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  1. True, but then again if you are going to count on someone to lie wwho you know is a 'bad liar' why not just make the vote yourself and lie about it later? Seems safer than relying on Noura. Counting on one person in a plan is better than relying on two especially when the second is Noura!
  2. I think the big risk there was involving Noura in the vote, she who proves time and again that she can hide exactly nothing of what she thinks/feels from just spilling out of her mouth. It would have been "cleaner" has she just counted on her connection with Dean to be enough to have him vote for Jack. If she felt the need to 'save' him then she should by the same token have felt enough to trust him without involving the town crier into her plan. There's just something about Jamal that really bugs me, maybe it's that oh so high horse he insists on riding through the game/his life on.
  3. You mean besides her eyes that literally bug out? Hah. Nice work there.
  4. Yeah not sure which peeved me more, Injoy going home or having a repeat of everyone's backstory taking up so much time so we got two montage battles.
  5. Was it table-cloth shared spaghetti? *shudder* There are also a myriad of lawyers jobs/roles that are nothing like what people think when they say "lawyer" which often means to them a litigator. And it takes many many lawyers to fill a firm and the low-lying levels are rife with high turnover and low pay for long hours. Saying "I'm a lawyer" means nothing much more than you passed the state's Bar exam and are licensed. Damn, that was brutal. So different from today's almost posh living...
  6. Something besides that she's obviously bad in challenges has really gotten under his skin about Karishma being on "his show", he has a real disdain for her and it's quite distracting. I mean he hates her more than he loves his all-american super sporty types. It's odd. Also over the top in his respect tonight was labeling it as the "most important reward challenge of the season" which it clearly was not. It was however the most hyped, for sure. The food looked... passable but not great. Basically it was like Probst said, it was... Applebees.
  7. Seeing this week's lineup I see this should really be 'Ink Master: Drama Revisited' as it's not about tattooing it's about recycling past draaaamaaahhhh.
  8. They could have picked a less whiny "grudge" for the second part of the first episode and it would have made the Josh/Anthony faceoff more palatable as well. Overall I give it about a 4 of 10. Having to see Cleen again AND have him having final deciding vote in each face off was not a high point.
  9. I believe if you are able to find Loopy Gimmickfest out in the woods somewhere you get granted three wishes! Or at least a bowl of Lucky Charms...
  10. Oddly my dvr failed to record today saying that the episode was 'removed from the guide' which is a new one by me... will have to be careful that next week doesn't do the same!! Ugh. Anyhow I'd have really given credit if she came back 'hiding' her idol in her hair like a hair band, that would have taken guts but I will say hiding it in her hair was chancy as it could have fallen out... I'm not buying the 'freaks and geeks vs cool kids' assessment either, but they were SO not hiding from anyone that they were the three who felt they were running the game. Add 'bring your freakin bag to tribal' to 'don't take a nap while people are scrambling' to our Survivor 101 checklist.
  11. Wow, didn't see that coming. If they were following up so quick you'd think we would have heard about it at the end of S1. I just realized it because a "sneak peek" hit my dvr today!
  12. I was shocked as well but then realized he was wearing a vest and still didn'd have a shirt on under that. Baby steps I guess... Am I the only one who thinks that swashboobling pirate looks like Megan Jean?
  13. I'd guess he would have been willing to even the playing field a bit, given her a head start at least... She could have said "I can't beat your bike" to which he'd have responded "You don't have to beat me you just have to keep up." Sandra was the queen of the "anyone but me" approach. As long as it wasn't her she didn't give a f. All I kept thinking when they were using that term was "Like, what... he hits the post when trying to navigate the drive through??" Maybe he'll hit his head on the shelter a lot? It was very odd.
  14. Yeah, in reality that would happen but in the world of "Reality" it hardly does. Sadly.
  15. Good point! Nothing like a lie that doubles as more suspicion within the tribe than the truth would have!
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