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  1. Thankfully!! I won't miss them sitting around with champagne saying "And remember when Jack nominated all the minorities and the old guy for banishment? Good times... *roll clip* Ugh, hated those segments with a passion.
  2. When Cliff threw Nicole under the bus (and then some!) and then actually belived he and Nicole would be final three I was less angry and more incredulous that someone could be that fucking stupid... Oh yeah of course I'll take you over my showmance/easy final two mate. It's a man-to-man thing that transcends all logic in Cliff's world. I get it now, you're just a stupid old fool. That doesn't excuse your idiocy but I understand it now, at least. Eh, it's hard to get too worked up about this season or the people involved. Oh, except for saying that Kat lost me with her jury-mance with Nick who is a true piece of shit.
  3. I always love trying to spot a guy in any of their live crowds. I think there were two yesterday. My feeling is much like everyone's voiced so far, if Katie is already doing the 'I'm not even wearing my engagement ring" trick to play emotional games with Chris it's definitely time to just walk away. That kind of manipulation is extreme at this point and I don't blame him for feeling she 'blindsided' him in front of the nation playing the victim with the 'empty tank'. If this is what she does when the cameras are on can you imagine what the day-to-day is like with her?
  4. Agreed, we already saw him throw her under the bus but this time he's the one driving the bus while Jackson stands on the corner and laughs as Cliff runs her over, backs over her then runs her over again just to make sure. Ya know what Holly? You were GONE if you didn't make this horrible terrible I'll throw the most pointless HoH of the year deal with Nicole and Cliff. Think of it that way instead of being pissed you had to throw it. Gah... I reallly hated cliff coming out of this one, with him smiling all condescending "oh btw I made a final two with Jackson without telling you. Oh, well, I mean I'm telling you now though that we're keeping him..." Thanks a lot big guy!! AND he was the one making sure Tommy went home too because it was better for him. Ass.
  5. At one point they were, but at this point they really were playing chess because Cliff said "checkmate" and being tired out from throwing Nicole under the bus he mentioned he was heading for bed.
  6. Annnd... back to not caring again... *sigh*
  7. I think so... because the breakup came partially due to his going into a tailspin over losing out on that shot. I can picture this is his job, so 4 hours working out is like punching the clock for him, it's what he does. So I give him a bit of a pass there on the time spent. But, if he wanted her to stay with him for that four hours yeah, clueless and overly demanding that she digs the things you do just because you're dating, whihc never works well in relationships.
  8. I had no idea this would be the time things got interesting, as I'd not looked forward to the combos if Nicole won... how delicious this could be. Locked out of that knowledge for a day (a 45 minute weather story kept me from watching) I didn't know what I was up for when watching! I want Nicole to take her shot and let it ride to the end hoping things fall her/Cliff's way. I'm guessing she won't but damn it would be classic. The "underdogs" never get this shot it seems and she has to take it. Those conspiring bitches in the jury house will still vote for Tommy or Jackson not either of the 'dogs so there is work to do... but why the hell not?
  9. Well, Chicago area viewers got 45 minutes of storm coverage 😤 so see every tomorrow!
  10. This will be a "special" season available on the internet, like when Big Brother did their net-only series.
  11. I almost felt bad for Pon getting steamrolled into his tattoo then botching it, but then I remembered all the times he's been a giant ass and I kinda laughed instead. Karmic whiplash. And go figure this evens up the teams again. This whole season is such a washout...
  12. Connor, that's not how this works. That's not how ANY of this works. You don't get to leave and then meet people back at your HOTEL!! The hell is going ON this season?? Sydney - "Matt's gonna get dumped no way Bri is leaving Paradise with that!" Ouch but, yeah, she was right too! Good decision there Matt. Mom's going to be upset you're still going to be living in her basement. I love Angela's casual "Ok *goodbye wave*" ending of things. I also love the whole "If you don't couple up the other gets fed to the lions" reaction levels. I am still waiting for someone to just go for the "I think you're cool, you think I'm cool, let's blow this place" walk off together, but I'm sure there would be a producer yelling "CUT! Let's try that again. Places people. Act natural." As per Demi looking like she could get a 'childrens' rate at the County Fair, here's her with basic makeup and glasses. Was it from her HS year book or her time on the Bachelor? You be the judge...
  13. Yeah that was a classy and mature way to really communicate with the guy you've been leading on that his ship has sailed as your dreamboat has come back to haunt save you... I almost expected her to give him a 'Deuces!' of 'Peace out Homey!' (like Jason from The Good Place) it would have been about the same end result... Agreed with all the no-namers coming to Paradise this year. When the Bip'ers themselves don't know who half these people are without producer intervention? You end up with a bunch of average looking no namers and htat's no stable base for this kind of thing!
  14. Seeing the once again bumper crop of watermelon in both Jackson's HoH room with backups in the storage room I was thinking a tie-breaker should be "While in the Big Brother House, how many watermelons has Jackson eaten?"
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