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  1. Flo could donate all of her internal organs, on top of allowing Wyatt to be with Sally in her final days (and trust, if she thought Sally was going to live more than a month, she'd be no way, Jose) and I still wouldn't forgive her for her part in the Bethnapping.
  2. This was one of the best moments in the entire series. Alfred truly did look like a ghost here and kudos to the makeup and lighting teams as well as DD himself. I will miss his Alfred greatly even if I sometimes felt like Uhtred here where Alfred was concerned: I only recently discovered this show and am so glad I did. As a GoT fan (except for the 2nd half of S8), I was having some serious withdrawal. I dare say that I enjoy this show far more. The fact that this series is loosely based on history and British history at that makes it all the more compelling. I have the S3 finale yet to watch as I've been trying not to binge too much with S4 yet to be released.
  3. I should amend that I find old-school Victor hot in a prominent cheek-boned guy with an accent to boot kind of way now. Back then, I found him old and creepy. Clearly, I need to evaluate myself, but that's what nostalgia/flashbacks will do to you.
  4. And just think, Cockroach and Sphyllis fought over him, too.
  5. Came across this while looking for old Y&R clips (inspired by the flashback-palooza of last week). Ah, the 80s. What a time to be alive. Gotta love the ginormous cellophane bow on Lauren's ass. And now I know where Sexy Sax made its debut.
  6. She really is the human embodiment of a bad rash.
  7. I tuned in for all of the flashbacks and they did not disappoint. The acting, the music, the sets (the Newman Ranch!!!), the storylines...I mean, I almost felt as if it was an entirely different show. As crazy as it sounds, I would much rather the show just stopped in its tracks and start over again from the beginning. And watching EB/Victor in his early days, I remember that part of the reason I started watching all those years ago was because of him. But he was more than a mumbling one-trick-yougotthat! trick pony back then. Those scenes with him and DM where he learns she's the mother who abandoned him still break my heart. And no one, save MTS, can bring on the legit waterworks like EB. Matt has turned into quite the silver fox. He was always what my mom would call "ruggedly-handsome." But he's just as yummy now. He makes a fine-looking couple with Ashley (which IIRC, they were an item back in the day). Make MASH happen, TPTB! And on a lighter note, that moment where John cleaned Victor's clock will never not be fun to watch. I found it in gif form which thank you to whoever did that. I also came across this compilation of flashbacks. Man, I miss Soapnet. Finally, it is wrong that I found younger Victor pretty hot? I'll see myself out now.
  8. If I'm Sally and the choice is between dying alone and spending my last days with Wyatt, I'll take what's behind door #1 please and thank you.
  9. I really enjoyed the episode, especially as it showcased, once again, the power of the Robfather. I may be in the minority, but I think Rob deserves a lot of credit for winning his 4th go-round and it was not just a cakewalk for him. He made all the right moves at the right time, he came in as a HUGE target and immediately took the leadership role, got trust, eliminated any uncertain variables, and had control of the game from beginning to end. Most importantly, he was able to not be boot #2 (after boot #1, Russell) and he executed on getting not just one, but two goats, whom he knew he could beat (Natalie and Phillip) to the end with him. The argument that it was a bunch of sheep doesn't hold much water with me because often, that can make it that much harder for him to control. He was out there, making relationships with EVERYONE and being a part of EVERY conversation. And fast forward to the present season, he's playing with some of the best, savviest, sharpest tools in the shed, and guess what? He's running the game. AGAIN. Because he's Boston Rob and Jedi Ninja Svengali is what he does best. Getting everyone to dump their bags on the spot when they all could have said "No" is just one example of that. But to add to that, Jeremy, who wants to be the one running the game because duh, says Rob is controlling the game, Adam is calling him the Godfather, he fucked up the puzzle part of the challenge, basically costing them the win, new-school has the numbers advantage and they vote out whom again? Oh, that's right, Danni. Which as much as it pains me to see another woman go out, she talked her way out of the game. And Amber was voted out solely because she's Rob's wife and they had a chance to take her out early. Back to Rob, really though, he should have, at minimum, won All Stars but a bitter jury held their nose and gave it to his soon-to-be-wife Amber instead. And yes, I'm an unabashed Rob fan and have been ever since Marquesas and his Robfather segment.
