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  1. Yeah. The last new show the U.S. aired was on Monday. Canada is two episodes ahead, I think.
  2. I don't know. I know that I LOVED Cary Grant's Devlin and Ingrid Bergman's Alicia in Notorious. But that was in 1944.
  3. Well, it seems by the end of season two, The Bradys dropped both Mrs. Cunningham Dr. Porter and Mr. Mitchell Dr. Cameron! They got Dr. Howard. Same Dr. Howard who made the house call when Marcia didn't want to go to the first day of HIGH school!
  4. Yes, yes, I know, I know. But at that time, Lucky had moved out/left home, due to the fallout of his learning that Luke had raped Laura, and that he considered Laura and his parents' relationship just sick. In light of Elizabeth's recent rape. And if I recall, Lucky wasn't doing any illegal errands for Jason or Mooby at the time. Of course we all learned that Lucky didn't really die, but Faison set it up, along with Helena's help. But still. I wish Laura didn't change her mind. Just like Robin* did. *Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, Robin escaping from Faison, et al., and her forgiving that murdering asshole, because she nearly died and was kept away from Patrick, Emma, Robert and Anna. I'll forever hold this against Carliwhat'shisname for doing that. Robin cutting Mooby out of her life was the single most BEST thing she did, after being his apologist, like FOREVER. And sorry, maybe we should move this to the history thread? *meep!*
  5. Well, don't I feel like a maroon. I could have sworn it was for Fruit of the Looms!
  6. Please. Don't remind me. I continue to be bitter that Laura didn't hold onto her rage and anger toward Mooby when Lucky "died." I remember loving her calling both Mooby and Borg "Murderer!" The fact that Lucky didn't die, is beside the point.
  7. I really miss the commercials from the late 70s and 80s. Like this particular gem: I don't care how dated it is, but I always laughed my ass off at the Fruit of the Looms commercials couched as a runway/pageant show, set in "Russia" or were they the "U.S.S.R." back then? "Eeees next...dayvear..." "Eees next...eveeeeningvear..." and you have the women dressed in the same gray, shapeless smocks and head kerchiefs, holding a ....beach ball? as they trotted up and down the "runway." And since I'm a tecnhoturd, I can't find it on youtube or online. It sounds stupid, and I think I remember that's what the lines were, but it was funny to my tween self.
  8. I don't know if this comment should go here, or in the ones that "irritate or enrage." Mostly, it just makes me roll my eyes. It's the commercial for those stackable, double iron coated whatzit pots. The ones that show a harried woman, tossing and pushing plastic containers aside, and a stupid voiceover of how you can't find space to put all your pots in one space. What gets me is that Voiceover guy is sooo excited, in trying to convince idiots viewers that they probably think they'd have to pay $400! Nope! $200! Nope! Just "Five "easy" installments of $39.95!" which pretty much comes to $200! Plus, don't forget the shipping and handling fee, folks! Oh, Brother!🙄
  9. It's really odd when Jack chooses not to go for the jugular in certain cases. If it has to do with Vietnam, he will look for reasons not to prosecute; he always seems to have the standard line about "you had to be there" or that "it was the 60s" or some such. Sometimes, when it has to do with AIDS, he'll go after the killer aggressively. Like, what'shisface, in season 7? Season 8? Dude that was infecting every one he could with AIDS by refusing to wear a condom and going "bareback?" Yet here , because the doctor was in so much paaaaaaaaaiiiin, he didn't prosecute aggressively.
  10. Sorry if this has been already posted, I'm too lazy to read the entire thread, but after rewatching this last night... Jeff Jeffries was AN ABSOLUTE ARSEHOLE in Rear Window, and Lisa was too good for him. I don't know WHAT she saw in him. And I coveted every single outfit Grace Kelly wore in that movie. Slightly off topic, I will forever clutch my pearls and wail that Perry Mason Raymond Burr was the villain of this movie.
  11. Further and continuing evidence/proof that Her Twatness is a nimrodic, maroonic ignoranamus.
  12. I am putting this here because I don't feel like creating a topic for this movie, which I doubt would generate conversation. I just recently got a new teevee (which I'm thrilled with and still figuring out how to tweak), and watched Girl With a Pearl Earring. First, I wanted to watch it because I adore Colin Firth. Scarlett Johansen looked like a baby in this. But the movie was boring as FUCK. I forced myself to watch this because I thought I remembered it getting a lot of buzz, if you will. But it was boringboringboringboring. And of COURSE they had to throw in an attempted rape.🙄😒 And Vermeer's inspiration and how he came to do this painting was a fictionalized version in this movie, because no one knows. I did want to snatch Cornelia (one of Vermeer's daughters, and a snotty brat, at that in this movie) BALD. This is two hours of my life I will never get back.
  13. Silly Sake! the idiot ambulance/EMTs only arrive timely when it's Mooby and his many spawn are injured! You should know that by now!
  14. This makes it sound like Laura got killed as well. But that's not the case, right?
  15. Yeah, same here. And what makes me even less sympathetic toward them is that they were mocking other women for being “too sensitive” about being harassed—at the same time some say that they were being harassed. This may be an unfair comparison, but it’s like asking me to like people who have been hateful, misogynistic, racist, because they got cancer or sick. Like the latter cancels out the former. I have no desire to watch this, nor will I.
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