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  1. Anela

    Murphy Brown

    I was thirteen when it premiered, and I loved it, too (when we moved over here, and I started to watch - it had been on for two years, at that point).
  2. I hardly see her in anything, but it took me a minute to recognize Katey Sagal. Poor Judy - her face when her mother said that being a parent is overrated. I thought the argument near the end, was well done, and it made me cry. Jen's son's face when she said that she was scared. Also, probably the only amusing bit: when she told him to put his bowl in the dishwasher. I liked what Jen got to say to the guy who tried to force himself on her, too.
  3. I think he slept with Cristina, and then he ended it the next day. She was in his bed the one morning, and I think Cristina was in his bed that night. I'm coming up to those episodes again at some point (I've been running it as I try to fall asleep, or do other things).
  4. The gay or bi cheating husband, has to come back into play at some point. I don't mind the swearing so far. I thought it was funny when she finally asked her son if he could say fuck outside instead, instead of telling him to stop.
  5. Cristina could be a wife without being a mother. Marriage wasn't her ultimate goal, but she loved the men she was with. She didn't want to be sleeping around. Owen had a woman who wanted to marry him, and have children, and he slept with Cristina, before breaking up with her. He chose to stay with her, at a different time, and then "punished" her for the abortion, by cheating on her. This whole thing with Teddy, this last season, seemed like their attempt to get people onto Owen's side, because he's been playing musical women for years. He loves Cristina, oh but wait, he might actually love Teddy. No, there's a woman who wants to have children, but wait, here's Cristina, the love of his life. Until Amelia, and then oops, that marriage goes belly-up, but wait, she had a brain tumour, let's try again. Until he flies over to see Teddy, they sleep together, and she throws him out when she finds out that it was Amelia's idea. So he comes back to her, and well, now Teddy is pregnant, and they're happy, until the obsession with Owen is suddenly replaced by a history of cheating, and an affair with what's his name. Cristina was with Burke, then Owen, and Shane for a little while. She didn't flit between them like a moth between lamps.
  6. I think they just rushed out a new season, and they shouldn't have.
  7. Burke was too pushy, and I thought Derek was, too. Meredith and Derek had more of a foundation than a friend of mine, though - he decided he was in love with a woman, after spending one week with her. They were in a long-distance relationship for two years before they actually got engaged, but he was over the moon from the start. 🙂
  8. Now we get to hear that chaos followed *Steve* everywhere, and he used that line about Judy, because he was an ass.
  9. I notice things like "heck" and "dang" more than the swearing, too.
  10. Anela


    I also meant to add that I don't see why Maddie Bosch is any better than his daughter. She's given more to do, and Bosch has been airing longer.
  11. I would have preferred that Hannibal continue, but I will give this a try, too.
  12. When they could likely spend the time at home. I don't know when they're expected to serve, though. I remember Felicity Huffman was given a date to turn herself in.
  13. I've been trying to back off with my own highly charged feelings and opinions, in response to certain things, because the more I tried to talk with a few friends, the more things went south, as they pushed back. So I'm rethinking some friendships, but am also just trying to act online, the way I do offline: trying to be more patient and understanding that maybe (maybe) certain feelings are coming from their own fears, rather than anything I can't discuss in this thread. When I spend more time at places where these things are being posted over and over, it feels like really condensed energy, on top of anything else that's going on, and it's easier to get into it - in person, I would walk away (as I did in a store, just before Christmas). It's easier for me, anyway. I need to learn to put the keyboard down, and ignore.
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