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  1. Yeah, I don't see how they wouldn't have. I know the audience was less likely to be informed, but I assume the judges would have been let in on what happened. They didn't seem surprised when everyone else found out.
  2. I'll admit, I started fast forwarding through the Chester/Cecile scenes. Unfortunately for them, I couldn't get through much of the quirky from Chester. I like Cecile, but Chester was too much for me. I hope he doesn't join Star Labs. Ralph/Barry had some good moments and I loved their fight sequence at the end. I love that Ralph convinced Barry to use something other than his powers. I feel like Barry's forgotten that there's more than one way to fight the bad guys, so I'm glad Ralph reminded Barry about that. So, the Nash/Allegra stuff was actually fun. I wonder who Allegra's doppelganger is, because she's clearly important to Nash. We've already done daughter with Jesse and Harry, and we've done love interest with some of our others. I GUESS we could have another daughter scenario.... Overall, it was...an episode. It had some good moments but I wouldn't say that I liked it. It was pretty much a filler episode.
  3. No, not at all. If it's Cassidy, then he gets back in touch and knocks her up in a few months down the line. I assume the mention of morning sickness is really just for her first trimester and not also at the end of her pregnancy. It makes sense for it to be someone Kevin already knows (it won't look like he's rushing into marriage and a family) but I don't think Kevin should get back with any exes, so it should be someone new.
  4. Oh....I like when they only do short flashforwards. I like them doing only a nine month flashforward. It intrigues me more because they're not having to plan something for years down the line. Overall, a very strong fall finale. It had a lot that was great. Deja and her sadness over her mother seeming to be better. Tess coming out to people. Nicky figuring out his place in the Pearson family. But really, Kevin moves fast. In nine months, he has a fiancee AND she's already pregnant? It's obviously better if it's someone we know, but I don't think that's a good idea. But the most curious question: why is Randall not at the 40th birthday party? Did Kevin mean that Randall's in a fight with Kevin, or that Randall's in a fight with the whole family? It must be something to do with Rebecca's care, right?
  5. I get why it bugged ME. The whole thing they did with James during the show was really sad for him. I know they had to address the miscarriage, but waiting until his second dance to reveal it was really a cheap way to tease drama. And yes, I also understand that the first dance had to have the redemption dance segment. But they could have let James talk about it a little with Tom during the judging and then had the segment explain it fully later. What bothered me was how harsh the judging was toward James when the judges KNEW what was going on. They should have critiqued Emma on the choreography more than James on his actual dancing. They knew exactly why this was a weak dance for him. They knew that his mind was nowhere near the show. It bugged me that Carrie Ann felt the need to bitch to James about his posture in BOTH dances. I guess they had no clue that James would be in the bottom 2, but they really went all in on the criticisms. They didn't even bother to ease up and the poor guy looked miserable. And yes, you know what? I'd RATHER they would have went really easy on him. I'd rather they would have dropped the criticisms for the dances. Because what happened is that it didn't become fun to listen to them pounding into James over and over. It wasn't fun to hear the judges tear into every little part of his dance while they knew that he just lost his baby. He wasn't going to be in the right mindset to hear all of this and they didn't seem to care. Once we did find out about what happened, you'd think that the judges would have been softer on his second dance. And sure, they stopped with the heavy critiques. Len and Bruno gave him more praise....but then Carrie Ann just HAD to bitch about his posture for 10 seconds. And then, after his heartbreaking segment and his heartbreaking dance, they gave him....all 9s? Again, if there was any time to actually overscore someone, this dance was it. At least one simple 10 would have sufficed. But no, they scored him all 9s so it was awkward to see the image of James holding his sobbing daughter while having to see himself not even get a perfect score after having to follow up the miscarriage news with that Foxtrot. And then....after that's all said and done, James gets in the bottom 2. Ok, he didn't get the scores and that sucks. But then he has to listen to the judges unanimously choose Ally, someone who's been in the bottom 2 THREE TIMES at this point, while also having to listen to Ally beg the judges to choose him instead. Even though they know he's the better dancer, even though they know the audience favours him, even though they know Ally has a zero shot in winning while James had a high shot in winning, and they still decide to shit on his crappy week with an elimination, all because they want Ally in the finale. It was all so very joyless and there's a few rare times when I'm ok if they're overly nice and easy. A heartbreaking loss like a miscarriage, where James still powered through his grief and attended the show, is one of those rare times when I wanted things to go easy for him. It's like they served him a shit pie and forced him to eat it onscreen. It definitely felt like they capitalized on his grief and that's totally unfair.
  6. They've been dating for about nine months. We haven't seen Gary go to work ever except for one time in season 1. It's no surprise he finally lost his job. We didn't even bother to see him go to work to get FIRED. And now it's been officially confirmed that he wasn't even going to work much offscreen.
