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  1. CountryGirl

    What Not To Wear: B&B Style

    She really was (HT). I can't understand women messing with their faces, especially when, as we've seen with JMW, they are getting younger and younger. And it ends up making them look older and like a cartoon/mask.
  2. No worries, RTT, especially since you hadn't started watching again. Don't get me started (again) on the blink-and-you-missed-it whining from Thomas, blaming Brooke (because it's always Brooke's fault!!!), for causing his issues, citing his dad leaving them for Brooke which did not happen until long after they were grown and gone from the home. Because we have the receipts. And even if it had happened the way his fevered brain remembers it, GROW THE FFF UP.
  3. Co-signing to everything you and @mightysparrow said, @RuntheTable, although I can't agree with Vinnie. I don't know if he knew for certain what Thomas was planning with the Steamless molly night but he definitely knew what was up when he brought over the molly to Thomas when he and Hope were at the hotel, commenting it was a wedding gift (ugh!) and that he wanted to ensure they had a "great" night. Hard pass to that.
  4. Today's show has Detective Sanchez paying head-still-stuck-in-the-sand-re-Thomas Ridge a visit regarding Emma's death and, sorry Carter, Justin (yay!) stepping in to help Hope with the pesky little details of her fake marriage and the equally fake adoption. We open at the cabin where it's the next day and Hope is holding ORB, who is as happy as can be in her mommy's arms. Hope is in the rocking chair in the living room, marveling over the adorable chubbiness of her daughter's legs, says: "Look at you...my little rock star. I was worried, but you are settling in just fine. I can't believe you're here - you're really home." Liam comes in from the guest bedroom/nursery and is smiling as he watches her and their daughter. Hope continues: "You know I am never, ever gonna take that for granted. You know, this almost never happened. All of that bad stuff...that's behind us now." Liam is just so in love as he watches the two of them. Hope: "It's just you and me and your daddy - the way it should have always been. Your mommy may have made a wrong decision (clearly referring to "marrying" Thomas) and she has a bit of a miss to clean up, but I promise you, I'm gonna fix it." Liam makes his presence known as he leans down and looks at her with a cheeky grin. Hope: "And you have been listening to me go on and on, haven't you?" LIam: "Um hmm....my favorite sound in the world." Aww... He takes a moment to touch the baby's toes, asking "How is she?" Hope smiles: "Perfect." Liam: "Oh...just like her mother then." I just love my Lope babies. She shares that Justin is stopping by later and Liam is happy to hear that. Bill insisted she use him vs Carter, who is out of town. I think that's for the best. Hope: "I mean, obviously I have question about "Phoebe's adoption," but more than that, I want to concentrate on our future." She clearly means the two of them. He intertwines his fingers with Hope on the baby's lap, whispering "Yeah, you do." Over at Brooke's, Ridge is still trying to get in touch with Thomas. Ridge: "How many messages and texts can I leave for you? Call me back ASAP." Brooke comes in with a pitcher of orange juice: "Still nothing?" It's obvious from Ridge's expression that the answer to that is "yes." She says she would feel a lot better if they knew what he was doing, what he was thinking. And I wouldn't be too sure about that, Brooke. Ridge: "I know what he's doing. He's avoiding everything." Brooke: "I know, but you can only do that for so long, now that the criminal justice." She notes that with Reese and Flo in custody now, the authorities are going to want to talk to anyone who knew Beth was alive and Thomas is most certainly on that list. Ridge clearly doesn't want to hear it, snapping, "I know!" when she says, "There will be consequences." Ridge insists he'll help Thomas through this (um, okay, Ridge), but he can't help him if he can't even find him. They are interrupted when Douglas, sporting a new haircut, comes down the stairs and Ridge calls him "the man of the hour." Brooke: "Sleep well?" Douglas: "Yeah, but then I woke up and couldn't find Daddy. Where is he anyways?" Poor kid. Brooke and Ridge look at him, then each other, at a loss for words. We hear the psycho Thomas theme so we know we're about to cut to Vinny's apartment. He's sitting there, shirtless this time, and wearing what I'm sure are borrowed, dirty sweatpants. He's also very...sweaty. I'm guessing he hasn't showered in days. He looks down at a text alert and tosses the phone down on the couch, ignoring his father yet again. Vinny comes into the room and tells Thomas he can end this by calling Ridge back. Riiiight, Vinny. Thomas: "I don't wanna talk to my dad. He doesn't give a damn about me." Vinny: "That's not true." Thomas: "Oh yeah? Then why would he leave us for Brooke?" Perhaps someone needs to share a Wikipedia article or something with the B&B history because that did not happen. Well, at least not until the kids were long grown and Ridge found out about the Big Bear Boink/hypocrisy and the heart attack Mommy Dearest faked. But is revisionist history about to rear its ugly head as the catalyst for Tommy-Boy's actions? I cannot roll my eyes hard enough. He grouses that Brooke is the boss of Ridge (as if!) and he can't trust anyone except Hope. Vinny is all "what am I, chopped liver" and Thomas quickly apologies, thanking him for letting him crash while he figures out his next move. He whines about being a married man, living apart from his wife and crashing on his friend's couch like college roomies. Thomas, stating the obvious but LOL as ICAM: "I feel like an idiot." Back at Brooke's, she and Ridge are sitting down with Douglas as Ridge says they don't know where his father is, but it's nothing for him to be worried about. Brooke echoes Ridge: "Thomas is fine." Douglas adorably asks: "Is he taking a time out?" Ridge smiles, "Something like that, yeah." Brooke: "In the meantime...we get to hang out with the BEST boy in the world." She leans in, rubbing his back, smiling as she says: "We are so proud of you." Ridge is more understated, saying simply: "Good job. It was hard." Douglas: "Telling the secret about Beth?" Ridge nods. Brooke: "You put a family back together and that is a BIG deal." Douglas fidgets nervously: "Well, my daddy's MAD at me. I don't think he likes me anymore." That's so sad, but Thomas honestly doesn't even like himself right now. How could he? Ridge denies it, insisting Thomas loves him. He chalks it up to sometimes, people who love each other fight but then the anger goes away. He reassures Douglas again that he did a great job and should be very proud of what you did. Douglas doesn't seem so sure and I need someone to dole out a slap to Thomas like the one Hope gave to Flo for being such a shit to his son. Brooke says: "You are our hero" as Ridge pulls Douglas into his arms and hugs him with a