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  1. This was inserted into the crazy game of telephone that Tiff was playing partly with herself. She just started mumbling 'purple butterflies' at one point and everyone else took it up. The phrase given clearly had no color indicated (and was it moths as well?). I though he kind of remarkably played it off with the "I'm already going crazy and thinking... " approach but next week that won't work. I think it's interesting that we could have a person(s) not allowed a vote for a whole season while waiting for someone to talk about broccoli at a challenge and it never happening. I can't help bu
  2. I guess they immediately took 'C'mon in, bitches!" off the table?
  3. Well, they always had a very toned-down crowd filled with well-mannered (coached) people that even applauded the worst contestants.
  4. She hadn't put her mic back on. Well, I checked in once to see how late they were running and then went back to watching other teevee. Then it was a quick 6-8 minutes that didn't get ff'd. I don't care what Big D-lusional had to say about 'owning the house' or Azah did about how she floated through. Quick and (fairly) painless. See ya on X wins again night.
  5. I'd guess someone got in his ear to 'step up' before the next challenge and say he didn't like the 'guys' thing so they could continue to go ahead with it. I still don't like the 'well one person said it bothered him' overthrow of the phrasing. Taking that feedback in favor of some who specifically said that it didn't and everyone else declined to say anything agreeing it wasn't a big deal. But hey, you get ONE vote against and boom it's done. So yeah I feel it was already a change they were going to make either way, for appearances.
  6. So this happened huh? I truly despise these "And remember when this happened?? *show clip*" shows drive me batty so I'm kinda happy to have not known it was on. Not surprised to hear that there was more irrationality by Ky though. I also don't care enough about these people enough to revel in their triumphs and foibles.
  7. This season would then be famous (for the CO) and infamous for the worst final two evar. It would be hella funny. The only person I felt didn't deserve to benefit from the work of the 6 was Kyland though. He's always been odd and shady. Not sure if people things like him trying to get himself taken off the block when it was 'his turn' for example. Then of course he proved himself to be a real ass at the end. So I guess I'll still root for X to win. Surprisingly, even Tiff DID 'keep it classy' and explained herself and the CO's mission quite well. It was Ky whose actions luckily don't dull
  8. My money is on 'This is just how Ky acts...' but it could also have been a hail mary as I do believe they'd have booted X had he hit him.
  9. Wow, way to keep it klassy Kyland. I was waiting for security guards to come in and separate him and X. I couldn't stand to watch Kyland talk in circles any more so I skipped his interview. And I totally agree Melina22; Never have we seen anyone make an argument for them staying after they should have left. You have ONE MINUTE Ky!! Get to steppin'!! I can't believe he took such a cheap shot at the end with X. Uncalled for. Hey Ky, I'm surprised that you didn't sniff out that you were going home!
  10. And somewhere Victoria is watching saying "Damn look at those two floaters!!"
  11. Good point. The one player mentioned when they had the tribes first on their mats about how good it was to not have to wear a mask anymore. So there was definitely a sense of relief to being out of quarantine etc.
  12. Oh, he LOVES when this happens and he definitely encourages it. He has since the first time it happened and he let it go/encouraged it happening. Now it's the norm and I scream "sit yo asses DOWN" at my tv. I especially hate the grouping up and walking from one side to the other then walking back. That "Well they think THIS... what do we think? Okay tell them we're okay with that." kind of thing really irks me. This in NOT what tribal is for. You're doing it ALL WRONG!!
  13. So, we got to see our first "Viva diversity!" casting and I appreciated it. It was interesting to find single and married non-hetero people in the cast. The one that kinda blew my mind and made me go "Wait... whaaaa???" was when Ricard said he was leaving his husband, a "transgender pregnant man" alone. And that works how exactly?
  14. Also mortifying to, as X mentioned, people that he's made food for. I was repulsed by his ummm 'interactions' with the tortillas. It freaked me out that he then used ONE of them and put the rest BACK in the package for others to come upon, unbeknownst. *shudder*
  15. My amazing contribution will be that I was hoping for Probst's hat to blow off so we could see if he indeed had a mullet going, because it looked a LOT like a 'party in the back' going on there. I always feel that regular threads after Live Chat threads are made a bit irrelevant as we can't know what has already been mentioned/discussed (as I won't read a live thread w/o being in it...) so I'll post more next week. I did like it though and I was happy to have the show back. It made me want to see what happens next week so that's good. I think we've probably all had varying percentage
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