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  1. Oh, I got the episodes mixed up. That was when Izzie and Alex hooked up. If the bomb guy had stuck around, they would have been dating, instead of McVet.
  2. That was when I first started to go off the show (even though I watched both episodes). Denny and Izzie cutting the LVAD wire, and saying, "Did he say 'marry me'?!" or whatever it was that she said. Like it made it all okay, that messed up, whirlwind courtship between doctor and patient. Also, prom.
  3. https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2567227/cruel-summer-chiara-aurelia-clues-to-shows-mystery-olivia-holt About possible clues and the theories out there, although she doesn't really give anything away. Timeline, so far: https://www.eonline.com/news/1268910/cruel-summer-a-chronological-timeline
  4. I agree with all of this. I think that both of them are telling the truth. We've also seen that Kate has been less than kind in 1995, but she gets a pass, because of what she went through. They both seem to be in a semi-feral state, with good reason. I'm glad that neither girl is with the gaslighting douchebag Jamie. I just saw the repeated mention of Clerks, as a wink to the fact that she's Kevin Smith's daughter. I saw Martin treating Jeanette, in the same way that she treated Gideon. I also think that he was like Gideon in the past (only Gideon doesn't seem to be a creep),
  5. He shot Dean, too, and arranged for Beth to kill the FBI guy. Who he later killed through someone else.
  6. By the end, I thought the cousin was part of the plan to get Beth to set him up, and then have him released. The cousin encouraged her to do the right thing.
  7. I didn’t have internet until new year’s eve 1995, when I used one of those magical AOL cds. I remember the chat rooms, message boards, and then IRC.
  8. That’s what I think, too.
  9. We have hot plates that work that way. They used to light automatically, but for years, we've had to use something to light them, once we've turned the knob, to switch it on.
  10. I like April, and I like Sarah drew. I’ve just finished the episode, and I didn’t have the impression that they got back together. She agreed to move, for the father of her little girl, and a good job opportunity.
  11. Last week, someone mentioned that she could have broken the mirrors, and stabbed him with the glass. That never occurred to me, and I'm not stuck in that basement.
  12. Talk to the Animals. The other one could be horrible. Butterflies. Never get anything stuck in my teeth again.
  13. I thought maybe more than one girl would be able to overwhelm him, but then I remembered the women who were rescued from a house in Cleveland, eight years ago. Kate didn’t seem to be chained up, though. No wonder she wouldn’t eat, since that’s how he drugged her. I also thought it might be a split personality, or maybe someone was right about a woman helping him.
  14. Do you think they would go so far as to get Annie’s ex involved (or his wife), now that they’re broke? oh, I see that someone else asked the same thing. I liked the montage of training her to act like a mum, but I’m also tired of Rio getting away with things.
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