always bugged me about the Law & Order shows and spin offs--the changing of characters with no real explanation as to why. One instance in particular that has always bugged me is why Logan's partner Barek left. She was just gone. And all I remember was a smug little comment Ross made to Logan about bringing her back and Logan made a weird face as if he didn't want her to come back....soooo wtf? What happened?? The CSI shows were always good at really explaining why characters left. Even when one of them dies there was always some sort of memorial or something to remember them not just swept under the rug and pretend like they never existed.
  11. I came here to make that same point. I didn't like them on their own show but during Pillow Talk I'm enjoying the fun, playful side of both of them. Robert is sharp and funny and Anny is absolutely glowing--she's much more beautiful now than she was in those skank clothes she wore on her season. However....Tim and Veronica....oof. Tim I can tolerate but dang if Veronica isn't as annoying as she always was. Her voice, her laugh, IDK just something about this chick bugs me to no end!
  12. Is there a separate thread for the Pillow Talk?
  13. Word to Kenny and Armando even though I do worry about Kenny proposing marriage so quickly. The Thanksgiving dinner with Kenny and his family was sweet. My gut is telling me that Kenny seems to be closer to his triplet daughters than to his son. I can't put my finger on it but something just seemed a bit off when his son and he where doing their T.H. interview about the age difference....maybe his son's body language IDK, something just felt uneasy. Maybe he was just nervous to be on camera *shrug*
  14. I too like both Armando and Kenny and wish them the best. They seem the most well adjusted and have the best chance of making it. My fear is that they may be too well adjusted for the show and TLC won't air their story enough. It will show 1 hour and 45 mins of everyone else's crap and just 10 or 15 mins of them =( I watched the previews for the upcoming season and it seems a lot of scenes of everyone else going batsh!t and very few scenes of them. =( The producers will leave them alone alright. They won't show them at all because they aren't bringing the drama. Or at least that's my opinion...
  15. I've never liked the Geico commercials but this commercial infuriates me to no end! Why the FUDGE would I want to see that stupid lizard on a blooper reel?? I wish someone would just step on him and squash him
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