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  1. I think the real issue is that women were not viewed as complete individuals of any consequence. None of the women shown so far have any real power or agency over their lives. Sure, they could and did have jobs, and some of them were even in the White House, but were they running things? Clinton felt he had the right as the mostpowerfulmanintheworld to do whatever he wanted, and it was no one else's business. He also didn't really think about how it might affect anyone else, and certainly not the women involved. So of course he didn't think at all about choosing carefully. Maybe he even
  2. Watch his face after she turns away from him. Like one of the Yard Dogs said, things aren't always as they seem. (Maybe.)
  3. My other speculation is that we'll find out Tim Kono was a good guy and was protecting Mabel. How I'm not sure, but that interaction where he tells her to act like she doesn't know him seemed to me like he didn't want anyone to connect him with her. Just a thought.
  4. I'm not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here. I've been wondering about Zoe and the Hardy Boys for sometime. What we were shown of Zoe was a very self-centered, spoiled girl who convinced her boyfriend to steal his father's keys (thus putting his job in jeopardy) so they could go into everyone's apartments to pretend to be detectives but in reality they (or maybe it was just Zoe) were stealing items from the apartments. Honestly, nothing I saw of Zoe made me like her and really made me think she was the type of girl the others were just a little bit afraid of. She seemed to have
  5. This was so bad, I fear I'll either have to hate watch or stop watching altogether. So Gary did a bad bad thing. There goes my main reason for watching this show. (Will have to wait for the Psych 3 movie now.) Maggie's happy someone's karma caught up with them. Delilah and Sophie are still tone-deaf with each other about everything. More Danny, as he is likeable and sensible and deserving of screen time. I like Regina and Rome and Tyrell, but doubt we'll see them as much. And that comment Katherine made about suing Delilah if she took Charlie away from Eddie w
  6. Actually, I rather think the show is making fun of true crime aficionados, which is why Cinda is portrayed as rather full of herself. I like when Oliver is directing them, saying things like "we'll fix that in post" or "can you do that again, I didn't get it" but I'm enjoying getting to know the characters as they learn that more about each other.
  7. I suspect Eclipso is going to not so subtly go after each member of the team individually to break them down. That's why the little kid Eclipso was staring at Beth. She's next. And smart as she is, she's got no real defense against him, poor kid. I get very frustrated at Pat sometimes, because he should be trying to inform these kids as much as possible, but he seems to think holding back information is a way of protecting them. I understand that Courtney and Yolanda decided to keep it between them how Brainwave died, but all of these secrets are so damaging. It's very frustrating.
  8. I think I've re-watched each episode several times, mostly because I enjoy the universe they've created so much. I want to go to there. 🤭 I definitely will do a binge watch before the final episode though. A great way to spend 4 and a half hours or there about. I wonder how many fans (and posters on here) also have watched the episodes numerous times?
  9. I liked the detective and seeing a bit of her home life. How tough and awful her job must be, homicide. Home is a haven for her. I think the big theme in this show, if it's going to reach for such things, is loneliness, or being alone, and taking a chance on reaching out and finding your people. I really loved when the detective said she'd been alone most of her life, but when she met the woman who became her wife, she knew she wouldn't be alone anymore. Our intrepid trio have been on their own for a while and are now beginning to see each other as "not-randos" in their lives. Th
  10. Nigeria may be more wealthy than Sierra Leone, but those scenes looked very familiar to me, as that is how Sierra Leone and Freetown looked when I visited there. And yes, it was HOT!
  11. I think Tim might have been working with the police (deep undercover) and a suicide suited their narrative for the case they're building. We'll see how it plays out.
  12. "This Gut Milk is really good." "18% alcohol, huh." 😆
  13. If you're trying to eat healthy then those places are not the way to go. Neither are French restaurants, per se, but especially fast food. It's killer.
  14. Myrla is also very into being fit and eating healthy, so eating out is something I think she plans for. When she does go out, she wants to make it an occasion. Nothing wrong with that. Gil asked her why she picked that place and she told him she had seen a cocktail they offered in an article about the place, and she wanted to try it. What Gil was getting at, I think, was that she could possibly find the same food/experience elsewhere for less money but she picked the place solely because it was expensive. He was saying the just because something costs more doesn't make it better. And he m
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