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  1. All the talk about a half-naked DD made me tune in. He did not disappoint. MH even commented on how good he looked. To which I said, "I knowwwww." 😀 You would have to be an idiot to not smell the set-up, but of course, TPTB are going to have the sharpest tool in the shed be suddenly dull in the face of reuniting for the third time with his sad sack ex-wife. Bill is too fine to be wasted on drip Katie and I give it about five minutes before they break up again, probably because Bill finds out about the little test. Any man with any self-worth wouldn't tolerate that shit and would send the insecure little twit packing.
  2. CountryGirl

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    I am so bummed about this.
  3. @mightysparrow, thank you for sharing and speaking your truth. There is still such a stigma about mental illness and depression and it's not just something you can turn off like a faucet. This show gets so many, many things wrong here but Hope's affect is something they have gotten right and while I hate the baby swap storyline, at least this rings true to real life.
  4. Did Adam borrow dear ol' dad's jacket?
  5. So Adam has amnesia but he has a photograph of Christian?
  6. CountryGirl

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    The heart wants what it wants. 😁 I never cared for the Adam/Chelsea pairing, mainly because I couldn't stand original grifter Chelsea or MCE. It's a shame to bring back Adam to saddle him with her when he would be so much better with SC.
  7. So I dipped my toe (or I guess my eyes) into the cesspool that is this show yesterday, just to see the Liam/Thomas showdown. But first we had this standoff with Thomas and Sally: Thomas: "So, you moved out of Wyatt's." LIke he cares. Sally: "Yeah." As she should have, taking her dignity and pride with her. Thomas: "Did he kick you out?" Nice. Sally: "No. Leaving just felt like the right thing to do, after everything that happened." Thomas: "Sure, if you want to lose him." You would think that, stalker. Although honestly, Sally is better off and I'm disgusted by her being trampled in the process of propping Felony Flo. And it is honestly chapping my ass that she is being praised for being sane and rational with crazy, delusional Hope when FLO IS PART OF THE REASON HOPE IS "CRAZY" AND "DELUSIONAL." Sally: "I'm not giving up on us." Thomas: "Good. I'm sorry I got you mixed up in the situation with Hope and me. I didn't want to affect your relationship with Wyatt. But, hey, I'm sure you'll work things out." He isn't sorry at all. Sally: "Yeah. I hope so." Honestly, Sally? He's not worth it. She was wrong to keep Thomas' whackado a secret from Wyatt (and more importantly, Liam and Hope) but she came clean within days. Wyatt is still lying about having cheated on her with Flo. And yes, with numerous kisses and meetings (some behind Sally's back), they have crossed that line IMO. Sally's Spidey senses and street smarts should have realized there's a reason he's just fine and dandy with her leaving. It's almost like he wanted her to have some secret so he could justify what he's been doing with Flo for weeks now. Boy, bye. Thomas: "I doubt he's gonna let you go. That said, I'm not giving up. I still think it's best for Liam to be with my sister and those girls, and it's best for hope to be with Douglas and me, filling the awful emptiness." What emptiness? He wasn't even in love with Caroline (which is not to say he doesn't miss her in his own right as well as for Thomas), but come on now, son. Sally fires back: "Her bed isn't empty. And Liam isn't gonna let that happen." Nope Thomas: "Hope gets to live her own life." Wow, thanks for pointing out the obvious, jackhole. Sally looks at him like she can't believe she was ever in love with him and it really is sad that they completely