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  1. That was horrifying, although it went on a bit too long. I checked the time. Peter killed his girlfriend, and then wanted to kill both children. How did he think they would leave, if the children are dead? They aren't alive anymore, so there is nobody to possess.
  2. This reminded me of an episode from the first season of Castle Rock. One centered around Sissy Spacek's character. I walked into the kitchen, and didn't know that Hannah died, although I did wonder how she got out of wherever she'd been pushed. I thought she might be a ghost, because she didn't leave the property, and I figured out early on, that the little boy was possessed. It reminds me of another movie, too, but I don't know if the possession is for the same reason given in that movie.
  3. I've been watching this show for less than a year, and I'm already too attached to most of the characters. I knew that her mother would end up in the hospital, as soon as she walked out with Mateo, and danced. I watched this episode tonight, because the show made me laugh, I love it, and I had the warm fuzzies. I was also told today, that one aunt who was dealing with cancer, and stopped treatment, is getting worse now, so I just wanted a hot shower, and to cuddle up with another episode, before I fell asleep. I ended up sobbing, and I accidentally sat on my poor cat, when I sat here to look up the forum, because I had to visit the forum, and look up the last few episode threads, to stop crying so much. I miss my mum, too, and my family - this show reminds me of how close we used to be. Anyway, I don't blame Raf for not wanting to go through that again, BUT Jane had a hell of a day. I don't like love triangles, never have, and I knew that Michael would get his memory back with something like the snow, or Mateo. I forgot to add that Jane and Petra's relationship is my favourite on the show, or in a tie with her relationship with her mum and Alba, and Xo and Rogelio (I love them together now - the way he scooped up Mateo, and has just been a good husband). And my cat has forgiven me for almost squashing him, he's snuggled up to me now.
  4. I loved Petra in this episode. This was one of my favourites. I really like that they are all a family - they bicker, they have things they don't like about each other, but they also love each other. This show is really helping to relax me, and get away from everything going on.
  5. I had forgotten about the kittens, so I'm listening more than watching this episode, I'd also forgotten that the eldest daughter was psychic via her dreams. The others I almost listed, but then realized that they're shown in future episodes.
  6. Anela

    The West Wing

    I first watched it starting January 2017, and I'm tempted to do another binge. I should have done that this Summer. I can't believe it's been almost four years since I did that.
  7. I'm an Aries Rabbit (Wood Rabbit). I miss @walnutqueen
  8. Anela


    We're thinking about finally cutting cable, because the price went up again, and we don't even have channels like HBO. I'm trying to decide between Hulu + live TV, or Youtube TV, or neither of them (possibly cheaper Hulu without ads, but I stupidly feel nervous about getting rid of cable - I don't like being dependent on the internet for everything like that, and I also do like AMC, occasionally - I don't think Hulu has the channel). We finally upgraded our Roku (had the old one since 2013), for this. It had also been mucking up on me since early last year, so we were due for an upgrade.
  9. I thought it was a little much, that Lucy came up with the songs *and* the name Katniss. I've just googled, and apparently there was a reference to another victor in the Hunger Games (for 12), but Katniss didn't know enough about them. I wonder if she's her grandmother, on her father's side.
  10. I've just finished this. I was enjoying it at first, but not the last third of it. I knew that Snow would survive, obviously, but he is so annoying, so pompous.
  11. I've been getting Arby's fries lately, the few times I've been out. I was going to try the KFC tenders and fries, but they were all the way over the other side of town, and we wanted to get home.
  12. I am loving this show so much. I laughed so hard when Petra was on the floor, and her missing tooth was revealed. I think she's my favourite character. I really needed that laugh.
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