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  1. Anela

    Season 1 Discussion

    I knew my front page had changed. I thought I was losing it, at first.
  2. I cannot picture a Felicity reboot.
  3. Anela

    S03.E08: Unfit

    I thought she told her that she was glad her baby was okay, and safe in Canada, and seemed like she wished that her baby could also be safe, instead of being born where he/she will be. I haven't watched this episode. I was thinking of when she was in the grocery store with her, and June walks off looking all smug, until the police come for her. June wasn't smart when dealing with OfMatthew before, as I mentioned, and what if her true colours were wishing that her baby could be born outside of Gilead? Only for her to snap back to reality, and do what was expected of her? I never said she was admirable, but neither is June when she's getting other people murdered. But I'm supposed to accept it from her, because she's the main character.
  4. Anela

    S03.E08: Unfit

    There's also the fact that she had been kind to June in the grocery store, and didn't she admit that she wasn't happy about being pregnant again? She's trying to survive there, just like the rest of them. And June knew better than to do certain things in front of her, especially when it came to cute little threats about pushing her walking partner in front of a car.
  5. Anela

    S03.E08: Unfit

    I read something about June telling Lawrence that he could have got her out of there if he'd wanted to... um, wasn't that what the end of season two was about?? She chose not to go!
  6. I thought something was missing from my front page, but I can't figure out if a forum disappeared, or if the look just changed slightly.
  7. Anela

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    And it seems they killed her in the process. That's no better.
  8. Anela

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    They bullied a pregnant woman so much, that she's in the hospital? I'm not watching it.
  9. Anela

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    I was shipping them too (and I rarely do that), but his reaction was so sweet. His making her feel comfortable, instead of getting upset. I think they made Hopper over the top this season, but I haven't re-watched the first two seasons, so I can't remember if he was always that way.
  10. Anela

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    It showed both women give up catching the bad guy, in order to save the other. I don't think that Trish was painted in a bad light to make Jessica look better.
  11. Anela

    S03.E06: Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum

    The goo is too much. I also avoided eating anything as I watched.
  12. Anela

    Good Girls

    He never made himself anything else, either. It's not like she could just decide that he was her boyfriend now.
  13. Anela

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    Same. Two days in a row, I made the mistake of eating something when I was watching, and both things included tomato sauce. One included ground meat. I won't do it a third time. I also don't know how Jonathan is still walking around, but it's something that's bugged me with TV shows for years. Masculine douche-bro fist fights, that are seemingly over one thing, but really over a woman (usually), and none of them even deal with a broken tooth, or a head injury.
  14. Anela

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    She's been annoying, but I did like, "You can't spell America, without Erica."
  15. Thank you. He's the one that I was trying to figure our yesterday, and google wasn't helping. I once heard a young woman say that she figured something out really late in life - around the age of sixteen.