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  1. I think they wear those no-show socks. So sock-less may be the wrong name for the style. At any rate, it doesn't bother me. Not as much as Clara's pointy nails.
  2. Vis-a-vis the link to the photos, are we allowed to post such items to the episode threads? If so, there are much better photos of these couples available on Instagram and I'll post the link if we're allowed. Thanks!
  3. I don't get the aversion to men going sockless, especially down south where it's hot. It's not weird, at least not to me. There are other things about Chris that are concerning for sure.
  4. Look at this I'd put it on an episode page, but I don't think we're allowed. At any rate, I think Paige looks glamorous and gorgeous here.
  5. No, it's the guy with all the 80s stuff, the oldest groom. He was a bodybuilder at one point, so I think that may be why he eats like that.
  6. I don't know about the "whole baby" thing, but Urban Dictionary says that "whole wife basically means wife but 10x better because it's the whole one. Not just any wife, the finest ever." So maybe it means ultimate wife?
  7. Oh, I think after so many seasons, we can let go of "theories" and agree it's the actual formula for the show.
  8. Didn't Chris just get the same tux jacket as Vincent?
  9. It is beautifully filmed and has lovely animals, but for some reason, felt a little stilted to me. I remember very fondly the 1978 version. I will keep watching though! 🙂
  10. Pilot episode was so much better, gave me hope that this comedy might be great, but this episode was somewhat generic, in my mind. I'll watch a couple more before deciding if I'll keep or cross it off my list.
  11. How old is Randall when Rebecca first sees william watching them? Was it before she took the babies home from the hospital?
  12. Not if he was afraid of being prosecuted. And the grief. I think he got on a bus and either headed home or to NYC. I don't think he stayed in the city.
  13. When they all started up with the "poor Olivia" crap, I quit watching and went to bed. Sheez. Give it a rest, Kevin. Finished watching the rest of it this morning, because I didn't want to watch the news, and it was okay, but they are really working hard on selling Couples Cam and this season. I was surprised at how many of the couples they predicted would work out. I don't think any of them will. Ha!
  14. I really did not like Kate's storyline here. Kate is impulsive, and Toby has the patience of a saint sometimes, but in this case, I didn't see him "making it all about him" when he wondered why she had not been forthcoming with this story before now, considering how they had lost one baby and had tried so hard for baby Jack. Anyone would have wondered, ANYONE, especially with their history of her wanting him to be honest and open with her, and if the tables had been turned and Toby had revealed some long ago hidden trauma, and Kate said "I don't understand why you haven't shared that before now, given what we've been dealing with," I think there would have been more understanding about the reaction. And then to admit she googled her ex and found out where he was and wanted to go confront him, well. I admire Toby immensely. She cray cray. As for the story with Kevin and Madison, I think I'm the only one rooting for them to work out. The show gives us little moments of cuteness, like when she admitted to being an Outlander fan, and he said he wore socks to the beach, but then they give us this twist. Classic "will they, won't they" to heighten the tension I guess. And probably something will happen to Madison while Kevin is in Toronto, but I loved that he called Randall for advice because he remembered what Randall warned him about 20 some years ago, and I hope he can figure it out. The Pearson children all want the marriage they saw Jack and Rebecca have. Randall seems to have achieved it, and Kate too, for the time being, if her silliness doesn't blow it up, but Kevin, Kevin is still trying to figure it out, and I think he might have that chance with Madison if he learns from his past. This show loves melodrama though, so maybe they are figuring out a way to get Kevin back with Sophie (ugh) and twu luv from high school. 😉
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