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  1. mrsjoe

    S01.E19: Source Material

    I think it’s ridiculous that whitelighters are so easy to kill in this one. What good is a healer/guide who can be easily taken out by a powerful witch or demon? I'm sure that they made a big deal about the fact the source of magic can be good or evil depending on who controls it totally does not mean that Parker’s two halves will be in conflict, fighting for control. Cole indeed...
  2. mrsjoe

    S01.E15: Switches and Stones

    Yeah I’m with you. I think we’re meant to think it was Charity, but it’s either someone shaped like her or she’s possessed. Don’t forget, Parker’s dad was able to mind control her and leave her with no memory if it with no difficulty. I think what made the Charity killing the elder reveal at the end so surprising is that they must have directed interesting Elder lady to act suspicious the whole episode. When Macy saw the memory, I figured it had been implanted there to frame Charity, especially after the out of nowhere “you must have gotten premonitions power from your mom” and shooting the thing at Macy’s head. The show really feels like they are not optimistic how many episodes they are gonna get, so it’s possible the reveal of Charity being the killer this early was real, but I doubt it.
  3. mrsjoe

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    I don’t think they did a good enough job conveying what Roger was going through to make him not seem like a jerk for second guessing returning the Bree. In the book, he’s in terrible pain, still hates Jamie, deeply in regret about many of his choices, etc. the show seemed to portray it as a “hot showers might be more important to him than Bree” thing. It’s especially annoying when in the after clip, they mentioned the writers had to talk about if Roger was not redeemable. They really made some bad choices along the way with Roger due to the whole time constraint. This episode leads me to believe that those who are thinking Sophie’s main problem is concentrating on the accent all the time. It seemed like when she was not speaking, her acting Improved drastically. And I guess she can’t be blamed by the oddness of quietly laying there waiting after childbirth to even know the gender of her baby or see him. Were the writers trying to convey depression mixed with exhaustion? I can’t imagine popping the baby out, not even looking at him and then everyone running out of the room while I just sat there quietly, and I’ve given birth three times. So weird.
  4. mrsjoe

    S04.E12: Providence

    Thank goodness we spent almost a whole episode of Brianna recovering from a fall in Scotland, not even showing the Murrays, so that we can just fly through these last two episodes. I thought we would at least get Claire and Jamie with the Mohawk today, seeing as that happens before the fire, and I figured the after intro clip was the Mohawk sampling Jamie’s whiskey. Unless we discover next episode that’s why the barrels were near the fire? That would be frustrating. The preview makes it seem next week will be a rescue mission instead of a negotiation, but we know Ian will end up staying, so I am thinking that’s a fake out. Wonder if Roger will baptize the baby. I assume it will be the baby’s uncle who asks, but how would he know that Roger is “son of priest”? Maybe they’ll not waste time on that next week? I'm not sure my feelings on the Steven Bonnet escape not being corrupt soldiers and instead the result of Fergus’s Murtagh rescue team conveniently dropping keys.
  5. mrsjoe

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    Besides a lot of River Run visitors being Scottish, I believe we also learn in a later book Well and I believe at that time an engagement was basically as binding as a marriage, so consummation occurring would make them married in most eyes. Roger ending up alive will make her ineligible to have made a contract with Lord John, since the handfast with consummation makes the law see her as married already, thus allowing them both a way out of the engagement. In the books she and Lord John even discuss they don’t think she is even eligible to get married anyway while Roger lives, even if she did cave to her Aunt Jocasta. In the book they all know, and I seem to recall her even emphasizing it to try to get the gay judge's mother to stop looking at her, but it turned out she was misinterpreting the stares and the mother had realized that Bree coming into the marriage pregnant was her only shot at being a grandmother and her son having an heir, since she’s figured out being gay is why her son never married. The book calls it “granny lust”, which I have used in conversation... the other suitors don’t care because they want River Run, but I can’t remember if Jocasta appoints Bree her official heir before or after the dinner.
  6. mrsjoe

