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  1. The show recasting Mxy with Thomas Lennon is one of the best choices they've ever made, so a Mxy-centric episode is one that I can't complain about. He's just so much fun and also has way more layers than the first actor who played Mxy. I will say, this Mxy/Nyxly family plot works decently well for me. Kara understanding why Nyxly is doing what she's doing and trying to give her a chance to sway back to the side of good was noble, and at least Kara admitted that she probably should have given up a lot earlier than she did. I hope Mxy is still alive in that crystal because his sacrifice was a h
  2. I am very much enjoying the women getting to take more of a lead this season. Giving them back their agency, especially for characters like Isobel and Rosa, is a good change for this show to go toward. I am thoroughly enjoying Isobel/Rosa bonding this season. Their dynamic is one of the best parts of this season thus far. Liz has mostly been on her own island, and even here, where most of her scenes were solo, but she's been learning about her own toxicity and actually doing something to correct it, which is a very good arc for her to have. I hope we can see her bonding more with Rosa bec
  3. Please stay on topic and keep your comments about this episode. Thanks!
  4. So, I binge watched the show this week. It was a good limited series, lots of twists and turns, but there were several pacing issues I found, along with some predictable things they chose to do. The whole thing was fairly straight forward and the big reveal wasn't that surprising to me. The thought I had in my head the entire time was "ok, so they're telling us this...now how are the showrunners thinking that they'll trick us?" For example, "Oh, creepy coach is probably the one involved with the girl, but he probably DIDN'T murder Nick, even when we're stretching THIS reveal out! But who
  5. And, with that, Alyssa's fate is almost officially sealed. But Alyssa is pretty much gone here. And the Cookout has made history with being the first fully intact big alliance last in the house together (I'm pretty sure).
  6. I am so happy for Hannah winning HOH here. I'll be happy, no matter the outcome. The first DE where I can sit comfortably and watch.
  7. I don't think they live in Riverdale, but they certainly live somewhere close enough where they were able to drive back and forth. And yeah, it doesn't seem like Sierra and Tom are still married. I should have paid attention to them wearing wedding rings, but it sounds like Sierra moved out of Riverdale years ago and no mention of her marriage to Tom being long distance as a result.
  8. I actually REALLY loved this episode. I know it was pure filler, I know it was probably setting up a spinoff, but I am ALL in if it does happen. This was a fun episode to watch. I always skip the musical episodes, but if THIS is how they're like typically, then I've been missing out (I know they aren't lol). This episode felt like a season 1 episode, back when the show was still grounded in reality. This episode had normal (for the most part) characters with normal problems. Until the end, at least. And getting to see the Pussycats reunited, AND have Melody get actual lines and see Val p
  9. I gotta admit, every time the show brings a controversial celebrity on, my blood boils and I keep getting surprised that they pull this shit. I shouldn't be surprised anymore; this show will stoop to the lowest of lows just for ratings, when they shouldn't be giving controversial and gross celebrities a platform at all. But other than Privileged "College" Princess, the cast DOES look solid. Granted, there's quite a few celebrities who have some type of dance experience, but there aren't any outright duds (besides Privileged "College" Princess) and I should enjoy watching most of the dance
  10. Well, the reveal of Jones being Michael's father wasn't surprising to me. There were theories right from the start of the season that Jones was likely the dictator, so it was only a matter of time before Michael found out. I actually do like this plot for Michael, as well as Michael helping out Rosa. He's finally getting good stuff not centered around a love triangle, so I'll take whatever I can get. It'll be interesting to see how that affects the three Pod Squad members going forward. Michael/Rosa is a great pair. I'm so happy they're actually utilizing the cast this season and not sepa
  11. I actually did enjoy this episode. I caught up last night on the episodes I didn't get to watch and I think it's been a solid batch of episodes back. This one was good, though it had some pacing issues. I mean, with how many years he was in the army, I don't know whether it shows him as being incompetent. I mean, it's war; you're basically signing up to potentially die. It's a dangerous place to be, and I do think that it was expected for him to lose some men. I'm more laughing at the fact that Archie looks like he fought in WWI. I do blame the therapist for being freaked out enou
  12. Realistically, from what we know about Jones, he would have killed her without a second thought. What I think might happen is that she's shown to be in a coma. Which...eh, I would not be mad if they killed her off. She's done more harm than good and Jones HAS been useful in getting rid of shitty people thus far.
  13. What?!?! Danny is actually Josh's father? Who could have possibly predicted that, especially in the episode before the season finale?!?! It was obvious that that secret was coming out this episode. Again, the actors are all doing a fabulous job. You can feel the emotion from all of them. They're doing their absolute best with the material. I did feel bad for Corrine with regards to Josh. Obviously it sucks that Adam's anger has blinded him with this custody battle. Of course it sucks that he's using Josh to get back at Corrine, in ways. He has every right to be pissed, but using Josh is n
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