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  1. So, Kevin got the call for All Stars at the end of April, so he's definitely not an alternate. I love that.
  2. I mean, I'm happy for the group to FINALLY be getting back together, but it was still a bit of a slow episode, overall. Once again, the editing has been terrible this season. There are still really weird cuts from scene to scene and the sound editing is not good either. The combat between Sheidheda and Indra was only so-so. Speaking of Indra and Sanctum, that entire ending was disappointing. I thought maybe Madi would jump in and Wonkru would turn because he got beat by a child. At this rate, just murder the guy. It's not worth trying to win Wonkru over, at this point. Murphy continues to impress, at least. He's really grown these last few seasons and he's been SURROUNDED by kids this season. Is it just further hints of a Memori pregnancy/baby this season? Because it feels like this is just a test to see how Dad Murphy is. I get not wanting Echo to kill everyone in Bardo like Mount Weather but...I dunno, is it even worth it, at this point? Now Anders is dead, Diyoza's dead and Hope is gonna have some serious guilt about this. It's a disappointing way to see Diyoza go out like this, but I guess if it stops Hope from being a brat, then.... Yawn to the Cadogan/Gabriel lunch scene. All I got out of it was that Cadogan loves avocado toast. Jordan finally puts his skills to good use! A mention of his childhood with Monty! Finally! It took two seasons for any sort of mention! I did love that it was Raven who pulled Echo back from mass murder out of grief. I like that they remembered that Spacekru really was a thing. Clarke, once again, doesn't do that much. I know that she'll be the key to save everyone and blahblahblah, but....at this rate, I kind of wish it was someone else. At this rate, I want Murphy to take the test because Murphy is proving himself to be the real saviour.
  3. It sounds like everyone gets a Safety Pass lanyard and you can choose to play in the Safety Comp. If you win, you get a plus one. If you lose, you get a punishment.
  4. It sounds like they've bonded over losing their ride or dies because their ride or dies were stupid.
  5. It could be both of them. Two people are supposed to earn safety. I am glad Tyler and Bayleigh have seemed to work things out for now. I do hope it works out.
  6. I'm not thrilled with Cody/Nicole F seeming to be in charge, but it's good to see people at least wary of Cody. I just haven't heard anyone mention how dangerous Nicole is, which worries me. Coupled with her and Dani being friends and....this season worries me for sure.
  7. Interesting tidbit of Janelle's first All Stars about being targeted first, especially by Boogie. I was wondering if Janelle, or anyone, would even dare talk about Boogie after the Will situation came out.
  8. I totally fell asleep by accident and just woke up twenty minutes ago so I clearly missed two hours of the feeds being on. Never fear, because I tune in just as everyone is in the HOH room!
  9. The issue is the women are assigned the farthest answers and the board seems to be heavy.
  10. I just KNEW Ian would shoot himself in the foot as soon as he mentioned laying low and playing dumb. I KNEW he'd smoke the others in the comp. He can't help himself.
  11. Ian, I don't think your strategy is gonna work.
  12. But that would require Nicole to team up with a woman.
  13. ....so Christmas advances to the final round for HOH....
  14. And a clip of the front of the Big Brother house. It looks like CBS gave them an actual budget this year:
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