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    I loved the interplay between Jocasta and Bri, especially when Jocasta is furious and bitter (pretty sure she can’t let go that she did the honorable and dutiful thing while Ellen was given a pass), but can’t help herself but almost be impressed and affectionate that Bri showed herself a true Mackenzie.
  7. mrsjoe

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    I figured Roger would be practical and shaved it to reduce chances of beard lice in addition to fashions at the time. Right. That’s what I was thinking. It always seemed like Frank trained Brianna on all those skills like shooting, hunting, etc from the time she was a child, so the timeline doesn’t add up. I thought it was telling that Ian says she has her mother’s eyes, as if to acknowledge no one would believe it if they said Brianna looked just like Jamie. In the book, Everyone, including Jenny, believe her right away even without the pearls because she looks just like Jamie and is clearly built like him. Jenny even figures it out with no mention of who brianna could be. It’s only Laighoire who doubts her, so it’s interesting that Laighoire believes her immediately in the tv show, but then she says she’s Claire daughter first, not Jamie’s. I’m not sure what to make of the shifts in Laighoire’s personality. Seems odd that someone who attempted murder previously would have such a generous nature, but maybe part of that is her hatred of most men leading her to assume Brianna has been wronged by a man, kicking in her generous side.
  8. mrsjoe

    Season 1 Discussion

    I think the show was pointing towards him not. It would take a lot to counter his mother's influence and the impact of his dad just walking by and leaving him as he was scared and getting arrested. They showed that it actually took many years and a lot of events, both big and small, to radicalize his dad. Here’s hoping Samir gets a better life. I too kept waiting for Victor to be relevant. Maybe they are setting him up as a main character next season?
  9. mrsjoe

    Season 1 Discussion

    I figured I would start a topic for general season one discussion. Overall, the storyline wasn’t exactly creative or unpredictable. I mean who didn’t guess early on Kathy’s Ebola work was connected or that the prisoners got medicines so they could be infected? There were many examples like that. I think what made the season so engaging, besides John Krasinki’s charm, was that they put so much thought and definition into all the characters. And then they did a great job casting those characters, and that’s what kept me into it. I am hoping next season they can take the characters they developed and put them into a surprising plot, but with how much the spy/government agent thing has been done that might be too difficult to do.
  10. mrsjoe

    S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    I think what made Melissa’s ep so slow is that her problems were too normal. Lots of people getting a divorce, lots of single moms struggling, lots of people fighting to make ends meet, lots of people weighing in the 200s wishing they weren’t, etc. I tend to watch more for the problems that I don’t see every day! That being said I could definitely relate to snacking because the kids are snacking and getting overwhelmed and needing chocolate, so I feel like it was a good episode. You root for her because her emotional and addiction issues have not turned her into a complete jerk like so many on the show.
  11. mrsjoe

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    Omg. The GoFundMe. Someone must have pointed out that she didn’t come across as knowleged on her first couple attempts and corrected it with upgrades such as punctuation. What I’ve been searching for is what she specifically is trying to say was inaccurate in the episode. Has anyone found this? First she says she didn’t eat the pizza, but they didn’t really lie about that. Dr. Now was giving his opinion she was lying and about 99% of viewers sided with him. It’s not a lie. And she says they glossed over her medical issues, but the episode showed even the issues she has must be controllable enough to allow for weight loss, since the hospital stay resulted in loss, so that doesn’t appear misrepresented or a lie. She also claims she was “dragged”to Houston, but I don’t see how volunteering for the show and moving is dragging anything. She also mentioned them leaving out her emotional issues, but I thought this was pretty covered in discussions of her traumatic abuse and recommending multiple times she needed therapy. So I guess I just wondered if she had stated what was a lie and inaccurate in the episode. Like, if she went to therapy and they stated she hadn’t, that’s one thing, but my suspicion is there is nothing she can point to like that. Unless of course she is saving all that for her “true story” she is using the gofundme for...
  12. mrsjoe