little chuckle and kiss on the cheek, trying to put him at ease. Back at Vinny's, Thomas is bitching about the air conditioning and I guess that explains the giant fan pointed at him. Vinny tells him it's a wall unit and he's lucky it's working at all. Then, hilariously, he tells him: "Quit complaining. You're staying here for free." Thomas: "I feel like my brain is on fire." Oh....kay. Vinny tells him to stop thinking too hard and to "chill out." The 80s called - they want their catchphrase back. Thomas snits to Vinny that his wife is most likely with another man so how is he supposed to chill out about that? Um, she's not your wife, doofus. Over at the cabin, Hope has just put Beth down for a nap and she comes back into the living room, remarking on what an easy, happy baby they have. Hope: "We have Steffy to thank for that." So again, just another reminder that Steffy and what she is going through is constantly on both of their minds. Because they are decent, compassionate human beings and it proves that Hope genuinely cares about Steffy. Liam: "Yeah, we do." There's a knock on the door and Hope gets up to let Justin in. He comes in with a big grin, asking "How's the new family?" Liam: "Amazing." Hope: "I can certainly say that this is the happiest and most grateful I have ever been in my entire life." Justin: "I am thrilled for all three of you and very happy that I can help in any way." He cuts right to the chase: "So...tell me what you need." Hope asks if he's talked to Carter about the fauxdoption. Justin: "Yes, he sent over copies of the documentation and brought me up to speed. He would also like to say how sorry he is for his role in keeping Beth away from you." He didn't do his homework, so he's also to blame and should, at minimum, face the California Supreme Court on disciplinary charges. Liam chimes in that Carter's not to blame as he had no idea what was going on. Exactly and there were plenty of red flags - unsigned documents, no follow up with Flo's "attorney" or the hospital where she allegedly gave birth and the doctor who allegedly signed off on everything. Not following up on the fake birth certificate. The lack of a home study. The sheer speed at which the adoption took place alone should have given cause for pause. The fact that an adoption is private can certainly expedite the process but not barely 48 hours (if that) fast. Well, not legally anyway. Justin says Reese was a pro and everything looked legit (um, no). "Except for the fact that the baby listed, never really existed." Hope: "Well, that's why you're here. So we can move forward with our lives." Back at Brooke's, she acknowledges understanding that Ridge wants to see the best in his son but she then expresses concern about Thomas: "If he can scare a five-year-old boy, what is he gonna do to Hope?" Ridge thinks Thomas can fix things with his son and with him but Brooke counters that his marriage to Hope is over. She adds: "We have to find him, Ridge, before he does something he regrets." Ridge: "So, what are you saying?" Brooke sighs: "I'm saying, I think your son is dangerous." And you would be right, Brooke. Over at Vinny's, Thomas is pacing and looking as beady-eyed-deranged as ever. Vinny suggests going out to get some food, but psychos like Thomas can survive on hate alone. He says he's not hungry and that he can't think straight. Vinny wants to know if Thomas has been "dipping into (his) stash again." Uh huh... He encourages Thomas to calm down and take some deep breaths and good luck with that, Vinny. Thomas snaps: "How am I supposed to do that when Liam is over there with Hope, taking advantage of her?" That would be your department, creep. Thomas: "I hate that guy. He's so smug and self-righteous and entitled...and not just to Hope, but Steffy, too." Once, that would have been true but no more. And it's hardly Thomas's role to point that out. Andplusalso, if Liam is soooo terrible, then you would think he'd want better than that for his precious sister, Hauxdilox, but nope. Thomas adds: "I never understood what those two ever saw in him." Well, many have asked that over the years and it's a valid question. Or it was. Ever since he married Hope, he's been all about her. For well over a year now and that's like a decade in soap time. Thomas says Liam needs to "know his place." Where is that, exactly? Six feet under? He rants that Hope is his now and he needs to get her away from Liam. For good this time. Back at the cabin, Hope tells Justin her main concern is that their legal rights to Beth be as ironclad as possible. Justin shares that he'll file a motion for fraud and they agree Steffy won't contest it. Justin again expresses sorrow for what they've been through. Hope says that's all behind them and she just wants them to move on, which includes ending her marriage to Thomas. Liam points out: "Which was just as fraudulent as the adoption."Abso-friggin-lutely! Hope nods: "I want it over...as fast as possible." Later, she expresses concern about Douglas and how her ending her faux marriage will disappoint him. And just like with her continued concern for Steffy, she is just as focused on Douglas, saying "He really bonded with me and liked having me as a mother in his life." She adds: "Obviously, I'm still gonna be there for him when he needs me, but I cannot stay in a marriage with Thomas for one second longer than I need to be." Liam clasps her hand in his, telling Justin: "The thing is, Thomas knew that Beth was alive. And actively kept it from Hope." Hope chimes in: "And threatened anyone who wanted to tell me." Justin's niece, included, and is that not going to come up? Liam: "Nothing about that wedding was true." Hope scoffs: "He promised to love and cherish me...and look what happened. Besides, I didn't love him." And she shouldn't have married him, especially not so soon, but I can't forget that she was mentally fragile and Thomas, using his son, took full advantage of that. She rubs Liam's arm with her free hand, her other hand still in his: "I never did. So that is why I need out of this marriage." Justin indicates he'll get started on the paperwork and talk to someone about fast-tracking things but it shouldn't be too difficult to end a marriage that wasn't legal in the first place. Hope shares how sorry she is for Justin's loss (meaning Emma) and that she thinks of her every day and misses her so much. Justin thanks her and says he feels the same and has been burying himself in work and he was actually glad he could step in for Carter. Hope: "We can't thank you enough." Justin: "I do have to say, this Thomas situation was quite shocking." Liam almost laughs as he says: "Justin, you have NO idea. Like he was awful when he first came back to town but now? He's off the grid, he basically abandoned his son, and it seems like he is getting worse, so I don't want him anywhere near Hope." Back at Vinny's, Thomas is still pacing and ranting about being Hope's husband. He tells Vinny that he has no idea what he had to do to get to this point. Oh, I think Vinny is starting to mentally add things