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  1. I’m surely going to Hell, because if Twatty did get knocked out, I’m celebrating. She’s a hateful human being, and deserves some comeuppance for her lies and spreading misinformation. I’ll happily sit at my table for one with my 🥂&🍹
  2. God! I absolutely LOATHE the smirk on Cujo’s face. I’m hoping Cyrus will bomb Mooby’s “coffee” warehouse with a few casualties of Mobby’s minions. Just to see her panic over how to handle it. No, wait. Have another Family’s property bombed. And I also want a horsie.
  3. I have to admit, with shows so gritty and edgy in recent years, I’ve come to appreciate the light-hearted take on spies and espionage on this show. And the wonderful chemistry between Bruce and Kate. And of course I mentally 🙄 and 😒 while rewatching the pilot, where Amanda says “damn” when they’re in the parking garage. Why? Because I remember how that was edited out. Can’t have a nice woman with two kids swearing now, can we? That aside, I’m having fun visiting Lee and Amanda again. And yes, I’m wearing my hypocrite hat as I’ve stated in the past how cheesy and unrealistic this show
  4. Yvette Nicole Brown was on a couple months ago and talked about this show. And she mentioned that John Stamos was in the show with her, and they had shown a clip then, too. So just more plugging.
  5. Oh! Just remembered something that annoyed the ever-living-hell out of me. When Sara was talking about the Japanese American and South-Indian American astronauts. It's pronounced Kul-pun-ah, you dimwit. Not Cal-Pan-ah for Kalpana. Sorry, but this is a huuuge peeve when the name is fairly simple and easy. It wasn't Balusubramaniyam, after all!
  6. So. Let me get this straight. Twatty is a contrarian. Doesn't believe the government; or anything related to them (like the CDC). So then WHY did she get the vaccine? Why isn't she with all her "friends" who don't want to get it? The Hypocrisy. It never ends and no one ever pushes back.
  7. First World problem, I know, but it still peeves me. First, I was thrilled when I was notified the pool would be open this summer. But. Despite CDC and doctors all over saying it's safe to be mask-less when outside, the sister property who lets us use the pool, will still require us to wear a mask when on the pool deck. So now, I'm going to have to get the most light weight mask, because I don't want any mask tan lines on my face! My other choice is that since we don't have to wear them when in the water, I'll just stay there, and sun my face that way. I know! I know! I sai
  8. And everyone that Lt. Drum (Richard Anderson) questions in the series finale are the real life crew who worked on the show. It was very obvious in the way they told him what they did.
  9. Considering this show will take place before Endgame, I don't think there will be any confusion. As I understand it, this is the Loki of 2012, who escaped and branched off into a new timeline. Or is it timelines? I'm not going to spoil myself. I've watched the first few trailers, but I'm not doing the chat or whatever that was most recently posted in the media thread. I want to SAVOR and ENJOY this show. Yes, I'm ready for some shallow enjoyment now. Plus, Tom will bring the pretty, that accent, and even though I have always despised the character of Loki, Tom's portrayal gave him charm,
  10. It was Kelly. He gave her to Mike, and poor Kelly got destroyed when the children of Hernandez came seeking revenge, along with Col. Bell and his henchman in Mexico.
  11. Take your pick! 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. Helloooooooooo Dante!!! Though of course he looked like he had a one day shadow!😂 But still preferable over his Covid look. The only good thing Jax has to say today was to MiniSheBeast that just as she was on a waitlist, there were others who were also waitlisted at the colleges she got in, and that she needs to let them know she won’t be attending them so that those on the waitlist can get in. Ans what does she do? Pout. Did something happen offscreen? Clearly she still wants to go to SCU, but is pissy about being waitlisted. I don’t think it bothers her at all that her Shrew of a m
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