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  1. Well, it's because they've established Killer Frost as a separate person from Caitlin Snow. Not that I've ever loved that, but that's why they're considered two different people.
  2. I hear it has something to do with some pre-gaming drama? Also, the fact that Chelsea gunned for Fairplay right off the bat. I think he was spreading some stuff around before the game that she created the cast list and she was running things and she needed to go. Obviously, Chelsea didn't create the list (as she pointed out, if she did, why would she include Fairplay on it?) and that caused her to realize that he was likely gunning for her, so she took him out before he could do it to her. As for John Carroll, no idea on what his beef is. Yeah, Brent is the kind of guy to bring drama, no matter what kind it is. He's the type to not care what he says to people and that can rub people the wrong way. Still, I do like hearing the commentary because it provides insight into games from players that I may have missed if I wasn't on a specific room, and a lot of them do have some great things to say. Plus, I've been watching Taran for the last couple of years doing Daily Live Feed recaps for Big Brother and now, just getting into Survivor in the last six months, I've been listening to RHAP commentary. Adam's seriously great. As someone who just watched his season back in January, I've been finding Adam to be a delight. He obviously has a way with words and I enjoy his insight. I'd love to see him on Survivor Sequester Mini 2 (I believe they're planning for that in the next month).
  3. I thought this was a solid premiere, even if I forget pretty much everything that happened in season six. I was able to piece together what I think I remember that happened. I like the time travel aspect for this season. Going back in time, I think, is working better so far than them going to the future. I like the LMD Coulson. Better than whatever the hell Clark Gregg was playing last season. I like how self aware LMD Coulson is and how he knows that this isn't what the real life him would want, but he also wants to help save the world for the umpteenth time. I could see him helping and then asking Mack to shut him down for good, though. That would be entirely in character of Coulson. And since we do get old Coulson back, I'm super excited to see more of him. He had some excellent moments with Daisy and Mack. I feel like the show hasn't had as much of Coulson/Daisy as they used to so I'm glad we seem to be getting back to that. FitzSimmons wouldn't be FitzSimmons if they weren't separated by time and space. I'm actually getting quite sick of that plot point but I also assume that this is Iain's choice, since he didn't even APPEAR here, nor do we know when he might show up. So, if this is an actor's choice, I get it, but it's still just the same old, same old. These two simply cannot catch a break. So, YoYo gains some new artificial arms. I guess that's to cut down on the budget with her mechanical arms? I get it and I can't be mad. Plus, I like the reason for YoYo being resistant to it. It still made sense for her to do it while acknowledging that this is still a part of her. Savng Hydra. Now that's a total 180 back to season 1 roots, in a way. I'm excited to see where it leads. Also, May! Hi, you're clearly not ok so....I'm just gonna watch and see what happens. Overall, decent premiere. Some very solid character moments that I enjoyed. Even Deke, who typically annoys me, wasn't a total comedic goofball dumbass as he usually is. They seem to be starting to get back to the person they introduced back in season 5, with a more serious and intellectual side to him. Also, if they completely drop the stupid Daisy crush, that's more props to the show. Enoch, as always, is a treat. He's been a great character to see evolve and grow over the last couple of seasons.
  4. Yeah, Brent is an...acquired taste. I don't mind him most of the time, but I definitely prefer someone like Taran (the one running the stream), especially since my interests and opinions align with him more. I kind of felt bad for Chelsea because Kelley almost not getting safety wasn't really her fault, but I could see WHY Kelley might have been upset, since the two couldn't get into a room long enough to talk it out. But still, Chelsea also dropped the ball on reassuring her alliance members so... Karishma was fantastic here. She showed promise in real Survivor with her idol play, but it shows that her strengths really do lie more within the strategic realm. She has a great strategic mind (see: her throwing the first nomination onto Dean in her room to get the attention off of her). I would actually love to see her play on Big Brother,as now, out of the Trifecta (The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor), the only thread we haven't seen is a Survivor player on Big Brother. We've seen Big Brother on TAR, Survivor on TAR, Big Brother on Survivor, TAR on Big Brother and TAR on Survivor. So let's see Survivor on Big Brother!
