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  1. I did look up James' history. It seems like his mom was a former dancer, so he may have inherited some of her dance ability. But it also doesn't mean that he did any dance himself. As far as I can see, the most dancing he would have done is some minor dancing while performing in theatre performances, if there was any. ETA: LOL, I found this article from 2012, right around the time he filmed his faux DWTS stuff for Don't Trust the B.
  2. And I'm also not even convinced that Karamo wanted Jenna specifically. In his intro package, when he said he was hoping for Jenna, either they had to re-record him saying her name and they spliced it wrong, or he said someone else and had to edit Jenna's name in, because the audio was definitely not spliced right when he said Jenna's name.
  3. She definitely took her time on that one.
  4. He was always going to take Nicole. But him saving Jackson was for back-up, in case Jackson would win the final HOH, as he knows Jackson would take him over Nicole, while Holly would take Nicole over him. I've had to reassess my dislike for Cliff these past few days. Even if I've been disappointed with his actions and still think he hasn't been as loyal to Nicole as she's been to him, Cliff HAS been playing the game, he took some risks, and they unfortunately backfired on him.
  5. I had a feeling they'd never fully get rid of extra dancers. So I figure they mean that there won't be a permanent dance troupe who will dance in several numbers every week...more like a "take the extra dancers where we can get them and only when it's absolutely needed" type deal. Hopefully, that's the case. Hopefully they use extra dancers as minimally as possible. Didn't Alexis also shut down any romance stuff at first with her and Alan last season? I distinctly remember them trying the Alexis/Alan romance angle in HER first week and she tried to shut it down. And look where that got us (especially when Alexis started trailing behind other frontrunners and got far less votes than others). Which is why I wouldn't place the blame on Hannah if her and Alan are forced into another showmance. Alexis/Alan got thrown in the same thing last season and they "broke it off" as soon as their season was over with convenient excuses of them both travelling a lot. Luckily for Hannah, she does genuinely seem to be a frontrunner this season and theoretically she shouldn't be in the bottom of the pack, but I am feeling nervous that they'll try to force a showmance angle where there clearly isn't one, and especially if her and Alan have no "story" for the producers to exploit.
  6. I felt like I saw Kel make several mistakes in his first dance (he definitely missed at least two cues because there was a point where Witney had to jump and reach his hand to get back in formation). But I do think he has the potential. For me, he definitely seemed better than Karamo. What makes Karamo good is the fact that he was able to do the lifts, but otherwise, I don't think he was THAT impressive. I had to sleep on it to decide that. I need to see his second dance in order to compare. James has the flexibility and ability to actually move that impressed me. I'm honestly GLAD that he had sloppy footwork because that means that there's room for improvement. Everyone has their own standards for this show, but mine, as it turns out, are contestants who get to gradually improve over the season. Similar to Evanna last season and how she massively improved as a dancer, I see James taking that same trajectory (and I see Kel and Kate doing the same thing). As for who I think will go next week? I think it'll be either Lamar, Ray, or Sean. If a woman were to go next week, maybe it would be Mary? But I feel a bit more confident that it should be one of the other three.
  7. That's fair! Personally, I loved some of Keo and Evanna's dances last season. Her Harry Potter themed dance, the Disturbia dance, and the Freestyle were all highlights for me. Either way, since they sacrificed Keo this season for Gleb, he better be bringing some fantastic dances with Lauren this season for me.
  8. For me, I don't mind Keo, but I find it more of a joke that he got bumped out of a pro slot for GLEB. Keo made it to third place last season and he's gotten a lot of chances before then, but he finally managed to prove himself once he got an actual worthy celeb. Meanwhile, Gleb has had how many chances with decent celebs and failed how many times? The furthest he got was with Jana in fourth place, and every other time, he's finished in the first half of the season. So, similar to Keo but Gleb still gets another chance. I just hate that Lauren is going to get screwed over by Gleb. Jenna and Gleb seem to cut from the same cloth: both good dancers (Jenna really is more than good) but both are not very good at choreographing something that has their celeb stand out. Jenna focuses too much on herself as the focal point. Gleb focuses too much on the sexiness of the dance. Both aren't very good teachers because both are vying for the spotlight. So, essentially, they're great dancers but good teachers, they are not. I decided to watch Karamo's dance back, and I can see why the judges didn't give him a great score. They are right; his hips weren't moving much at all. He was moving parts of his upper body but his hips seemed to stay stagnant. He was shimmying his shoulders, but not moving his hips. So, I think I gotta lower him in my favourites just due to that. But it doesn't mean that he can't climb back up for me. But rewatching Sailor's dance, she does replace Karamo in my favourites list. Seeing what she was able to do in such a short amount of time was great. She picked up on the choreography quickly, so I think that does bode well for her longevity. And, yeah, I'm sure Val is just beaming on the inside that he'll be getting farther than last time.
