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  1. Agree! And he can also STFU about how Holly “loved” Robert “in her own way” as if she wasn’t capable of an unselfish love. He knows NOTHING about how much Robert and Holly were in love and how much they loved each other. Back in the day, they were the Nick and Nora of Port Charles.
  2. Pandemic or no, today is a day that is forever burned in my mind and has been for six years I came in to see my new breast surgeon to find out the results of the biopsy from the week before. And the “nodule” that was in my breast was cancerous. While I had prepared myself for that, I had already decided even if it had been benign, I was going to have it cut out of me. It ended up being moot. Im still surprised that when my surgeon informed me of this, that I barely reacted. My heart didn’t race; I didn’t break down in tears. thank asked her why couldn’t I cry? Shock? She said everyone reacts differently, but she said it would happen. And she was right. I broke down five days later when my parents arrived from India to help me through the surgery. Right in the parking lot when my dad hugged me. But that was later. While no outward reaction, my body revealed the shock to it when I went to the plastic surgeon who would insert the expander for the implant (which never happened as my body rejected the expanded itself with myriad of issues), my blood pressure was off the roof! Anyway. Since I shared my journey while undergoing chemotherapy and ultimate reconstruction, I thought I would share this milestone since my parents are in India and I’m alone here. SIX YEARS!
  3. Shut up, Ethan. Robert never poached, so Show can just STOP IT, with Robert willing to be the other man who Olivia cheats with because PLOT! I would rather see Robert with than Oliviaaaa. First choice is Holly, of course. I did!😂😂😂
  4. With all the talk about how much Robert loved Holly-something this show has tried to pretend never happened, I’m not surprised. Let’s recall that Robert and Jackie were an item when he broke up with her to marry a pregnant Holly. And I’ll take the rest of my thoughts to the episode thread.
  5. And how many times and to how many people did he say he was going to see her and wrap it up? And yet, we didn’t see him go to the morgue or identify her. Last time we see him he’s at the bar where Ned has gotten drunk and where Valentin and Alexis are. Suuuuuure Nelle is dead.
  6. I know you’re not a fan, but for me, I loved when they cast Stephanie to voice the DA in Batman: The Animated Series, a recast, as the original was played by Loretta Switt. While they didn’t have any scenes together, Efrem was a regular playing Alfred. Yeah, I’m weird. But she was wonderful.
  7. Holly continuing to run cons is a retcon of the worst order that Guzasshole put in place during the Monkey Virus story/Robert's return in 2006. After, no, even before she and Robert married, Holly had reformed her con game days. I didn't have a problem with Olivia going to Geneva--she was going to see Dante. Or even going with Robert to Holly's memorial; it was her insistence and acting like she knew what to do and how to help Robert, to find Holly in Monte Carlo. Her ass should have been put on the plane before Robert left to find Holly. Her braying laughter and the way she acted did not help. To "explain" why her body couldn't be found on the shores of Port Charles? It floated and drifted away to Pennsylvania. Yeah, PA cops probably sent her body back to Port Charles so they wouldn't have to deal with the paperwork. Not like she was someone famous and investigating her death was high profile; in which case they could fight for jurisdiction.
  8. In this case? Yeah, I'm going for it is Olivia's fault for inserting her ass in something she has no experience in.
  9. While I've never been pregnant, I do find it so eyeroll worthy her statement referring to pregnancy as "the struggle is real" as if it's an equal rights issue, fighting for equality, etc. You know? Being pregnant is a natural part of life for those who are able to carry. I mean, what's the struggle? Are people poo-pooing her when she complains about it?
  10. I still don't see her point. Cyrus has not fired the entire staff of the hospital. Everyone is in OUTRAGE/PROTEST mode because Monica and Bobbie were fired--deservedly so, and Epiphany was demoted to administration. Does that mean all the other doctors and nurses still there, are incompetent to do their jobs? Monica wasn't the one who performed the surgery on Wiley. What, now that she's no longer Chief of Staff, they can't get the same surgeon to do the follow up surgery? But like I said; plot. I think Scotty is doing this for his son, who probably went whining to him about being broke.
  11. I was just about to comment on that. Like, what did I watch yesterday? For most of the show, Elizabeth was pretty pissed and wasn't willing to go along with Franco or talk about what he/they had done. Yet, at the end, she's all rah!rah! Let's go! Certainly gave me whiplash. Now. Unless Cyrus has fired EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR, NURSE, ORDERLY, SUPPORT STAFF at the hospital and hired his own minions, and leaving Portia, Elizabeth, Epiphany, Lucas (WHO?), my eyes just rolled SO HARD they almost fell out the back of my head when Elizabeth suggested to SLS that he should check out Mercy or other options for Wiley's surgery. Because, oh well, "The heart and soul" (GAG ME) of the hospital Epiphany is now in administration! Who, oh WHOOOO will operate on puir Wiley????? Basically it's SLS can't throw his weight around as a wannabe/only chooses to be Quartermaine any more. Because Grandmamas aren't there anymore. Oh Cry me a Frackin' River. When did SheBeast become such a bad liar? I find it laughable this show expects me to believe she feels any remorse/guilt over Nelle, considering before she even left her on the roof to freeze to death, this harpy was talking about taking her out. Not surprised Scotty would blackmail someone. This isn't his first time at this particular rodeo. Although the last time I remember him doing it, he was still bitter over Luke and Laura and was seen as an asshole. But that was many moons ago. But still. That said, it's all so incredibly STOOPID. Really, Ned? Someone as savvy as him wouldn't check all of his phone settings to see if he missed a call from Olivia or a message? But of course: PLOT! Yes, everyone must genuflect to the Mooby and let him know how VERYVERYVERYSORRY they are for HIS loss. I can't believe I'm typing this, but I miss Carlivati--at least with him, Mooby was shown to be the loser criminal he was. And that's saying something considering how he treated Robin. There was some balance with him.
  12. So then I should be glad the show was preempted one the DC/MD/VA area today.
  13. Oh! And I KNEW someone had been spying on Nik and Elizabeth and Ava and Franco! Who could it beeee???? Starts with C and ends with T. Why the hell not? That makes about as much sense as everything and nothing else.
  14. Oh come on, now! Y'all know I also stopped watching this a year ago. What happened? DETAILS!!!
  15. That had me rolling! Stop it, Show! You're making me start to love Valentin! If I do that, I'll feel like I'm betraying Robert!
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