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  1. For sure. Unfortunately it's no longer airing on SBS TV in Australia, but I can still watch it on YouTube.
  2. When I saw the LWT 'family' tweets my first reaction was 'Oh no you didn't!' and then I laughed so hard I almost cried. I am enjoying this stunt hugely!
  3. Yes, that was outstanding. I loved seeing two middle-aged men who were clearly not used to talking about their feelings (very accurate for the time - and even now) connecting and helping each other. Fred saying that knowing and caring for Reggie had helped him to 'love more' was particularly great. And I enjoyed Reggie with the pram at the end too.
  4. Really lovely episode. I can't believe that's it for the regular season and we now have to wait until Christmas to see them all again!
  5. I wish I could love your post harder than with a single 'heart', @Annber03!
  6. I totally disagree about the anger. The show is still a fantastic mix of humour and seriousness for me. We don't see Righteously Angry John very often, which is why he's my favourite. He only appears when John is really pissed off about something. And as the things that piss off John also piss me off, his bits as Righteously Angry John are a great catharsis and comfort to me.
  7. I thought that's exactly what he did. He said that the killing wasn't being done by all Israelis or by all Palestinians.
  8. My favourite John - Righteously Angry John - was fully present in the Israel v Palestine segment. He was so incandescently angry I though he was going to leap out of his chair. Great segment.
  9. Who is paying for the Arizona recount? Taxpayers? What a shit show.
  10. Really good episode. Pupil-midwife Nancy is a breath of fresh air, and I feel as though we already know more about her than we ever did about Val. Loved Dr Turner and Nurse Crane getting all fierce about rescuing Michael from that horrible place. So-called 'conversion therapy' is still legal in far too many places in the world. I'm glad Sister Monica Joan's crisis of faith is over - her constant gloomy state of mind was starting to annoy me. I too will be happy if Trixie ends up with Hot Widower. And there was a Timothy Turner sighting!
  11. What a star he is. Now I'm dying to see him live! One day ...
  12. Meh, apart from the Sister Frances plot - which I really liked - I wasn't a particular fan of this episode. I hadn't formed enough of an emotional attachment to Fiona and her husband to be moved to tears by her death. Of course it was very sad, but I feel as though the writer/director thought it was more tragic than it was to me. And the plot about the evicted family was too neatly resolved, along with the heavy-handed message about 'rich and poor'. I did enjoy Miss Higgins' one scene on the phone with Sister Hilda - she was so delightfully snippy!
  13. Welcome back, CtM! Random thoughts: - Angela and May are the cutest! Loved the brief shot at the beginning of them swinging their schoolbags outside Nonnatus House. - Trixie's frilly pink-and-white uniform at the new clinic is ridiculous. I love her confidence with the doctor-in-charge, though. Looks like he's going to be a good boss. - The plotline about nuclear testing affecting fertility etc. is very juicy, and I'm look forward to seeing how it develops. I'm in Australia, so I found it particularly interesting in light of the British nuclear tests that were carried out in our
  14. 'How is babby formed?' is truly one of the greatest contributions Yahoo Answers made to the world.
  15. I don't know, @Victor the Crab. He was certainly in close proximity to her!
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