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  1. Awwww..... So, since these are scenes clipped and snipped, I take it Felicia and Mac's wedding didn't take place? Tiffany! Sighting!
  2. With MeTV adding Full House to their Sunday schedule, I decided to watch it, and oh boy. I can't believe I actually watched this show back during its original run. Jodie Sweetin is just so adorbs, but ugh. I found myself fast forwarding too much, and decided, nope, no nostalgia for me. And I'd completely forgotten that Mrs. Rossini* was Jesse's mother! I do remember that John Aprea (who I remember mostly from the first season of Matt Houston, and also who played a young Sallie in Godfather II), played Jesse's dad. *Who's the Boss?
  3. And then we got the return of Luke and Laura, and LUCKY in 1993! I loved seeing them again, and how we saw Lucky trekking his way to Port Charles, which was SO NOT a small town! Hee! And Stone! I will forever be bitter that I missed his introduction, as well as his and Robin's first meeting. I can't find it anywhere on YouTube. But UGH, we also got the intro of Mooby.
  4. So I watched “Tombstone” today and couldn’t remember until Wd was shot, that this was Jesse’s last episode while he was on Broadway performing on Rent. I had NO LUCK finding Trial by Jury’s “Skeleton” online, but yay! For me! I had credit and was able to buy it for $0.00 on Prime Video! Watching it now. I may just purchase the series since I ❤️❤️ Bebe Neuwirth.
  5. Well, DAMN. I bought the series set, which only has about 45 minutes of interviews with some of the original before the first season and after, and that's the ONLY special feature! And it just seemed cheaper than buying the seasons individually. Decisions, decisions...do I dare get season 4? Because I really want to watch the FULL, UNEDITED movie.
  6. The Paris movie was in 1982, during season 3 (you can tell by Tootie's hairstyle); The Australia movie was in 1987, so between season 8 and 9.
  7. Yes, he is. Like Ana said--each family has a STOOPID. And this guy is the Kennedys'.
  8. Yes! I also love the original covers on Anne Stuart's contemporary and historical romances. Why do the publishers or is it Kindle? Feel the need to change them? Or if the books were made into movies, changing the covers so that the frickin' frackin' movie covers replace the original?
  9. I loved Whoopi today. After watching that clip of RFK, Junior, all I could think was that RFK must be rolling in his grave.
  10. Hah! And the story was a very good one, too! But I also like the one for Once a Princess. Another that was not a Fabio cover:
  11. WAHOO!!!! Rewind aired the Paris movie today! Here's hoping they'll also run the movie when they go to Australia! Because as of right now, these movies aren't included in the series DVD, nor are they available separately.
  12. I'll jump in and this will probably be hugely unpopular (but I don't care!), as there is so much contempt for the historical romances from the 80s that I love. I HATE that Kindle changed the original covers (and those on Johanna Lindsay's books) even though 99% were of Fabio with different hair colors! Or that they changed all the ones from Nora's Silhouette days (The Last Honest Woman (O'Hurley series) featured Nora herself(!) during her blonde days!) to her single titles. Same for Linda Howard, because I LOVED, LOVED the original book covers for Kill & Tell, All the Queen's Men
  13. Politically Incorrect was cancelled because Dinesh D'Souza called the 9/11 terrorists Patriots or maybe it was Warriors, and Bill said "lobbing missiles" from hundreds miles away was cowardly-and he was referring to the American military. But then HBO gave him this show, where he could drop F-bombs and speak to his heart's content without being censored. So Bill can now just STFU about "cancel culture." Someone should tell him he now wears the mantle of being "Whiny Little Bitch."
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