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  1. Yes, Brian Dietzen is in the opening credits.
  2. I know this was already answered, and I believe, many pages back, @Cheyanne11 even put it out there: they were nothing but FUCK BUDDIES. Because Jason at that time, was starting to fall for Robin and after talking with her about it, he stopped Fucking that CUJO. I don't know how their (Robin and Jason) conversation went, but he dropped her (that would be CUJO) like a hot potato on fire that would singe his brain damaged-addlepated head. Because he wanted to be with Robin MORE, WITHOUT SEX, than boink that harridan who was planning and then went off after Tony, then AJ, etc. What, bit
  3. You mean "Heeeeyaaaah?" 😆 If she can kill her twin, her SISTER, then she should NOW be able to just WHACK that asshole waste of space. And I also want a horsie. Valentin will probably end up doing it. Errm, I got the bouquet when my best friend got married many moons ago. I was just so happy, and then the guy that got the garter put it on my and we danced and had a blast! Hey, 90% of the guests were gay, including Garter Guy, and he was the sweetest and bestest dancer and...what were we talking about again? No offense taken.😘
  4. What? Are y'all in a state of shock? Or was today's episode preempted????
  5. It doesn't matter to him that she asked. In his mind, and frankly, even in mine, she shouldn't have asked but TOLD him who he was when she first saw that he was alive. Now he's a gonnagoall because Nina "LIEDDDDDD!" his "WIIIIIIIIFE" married his so called Best FRRRRIENDDDDDDD" and he didn't get there in time to stop the wedding! And she also messed up his standing with the FIIIIIIIIIVE FFFFFAMILIEEEEEEEEEEES!" In other words, typical, narcissistic Mooby.
  6. GUS!!!!!, Err, I mean, Dulé!!!!!! Blech to the co-host for Monday and Tuesday.
  7. That was Morgan’s headstone. Stone was cremated.
  8. OMGEE!!! How did I forget that Kimberly McCullough had a small guest role in Legally Blonde as a sorority sister of Elle’s???? And Elle was watching this show when Yeller McYellerson was playing Lucky! And the episode where original scuzzbucket Zander had given Elizabeth that drugged water and Lucky’s tell her she won’t remember anything tomorrow.
  9. Jason/Burton is starting to look like the Crypt Keeper.
  10. I looked at them today, and they aren't stools, per se, but there are bars going across, where they can set their feet, so they're not dangling. I really wish Ana had said what she wanted to in Spanish, even if it would have been bleeped out! Oh, hey! Day Two in a Row that Whoopi was wearing lipstick, y'all! Aside from her eyebrows, she also had some make-up on! Just a touch. Do we know which previous host will be on tomorrow? Or is it a sekrit? I mean, we knew Star was going to be on last week before she appeared.
  11. Another great show today! They were all engaged, talking, a little talking over each other, but not so you didn't hear what each was saying. I didn't fast forward once. I haven't done that in over 20 years. Whoopi's expression as Sunny went into a little girl's voice about pretending not to know how to use a remote control (really?), was PRICELESS. More of this, please.
  12. Nope. I think theirs was only a business relationship and friendship?
  13. So I watched one of my TOP FIVE FAVORITE movies last night: 1992 The Last of the Mohicans. It never fails to stir my emotions, hit me in heart and gut. And it reminded me that Daniel Day-Lewis was just so, in @Dandesun's words "BRUTALLY HOT" in this. So damn SEXAY. The chemistry between him and Madeline Stowe was just so amazing. Watching the making of the movie on the bluray of the Mann's definitive cut, I'm astounded that they left out five key pieces of dialogue, and especially the line at the waterfall before that has to be the BEST scene in the movie for me, was cut out. Especia
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