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  1. Ha ha, yes, it's in Cambridge, but right next door to Boston! Regarding student housing, this article talks about Harvard's housing of students. It doesn't mention family housing.
  2. I get that, but young love changes you. 🤗 She might have to go through the usual heartbreak one gets with their first love.
  3. Randall asks Deja if she and (some girl's name) will be staying in and studying, no wild parties. And Deja said something about him knowing her so well. Then she's on the bus and tells the woman beside her that she's going to see her boyfriend in Boston. That's when I knew that Randall thought she was spending the night with a friend, not with Malik. Poor Deja. She's probably heading for a sad storyline.
  4. I'm in! I think this episode was setting us up for the rest of the story. I thought it looked fine on screen, maybe not as beautiful as All Creatures Great and Small, but still, well enough done to not bother me. Most of the reviews I've read seemed to think it was worth watching, if not the best thing on tv. I'll hang in with it. 😉
  5. At the time I made that post, people were discussing how long Tom may have been giving information to Logan. My point was that I felt Logan didn't need help tracking them down. When first Shiv did not return and then Roman disappeared, he knew where they all were. The doughnuts were a message that he knew they were together. The later scene, with Logan asking his grandson to test his food, was shocking in that Kendall didn't tell his son he didn't have to do it. He just watched it all happen. And Logan knew if the food was poisoned, Kendall would stop his son (hopefully). I don't think Loga
  6. cardigirl

    The Great

    Just finished series 2 and loved it. The writing and the acting were superb. I'm very much looking forward to season 3!
  7. When the doughnuts arrived, I just thought that Logan knows his children so well, he would know without a doubt where they all were. That was his reminder that he sees them all and all the time.
  8. My take on Shiv and Tom is that she crossed a line when she said he wanted her because she didn't want him and that she was so above him. I think next season may see Tom come into his own, and their dynamic may change, particularly if he has real power. It remains to be seen if Logan will deal with Tom in the same way he's dealt with the three kids, i.e., appearing to offer them something and then changing his mind or pulling it away. But holy heck was I proud of Tom for carving his own path. 😉 I hope it's not a fluke and that the Tom we saw building his relationship with Logan this sea
  9. Perfection! If we are to have only nine episodes this season (due to COVID), thank goodness we had this epic episode as the finale. Loved every moment, from Logan reading to his grandson to the realization that Tom has game. * chef's kiss * I hope we don't have to wait as long for the next season as we did for this one, but I am willing to wait if they continue to give us storytelling like this! The entire cast was on point and I was riveted the entire episode. Wow! I will rewatch this one again, and as others have said, give Kieran Culkin all the awards. Actually give the entire cast
  10. The note about Winnie was not one of the notes Charles was looking at when he figured out it was Jan.
  11. The show doesn't come back until Jan. 3. Short winter break.
  12. Ditto on every word! The finale was great! Amazing in fact! So many things to love, with a couple of cliffhangers thrown in, hopefully it's enough for FOX to want to order more episodes. What a cast! What writers! I will miss this show every Monday. And once more for good measure, "Get up you stupid little bitch, you'll do whatever is asked of you, and you won't get any food or water until the job is done," which can't be repeated enough. ❤️
  13. I think we see how people are affected by having to deal with Logan. He DOES have all the power, or so it is perceived, as they can't or won't dismiss him. I think Caroline summed him up pretty well:
  14. I doubt that Caroline had much power in the dynamic between her and Logan. Perhaps she asked for the divorce and he decided to punish her by threatening to disown their children. They were probably married without a prenup, given the timing, although, wealthy families have been protecting their assets by legal agreements for forever. As far as we know, while Caroline holds some shares of RoyCo, and Logan wanted her vote last season, she's been all but abandoned by the family. I mean, she was negotiating for Christmas visits last season. Apparently, she didn't have custody of that holida
  15. I hope to gosh Gerri sweeps the leg of Shiv and trounces her. I never disliked a character on this show more, than I have disliked Shiv this season. "Put in a good word for you with Dad." My eye! Of course, Roman knows she didn't put in a good word for him, but I guess this is Shiv fighting all of them for the top spot. I thought the conversation between Caroline and Shiv was perfect. As dysfunctional as Caroline has been with her children, she admits to accepting the custody arrangement as a means of securing her children's shares in RoyCo. Talking about Shiv twisting the knife a
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