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  1. Not for me. I loved it. It was part of the group of cartoons I watched growing up.
  2. Chase looked and sounded more excited about the wedding than morose looking Finn did. I think I’m getting really old because how was that hideous dress that Sam was wearing anything close to appropriate for a wedding? With her boobs nearly popping out? And the disingenuous “sorry!” after blurting out about the papers less than 24 hours after talking about them? Why the hell did Anna give Heinrik the original documents? Why not show him copies? The stupid, it BURNS.
  3. Just one correction: Edward James Olmos was Lieutenant Castillo, not Captain. And scruffy-haven’t-shaved-in-3-days Sonny Crockett was the Bees Knees!🥰🥰🥰🥰
  4. The fact that Twatty watches that asshole’s show confirms everything I think about the type of person she is.
  5. And now I’m rewatching Iron Man. Just who was the idiot who had the Iraqis speaking in Hindi???? They speak Arabic and Kurdish. The closed captioning can’t make up their minds as to how to identify what Farhan Tahir’s character is speaking: they go from Urdu to Arabic to Urdu. But it’s Hindi he’s speaking: an Indian language. Urdu is a...formalized version of Hindi-they both sound similar but there are minute differences. It’s laziness. No excuse for ignorance in 2008. 😒😒😒😒😒😒
  6. And you’re right. I didn’t even make it through 15 minutes before I switched to Disney+ to watch the latest Wanda Vision. Its not that hard to do a movie about these two characters! Hoomans are NOT necessary or NEEDED. And that blonde twit who is supposed to be the lead? Is such a jerk. And why are Hoomans needed? And why not have an actual animation instead of this CGI crap? Tom & Jerry DESERVE BETTER. As does Spike and Butch and his gang. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  7. Oh how niiiiiiiiice of Jaysus to let Martin see his mother. Would he listen to Robin if she knew what he was doing and...oh never mind. Of course he wouldn't. Not anymore. Asshole. And is it deliberate on the show's part, that when Florence was at that first facility, she seemed like she was half comatose, unaware of her surroundings, and hooked up to ivs and being monitored--that that place was committing elder abuse? Because today, she's so lucid, and talking coherently and laughing, and just laying in bed as a normal person who's just resting.😒😒 OF COURSE Bobbie the accomplice after the fact would find a much better place where Florence would be treated better. It's so GROSS.🤬 Maybe she'll grow a conscience and let Florence go, as it seems she doesn't need round the clock care. And I can't believe that Nik is letting that twerp Spencer, dictate how to live his life. It wasn't amusing to read about it when he was a snotty precocious 10 year-old and it's less so now at 15-16.
  8. That’s my thinking as well. I mean get the flu shot every year and it’s not for the same strain. I see this vaccine in the same light. I bumped into this woman who got her vaccine and I was relating my frustration and she told me her husband typed in a city about an hour away and was able to get an appointment. So now I’ll type in Baltimore, Frederick, Hagerstown, Perryville!
  9. Same here! Also a fellow Marylander and my underlying health conditions qualify me as eligible to get the vaccine now. And I've also checked at all the places they say to; can't find anywhere I can pre-register; I've signed up for alerts, but nada. I think it's time I give my health provider a call. or three.
  10. Then how come I didn’t get any?😆😆😆 I earned the few ribbons and awards I got in the 70s. And when I lost, didn’t get anything. And I turned out okay. Jeebus.
  11. Nope. I think it was Oregon? Don’t quote me as I can’t remember. While some refused the vaccine, enough agreed so none of the vaccines had to be thrown away.
  12. AGAIN with the half-assed information. The CDC says for schools that are properly ventilated-that allow for clean air (paraphrasing here) can reopen without teachers having to be vaccinated. The reason why so many are closed are due, in large part because of lack of ventilation. So she can just STFU and kiss my ass.
  13. Dr. Gokal said there was one remaining vaccine left, that was going to expire in less than a half hour. His wife was more than eligible. He had been calling and going to people's houses to give them the vaccine. So with the last one, a sick wife, who was also eligible, he vaccinated her. And this happened within the first week of the vaccine rollout. He explained what he did when he was on the show yesterday. Unless you don't believe him. He's being charged with theft because he took the vaccines from the hospital/clinic that he worked at and went to inoculate those that were eligible to receive it. Yet those health workers who were on the road in the snow storms, and wouldn't be able to deliver the vaccines, gave vaccines to drivers so the vaccines wouldn't go to waste. Nothing has happened to them. Or what @ifionlyknew said more succinctly.
  14. Oh, I know Alexis is guilty. But you have the scene at the Quartermain's home and then the next him thanking Jayus, the now "head" mob boss for agreeing to see him. While he didn't rail at Alexis, I didn't like how those scenes played out. And oh yeah, loved him nixing the wine and leaving.
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