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  1. I've been wondering the same thing. I noticed it with the last recasting and thought it was odd. They didn't do "The role of Valerie Spencer is now being played by..." on the day the new actress took over the role. Maybe they think the alternative is to have the other person in the scene address the character by name in the first line of dialogue? I'll blame nostalgia--I like the recasting to be announced by the booming voice at the start of the scene.
  2. I was sucked in. It was a lot of nostalgia and a little bit of camp, and that made for fun watching. I thought Woody nailed it. Sure, the accent was strong, but so was Archie's. We were just used to Archie's. Carol O'Connor was an expert at face-acting, with the side-eyes, pained expressions, and exasperated head tilts. And I think Woody did a good job with the mannerisms. Jamie Foxx played it up a bit, but I didn't mind it. He was giving me flashbacks of Sherman Hemsley shifting his weight from one foot to the other. As I watched, I thought about how younger people are probably not getting ho
  3. This show was entertaining, and I genuinely laughed several times. (The Boyz II Men-themed couple's message!) Damon Wayans Jr always has superb comedic timing, and the actress playing Claire seemed to have it down too. I was so excited to see Deacon from King of Queens. The fact that the show is based on a true story gives things a cute twist.
  4. Dante looked scrumptious in that tux. It was so great to see some vets all in one episode, and I adored the flashbacks -- Dr. Hardy and Audrey, Lee, blonde Bobbie and unpermed Luke, Lila and Edward, Robin and Stone. The flashback clip of Alan was an odd choice -- they should have used a clip that featured Alan, Tracy, and Monica together (and no, not the "he bought it for you" line). Bobbie's talk with Maxie was good -- no harping, no guilt trip, and a callback to BJ. Jason gets on my nerves much of the time, but his warm moment with Monica was nice. I wish the end of the
  5. This was one of my problems with it, too. My other thought was that I would have liked less of the kids. The magician boy and his acting annoyed me. I want to believe that Zach Braff is better than this.
  6. Joey, the young man in the middle, was a cross between Peewee Herman and Frankie Valli. The Underground Railroad question would have worked well on Jeopardy Kids Week. Actually, it may have been too easy for Kids Week, too.
  7. If Laura was a candidate listed on my mayoral ballot, I have to admit that I'd have to think twice. Aside from the fact that she has no experience in politics or civic engagement, she always seems miserable and pissed off at life. Her attitude is always like "haaaarrumph." I think I'd prefer a less irritated mayor. (Plus she was in a comatose state and confined to a chair for years! Lawd, we had to look at the back of someone's cheap-wig-wearing head for what felt like a decade.)
  8. Sorry, I guess I misheard "ties" for "eyes"! But it's funny because the point remains --- I don't think we've ever seen Jason wear ties of any sort! I vaguely remember him wearing a dress shirt once, but I think that's as far as he went in that direction.
  9. Maura West needs to ditch that hair color. It is so incredibly unflattering on her. It makes her skin take on a more orange tone and it downplays her eyes. Blonde really suited her, and this brassy/rusty mistake just confirms it even more. If they don't lower the volume on the music in Kelly's, the MetroCourt, and the bars...grrrrrr! I don't know which is worse, the hipsterish crap in Kelly's and the bars or the nasally/synthesizer hell in the MetroCourt. And the music isn't even used as ambience. It's completely laid over the dialogue. LW's boyfriend/COO Peter is a very shitty act
  10. I was really enjoying Tanya. too. But it seems like she has vanished into thin air! It was so odd for her to be absent for those major moments with Abi's situation. Hopefully, she'll be back on screen next week.
  11. The Christmas day episode... I knew it was going to be dramatic, but it was so much more than I expected! I think I still have a rapid pulse from that last scene.
  12. Shut up, Carly. Her speech to Sam about choosing the one “that really gets you” was so irritating. She started off by saying that loving two men simultaneously is normal. Of course she’d say that; she has pined for Jason forever. Gross. Carly knows that if Jason had shown an interest in romancing her years ago, she’d have been the one with the closet full of black leather jackets. But even more annoying is her presumption that Drew doesn’t truly love Sam. Carly, you don’t know shit, and you’re blinded by your adoration of St. Jaysus. Sure, I’ve moaned about some of their monotone-mumbling
  13. I was so glad to see a genuine replica of 80's hair on Erica's roommate. I get mildly annoyed by Erica's modern-day hair, because I can tell you from firsthand experience that girls in the Philadelphia area sported hair that was very poufed and sprayed...and poufed some more...and sometimes crimped. I was impressed by Barry and Adam's raps and videos. Can Beverly stop it with the toileting talk?!
  14. I hope someone burned some sage in that studio after they taped the tonight's episode. There was definitely some bad juju up in that place! But even with all of the Bankrupts and Lose a Turns, the contestants had really good attitudes. I especially liked Anthony.
  15. I got the chills from tonight's eery coincidence x2 -- Pocahontas in the Jeopardy Round, Al Franken in the Double Jeopardy Round, "Pocahontas" and Al Franken in this evening's world news reports. And the Aloe Blacc item was dumbed down to new levels. The clue was something like, "This 'I'm a Man' singer has Aloe in his name..." They could have made it something like, "This 'I'm the Man' singer's first name will remind you of the plant that soothes sunburnt skin."
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