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  1. Quoting myself because I was WRONG! They didn’t edit scenes! I must have been in the kitchen, because rewatching Gus is using the words like “virulence”, “preposterous”!😂😂😂 I should have known USA wouldn’t have gypped us Psych-Os!!!
  2. Oh just FUCK OFF with that NOISE! Robin was the Best Fucking Thing that Ever Happened to this Piece of SHIT.
  3. If I recall correctly, she birthed her spawn a few days later? Jason found her passed out on the floor of his place when he came home.
  4. There. I added the missing information that provides...context?😝
  5. Yeah, well, some people, like me, who suffer from Keratoconus, HAVE to wear those Scleral lenses, because wearing glasses doesn't help. I wish I could wear glasses again, but I can't. Not unless I can dole out money I don't have to pay for specialized glasses that would enable me to see with them. It's a pain in the arse, to be sure.
  6. Tim Curry was just awesome!
  7. Thanks for the correction. Still doesn't change the fact that she knows jackshit about running a hotel; she didn't learn it as a family business, which is one way to learn if you don't get an education on it==like hotel management; I do remember how she and Jax got together. BLECH. She's most happiest when she's prancing around like the Mob Moll she is.
  8. There was at LEAST 10 minutes left in the hour before "The Spelling Bee" started, but they started it at 11:20ish. So I don't understand why they cut out Gus using spelling bee words when they were talking to that woman who was arranging for them to talk with the parents and kids. It was like 10-20 seconds. Boo!!!! I've seen the pilot like three times in the past two weeks, but I don't think they cut anything out. Maybe they did--like when Lassie wouldn't let Shawn leave and put him under arrest? And he says he's psychic? I'll have to go back and rewatch. Oh, that's going to be SUCH A CHORE!!!! I do like how during the commercial breaks we have James and Dulé talk about how the show started, their thoughts, etc. I saw the live Instagram and it was awesome! Steve Franks looks exactly the same! And Dulé is a Daddy!!!!! Tim, Maggie, Kirsten, Corbin also appeared. So looking forward to Psych 2: The Sequel! Tim looked and sounded great!
  9. 1000% agree with this assessment. And I'll add that in addition to her hypocrisy--she's well aware of it, but doesn't give any shits because whatever is happening, she sees her skanky ass as the victim, and so her past and all her heinous acts should be ignored or hand waved away. I only watched those flashbacks because I was on the barge when Nelle showed up. My eyes just could not ROLL HARD enough when the SheBeast was telling Nelle how she would "teach" her how to be an assistant, and how she ran the hotel and it was easy-peasy. Gurrrl, you married Jax to get that hotel; you didn't EARN it. And all you do is flounce around as the Mob Moll you are, and barging into rooms of people who have PAID for the rooms and their privacy. I've yet to see you do any fucking work that the owner of a supposed high end hotel does. And whoever wrote that revisionist history that SheBeast came to town to get Bobbie's love can just STFU and DIAFF. That beast came into town, intent on destroying Bobbie's "affluent" life, because, oh, the HORROR! Bobbie had given her up for adoption. Eden McCoy is a horrible, horrible, horrible actress. With that kewpie pouty mouth. Show should have just shown flashbacks to the original Sarah Brown as she rolled into Port Charles. Hey, it's been more than 2 decades, so having Shebeast with a different face, and Sarah being in her early 20s, it would have been okay. Oh, wait. They'd have to pay Sarah. RAGE!BLACKOUT! at the retcon of Jax buying Joss' kidney. And like it doesn't happen in real life! Law & Order: Sonata for an Organ" did it MUCH better, and the father actually was willing to kill to get his daughter a kidney; whereas Jax didn't hire someone to kill someone for a kidney. Joss really is her mother's spawn. Oh SHUT UP, Willow! I'm so sick of her and this quad acting as if Nelle tried to murder her own child. Even if she's using him as a ticket to the good life, she hasn't tried to smother him in his sleep, or put him near a pool, where he could drown, or [insert whatever EVUHL DEED here]. She's acting as if Wiley is her child that Nelle has kidnapped and claimed as her own. But I did love Nelle calling SheBeast out on her hypocrisy, her own past, and how she destroyed Tony and AJ and used the SLS to have Mooby and Jaysus at her beck and call for life. What would have made it perfect was if she hadn't said that that was what she wanted. But we can't have nice things. IF Sarah were still playing the Beast, she would have been able to show some...nuance, as if Nelle hit her; but with Laura? All I ever get is SMUG ARROGANCE. And shut up, Chase. You didn't do your fucking job when Nelle wanted to press charges for Bobbie, Monica, Shebeast all being complicit in forging her signature and the Beast locking her up on the roof. He's got some nerve telling Jordan she can't question TJ because of their relationship, but it's okay for him to involve his ass in all purported cases where Nelle is involved? Like he doesn't have history with her? PUHLEAZE. But that's par for the course with this show for the past 15 years or so.
  10. They’re airing the ENTIRE PILOT!!!!!!
  11. And here...we...GO!!!!!!
  12. Preempted again! But guess what? ABC will reair this at 2:30AM!!!!! Good Grief.
  13. It's totally out of character for TJ to have done this, I think? But the bigger issue for me, and that Molly should have considered is, even if TJ didn't want to talk to her/needed space, he wouldn't have stopped going to work! He wouldn't have flipped the hospital off. Or if he was sooooo devastated by Molly's rejection of his marriage proposal, he would have called them to let them know he wouldn't be in. Wait. I think I said this when this first happened, no? Considering Molly's own family dramas, and they are legion, she should have suspected something else was going on, ignored Jordan's ass, and gone to report him missing anyway, or go to Jar Jar Binks. But it's all moot now. Never mind. No such thing as a blooper reel anymore, since they all have to do this in one take. Exception is if you're a stunt cast* and then you get to do retakes. *Katie Couric as a tabloid reporter trying to get in to talk to Tyler Christopher's Nikolas. She got to do four to five takes!
  14. Interestingly enough, Liam didn't show up until Episode 3 of the first season. We had one actor in the pilot, who clearly looked like he was 12; then another one in the Spelling Bee episode, who looked about 11; when we got Liam, he looked age appropriate for 7 or 8. Carlos was also a recast. He didn't show up until Season Two.
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