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  1. @methodwriter85 Btw, thank you for that great recommendation. I'm interested to see what that youtube creator does going forward as most of his stuff seems related to movies but it was very thoughtful and a worthwhile watch even as someone who has known about this relationship for many years. I think the video was a good example of how you don't need shocking new revelations to analyze or re-contextualize a situation. The parts about the media being complicit and predatory behavior not requiring intent were interesting points.
  2. Has anyone watched Losing Isaiah? I stumbled on the movie on Amazon Prime when I was checking out everything expiring this month. The trailer made me feel crazy. https://consequence.net/2015/03/losing-isaiah-the-white-savior-trope-20-years-later/
  3. This is old but who greenlit a horror movie for theater kids?
  4. The Rob Riggle thing is very weird and possibly illegal (that is, I don't know which parts are illegal, if true) but also the context doesn't give us her motivation. Could it be stalking? Yes. Could she be looking for evidence to use in the divorce? Also yes. I don't know that this story will stay in the media but big pieces are missing. Side note: Is hiring a private investigator legal? I don't get how that works.
  5. Re-read my comment. I said, I personally find it weird and, while it can work, it shouldn't be normalized just because they are consenting (technically) adults. I agree that when the younger partner is in their late 20's, 30's, etc. the age gap is less questionable.
  6. https://deadline.com/2021/06/freestyle-love-supreme-broadway-reopening-lin-manuel-miranda-1234775840/ This makes sense. I think we will see many of these short engagements and concert-like shows which were already becoming more popular prior to the pandemic. I thought about watching Show of Titles but I think I've fallen off from being excited about theater again. idk... Shakespeare in the Park feels a bit too soon but hopefully I'll be ready by Caroline or Change in the fall.
  7. We were also talking about Jennifer Beals, Keanu Reeves, Rashida Jones, Meghan Markle, Henry Golding, etc. As @Dani points out, I do generally feel differently if a character is developed from the ground up and especially if space is being made in a narrative where whiteness is default vs. a book adaptation where a physical description is specified or the story of a real person who did look a certain way.
  8. Even if the people are audience members who feel like they're being erased and that the casting is upholding white/Eurocentric beauty standards? Ruth Negga is a better choice for Passing. Zendaya is a better choice for MJ. Talented actors getting job opportunities is important but cultural context and doing the most good for the most people is more significant than an individual actor's career advancement. I mean, whitewashing is an extreme. There is a spectrum from Alexa Chung to Kristin Kreuk to Chloe Bennet to Olivia Munn to Maggie Q to Kimiko Glenn, etc. (Not necessarily in that o
  9. I mean, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates have been happily married for many years and have two kids and I still find it weird. I'm not saying it can never work but I don't think we should normalize these kinds of relationships just because they are technically consenting adults. The age difference between Alex Trebek and his second wife was also jarring to me. The times this is going to be an unhealthy dynamic are vastly going to outweigh the times it is fine. And obviously it is worse the younger one partner is and if there is any kind of student/teacher, employer/employee, etc. dynamic.
  10. More people need to talk about Kristin Kreuk. I mean, they actually let her play Snow White. If that's not white passing... Me (obviously before NXIVM) quietly sitting at the table with the Chlark (Chloe+Clark) fans.
  11. Well, I learned something new today. tbf, I wouldn't want Troian taking a biracial role away from another actress given how Hollywood likes to cast their non-white actresses as light and white passing as possible. lol, y'all remember the Italian guy trying to marry her in that movie? Wild.
  12. I mean, blackfishing is a thing and the Kardashians have been accused of doing it for a long time now. This is not new. I'm using Khadija's video because she's good at explaining things but this conversation has been around for years.
  13. We're getting off topic but Justin Timberlake has a weak falsetto and talk-sings. Ed Sheeran sounds like any guy in a coffee shop in the 90s. Buble is terrible compared to the vast majority of crooners from the 50's/60's. Michael Buble is no Nat King Cole. I haven't listened to the Harry Styles solo stuff yet but none of the One Direction guys are great singers. Fine, not great. I can't tell how autotuned The Weeknd is and I go back and forth on whether I enjoy his songs or find his high falsetto grating. I like Jason Derulo in spite of myself but I'm so curious what his songs would be l
  14. Justin Timberlake? I will flip that and ask: who are the male equivalents of Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Tori Kelly, etc. in popular music? I'm hard pressed to think of male singers with vocal power, range, fluidity, general skill, etc. who aren't in niche genres or deceased. Stevie Wonder? Bruno Mars? It's certainly not Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, or Adam Levine.
  15. I think it matters what the topics are. For example, are male politicians being fairly criticized? When women are brought up, is it to talk about their love lives or allude to them being crazy? What is the tone? Is it good-natured or dismissive or hyper critical? There are lots of layers beyond punching up/down. A smart comedian knows where the joke is coming from and what you're trying to get the audience to laugh at. Hahahahahaha... what? Maybe it's my hatred of male tenors but... no. Yeah, I'm not about to cry for Joan Rivers but I can also think her gender held her back i
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