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  1. Another episode change: Friday's show with the angry, violent 9-year-old has been replaced with yet another "capitalize on current events" show:
  2. According to Zap2It, it's still the same topic though the title has changed:
  3. Unfortunately, tomorrow's two-part catfish episode will have to wait (at least) a week.
  4. There was also a short clip promoting the new season and it included what looked liked a third catfish episode coming up in the next week or two. Today's episode was a little bit of the same-old same-old stuff you see on every catfish episode, but I think they're easier to sit through if you're doing something else at the same time (my activity of choice today was catching up on my checkbook and writing some bills).
  5. I only tuned in for the first couple minutes, but two things to note: 1) Akbar Gbajabiamila is the new co-host (not sure if he's replacing Carrie Ann, Elaine or both). 2) It's SO nice to hear real applause coming from real people instead of Gene Belcher's keyboard (I'll admit I actually got goosebumps hearing it).
  6. The official* schedule for the first week of Season 20: *I say "official" because the episodes originally scheduled to air on Thursday and Friday ("Fractured Family Fall Out!" and "Cassie's Choice: Husband or Children?") has been replaced with the following: After seeing the descriptions, the only episode that interests me is Wednesday's, but even the catfish episodes have been getting boring lately so we'll see how this one goes.
  7. The new season actually starts September 13th; the episodes airing this week are holdovers from this past season (something they do every year the week before a new season starts.). Plus, it's going to be the 20th season and you know they'll be making a big deal about that (I predict that a medium-sized "20" will be placed beside the regular logo). Speaking of the new season, this is what the lineup is going to be in the first week (titles only from Zap2It): Based on this, looks like this season is going to be as boring as the last.
  8. Hopefully that includes bringing in an audience and finally retiring the sound effect machine.
  9. The (likely) last set of episodes of Season 19:
  10. It's a commercial that's been out a while, but that RestoraLAX commercial where the "cranky-pated" woman does that cutesy pigeon-toed thing with her feet in the bathroom stall then sashays out the restroom like she's hot shit (no pun intended) really grinds my gears.
  11. This story will be covered more on Thursday's show: The lineup for the other four days:
  12. My local station goofed up and is (re-)airing Wednesday's episode with the drunk mom instead of today's with the selfish mom.
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