up. Hilariously, but not, Thomas whines: "I didn't even get a damn wedding night!" Did he really think he was gonna get one without Hope being drugged? Vinny, trying to be the voice of reason, asks about Douglas, "All you talk about is Hope. I know you're in love, but what about your son?" Thomas scowls, saying: "You mean that little brat who ratted me out?" Fuck you, Thomas. What an absolute jackhole. Back at Brooke's, Ridge scoffs at Brooke's assessment, saying "Dangerous?" Brooke: "Yes, Ridge." Ridge: "Being a little dramatic, aren't you?" Brooke: "I wish I were." She's very worried for Hope and knows that when Hope ends their marriage, there's no telling what Thomas will do. Ridge obviously doesn't want to face the truth and is growing increasingly annoyed, turning his back on her and her concerns. Brooke is clearly frustrated: "He's unstable and he has been for years. It's getting worse." Ridge shrugs is off: "He's done some things in the past." Brooke shouts: "He's STILL doing them! He lied to Hope. He kept her baby from her. He married her under false pretenses." Ridge shouts back: "You don't think I'm concerned about any of that?" Clearly, not. He tries to deflect by whining about not knowing where Thomas is and how he won't return his calls or texts. And shouldn't that, more than anything, tell you everything you need to know, Ridge? He exclaims that he doesn't understand what's happening. Brooke sighs and tries to defuse the tension, saying "I'm sorry." For what? His son being a psycho and some of that needing to be laid at Ridge and Taylor's feet. She says that sometimes, she acts like she's only with a stake. Ridge pulls her closer, saying "He's my son. I raised him and I'm not wrong about him." Yes. You. ARE! Brooke acknowledges how hard this is for him but tells him they have to pay attention to the clues (aka the danger, Thomas is Psycho! warning sirens). Brooke reveals her thoughts about what really happened to Emma the night she died - in a nutshell, that Ridge, unsurprisingly, has a totally different take but before they can really go at it, Detective Sanchez arrives. He wastes zero time in telling them that they are reopening the investigation into Emma's death. Ridge looks like he's about to vomit. Back at Hope's, Justin asks if they think Thomas is a threat. It's clear he thinks that. Hope: "I do." Liam agrees and shares that Thomas tried to kidnap Hope. Justin is disgusted. Liam says he would have gotten away from it if he hadn't shown up in time, adding "to paint a picture, this is a guy who used his own son, a five-year-old who just lost his mother, to emotionally manipulate Hope, who at the time, was grieving the supposed death of her own baby, and Thomas knew didn't even happen. But he kept quiet and didn't say anything. Because that's how you trap Hope into marriage." He pauses to let Justin digest this. "So, it's not just that he's nuts. He's a threat. And Hope needs to cut all ties with him." Justin advises using caution with regard to her taking actions to annul the marriage, telling her: "If what you're saying about Thomas is true, annulling this marriage may just trigger the threat. If he thinks that it's over, that he has nothing to lose...that's something you might want to consider." Hope is resolute as she looks at Liam. She won't be scared into being tied (however false the marriage is) to Thomas one moment longer than necessary, saying: "I have...and I'm taking my life back." I certainly want Hope to take bac her life, but I am very concerned, especially with what I know is coming. And I'm not alone per the poll. WTAF voted "no?" here? We cut to Vinny's where once again, Vinny is futilely trying to get Thomas to calm down and telling him he used to be a calm guy isn't really going to work here. Hilariously, he calls Thomas "a hot mess, pacing a hole through my floor." Thomas actually seems to listen, but not really: "You're right. I can't get stressed out. Hope doesn't like me when I'm like that." Um, she pretty much straight up hates your guts 24/7. Delusional as ever, he warms to the idea of being calm when he "explains" why he kept the truth about Beth from her and how it was in her best interest, that it was the best thing for our family. It was the best thing for YOU! He's sure she'll understand once he explains and Vinny, telling him what he wants to hear for fear of his throat being slit in the night, says "that sounds like a plan." Thomas nods and says, "Those vows that we took...I meant every word. Till death do us part. Anything else is unacceptable." Back at Brooke's, Ridge feigns ignorance, saying: "Emma Barber? I thought that investigation was closed." Until it's not, Ridge. He adds: "It was distracted driving, right?" Det. Sanchez: "That's what we thought - at first. And the evidence seemed to support that resolution." Brooke asks, "So why reopen the investigation?" Det. Sanchez lowers the boom: "Because we came into some new evidence from Xander Avant." And we see a flashback with Emma learning the truth and confronting Thomas. Det. Sanchez continues: "He had knowledge of a confrontation between Thomas and Emma that happened the night that she died." It's, at minimum, very damning circumstantial evidence. "Not a friendly one." We see more flashbacks, with Thomas grabbing Emmy and the car chase and Thomas running her off the road, then fleeing the scene when he saw movement in the car instead of calling for help. Det. Sanchez adds: "And he ran her off the road." Ridge, in denial, "Well, Xander's mistaken." Nope and he has the GPS (much more than circumstantial evidence) to prove it. Det. Sanchez challenges him, almost smiling here: "Okay...and you know that how?" Ridge: "Because this is my son you're talking about. This is not him. He's got some problems. He's trying to figure them all out. But he didn't kill anybody. And that's what you're suggesting, isn't it? That he's a murderer?" Det. Sanchez nods and the camera zooms in to show the walls literally closing in on Ridge. Ridge continues to bury his head in the sand, saying: "My son isn't dangerous." But you can tell even he doesn't believe it and at the very same time, we cut to Vinny's apartment and we see Thomas, staring creepily into space. He starts fidgeting with his fake wedding ring as the eerie music swells. He then starts in with his typical refrain/rant: "You're mine, Hope. You're mine." Is there any doubt that Thomas is: Yeah, didn't think so. Also, I just had to include another clip of yesterday's epic verbal and literal smackdown by Hope of Flo because I could watch that from now until forever. Even CountryBoy sat down and honest-to-goodness watched it with me. I just now noticed that she yelled at Flo so hard she created a breeze that moved Flo's tendrils of hair. And also her clapping for emphasis because that was awesome as well: And just because, a gif of just the slap. While I am fearful of what might happen to Hope or Brooke or Douglas or anyone else I care about, I hope that this finally wakes Ridge up to the monster he raised. But I doubt it. Either way, I'm hoping Bridge is toast.