  9. I knew I was already rooting for James. Now, I'm just happy that he actually IS good at dancing. So far, until I rewatch, my initial favourites are James, Hannah, Ally, and Karamo.
  10. So, another season. Let's see how things go this time around! Hannah and Alan: As someone who doesn't watch The Bachelor trio, I have only heard of Hannah's name through media and that's all I know of her. Of course, instinct tells me to groan and hate her already, since I only started watching a few seasons ago and the last few Bachelor guys have...not done well. But I will say, she didn't do a terrible job. She looked excited, she seemed to do well from my limited dance knowledge, and it was fun. I actually really like her. Kel and Witney: Ah, Kel, one of the few I know of. I was really excited to see them. I think Kel has potential but he definitely had a lot of missteps. He isn't going to be one of the frontrunners, which is ok, but I do hope he can get better. Kate and Pasha: Well, first off, Pasha seems pretty cool. As for their dance, it was fun! I don't know whether it's the best first routine, but Kate certainly shows some potential. She's not awful, so that's good. She can definitely get good if she's given a few weeks. Lamar and Peta: Man, Lamar is tall. I guess at least they didn't give Lindsay the really tall celebrity this time. It seems like it'll be a challenge for Peta. Lamar looked like he was really putting in his all, but it just wasn't there for me. But man, seeing those 3s are brutal. They didn't even give JOE or BOBBY 3s last season. I guess this season, they aren't playing around. Lauren and Gleb: My first thought? Urg, Gleb. I do like Lauren, though. I just wish she had Keo instead, or any other partner. She had a good start so far. She just needs to work on some of her technique and maybe she can shine past Gleb's choreography (yes, Gleb, I saw you try to steal a moment during the dance). But I don't see her getting past halfway, just because of who she's with. Sailor and Val: So....Christie couldn't do the show this season so they replace her by her...celeb daughter? Who I've never heard of? I guess Val got REAL lucky that Christie as a model daughter. That being said, with having only learn the dance in less than three days.....she did a good job. I bet Val's pleased that he seems to have a chance now. Karamo and Jenna: Jenna must be giddy that she ALSO has a chance. I will say, besides one tiny mistake, Karamo did a good job. I think he could certainly do well. One of the better male celebs of the season, that's for sure. Ray and Cheryl: Eh. I thought it was ok. Ray has more movement in his body than I thought he would. But I wasn't liking the dance. Mary and Brandon: I thought that their dance was very sweet. I liked seeing Mary give it her all. But I don't see them getting very far. Ally and Sasha: I was not surprised with how good she was with Sasha. She had very sharp moves and it looks like Ally may be the one underscored by the judges for no real reason. Sean and Lindsay: Poor Lindsay. She got someone who just isn't a good dancer. But man, did she try...and to give him credit, so did Sean. I probably would have given him a lower score. Like a 3 should have been thrown in there. James and Emma: First off, holy shit, Emma looks AMAZING as a brunette. James was the one I was looking most forward to and had a feeling that him going last would be great. And...holy shit. He had the BEST dance of the night. Overall, a strong premiere. A lot of solid dancers with the celebs, a lot of potential, and only a couple of duds.
  11. *smacks head* I forgot about Nate! No, seriously. I didn't even think about him as part of the main cast until I just read your post. Shows how much I care for the character.
  12. It'll suck even more if Jackson and Holly win parts 1 and 2 because you know they'll be celebrating throughout the week and probably leaving poor Nicole alone to sit in her thoughts about how she'll be placing third.
  13. Since they do say that a character that we've "been taking this journey with" (or however they phrased it) will die, I have to think that one of the main cast does end up biting it. Definitely not Annalise because fans would riot. Not Laurel because producers love Laurel and will likely want to give her a happy ending with Christopher. Not Connor or Oliver because they'll want to end the series on one happy couple. Probably not Michaela either. Which does leave: Frank, Asher, and Bonnie. All three who I could easily see biting it. Frank is the most likely to die, just because he's been involved in way too much and it gives more angst to Laurel. Bonnie's highly likely to die, just because the show loves to torture Bonnie in whatever way. I could see Asher dying just because he's always been the most expendable out of the entire cast.
  14. Well...kinda. Up until last year, it was basically an unspoken rule. But then last year, they seemed to switch the rules....or Alison Grodner clarified that anyone can win AFP. We'll see if that's still the case this year when Nicole wins the game AND AFP. Cliff will go into sequester and then straight to the Round Table from there, yes (I believe the Round Table will be a week tonight?). And yes, Jackson, when Nicole votes him out, will go straight on stage to meet Julie and then ushered backstage until they bring the jury out.
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