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  1. Disney SHOULD HAVE KNOWN people would sign up for its streaming service! It's like over an hour wait to maybe talk to someone on the phone, and about over 30 minutes for a live chat. I figured out how NOT get charged by an email I got from them--went into itunes to cancel the free trial/subscription, so I won't be charged, since I also enrolled via Verizon--and according to my Verizon account, it's active and I have the service for free until next year. Whew. I thought I had to talk to someone to get them to "fix it" so I wouldn't be charged.
  2. Same here. I looooooove Stouffer's Classic Lasagna with meat sauce. When my parents were still living here, I would make my own version of vegetarian, and for me? The more moootzarella (I KEN that's no' the correct spelling!) the betta!!!😜
  3. Not to be nit picky, but it’s being found not guilty. No such thing as Guilty or Innocent as the choices. But did the judge find her guilty of manslaughter? Your post isn’t clear. The only time I’ve seen two charges like murder and manslaughter has been on Law & Order, and that was only because if McCoy couldn’t get the defendant on the higher charge, he was hoping he’d get a conviction on the lesser. But this was a bench trial, so I am also confuseded!🥺🤔
  4. Nope. No reference. Dick Wolf was back to hating Noth again by the time he left. AGAIN.
  5. From what I saw of the live version of Lady and The Tramp:
  6. Watch Kendra try to return to the dumpster to see if the tainted supplement is there to cover her tracks, since Alexis has now told her she's going to be fine. There will be a conversation where Alexis will reveal that she was poisoned. And this being FAKAKTA GH, of course no one has come by to empty the dumpster!
  7. THIS. And arrogant. It was enough to turn me off. And since I didn't watch One Life To Live (except in the late 70s to mid 80s), I've never seen this actress. Nor have I watched anything else she was in. And I wasn't a fan of the original Brook Lynn, and HATED how SheBeast paid her to prostitute herself to break up Dante and Lulu. But I still had a sense of who the character was. Potato, potahto, I guess.
  8. No. It seems to have resolved itself. Another thing that keeps happening and I reported on it before, but it's happening again is that once I read a thread, it's supposed to "unbold" yet, just a few minutes ago, after reading all threads in the Movies forum, It was still bolded as if there were unread/new posts, and there weren't. Refreshing the page didn't work. I had to go into the forum and Mark it read. And it's not just the Movies forum==it just happened to be the Movies forum today.
  9. And I think I'll just add that horrid harrigan Aunt Sarah from the original Lady and The Tramp. Just because.
  10. I only got through a half hour or so before I turned it off. While the dogs are adorable, I didn't like it. Lady wasn't Lady. I didn't like who was voicing her--in the original she was intrigued by Tramp--theirs wasn't an antagonistic relationship. She only turned away from him in the original after learning about all his..."women." The POINT of the original movie of leaving the baby at home was to show Lady and Tramp protecting the baby from that RAT. To PROVE to horrid Aunt Sarah that Lady was more than a dog, but a family member. I HATED how in this movie, Tramp's "predictions" about Jim Dear and Darling choosing the baby over her came true. And that they kept scolding her to be quiet because "the baby is sleeping!" We did see the baby in the original. When Jim Dear held Lady up to the bassinet so she could see him; and again at the end. Why a baby girl? And Jock is Jacqueline? Why? I did love Sam Elliott as Trusty! What was up with Tramp wanting to avoid his friends who had been caught and in the dog catcher's truck? I stopped when the cats started tearing up the furniture. It probably didn't help that I saw the original again right before giving this one a shot. The original was a Love Letter to all fur babies. There isn't a SINGLE live version from the animated ones that I enjoy, let alone LIKE.
  11. Singer wasn't a storyline. She was a supporting character who was on the show for at least three years.She was supposed to be smug, ambitious and conniving. She left when Nancy was pregnant with their (she's David's wife) second child and the character had run its course. As much as I hated her, she was a good antagonist.
  12. As far as I know, my own knowledge and that from the School of Law & Order, defendants always wear “street” clothes during trials, be they jury or bench trial. But why I let this bother me, I don’t know.
  13. Honestly? I feel as if you disagree with what I said and you’re asking me to justify my opinion. When AJ was recast with Billy Warlock, I still “saw” AJ. With Amanda? Nope. A totally different character. I don’t care if it’s her first appearance, she’s not Brook Lynn to me.
  14. Again with having the defendant wearing Prison Orange instead of a dress or suit! And could they have gotten a worse smarmy idiot to play the U.S. Attorney? How he had the idiotic audacity to call Shiloh a hero?! Plenty of prosecutors have prosecuted defendants for killing people who weren’t pillars of the community. Or Shockingly, who were scuzzbuckets. And the ridonkulousness of letting Sam and Jason take turns testifying. And Jason still sitting on the witness chair when the judge says she’s going to recess to make her ruling?! OF COURSE Jason wears a suit for once in his life. I can’t stand this new Brook Lynn. She’s like a totally different character! Is it too much to ask that recasts at least try to let the character be recognizable? Julian should have kicked her ass out.
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