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  1. Oh, she's back from visiting her Mama? Kaliegh is just another lying liar who lies. With a straight face. (she's so vile I don't care if I've misspelled her name) I really like Mary Trump in the interviews I've seen her in.
  2. What a boring ass episode after the last two days. But at least my tear ducts got some respite. This FAKAKTA SHOW! Doing Alex sooo dirty with that pathetic one or two lines from Anna about how Alex wasn’t always the evuhl.🤬🤬🤬🤬
  3. EXACTLY! I say this every time I talk about this episode—that it’s just not Richie and Fonzi, but Ron and Henry in these scenes. And I’m keeping these episodes on my dvr. And it’s in this very same year that his first movie as director came out: Splash. But I still think that both Ron and Donny should have been in the opening credits.
  4. Good Lord! Sunny took a page from Meghan’s book and just would NOT SHUT UP today! She said her piece-something I disagreed with, but wouldn’t let Joy, Sara, or Whoopi say what they wanted, or even let them finish! Kept muttering and yapping even as Whoopi cut in, saying they had to take a break. And her examples she used as parallel weren’t even comparable. That all said, I’m still glad that Her Twatness wasn’t there because it would have been a worse train wreck. Aaaand, I still like Sunny, but today wasn’t a good look for her.
  5. Just finished watching “Welcome Home Richie, Part 2” Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  6. Oh, I know that, and I always side-eye him for that, because every time that Genie has returned, he, or rather Luke just lights up! There was the fake wedding to celebrate Luke & Laua's 25th Anniversary for the viewers, where Laura woke up, but then it was retconned it was only temporary; and then when Laura came back, engaged to Scotty, around the time that Lulu was recast, I think. That moment, when Luke is sitting down, hears footsteps, sees that it's Laura? I could literally see Geary light the fuck up and then Genie's smile. Despite his bitterness, those two still have IT. And I understand, trust me, I do, why he wouldn't risk doing it. Wish they could have zoomed or Skyped both Luke and Lucky.
  7. No she's not. Sunny has admitted in the past that she watches The Bachelor. It was something she and Her Twatness had in common.
  8. Where is Doug Sheehan these days? I kid, I kid! I don't want him returning/reprising his role, because sure as sun rises in the East, HACK!FRANK! will massacre his character.
  9. Word. At least Chachi left shortly after he told Richie that Joanie dumped [his worthless ass]. And it was great to hear them all sing Blueberry Hill, even though that's Richie's "song"!😄
  10. Absolutely. To both statements. Even on MeTV's mini-interviews, Marion Ross stated how she could tell that Erin was troubled even at a young age, and she took Erin under her wing, as she had a daughter that was Erin's age. Now I can't recall if Donny/Ralph returned for the series finale. If he didn't, then his just walking out of Richie's room, to go to Madison makes me go, that's it? And I'm pretty sure the cast knew Ron was returning for this episode, yet looking at Henry's huge smile when he hugged Ron, I saw Henry smiling, and not Fonzi. Or maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see!😁
  11. It looked more like a very dark brown than jet black to me. Baby Emma? She had the jet black hair. I wanted more flashbacks, honestly. But I suppose they couldn't with Nik, as Tyler was Nik during Lulu's baby years.
  12. Oh give me a foocking break! I actually thought the episodes that featured Diana's acts of bulimia didn't need that warning. As if I'm some weak-stomached pansy who can't handle such subjects. And just to segue, and posting this here because I can't recall if you posted it here @Umbelina that you watched Diana: In her Own Words, that I also watched it last week some time, or maybe it was the weekend before Thanksgiving, but...[putting on flak helmet/vest], TeamDIANA here. Yes, I was a tween when she married Charles, but I have a very good memory and I remember the announcement, wedding, births, the marriage imploding, etc. I wasn't obsessed with her; yes, she had flaws; she was human. But, TEAMDIANA. I'll see myself out.
  13. Joy TOTALLY said "You can't make this shit up!" If they had been in studio, the time delay would have bleeped it out. Remember those days when it was nonstop bleep!bleep! and um, and bleep!bleep! Looked like it didn't work fast enough to bleep Joy today! I was rolling! Please have more people like Dr. Jha, please! Though he is making the rounds these days. I hope what he had to say helped to alleviate some of Sunny's concerns about the vaccines. Team Joy and Sunny today. And sorry Sara and Whoopi, but what those celebrities did absolutely deserves to be judged. What they did wasn't in ignorance unless they've been sleeping under a rock these past 9 months. They, along with everyone, was warned NOT to travel; to social distance. To not have friends or family who didn't live in your household, over to your homes. But they clearly didn't give a fuck. And now, after being blasted, are apologizing? Give me a break. And Sara? What you were doing didn't help to spread a dangerous air borne virus! And Shut up, Whoopi with the they didn't know, but now they do, and won't do it again, so bygones bullshit.
  14. I just lurk here, and I can't find your original post, asking this, @Kemper, but yes, Joe was on Lawrence O'Donnell's show last week. I think it was Wednesday night, before Thanksgiving. He was all dressed up, and either Lawrence or Joe himself made a point of how he "dressed up" for the show.
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