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  1. At least in past seasons 9-1-1 has always had the cliffhangers/drama in the last couple of episodes and then ends on a joyful scene of all the characters together. I'm hoping that pattern continues next week!
  2. I had so many thoughts and then that last scene happened! I was surprised they went with the blood spray onto Buck, that's brutal. Obviously the sniper is targeting first responders because they had a clear shot on Buck (not in uniform) and moved to shoot at the other guy (in uniform). I am really hoping they don't make Christopher an orphan. Other storylines - the AAA is definitely deadly if it ruptures, I work in blood banking and usually ruptured ones don't make it to the hospital but if it ruptures at the hospital or in surgery, those patients use a LOT of blood products and still don
  3. Aww Sue is married to Jerry/Gerry/Terry/Larry! I did like this episode and how the cases tied together, although Athena's point about how a 20 year old white woman missing wouldn't just be dismissed was disheartening to hear (and sadly true). I loved seeing baby Josh and how he got started, plus how he was doubting being in Sue's place but ended up getting the suspect surrounded.
  4. Auto-brewery syndrome! It's where your body ferments yeast and basically creates beer in your gut. It can be somewhat treated with medications like antibiotics and antifungals to try and rid the body of the microorganisms that are doing the fermenting. Also a high protein, very low carb diet will help with symptoms as it prevents the organisms from having anything to ferment.
  5. Hulu+live TV gets you TLC (for me still cheaper than cable)
  6. I'm hoping I can keep track of everyone easier, but after watching so many iterations of the show it's hard to remember who is who sometimes.
  7. I can't believe this has become Sunday night appointment TV for me, but I just can't not watch the train wrecks. It makes me feel a lot better about my life!
  8. I’m someone who believes that things have meaning because there is an end, so I am happy with how this all wrapped up. We all start out as atoms that then form to become a human. Walking through the door is just letting our atoms go back to being part of the universe. It also made me think about people I love who suffer from severe depression. They wake up every day and think “f*** I’m still here.” Existence itself is painful for them (and this is with meds and treatment). So the idea that they could peacefully end their existence and therefore end their pain and anguish is comf
  9. Gordon Holmes tweeted saying he reached out to see if there was a statement by Probst and was told there would be no statement and Probst won't be doing interviews about it. Why?! They should not be covering this up.
  10. So excited to be here! I got sucked in with the Other Way and then watched the recent Before.. and now I'm watching this one. I can barely keep up with reading so haven't been posting, but love the thread and look forward to everyone's thoughts and snark each week!
  11. Not diamond girl but I live a couple hours from where beekeeper does. She's in a suburb of Omaha and there is an airport there. It's a small airport (although has better/cheaper flights than my airport in Des Moines). He could have gotten a connection from O'Hare to Omaha, but I'm guessing she was concerned about him having to do that.
  12. fireice13


    I don't like the new boss. Her basically saying the ends justify the means is pretty awful for someone in law enforcement. I think it was pretty clear Karim was being pushed into this by his friend and the undercover FBI agent. This episode just left a bad taste in my mouth.
  13. It's only been a few days in show time right? It seemed like Nicole slipped and said something about 3 dates in 3 days and then corrected and said 2 weeks. How is it possible for anyone to feel anything real in that time to the point that people are getting jealous? Unless it's more concern over getting to stay and therefore having more airtime and more free beach vacation.
  14. Derek looks so much like John Krasinski to me, it's so distracting!
  15. I think Nicole and Victor got upset because they wanted to verify what they heard with Team Fun and the Reilly sisters got on them about not trusting them. That's what the argument on the train seemed to be and the Reilly sisters weren't telling the truth (they said their backs were turned, but that's what they overheard, and other teams were there). I think Victor got on that something wasn't fully accurate and so was telling them he wasn't sure to believe what they were saying. Rachel then said some mean personal things about them playing the victim and Nicole's brand being at stake. A
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