  5. CountryGirl

    The Spoiler Collection

    Fine by me if Thomas dies. The character has been painted into a corner. And if it finally breaks up GarBridge for good, even better.
  6. Such a low bar...but such is the world of VCA. Well, the ghostwriter. Somewhat of a tangent... I know he GW Garden of Shadows and the last 2-3 Heaven books (using her outlines), but I honestly wish after that that Virgina's executors or whoever would have pulled the plug and stopped using her name and tarnishing her legacy to keep churning out a profit. Possibly UO but maybe not.
  7. And it gets even more squicky with the Dawn/Cutler series as Dawn ends up marrying Jimmy, the boy she presumed was her brother and was raised with until her mid-teens. And this after being raped by her biological brother after he knew they were related (but before they knew, there was a lot of makeout/grope sessions).
  8. Web of Dreams is my second favorite (and who would have thought that considering it was written by Neiderman) but it was a close shave between that one and my #1, Dark Angel.
  9. CountryGirl

    The Spanish Princess

    She looked about six years old and there was a blond girl, presumably Mary as she's believed to be the elder of the two, next to her. And my mistake, this scene occurred in Episode 7, not the season finale (Episode 8). About 20 minutes in. Katherine is trying to discern Harry's whereabouts and Anne tells her he's gone. She asks where but before she can learn more (possibly), their father, Thomas, walks up and urges her to return home. ETA: Here are a few screencaps of the two girls: And a close-up of Anne: And here's Thomas to shoo them away:
  10. To all those demanding satisfaction vis a vis retribution for Flo (among others) in the wake of the Beth is alive reveal/reunion, today is YOUR day. We open at the cabin with Beth and Flo facing off and, as a reminder, that heifer had just asked if Hope could ever forgive her. Hope: "I'm not sure what you expect me to say." Flo is the Queen of Delusional today, replying: "That you can give me a second chance." To what? Sell her next baby to the highest bidder? Flo adds: "To start over. To be the cousin I really want to be." It's way too late for that. Hope's eyes narrow: "You think you deserve that, after what you did?" Flo shakes her head: "No." Then WTF are you asking for this? Hope, through gritted teeth, snaps: "I was told...my baby DIED." Flo: "I know." But the way she says it and almost shrugs shows she does not know, will never, ever know the harm she caused. What's more, she doesn't care what she did. She just cares that she got caught. Busted and outed by a five-year-old little boy. Hope continues: "You knew. You did know...that Beth was alive. You knew what that meant and still you said nothing." Flo snots: "If I could go back and change it, I would but I can't." And how dare she get angry with Hope. You brought this all on yourself, honey. "All I can do now is try to make it right with you." There is no getting back to right or good or anything resembling anything positive. Damn, she is dumb or entitled. I'm guessing both. Hope has an almost amused look on her face, as if to say, are you really that fucking stupid? Hope: "What? All those months I lost with my daughter, you think you can make that right?" Flo: "I know I can't. I know I can't make that right." So again, WTAF is the point of you being here? It's just rubbing salt into Hope's still very open wounds. "But what I do know is...I don't want to lose you?" Does she not realize she lost Hope before she ever even had her? From the moment she knew the truth, she threw any chance at a relationship with Hope and the rest of the Logan clan away. Flo continues: "That I care about you so much." And it's disgusting that she's trying to use Hope's goodness and capacity to forgive to her own advantage because you can see how much this betrayal has hurt Hope and doubly so because she's all that's left of Storm. Flo adds: "And I will do whatever it takes to prove that to you. To prove that you can trust me again." Does she really think that whining and crying and saying "I'm sorry" is going to fix this? Hope stares at her in disbelief as Flo begs: "Please, Hope." We cut to Brooke's and Shauna is STILL there. Good God, Brooke, kick her ass out! Shauna, all smug: "Well, say what you want, but I really think that Flo is gonna get through to Hope." Dream on, bitch! The Logan sisters all scoff at that with Donna laughing, saying: "I don't think so." Shauna: "Weren't you the ones who told me how close you Logans are and how loving and supportive-" And you were banking on Flo being a Logan as her get-out-of-jail-free card. Katie cuts her off: "Yeah, not when it comes to stolen babies." Ridge comes in then: "Hey - what's going on?" Brooke comes over to him: "Ridge, hi." He immediately spots Shauna: "What is she doing here?" Brooke, rolling his eyes, says: "Shauna's here, trying to convince us that Flo did nothing wrong." Shauna snits: "That's not what I'm saying." And she rolls her own eyes here and you do not get to do that to Brooke in her own house. "Of course, Flo did something wrong. I did something wrong." But forgive us anyway is the implication. And yep, here it comes: "I'm just trying to ask for a little forgiveness." Ridge almost laughs here as he stares at her and TK is kind of funny here: "Oh, wait...you're serious?" Shauna: "Flo never intended to-" Ridge sidesteps Brooke to step right in front of Shauna: "We don't care about intentions. We care about actions. Actions that will land her in prison." He stares her down and for once, she doesn't have a snappy comeback. