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  1. ERMAHGERD. I have mixed feelings about this, but with the original cast and creators involved, it could be good. I did wonder if it might be called sixtysomething ... but I guess focusing on the offspring of the original characters rather than senior citizens is going to get more viewers. 😁
  2. That was wonderful. A highlight of a very good episode.
  3. Lovely review of the Christmas special in the Guardian.
  4. Yes, and Tara, Dave, Sarah and their Valued Guests talked about it on this week's Extra Hot Great podcast.
  5. New post on the Miss Fisher FB page: And the FB page has a gorgeous new banner.
  6. Brava to @Tara Ariano and @Sarah D. Bunting for making it to the end! The last Again With This:Beverly Hills 90210 podcast was awesome.
  7. Hilarious bit! Would love to know if anyone can confirm or deny what he says about Duane Reade's Aisle 4 ... 😄
  8. Yes. 🙂 Sunny was a very deserving winner. There was way too much white chocolate in the show-stopper challenge for my taste (chocolate should be brown). I want to go to a Great Australian Bake Off Grand Final garden party! The food and the games and the setting all look fabulous.
  9. Do you all know about the thirtysomething podcast and book that Scotty Ryan produced last year for the 30th anniversary? The podcast is fascinating, although the audio is not the best quality.
  10. Here are a couple of screen shots where you can see Kerry and David. They look so good!
  11. Eeeeeee! The full official HD trailer for the movie has been posted on the Miss Fisher FB page! The clothes! The settings! The URST! Essie Davis looks even more ravishing than usual. Fun fact: In the first few seconds of the trailer you can see a woman sitting at a table with a man with a white beard. They are author Kerry Greenwood herself, and her partner, David Greagg (dear friends of mine). ETA: This trailer is slightly longer (and much more gorgeous) than the one that was posted on YT in September.
  12. Yep, the right three bakers are in the grand final. Dan has grown on me - I thought he was a bit full of himself at the beginning, but now I love his confidence and cheekiness. I still want Sunny to win, but I won't be mad if Dan takes the crown.
  13. Oh my - I loved Ellyn for that very reason! She spoke words that absolutely resonated with me at that time in my life. All my friends were having babies and (seemingly) drifting away, and I desperately resented them for it. Not very mature of me, but it's how I felt. Melissa was always my favourite, but Ellyn was a close second.
  14. Government-issued ID cards? No. They've been proposed a few times, but the Australian people are having none of it.
  15. In Australia we have a census every five years. Having only one every ten years seems wrong to me! 🙂 I really hope that the 2020 US census-by-internet doesn't suffer the same fate as the 2016 Australian census, which was the first one for which internet submission of forms was allowed - and, indeed, encouraged. Basically the whole system crashed at 7.30pm on Census Day, due to both hacking and good old-fashioned incompetence. Good luck, Americans! I loved Hugh Bonneville's narration. So comforting. I miss LWT already.
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