  5. That's why it's the opposite way around. Beta is the furthest from the black hole, not the closest (I'm pretty sure someone said that in the episode). I don't expect any of it to really make sense. But why I prefer it to the Sanctum stuff right now is because it's new and it's fresh. We've already seen factions fighting for power for the entire series. Literally, the Sanctum plot of the different groups wanting power is something we've been seeing before. Sheidheda probably taking over Sanctum is something we've seen in previous seasons, with Pike and Arkadia. What can they provide that's new there? Not much, I gather. Our heroes will win, Sheidheda will lose, Sanctum will eventually be run by the right people (whether by Murphy/Emori, by Jordan, or by someone else) and anyone opposing it will be taken down. I understand that there's a chance that the Anomaly plot goes in the exact same direction with things we've seen before but, at the moment, it's still new enough where I'm interested. I'm not here for the accuracy of the science or anything like that. I know they're making shit up as they go along. But if we're getting several of the main characters in the Anomaly stuff right now, I'd rather ALL of them were a part of it. I DON'T know what's going to happen with the Anomaly stuff and that's why I'm interested. I can change my mind if we discover that there's a bunch of people vying for power in Bardo or whatever...but right now, it's interesting and new.
  6. So, this episode brought more answers than I thought it would. Of course, it also left more questions, such as the other planets involved. I think the one thing that is holding me back from loving this Anomaly stuff is the idea that we could have many of our characters decades apart in age. Of course, thinking about it, there's 14 episodes left in the series and it would be a lot of work to put old age makeup on the characters for the long run, so perhaps they won't do this. Or we'll be forced to have the characters separated for this final season, which is even worse for me. Otherwise, I am liking this Anomaly plot WAYYYY more than anything they plan to do in Sanctum. Diyoza, Octavia, and Hope becoming a family for 10 years is a neat idea. Of course, Diyoza turned into a huge dick about Octavia wanting to go to her brother, I'm guessing because she didn't want it to be just her and Hope for the rest of their lives. But still, frustrating to see Diyoza take that route. And Adult Hope took after her mother when it came to Echo and Gabriel. No surprise Echo is freaking out about Bellamy. Sure, it led her to be not so nice to Hope, but it then led to some bonding between the two. Plus, I don't mind conflict like this....for the most part. Gabriel...did a dumb thing in leaving his monitor in the cabin when he knew there was someone else roaming the woods. Dude, you DID see the code, right? So just try to remember what you saw and input it for the next five years. You're bound to get it right eventually if you rely on your memory. Unless your memory is shit. And yes, questionable taste in a crush, but I think Gabriel was the same age as Becca so it's understandable. But we did get a Becca cameo! And we got some nice moments with the Diyoza-Blake family. And we got some hints about the planet about how Planet Beta/Sky Ring may be the planet whose time might move a lot faster than the other planets because it's further away from the black hole. Which means that we MAY not get super old characters, after all! If this is the case and nobody ages super old by the end of the series, I'd be more down with it. Octavia's letter to Bellamy WAS sweet. And there was a LOT of parallels with Octavia and Hope. We also know that Hope was trained by some prisoner a few months after Octavia/Diyoza were taken so I assume we'll also get flashbacks of those moments later. Overall, it was a solid episode, but makes me bitter that we can't get all of our characters to the Anomaly plot any faster because of stupid Sanctum politics. Who the hell cares about Sanctum? Let's get to planet jumping!
  7. I just assumed, with them mentioning everyone but Charlie and now Astra in the press release, that it meant that one of them would be abducted. Since they spoiled that Behrad would be alive before this episode aired, I would assume that they wouldn't hesitate to include Astra in the press release as well. And since it seems like Charlie's story is done, that's why I jumped to Astra being the kidnapped Legend. They've set up Astra/Behrad now as well, and I'd be quite surprised if Astra wasn't part of next season as a Legend. But, if Astra is not going to be part of the Legends next season for whatever reason, then I guess Sara is the next option. Though that would mean she gets a storyline outside of Ava, so I'd be quite shocked if she was kidnapped 😉 I have to assume they ARE heading this direction, and it's such a Legends thing to do. I'm not thrilled with the idea of a love triangle, but they're clearly setting up the idea of Zari/John and I can't imagine them suddenly dropping that for Zari/Nate...and vice versa.
