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  1. Putting this out there now ... David Denham's character Frank Sheehan did it. He's a high school math teacher. Shades of Broadchurch season 1. 😄
  2. Well ... I was not too impressed by this first episode, given all the hype the series has received. It kind of felt like a British person's idea of what life in a poor Pennsylvania town would be like. Unending gray. Very grim. I felt so sad for the sweet little young mother. Trapped by her abusive father, and having to share custody with someone who also abuses her, or allows her to be abused. She was truly an innocent. So of course she's going to end up dead. Hopefully I'll get more engaged as the series continues, and as someone said ahead of me, I hope someone visits some stro
  3. Maybe, but she speaks as if she figured out the key, when clearly something didn't work for her. She's made valid points to Eddie about him only thinking about his pain and not the pain he's caused others, but she's not reciprocated with any of her story or why she's in rehab. Maybe she is a therapist who became addicted to pain meds or some such, but we don't know. All we know is she's giving a lot of advice to Eddie, and we know nothing about her.
  4. I was hoping he would show up! Bob ❤️ Abishola is another of Chuck Lorre's shows , so I'm guessing something could have been worked out, but maybe scheduling wouldn't work. I always liked that character, Baxter. I like physical comedy when done well. Bonnie and Tammy do a lot of physical comedy, so it was nice to see Jill and Wendy engage in it a bit. I thought the potting scene was great. And nice to see that Wendy is upbeat, really. A nice philosophy on life. I'm really going to miss this show.
  5. I get that everyone likes Jackie for not letting Eddie get away with feeling sorry for himself. He had no understanding of her struggles when he compared himself to having no choice about ending up in a wheelchair (for no good reason as he sees it) to her. But this is why I have so much trouble with the character. She's dropping all of these "pearls of wisdom" on him from her position of what? Superiority? She's got it all figured out? She's in a rehab center. When she stopped being who everyone else thought she should be she still ended up there. She hasn't really told us anything about
  6. Because she was in shock and didn't want to believe that that was what was happening. She trusted this guy, and believed he held the key to her future plans for a music career. If she believed that what he was doing was wrong/inappropriate, that meant she was naive/stupid/wrong, and all of her plans/dreams were gone. So she refused to believe that he really was doing what he was doing. They did an excellent job of setting her up to trust this guy.
  7. I agree with you here. I think they did a good job. Bobby had to go back for those sandwiches though. LOL. I do enjoy this show, and have my favorite couples to watch (like everyone else) and am glad it will be back in June. With a new couple (or couples) from the current season of MAFS, oh boy!!!
  8. As much as I like Jackie, she is in a treatment facility with Eddie, and apparently NOT a therapist, but a fellow drug/drink addict. So wise though her words are, why is she there? I would find her wisdom a bit more believable if she were on the staff. Maybe the character is, but that hasn't been established, really, and playing cards with Eddie seems to indicate that she's a patient/rehabber herself. So let's find out more about Jackie. I did enjoy the rest of the acting in this storyline. I'm not usually wanting to watch 'stories that inform' but tonight wasn't too bad, and all the acto
  9. Is there a BAFTA award show discussion forum? I like to watch award shows for the clips they show, mostly, but this time around the BAFTAs were agonizing to me. The host, Edith Bowman, was unwatchable. I guess she's a radio personality? She kept flapping her arms about, mostly because she had no idea what to do with her hands while she was talking, and I gave up trying to watch her. Plus, apparently, looking like you haven't combed or styled your hair is the thing these days. I fast forwarded through a lot of the show, sadly, paused on the clips and watched the final awards. Kudo
  10. My thought on Jephte and Shawniece is that we have seen this before, and I'm not sure they are entirely done. But we will have to wait and see. Shawniece IS dramatic, and they have both cleared their Twitter accounts, so I'm not sure what that's about. I'm sorry for them both for the pain. I hope, if the split is indeed permanent, that they can be loving co-parents of Laura as she is such a delightful child. I have enjoyed couples cam, although I know the majority of viewers were disappointed that there wasn't more content from last season's couples. And personally, Ashley bugs me,
  11. I had forgotten about Maggie throwing the pregnancy test away and not waiting the full amount of time before assuming she was not pregnant anymore. Maybe they are going to go down that road.Outlandish plots are no problem for this crack team of writers. Apparently medical abortions can fail. So if that's true, and she is pregnant, the pregnancy has survived an abortion attempt plus a complete scan. Wonder what kind of storyline they could come up with from that?
  12. Maggie is continuing her pregnancy? Since when? And how did I miss that?
  13. So ... was that the therapist at the rehab that was beating up on Eddie? Or another person in the group? I get that the things she said all needed to be addressed with Eddie, but I'm not sure of her approach with him. And from the looks of things, she might be helping him to hit bottom. That might be the point, I guess. Before you can get better, you have to feel you've hit bottom, but Eddie seemed on his last bit of hope there. And he is, of course, feeling very sorry for himself, and not thinking about all the pain his actions are causing others, just what it might cost him, so I was
  14. Hmmm. Lots of cliffhangers. Adored the mayor and his wife taking out the murderScully and her scientist. Looking forward to next season!
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