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  1. Anela

    S04.E04: Ace Deuce

    It would have been more respectable, if he'd overdosed in a penthouse in Chicago? Wendy seems to be unravelling. I hate that Wyatt went back to Darlene, but of course he did. It also bugs me that this relationship is so obviously unhealthy, but more people seem to see it, because she's old enough to be his grandmother (I think). When younger women are paired with much older men, all the time. Oh, FFS, I just googled something to see if I was remembering correctly, and saw a huge spoiler.
  2. They’d better not hurt Maya or that baby.
  3. I’m watching this again, after finding it on YouTube (and finishing a Joan of Arcadia re-watch there).
  4. Actually, thinking of those two: they put me through hell, simply because I didn't want to be around him, after he hit on me more than once (and did other things to cause problems between us). I was called all sorts of names, and treated like I was the worst person in the world, for setting a boundary. That's it. She chose to marry him, I didn't. As the single sister, I was expected to just deal, and extended family all shit on me, too. All because she was getting married. But when it was all kicked up again, over a year after my mother died, she told my dad, "He doesn't want to be aroun
  5. I have experienced just as much drama with men, as I have with women. Maybe more from them. They don't get called out on it, as much as women do. I'm not going to get into certain experiences here, but this one guy - my brother-in-law, was always causing drama in my family (mostly between me and my sister/my sister and I - I have no idea which one is correct). This is why I no longer have a relationship with her. Hell, I've seen this guy on twitter, who runs something called Drama Alert. A grown man, making his money off gossip and drama on the internet.
  6. Keeping this away from experiences I've had with people who worship a certain politician: I experienced that with people who worship this guy called the Medical Medium. I started to write more, but I actually can't be bothered. It's been a few years, but I'm sure they're still trying to convert people.
  7. Every so often, an anti-masker shares an article about N-95s being the only mask that works, like it’s a “gotcha”. Why don’t they wear *that* mask? Since they are out here, admitting that it works.
  8. Anela


    I thought dad said they sent the mail bags out today, but they didn't run them at all, so he gets more work tomorrow. Oh, well. I went to the small local store, to get a few things, and the store owner hadn't even had the parking lot plowed for his employees and customers. On the other side of the parking lot, where there is a hilly area, and grass, people were sledding. :) I didn't even think of that. They looked like they were having fun.
  9. Anela


    Dad is home today, which makes one of my dogs especially happy. He loves the snow, and my dad is his favourite person, so he is thrilled. It took dad two hours to shovel out the driveway, and the roads still hadn't been cleared, so his mail bag deliveries went to other people, and he's home. I'm glad.
  10. That's why I felt dim. :) When I saw the comments here, I thought, "of course!"
  11. I feel dim. I didn't understand the question about leftovers. I'm not with it today.
  12. Anela


    We finally started to get some snow, late afternoon. I had wondered why it was all going around us. I've just made a chicken stew, and we had our one dog in the doggy wheelchair thing that we got for our last dog who had problems like this. Two days in a row. We don't have it all figured out yet, but he liked being outside yesterday, for the first time in almost two months. I've been worried about him potentially snapping at my cat George, who flirts with him, and loves dogs in general, but he managed to move closer to him, and they had their heads together. I wish I'd got a picture of that. T
  13. Oh, of course Lottie survived, and started a cult. Lottie had Travis killed, and Tai is now a believer? I'm not a fan of this, either. It's like they thought they needed something even crazier, in order to get a season two. Callie learns that she really shouldn't piss off her mother, but she could also hold this over her head next season.
  14. Anela


    I have N95 masks, but don't know if they're real. I googled the name on the box, but anyone could have just repurposed the box. They look like masks I've seen other people wearing (on social media). I can breathe better in them, they don't get stuck to my mouth when I breathe in. My glasses fog up a bit, but not as much as they were.
  15. Anela


    Ooh, to all three. I would eat a bit of the yorkie first. I need to get some more English chocolate in the house. We got Quality Street, as we do every Christmas. The World market stopped selling some of the chocolate, I can't remember why.
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