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  1. purist

    S06.E21: Bias in Medicine

    The guy at the airport was a New Zealander. If you know what to listen for, you can tell. Amazingly, John actually seemed to be doing a Kiwi accent. 🙂
  2. purist


    *shrugs* He's nice to look at and seems kind.
  3. purist

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    I'm a week behind, but I thought last week's show was great. From the first segment with Sam excoriating everyone who refuses to blame the mass shooting thing on guns, to the informative (if depressing) second segment on the reasons behind the rise of white supremacy in recent years, to the very encouraging final segment on young women voters, I really enjoyed it.
  4. purist

    S06.E19: Prison Labor

    From everyone's comments here, it seems John spoke about gun violence at some point in the show? If so, that part wasn't broadcast in Australia (where I am). I wonder if it was added at the last minute and didn't make it onto the version we saw here.
  5. purist


    Yes! There are a few people complaining about the ending, asking 'How?' and 'Why?', but I'm reserving my judgement for now. It was simply an awesome hour of television and will live long in my memory.
  6. purist


    If you haven't seen the final episode yet, try with all your might to avoid spoilers. It will shock you to your core!
  7. purist


    OMG Wentworth fans! The series 7 finale is one of the best and most thrilling episodes they've ever done. Shock upon shock upon shock. I'm literally breathless. My brother and I literally made this sound over and over at the very end:
  8. purist

    S06.E18: Boris Johnson

    I wasn't a fan of that running 'joke'. Didn't find it funny in the least. Another case of too many (young) (white) men in the writers' room?
  9. purist

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    As an Australian who doesn't believe any non-Aussie can do a successful Australian accent, I can say that Trevor's isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. (John Oliver's is better.) However, 'fanny pack' is not an expression we use - in Australian slang, 'fanny' is equivalent to, but not as rude as, the C-word. Instead of 'fanny pack', we say 'bumbag'.
  10. purist


    Agree. The last couple of episodes have been among the show's best ever. The season wasn't grabbing me until episode 7, and now I'm All In again!
  11. Nine Emmy nominations this year! Outstanding Variety Talk Series Outstanding Writing For A Variety Series Outstanding Interactive Program Outstanding Production Design For A Variety, Reality Or Competition Series (for the 'Authoritarianism' episode) Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Series Or Special (for the 'Authoritarianism' episode) Outstanding Directing For A Variety Series (for the 'Psychics' episode) Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control For A Series (for the 'Psychics' episode) Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming (for 'The Wax & The Furious' segment) Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming (for 'The Journey Of ChiiJohn' segment)
  12. Two Emmy nominations: 'Outstanding Variety Talk Series' and 'Outstanding Writing For A Variety Series'. Hooray!
  13. purist


    Eight Emmy nominations for the Deadwood movie: Outstanding Television Movie Outstanding Cinematography For A Limited Series Or Movie Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Limited Series Or Movie Outstanding Hairstyling For A Limited Series Or Movie Outstanding Makeup For A Limited Series Or Movie (Non-Prosthetic) Outstanding Sound Editing For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Limited Series Or Movie Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role
  14. purist


    So I just backed the Matt Zoller Seitz book project on Kickstarter with a $30 pledge - and discovered that postage to Australia (where I live) is a whopping $95! I ended up saying on the form that I was in the USA and putting in the zip code from where one of my friends lives, which changed that postage cost to $12. Once the book is available I guess I'll have to visit, or persuade one of my stateside friends to come over here ...
  15. purist


    Don't feel dumb. I didn't see it as a deathbed scene either. To my mind, Al lives on in all his majestic fucking glory!