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  1. I found myself thinking something nice about Cockroach for a change. That dress was gorgeous on her - the blue matching her eyes perfectly. The hair was better than her greasy tendrils look with Danny but it needed some waves/curves. I loved the Luan/Jack storyline and am still annoyed there's nary a real mention of Keemo in all these years. And I'm sure Phillip Moon has better things to do but we need someone better than Kyle, who is ruined for me at this point. Such a shame Elizabeth Sung passed away a few years ago. And I just remembered that she and Phillip Moon both appeared in The Joy Luck Club movie. She was such a good villain in that movie.
  2. Someone may have posted this already, but speaking of Susan Lucci, it did annoy that her many noms/losses detracted from the actual winner. Not her fault, of course, but it got old.
  3. That's absolutely true and I can't imagine it either. I think it grates that he wasn't looking at like that - he said he wouldn't take "charity" from his wife, which that's called marriage, you dolt.
  4. Adding on to the Edwards vs Garvey discussion, Garvey got on my nerves with how sexist (or 1800s) he could be with Alice - didn't want her working when the barn burned down (although she taught school for a season!?!) and was ready to divorce her, threw a conniption when he found out she had been a teenage bride and the marriage lasted all of two weeks, and he was always spending money without talking to her first. Yes, she should have told him about Harold, but to be that angry? And to toss a perfectly good telephone and all its trappings. I could go on for days. Most of all, he just never seemed to be much fun. Edwards and Grace seemed to have fun together, even from the moment they meet and he had her convinced the jug that had had liquor in it still did. Her shenanigans to make him jealous over Doc L'Orange so he'd invite her to the sweetheart dance only she got found out and had to ask him instead. I just love this whole exchange: Grace: "They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Edwards: "You must be collecting hearts the way Geronimo collected scalps. It's downright shameful!" Grace: "Oh, I admit it! I have been shameful! Using poor, innocent Dr. Baker to make you jealous just so you'd break down and invite me to the spring dance." A moment as he takes this in. "Well, if you're not gonna ask me, I'm going to have to ask you. Well? Yes or no?" Edwards pauses, then has a smile: "Never could resist your cherry pie." And with a quick peck, he's off and back to work and both of them with smiles on their faces. Ma and Pa had their share of fun, too, and the chemistry between KG and ML was something. One of my favorite moments is from The Richest Man in Walnut Grove where Pa comes home from working one of his many jobs to pay off the mercantile bill (so much for cash on the barrel!) to find Caroline plowing. Charles: "Look at you." Caroline, fussing with her hair: "I must be a sight." Charles: "You are. Your face is dirty, your hair's all askew, and you're still the prettiest woman a man ever set his eyes on. The only thing I regret about being married to you is that I'll never have the joy of asking you to be my wife again." ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“ And then there was all that popcorn...
  5. Ole Dan Tucker vs Themโ€™s Snails. Tough call. Probably Edwards. For the Christmas in Kansas, his flirting with Grace, and his love of the Henderson orphans.
  6. Ah, the "Mline? I'm gonna be..mmmline?" two-parter.
  7. Now, now, some of the dream episodes were fun. I mean, where else would you see normally mild-manner Nels looking like this. Or Harriet's head where it belonged...on a platter.
  8. Carrie had a pretty interesting life in her own right as she worked for several newspapers, even managing one at one point (so Laura and Rose weren't the only writers in the family). Carrie helped her sister recall many memories from the past in the writing of the LH books. Her husband, David Swanzey, gave Mount Rushmore its name and her stepson, Harold, was one of the workers who helped carve the monument. Here's a link with some good details re Carrie's life: http://www.keystonehistory.com/index.php/cultural-innovators/carrie-ingalls
  9. Bingo, @Susan Easey. RL Carrie and Grace likely wanted to kick ML's behind for doing them so dirty on the show.
  10. I'm all for Steffy getting a new man (i.e. not Liam, Wyatt or $ Bill) but...
  11. LOL. Or one of the kids from Clan of the Cave Bear.
  12. Most of the well episode is annoying to me - even just the premise of Carrie falling down a well, because, of course she would. But even I have to admit that the end, where it's assumed there's a cave-in and Carrie is dead, it's pretty moving to see Caroline collapse by the well and then to hear that faint "Caroline" in the background and to see Charles stepping into the firelight, something in his arms, and then we see it's Carrie, saying "Mama." Even though I knew, even the first time I saw it, that Carrie wasn't about to be killed off (unless ML really went off the rails), the characters didn't know that. I also liked that moment where Ma wasn't perfect and almost had to be restrained from attacking Miss Beadle, whom she blamed for the assignment that led them to exploring the woods near the abandoned well. Save it for the blizzard, Ma.
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