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  1. 1. Because it's Roger Howarth. 2. Gee...doesn't that sound familiar? A certain someone was tired of playing the nice brother and wanted a change. And the viewers have had to suffer because of this for over 20 years. Bored, routine, complacent...blah, blah, blah.
  2. Evidence that Robin wasn't this "Angel" that SheBeast continually spouted... It was much better in real time to watch wee Robin just whale on that beast!
  3. THIS time a gazillionmilliontrillionshillion-to-infinity! Shawn and Gus are the ♥️💕OTP💕♥️ of ALL OTPs!
  4. I never believed Ziva had been killed. That superawesomesauce Mossad agent with mad ninjaskillz??? Plus, as I learned in Soap Opera101, no body, no death. Even when there is a body, there's always an 'splanation! But this show done broke me. I stopped watching midway last season. Never thought that would happen as I still ADORE Mark Harmon.
  5. She didn't give any shits about that. She actually defended Ted Danson's attempt at "humor" when he did the Black-Face in an interview with Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes, shortly after it happened. And she didn't apologize for her affair with Danson, either. Most likely, it's referring to her being dropped by sponsors after her "humor" about Bush. Bawa saved her ass and made her relevant again when she hired her to moderate this show. Add Southeast Asians to that list. Many a time, no one blinked an eye when they would be made fun of, or the way they're depicted. Ex. A. Apu on The Simpsons Didn't Bernie explain it to her when he was on? It seemed she had a light bulb moment in that clip that was posted in the thread two weeks ago?
  6. Well, to me, I see the emotional impact seeing the den renovated on Barry. Even seeing the steps completed and the living room, Maureen got emotional. I think, seeing the sound stage being "remade" into real life living spaces, where they spent five years together, brought back those memories, and then knowing that Florence, Bob, and Ann aren't there to see it too. And with the upcoming episodes, there was one where (spoiler tagging just in case) I admit, I am cynical about most things these days, but when it comes to these people and cast? My inner child refuses to believe that they're not emotionally invested in seeing "their" house come to life. Sue me.
  7. I pay attention to credits, and the show had the same writers throughout the entire series. But yes, I do agree that when new writers come in, some shows, they don't read the show Bible, or didn't watch the show, or for whatever reason, and you get characters regressing or doing things they would never do.
  8. If you watched all the seasons, you know that Shawn wasn’t dumb when we first met him-or during the first four seasons. He was smart and cunning and wasn’t a moocher. Why they turned him into such a caricature, I’ll never understand.
  9. So. Free for me then. But it's still BULLSHIT. It's going to get to the point where all these streaming services will be too expensive and then consumers will cut the whatever you want to call it, and go back to the cord.
  10. Well, the show ended with their wedding. Who's to say Donna didn't get pregnant right away? And why should they? It was supposed to be an intimate moment, where they're telling each other how much they love each other. Who knows? It that irritating intimacy counselor hadn't constantly interrupted, maybe we might have gotten a line about their daughter, or if they had more than one child.
  11. She didn't hint at it; she actually said it when Joyce gave it to her, that Kitty was created or shown to launch that doll. But didn't say that it failed.
  12. UTTER BULLSHIT!!! I’ll sign up for whatever free trial to watch just this and then wait for it to be released on dvd. And then cancel the service.
  13. This one REALLY hurts. Cokie, along with Walter Cronkite, was my hero when I was in college--I was a broadcast journalism major and I wanted to be like them. The fact that I didn't pursue a career in this field is a conversation better suited somewhere else. RIP, Cokie. Give my regards to Uncle Walter.
  14. Yes, that was one deviation they made--that since viewers never saw where the camera were positioned, filming the den, and the house did have that extra space, they went ahead and created a sitting area in there. And Barry said Bob would have liked that.
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