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  1. OMG who greenlit this movie with this cast? Is this one of those projects Kathie Lee produced herself? The setting does look gorgeous.
  2. Watched a great little movie on Netflix called The Breaker Upperers. The stars are also the writers and directors and it has a bit of a low budget feel but if you can get past that, it's a very entertaining feel good watch. It's more of a female friendship movie with rom-com undertones. It's all about love and relationships because the two lead characters run a service where they will break up with your significant other for you. There are lots of wacky set ups and costumes and silliness and the kind of comedy I'd expect in a rom-com. Towards the end, it really starts hitting more of the tropes. There is a shopping montage. There is a declaration of love musical performance at the rec center. It is AMAZING. If nothing else, watch that performance. But also, watch the whole movie. Unlike these two hour slogs, it doesn't overstay its welcome so you'll be done in 80 minutes. I do think it fails at landing all the jokes in the script but when it works, it really works. If you like the kind of comedy where a stranger is listening to the main characters have a conversation and there are these quick edits to their reactions... this is the kind of rom-com you will love. The comedic beats felt very comfortable and familiar but not tired and lazy. It's also great to see a movie where characters acknowledge race but not in the way that American movies are over the top about it. I can't quite explain it but even with the silly comedy, the script of this movie felt very natural. It was also refreshing to see characters who were supposed to be around 40 played by actresses who looked like normal women around that age. Also, one of the characters is openly bisexual and the movie isn't weird about it. Yay! I do feel a little weird about the whole subplot of
  3. There's a date. The Prom (with a new Ryan Murphy approved celebrity cast... not just a filming of the musical) will be released on Netflix in December
  4. Even if I were primarily visual, and I'm not, it would not work for me. These kinds of unsolicited requests, pictures... they're never about you. They aren't actually about making you feel special or desirable. This was very clear in talking to Instagram guy who could not give me a compliment that wasn't about my body or ask me questions about myself even when I made it an explicit issue. It makes you feel sexualized and objectified in the most basic sense, like just a body with one purpose and without thoughts or feelings or needs of your own. I don't mind being flirty or even sexual with someone who has the right energy. But I don't need any help feeling bad about myself or not even feeling like a person.
  5. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/the-last-shift-yellow-rose-get-release-dates
  6. Instagram guy really wanted to A) show me how hard I got him B) let me watch his face while he jacked off C) flash me D) send me a dick pic I do not understand why men think this is appealing.
  7. @JTMacc99 I don't know what it is. I'm trying to give him time and not put so much pressure on him because he's not the guy I want him to be right now or not saying the exact things that I want him to say. But I'm wary of being so understanding and forgiving in case he's just trying to put in as little effort as possible for some kind of sexual reward. He knows how to flirt. But only in a sexually suggestive way. Taking the LIB example, he's not doing any of the fact finding. Maybe I'm just wary from past bad experiences. Mr. Makeout would completely ignore me when I talked. I think this guy is listening. But his unwillingness to ask me things is making me a little crazy... like I kind of want to test him to see if he remembers things I said a while ago. I also feel bad that I'm not more attracted to The Conversationalist. He continues to be sweet and to talk to me like a person. He's also smart and articulate but when he writes to me he shows genuine interest in me and comments thoughtfully on the last thing I wrote to him. It's just not very flirty. Every so often he'll drop a nice sentiment but it doesn't feel romantic. It feels like I'm writing to a friend. Instagram guy is sexy but occasionally infuriating. The Conversationalist is smart and sweet but right now while we're unable to meet up because of covid-19... I just don't really feel a spark.
  8. @Sweedish Fish Easy answer... whatever you feel most comfortable in. Not like... the equivalent of a sleeping bag. But what would make you feel attractive and like you could be your best self? Practical answer? Something that's not bulky to pack and easy to take on and off. Start as you mean to go on. You want him to know that you're interested and you care about looking your best but you also don't want to show up in a full fantasy outfit like your closet is full of hundreds of dollars worth of lingerie. Set reasonable expectations. I hope it goes well. 🙂
  9. Well, it's still... going with the Instagram guy but, not amazingly. I'm attracted to him. He's articulate. But he shows very little interest in me as a person. He's not really romantic or even interested in asking me questions about myself. It would be one thing if I thought he was dumb. But he's not. He's smart enough to do better.
  10. I was going to say this. I certainly was aware of transgender people but I think I learned about cis and trans as organic chemistry terms before cisgender became more common parlance. I do think we forget how rapidly things have changed in terms of language and understanding and acceptance in even the last 10 years.
  11. Of all the shows to film... who wants this? If this becomes popular with the bootleg teens, I will lose my mind. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/13/entertainment/diana-musical-netflix-trnd/index.html
  12. OK, catch me stumbling into 3 hour very flirty chat with a cute guy who surprisingly pleasant to talk to and not bland/boring in his responses or too sexual in his advances. But we'll see what happens. Wouldn't be the first time a guy wanted to chat for a night and then got bored because we can't meet up. ETA: We switched to Instagram and I was in some kind of mood because it got real sexy and like... I don't even know right now.
  13. Today I sat down to write some new first messages. So I read the profiles of the last 5 guys who matched with me. And they were all exhausting. So I think it's just me and I need a little break. Still writing back and forth with The Conversationalist.
  14. Ah. Thanks for the clarification. I thought this already happened but I guess I was remembering the 2016 announcement. I don't really care but I hope this is meaningful for people who are hoping for more nb representation in the media.
  15. That was my first thought. In that photo her face looks like what Shiloh might look like if you aged up her baby photos. It's weird.
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