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  1. Alas, george gently "shows" on a Rocu app but is absent on the web ??britbox?? site. Martin Shaw won me over as Adam Dagliesh and I saw and early seasons. His side kick takes some getting used to (Lee Insgley( Another middle aged widow .... but with presence and intelligence. Seasons are available from Amazon .... via Acorn .... go figure. Early seasibs I thought were well plotted and thought out -- ran for many seasons so lots to watch.
  2. Perhaps I should explain that Joan 's taste in men from the first episode (iirc) was "dangerous" .. The cop's daughter (and everyone knows Thursday) liked to walk on the edge of the wild side, and it got worse. I don't think -- no matter how much "older and wiser" she is -- that she developed much insight. I expected her to end up with super-macho Box. We know, I think, she got her stubborn punishing nature from Win (Quelle surprise!) who is masterful. The children of clergy, teachers. the police and others are watched and judged .... Joan seemed to oblivious to the stereotypes. And when the storm passed, and/or the need arose, it looks like she used her dad's name to get her her current so respectable job. Compare to Morse.
  3. I didn't get much Idea (or don't remember) the layout or landscaping, except lots of windows and light ..... Probably 2 bedrooms and a bath upstairs and walk-through to the kitchen/dining to the back yard. I remember basic but abundant landscaping .... I wondered then too.... I was also thinking of the killer moms this season ... I think Morse expected some appreciation. Joan, as is not uncommon, almost treated him like a witness to her failure/shame. Win and Fred could barely thank him for helping her run away, etc.
  4. No one expects the Spanish inquisition or the sun breaking through the Oxford gloom! (with bonus domicile background. (strangely vaguely familiar) I had to recount on my fingers that the happy ending was legit -- my anxiety over Fred and Win was off the charts. Sad for Bright but he is much loved and appreciated. Almost no Joan -- as it should be --- just another woman who took advantage of his generous chivalrous nature I couldn't find any "after" pix of Morse's home.... last few episode of the series, Lewis visited him at home and the fire in the sabotaged stereo. Please share if you find!!? Nice to hiatus with the mind at rest.
  5. Actually, it (poison pen) seemed done and done again, if not by Morse. They were all of off their game, given that she should have been suspected because of the horse gun that she had ample unquestioned access to -- the car, the keys, the gun -- rather unbelievable she did something that dumb having transformed into a "remorseless killing machine" seemingly over such petty slights. For a single mother she had a cozy situation, home, job, well adjusted son. I gagged a little bit as Morse heaped on the praise and she lapped it up ....and yet no suspicion of madness even as the body count rose. (Thats usually a Midsomer Murder complaint as some milquetoast goes on a rampage without a hair out of place. ) I noticed last week that Box and Co. had stopped with the gratuitous insults... silly me, I thought Box might realize that they didn't have the investigatory skill set to keep their positions for long, but I suspect Thursday noticed and wondered. Endeavor is in real danger if Box thinks he "owns" Thursday. No, I don't believe he's gone over to the dark side. ... but I've been wrong before.
  6. Actually, in conversation with Joan, there was mention of Win's job. I don't know what it is/was or if it was paid, but she was a classic empty-nester even before Joan went "bad". It was almost at the end. Anyone -- anyone --would have recommended even a volunteer position. Who was she "girls' night out" with? That confused me as she seemed almost defiant "don't wait up or me" in a way that might well give Thursday pause. (I miss the son/brother and wonder after Morse's sister).
  7. yes, I thought we had sufficient set-up in the first seasons that Endeavor endured a lonely, even loveless childhood. The Thursday nuclear family may have felt like a "warm bath" or some comforting TV sitcom, with day of the week sandwiches, but I've seen Morse (and Endeavor) as more Harry Haller/Steppenwolf characters who would naturally grow restless and irritable with the mundane nature of his existence, which I think he did anyway, plenty, but for the puzzle of police work, I know others saw Endeavor wanting a ready-made wife with some guarantee of happily ever after, but Joan was really quite clear she had no intention to live her mother's life as a copper's wife.. After being refused so many times (I was hoping for mad passionate sex with the click of the front door lock followed by the realization they didn't need to pursue a "relationship."") We'll see what the writers have in store for us, although I feel more confident she will not be killed off, more likely squired off by a rival.
