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  1. Did anyone see The Petrified Prince? It sounds wild. Also, great performance in this video.
  2. If It Only Even Runs a MInute is back with a Hal Prince tribute
  3. Nothing. I meant she's crazy... in a fun way. I didn't like Chasing Pavements at first when it was everywhere but I saw her on Never Mind the Buzzcocks with her wild cackling laugh and looked up her music and I've been a fan ever since. Yup
  4. I was afraid she might have changed but she's still absolutely mad.
  5. Not every Western has a shoot out. And even with those sequences, you can edit around it. I just watched In Bruges. It gets very gory at times but the bulk of the action scene is just Ralph Fiennes running around with the gun. I just rewatched two clips of character deaths in Set It Off. The impact of the scenes is in the bullets tearing through the bodies. A lot is done with lights and sound and the tension of holding the guns before the shooting starts. You could edit out the shots where there is the clear recoil of a gun being fired and not really lose anything. If you can't afford the safe
  6. I understand why they don't use CGI on a low-budget movie or a TV show. Use it on the Matrix and blockbusters where you can afford it. But then, with these lower budget stories, just write around it. You can write out the gun or you can edit around it so you see someone brandishing the gun but you never see it fired. It's not that difficult.
  7. Disagree. It's not his place. If the family of the deceased wishes to act, that's their choice to make. I'm not seeing that screenshot in the Dlisted article but it fits my personal bias that problems tend to start at the top of the hierarchy and not at the bottom.
  8. I love that movie. I also love the Mia Wasikowska Jane Eyre. Neither should be considered good adaptations but since they cut out the vast majority of the problematic parts, they play as pretty conventional romances. There has to be someone else to hire. That thread was revolting. I hope TPTB can still be persuaded to change the casting. Someone like that doesn't change... certainly with no evidence of wanting to.
  9. https://www.npr.org/2021/10/20/1047692882/harry-styles-billy-porter-gender-fluid-fashion It's a worthwhile article that presents a lot of context.
  10. Maybe, just maybe, this was a bad concept for a television show.
  11. Totally fair. I guess to take the Huck Finn example, that's still a kind of platform. It's already popular. Mark Twain isn't going anywhere. But does this need to be a book that all the high school students in that class are obligated to read? (You know, if they want to pass the tests and the class.) To me it isn't cancelling or censorship because the book still exists and you can find the book in a library but it's a question of what we put in front of people and what that implicitly says. Why Huck Finn? Why not Twelve Years a Slave or Beloved? (I'm just using this as an example. I think all
  12. On the other hand, why do we prioritize the stories of terrible people? (And let's be honest, I'm saying people but the majority of the time, it's men. We had a whole glut of male anti-hero shows that was never equaled in popularity or influence or quality by female anti-hero shows.) I think it's worthwhile to question the people making the art and question the people making the decisions about what art gets a platform. If a song becomes popular on Tik Tok, that's one thing. If a song is getting a ton of radio play, decisions are being made. If someone becomes popular on youtube, algorithm asi
  13. Me, quietly sitting out this whole conversation because I don't think I've even heard the title of this song in my entire life until this thread.
  14. RE: Katey Sagal How dare they! Also, it was the middle of the afternoon. LOOK when you are making a turn. At least it wasn't a hit and run and she seems to be alright.
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