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  1. It seems strange that she wouldn't have broken all the records yet given the length of her career. Is it something like the matches she played with her sister not counting towards this record? From that article that quotes the Eddie Murphy interview with the parts about John Landis Hmn... well, that certainly doesn't sound not-racist...
  2. I actually don't like interviews that much. Because she's still out here being like... I don't want to be labeled as a feminist. And that does sour me a bit on her music and her philanthropic contributions and all the other reasons there are to love her. Also, I get that Miley's her goddaughter but... no. I'm never going to be a Miley stan.
  3. RE: Kim Novak These quotes are so sad. There's a core of humanity here that I don't think most celebs achieve when they talk about beauty standards. She makes herself very vulnerable in these statements. It's not dressed up.
  4. For me, his peak was the movie Model Behavior. As far as I know, his acting has never improved since then either. His music is trash. I wish I had a better term than "blue eyed soul" but yeah, I've always hated it. Same. Plus, The Sing Off a capella competition. I seek out weird parts of the culture apparently. For some reason my brain remembers that magazine cover but I never saw the actual photo spread until now.
  5. I get that it's how these profiles go but ugh at this quote from the Shelley Duvall article. At least if he had to talk about a woman's body he tried to not be shitty about it? Idk... I will always remember Shelley for Faerie Tale Theatre more than anything else. Also, weird that the author of this piece was like 'tee hee, she's still got it' when it feels like she's right to be skeptical of all these random dudes showing up in her town to get something out of her. Unnerving
  6. I would push back on the "less work" part. Sure, there are some terrible people who get rewarded for being pretty and doing very little. But I'm actually not surprised at how many minor celebrities there are now because these people put in the work to engage with their audiences. Compare an old school celebrity who would, at most put out a handful of films in a year (if they happened to be released at the same time) and maybe do some red carpets and talk show appearances... with the kind of "whos" that post every day on Instagram and put out at least one video a week on youtube and reply to comments on social media and nowadays usually also have a weekly or biweekly podcast. These "amateurs" are pumping out content at a higher rate because they don't need to put out the same quality of work to get attention. And, of course, regular celebs are picking up on it. It seems like I hear about a new celeb podcast (that I refuse to listen to) every other day.
  7. Eh... I still think it's weird. As the original commenter said, not inherently skeevy. But personally, I think 30-40 is one of those time periods like 20-30 where depending on the numbers, if there's a significant age gap, you're in very different stages of your life. But I also don't care about Shailene Woodley or the sports guy. Not that it would have been a hit with Armie Hammer but I hear Josh Duhamel and think... yeah, that movie's definitely gonna be a flop. Also, why is she making two wedding movies back to back? I was getting this confused with Marry Me.
  8. This was a wonderful season of Bake Off. I'm going in chronological order and it's definitely a favorite so far. It was a nice wholesome season where everyone cared about the competition but it didn't feel so stressful or dour. I don't know. Relative to other seasons, the contestants seemed less miserable, even if things didn't go perfectly. I think that was helped by contestants like Mat and Paul who could take things in stride. It felt like a good amateur baking competition this year. There were strong bakes in every challenge but up until the end, there were mistakes and weaker bakers, or at least, bakers who stumbled when pushed outside of their comfort zone. And even if I can't taste the food, it's always nice to have a season where bakers are frequently complimented on their flavors. I'd rather see people who seem to make things that taste good rather than people who can twist pretty bread plaits, especially when I try and look up the recipes later or at least take inspiration from the flavor combinations. I loved all three bakers in the final. Tamal was probably my favorite (I already knew Nadiya won before starting the season) but they all produced strong bakes throughout the competition. Ian seemed strongest at the beginning and like he struggled the fancier bakes/techniques towards the end. Tamal was consistent throughout with small fluctuations. And Nadiya really hit her stride towards the end. So I'm not surprised with her win. The season also made me confident enough in their flavors that I want to look up their recipes/cookbooks and try them out.
  9. This makes me sad having recently finished her autobiography (maybe a few months ago). I figured she rushed through a lot of the Ashton stuff because it was painful to talk about or reflected poorly on her or she thought he would get litigious. But now I'm thinking there just might be a lot of unresolved stuff even if she has largely made peace with her childhood trauma. That is, she told an involved story of her early years but rushed through the last 20 or so years of her life and I don't think it was entirely because her relationship with Ashton was part of that time. I'm not surprised that she has self-esteem issues after the life she's lived but it's still very sad.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinderella_(2021_film) I keep forgetting that this is a movie that will eventually come out. That is a wild cast. Just completely unpredictable on whether this will be great or terrible.
  11. Yes. Queerness is about more than who you want to have sex with. It's a piece of your identity and culture. I feel like the only way "waiting to announce" would make sense is if every child was assumed to be asexual until the point that they announced it but everyone is instead assumed to be straight.
  12. So weird. I was just watching an episode of BKR that mentioned Scenes From a Marriage. I don't know why you'd adapt it but since it was apparently a great acting showcase for Liv Ullman, I hope this will be a great opportunity for Nicole. What are everyone's thoughts on the Olivia Jade comeback attempt? First Red Table Talk and now back on youtube. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it worked or some people were just curious. The worst people can maintain a decent fanbase even after a fall from grace. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2021/01/10273821/olivia-jade-returns-to-youtube-vlog
  13. If you aren't really a child actress, I don't think your career revival happens in your early 30's. That's just part of the progression of your career. Also, I'd say her real dip was around The Producers/My Super Ex-Girlfriend and her career has never bounced back.
  14. Carried over from the last thread. I remember next to nothing about the "heroes" in that movie but I loved Uma Thurman. I know they're still working and maybe it's just the normal life cycle of an actress when you're not Meryl (and a lot of your younger roles were based on your beauty) but speaking of Batman villains, every so often I think of Uma and Michelle Pfeiffer and wonder why they don't have more going on or better projects. I realize that Ryan Murphy can't revive every aging actress' career but there's always producing your own projects. I don't love every Salma Hayek, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, etc. movie/show but at least some of them are more interesting than what I'm sure would be out there if they weren't actively developing good projects for themselves.
  15. Looking through my "intros" today on okc. Generic but not unpleasant fishing message. 4 years younger than me and not looking for anything serious but if we had anything in common I might have reached out because of curiosity. One sentence fishing message "Well hello there gorgeous!" from a father of two looking to hook up. "Hi" from a guy with a terrible profile "Love or lust?" from a guy in India Also, I'm pretty sure I rejected some of these guys before and okc is throwing them at me for the 3rd or 4th time. So yeah... gonna die alone. It's hard to find the motivation to initiate conversations when I have no idea when covid will make dating in person a genuine possibility again.
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