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS. It's exactly what she and her felonious daughter deserve. Over at Wyatt's, the brothers Spencer are hanging out and as always, I love seeing Scott and Darin together. Wyatt: "Congrats." Liam laughs: "Thank you." Wyatt asks: "Is that weird to say? I mean, it's not exactly a "congrats" situation. More like your nightmare is over and I'm incredibly happy for you." Mostly it's over but Thomas is still out there, lurking like an undetected STD. Liam: "Well, it's true. I mean, for the first time, it doesn't feel like a dream anymore. Beth is BACK. She's back." He stops and looks at Wyatt, who has his arms out. "What are you-what are you doing?" Wyatt is adorable here as he stretches out his arms further, saying: "I feel like my brother is pretending to not cry, so I'm gonna give him a hug to make us not feel uncomfortable." He pulls him into his arms. Liam: "I'm not crying, you're crying." They both are, a little bit, and I love seeing them bonding even further as brothers. They pull out of the hug, laughing, as Liam exclaims again over the wonder of it all: "She's alive! She's alive! It's like my brain is struggling to process, but-" Wyatt: "It does kinda feel like a "congrats" situation." Liam smiles, nodding: "Yeah...I think it does." He looks down at his phone and tells Wyatt their dad and Justin are en route. "Hope you don't mind I told them I was coming over here." Wyatt shrugs it off, saying "the more the merrier." He looks nervous as he asks about Justin coming over, too. Uh huh... Liam says Bill has questions. Legal questions. I'll bet. Before they can discuss further, Bill walks in, with Justin right behind him and seeing such handsome men is reason enough to watch today's episode. Bill teases: "Just you two?" Liam and Wyatt give each other and Bill injured looks. Bill: "What? I thought Hope was gonna be here with my granddaughter." She already has him wrapped around her pinky. Liam: "You just saw Beth earlier today." Bill is aghast: "I gotta lot of time to make up for, Liam." Liam is more serious as he says: "Yeah...don't we all." He looks at Justin. "Hey, Justin, how's your family since Emma-" He trails off for the obvious reasons. Justin: "We're still trying to make sense of it. But thank you. I appreciate that. Heard about your news." He smiles here. "I'm very happy for you." Liam: "It's insane, isn't it?" Justin: "He was filling me in on the way over. So Steffy had the baby the whole time?" Liam: "Not that she knew." Bill: "No. It was just as shocking for her." Okay, Bill, you don't need to defend her. I hate that he has (and probably always will) a soft spot for her. Liam comments that he saw Steffy earlier and checked on her and Kelly. So much for him not caring about his other (for now) daughter and ex. Justin: "I can't believe that the doctor was able to pull this whole thing off." Liam: "Yeah, well, he had help." He darts a glance at an increasingly uncomfortable Wyatt. Wyatt: "Yep. He certainly did." Back at the cabin, Flo is still trying to plead her case and seriously, any decent person would (1) not have shown up in the first place to add more stress to Hope and (2) not done what Felony did in the first place. Flo: "I didn't plan any of this." Does she not get that that doesn't matter? So she wasn't involved from Day 1 - she was involved within a handful of days and was up until she got busted. Hope shakes her head and turns away. "I didn't know what Reese had done. I didn't know what he was involved in, how much trouble he was in. If I had known, Hope, I-" You would have what, exactly? She knew enough to know something was off and yet she went right along with her sometime boyfriend's scheme to kidnap and sell/traffic Beth. "I never would have gotten involved in any of this." Hope turns to face her, seeing if she's following Flo correctly: "So I'm supposed to forgive you because this wasn't your idea." Flo shakes her head, saying "no" as she looks down at the floor. Hope: "Because you just had to help a friend? Because you had no idea what was actually going on?" Flo looks up: "Thomas knew. Did you know that?" Unbelievable! Except...not. What part of what does Thomas have to do with YOUR role in all of this? She did what she did and she kept it a secret MONTHS before Thomas came back to town and MONTHS before he KNEW. Trust, I am not defending Thomas for his part in all of this, but he is not to blame for her lies before he even knew anything. Hope lowers her chin and you can see in her eyes how disgusted she is by Flo attempting to throw all the blame onto Thomas and lets her continue to give herself more and more inches of rope. Flo: "Thomas knew about Beth. He knew everything and he didn't want me saying anything. And he threatened my life. He didn't want anything getting in the way of being with you." And AGAIN, for the cheap seats, you could have TOLD THE TRUTH a million times over BEFORE Thomas even set foot back in LA, let alone knew your dirty little secret. Flo says it's not an excuse and she should have still come to you and Hope cuts her off here and her voice is deadly as she says: "I know. I know about all that. But what about before then?" YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Hope continues: "Before Thomas? You had PLENTY of times-" Flo cuts her off and do NOT interrupt Hope, you bitch: "I know. You're absolutely right." So is she now going to blame Zoe and being afraid of her, too? Flo starts up the waterworks: "Please, Hope. Can you please just-" It's Hope turn to cut her off, asking, sarcasm evident: "Forgive you?" She stares at Hope, disgust in her voice and eyes as she says, simply: "No." And then the fury comes out as she punctuates that: "HELL...NO!" The anger is palpable and Annika just continues to wow me as you can see the rage radiating off of her as she adds: "Not now. Not EVER." Back at Wyatt's, Justin asks: "What kind of doctor, what kind of person, switches babies?" Liam: takes himself to task here "I didn't question it. I should have questioned it...everything." Wyatt is quick to defend him: "Oh come on. How could you know that someone could do something so awful?" But I sense he's talking about himself as well, where Flo is his concerned. Bill, seething: "Well, my guys didn't get their hands on him." Too bad. "But at least he's been arrested." Liam says, "apparently." He's not sure when or how he gets extradited or what will happen next. Bill is on his feet: "Oh, I'll tell you what happens next, Liam. What happens next is his little helper Flo? She gets arrested." I love out-for-vengeance Bill. He adds: "And the two of them ROT in their cells." Yes, please. Back at Brooke, Shauna is blathering on about not knowing Hope well, but knowing enough to know she has a really big heart. Flo: "I think once she hears Flo's side of the story-" Katie interjects: "How does Flo's side of the story add up to anything but I sold your baby and then I lied about it for months." Two episodes in a row and I'm still loving Katie. Shauna once again blames it all on Reese and that Flo was just helping him and by the time she realized it was too late. No, it wasn't too late