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  1. I volunteer Sphyllis as tribute for the face firsting into the wedding cake. ETA - JINX! @peacheslatour
  2. I like them (Vash), too. Sphyllis talking during the ceremony was making me so angry. I loved seeing Sally and Adam holding hands, Sally chatting up the pastor LOL, and Victoria giving credit where credit is due and thanking Sally and giving her an honest-to-goodness hug.
  3. I kept yelling, "Get that effin' hair out of your face, you drunken heifer!"
  4. Dummer and Not-So-Pouf I like them so much better in these tiniest of doses. Leslie looks so pretty in fuschia. Nick and nuNoah. I quite like nuNoah. Nikki - I liked the wrap dress although a spot of Spanx couldn't have hurt. It's a staple in my wardrobe. Harrison is a cutie but I'm 😠 as to Johnny and Katie being MIA.
  5. Some pics from the wedding and this is the stuff I live for: I was wrong about Adam wearing dark blue but these two are still sex on a stick. Billy, looking like a bell hop or a wanna-be Wedding Singer. Jack looking dapper.
  6. Victoria said "YES!" to Sally's dress. I guess I'll sit at a table for one as I kinda love it. It suited her perfectly and actually gave her a figure with some vava-va-voom vs a walking stick. Especially looking at it from the back. That is damn sexy. And it's SALLY'S dress and everyone, including Sphyllis and Dummer, was agog over my gal's design and I can't wait for them all to eat a heapin' helpin' of crow when they learn she's the designer. I liked Victoria's hair as well. I love Ashland's silver velvet tux - fitting for this silver fox.
  7. What is it with Forresters and taking in strays, ahem, Paris? And of course something has now fallen through with Thomas’ new digs so he will be sharing his apartment with her. 🙄🙄🙄
  8. I have had it up to HERE with Liam and his attempts to deny Hope any agency in her own life. She went through enough hell with thinking Beth had died and being parted from her for most of her first year because those in the know cared only about saving their own asses. Except Emma, who died when she tried to do the right thing and immediately jumped in the car to get to Hope with the truth. I know Liam went through this as well but this is barely in the rearview mirror and the scars and the trauma of that will likely be with Hope forever. Liam himself took away Hope's agency wh
  9. How sad for Annika. She had two miscarriages while filming the Beth's death storyline. https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-bold-and-the-beautiful/news/611886/bold-beautiful-annika-noelle-pregnancy-losses/ Yet another example of how the stigma of loss needs to be eradicated. No one should have to suffer in silence or feel ashamed.
  10. So much yes to the bolded. She didn't even get her 15 minutes of fame and self-importance. She was the Judas to Monica's Christ. The epitome of incidental.
  11. This was the strongest episode of the series. That the scenes took place in the span of a day and mostly in a hotel just added to the feeling trapped effect. It honestly made me claustrophobic watching some of it, which I'm sure is exactly how Monica felt. I loved Mama Bear Lewinsky and Mira Sorvino was perfect in the role. Everyone should have a Ginsberg in their life. Linda blithely shopping afterwards is so Linda. But the encounter with Monica was chef's kiss.
  12. I don't like the coat. I hate the color, the edging, and the weird navy blue tracing lines, including the triangles around her boobs.
  13. I'll echo others that please give us old-school Survivor back. Where it's building shelters and strategizing and figuring out how to survive physically and emotionally. Where the only rewards or immunity idols are earned by winning challenges. No hidden idols, no stupid "I need a manual to understand it" advantages. Let's get back to knowing each contestant. Falling in love with a contest one episode and out of love the next (or sometimes both and back again in the SAME episode).
  14. Maxima today. She looks great!
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