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  1. I also think the reason the Irish nuns were so willing to accommodate Nancy is that she was their success story. I don't believe they would have done it otherwise. I don't think it was an easy decision for them just as it's not an easy decision for Sister Julienne.
  2. I remember a woman in one of my classes in college said she got married at 19 in the late 1950's. She was the last of any of the girls she knew to marry.
  3. I did see that the actor who played the expectant dad at the Lady Emily was listed in the main cast but not the one who played the doctor.
  4. Emerald Fennell who played Camilla Parker-Bowles was also nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay for her movie "Promising Young Woman" which is also up for Best Picture.
  5. I wonder if we might not get a more permanent ending for Val when the new season starts up. Maybe she decides to remain in South Africa permanently or something.
  6. I've been watching a 5 part miniseries I bought called "The Queen" which aired on Channel 4 in the UK several years ago. Basically it's 5 incidents that happened during her reign ranging from the Princess Margaret/Group Captain Peter Townsend situation to her decision to finally meet Camilla formally. Each episode was a combination of documentary footage plus interviews with different people and reporters plus dramatizations of what happened. Before each episode they had a disclaimer that the documentary stuff was based on the most recent information available. "The drama is imagined.
  7. One of Edwina's long term lovers was Harold "Bunny" Phillips who eventually married Georgina Wernher. She was the daughter of Zia Wernher the sister of Nadeja Milford Haven who was married to Lord Mountbatten's elder brother George. The Phillips' younger daughter Natalia married the 6th Duke of Westminster. She is one of William's godparents. Her son Hugh who succeeded his father in 2016 is one of George's godparents. Lord Mountbatten had a long affair with the woman that Colette based her novel "Gigi" on. Her name was Yola Letellier. Before anyone gets any ideas (LOL) they were th
  8. Philip also had a cousin with severe learning difficulties. She was the daughter of his uncle George who was the 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven. She was also put away in hospitals. Her name was Lady Tatiana Elizabeth Mountbatten. According to Lady Colin Campbell, who has written several books about the royals, the Bowes-Lyon cousins plus the other three who were institutionalized, had Huntington's Chorea.
  9. Pretty much every biography I've ever read about the Queen and/or her children mentions her enjoying being with them at bath time and giving them their baths.
  10. On the 2nd season Christmas episode of "Downton Abbey", the Crawleys played a kind of variation of charades which they called "The Game." That was based on an actual game the Royals play which is also called "The Game."
  11. The whole scene was nonsense especially since they got the whole curtseying thing wrong. Bowing and curtseying is about protocol, not precedence. Once Diana became Princess of Wales, she would only have to curtsey to the Queen and the Queen Mother and any other monarch and/or their consort. And no, despite the fact that she would outrank them, none of the other HRHs would be obligated to bow or curtsey to her regardless of whether or not she was with Charles. That's because people of the same rank do not bow or curtsey to each other. All the British HRHs have the same rank: Prince or Prin
  12. I think a lot of McNulty's pain was emotional rather than physical. He started out using because of his shoulder and then started using to escape the pain he was feeling over the cases where he really couldn't help like Baby Warren and guy in the doss house.
  13. The Profumo Affair was in the very early 1960's so I'm guessing they've decided to skip over it.
  14. I posted on the why does PBS cut scenes topic that someone on tumblr had posted that the USA DVDs only have complete episodes of the Christmas special and episodes 1-2 of Season 9. Everything else is the PBS edit. I also checked the Amazon customer reviews section and there were people complaining about it too.
  15. Someone on the "Call The Midwife" tag on Tumblr posted a few days ago that apparently the US DVDs of Season 9 only have the Christmas special, and episodes 1-2 as the complete UK episode. Episodes 3-8 are the PBS edit. Has anyone else noticed this?
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