erased the history these two shared. That would have been a much better story to tell and for the first few days after his return, they were playing Thomas (at least i his expressions) as still having feelings for her. Not this woke up in love with Hope crap. Sally: "That's exactly what she's doing. With the man she chose to spend it with." She fires one last parting shot. "And I imagine Liam's flying home as we speak." Of course, the reality is lost on him. Later, I have to say that it was very satisfying seeing Liam put that psychopath in his place. It was clear he had Thomass' number from the second he landed. Like his remark to Wyatt: "I want to know what I'm walking into first. I mean, just how far has Thomas gotten in his campaign to brainwash my wife into leaving me?" I also loved how he stood up for Sally when Wyatt was whining about how he thought she was cheating on him with Thomas. Oh, the irony. Wyatt shares the retconned history that Thomas told Sally he never stopped loving Hope. Liam: "What? What -- what does that make Sally and Caroline, intermissions?" Damn. Liam can be salty. I love it. Wyatt: "Dude, this -- this is apparently how he tells it." Liam: "Okay. I mean, it kind of sounds like he's just excusing the way he treated both women. I'll be damned if he's gonna make Hope number three." He calls FC and finds out Hope is there, in the CEO office, and Thomas is with her. He tells her NOT to share that he'll be on his way over. He wants it to be a "surprise." Hee. Liam: "You know Thomas has done this before, right?" Wyatt: "What?" Liam: "Yeah, like, a long -- a way long time ago, before you and I ever even knew each other existed. He actually proposed to her." Wyatt: "What?" Liam: "Dude, the guy was a hot mess back then." Back then??? Then again, he'd probably say the same thing about me, but whatever." Hmm...some self-awareness from Liam. Refreshing. Wyatt: "Wait, so what did Steffy say when you told her that he was doing this?" Liam: "I didn't. You know Steffy. I mean, she always wants to believe that Thomas just misunderstood, right up until the exact moment she catches him in the act. You know?" Well, especially when it's a means to an end to whatever she's after. He asks after Sally and Wyatt reveals they broke up and, of course, tries to put all the blame on Sally, which, no motherfucker. He can't take Liam's "something is seriously off and not just Thomas" look and tries to change the subject. Don't worry, Flo will be along to assure you that you did the right thing. Those two deserve each other and I cannot wait until he finds out the gal who was not worth ending things with Sally for has committed human trafficking. Of her cousin and his niece. Have fun with that! Wyatt: "Wait, so you -- so you said, um -- you said Thomas does this? Like, this is his thing? Like, he's just -- he's making a tornado and turns everything into rubble?" Um, pretty much. That and questionable, if not out and out rapey, bedroom activity. Liam: "When I told him that I was going to Paris and I asked him to keep Hope company, do you want to know what he said, exact words? Wyatt: "What?" Liam: "Don't worry, Hope's in good hands. Good hands. Yeah. Little on the nose, in retrospect. See, this is the thing. You know, I was willing to let bygones be bygones. I -- I know that he's struggling with the loss of Caroline. I know he's trying to stay strong for his son. But if the guy thinks that he's gonna bulldoze my marriage under the guise of giving his kid a mom... it's not gonna happen." Liam is fired up! And with that, he's off to find Thomas. We cut over to FC where a clearly uncomfortable Hope is doing her best to dodge Thomas, who is a Dateline cameraman away from being in his own "To Catch a Predator" episode. Only it's not the cameraman who enters the room, it's Liam. Liam: "You know, I love Paris, but I love you more." I have never