  8. Like Wallander (which many people loathed) is the story of an older detective facing old age alone as a result of choices made. In his 60's Morse still bumps in Oxford classmates who remember his leaving college (to become a policeman) as unfathomable and Morese's brilliance. (appreciated) John Thaw's Morse reminded me of my father who accepted the consequences of his choices but was alone and frustrated in his 70's but still attractive to women -- intelligentm conversational, masculine,etc. My Dad was transformed by the 60's, like Morse and others in his 40's. I always assumed a bright mind and attractive package assured Morse -- in Oxford -- had a rocking 1960's and 70's and 80's. I'm not ready for much more "grim" ....
  9. I just realizes what was conspicuously missing from this episode -- Oxford!! I remain bothered by the mother/driver's story and assumption she would be punished (to her husband and daughter's detriment. It was an accident. Withholding medical care, failure to report are criminal. Many accidents (like this one) are ruled regrettable, but unavoidable accidents....with no particular negligence evident. The stuff of other revenge/wrongful death vendettas. Still, she expected no mercy. I remember seeing an head xray with a (nondisplaced) fracture but that's not deadly .... see other concussions and the need to wake to check level of consciousness for a day or whatever. The first seasons had stories with Morse's Oxford friends. Morse, rather than Endeavor, often had unexpected "old school ties" as characters. He didn't/doesn't really have friends then or later ... dragooning Lewis for a pint rather than "drink alone" .... Endeavor is still declining invitations.
  10. I've been trying to find (via PBS online (the garden scene with the pathologist) -- no such luck anyone remember when in the show it occurred. I thought after the revelation about her being hit by the car because she died slowly (although how long they "expected her to come around" wasn't mentioned) still it sounded relatively slow without any "massive" or bloody head wound. That would have raised a little question to go with the flowers in her hair -- someone cared for her before and after she was found in the field. My patience is exhausted for today.... but I rewatched the second half and ,much of the first ... no pathologist after the scene with the pylon.
  11. I trust the writers to go further than bad cops (corrupt vs. careerist/amoral) 2.0., but yes I had a moment of dismay, not really wanting to spend time with people morally corrupted like Box, (placing his success ahead of "justice" or "pursuit of truth), generally I prefer even mafia type Kray brothers bad guys. I did wonder about the little girl's injuries being hit slow-speed by a car, rather than being incapacitated by a blow to the head and some other injuury. Again -- pause -- but consistent with the being led by presumptions. Delighted no parents were darkly suspected. Morse and Thursday are in a difficult position, not least for being known "prigs" but also easy to assume ambition to return from lowly newbies to former status and so much of discovery being a matter of "trusted" he says-v.-he says. Glad Joan has a purpose, hope she doesn't fall for oh-so-macho, oh so handsome Box (please god)... until next week.
  12. Jane Wymark's hair and wardrobe almost redeemed her character. Her hair falls perfectly around her face, always, and I can imagine armies of women asking their hairdressers to replicate same. It's interesting because Joyce in early episodes -- for me anyway -- vanishes in crowed scenes, often upper crusty and or charitable crowds. I wondered about the relative status and/or stigma of being Barnaby's wife (same for Cully, but no one seemed very interested in Cully, even me). Part of the fun of "other people lives" usually reserved on TV for rich people. I can't remember Cully's at all. Still, Angela Landsbury became a fashion role=model MSW and I found Joyce's wardrobe similarly both appropriate to character and social situations (if sometimes questionably "affordable- so what else is new)
  13. oh, yes that's the one. I got it twisted up (not unusual) I "felt" for the youngest daughter under the scrutiny of her siblings, and would preferred a pair of 14 year olds ... I do think there are limits and "two can keep a secret if one of them is dead" worried for the youngest for reasons mentioned -- living with the secret -- bleh.
  14. I remember being surprised by the reveal for about 2 minutes and then deciding I didn't believe it -- things no one and/or nobody did or said EVER .... with the thrown in trope of psychiatrists being the worst/most clueless parents EVER. Many Midsomer Stories have a disconnect between "normal reactions" to murders in your neighborhood and the oh-so-oblivious members of the community who open the door to strangers, leave windows unlatched and go about their lives unperturbed ... particularly the beheading episodes (few and far between thank goodness.!!!!) off my chest!
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