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  1. Hell, we may even see it again just this season!
  2. I see that one differently actually. I'd ask them to put there hands up and tell the people with their hands up to pack their bahs for lying to me AND to themselves. It's like asking 'Have you thought about us having sex after our date?' The pressure is to lie saying 'No, of course not!' which would be lying. But the thought itself isn't "bad" it's just natural. Previous contestants do get selected to be the Bachelor. That's how the show works. If you haven't thought about it you weren't fully prepared to be brought into this franchise and what it could lead to. Maybe a better 'honesty' t
  3. There was a shot with her walking in to the room with all the guys and the voiceover was of her saying "So now I don't know what I'm thinking!!" And I said to myself "Let me guess, is it 'I'm wearing a green glittery trash bag as a dress' ?" And again this kind of "honesty" is better revealed in private and hopefully with someone who actually gives a shit about the person revealing said "honesty". I can't bear these kinds of group 'dates' anymore.
  4. True, but why did you post pictures of two different people... oh.. wait.. that's... oh that's not good 😉
  5. I'm glad to see that the "you've known me for a collective 2.7 minutes now tell me how much you love me and will die for me" and "Watching men hurt each for entertainment is so sexy!!!" dates have been completed. Saved me from watching this week.
  6. I am thinking now that someone should have lead with "I just want you to know that I've been tested... and I'm also sex-positive." Missed opportunity there...
  7. Thankyou!! I couldn't get over the resemblance and couldn't remember his name. I'm waiting for him to break up a pair of arguing guys by saying "If you don't shut up I'm going to kick 100% of your ass!" Actually they played 'Chopsticks' in Big and this was 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' yes?
  8. I noticed that too as he was leaning and I was all no-no-no! But who knows what happens to a guy in that tense situation with the producers whispering "Sex Positive" in their ear. I'll give him another shot. Too early for me, who is crap with names in RL, to have anyone's name down but did we ever get to know anything about the guy with the pronounced bags under his eyes and long in front hair? He looked like he missed his shot at being an extra at a Criss Angel show taping. I also knew the two guys with 'beef', even if it came out of nowhere were shoo-ins to get roses. I still
  9. No doubt... also Tom saw footage of Chelsea kissing another guy and said "She's cheating on me." So I guess sleeping with someone multiple times, at least once with another person joining in, is equal in gravity of cheating with someone kissing. What?
  10. I didn't believe EITHER of them. I think it's more that neither of them wants to be alone because they are comfortable in their roles. Corey is lying that he won't be walked on anymore and Erin is lying that he boots are no longer made for walking all over him. I'm sure they'll be together longterm but I think there's very little chance either will be happy. I also felt a little bad for Corey's 'tempter' as she seemed very normal and nice. Kendoll sure changed his tone once he started playing his "win her back" game didn't he? Now he had such a terrible time "loosing himself" while h
  11. I can't effing believe that he's that old... oh man. And his "She cheated on me!" excuse is a very thinly veiled excuse to do whatever he wants now. So mature that. Oh yeah, he has always all about Kendoll everyone else is just supposed clay for him to mold because he loves being the godlike figure in his relationships. How he ever got such an ego is unbelievable. And yes, whoever he ends up with will be miserable. Hell, Alexxxsys is already partly miserable due to his dalliances with Nickhole and that's when there are only a handful of other girls around to spend time with!! Wait unti
  12. Chalk up another one to that good ole fashioned Catholic guilt!
  13. Tom, I'm not sure if the word 'embracing' was really what Chelsea hoping you'd be doing re: your flirting. I men was he thinking that 'See I've been flirtier than ever and still haven't crossed any lines!' would be a good angle to work? It's interesting that at this point they both think the other is cheating. It kind of shows that their relationship is fundamentally flawed and their communication sucks. This one's over folks! It's good to see Alexxxys trying to make Kendall slow his throuple roll. We'll see how that works (or doesn't!) for her. I don't think Kendall gives a damn as long
  14. She does seem to be waiting for her officially acquiring "told you so" rights before making any commitments. That "See? I told you your flirting would lead you to cheating on me!!" When he's actually been trying to not give her any bonfire-related ammunition, but she sees the flower thing and goes off the rails. Baby, you look hard enough you can find enough fault with anyone. She's always just waiting and hanging on everything he does to call "I told you do" rights. It's more important than 'saving' their relationship I think. And that is not to mention that he can't say hi to someone w
  15. Kendoll really over-values himself doesn't he? He still thinks that when they come back together it's going to be all cool, no problem you had a threesome. He thinks of this like a fun vacation where he gets to play around with some hot chicks and then go back to his relationship like nothing has happened. Like it's a free pass. I mean, I was stunned when he basically said that he hasn't done anything that bad that she won't just easily forgive. Because he's Mr. Wonderful I guess? Get used to being "totally single". Oh, and Amanda? there's this weird line between saying "Aww I love you gu
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