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  1. I first saw Rose McIver in iZombie. I like her a lot.
  2. I didn't say that Nicole was younger than her. She said that the affair left him thinking that he could do better, didn't she? And before that, she told the younger woman that she was envious, and bitter, because he married a younger woman. I didn't say that he did better than her. The affair was the catalyst for their divorce. I'm not watching again, to find exactly what she said.
  3. She finally decided that death was better.
  4. I agree, but I think that applies to the conspiracies floating around, because it takes away from reality - like side-effects that do exist for some people. Throwing around really out-there stories about things, takes away from the real ones that people might take seriously, if they weren't bombarded with everything that's currently flying around. I can't really give an example, which is frustrating, but I also appreciate that this board doesn't allow certain topics, because I need a break from it. It's everywhere, and this place is the only place that I really get one. I'm going to shut
  5. In the parking lot of the grocery store tonight, I saw a van covered in posters and writing. I don't know if I can mention it all here, but it was definitely extreme. There was some kind of fencing on the top, that looked like barbed wire. It was insane. I have no problem saying that. I try to understand where people are coming from, but that person is the type that worries me. I don't think there would be nearly so much arguing, if it wasn't affecting so much offline.
  6. We finally went to the drive-in last night, only to find that the speakers didn't work... they were broadcasting everything over two different radio stations that we were supposed to tune our radio to. That would have been fine, had my dad not switched out his work vans. We were in the one that had been at the garage for months, and had air-conditioning that worked. The other one is at the garage - and that's the one that has an FM radio. My dad was going to order another radio, whenever he got the van, but then didn't want to spend something like $100, when he didn't absolutely need it.
  7. I think she said the affair convinced him that he could do better (in his own opinion). She is envious of younger women. His new wife, and now Masha.
  8. Same. This was well done. Really creepy and horrifying. I hate babies being in danger, and that little girl talking her mother into taking the pill…awful. Although, those who wanted to see a bald Lily Rabe, eating roadkill, called it. I hope the baby ends up somewhere safe. You would think they would have check-ups scheduled with a doctor, but this is AHS. I hope the chemist gets rid of them all. Mickey turned into a really affable monster. I felt so bad for Karen, but she did mostly end it on her terms. Really sad, but also a relief for her.
  9. Derek was the ideal man? Some of us were calling him McDouche for a reason (or names along those lines).
  10. I actually fell asleep. I woke up, and tried to resume watching, but I fell asleep again. I usually watch this when I’m more awake. Carmel was right, she does need to be in a hospital. What the hell was that? Did she shoot her? Carmel picked a phone out of the lamp in that room. Unless I dreamed that? I did fall asleep. Maybe it was her, and she didn’t send another one, because she’d actually attacked her, and been sedated.
  11. I started watching when it premiered in 2016. That's part of why I was crying every episode: I wanted to watch it with my mother, and she died during the Summer of 2016. Seeing these people with their children, and Dan getting to say goodbye... it just kept getting to me. They also really seem to be like a family, though. I didn't pick it up again, until a year or two ago, when I binged everything that I'd missed, and the move to Netflix was really the best thing for it. I'm really going to miss it.
  12. Amenadiel can come down from heaven, but Luci can’t come up from hell? I’m glad that they continue to be partners - I guess that made her life easier, knowing that they get to spend eternity together - but it still bugs me that Trixie was sidelined for a new character, and that he really disappeared for the rest of their lives. I did laugh at Lucifer becoming Linda, modeling his office on hers. I don’t understand why she couldn’t go down to hell before that, if she knew who he was. Why didn’t she check sooner? Or ask her uncle to help her?
  13. I'm going to finish this today, so that I can stop crying. "Stranger danger!" Trixie cracked me up. I'm glad that she wasn't kidnapped - I was afraid they were going there, what with Dan possessing that guy's body. I'm also glad that he finally found his key to heaven, after getting to tell his daughter what he needed her to hear, and he also got to hear her defending him. Of course their other daughter was kidnapped. Even though she should also be able to take care of herself. I missed why her wings are the way they are - I'll have to look it up. I thought this, too. She
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