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  1. RE: Elliot Page Now that I'm reading it over and over, I'm realizing that the new name (and really even their old dead name) is pretty unremarkable. It's a name you learn because you like the actor or they're a popular/prominent figure so it slowly seeps into your brain. Tbh, I'm going to have trouble remembering it. It's no Mariska Hargitay or Denzel Washington. But what was the last movie I saw with them? Whip It? Inception? It's been a while. Name recognition probably matters less if you're playing to a devoted, niche crowd who will search out your indie movies no matter what.
  2. I think Gwyneth is a good actress but it's been a long time since I've seen Shakespeare in Love. Elizabeth is not good though. I watched the movie and the sequel a while back in my quarantine boredom and they are trash. Beautifully costumed TRASH. Not at all historically accurate. Offensive to me as a woman and a feminist. TRASH. I'm sorry to people who found mid-80's Mark Harmon attractive. In my defense, he was in a Hawaiian shirt so my reaction was "Summer School-era Mark Harmon is the second ever guy you're calling the Sexiest Man Alive!?!" I also wasn't alive in the 80's so I mainly know him from NCIS.
  3. Putting Chappelle and Swift aside, I do think it's different when you're a creator vs. just a performer. Taylor wrote her music. Chappelle (I assume) wrote and contributed a great deal to his show along with the rest of his writing staff. It's like a composer or playwright holding onto their rights vs. an actor expecting to get residuals into infinity. I also think it's different when you are a musician or a stand up or some other performer where you can still perform your old songs or tell your old jokes. For most actors, directors, etc. once that project is finished, you're done with it. There might be a sequel but unless they remake it, you shouldn't really expect to earn money off the same material. That's why smart actors are always looking for their next gig.
  4. Currently reading the issue (I get People for free) and some of their past choices are hilarious. Harry Hamlin and mid-80s Mark Harmon? I was struck by Neil Patrick Harris' dog. Maybe it was just a good photo but that was a beautiful dog. Way more attractive than a lot of the haggard men they featured on this year's list. I find it funny that most of the people rallying around him are "whos" to the general public.
  5. I was about to drop the Variety story. I think it's a beautiful statement and it doesn't feel too much like PR speak. It seems like they put a lot of work into choosing the right words/language but it feels genuine. I'm sure we will grow accustomed to their transition over time as they play more male or nonbinary roles but it's going to take some getting used to. I can't think of another well-known trans actor who transitioned like this after already being fairly established and recognizable.
  6. I'm a little surprised NCW hasn't at least managed an Alexander Skarsgard sort of career but maybe Skarsgard chases those roles harder or is deemed to have more weight because of his past successes. I'm hoping there's a female screenwriter or director just waiting for the opportunity to put Gwendoline Christie in something. I'm actually thinking period piece/drama but... a good one, not those shallow Hollywood biopics. Portrait of a Lady on Fire vibes. You know. Emilia Clarke has time but I agree the way she's racking up flops doesn't look great. She just needs to hang on long enough until someone gives her a role like Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast. I don't know if she has the talent for sustained success but she could definitely find another project with cultural relevance that makes money and keeps her going if she wants to work. I feel like Momoa has done a good job of establishing his fame. I don't know how that will play out in terms of his actual work over time but he seems well cemented as a celebrity at this point.
  7. @theredhead77 This is less of the friendship thing I've felt from the start and more about him saying some things that turned me off.
  8. The Conversationalist asked me out for our walk date on Saturday. We've discussed it as a vague thing for a while now but he's trying to establish actual plans now. This is good. He's interested. But after our phone call we exchanged a few of our long back and forth messages. Not a ton. Maybe two on each side or something. And I just got a vibe... and I'm not that into it anymore. I do think it's worth at least going on one date after talking this long. But I just don't feel enthusiastic at this moment in time after getting a little put off by his last message or two. It was nothing overtly terrible. I'm just not really feeling him, especially right now.
  9. Another phone call with The Conversationalist today. I was doing laundry in the middle of it but it ended up being around 3 hours total with a 2-3 breaks. So almost as long as my normal in person dates. I don't know if it was the mood I was in or because I told him I appreciate when someone doesn't try to lie and be agreeable but I feel like we got somewhere a little bit more real today. I still don't know if we're actually compatible or if there are any sparks but that, combined with him asking me questions about dating and what I'm looking for, opened the door to me being a little more flirty. It wasn't like anything crazy but I did tell him that if our socially distanced dates go well, I'd be open to him coming over. It's not like I plan to only write and have phone calls forever if we continue to be stuck in quarantine. As long as we're safe about it, I would see him in person without a mask if we were actually going to pursue a relationship. And I do think that sort of talk changed up the dynamic a little bit so it's not entirely just two strangers having a friendly, polite chat. There's still nothing romantic happening but at least the door is open to romance and we're not so firmly in the friend zone.
  10. I like Imagine Dragons. I'm not sure if it's entirely ironic enjoyment because in the right mood, I genuinely enjoy their music. But it's the same way I felt with early (like Just One of the Boys) Katy Perry. Like, I love that they tried to write another song called "Yesterday" and thought it would be a good idea to periodically shout "yesterday." Is it good? Is it bad? Idk anymore. But it makes me laugh.
  11. Joan Severance (model and mom from Accidentally Engaged) filmed one of those Vogue makeup things
  12. It's hard to see how you don't put an asterisk next to these Tonys. The number of nominations a show gets is particularly meaningless this year. You don't get to boast about it Jagged Little Pill or Slave Play when they needed you to fill out the nominations. If she can secure the win, the one person I'd definitely leave out is Adrienne Warren as she was already a competitive favorite early into the season. http://bway.ly/gl71fr#https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_dance/the-2020-tony-nominations-have-been-announced-and-theyre-the-weirdest-ever/2020/10/15/884dd802-0efe-11eb-8074-0e943a91bf08_story.html
  13. New first message. I was curious so I skimmed his profile. It's fully insane and definitely has misogynistic-leaning fuckboi vibes. He really wants to convince people that he's looking for friends but he also spends his profile berating you (the person reading). Wild.
  14. Best Play: I feel like it will go to Slave Play and I'm not here for it. Best Musical: I guess give it to Moulin Rouge? Terrible book but it's a lot of spectacle. Best Book of a Musical: PLEASE not Jagged Little Pill. Can you imagine rewarding both Jeremy O. Harris AND Diablo Cody? INSUFFERABLE. Also, just WOW. So many nominees in the play categories are LUCKY they didn't have real competition. Woof. ETA: His role in Moulin Rouge is pretty nothing but this HAS to be the year they give the Tony to Danny Burstein, right? RIGHT!?!
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