for her to tell the truth. Not to mention her posing as a birth mother, no questions asked, in the first place. Brooke calls her out (clearly in my head today): "Really? Because I would have known it was wrong the minute I said the baby was mine." Quite right. Donna adds: "I would have known the moment I signed false papers." Ridge: "Shauna...she put a stolen baby into my daughter's arms and told her to raise it as her own." Brooke: "Maybe she didn't plan it but she went along and that makes her just as guilty." Shauna is still trying to pin it all on Reese, saying he's the one who took the baby. But he couldn't have carried out his plan without Flo's help. She actually says they should be putting all of the blame on him. Ridge barks: "There's plenty of blame to go around, even with Buckingham in custody." Shauna is thrown by this because she has to know if he's in jail, Flo is next, but she asks anyway: "He was arrested?" The haughty demeanor finally got wiped from her face. Ridge is practically grinning as he confirms it: "Earlier today." He turns to look at Brooke, then back at Shauna: "I've been meaning to ask you. You're from Vegas, right? So what are the odds that your daughter is getting arrested today?" He is bringing the snark and I love it. Shauna starts pleading and groveling: "I am begging you. She's your niece!" And how dare she try to play that card. Also, what part of it's not up to anyone but the authorities to press charges? Crimes were committed and even if Hope or Liam or anyone else in the family went crazy and decided not to press charges, the authorities still would. So she is just fucking ridiculous here as is her daughter, who is angling for the same thing and causing more pain, and it doesn't matter. Brooke steps over to Shauna who, hearing this, shows her true colors as her temporary contriteness vanishes and the slithering snake she is reappears as Brooke reads her daughter for filth: "She stole my granddaughter. She stole Hope's daughter and sold her and then lied to us about it. She's not my niece. She's a thief, like Ridge said. And that's ALL she'll EVER be to me." Back at the cabin, Hope continues to put Flo on blast: "Did you honestly think you could convince me to forgive you?" Flo shrugs, "I guess not." And yet knowing that, she still chose to come and ambush Hope anyway. Hope: "What you did was VILE. It was DESPICABLE." Flo holds her hand up and says, "I understand-" Hope, charging toward her: "NO, you don't! Or you wouldn't have shown your face here today if you even remotely understood what you put me through!" It's as if TPTB are writing the dialogue I've been envisioning since the truth came out and I am here for it. Flo does her sad little (and fake as hell) head nod and Hope snaps: "Don't do that!" She sneers at Flo, saying: "Like you're all torn up inside, like you're some kind of-" And Hope stops and gasps here, realization dawning as she looks Flo up and down, seething as she spits: "You think you're some kind of victim, don't you?" Oh, Hope has her number and then some. Flo tries to deny but Hope holds up a fierce "don't fuck with me" finger and says, "Don't! Don't you DARE!" She is shouting now as she glares at Flo: "LIAM AND I WERE THE ONES VICTIMIZED! And Steffy, too - did you ever think about HER?" Her voice is almost a growl here and once again shows her character as she is so, so angry on Steffy's behalf and there's not a snowball's chance in hell of Steffy feeling a tenth of that if the situations were reversed. But this is who Hope is, has always been, moments of immaturity and youth notwithstanding. And I'm so, so happy to have AN in this role as she is owning and has since Beth's birth. Hope continues: "Her heartbreak? What it would feel like to adopt a little girl and fall in love with her, only to have her RIPPED AWAY?" I do hope that we get to see Steffy tear into Flo, but even if we never get those scenes, Hope is absolutely showing she has her stepsister's back and truly feels for her and is calling it out and laying all of that trash Flo's shit bare. Flo jumps in here and no, you do not get to challenge Hope: "Of course, I thought about her. I thought about her every single day!" And does she not see how, if true (which I doubt), that makes it even worse. That she did think about her and Hope and Liam and still said and did nothing. Hope isn't finished, not by a country mile, "What about Kelly? What about how confused she's going to be when her little sister isn't there in the morning? A STOLEN BABY!" She stares at Flo, asking: "What's wrong with you?" Flo shakes her head: "I don't know." Hope, gasping now, her voice breaking: "When I think about month after month, and lie after lie, and you pretending to to have this bond with me-" Flo: "I wasn't pretending." Because lying to her face day after day for the better part of seven months is different than that? Hope, the full scope of the betrayal hitting her: "You made me TRUST you. You made me CARE about you. You were DECEIVING ME THE ENTIRE TIME!" Flo: "I was NOT! I never lied about our friendship!" AYFKM? It was all a lie from the very beginning. She knew who Hope was and the whole situation before they even exchanged their first "hellos." That is straight up classic gaslighting and the fact that did this to a grieving, mentally fragile woman who also turned out to be her cousin is, in some ways, even worse than what Reese did. Flo isn't done ranting: "I never lied about being happy that you were my cousin." Because the Logan name opened doors the Fulton name did not. "Yes, I kept the truth from you, but the rest of it, it wasn't a lie." Oh, well, okay then. Hope laughs brittly: "Oh well, so much for FAMILY then, right? Even that didn't make you do the right thing." She then adds this: "I cannot believe I ever told you that Uncle Storm would be proud to know you." That hits the mark as Flo tears up. Flo: "Look, finding out that we were family only made it that much harder." Oh, you poor thing. "I struggled every single-" Hope should be knocking her teeth down her throat at the audacity of her to mention "struggled." But my gal surpasses my every expectation here and is full-on screaming as she shouts the rooftops down here and damn, I actually jumped back on my couch here: "I DON'T WANNA HEAR ABOUT YOUR STRUGGLES!" "I DON'T WANNA HEAR ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE INTIMIDATED YOU! HOW