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  1. I think Jimmy is a good dude as well. Probably getting a little bit of "rub" of that is on his mild critiques. And yes he should have been "eliminated" (See below) for his whacked drawing and his sleepily plowing through more am. trad. tats. but he tripped on his own style less than Angel did with that lady head. But speaking of drawings what was up with that odd hand drawing? Neither tattoo seemed "right" when they showed it. Yeah I could see that 'pardon' coming from a mile away like Godzilla bearing down on Tokyo... annoying.
  2. While I wouldn't say I love him I will always appreciate his coming back from EoE mail with the next clue on a log. When asked "What ya go there Tyson?" Instead of being all "It's a clue!! It says..." He said, "It's a log with a clue on it." That would have killed me were I out there.
  3. Well, I don't remember voting for her... and I mean just because some watery tart threw an immunity idol at you doesn't make you Queen.
  4. Those fire tokens were "hidden" like you do for the little kids when you hide easter eggs! Totally 'whoever gets t Area A first gets the token'. I can imagine the people that had to carry a billionty logs down the rocky path for a single fire token were not so happy about this all of a sudden devaluing of EoE fire token rewards. If I was Natalie? I'd be PISSED. We kill ourselves for one; now they are just scattered around on the ground.
  5. "Talk less. Smile More." Well if the poor Nick comes back from getting water and the tribe flag is over the shelter, he knows to not come a knockin'!! I think there is a plethora of hints that this will happen. Especially as Probst loves to talk about how "his game" has "evolved" so much and he'd have a vested interest in putting those Old Schoolers in their place... I think that convo just opened the window to them saying.... "Holy shit, Yul is TOO smart and too good to keep around when we have a chance to get him out." It was a view into how much he's analyzed the game and it freaked her out. So Yul goes home... unfortunately. I feel like we are now watching "Survivor All-Stars, B-Cast" now with 100% less "big targets"!! It's not exactly how I envisioned this one going. And that gets back to why I think Old School v New School will happen. Because this? Didn't work.
  6. I got a pit in my stomach just reading her name here as things came flooding back, I guess I still have Abi-Maria PTSD! I know that I'd have gone with the six pack of beer and we'd have just sat around a campfire drinkin beer and conversating. Would have made "Exile" not so bad for one night...
  7. Oh for the days when you could find peanut butter at the store. Anyhting with a shelf-life around my local stores is gone... but when forced to self-quarantine having entertaining teevee like this really does help! Thanks Survivor, I needed that. I still can't believe how Denise played that, talk about biting (off) the hand that feeds you! Nicely done. Wendell is NOT a good communicator/person to work or live with. We got a sense of what being in a relationship with him would be like and why Michelle seems like she regrets it... My favorite line(s): 'Whatcha got there Tyson?' "It's a log, with a note on it."
  8. There are lovely Russian ladies just waiting for guys like Peter online as "mail-order brides". (if they call them that these days??)! I'm sure that it wouldn't take much for Babs to squeal "Oh Svetlana we LOVE you!!" with her now trademarked shaking hands over her mouth and squeezing out some tears! It would be especially beneficial since they can't talk back and have to stay with Pete until their papers get worked out.
  9. Yeah you can see how they already have dropped the ball on the upcoming season with their selection of her pool of guys. The problem I'd guess was that any stable, gainfully employed, wiser and older 'contestants' were simply not in their recruitment pool. Most have a serious job they can't take off from for a few months and/or don't need this show's "services". Hell, they might not even care about their social media presence! 😉
  10. *faints* Between this and the coronavirus I feel like the walls are caving in on us. If you can't believe producer made and driven reality tv stars can find love what do you have left in this crazy world? See you on BiP!!
  11. It surely went a little something like... "So Kelly, let's just move on here okay? If you're willing to come back and sit in the final audience like everything is all good we'll give you a slot on BiP."
  12. Well Peter, you don't have to go home... but you can't stay here. We're moving on as this wishy washy season of The Bachelor concludes as it began was in the middle and is now, not with a cheers but with an.... uh... "I guess?".
  13. But his bed is probably the airplane version of a kids racecar bed. That's hot.
  14. I'd call it "Venus Flytrap" mascara. How can anyone look at themselves like that in the mirror and say "Perfect! Just what I was going for!"??
  15. Only if she didn't like you... if you were good with her you'd become just as enmeshed with her and the family as Peter has become. Let's face it, they aren't just his parents they're roommates! Time to cut those (psycho) apron strings Peter! Stop banging easy girls from the club like your mom seems to want you to. Talk about hell, can you imagine waking up at Peter's mom's house when the booze wears off? It's like a bad college roommate moment: "No, don't worry, we're good. I put the ribbon on the door." I'm sure Babs loves coming by his closed door the day after he's been out partying and saying 'atta boy Peter, that's my boy!!" Let's not forget there was that telling moment (beside the windmill) about Peter in H.B.'s season: condoms in the car. He's just a horndog not ready for a relationship let alone an engagement. 'Immature' barely covers the extent of it.
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