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  1. They seemed to be pushing in that direction. Then I watched the newer episodes - although I will not put it past them to push that way again.
  2. I've got it on my face before, but I haven't watched this whole episode yet. And yes, I've also got it all over the kitchen. When I ask my dad if he'll eat something, if I try to cook it, or think about making my own version of something, he'll say that it's easier to buy it - when I cook, he refers to our kitchen as "hell's kitchen".
  3. I was wondering if that story line was in the comics, or if the writers did it to bring more of a story to Grey, as well as give him time with Hoffman. I don't understand why they had him practically order Grey to help him, and then he's suddenly warning him about what can happen undercover. He seems like a decent guy, so I don't think he initially did it, thinking he wouldn't worry about him. I didn't see anything about him wanting Grey to get killed. (? Did I miss something?)
  4. I've been catching up this afternoon/evening, and was pissed when Grey just unloaded on Dex, and believed this woman he's known for five minutes, over her. I was glad when he found out the truth, but I won't keep watching if they continue with this love triangle. I hate love triangles. And of course he did it in front of her sort-of boyfriend (unless Miles actually was her boyfriend, after Thanksgiving).
  5. I requested the forum, but didn't know how much interest there was, so I didn't think of different thread titles for a larger forum. If it gets a second season, and more interest, it could be changed to a regular forum, with individual threads.
  6. Anela

    S01.E11: Room 320

    Catching up here. That episode was trippy. So the nurse was a serial killer? Probably linked to Leland in some way.
  7. I think she was in a Tom Cruise movie that my dad was watching last night, but I don't know how old that was.
  8. I don't think so.
  9. Anela


    I want to watch this, but I bought the book when it first came out, and never got around to actually reading it - so I want to read that first.
  10. I have a good online friend, who is going deaf. She's lost most of her hearing, and a few months ago, was sad, because her husband had said that he didn't want to learn sign language. I hope he's changed his mind since then.
  11. Is anyone else watching this? I finished it tonight.
  12. I don't think I have anything embarrassing on my phone, either, except for the fact that I somehow have 208 browser windows open on said phone. I need to go through them all, email myself any recipes that are included, take any notes on whatever else is there, and get it back down to just one window. I haven't written in a diary in years, but I used to write "morning pages" and make lists of goals. I once destroyed all of my journals, by tearing them up, and shredding things.
  13. Just popping in to see how everyone is doing. I don't remember when I was last here. I wouldn't be surprised if nobody remembers me. 🙂
  14. She seems to be going the HayHouse route (I'm not a fan of them). They have a cruise that involves their favoured authors, or they used to. It isn't just middle-aged women that buy her products.
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