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  1. Ben!! Such a sweetheart. Luther's "how about a thank you?!" - I was thinking the same thing. I'm glad that Vanya got to know that she's loved - to really know, this time.
  2. I love that song. I love Ray and Allison, and that he was so understanding - but the introduction to Diego was funny. I also liked Case Management. I hope Ben gets to clean off somehow. That scene was gross. Lila kidnaps Diego, and decides that he will be her boyfriend. I'm glad that he got out of there. He may have a one-track mind, but that's how they found out about Vanya, and where she was. I'm trying to resist watching the last two episodes. I want to save them for tomorrow. The little boy at the end - I wonder what will happen there.
  3. I think so, too. I laughed when Diego was about to start talking about Lila, then the others arrived, and Luther said, "Oh, thank god." I can't remember if anything was alluded to in the first season, of if Klaus and Ben just enjoy trolling each other.
  4. This IMDB picture lists the three actors (the Swedes). https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4484768/mediaviewer/rm3730024961
  5. I accidentally read a spoiler about Lila, when I searched to find out who the actress was, so I knew that part was coming. Still, a shame, because Diego seems to really like her. I also loved Allison and Klaus' reunion - that she was so happy to see him, that she jumped in the pool. I like that she's more careful with her power, but of course she was going to use it to save her husband. I guess Luther is out of a job now.
  6. I was going to put this off, but it's overcast here today, so I decided to start, and I'm glad that I did. Although, I did want to re-watch the first season. I've only just remembered the part about their mother, last season (not sure if I should write everything I was about to). I'm not sure about that, unless you've seen something about it in the next episode. I thought she was pining for Luther - her husband bought her the book, and mentioned that she looks at the moon every night. I wonder if Allison will end up using her power on that guy who gave them trouble.
  7. I think I've just finally reset my sleep schedule (again - this is a regular thing for me). I somehow slept most of the day on Thursday, so I stayed up 22 hours, and was half-asleep for a few hours, yesterday evening. Got up to eat something, and didn't get back to sleep until around midnight (ugh!). I took Tylenol PM, thinking it would be a blissful sleep (I felt so good the last few days). Nope: woke up with anxiety, just before 5am. Oh, and of course I'm finally awake early enough to get ready, and try to make it to a beach on Lake Erie, thinking I can stick to the corner, or go for a walk if things get busy. It's now ten degrees cooler than it has been, and it's an overcast morning, with storms expected. My last couple of weekends were ruined, because I've had a horrible time trying to sleep, so I was getting a few hours during the day, and dragging.
  8. No. 😞 That's the only thing I get there now. Damn. I wasn't happy with them a few times, when they gave me cold burritos, but the last few times we got their food, that burrito was good.
  9. Oh, I wondered if it was the chemotherapy, since I'd read the previous thread, and someone mentioned a woman being protected by medication. I watched the first five episode last year, and am only just getting back to it.
  10. I think they wanted people to like Owen, and this was the best way to do it - or at least sympathize with him. I found it hard to take, too, but that was my first thought. I respected her when she told him to leave, when he flew to Germany, and she found out that was Amelia's idea. Speaking of Amelia, I liked the guy she was with at the end of Private Practice, although I wasn't giving it my full attention.
  11. It came out, when they decided to have Teddy cheat on Owen. The guy she'd pined for, for years, and openly contested Cristina for, at times.
  12. I've had this running on my phone, for the last couple of days, and it's annoying me, so I don't know why I'm watching. They were burying two people, and they got horny in the freezing cold weather?
  13. I can't remember if I mentioned this before. When I was a teenager, I received an envelope from Save the Children, I think it was, asking for me to sign up and send them money. I can't remember if I called requesting it, or if they just sent it to me. I was sixteen, and couldn't afford to send them anything, so I sent them a note apologizing (they wanted money every month). They sent me another letter, featuring a long list of deaths comparable to the number of children dying in a certain period of time, the same kids who needed the money - the list featured things like a plane full of people. I'm STILL pissed over that. I want to help kids, but that organization can fuck right off.
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