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  1. Bold & Beautiful spoilers for the Week of June 21 (from https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-bold-and-the-beautiful/spoilers/) Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, June 21: C’mon, Liam, why start now? With things looking bleak, the jailbird implores Hope to be realistic about their future. Of course, if she was going to do that, she’d just start predicting how long it would be until he shagged Steffy again! That patchy Los Angeles network has run afoul of the Forresters again! Watch for Thomas to be jolted upon receiving previously-unseen texts from the late and, at least lat
  2. So much hugging going on today. Quarter...don't tell ME it's over. If Eric hadn't walked in, which dammit, Eric!, I think they would have swept that desk off and got down to business. Carter and Zoey hugging while stank-face Paris looks on. And then we have the Thope hug where Hope looks like she's about to vomit. Thomas is giving me these vibes:
  3. Not to worry. We have Pa Messiah ready and available to guffaw inappropriately and make everything okay again.
  4. Don't think I didn't miss Finn mostly dismissing Bill's role in the Vinny debacle and pointedly talking about how he'll be there for Kelly. I still think he had something to do with Vinny's death. And his barely-checked rage talking about Liam. Uh huh.
  5. I cannot with Carter and Quinn apologizing to Paris re Zoe, Carter especially. They were BROKEN UP. And all because Zoe was having an emotional affair with Zende and trying her bestest to make it a physical one and land her a bonafide Forrester, not just a Forrester-adjacent. So fuck her and fuck Paris and fuck Carter and Quinn for entertaining these fools. Paris, you also need to wipe that condescension off of your face. Your sister is a stank-ass ho bitch who tried to run you out of town because you were proving to be competition for Zende. The guy whose pa
  6. I finally watched the episode everyone's been talking about and I won't go into my take, except to say I don't see it as rape for many of the same reasons as stated above, and it's been debated ad nauseum already so I'll keep the needle on the record. I'm still enjoying the show immensely and I found the sex scenes pretty hot and it's refreshing to see Daphne really, truly enjoying herself and Simon aiming to help in that regard. As for their last night in the episode, well, it wouldn't be a romance without some drama. The initial drama of him not wanting to marry anyone, ever, and
  7. Zoe and Paris weren't comic book characters. For once. I liked Paris' dress with the Union Jack motif, a nod to her being half-British. Assuming she is and Zoe still is and wasn't dropped like Zoe dropped her accent. Great color for Zoe.
  8. That's an insult to truck stop hookers! Even Katrina has the sads to be caught alive wearing this get-up.
  9. CountryGirl

    Tennis Thread

    I dislike Joker for all of the reasons mentioned. I especially hate his fake "love me, I'm the underdog" nonsense. And I'll never forget this moment. So klassy. Rafa annoys me with the grunting and his tics before every point, but I generally enjoy watching him play and think he's a nice enough guy. Federer is a great player but I find him the epitome of smug arrogance and the sorest of sore losers, which turned me off of him years ago. Like the time he beat Joker to go to his 8th Wimbledon final: "People were saying [about past losses], 'How are we going to survive a
  10. Bold & Beautiful spoilers for the Week of June 14, 2021: https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-bold-and-the-beautiful/spoilers/601590/bold-beautiful-spoilers-june-14-through-18-2021/ Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, June 14: Maybe she shouldn’t keep talking about it in the office! Quinn panics when she finds out Paris knows about her dalliance with Carter. Will Eric’s wife be able to convince Zoe’s younger sibling to keep quiet for the greater good or will Paris spill the beans to Zoe and cause utter chaos at Forrester Creations? When Liam stuns Thomas with a special
  11. Is it wrong to say I've barely noticed her missing, let alone actually missed her? But it is weird that she's been MIA with Bill being more front-burner of late.
  12. It was so obvious and ham-fisted that I felt we were being punked.
  13. It also pisses me off that I'm forced to defend grifter Shauna for being grilled by Paris and Felony. First, this is NONE of your fucking business who Shauna sleeps with or Carter. Even though we all know they didn't sleep together, if they had, what is the problem, exactly? They were two single, consenting adults, so if they wanted to knock boots, so be it. And Paris? Your stupid, selfish, crazy-ass, twitchy loined sister got herself into hot water and summarily dumped by Carter all on her own. For attempting to cheat with Zende behind Carter's back. And she tried to run you ou
  14. I also think Chris kept the faith and the love where Corinne was concerned because he couldn't allow himself to go to a place where a mother could be so horrific to her own children. I think the same part of him that compartmentalized Cathy as his sister did so with Corinne's true nature. I think he always held out hope for her and in the end was proven there was good in her still when she saved Cathy from the fire. Which was a drop in the ocean, but she did save her daughter's life when she could have taken her usual route of self-preservation.
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