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  1. That was a mostly boring episode. 55 minutes of two guys and a dead guy floating in the ocean. The revelation of Dean/Vic rearing its ugly head once more, and Ben's diagnosis and needing surgery, was...meh. I don't instantly trust JJ's parents because I wonder why they're SO DAMN NICE. That's a red flag in my book, especially knowing that they are apparently as rich as Dean's family.
  2. I was never a huge fan of Jackson, nor of Japril, but I think because I hate 80% of the current cast SO much, seeing Japril together and Jackson on his revelation was a refreshing change. I've thought for the last couple of seasons that Jesse Williams was ready to move on. His career is far beyond Grey's now, so I was waiting for him to finally leave the show, and I guess that's now! I'm ok with it! Nonetheless, it was a decent episode, way better than the Teddy standalone dream episode. Now, Jackson's scenes with his father were painfully dull but Jesse and Eric Roberts work well togethe
  3. True, and I might see her point. However, intent and actions matter and the SpeedForce not only killing Alexa, someone who was NOT hurting anyone in that particular moment, but also threatening Barry by attacking Iris as a way to use him for his powers in order to kill Alexa, makes her wrong. So I would correct myself and say maybe not a villain, but definitely an antagonist. Which, I guess is different from the other foes Barry has had to fight over the years. They both want the same goal, but the Speedforce is willing to kill to get it achieved, while Barry isn't. I think the issue
  4. I hate Cain and now I hate that Billie was encouraging Cain to go operate. C'mon, Billie, he's really not all that. You can learn from way better surgeons than someone who has intentionally tortured his patients and their families by putting them on vents to ensure they don't die on his watch. I really want to like Billie, but they keep putting her in these dumbass situations. And I totally don't like that Kit has allowed someone who is still in recovery to be operating at ALL. Just to keep the actor around for no good reason. They could have made him a consultant or any other role that doesn'
  5. The court scenes, similar to season 4's, were ridiculous. This show SHOULD avoid trials like this at all costs, because they aren't well done at all, and they make Cecile look like she's fresh into her career. Here's the thing; the judge seemed like she was very much on Frost's side the entire episode. She seemed disgusted by the prosecution presenting the metahuman cure from ARGUS. She seemed like she was absolutely going to reject the prosecution wanting to give Frost the cure. I really think the judge was going to let Frost go, especially if the prosecution was all in on the cure and
  6. This episode was a very strong episode. I really loved it because it was both emotional and funny (with the possessed Ace stuff), all centered around Nancy's fake birthday, no less. Having the episode diverge from a typical ghost/supernatural mystery to something more rooted in realism was good, and I think they did a really great job with it. And they still had the supernatural stuff on the side with Ace. Tunji did an amazing job this episode. He really shone as he helped figure out what happened to Dolores and him having to keep his anger in check about it. They allowed him to be
  7. I think, the moment they presented COVID into the AMLT world, that telling the George Floyd story was just as, if not more, important. That being said, I'm cautious to see how this show handles it. This show isn't known for telling serious topics as well as they could be. But I'm not bothered by it; sometimes, entertainment is another way of getting people to really listen and pay attention to real life events. That's not a bad thing. The episode, in itself, was fairly strong. Is it sad to admit that I didn't notice that Maggie was not in the episode at all? Because I didn't notice until
  8. I think it was...lung cancer? They haven't mentioned his cancer this season, but it was a huge part of his story last season. I think it was his lungs.
  9. Well, it was a surgery to get out the rest of the cancer, so yeah, pretty serious (though not serious enough where he was able to reschedule/cancel it) and Owen being able to easily carry someone out of a burning building was sort of ridiculous. If this was two weeks into his recovery, then it MIGHT be a bit more believable. But it was only a couple of days.
  10. The app itself may not be technically illegal but it's invasive for people who don't consent to having their faces literally scanned by a stranger just to find out information. Just because it's taking public information, it doesn't mean it's a correct app to use on someone who you might just be meeting for the first time. Because, in a few seconds, if you're meeting someone, you won't know just their name, but their place of work, what city they live in, their family members' names, etc. It's a logistical nightmare to some people, especially if some are taking advantage of the product. Not to
  11. Unfortunately, one of the big weaknesses of this show is creating some kind of project that makes any sort of sense. Remember season 1's SprPoint idea with Leif/Joan that was basically invading people's personal lives, and then the weird phone ideas this season. So a pop-up that apparently needs months of planning is just another one of those ideas. Zoey....is incredibly misguided and also incredibly selfish. She's basically on a loop, at this point. She hears a heart song, overreacts or thinks too much about how SHE has to help, gets someone pissed off, she apologies, and then it starts
  12. This episode was on a whole other level of stupidity. Let's start with Owen, who decides that testing out his arson theory in his backyard would be a good idea. The arson investigator was VERY VERY BLATANTLY suspecting him and not only did Owen NOT catch on (especially as a firefighter with years of experience), he decided to incriminate himself by testing it out. Not only that, but he told a VERY UNTRUSTWORTHY NON-ALLY instead of literally anyone else, while making a dumbass excuse on not telling the guy who SUSPECTS HIM. And, no doubt Billy Burke is the real arsonist who will set
  13. This was a good episode to focus on the 9-1-1 call centre, especially Josh, who is a great character, as well as Sue. I love that we got to have a mini Josh Begins episode. Despite the fact that he's only a recurring character, I was interested in learning more about him, and we also got to learn a little more about Sue too! I always love when Athena and Buck team up. It's a rare but fun treat to have. I even didn't mind seeing Taylor get more involved. They've certainly done a 180 on her character since earlier seasons, but I'm grateful for that. Now, I can actually stand her character.
  14. So, Alien Gary definitely seems like a retcon since I know we've seen Gary without glasses before, perhaps as recently as AFTER Crisis hit. Still, if they ARE chalking it up to a Crisis change, then what a weird change for Gary to suddenly become another species. I can't say that this won't distract me for a while. It just felt like a weird way to get Sara to interact with another series regular for a while. Plus, too much Gary has always been a miss (see: S4). Ava/Sara...meh. I mean, I've never been fond of the couple and I've loathed that Ava's increased presence has decreased Sara's.
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