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  1. Oh these two sentences just made my day. I have always loathed George Will. Using big words to sound like some intellectual. I consider myself fairly intelligent, but even I couldn't understand his word salad.
  2. GHScorpiosRule

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Not just Liz, but Lucky, too. Who should have had insurance to cover him for his back injury, but didn't.
  3. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order

    We don't know that Jack knew. Just because Foghorn Leghorn said the firing was with Jack's approval doesn't make it true. If I didn't see it onscreen, then it didn't happen, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order

    Oh, no doubt. Frank was sleazy and what he “promised” Arlene was illegal. But there was no evidence or motive for him to kill. Unlike Arlene, who had motive, means, AND opportunity.
  5. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Bizarre ending for a bizarre episode.
  6. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. And I agree with your post 💯%!!
  7. GHScorpiosRule


    Some of the best episodes are when James gets to do drama. He’s such an underrated actor.
  8. GHScorpiosRule

    Law & Order

    Didn’t Frank admit to offering to sell his baby to Arlene? Mind you, I think Arlene was the killer, but I seem to recall Frank didn’t care? But yeah, they went after him as the killer because he had a record and didn’t look “the part” of a nice person.
  9. GHScorpiosRule

    Murphy Brown

    Currently, all the old episodes are airing on Antenna TV.
  10. GHScorpiosRule

    Seasons 8-10: The Post College Years

    Season 8 started last night and it was just AWFUL. It proves that Kelly can only be happy with a guy for a month before her bitchiness rears its ugly head and all she does is pick fights. When she moves in to the Walsh House, Brandon said she could make changes. What does she do? She turns their bedroom into HERS. Filled with fripperies and lace that screams FEMININE BEDROOM! And not one shared by a man and woman. And then she gets in a snit when Brandon isn't waxing poetic and gushing over her changes. I don't feel sorry for this twit at all. Like she didn't keep any momentos of her short relationship with Dylan, yet expects Brandon to burn, rip and throw away whatever momentos he had with Tracy? And then Donna with her big fat mouth, telling her that Brandon is probably cheating on her with Tracy in Hawaii, and Kelly, who just CAN'T delay her work, comes flying over to "catch" him. Soooo glad that she looked the fool when she was told Tracy had a fiance now. I wish Kelly had moved out.UGH. But, I noticed that Val was softer and nicer in the first three episodes of season 8. And Brandon can't hired anywhere? I thought he was the BESTEST most AWESOMEST journalist EVAH! I mean the Globe (I think it was the Boston Globe) wanted him to intern the summer before and was promised a JOB he was THAT GOOD! And I guess I'm stupid and must look it up, but didn't he win that prestigious award that Mark assumed would be his? I think Vanessa was hired to play Gina, this vile character, to get away from the "good" character Brenda Barrett had become when she left General Hospital. THIS. Kelly is NEVER happy with the guy she is with. She's always panting after someone who isn't available. Be it Dylan or Brandon. And when she cheats it's "complicated" or not her fault. Bitch, please. And giving her amesia after the whatever happened--blood clot from brain to heart or whatever, just so Show could have her be with Noah for awhile. And now I have to get back to work.
  11. GHScorpiosRule

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Yes. In addition to what @ulkis stated about college....Kanan was the villain to Ralph Macchio's Danny in Karate Kid III, starred in a couple of Perry Mason movies in the early 90s. And one doesn't need any "special" credentials when wanting to, or writing a book. Anyone who is a fan of his, would want to read what her wrote, I imagine. This show, and especially Frank Valentini, fucked him over but good. But he's a talented actor. And being a "soap actor" isn't something to look down on. Those in this industry are some of the hardest working actors around, considering how they have to learn their lines in such a short time and within one take these days.
  12. GHScorpiosRule

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    They've increased it to six episodes a day. They started that on Wednesday, which completed the college years. And last night was the first six of season 8, and I will post my thoughts on the first three I watched over there.
  13. GHScorpiosRule

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    I just watched that last six of season 7 episodes, which ends their college years. Tracy just whuufed and disappeared after her "good!" to Brandon telling her he was hurting. Whatever, moron. You were the one willing to take whatever crumbs Brandon had, was forcing him to give you something, even though he repeatedly told you he DID NOT LOVE YOU. And that it wouldn't be fair to you. And Kelly is the vilest bitch ever. Not that I like Valerie, but I hate her less than I do Kelly. And what was that nonsense in "All That Jazz" I think it was, when both Valerie and Kelly both supposedly had the one day flu? Those flashbacks were horrid. And both Brandon and Val admitted that after they started making out, they ended up laughing, because nothing was there. And now Show is trying to tell me that Valerie's been in love with Brandon her whole life? I will give Kelly points for this: First it was Colin who was the love of her life; then it was Tom; now it's Brandon. No way did Kelly come back that night. It was so obvious those scenes weren't scenes filmed two years prior that ended up on the cutting room floor. Make-up and costuming did a horrible job in not trying to get wigs to make it appear as if it was two years ago...because Kelly's hair was SHORT, not enough to pin it up or have those straggling pieces in her face. And Val's was still a short bob, and lighter in color. There's something really creepy about Claire needing to "be there" for her dad because he's so lonely. What? Is she going to be one of those Victorian type daughters who stays with him to be his hostess for any and all social events? Because he can't be alone? Blech. It was a horrible way for her to leave the show. More organic would have been the constant fighting she and Steve did and her just up and leaving after graduation for grad school, because she is smart. That whole Kelly is pregnant and should they have the baby, should she get an abortion, oh noes! she miscarried, and now she has endometriosis and so now maybe she shouldn't be with Brandon anymore because she can't give him the bebes. Like they've never heard of adoption. Like one of their best friends wasn't adopted. And as much as I thought Val got what she deserved when she lost her money, Kelly was being an unmitigated BITCH to her and her father. I was cheering Brandon's 'I can't be bothered with your bitchiness' attitude. And loved it when he told her not to bother moving in since she's bent upon being angry with him for...reasons. I wanted to slug him for kicking Valerie out, because The KELLY demanded it. The house was big enough for them to have coexisted and ignored each other. And I REFUSE to believe that Cindy would tell Brandon it was his decision. She would have shamed him in thinking that kicking an old family friend out, who, by the way, had lost her life savings, was the right thing to do because Kelly, who only ever wants what she wants when she wants it, DEMANDED it of him. While I don't think that Valerie was seriously considering suicide, I'm glad that Brandon thought she might. I know it's teevee and all, but how did any of them, Donna, Kelly and Claire, pay the rent on the beach house when they didn't work? Did Jackie and Mel and Felice pay for it? But with all the profits the Peach Pit After Dark was making, I can't believe that Valerie's entire life savings was only $100,000.00. What with her other side endeavors where she blackmailed others to give her the moolah. I guess she just spent it all on clothes and make-up? And I guess Donna's dyslexia disappeared? Just like with "Donna Martin Graduates!" I'm supposed to believe that a college professor would agree to give that twit an oral exam after she walked on the one that all the other students had to take?
  14. GHScorpiosRule

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

  15. GHScorpiosRule

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    What is this history you speak of? I fear I know not what that word means on this show.