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  1. Next week: And I found this under the description of Monday's show:
  2. I "love" how Dr. Phil flat-out admitted that he wouldn't have had on today's guest if she wasn't pregnant. Also, Monday's episode goes into Jerry Springer territory, as it's about two girls who were besties until one of them started dating the other's father.
  3. They said in the beginning of the show that they both work/worked in law enforcement, so they could have been too busy with their jobs to pay attention to what was going on.
  4. This commercial with John Goodman as a finger is a little unsettling.
  5. The part in bold is what made me go "Huh?" How did that guy become aware of her existence to the point that he wanted to kill her, unless he was good friends with the guy who molested her or something.
  6. Next week includes a toxic family, an out-of-control adult son and the first "beautiful daughter" of the season:
  7. I forgot to post this week's descriptions for so I'll just post the ones for the rest of the week:
  8. I'm still expecting him to get a show of his own in the next couple of years.
  9. Watch out: Coach Mike has a new book and podcast to promote; he was on today's show about the 27-year-old guy whose parents pretty much baby him.
  10. This is the latest commercial I've seen where the voiceover is extremely irritating to my ears (I can't figure out how to embed iSpot videos, so I'll just post the link): https://www.ispot.tv/ad/n0Ln/ashley-homestore-gruve-mattress The best way I can describe this voice is "smug Valley girl".
  11. "Trader Joe's Karen" on today's show has the whiniest voice.
  12. Today starts the beginning of Season 19. This is what the first week back is about:
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