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  1. Oh, it's a Pick the Right Box type of challenge. I hate luck based eliminations like this.
  2. Might be some time to do so. They got the talking out of the way, so they'd only need three minutes to vote and reveal the votes, and a couple of minutes for the Do or Die twist, which I suspect is as simple as flipping a lever or rolling a die.
  3. I mean, seeing as there's not a whole lot of drama with this vote, I'm ok with the show taking this time to talk about this. I think it's important for people to hear.
  4. True, but what could happen that would justify Tribal starting 15 minutes earlier than usual? Does Deshawn have to build a fire in 6 minutes or something? It seems straightforward; if not Deshawn, than Liana or Ricard. There better be some fighting going on.
  5. It's stupid because if you're in trouble, you can't just sit out. You HAVE to try for your safety. And if this is a challenge you suck at, you're risking it all on chance. No strategy whatsoever with this.
  6. And...this twist is stupid. I have horrible fine motor skills and grip strength so I'd either have to sit out or probably be the one affected by this twist.
  7. I feel like an episode is only about a day. So 10 days have passed since the La Brea sinkhole, at least from what I gather. For a group that has eternal panic over being stuck in La Brea forever, they also have been around two very convenient sinkhole of green light (granted, one was the one they fell through). They keep having these characters say "WE DON'T KNOW IF THERE WILL EVER BE ANOTHER SINKHOLE", but they also keep revealing that there have been many, many sinkholes over the years so why assume this one is the LAST ONE EVER? Nothing has said that it would be. As nice as it wa
  8. I actually think this was the best episode they've had this season. I mean, I didn't really love the focus on Taylor, but we didn't have to endure her in the capacity that we did a couple of episodes ago, and I guess it was an ok backstory, although a little convenient that the show is making us sympathetic toward her after her actions when she was first introduced. I kind of wish they ended Buck/Taylor but I shouldn't be too surprised since they ended Eddie/Ana and probably didn't want another couple done. I still don't really know how much Taylor likes Buck compared to him being into her. He
  9. I feel like they do this a lot with main characters not part of the Core Four, though, and especially with their non-white characters. They won't really bother to develop them. Now, recurring characters, sure, they'll throw together some half-assed backstory for them and call it a day. But they really stopped developing their other main characters since season 2. Just because they show up onscreen and occasionally get a subplot, it doesn't mean they're properly developed. Or maybe they're getting development, just poor development. It's a shame, because Erinn Westbrook is a great actress
  10. I only think she won't because of that comment Joe made to Celeste earlier in the episode, when she asked how long it's been since they had sex. He made it pretty clear it had been a while since they did, possibly before he discovered Jenny's lies. She could, I won't write that off, but I do believe it's going to be Bobby's in order to make it harder for Amy in this timeline (fertility issues will make abortion less of an ideal choice for her, plus it being Bobby's last child, plus drama with Bobby's wife when it's inevitably discovered). Although I totally agree that people on TV
  11. Yeah, no surprise Rocker Amy got pregnant by a now dead Bobby. It gives her the excuse to keep the baby, especially with her fertility issues, and she almost certainly will give birth to this child that Joe will probably help care for, probably for reasons that he never got to raise his own child and doesn't want this child to grow up without a father...or something. It's such a predictable trope that I knew, in one of the timelines that Amy would end up pregnant with Bobby's baby. I briefly thought maybe it would be Cop Timeline, but Rocker Timeline makes sense. Honestly, I wish th
  12. I mean, it was only Evvie who had been actively pushing for that, but that's because all women alliances are pointed out and obsessed about by the men so often (see Abraham in week 1, Danny all throughout pre-merge) that working with other women aren't often on their to-do list. All women alliances get targeted, so there are women who avoid working with other women because it'll put a target on their back. Men don't need to say they're working with other men, because they won't be targeted nearly as often as women if they work with people of the same sex. They can simply just work togeth
  13. What a solid mid-season finale with an epic cliffhanger. I really love that this season has been about changing the timeline, but for the better. I believe that every time the Legends have willingly chosen to change the timeline, it's for good reasons. Or even accidentally, as Hoover's death even wasn't necessarily bad (bad for the timeline, but right idea). Astra taking charge was actually pretty great. I loved the women taking charge in the workforce while Behrad took charge on the homefront (kind of a funny parallel and reversal of roles, in a way). Though I wish Behrad would have a p
  14. I do get that Shan caused her own demise and I knew that she'd likely be going at some point, but I actually am a bit sad by her elimination. Yes, she could be frustrating at times and she made countless mistakes. And I guess, in hindsight, Ricard's thinking wasn't THAT bad. However, with Shan's elimination, it now almost ensures Danny or Deshawn or Xander winning this game (at least in my head; if I'm wrong, I'll be pleasantly surprised). Danny's name has never been brought up and it seems like he can skate to the end fairly easily. Deshawn has been personable and made some decent moves
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