  7. Again, especially since James was already having a horrible week. The judges were really harsh on him last night as well, which made his elimination 10x worse. When the person who was saved is trying to beg, on live tv, to be eliminated instead, you know the judges screwed up. This is ALL on them. Ally's a sweetheart for trying to beg for her own elimination. And I truly think she meant it. You could see her mouthing to the judges to save James and Emma (the moment right before Carrie Ann said she'd be saving Ally/Sasha, you can see Ally mouthing James' name). You could tell that not a single person in that room was happy with the judges. They had the power and they blew it. And I think what they did just proved why even a judges' save didn't work. They tried correcting last season's mistake but also proved why this new system is a mistake. There HAS to be a better way to decide eliminations. In hindsight, I think that they should have just called off the elimination entirely if they really didn't want to get rid of Ally, and had all of them advance to the finale. That way, they can cut out a couple of the bullshit performances that they'll clearly show, and James' horrible week didn't need to get worse. Because, really, do we REALLY need to see Pitbull performing next week?
  8. I feel bad for Morgan. She clearly has worked very hard to get to where she is (not without making enemies, of course) but for it to potentially come crashing down with her diagnosis? I mean, how likely is it that she'll be able to perform surgeries for the rest of her life? I genuinely don't know. I can understand why Morgan wanted Glassman to not tell Andrews or Lim about it. She got through her first solo, which is great, but she makes a valid point that they'll think less of her if they know. But Glassman does have a responsibility to inform them, especially once it gets worse. I get doctor-patient confidentiality, which is why I understand if Glassman keeps quiet now, but once Morgan gets worse and that coincides with her surgeries, then they'll need to be informed. What a horrible situation for Morgan. Well, more relationship troubles for Carly/Shaun. I get it's a learning situation for both of them, but man do I wish that they could have one episode where they're happy with each other. Park's case was pretty sad all around. No surprise that Melendez and Lim broke up. It tends to happen on television. I assume it does happen a lot in real life, but still, I was hoping they'd work things out. But yeah, don't date your boss.
  9. Yeah, that's what made it worse for me. James was understandably having a difficult week. I think there are a few times where the judges should be less critical and be softer, and that's a heartbreaking death in the family. Obviously, this one hit harder for James because Kimberley was quite far along (I think four months if I do the math right?) and her life seemed to be at risk in the process. And all the judges did was tear James apart for his first dance, low balled him for his second dance, and then picked Ally over him in a unanimous vote. Yes, it's life and life sucks, but they were so incredibly harsh on him and a lot of his mood was obviously due to the miscarriage, but the judges did him no favours and James looked defeated when he was eliminated. I'm talking more about previous weeks, although the rehearsal package wasn't great either. Carrie Ann looked as excited to be there as if she was meeting with Sean Spicer. We've SEEN Carrie Ann get excited over contestants before. She didn't look excited to see Hannah, imo. But it's more about how harsh they've been with judging in weeks past. Small mistakes that they tear her apart for....compare that with Ally, who can be out of sync with Sasha and be praised for it. I think it's fair to say that they have been harsh with a lot of the celebs this season, but then not harsh enough with others. It's the unfair balance that is the worst part. They basically gave Sean the "good job, you tried" critiques and then tore Hannah apart for "loose hold". They also give Ally the "you're so great!" and very little critiques. I was stunned when Len gave her a critique and gave her a 9 on her first dance. And that's what probably bothers me the most. Hannah is better than Ally but is scoring consistently lower than her. Similarly to Lauren; Hannah is also way better than Lauren and has also scored lower than her some weeks.
  10. To be fair, they've been unnecessarily harsh on Hannah a couple of those weeks, similar to James. Hannah and James have been underscored and the judges haven't been particularly nice to Hannah. Plus, they did her dirty with that Carrie Ann package, with part of it being released earlier today where she looked like a total diva. In reality, that clip they posted earlier today wasn't as bad when you saw the entirety of the segment. So I think people online were harassing Hannah for her "don't touch me" comment, and she shouldn't have been. She was upset and not everyone wants a hug in a moment of weakness. I am glad the Carrie Ann/Hannah segment went better than I expected, as well. Hannah is a much better dancer than the judges have made it seem. The last few weeks, it seemed like Len struggled to come up with a positive comment before bitching about their dance (their hold was off, for example; he's said that twice). Yet Ally can completely trip during her jazz dance, has poor footwork, or stands in front of a microphone for 20 seconds and it's suddenly all 10s. So at least judge everyone fairly, for goodness' sakes. Thank goodness for Len's 9 in Ally's first dance. It's a shame her Charleston got all 10s because I didn't think it deserved all 10s.
  11. To talk about some of the dances, I thought Hannah's contemporary was beautiful. If Ally's weak Charleston got all 10s, Hannah deserved all 10s as well. One of the better dances of the night. A lot of them were overscored tonight. I'd be happy with a Kel or Hannah win. I guess I'd be fine with an Ally win (but I don't think she CAN win unless the voting system for the finale changes). A Lauren win would just be a Bobby 2.0 win. Yes, Lauren can dance better, but I mean that it would only be about the loudest fanbase. Kel represents the show the best: someone with no dance experience who got better and is now one of the best. But I think they want a male pro/female celeb to win this season, so it'll likely be Hannah/Alan. Which is fine, because Hannah's been critiqued a lot and she's better than they say. She's improved a bit, more than Ally, at least.
  12. Well, James even said that he didn't plan on dancing but he was doing it because his wife asked him to. So I just assume that James did it for his wife, not that he actually really wanted to. But it's hard to say if he asked to be let go or if it was just unfortunate circumstances where he happened to get into the bottom 2 and the judges all chose to save Ally over him.
  13. James said in his package that it happened on Saturday.
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