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  1. Yeah, I couldn't recall if they were even alive or not.
  2. Could Frog be one of the guys from Kriss Kross? There was a reference to "Jump" which was their big hit
  3. No, he died in 1972. His younger brother, The Duke of Gloucester died in 1974.
  4. I looked it up, and Prudence Strong was an actual British "poetess." I gather she was kind of like Helen Steiner Rice.
  5. Tony Joe White sang "Poke Salad Annie." I believe he wrote it too. I think Elvis covered it.
  6. The people I know who have been following him and his music since last season say his genre is something called "swamp rock." I checked it out on Wikipedia since I wasn't familiar with that term, and they give Creedence Clearwater Revival as an example.
  7. I can still remember having to wear a hat and gloves if you went into the city. And for children's parties too.
  8. Regarding illegal abortions, Val also pointed out that there was the danger of a young woman or girl being rendered permanently unable to bear children because of it.
  9. Jennifer Worth did a critique of "Vera Drake." According to her, the abortion method used in the film always resulted in the death of the woman.
  10. In that scene, Dr. Turner and Shelagh had been measuring Angela and Mai's height when Timothy comes by and tells them he's going around to friends to listen to "A Hard Day's Night" and he's taking some beer he's found in a cupboard with him. Shelagh jokes that she needs to check if he's "tall enough" to drink beer but since he's now taller than her, she kind of indicates she thinks he is. Patrick also observes that Paul McCartney's mother was a midwife. There's another kind of "companion scene" to that in Episode 2 where Shelagh tells Patrick there's some coffee left if he'd like a cup. He declines, but Timothy pipes up that he'll take it. Shelagh tells him that percolated coffee isn't good for him and that tea is strong enough for a teenaged boy. She then sends him upstairs with the little girls to supervise their brushing their teeth. IOW, beer is fine for a boy his age, but not coffee.
  11. How long ago was that video taken? Let's not forget that both Jeremiah and his family have disputed the narrative of how he was rejected by them for being gay.
  12. Don't forget her Spanish lessons.
  13. I think it was Ryan Seacrest's absence from the show.
  14. I was wondering about that too. My guess is that Laine didn't think he had the vocal range to handle it. I think it's something he will need to work on.
  15. FWIW, The original by Merrilee Rush
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