been happier to see Waffles and I'm not the only one. Hope: "Liam!" Her face...it's like the sun coming out and it's a thing of beauty as she flies into her husband's arms. Thomas has to just stand there and watch them. He might as well be as invisible as they start to catch up. Any sane person would excuse themselves so these two could have some time alone. Notice, I said sane. He, of course, cannot stand being ignored, and has to interject about the babies. Dick. Thomas: "It must have been so good to finally be reunited." Eyeroll. Liam: "It was. It was, um... it was really nice to hold them again. Until I realized I missed holding my own wife so much that I had to come home." LOVE IT! Hope, who is just beaming as she continues to hold onto her husband: "I'm surprised you came home so soon. Did something happen?" What she doesn't say (but doesn't have to) is: "THANK GOD THANK GOD THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE!" Thomas decides to go on the offensive: "Let me guess -- you got a call from your brother telling you that I still had feelings for your wife." Oh, he wants to play it like that, huh? Get him, Liam! Hope: "Uh...Wyatt? How did he-" Thomas: "I, uh -- I confided in Sally about how I felt, about how I'd never really given up on my dream of a future with you, and... well, Sally must have thought it was her duty to tell Wyatt, and Wyatt thought it was his to tell Liam, and Liam thought it was his to hurry home. Am I right, or close?" Yes, it was their duty, thank you very much. As human beings. Liam: "You know -- you know, I was older than Douglas when I lost my mother. But I still know how brutal it is to become a motherless child all of a sudden, and so I understand the instinct to want to protect Douglas from all of that. Hell, there's hardly anything I wouldn't do for Kelly. Or Phoebe, for that matter." Liam is trying, on some level, to relate to Thomas and I admire him for trying. Then, he lowers the boom: "But, Thomas... that's where my understanding stops. How dare you try to break up another family in order to mend your own? You know we're grieving, too. We lost something, too. And for you to think that you can take advantage of Hope's vulnerability and her maternal instinct just for your own benefit is unreal." PREEEACCCHHH! Hope, always the peacemaker: "Liam." Liam cuts her off: "No, you don't have to -- you don't have to defend him. I know where he's coming from." Thomas: "You and Hope, you're a couple, but you're not a family." He seriously fucking said that. How insulting to couples who, like me and MH are childless not by choice, or those who are childless by choice to say they are not a family. We became a family the day we said "I do" so again, a big fuck you to Thomas and the writers for that. Someone needs to take him out like the trash he is. Liam is disgusted. As he should be. "That -- oh, okay. That's not for you to judge." Thomas: "You have a family, over in Paris and in pieces. And I didn't break it up, you did." Just when I think he can't say anything more assinine than he already has, he ups the ante again. It was his sister, Hauxdilox, that fucked her father-in-law's dick. And lied about it. And lied about it. And lied about it some more and would have kept on lying if Liam hadn't found the paternity test results she so blithely left lying around. That is all on HER. Liam, knowing it would be pointless to counter with that to this beady-eyed motherfucker, calls him out on his actions: "Let me tell you something. I love those little girls. I love them, and I'm gonna be in their life for a very, very long time. This is my wife. She is my wife. So all the manipulating, all the guilt-tripping, it stops now, Thomas. Do you understand me? Now." And nary a hint of butter or syrup in the air. So Thomas, enjoy sleeping with one eye open Because this Liam? Don't Play.
  8. CountryGirl

