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  1. GHScorpiosRule

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I guess I'm just a cold-hearted, heartless bitch, because that article, which I skimmed, did NOTHING for me. She's talking about how miscarriages being more common then women would think as if it's a new thing. It's not. Sometimes women don't even know they've miscarried. So she can just miss me with her "learn from my experience" nonsense.
  2. GHScorpiosRule

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Not that I can see. She's just a vile, hateful, narcissistic piece of shit. Sometimes an awful person is just an awful person. And Her Twatness embodies every vile, offensive, hypocritical thing.
  3. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order

    I think Mike saw Anita and said something to her, but she was very cool toward him, and I think he said something about how she hadn't forgiven him for what he did in "Immortal"? Or something about how she was still upset. And then we get to the finale and they're smiling like nothing happened.
  4. GHScorpiosRule

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    Speaking for myself, that's not true. I actually am not a fan of all these reboots/remakes. But this movie isn't a reboot or a remake. It's a sequel. And as I loved the original, and I think I read that the character of Harmon Rabb, Junior from JAG (played by David James Elliott) was probably based on Maverick, the fighter pilot aspect, and the rest from A Few Good Men, I want to see what this movie has to offer.
  5. GHScorpiosRule

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    SAME! I think the only movie of his I've seen post-couch jumping on Oprah was his HILARIOUS turn as that overweight, balding, sleazeball in Tropic Thunder. But dammit, that trailer got me. Plus, it seems his commanding officer is Catheter Cowboy*! See Dani's reply above, that yes, there are fighter pilots over 50.
  6. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order

    Not Mike's finest moment. Wait, that was his second asshole move. Though the one with Anita was much worse. The first of course, was ambushing Liz about her relationship with Mike Logan* on the stand. And it was so odd--the episode after "Immortal" you saw Anita still hadn't forgiven Mike for what he'd done, yet in the series finale, they seemed to have "made up" if you will. *No one will convince me it wasn't MIKE that Liz had a relationship with, and how in the bluedilly FUCK did Jack know about it anyway, since it was Ben Stone who was ADA at the time. I can't imagine Liz confiding this to Jack, but apparently, she did. Whatever, Show.
  7. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    AHEM!!!!!!! Aasif Mandvi was on all three, PLUS the horrid Trial By Jury. I don't recall about Conviction, because I didn't watch that. But this show isn't the first to have revolving actors play different characters. Perry Mason did that first. Of course, Perry Mason just had the one show. But we did see some of the same actors, still living, appear in the Perry Mason movies, and some even showed up as different characters in the movies.
  8. GHScorpiosRule

    Seasons 1-3: High School Years

    And back. ughhh, the hairy BACK! And I was totally on both Brenda and Ooohndrea's side on this. Because I do remember my own high school years, and that every person that ran, actually had a platform, and not the shallow, oh how "keeeeewllllll" to have rock stars!" nonsense. I mean, the way Brandon and his parents tell it, Brandon was involved in politics at his old school. And I LAUGHED my ass off as he looked the fool at that one minute debate. And the way Kelly attacked Brenda for talking to Mike, the other candidate? I wanted to snatch her bald. I find it interesting it took 10 episodes for Dylan and Brenda to get romantic. I liked that they were sort of friends first, even while being attracted to each other. Then circumstances changing with the high emotions that had them acting on it. But then we don't see Dylan for another three episodes! And I have to wonder if they aired the episodes after "Isn't it Romantic?" out of order because in "One Man and a Baby" Brenda, with her competing with Kelly over that instructor regarding sky diving? NO mention of Dylan.
  9. GHScorpiosRule

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Another Brady Bunch mention! Let's see how many references we can make!
  10. GHScorpiosRule

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    And something she didn't give ANY FUCKS ABOUT until it affected HER, personally. Go Fuck yourself, Meghan.
  11. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order

    Agreed! But I reaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy wanted Sam and Regina to have scenes together, because they starred together in that other show I'll Fly Away a few years before Sam joined this show.
  12. GHScorpiosRule

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    This show did the same fucking thing to Kimberly. And still does. They dress her as fugly as possible, and if you look at pictures of her on her social media, Kimberly's outfits don't make her look like she's squeezed in like a sausage. And her make-up is flawless. But can't have Robin looking like the very attractive woman she is, nope. Can't have that.
  13. GHScorpiosRule

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    Since I'm not the person who you quoted, even though my name shows up (That's a quirk of this site that doesn't have a fix), I posted above that they could have hidden the pregnancy and just ignored Gabrielle's real life pregnancy and not write it in. But I think I read in one of the threads, I can't recall which, they're all bleeding together, that she wanted her real life pregnancy written into the show. And we saw what an abject FAILURE it was. In her second return, when Brandon was getting ready to leave, she and Jesse were separated/on the brink of divorce--I think it was the "Reunion" episode, and she didn't want anyone to know. All we got was a screaming phone call that Brandon overheard.
  14. GHScorpiosRule

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    On this we agree 100%. The show totally destroyed this character. While I hated her harpy, possessive, judgmenty attitude toward Brandon from the DAY she met him, that aside, she was smart. I liked seeing her in her journalism aspect, if that makes sense. It was all so unnecessary. I don't know if Gabrielle insisted her pregnancy be written in or what, but she could still have studied Journalism. She was a journalist from the moment we met her. Or the producers could have insisted that no, we'll hide your pregnancy and you'll continue on. But, water under the bridge and all that. I would have loved to see Oooohndrea and Josh, that smug, arrogant asshat, bump heads at The Condor, and have this freshman wipe the floor with his flat ass.
  15. GHScorpiosRule

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Taking to the Seasons 4-7 thread.