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  1. Yes. He was acting like a sloppy detective and someone he knew Viola Davis' character would have issues with. But she had their number.
  2. Heh. I'm only a conspiracy theorist when it comes shit stories for Laura and Robin.
  3. No one will convince me this was Guzasshole or Phelps' or whoever wouldn't let Genie take the time off she needed, and was a way to punish her, by having Laura bear the brunt of it all.
  4. "Helpless" was on today, and so was "Self-Defense". My longstanding LOATHING and HATE for Melnick originated here. Especially her disrespect and calling Liz a "hysterical female" and not addressing her as "Dr." even if Liz is a psychologist and not psychiatrist. I'll be watching the latter when I get off work. I'll always love the end of "Helpless" when Paul slams the "54 women you either raped, molested, or abused." Or Ben telling that twat Melnick, there was nothing she could come up with that would make him agreeable to give Merritt a deal. But I've noticed that Bounce channel blurs out a lot of semi-naked pictures of victims.
  5. I love Pat Morita's impersonation of Garry! Sounds just like him!😄
  6. I never cared about the Jack and Rose romance in Titanic. I went to see it because the tragedy and story just fascinated me. I didn't expect to be moved as much as I was. I mean, near the end, I'm sniffling and grabbing for the Kleenex--and NOT because Jack slipped off the flotsam and went down. I went with a friend and even HE teared up at the end, and he was this sarcastic humor kinda guy. He said something that really made sense at the time. If Kleenex had put up a stand, they'd have made a lot of money for those who went in to see Titanic. And as for Rose? Stupid Twit. Even at 80 some years old, or however old she was. Throwing that necklace into the ocean instead of, oh, I don't know, giving it to her granddaughter?
  7. ❤️🥰❤️LUCKY!!!!!❤️🥰❤️ SHUTUP! Maxie! HELENA!!! (Really I mean CONSTANCE!!) The less said about the “sentencing” the better. Though I did derive so much glee at all the chickens coming home to roost for Mooby, Jaysus, and SheBeast! Even if it was short-lived. While I’m a fan of Michael Lerned, I resented why she was brought on for her short stint. How many episodes were between yesterday and today? Did they recast Morgan in between? I ask because according to my synopsis, today was supposed to be a Brenda episode from September 2010. I also HATED how Dante kept trying to explain his actions to Jaysus and SheBeast. Like he was seeking their absolution or forgiveness.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  8. Nope. While Judge Country was questioning him yesterday--and Eeyore started from the beginning, Diane definitely did NOT jump up to object to try and stop the testimony. That's when she should have intervened, since she's clearly the family's lawyer! But she and Claire remained mum throughout the whole thing, while the camera panned to the SheBeast as she shed her tears.
  9. Nope. Nothing has. It's quite the opposite. The few people that called Mooby and SheBeast out on their behavior are gone. Jax is the only one left, but even he, in his deluded whatever for Nina, is talking nonsense. And after watching yesterday's show, and even relishing Judge Country's smack down, it was all kinds of WRONG. SO WHAT if Dante arrested Eeyore (cuz that's what he was then), based on his investigation? That doesn't mean Eeyore should give up his right to remain silent. Or his right to self-incrimination. But that's just what the judge made him do. And I guess Diana was too scairt of Judge Country to object and say that Eeyore had rights. And Dante, when arresting him, left out the most important part--how anything he said could be used against him...that he had a right to an attorney... But all that said. It wasn't done, and Eeyore confessed on the stand without the benefit of legal counsel because PLOT! and the need Guzasshole had to do the rape story in prison for Eeyore. But Tracy was all kinds of AWESOME. And STFU, SheBEAST! Look in the mirror when you're calling someone a bastard; and if Dante is Mooby's "bastard", then Eeyore is YOUR bastard. All that said, these episodes are just awful. Awful, Awful, Awful. Frank and Company are just downright DELUSIONAL in their thinking that viewers want to see this crap of Mooby's World, instead of the more classic and better episodes. Because they're airing episodes from the Guzarsehole era, then they can go back to the better Monty years, as far as I'm concerned. Like Sean and Tiffany's Wedding! Frisco and Felicia's Wedding! Or actual hospital stuff---like when Monica, Bobbie, and other doctors were held hostage because some woman died, and her husband was angry and Robert got shot, because Luke was trying to be the "hero". When we got that glorious slap Holly gave Luke with "This is ALL YOUR FAULT!" Good times, Good times! But we can't have that.
  10. The BEST thing about yesterday’s episode was my closed caption showing [stuttering] when Mooby was...stuttering while trying to get to the point that Devil Spawn Michael shot Kate.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 As for today? Judge Country (Carroll): To everyone who lied, perjured themselves, were part of the cover up: “You disgust me. Now get the HELL out of my courtroom.” SLAMS gavel! Me:🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Even if the whole questioning was a violation of the Eeyore’s constitutional right against self-incrimination.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Today's had Judge Country, right? I think I hand waved the ridonkulousness of him sending SLS to jail, because doing so gave Mooby pain, and losing, sort of, so I was fine with it. I mean, this court system on this FAKAKTA show since Mooby is ridonkulous to no end. We had that judge who gave full custody of Georgie to Jar-Jar Binks FOREVER because Maxie lied about whose child she was. The show, I guess, couldn't be bothered with Maxie trying to revisit the custody issue, which is par for the course. But it was still stupid she didn't even try. I still remember Kevin's trial--when Lucy Coe first joined the show. That was some good lawyering by Jake. And believable. Or when this show used to have decent supporting roles that played defense attorneys/DAs...
  12. I will always love Temple of Doom because of Amrish Puri's* (wonderful Bollywood actor who played Villains, but sometimes played a good guy) willingness to play such a ridonkulous role and went ALL IN! We also had Roshan Seth (Nehru in Gandhi) playing a wackadoo. *Played a great supporting character/minor role in Gandhi.
  13. Nope. Nope. For me, JAWS was the uberly, evuhl, evuhl Villain! He happily kilt Quint! And while the mayor was a self-interested asshole, he came to his senses after the attack that killed Alex and Pipit, the dog! Because his son was also on the beach at the time. And he signed the agreement for Quint to catch the bastard. The bigger asshole/villain in JAWS II was Stefano DiMera Peterson.
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