    S06.E15: Bettie Jo & Susan

    I was actually glad for Dr. Now to clarify that. I think we’ve gone back and forth on the boards whether that was the success rate for with or without the surgery, and I’m pretty sure Dr. Now said 600lb patients with the surgery only have a 5% success rate this episode, so I guess we have the answer. I laughed her out loud at this. She can claim the episode was edited to make her look bad, but the bottom line is she recorded the line the doctor said she couldn’t stay on her diet while pregnant I guarantee at most the doctor said she should adjust her diet up 300 calories or so. There is nothing on the banned foods list a baby needs to develop. I would have thought she was just stupid and misunderstood the doctor, until she didn’t even deny the fact that she was stating she had cancer when no biopsy had shown that. I believe Dr. Now when he says her situation is almost never cancer and her records show it’s not over her and her husband claiming it is. Anyone who has ever been pregnant can sympathize with wanting to eat terrible foods. I just never claimed I ate French fries at 8am on the way to work because a doctor told me to. When she talked about the rough patch she and her husband were going through, I wondered if she only had the baby to “save the marriage”, but it’s hard to imagine her husband leaving her baby or no, so I’m not sure why she wanted a baby. It maybe she realized it would give her tons of excuses. I’m almost surprised she didn’t claim she had postpartum depression and couldn’t diet due to that. At one point Dr. Now commented “you’ve started smoking again” which implies to me she stopped long enough for the surgeries and restarted.
  13. mrsjoe

    S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    This is TLC. I’m more surprised they didn’t park some unpaid intern at the grocery stores and fast food joints closest to the apartment with a camera and sneak a bunch of secret footage of the husband coming out with heaps of food. Anyone know if she moved back to Indiana? I am guessing her latest excuse is she couldn’t lose weight without her mom there, even though I suspect we only saw the tip of the iceberg of her personality based on her mother pointing out how nasty she turns the second she doesn’t get her way.
  14. mrsjoe

    S06.E12: Sarah's Story

    I think in the voiceover she confessed that once she allowed herself the casserole she went on a multi-day eating binge, so I think the 14 lb weight gain was from days of eating, not just one night. I’m wondering though if the main reason she confessed is that five days before her surgery I would expect she was supposed to be on a liquid diet, and she decided to let Dr. Now know in case going off the liquid diet made her surgery more life threatening. But now that I think about it, not a single episode has mentioned the liquid diet that usually proceeds surgery. I can’t even imagine these people when they can’t eat anything for two whole weeks. I got that sense too. And you sort of understand her “punishing” her mom, but my guess is she treated her sister like crap too and that’s why two days into traveling with her, Heather was already rethinking moving with her. I can’t even imagine Heather’s perspective. She grew up in the same crappy household, yet because she didn’t get huge, she is expected to give up her own life for a year to wait on her ungrateful sister. On top of which, when she rightfully calls her out on not sticking to her diet (clearly she wasn’t since she gained and didn’t lose), her mom sides against her with the sister. The McDonald’s thing made me think this was just a snack for her and they had already eaten dinner. Does anyone really believe she would only eat one burger and two fries if she hadn’t eaten the whole day they were traveling? I know we all keep talking about the grilled chicken, subs and salad options when you have to eat out, but wouldn’t just eating one regular fast food meal, no extras translate to weight loss for these people who usually eat four meals at once? Eating out is just an excuse to continue eating a huge meal.
  15. mrsjoe

    S06.E09: Tamy Lyn's Story

    I thought this episode felt off. Like she seemed to have some severe emotional issues but then was so successful. Part of me wondered if there was some acting going on. I know they cut parts of the therapy session, but I was turned off by the way she made it sound like her husband had been having an affair and was leaving her, with no mention of the fact they haven’t been truly married for years, all the while calling him abusive as he tries to help her out. The reality was that they were both barely out of high school and got married because she was knocked up without knowing each other well, so hardly an ideal situation for a stable, happy marriage. Of course, I thought she might be faking her hallway collapse, but the Dr. Now explained it was caused by pneumonia, so what do I know? Well I think this episode stood out in that even though they were making unhealthy foods often, it was mostly home cooking. Without the enormous restaurant/fast food bills of the other patients, I have to think they would have a lot more money. The home cooking may have also helped her a lot with her wait loss goals. Like once she stopped eating frozen foods that alone would have cut calories and fat.