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  1. The guy once did it as a part of a 'superhero' costume emblazoned with a big N on his chest for halloween... yeah, this is an attitude/belief not a one time ill-advised whim as a young person.
  2. This always reminds me of the movie Spinal Tap. They have an un-carried thru plot line where they get visits from an all-female band and end up with cold sores.
  3. That's Lexi, the red convertible girl... and now we both remember her more than Peter does/did.
  4. This involves the woman running up to the Bachelor, throwing her arms around his neck and then grasping her legs around his waist to complete the "handshake". As far as we know nobody has been injured performing one but there is always that hope... we saw it tonight with the woman that led the pack on their group date.
  5. Her "comfort" was masterfully laying out the situation and then NOT adding in "Man it really must suck to be you huh?" and only implying it. I mean there was no "I'm sorry that happened to you." Or any kind of attempt to make thing better, it was classic. Not as Classic as the massive champagne facial that she got hit with from the producer plant 2nd bottle of champagne though. Damn, I had to watch that in slow-mo a few times, I nearly fell off my couch I was laughing so hard. Literally. I was wanting him to say "Okay so out of all the girls you came in second, so wtf??" She does seem like she's mastered the "poor little me, I just can't DO it like everyone else can, I'm so sad and pitiful" angle.
  6. And he's the worst kind... the one that KNOWS he's a douche and intentionally seeks out more and more ways to show it, like it's an admirable trait everyone should acknowledge. When they said "there is a returning artist on each team" I said "There is??" Oh, and there were tattoos.
  7. All I could think of at the end of the show was "Wait, haven't I seen this 'Hannah can't decide' season already?" I mean it seemed normal proceedings at first but then it once again became the All About Hannah Show, Season 2 pilot. Last I checked she doesn't have the equipment to be Bachelor and had her turn already.
  8. Well that Reunion show really shot holes in the entire season huh? What happened to all the 'strong, evolved, growing' that supposedly happened? None of the island relationships survived even just to the Reunion. Then we also see Kate of all people has gone back to (or never really left) David! With documented examples of his having sex with multiple women (three at a time even!). Wow. It also would seem that, as people have said, Casey will soon manipulate his way back into his prior relationship as well (if he hasn't already!) As is with any 'reality' TV I watch, I don't really care about what happens with people at the end and the details are already getting fuzzy... but damn the producers must feel like this one ended with repeated kicks in the groin. I wonder who be on the island next to "grow" and then go crawling back to their dysfunctional relationships afterward?
  9. She said something about her finally feeling like she could really do this game, feeling she was finally good enough and "see I can do things!!"/accomplish something and I could only instantly add "Just imagine what you could do if you were properly medicated." And that's not joke-y snark on my part, what Noura talks about her life being like is typical of someone who has battled themselves through the ravages of mental illness into their adulthood and look back to only see chaos. It's sad is what it is. What's sadder is that "I'm just being me!" will continue to shield her from ever getting help it would seem.
  10. And I am thankful, weekly, that it's not...
  11. I feel it's pretty clear that Dan was on double secret probation already and it didn't take long under a more watchful eye for him to slip up again and the axe came down. As we've seen documented, it's just the way he is he can't seem to help himself playing with the women's hair etc.
  12. I'm thinking this was post Tribal, maybe after he went out idol searching or something like they've been doing early in the morning and it was one of his crew that blew the whistle on his behavior. In any way it happened I'm glad to see him gone. I was hoping Probst wasn't going to be telling someone a family member was in an accident or something...
  13. My favorite part of the episode was when we flashed backed to Noura "working out" the vote with leaves and twigs... "okay so this is me, and I vote for Tommy" it was awesome. I also wondered how long she had been droning on until Dean finally said "Noura, we're getting sidetracked here..." She really has no focus or filter which is a bad bad combo. In both instances she seemed to not be able to keep a thought together or focus. While I hate when people start saying "she should be on medication" I actually agree in this case. People that need/could use it going through life unmedicated make nothing but a twisted mess of their lives and it seems that that is exactly what has occurred in her life. I do feel sorry for her. As we know Dean will be among the first out in any challenge, we also know that any vote that relies on Noura will get screwed up.
  14. Interesting "twist", talk about curveballs! Not really interesting in how it played out though as each 'side' took out the biggest threat not the easy vote... overall it was mostly tribal which makes for an odd layout/episode. Eh. At least they are trying to switch things up and keep people on their toes. This season is still dragging though, and poorly cast (imo). ETA: And also, Jamal had the face and demeanor of a classic bitter jury member on that bench!
  15. True, but then again if you are going to count on someone to lie wwho you know is a 'bad liar' why not just make the vote yourself and lie about it later? Seems safer than relying on Noura. Counting on one person in a plan is better than relying on two especially when the second is Noura!
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