MANY PEOPLE BULLIED YOU! IT 👋 DOES 👋 NOT 👋 MATTER!!! (and YASSS, Hope is clapping between each word.)" Flo gives her an "eh" look then looks down again. It's disappointing that Katrina isn't bringing even 1/4 of what Annika is, but I'm enjoying Annika so much that I don't care. Hope, her voice a deadly whisper here, a disgusted sneer on her face, says: "You...chose...SILENCE. And for what? For some loser who sits at your blackjack table so he can repay his debt." Dammmmnnnnn. And here the rage comes back even more forceful than ever as her voice rises: "I had to wallow in agony for some JACKASS' gambling problem! HE PUT A DEAD BABY IN MY ARMS AND TOLD ME IT WAS MINE!!!" Flo doesn't even flinch, hearing this. Bad acting or Flo is soulless. You tell me. Hope: "THAT is who you aligned yourself with!" She punctuates her words with a finger punching the air, stopping just short of hitting Flo bodily. "THAT is who you were loyal to!" She punches the air again, ever so slightly closer. "And THAT-" SHE SLAPS THAT BITCH ACROSS THE FACE SO HARD HER HEAD PRACTICALLY DOES A 180!!! "THAT...IS WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!" Flo just stands there, holdly her already-red face. Hope, her hand balled up in a fist stares her down, literally shaking with anger. Annika is gonna have one hell of a time picking her Emmy reel scenes. BTW, Annika/Katrina confirmed that the slap? Was real. Please hang on while I rewind and watch that about 10 more times (for starters). I am in tears, guys. Tears of sorrow that Hope is going through even more heartbreak and torture at the hands of Flo but also tears of joy that she has the agency and backbone to give her miserable excuse for cousin the comeuppance she deserves. Back at Wyatt's, Bill vows that Flo will serve time for her actions. Justin rises to his feet: "Well, that's a pretty safe bet." Liam gets to his feet as well: "I want to put this behind me. I'll testify. I know Hope will." Justin: "You might want to plan for that, especially if she pleads not guilty." Wyatt insists she won't and she won't fight it. Liam: "You think so?" I wouldn't be so sure. Bill and Justin are starting at Wyatt like have you lost your ever-loving mind? Wyatt sighs: "I mean, I'm not sure about her at all. Or the type of person she is now. But I do no this, she's not faking remorse." Excuse me while I laugh myself silly over that. Also, Wyatt? You don't know shit. "It seems like she's ready to face the consequences." No, she's not. That's why she ambushed Hope and her mother the Logan sisters. If she had an ounce of remorse, she wouldn't have done that on top of everything else. Bill snaps: "Oh, she's gonna face the consequences, whether she's ready or not, Wyatt!" Liam, to Wyatt: "Just so you know, I hate Flo for what she did." And rightfully so. "But I know that you care for her and I know your feelings about this are not gonna be as clear-cut as mine." It's a nice moment to them as brothers as Liam genuinely feels for his collassly stupid brother (perhaps because he has screwed up royally in the past himself?) Bill rolls his eyes and sighs. Wyatt counters: "They're clear. I value trust and I value honesty. (And if so, then why did you lie to and cheat on Sally, hmm?) And Flo knew that. I loved her, you know, and I maybe always will." Oh gag! "But there's no room in my life for that now. Not after what she's done." And ugh to him sounding all wistful and it absolutely sickens me that Sally has, apparently, already taken him back. If only she could be a fly on the wall. Back at the cabin, Flo is still holding her cheek and there's a flash of anger in her eyes and voices as she challenges: "Do you want to do it again?" Wow, she has some balls. If I were Hope, I'd answer by slapping her teeth out of her lying, trash mouth. Hope whispers: "No." Flo: "I won't stop you." As if you could. Hope then stuns her with her next words and they find their mark: "I don't need to hurt you. You've already hurt yourself. But I do want you to leave." Flo: "Okay..." And then she says this: "I can give you more time." You could give her from now until the Apocalypse and she ain't changing her mind. Hope cuts her to the quick: "No, not as in 'now." No as in I want you to leave my life forever." Hopefully, the authorities can help out with that. Flo still tries to plead her case even though it's clear Hope, her back now turned, is done with her, saying how she wishes she could go back to the day they met. How she could have told everything right then and there. But you didn't. Hope whirls around and says: "You know what moment I'd like to go back to? The moment where your good friend handed me a dead baby. Yeah, I would love nothing more than to tell him to go to hell. To spit in his face. To kick and scream. I would have done ANYTHING to have my daughter from DAY ONE! To raise her with my husband. Do you UNDERSTAND what you TOOK from us? DO YOU?" Of course she doesn't and they both know it, even though Flo feebly nods. Hope: "Every lullaby, every cry, her first smile, her first laugh, you took her and you gave her to ANOTHER WOMAN to raise. Steffy got all those firsts that should have been MINE! I can NEVER get them BACK!" And I am so, so glad they are acknowledging this theft, this loss on top of the loss of Beth, herself. Hope: "So yes, as much as I would love to go back and make it so I always had my baby and I never, ever had to meet you...I can't. I have to go the rest of my life, knowing what you did. My...uncle's...bastard." Holy shit, guys. And this said by Deacon Sharpe's bastard. But totally deserved. But still...wow. Hope shakes her head: "Not a cousin. Not...family." Flo is dead to her now. Before another word can be spoken, Brooke is at the door. Honestly, I could have watched these confrontation scenes for a good week. She enters the cabin with Donna, Katie, Ridge, and a reluctant Shauna at her heels. Brooke wants to know what Flo said. Hope says, "About what you'd expect. Regrets, tears...not like it matters." Brooke blasts Flo: "To think that we were happy when we found out that you were part of our family, that you were our brother's daughter...that maybe Stormy could live on through you." We cut to Donna, Katie, and Ridge, who are full of disgust as they look at her. "But you have proven us wrong." Brooke, in tears, continues: "Stormy was a good man. He sacrificed his life for his family. But you