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  1. For those who love looking at Issa Rae's face and her beautiful smile, the Fug Girls did a 'birthday retrospective' for her yesterday.
  2. The new Pixar film, Soul, is about a schoolteacher who dreams about being a jazz performer. Jon Batiste was one of the film's musical consultants – along with Herbie Hancock, Daveed Diggs and Questlove – and his fingers were animated for the piano-playing scenes. Lots more good stuff about Jon B in this NPR article.
  3. The annual CTM Christmas special will air on Christmas Day in the UK (on BBC One) and the USA (on PBS - check your local listings), and on 26 December in Australia (on Foxtel's BBC First). Minor spoilers about the plot and cast of the Christmas episode, and about Season 10, here.
  4. If you (like me) are in Australia, SBS will be airing the final season from Wednesday 6 January. Details here.
  5. Yeah, it kind of is. I know we all laughed at the segment and the naming of the centre after John, but chlamydia is horrible for koalas. Here in Australia we're staring down extinction of koalas in our biggest state, New South Wales, due to loss of habitat and reckless government decisions about land development.
  6. There's a new Phryne Fisher book out in Australia: Death in Daylesford. It won't be released in the USA until 1 June 2021 (probably to give Australian bookshops a chance to get money from sales before Amazon gets its hands on it - the link I have provided here is for a much-loved Melbourne bookshop).
  7. And I got emotional right along with him. He takes me on an emotional roller-coaster every damn week, and I love him for the anger and sadness he shows. Not at all. That was hilarious! lololololol
  8. I got quite teary at the end of Stephen's LOTR quote. Man, 2020 is HARD.
  9. Really nice interview with Zoe Terakes here about their role in Wentworth and being an out-and-proud actor. The article includes a trailer for Zoe's new movie, which looks awesome! (It also stars Marta Dusseldorp, coincidentally.)
  10. Ugh, not Sheila! That woman is EVIL. Marta Dusseldorp (the actor who plays her) is so good. As soon as she arrived I was mesmerised by her stillness and her potential for malevolence.
  11. Fabulous! Here is the full article at HuffPost. I really love this part:
  12. @Kel Varnsen, I rewatched the series a couple of months ago and was struck anew by what a great show it was. I went back and read the original TWoP recaps, which was very enjoyable. (Ignore the ratings on the episodes - they seem to be completely flawed, for whatever reason.)
  13. Zoe identifies as non-binary and is only 20 years old. Here is an excellent interview from late 2019 where they talk about playing a trans character. I saw Zoe play Emmy in A Doll's House, Part 2 in 2018 and Catherine in A View from the Bridge in 2019, both for the Melbourne Theatre Company. They were brilliant in both plays. Definitely a star on the rise.
  14. Yeah, they were having a torrid affair in season 7. Here is a VERY SPOILERY article on Foxtel about Allie's character, in which Kate Jenkinson explains why she became Top Dog. The pertinent bit: Yes to most of your points, @zibnchy, especially about Lou and Reb, and Linda Miles. I would add that this season has brought back into focus how much of a loser Vera is. Remember in the first few seasons what an intentionally pathetic character she was? Also: I wonder what Marie is up to with Sheila. Very intriguing. I tweeted after I watched the finale that they have set everything up nicely for the final season, and that I can't believe we have to wait so long to see it (apparently it will air in April 2021). A person I follow on Twitter who works on the show tweeted me back and said, 'It'll be worth it' with a winky-face emoji.
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