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Based on that pic with him and Sharon, I'd say Rey-Rey's days are numbered. Which thank goodness because they are the epitome of negative chemistry.
  9. Yes to this. And now, Sally is being sacrificed on the altar of Cuckoo Jr. Sally was absolutely wrong for keeping Thomas' shenanigans a secret, but Wyatt can go fuck himself with his acting holier-than-thou. He's been swapping spit with Flo more than once and acting every inch like he wants to pick up where they left off all these years ago and all this BEFORE he knew about Sally/Thomas. I can't wait til he finds out the girl who got away is responsible for human trafficking. It makes me sick now that Flo is a Logan even if I had a momentary heart flutter over Stormy having a daughter. But I'm sure Dr. Shady will get all the blame or you know, Hope will, for daring to pass out during her delivery. And while Dr. Shady deserves a ton of blame, Flo needs to be sitting in a cell right next to his.
  10. CountryGirl

    The Spoiler Collection

    From Soaps She Knows: https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-bold-and-the-beautiful/spoilers/540505/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-spoilers-may-6-10/ B&B spoilers for Monday May 6: Hope is stunned by a kiss and declaration of love from Thomas. He is so damn creepy! Wyatt confronts Sally about keeping a secret. Um, you're also keeping the secret of playing kissy-face with Flo so.... B&B spoilers for Tuesday May 7: Wyatt contacts Liam in Paris to let him know of Thomas' plan. Thank you, Wyatt! Brooke and Ridge disagree about their children. What else is new? B&B spoilers for Wednesday May 8: Flo worries after Hope talks about her marriage to Liam. Sally lashes out at Thomas, while Quinn celebrates Sally and Wyatt's split. Bitch. Yes, I meant Quinn. B&B spoilers for Thursday May 9: Thomas is confronted by Liam. Kick his ASS, Liam! Flo learns Sally moved out after keeping a secret from Wyatt. Everything's just coming up roses for accessory to human trafficking Flo. B&B spoilers for Friday May 10: Liam and Thomas butt heads over Hope. Sally clashes with Quinn after she makes it clear she's happy she's out of Wyatt's life. More Bold and Beautiful spoilers... Sally tells Wyatt what she's been hiding and he's livid that she would side with Thomas when Liam's involved. Um, from what I understand, Sally wasn't siding with Thomas in his plan to prey on Hope. She called him out on it. Sally moves out of the beach house after arguing with Wyatt and tells him maybe his mom was right about her. Brooke's conversation with Ridge leaves her stunned by his opinion on what's best for their children. Coming up on Bold and Beautiful... Shauna and Katie work together to test Bill's loyalty. This should end well. Flo and Wyatt look back on their past and explore their future. I could not care less. Bold and Beautiful May Sweeps preview from Soaps in Depth: Thomas will use anyone and everyone as he manipulates to come between Hope and Liam. While Katie turns down a proposal from Bill, and Brooke experiences tension with Ridge over their children, Shauna enjoys the time she spends with both of these powerful men.
  11. Sorry I haven't posted much but there just isn't much worth posting over, let alone watching. Between Hope and Liam still not having Beth back all these months later, Thomas preying on Hope, and Wyatt futzing around with Flo when he's supposed to be SALLY'S boyfriend, there isn't one damn thing worth watching or even posting about. And to make matters worse, Jacquie is back from maternity leave (which that's obviously good for Jacqui) but that means Hauxdi will be back onscreen soon so she can team up with her older brother in the destroy Lope plan that we have seen play out far too many times before. We all know someone from the show lurks here (Eric's calling out Liam as the "waffle" he is, anyone?) So take this back- your show FUCKING SUCKS and I'm NOT watching. You put a DEAD baby in a woman's arms and made her believe that was her baby. You have kept that woman's REAL baby from her and involved her in a human trafficking/kidnapping plot that has no resolution in sight. You've let all of these other characters learn the truth and say NOTHING. To protect their own ASSES. You're having an already uber-questionable man out-and-out perv-prey on said vulnerable woman and in the age of #METOO, you are so damn tone deaf and out of touch, I don't even have the words to describe it, except you are DISGUSTING and even though I've watched this show for 30+ years, I wouldn't shed a tear if it gets cancelled over this shit.
  12. CountryGirl

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    One of my favorite scenes from Y&R - ever - was when they were in highschool and mean girl Lauren and her minions were at a diner or some sort of restaurant and she spotted Traci there and sent over a giant hot fudge sundae. Because of course, the "chubby girl" wouldn't be able to resist. 🙄 Traci stood up, grabbed the sundae, marched over to Lauren's table and dumped it all over her. It was made of awesome. Also fun was Traci throwing down with Lauren at GC Memorial years ago. To answer a question upthread, I think she could and would kick Phyllass' ass. Just look how she throws Lauren halfway across the room to end up against the wall. Traci don't play.
  13. CountryGirl

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    So I watched the last 3 episodes over the weekend and OMG, so many tears. To quote Jack, "Genoa City without Neil Winters...it's just wrong." The world without Kristoff...it's just wrong. KC moved me and I know she's not just acting here. But Bryton has been such a revelation. I know his real feelings are coming through, but damn, he's knocking it out of the park. Just looking at him, sitting there on the pew, made me tear up. And Stan Shaw, Grandpa Will Palmer to KSJ's young Alex Haley, was the perfect person to play the minister. And while I normally love to hate Victor, I couldn't hate him this week. Damn... And the picture of the two orphans. 💔
  14. All I could think of while Ben and Ciara were getting down to business was "Put the food away!"