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  1. Like having surprise twins with Madison. 🙂
  2. I guess so. I like Sam as Jamie, right enough, but I don't really worship him, like so many do. Not sure why. I'm not in the group of people who are begging for more sex scenes though, either. Looked up the water hemlock that Claire asks Marsali about.
  3. I think Rik is plenty hot enough. 😉
  4. Well, David Guintoli is a big reason why I continue to watch this show, but this plot line for Eddie was awful. His sister is the WORST, and I'm betting she was the one that hit him with the truck. (LOL) Why on earth did she bring all of this up to him, when she saw that he was really doing well? Jealousy? Fear? I'm betting on JEALOUSY. Nash is saying that Eddie hadn't been punished for his affair with Delilah, so ... REALLY SHOW? And Delilah gets made out to be the best mom, best friend ever, and hottest woman to walk the face of the earth. Barfo. As for Regina and Rome, supposedly their relationship is sacred, so blowing them up is a "twist" that Nash likes to throw in there for the fans. But I really hated that Regina is blaming Rome for making her want a baby. For goodness sakes, make your own baby, then. Or adopt an older child. They have barely scratched the surface of the angst of trying for parenthood and being denied, although, thinking you have met the birth mother of your child and preparing for that particular baby and then losing that adoption, IS tough. What they went through before, despite the abusive boyfriend, just seemed too easy. But that is this show. Earlier in the season, I think someone wrote that Nash only wanted to do 16 episodes, but the network asked for more. This is what happened.
  5. Let's not forget that at the time of the fire Kevin's football dreams had been dashed by an injury, and the love of football was something that brought the family together. Kate was introduced early on as still watching Sunday football with her father's ashes, and the Terrible Towel is a 'famous' article of Jack's clothing. Football was HUGE in this family, and was a way for Kevin to feel special and important to his father. That was how Kevin got his dad's attention. The fact that he could play well and was being scouted for colleges gave him some security in his place in the family. He lost all of that his senior year. Right before he lost his dad in the fire. Double whammy. He had no idea what he was supposed to do to regain that sense of worth, and at a crucial time, he lost the one person who he probably trusted to help him find his way. The other two siblings lost Jack too. And suffered for it. But Randall seems to have suffered the least in traditional terms of success, as he has a wife and children and two successful careers, although I think we've been shown just how insecure he feels about it all at the moment. Once he started losing some of that foundation of being Mom's rock, once she started moving towards Kevin and Kate, he began to spin. I'm looking forward to next season. I really hope they continue to show all 3 Pearson siblings learning and realizing important lessons. As of now, though, I really hope Rebecca tells someone how Randall blackmailed her. 🙂 I wanna see that go down.
  6. Which family? I don’t think it’s the males that determine that sort of thing, especially fraternal twins, is it?
  7. He's Madison’s doctor. That red-haired girl is his daughter, but I don’t know if they’ll have a bigger role next season.
  8. Randall went there first. He absolutely lords himself over Kevin and was completely lashing out because it looked like Kevin might finally be getting a handle on life. Sober for a year, career on an upward swing and caring for others (Nicky, his mom, even Randall), and Randall HATES it. Ugly things were said, by both of them, but Randall panicked because he knows he stepped over the line with mom, and he went for the jugular. No excuse.
  9. Was Randall also right to say that Jack died ashamed of Kevin? I don’t think so.
  10. I can give you three right now. The first and last episodes of Season 2 are my most favorite episodes of the series. The best written, filmed, and acted. And then, Faith, which is also in Season 2, and is such fantastic barnburner of an episode for Claire. I'll have to think about the other seven. I've rewatched those episodes the most, though.
  11. Maybe if you were French. 🙂 Most people used sex for procreation in marriage. If they wanted more from it, they went elsewhere. Not being cynical, but with religion being the driving force in society that it was, I think many women endured sex, so to speak. Most marriages were not for love, but for property, in the 18th century, but our story is not dealing with that reality. And sure, an arranged marriage can lead to love and respect between the couple, but for the woman, it was often not something she desired at all. However, we're not watching Outlander to be reminded of the true realities of 18th century marriage. Are we?
  12. I also don't think a lot of 18th century people were having romantic-novel type of lovemaking though. Even without other forms of entertainment available to them, most people were working hard just to survive. It wasn't all pretty clothes and wigs and colonial masterpieces of houses. We are seeing a very prettified version of the 18th century. 🙂
  13. I may be in the minority, but I like when the show reminds us about the time-traveling aspect of Claire's life. I enjoyed the Boston scenes, which I think they did a better job of portraying this episode, and seeing Claire and Bree in 1968 (or thereabouts). I guess I hadn't realized that Claire went to England after Frank's death because her status as a surgeon was in jeopardy from the allergic reaction and death of her patient. That was new information. I was not as enamored of Jamie murdering the British soldier, even if it was self-defense. It just seemed very uncharacteristic of him. He usually figures another way out of such situations, but this just felt very false and not natural to the character. Jamie has killed before, but not like this. Adso is very cute.
  14. This show seems to reinvent itself periodically. Or change writers, or something. The tone changes every so often. I remember the first big shift was the episode about Regina's uncle and the big reveal that she had been molested as a child. Nothing had been leading up to that revelation, but ta-da! We suddenly got this dramatic episode about abuse and it was like watching an entirely different show after that. I think we're heading for another shift. I don't know if Maggie is really leaving for a year (or longer) and if Gary will get into a real relationship, or if Eddie is headed for jail (btw I cannot stand his sister, ugh), but the show is not the same show it was at the beginning of the season. The arc from earlier in the season finished, and has not really been replaced, in my opinion. I'm still watching because I like the cast, with Grace Park, Sam Pancake, James Roday, David Guintoli, and Romany Malco being the standouts, but as always, I wish they would up the story arcs.
  15. She was in a violent relationship and she felt she had to get out and get away from the father, plus she wants to finish school. I also think she'll have regrets, but the father was the main reason she felt the baby would be better off with adoptive parents.
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