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  1. Ugh, I don't remember either, but it was Eazy who added 'That boys got demons' which was indeed hilarious.
  2. Also, they said he had to hold it until Tayshia said so. Which only adds to the 'she likes to make the guys squirm for her entertainment' vibe I get from her as she could have 'let him off the hook' at anytime but dragged it out because she thought it was funny.
  3. The time to let everyone know he couldn't wrestle due to injury was when they were practicing. Since he didn't I call bullshit, he waited to see if he'd be match up with a guy he could put in a good showing with and backed out once he saw he was facing Chasen. "Very careful lifting" was also obviously bullshit. Didn't they even show him doing shrugs with heavy weights?? Like nobody with a "double" shoulder injury would attempt? Before he wrestled Chasen he would have needed his brown pants. Guys, don't let someone who has never done it shave your face/back/etc. It's not a funny or sexy leaving a guy bleeding from your inexperienced hacking away in all directions while jabbing at your face with a bladed instrument. No matter the supposed 'guard' it possesses, just don't. I also guess she had to kiss him post-shave, but kissing someone with a bleeding upper lip? Again, NOT sexy.
  4. Hah... personally I'm... not comfortable with the picture of her and Dale and the dog the way they are posed. I mean it's okay to love your pets, but you shouldn't love your pets...
  5. Agreed. There's only so many times you want to be called honeybunch, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin in a day before you want to take a flamethrower to the place...
  6. While the other guys waited for them to get back from "talking".
  7. It depends on the what the word "knew" means. Did she "know" Dale since the day she started stalking him on social media or just "know" him from their supposed first introduction? An intro after which she proclaimed that she'd just met her husband? The timeline is very tenuous.
  8. I can't seem to get a quote to work but re: my message about the guys said 'what if", not that I thought for sure he was hiding something. I was simply making the observation that these guys came knowing that Clare was a pretty white blonde and maybe when the switch to Tayshia happened they will find that, though lovely, they aren't really down with interracial dating. Not everyone is especially when it comes to a possible wife, not just a few dates to see how it goes. That's all.
  9. I think comments have covered most the Dale/Clare ridiculousness so I'll leave that alone, but ahh yes many a storied romance has started from sharing hitch hiking broke dads. I can't believe Clare 'broke up with the guys' and then asked for reassuring hugs. Sorry bitch you just dumped us WE are not required to also help you through how horrible it was for you. I totally was waiting for CH to start playing a flute and have Tayshia rise up from inside the wicker basket jeanie style. How disappointing. The one guy who said 'what if I'm not attracted to her?' was addressing, to me, the elephant in the room here. What if he meant, more specifically, 'What if she's... not white?'
  10. It must have been the Mr. Taco picture that did it for her. He was her husband when he walked out of the limo and apparently is her fiancé now!!
  11. Smashed up ears like that make me wonder if he was a wrestler or a rugby player at some point beside the supposed football career. It's the only thing I can think of. Personally I think they simply had Tayshia ready to roll if need be due to a Corona complication. They had extra men why not an extra B'ette? Hell, they've been doing it for plays forever. Always have an understudy. That this was all set up to make Clare look bad and pull her from the season for ratings is far fetched at best. Only Clare could believe that. I just wonder why they had Tayshia emerging from a pool full of baby oil. That is both wierd and most likely expensive.
  12. Nice positioning when the guy busted in on Dale and her kissing along the wall the old "Oh no, we weren't doing anything" that many a teen has been caught at in their house when mom came home unexpectedly! Also Claire can now be a shill for Downy Wrinkle Guard in their 'are your wrinkled clothes giving people the wrong signal' fabric softener ads because it was SO obvious her shorts had been hiked up while she was on the bed with Dale. Those things were pleated when they showed her standing up. The cancellations they've stared letting the Bachelors and 'ettes do over the fast few seasons is what "blew up the Bachelor". It started wayyyy before Clair cancelled everything that didn't include Dale. Then one date she did have she just made out with him back in her room for 45 damned minutes. You let them walk all over you and it's YOUR fault that your precious program has blown up. I bet Taysha was brought in on the strict agreement that it is THEIR show and she will do it by the book come hell or high water. There needs to be structure and rules not these 'So what do you want us to do now?' convos with CH. This is your show not the Bach'ette's show, they can't dictate format or all hell breaks loose and you have a 'ette quit after a few weeks. If you rush a Miracle Man you get rotten miracles (and bad tv). I also don't EVER need to see two grown women sniffing a guys PANTS and saying how good they smell. There needs to be a line somewhere!!
  13. I love that he pines for the key wheel like I do...
  14. I mean, yeah, Superman, Gladiator sure but I think I'd have pulled the plug on the festivities once the taco suit came out AND they wanted me to be playing maracas.
  15. Well maybe they figure; how much further can you go to humiliating someone than showing them peeing themselves?
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