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  1. I'm glad that we're getting the second season soon. When it was renewed, I was afraid that it would air next year. Has anyone here been watching Marianne, on Netflix? I don't like a lot of gore, so it's taking me some time to get through it. Gore takes me out of stories, but it's spooky, too, and there's a childhood friendship there (a group). The main character is an author, who writes scary stories, based on nightmares she had as a kid - when she started writing, the nightmares stopped (for her, anyway).
  2. I'm still missing this one. I'll probably be back watching A Million Little Things. I re-watched Joan of Arcadia, last month, because I was missing that.
  3. I have the thread open in another window, where I stopped reading (up to a comment about episode eight, which I'm watching right now). Tyler broke my heart. 😞 I'm not keen on a new girl being front and centre, but I heard that she was bullied off social media. That is not good, and it seems like their message about helping others, making sure that kind of thing doesn't happen, isn't getting through to some.
  4. They have her recorded! She knew what she was doing. So did her husband.
  5. Anela


    I don't know. I found the show confusing at times. I thought she got pregnant when they both chose to go to a hotel that night (or whatever that place was - I was a bit distracted at the time), rather than having him shoot her as she left the scene of a crime.
  6. I've just found out that this book is waiting for me at the library, and I can't find my card!! Damn it.
  7. Anela


    I figured the twist with the daughter, but I was afraid that Phoenix was in on what happened. I'm glad that she wasn't.
  8. Anela


    I'm enjoying this. I've just finished episode 5.
  9. I grew up over there, and it reminded me of something I would have watched at that age. 🙂
  10. Anela


    I've just started this, because I love Carla Gugino. I also want to know her secrets: she's four years older than me, and looks a hell of a lot better than I do.
  11. This was really bad, but I watched the whole thing.
  12. Looking forward to this. I think it's been five years since I read the book, and I remember the basics.
  13. I hope they don't make a third one - although I haven't seen this one yet. It rarely goes well, when people try to expand on the success of something, at least that I've seen.
  14. Eek! that bit put me off meatloaf for years, when I saw The Thing, as a kid.
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