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  1. Yes, I love that she was his mentor after all (someone complained that she had been replaced by Pat, in that regard). I want to know how Pat thought he would live long anyway, considering there were only a certain amount of people affected by that storm. It seems like if he'd come clean (and been a good guy), they might have all been able to come together to heal him. I loved seeing his dad appear to them both, and hope that they do figure out how to get him back. That he isn't really dead. That was a lovely moment. I'm sad this is over already. I grew really attached to Nicole, Dion, and his friends
  2. Agreed. This is how I took it, too. I usually catch on to twists, but damn, they got me, because: Jason Ritter. I hated seeing him turn into the "nice guy" but good job, he had me fooled before. I wasn't expecting him to be the big bad, either, but I should have, since he was there, and didn't seem to be showing signs of anything. The people at Biona ended up really wanting to help, and the one guy they trusted, was the murderous asshole. I had been hoping that the people were somehow in an alternate universe, or something, so that Dion could get his dad back, and Nicole could have her husband back. Dion was so sweet, wanting to protect his mother, and try to heal Pat.
  3. I was cringing that he took him into the lab, because you don't know what's going on in there, and he could get sick. I do love that he helped the animals, though. We also find out that the company is spying on people with powers. I hope the other dad is okay. I don't know if I can watch another episode tonight. That poor kid. I wonder if he has any powers waiting to emerge.
  4. This one made me so sad, and angry. I love Dion's best friend. The little girl is beyond adorable.
  5. I started watching this yesterday, and I'm glad that I did. Overcast Sunday afternoon, and was there waiting in my list. 🙂 I'm enjoying it. I wasn't expecting his dad to show up - the ghosts were spooky, and I wonder if they're really ghosts, or something else.
  6. I don't read comics, but I do watch some of the netflix versions of them, and I liked this, once it got going.
  7. I think I just have to be in the mood for it. I'm There were several intense scenes, I'm surprised I just felt "meh" over it all.
  8. I'm not feeling into it, either, because I was glued to the TV when it was on, two years ago. I also wish that I could just binge it. I think Dom didn't kill herself, because they would still kill her family. If it looked like suicide. Vera needs to get his hands off Krista, and someone needs to kill him. I didn't even see Leon. He must have been on-screen when I walked into another room.
  9. Mia Farrow? So she believes her daughter (which she should - I do, too), but not the accusers of Polanski?
  10. Anela

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    She got him out of her house, fast, and I think she was clever. I don't care if she pissed him off: it's not like he's going to back off if she's sweet to him, and puts up with him threatening her daughters.
  11. Anela

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    Same here! I've seen a few people reference a book called "The Gift of Fear" when it comes to real-life situations with dangerous men, and they always add, "Fuck politeness!" So glad she got rid of him, and the way in which she did it. I don't mind the screaming kids, but I could have done without the cheesy graphics around that bed. We get it: he's evil.
  12. Jeff Goldblum is defending Woody Allen. I know he was mentioned recently, on twitter, as one who has yet to be exposed.
  13. That's what I remember her from, too. I was so pissed off as I watched this. They coerced her into saying that she'd lied, and then when she tried to correct them, told her that she could be charged for lying. WTF?
  14. Growing up in England, I walked all the time, and took the bus and trains. I only walk a lot when I'm annoyed now, and need to walk it off. I've had some health problems, but I should get back to it, just because.
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