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  1. Yeah but that's not enough to make me watch the show. And Prince George is Stewie! And now I realize why George's character seems tired and played out, because I've seen that exact same character for the past 20 years!
  2. Oooh YEAH I had forgotten about that! Well there ya go; they had plenty to talk about on set =D I didn't recognize the young lady that played their daughter. I felt sorry for her even though *spoiler alert* she was the murder. This format where we don't actually see the trial like in the original L.O. makes wonder if she got a lesser sentence because of her circumstances.
  3. I was just about to mention that. As a long time Star Trek fan it took me awhile to not see Data but his character on TNG was such an innocent and Brent Spiner was sooo deplorable--well it just goes to show what a good actor he is. And Margaret Colin I remember from Independence Day....
  4. More adults less kids! I was LOL'ing at the portrayal of the adults especially the Queen. Whoever voices her and wrote her lines is brilliant! Prince Charles, poor Camilla, Kate, William, Harry, Megan--they're all terrific! *sigh* the children though. UGH not funny. And I don't mean in an offensive way just simply NOT FUNNY way. I could care less what Princess Charlotte is up to and Prince George *yawn* typical spoiled brat--his character just isn't interesting. =(
  5. I'm down with this show. It reminds me of Pillow Talk with the 90 Day Fiance series. I haven't seen a full season of any other B.D. Med so I'm not sure who these people are but they seem cool. Are the people on Galley Talk dating or just friends?
  6. I still like P.T. more than I like the original HEA program even if I don't agree with them siding with Mike during the conflict with Natalie. I was LOL'ing at their comments about Natalie's "friend".
  7. Mike: We need to communicate. Oh fuck off Mike! Anytime I've seen Natalie tried to talk you you shrug your shoulders, give that smug as smile, and talk to mommy dearest not her. I would run to my friend's house too if I had to put up with passive aggressive Mike and that retched, awful mother-in-law. GAH just her voice on the phone grates me. You're G.D. right I would be out as soon as the work visa passes and I wouldn't care if he knew it or not!
  8. "Hinge the dating app that can be deleted." Umm can't EVERY app be deleted? Why is Hinge acting like this is some wild accomplishment?
  9. I wish this forum had an angry emoji to show how much I dislike Lexi. There is something actually wrong with this chick. It's more than being a brat or spoiled there is something not clicking in her G.D. brain . Oh here maybe this will help 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  10. Speaking of In the Dark....maybe I missed something but you mean to tell me the mechanic doing all these murders of these homeless men has never even SEEN this woman's daughter? What? Never talked to her and since she was never actually born there are no photos or anything....
  11. Awww I like the deck crew. Yeah they're kinda goof balls but after the ultra masculine, douche bag guys I've seen on previous seasons I will GLADLY take these guys. They all seem to be a decent sort. Plus I have a soft spot for guys who don't fit the manly men form. If I remember correctly I think Courtney came right out and apologized immediately and Lexi didn't. But so much was happening all at once I'm not really sure. Plus it was Lexi that was calling him names so maybe he figured Courtney was just having fun where she was being flat out mean *shrug* IDK. He seemed to be on h
  12. I don't care if Natalie gave away all of Mike's "beautiful Christmas gifts" I will never EVER be team Mike or his awful mother! God in heaven those 2 vile people are just complete jackasses! I'm not saying Mike deserved to have all of his gifts he spent money on be given away but.......idk I'm not 100% mad about it either. The bigger question is why? Why did she give them away? Revenge? Just didn't like them? Instead of Mike screeching at her like the G.D. animal that he is why not DISCUSS it with her? She is obviously just as unhappy as he is. His mom can just go to hell for
  13. I don't think I've seen that. What is it about?
  14. I thought this was cute though I don't really see the problem with water pressure in the bathroom. That seems like an easy fix, just turn the flow of the water down a little bit from the meter outside....*shrug* "Where you going for dinner 1987?"😆😆😆
  15. This is my favorite Olympic Games commercial
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