  8. Also, one thing I forgot about. So, Behrad is now alive...BUT SARA IS STILL BLIND?
  9. Bringing next season's press release back up because of the development over the last couple of episodes. Now it looks like Charlie may leave at the end of next week's finale, Astra will join the team and she could be the one captured by space aliens. They have set Astra up to join the team permanently and, unless their actual plan is to have Astra sacrifice herself next week, I have to assume that she's here to stay. Also, an interview about next week's finale hints that the Zari 1.0 and 2.0 situation won't be so easily resolved with the Loom. I got excited over the prospect of two Zaris and double Tala Ashe, but it seems like I'm very quickly back to my theory of a combined Zari 1.0 and 2.0 to make NuZari.
  10. Leave it to LOT to make an episode not just fun with all sorts of meta references (as meta as they're allowed to be, anyway) but also with a whole lot of heart and character progression. The return of Mona! And I will say, this is how they should have used Mona right from the start. She was great and so was her team-up with Gary. I liked having her as the outside woman to the Legends. And Gary wasn't too bad either. I will say, his crazy hair suited him way more than his usual hairstyle. Zari 1.0 is back! And so is Zari 2.0! I was wondering how they were going to solve that problem and if we were going to have Zari 1.0 and 2.0 swap with each other ever so often. But it looks like we could very well have two Zaris for next season! And I'm so game with that. The more Tala Ashe we have, the better. She kills it at both roles as well. And it also gets rid of the love triangle of Zari, Nate, and John that they were starting to build toward. I mean, it's still going to be weird with two Zaris, as one of them will DEFINITELY need some sort of nickname so that they both don't turn whenever someone calls their name, but it could work. Still bleh toward Nate/Zari in general, so I'll likely just tune in to John/Zari. I love Zari 1.0, though. With Sara being relegated to Ava's girlfriend, Zari has become the true glue for the team. So hopefully she doesn't have as many romantic scenes with Nate as she did in season 4. And Behrad's back! Plus, it looks like they're leading toward Behrad/Astra. I mean, I'm sick of all the inter-work romances but I guess I get it. They can't find love elsewhere since they travel a lot...to different times....and different dimensions. And Behrad/Astra could work, as it does mean that Astra's here to stay. I like Astra a lot and am glad she got the closure that she needed. Sara/Ava in Star Trip was pretty funny. I did love Caity's William Shatner impersonation. And I feel bad for forgetting about Mick until he showed up near the end (although I did know that something felt missing). Also, I get it, show. You REALLY want us to embrace the co-captain stuff with Ava. But...I mean, if this means we get Zari 1.0, Zari 2.0, Behrad, and Astra as members of the team...I'll allow it. As long as you STOP MENTIONING IT NEXT SEASON. I totally get Charlie/Clotho's reasoning for keeping the Legends there. She's in a very tough spot right now.
  11. This was so much fun to watch. There was a lot of great moments, and honestly, it's worth it JUST to watch the F2 jury questioning. But most of it was great. There were some lulls in the game (the Mafia/Detective and Killer mini game round, for example). But this game was a lot of fun to watch. Highlights? Karishma KILLED it. She may not have done well on Survivor, but she did fantastic in Sequester Survivor. Maybe it helps that she didn't need to be on an island? Her social game was on point. Kelley Wentworth also did a fantastic job (I need to get to her other two seasons) and Abi Maria was...well, Abi Maria. Except less frustrating and more hilarious. And whoever this Kellyn girl was (I guess she's from Ghost Island?), kudos to her for playing the game AND getting to the end from 2am-8am her time. All women final 6! And all of them pretty deserving to be there. Also, Adam Klein was on RHAP Taran's Twitch stream and him and his girlfriend provided some great insight into the game. It also seems like they're planning for a second game sometime next month, and with how well this one did, it's going to be hard to top from the second batch of Survivor players.
  12. And now it's official! Renewed!
  13. The show has been renewed for a second season
  14. Single Parents has been cancelled after two seasons
  15. Premiere recap from the showrunner and why Bob Morley will be absent for a few episodes
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