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    I want to make these: https://cloudykitchen.com/blog/baked-cream-buns-with-vanilla-bean-cream-and-jam/
  2. I want a margarita. I hardly ever drink, but I wanted one on Sunday night, when I was upset, and Target couldn’t sell me a bottle on a Sunday. 🙄
  3. I’m taking SAM-e, and am reading You Will Get Through This Night. I don’t really know what to suggest. I’m either sleeping too much, or not enough. I could do with more fresh air, and exercise - and company.
  4. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-blitz-begins Once we’ve had our cup of tea. I grew up learning about this.
  5. My grandmother would occasionally talk about hiding like this, but she would talk about them getting into a circle, and praying. They were in the London area. she was a child when the first war started, and a wife and mother, by the time of the blitz. My mum was born at the end of 1945. https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/15-powerful-photos-of-the-blitz
  6. My mum watched this show, but I only saw an episode last October, and then started the series last month, just when Hulu decided to delete it this month. 🙄 I liked it, but had to stop watching at the beginning of season 6.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking about the blackmail, but she was forced into it, because they wanted her to retire.
  8. Bumping because @EllaWycliffe mentioned this on the thread for the last episode.
  9. When they showed a certain scene with Lydia, at school, I remembered in this book, when she and the other women tried to resist at first. Show Lydia seemed to be fine with taking children away from their mothers. I wonder if Janine will somehow get her to help, and move in the direction of the book.
  10. Are they now setting Lydia up for the storyline given to her in this book? I was thinking about the show not fitting the book, for the reasons outlined above.
  11. This is a list of fifteen of the tallest actresses in Hollywood: https://screenrant.com/tallest-actresses-surprising/ I had wondered about Sophia Loren. She's 5'9, so I don't know if that would be "statuesque". I'm short, so they're all tall to me. :)
  12. I found out today, thanks to Katja Herbers on instagram, that those with Amazon Prime can get deals with some of the streaming services before midnight tonight. 99c a month, or for two months, for things like Paramount+. So I've done that, I just need to remember to cancel, before the end of August. I did watch this episode in another way yesterday, but this is better.
  13. I found out today, thanks to Katja Herbers on instagram, that those with Amazon Prime can get deals with some of the streaming services before midnight tonight. 99c a month, or for two months, for things like Paramount+. I just have to remember to cancel in two months, because I can't afford more payments.
  14. That isn’t what you were saying last night? Because Moira didn’t want vengeance?
  15. Yea, but my only issue last night, was that every single handmaid was being called “weak” and selfish, if they didn’t want to take part in murdering a man. June is uniquely qualified, because she’s the main character. We haven’t seen what most of the others have gone through, she doesn’t know everything about them either. Emily might have murdered Mrs. Lawrence at that other camp, if she hadn’t personally known that she was a good woman. Lawrence gave Janine to Lydia, like someone might give a chew toy to a puppy. He didn’t care what Lydia did to her.
  16. I wondered about Ryan Reynolds, but they seem to be happy. I found a lot of “blinds” about him being horrible to people. this kind of thing usually bothers me, too. Especially the ones about kids, or the actress who was gang-raped by her drug dealer. That isn’t juicy gossip, it’s just horrible. I also don’t like to hear that apparently every single marriage or relationship is fake. It just seems silly to me. The actress with the library, was described as statuesque, and a class act. Would that be someone like Jessica Lange? Oh, she’s under 5’8.
  17. I don’t know that anyone mentioned so far, is an A+ lister for singing and acting, except maybe Jlo. I don’t know if she is considered “old Hollywood” though. Wouldn’t that be more like Barbara Streisand, or someone like her?
  18. There was one time when I actually meant to say “ducking” and it changed it to the word I usually want.
  19. I think I shared this one before. The one on the right, has had problems walking, for a few months. Similar to what one of my dogs went through, before he died in 2018. I can’t always help him up, because I’m not as strong as I’d like to be, and he also snaps (not a usual thing for him). So I have to watch him do it himself. I hate feeling helpless, and don’t like the thought of him feeling that way. This is Ell, the one we lost in 2018. https://imgur.com/a/PJE8F Three pictures from when we adopted him, in 2015. He was underweight, and I don’t know how long he was on
  20. I want the vaccine, I just don’t get the chance to pop over to a place, whenever I want, and when I feel okay. I’m still wearing a mask, too, and feel better when I see others wearing one. About a month ago, I had a guy roll down the window of a car, and yell something at me (didn’t hear what), and the other evening, I had someone gaping at me, in a store. I’ve been really depressed, for a couple of reasons, and didn’t think that I’d still be waiting to get vaccinated, at this time of year. I thought I’d be fully vaccinated before July 4th.
  21. And I’d forgotten what a dick Joe could be to Alison.
  22. I need to look up a map of it all, but I don't have the time right now. Lawrence: I don't like him, because he threatened to harm a little girl, in order to retrieve women who had escaped. He also wanted to get some of the children back, that he helped to get out of there in the first place. I think any compassion came from his wife, and now that she's gone, he's left with helping to run the place that he created. He might face the same charges as Fred, if he tried to leave for Canada. I also think that he likes to stir things up, but Fred dying the way he did, is something that he would
  23. I liked the show when it aired - I miss being that excited for a TV show to premiere - but I hope they don't include a magic baby, who ages into an adult, in a matter of days or months, so that she can get into a relationship, or just have sex.
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