are NOTHING like that. You are cruel and you are mean. And he was selfless. How could you have possibly have come from him?" I'm not sure what direction Katrina was given here, but her defensive, self-righteous glare back at Brooke isn't working for me. Or maybe it is because this is who Flo is. I don't know. Brooke, angry tears and sorrow for her dead brother, says: "But now all I see is his shame." Even Shauna is silent here as Flo just stands there, staring at the floor, crying pity-party tears. Back at Wyatt's Bill is telling Justin that as soon as they find out what judge is assigned to the case, he wants every detail about him. Justin tells him to wait a minute, chiding him about learning his lesson from that, recalling the custody case with Katie. Bill scoffs: "That was Ridge." A wary Liam asks: "Dad, how exactly are you planning to get involved?" Bill makes a wounded gesture, "I just wanna help, Liam. Nothing illegal." The brothers share a perfectly timed look and a frown. "I just want to do everything we can to make sure those two are put away for as long as possible." Liam agrees they need to pay and Bill wants to know what they are waiting for. Liam shares that he's been in touch with Ridge and Flo isn't going to be walking free for much longer. Yeah, I'm giving her about three more minutes. Flo: "You probably won't believe this but no one feels more shame than I do." Brooke scoffs: "Now that you got caught." Katie also blasts her: "Where was your shame when you were signing documents giving Hope's baby to Steffy?" Shauna interrupts to say, once again, how horrible Flo feels and nobody is buying what you're selling, heifer. Flo whines to her mommy that she's tried to tell Hope so many times and boo fucking hoo. Donna: "How hard is it to say 'your baby's alive'?" As usual, Flo talks about how every time she had the courage (yes, she actually said that), someone would come along and stop her. She says she shouldn't have let them (and remember, she knew Hope was the mother before Zoe even knew so who, exactly, was bullying her to keep quiet?) Reese, far away in the UK? Come on! Katie: "So when Liam and Hope's marriage was breaking up, you didn't think even then you could say something so you could fix it?" Wow, Katie is as pissed as I've ever seen her and that is saying something. I'm talking veins are popping out in HT's neck and everything. Flo: "Yeah, but I can't go back." She looks at Hope: "I am so sorry, Hope. I failed you. I failed all of you and I'm so sorry." They all look up at a loud rat-a-tat-tat on the door. Guess who? Ridge opens the door and ushers in Detective Sanchez and a police officer. He indicates he got Ridge's call and adds, looking at Flo, it's "quite the story." Shauna demands to know what's going on and are you that dumb? A snarky Ridge explains: "Well, there's a criminal on the property, so I called the police. Safety first." I love it! Shauna, just save your "Oh my God" for your boys in Vegas. No one here wants to hear it. Flo insists "it's fine." Oh, you're so brave, Flo. Shauna tells her to zip it until they call an attorney. Det. Sanchez: "You're welcome to call one from the station." Shauna sputters: "The station? What are you talking about?" Wake up and smell the communal jail toilet. Det. Sanchez coolly ignores her, announcing: "Flo Fulton, you're under arrest" as the others look on. Shauna screeches: "You're arresting her?" What did she honestly think they were here for? Hope glares at Flo who has the nerve to try and turn puppy dog eyes on Hope. Again, even if Hope said she didn't want to file charges - IT'S NOT UP TO HER. But her eyes clearly say, even if she had the power to stop this, she wouldn't lift a finger. In fact, I don't think she would piss on Flo if she was on fire. Shauna wants to know what they're charging her with and stop with this, Shauna. You're embarrassing yourself. I'm guessing that's not an uncommon occurrence for her. Det. Sanchez, obviously used to the crazies, says "Kidnapping for one." The cop steps behind Flo and we hear the distinctive sound of handcuffs. Music to my ears. Shauna wails that she's innocent. Det. Sanchez: "Miss Fulton participated in the falsifying of government documents. She also represented herself as the birth mother of a child she knew was stolen, which means we'll be charging her with fraud." YES! Shauna blubbers on about Flo being the Logan sisters' niece and making a "mistake" by trusting the wrong man and you can wail til the cows come home because AGAIN, it doesn't matter. And don't get me started on this being a "mistake." A mistake is forgetting to pick up milk at the grocery store. Ridge: "She made a mistake and now she's gonna pay for it." Det. Sanchez says "Let's go" and reads Flo her rights as the cop leads her out. I'm not recapping anymore of Shauna's wailing because it's lather, rinse, repeat. I love how Ridge grabs Shauna's arm so she can't try and stop them. Hope eyes Flo until she's gone from her sight, which, blissfully, is seconds later. As good as the reveal and reunion scenes were, this was even better. I'm not a smoker, never have been, but I'm thinking I could use a pack or two, now. From start to finish, one of the epic episodes of this show and Annika taught a master class in acting today. Absolutely phenomenal.
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    More detail on today's episode aka the Bitch Slap! And damn, Annika really slaps Katrina!
  12. I obviously threw in the towel with the hair color crap since I kind of, sort of, forgot about Drake's hair color. Remember - he was the look-alike son Luke Sr had always wanted. I doubt I'll watch these movies ever again, but didn't Heaven tell Logan that Tony was her father toward the end of Fallen Hearts? When they were back at the cabin? How very meta. Another nitpick - movie Troy being such a damn wuss, being too scared to leave the cabin and running away and leaving Annie back in Tony's clutches when in the book, he helped her learn how to walk again and also called Luke to tell him he needed to come to Farthy and see Annie, which led to her finally escaping, with a big assist from Fanny.
  13. They were and that was the same as the book, but the actresses looked so much older - I think it was the hair that aged them because the actress playing older Fanny is in her 30s. Not sure about the one playing older Heaven. Troy didn't age a bit LOL.