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  1. I like the looser trousers. I have some that I wear around the house (light fabric). I agree.
  2. Anela

    The West Wing

    I received an iPad for Christmas, so I have Apple TV free for a year. I hope it's still there.
  3. The original series aired when I was little, and I read some of the books when I was a teenager, and living much further away (Ohio). I really needed this, too. I'd forgotten Siegfried getting him really drunk. My mum was the one who bought the books, and we both laughed so hard at parts of them.
  4. Glenn was right, and the rest of them were idiots. They were grown men, who refused to be responsible.
  5. This happens in my neighbourhood, too. I haven't tattled, or said anything to them, but it gets to me.
  6. It's been a long time since I saw the movie, too. I loved that, and the mini-series in 2015. I'm enjoying this so far. This sort of thing always gives me goosebumps.
  7. I finally watched this on Disney+. Baba Frik is cute, and I liked everyone coming together to help at the end. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, I've just watched it here and there, since I was a kid. I liked Keri Russell's character, and noticed the guy from LOST, at the end.
  8. If men were always supposed to be the worst in this world, McDreamy would never have had that nickname, and Cristina wouldn't have been upset over Burke. She only had one abortion, as well - she scheduled the first one, and then lost the baby, and was allowed to also have a human reaction to that. Just because she didn't want a baby, didn't mean that she didn't care. Also, if men were trash in this world, Teddy wouldn't be getting hammered the way she is.
  9. I don't mind either Deluca or Irish. I remember the guy who plays Deluca, sounding like he'd lost negotiations in something - he sounded both down, but with a good attitude, like "you win some, you lose some." That's why I thought that he was being written off. That was early this year, wasn't it? Geez, I'm so tired, I thought it was early last year.
  10. Tom and Meredith do play off each other well. I kind of like him as another Alex for her, though. They have that more comfortable chemistry, which could go more romantic, but he's still getting over what's her name. Teddy. I don't mind the PSA-type story lines. I've read about everything they've included this season, but it doesn't seem to sink in where it needs to in the world. Grey's has a huge audience through netflix as well as cable TV. If anyone should be bashing us over the head with all of it, it's a big show like this one. With Owen and Teddy - he is as bad as she is. He was all "confused" and would always go back to Cristina, but then he cheated on her, because she didn't want what he wanted. It's all ridiculous. Amelia sent him to Teddy, she booted him out when she found out why he was there (which was an unexpected move from her). Of course they needed the drama, so they brought her back, and end up making her the bad guy. Again. Owen dumped a woman he was talking about marriage and children with - and looking for a home together - because he loved Cristina. He was in bed with one woman in the morning, and another that night. *Not looking to get into it with anyone, on any of this.
  11. Haha, yes! I'll have to check out Popeye's again, to try the beignets.
  12. Anela

    S01.E01: Day One

    I didn't watch The I-land, but it reminded me of that and Lost. The trekking around, looking for food or anything that could help. The athletic girl talking about swimming out to the plane. The flashbacks. A reason for them all being there. I felt like rolling my eyes when that woman from Six Feet Under, walked in, and that's when it felt like the show I didn't watch.
  13. I started watching this again when lockdown started in March, because I needed something light, but then stopped when I could catch up with Heartland, when Showtime was free for a month. I picked it up again last week, and fell asleep to it, so I skipped several episodes as I slept, but I wanted to finish it before it's removed from Netflix. I'd forgotten how good it was, and I agree - all of the friendships are great, it seems like a real resolution to things (not just a cute wrap-up for the show and viewers). I'd forgotten that they put AB and George together, as well. Now I'm dying from the cuteness of the last episode, and I started to cry when Zoe and Wade got married. I hope this will be streaming from a free site like the CW. I wish that I'd put it in my rotation more, it's mostly Gilmore Girls, and I binged Jane the Virgin - love that, too. I miss the characters since I finished it in October. Oops, not Heartland - HOMEland. I loved that show, too, but this year I've really needed the lighter stuff. Not just because of 2020, but that's part of it. I can't get into the darker shows anymore. I keep hearing that Peaky Blinders is amazing, but I couldn't focus for long.
  14. I feel the same way. I'm glad they aren't ignoring it, in favour of flirting and sex in on-call rooms (just with a new round of interns), and I'm also tired of the debates. I'm watching this right now, and it's hard for me, just because my mother seemed to go into full-on dementia of some kind, once she was admitted to the hospital. The last time I spoke to her on the phone, before I got to visit her (four years ago), was the last time that she seemed fully lucid. She wanted to come home, just days before we lost her. She told dad, "I don't want to die in the hospital" and he said, "You aren't going to die, don't be silly" (in a nice way). I'm crying, too. All of this sucks.
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