  10. I absolutely loved this episode. Anytime the Big 3 gets together, it's must-see TV for me. I'm glad they brought closure to the Kate/creepy asshole boyfriend storyline and I have to say that I loved Kevin immediately wanting to kick douchey mustache face's ass. And Randall, pausing to gulp, and then wanting to join in. I was also pleased to see Toby and little Jack bonding and OMG when Jack was choking. I can't even imagine the terror you would feel but having to be calm in the moment and then the relief. LOL at the puzzle because OF COURSE Jack would turn a picture of his family into a puzzle. Loved younger Kevin putting that last piece in Randall's bag for the time capsule and telling him everyone would be so excited to find it later. The siblings gathering around the fire to look at the items just made me so happy to watch. But wistful as I wish I had that with my siblings. I know, I know, it's a TV show but I know that kind of connection exists in real life. The TAPE...OMG, the chills I got when it started playing and Jack's voice was there. What an unknowing gift from him and Rebecca. Kevin building the house that Jack designed and now we know it's that house that older Rebecca is at in the flash forward. Still hoping that Madison isn't the baby mama/fiance. The writers continue to mess with us by having that picture of young Sophie/Kevin in Kevin's time capsule bag. Because it cannot be stated enough: present-day Kevin is fine as hell, but future Kevin? I would climb that silver fox like a tree. Finally, "To Build a Home" was the song playing during the flash forward as Kevin arrives at the new cabin he built, but it was not the first time we've heard it. We first heard it when the Pearson family home caught on fire. Feel free to cry now.
  11. ITA about Hope being as dumb as the box of hair Steffy keeps on her dresser, but Steffy did not walk in on Lope screwing. They were making out, nothing more, as can be easily seen here (Liam's pants are clearly upright with belt firmly secured). But even if he had been screwing Hope, the Steamless marriage was over the day this happened. All that was left to do was sign the papers. Liam owed that skank bitch nothing. The two situations aren't remotely comparable IMO.
  12. So Sally is dying of some mystery disease (which WTAF to that - the dying and the fact that the lazy writers can't even be bothered to give it, I don't know, a NAME), she has a MONTH to live, and she's choosing to spend her final days at FC. Then, "shockingly," Katie, who is sworn to secrecy about Sally's health, has already blabbed to $ Bill and Wyatt. Of course, telling Katie anything is like telling the town crier. Neither man has the right to know anything about Katie but you know how she loves to meddle. And use her medical condition as a way to come between couples - Nicket, Still, and Bridge. Well, this time, she can do it vicariously. I have to wonder if she wants Wyatt to be with anyone, even if she seemingly doesn't want him anymore. I'm calling it now. Sally will be miraculously cured but only after a hospital bed wedding with Wyatt. But she keeps it a secret ala Nikki when she deliciously tortured Victor after learning of his affair with Ashley when she was dying. But then again, I want better for Sally than puffy-faced, gaping goldfish Wyatt. Thomas and Hope...what can I say that hasn't already been said? Both of them are too stupid to live, Hope especially. And she was the epitome of thirsty watching Thomas make out with Zoe with Douglas clinging to her legs. I couldn't believe my ears, though, with the revisionist bullshit being spewed from Thomas about how Taylor should have used him as a means to keep Ridge. Guess he forgot about how Taylor crowed to Stephanie that Thomas would be the "ultimate weapon" in the war with Brooke for Ridge. This show truly is the worst.
  13. On a related note, WTAF to Adam still not knowing that Sharon has cancer. I'm so sick of TPTB trying to make fetch, ahem, Chadam, happen, because it SUCKS. And no offense to Rey, who's been the epitome of great boyfriend, but there's no there there.
  14. I'm watching only for Sharon's storyline at this point. This shot of her watching them operate was powerful. ITA that later, the makeup on the ladies cuddling in bed was annoying (especially Sharon's smokey eye makeup - girl, WASH your face!) but it made me tear up seeing her and two of her girls in bed with her and her other girl watching them. It was especially poignant watching Cassie looking at the twin sister she never knew. And kudos to CG for knocking it out of the park playing both Mariah and Cassie. The moment they showed Cassie, I knew it was her without CG saying a word.
  15. So sad to hear this. I loved him as crusty but softy deep down Loren Bray on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and enjoyed seeing his character end up marrying Alley Mills' character (Dr. Quinn's older, fiesty sister).
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