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  1. If we were a flipper, he'd have done so with the coin! *grins* Sarah and I both found a lot 'not to love' last week with his taking out his ally's closest ally just so he could be King Kong. It wasn't cool to chop out an ally's legs like that. Most paranoid player ever. Still not a fan.
  2. She claimed she had to vote along with the group that was then voting for Jeremy. So she gave him the coin as a sort of consolation prize. Then she was again on the outside of the actual vote.
  3. Be careful what you wish for, that could lead to a Ben win, annnd I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  4. I agree completely, he always talks about how great "his show" is and it drives me a little nutz. But given how protective he is of it maybe realizing he's leaving the jury in the dark with the whispering and that protectiveness will kick in and create change. It wouldn't be because any of us care... I hope they have Kim come in and say "Wow you guys must REALLY be bored here to have collected that many coconuts!"
  5. Personally I think some extra production grunt ran out to get cookies and peanutbutter. I highly doubt it was planned like Probst claims it was.
  6. Tony screwed himself going rogue in the Sophie vote. Then he makes a big target bigger winning three immunities in a row as if people weren't already going to want him out. That's the thing with immunity runs, you slip once and there's nothing to catch you. Everyone knows he has an idol now though so they'll just flush that baby, another bad move when clearly Sarah's name was only being mentioned in Sarah's head. I'm over the whispering thing ruining the game, just waiting for production to see these tedious know-nothing tribals aren't great for the jury. Since they clearly don't give a shit about us at home knowing what is going on. And once again BIG microphones is all that's needed if you refuse to change the rules. I guess they don't mind ruining their own game. ETA: As Probst said, maybe they don't need to speak anymore. Can you see production pitching that the game has "evolved" so it no longer neeeeds Jeff to ask anything? Just come on in and we vote, no whispering, no leading questions, nothing. It's this wonderful evolving game Jeff? What's wrong buddy???
  7. https://www.goldderby.com/article/2020/the-voice-schedule-season-18-coronavirus-covid-19/ So much for all those dreams of singing in front of a big live audience for the first time. I think this is a terrible option. Just waiting would be better. I don't want to see people singing into their hairbrushes and jumping on their beds.
  8. Wow, another kick in the nuts from the Corona. Really a shame. But they should not have done anything reckless/jeopardizing the potential lives of artist or canvas... so it's the right call. It just sucks to end this way. It was a bit like the coyote running and running and running until he realized that he'd gone off the cliff and gravity catches up with him... POOF. The ending in the terrible women's computerized voice though? WTF? That made it even worse.
  9. Nothing actually happened except lots of tears being shed during that family visit; it just swallowed up half the show. I want to see the pleading puppy dog eyes and tears. I want to see the death glares when not chosen to have their loved ones back at camp. I love when people make the wrong decision there and blow up their own games. It's the only thing that makes it worth showing.... Ya know, when things happen that actually matter in the game, not just some collective weird Bring Your Family To Survivor Day. Hated it.
  10. I've harped on this one over and over since it became 'the thing' as it is now.... *sighs* But I don't really actually care what they are saying I just want to hear it for crissakes. We are the audience and we should know what's going on. I don't care how 'in the dark' this makes others or portions of the contestants. Let them keep the advantage of not knowing what people are saying but LET US IN. Hang a few new mic and the people at home can hear but the other contestants don't. It's that easy. Period. But f'n Probst loves how "his" game is 'always evolving' yadda yadda and he LOVES him a "live" tribal. But this bullshit has gone on long enough, it ruined this episode completely. Why even have them say anything Bring them in, wait for the whispers to stop and vote. Because that's what it seems like now and that is NOT a fun way to experience Survivor from home.
  11. Forgot to mention I continue to not like the random 'songs' they are using this season, like they stole a producer form MTV's Challenge or something... it's realllly distracting imho.
  12. It looked to me like more than one person was working on each canvas so maybe it will be a "work on canvas A for 2 hours then B for 2 hrs, etc." kind of thing?
  13. Wasn't it Adam that was looking up and backwards from the voting area and we were guessing maybe he was thinking something there was an idol? I think some guy in the props department got fired after using a piece on Jeff's shrine that was the same as an immunity idol from earlier in the game... you had ONE job!! I'm SO glad that Adam finally is semi-voted off. Tonight watching him was freakin' exhausting!! "Is it, should I, could I yes I want to play that as an idol!" You're outclassed son, make your way to the Edge and calm the fuck down. Ugh! And ETA don't get me started on the whispering crap once again. It's simple Probst. BAN IT!!
  14. Those bastards, they never listen to us when we try to set them straight! *grins* They didn't want an all-male final apparently because yes, Angels whatever it was with the impossible wing 'feathers' was seriously compromised. And yes "Beak? my ass..." was my comment to Dave. The others had long crane beaks a light straightness-challenged yes but that comment made no sense.
  15. Wait... the last pardon went to... Jarell??? Really? I mean... really?? I can only think it must have been going to whoever "goes home" this week so the numbers don't get too out of line saving someone from going home any later on. Otherwise? 'Why' is the word that comes to mind.
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