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  1. I've seen him in the background usually every season. He's been at the bars where Craig and Shep visit during filming and I've seen them hug and kinda hang out with him (especially Shep) so they must be friends and I believe I remember seeing him at the fashion show Cooper & Landon did in season 2 or 3 so yeah he's been here and there a lot during filming....*shrug* I'm kinda surprise he hasn't been cast as a regular or a more prominent friend of. Also the lady he's standing next to is his wife or fiance I believe. They have a child together....
  2. Or Jimmney Cricket. I feel like reaching thru my t.v. and punching dumb ass Tanner every time he says that
  3. So why not just call him a white male? Why add the word cis to his description?
  4. Why did one of Tans friends call him a cis white man? I thought someone that was cis female or male was someone that identified with the gender they were born with but didn't behave in a stereo typical, gender appropriate manner. *shrug*
  5. The vibe I was getting was her backstory was simply to get her in the final 3. I like her enough and I would be happy if she won but IMO Jennifer has been more consistenly good/great with her baking. Ok I was wondering about that. I know a few people from Rochester and Buffalo and none of them sound anywhere close to her nasally annoying accent. But then again none of them are as perky as she is either so IDK maybe it is a bit of Boston mixed in as well.
  6. Yeah but I guess he had to say that. If one of the judges said meh this group is just ok I guess...LOL! Every reality competition show I've watched the judges HAVE to say this is the best top 4/top 3 we've ever had no matter how mediocre they are. Ok glad it wasn't just me. It's not simply her accent, something about her personality just bugs me to no end. I'm disappointed in Geoffery as well. I was sure he would make it to the final 3 but gah that cheesecake was hideous. Honestly Jennifer's was just as fug though, the girl on the cake was amateurish and making the trees smaller than the girl was just stupid.
  7. I for one, LOVE Nancy and I love her cutesy friendship with the host Jessie. I kinda agree with other posters--why not just give Jessie his own plate and fork but enh, it's the holidays, it's fun, why not. As far as Dwight goes, IDK I liked him enough but to me his heart never really seemed into baking. It's difficult for me to describe but he always seems to just wing it or do the bare minimum to get by. IKR?! She is sooo impressed with her stupid penguins and gingerbread men--GAH get over yourself. Oh and I saw that little face she gave too when Jennifer won the challenge. I like Melissa too but my spidey senses are telling me she's the next to go and it will be Jennifer, Geoffery, and Sarah in the final 3. Speaking of Melissa did anyone notice that she keeps calling her boyfriend her partner? And I may be crazy but I think she addresses him in the past tense...did something happen there??
  8. Would Michael PUHLEEZ buy a shirt that fits!! I'm sick of seeing him in that blue button up with the buttons stretched to their limit. Honestly out of everyone on the show Michael from CT is one of my favs. IDK he seems like a decent enough kinda guy and has great kids. Besides he made some real interesting points about how Julianas family might view his money. Enh, so far he's the one I'm rooting for the most
  9. Not really a fan of Dwight myself. I don't hate him and he seems like he's got skills but something about his personality just bugs me. I don't decorate, I don't do cupcakes, IDK maybe it's arrogance I don't know it's just something about him. Besides anybody that's "not a fan" of p.j.s I can't root for. I friggin LOVE jammies! I'd wear them everywhere if it was socially appropriate. The pull apart pajama cupcakes were a cute idea. So long Janet, you really gave me grandma, home style baking vibes but for this faced paced competition enh not for you. Jennifer and Geoffery are my top 2, hope one of them wins!
  10. Tania: "I literally have a clock inside of me..." NO honey you do not literally have a clock inside of you. I HATE it when people use the word literally incorrectly
  11. I've lived in the south all my life and I've never, EVER, heard of cheese on top of any dessert much less a pie until I read it on this forum. So it must be a nothern/midwestern/Vermont thing.😃
  12. "Craaaaaaanberries! Jessie whyyyyyyyy are you doing this to meeeeeeeeeeeee?!" God in heaven is it just me or was she extra annoying last night? She was way too excited over those stupid turkey cupcakes. Yes they have little turkey legs calm the F down! Yeah sad to see Cedric go but my gut is telling me Janet isn't long for this competition. Another one that seems just way in over her head. Nice lady though *shrug*
  13. Obvs he was making a joke though. The mittens were too cute but I've noticed instead of stating the obvious like the other 2 judges did he sometimes is a bit more sarcastic in his comments. I dig it..... The blue scarves did look a baby shower presentation though. I didn't realize it until you see all 12 of them lined up like that..... AND he tanked in the preheat challenge AND was in the bottom 2 last week so yeah he was circling the drain.
  14. Hell DEAD people don't even want those clothes anymore! 😄 Honestly that store did look janky. The thing is Anny keeps saying that Robert is a liar which tells me that he told her he would buy all these expensive things for her and he has done a 180 in her mind. IDK there still seems to something inherently mean and selfish about Robert. Buying her lingerie was HIS gift not hers. Unless I ask for sexy lingerie specifically I always give the side eye to "I got this for you babe" line. I was actually terrified for Sasha giving birth in that hospital in Russia. Geez what kinda of run down hospital was that?? Metal bed frames, old equipment, I half expected them to show up with candles and warm towels....
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