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  1. Irlandesa

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    It's interesting because not liking Ross and Rachel is one of those popular unpopular opinions. In the scheme of the general public, not liking them might be considered 'unpopular' but online, it sometimes feels like the complete opposite. So my unpopular opinion is that I did like them. I hated that they were on and off for 10 years because that was just lazy writing but I liked their chemistry and their soapy twists Other opinion....I never got into Chandler and Monica. I felt more for Monica and Richard and even Monica and Pete than Monica and Chandler.
  2. Irlandesa

    The Kitchen

    Not always. I know GZ has missed and they didn't say why. It could be anything from a scheduling conflict to an illness but, because they film multiple episodes at a time, she's likely going to miss a few episodes in a row. I don't think living in CA will mean she's leaving. Marcella lived in CA most of the time she was on the show too. Jeff lives in IL. It's easy to do since they block tape.
  3. Irlandesa

    Season 4 Discussion

    A lot of this is true. But "nice" women did have sex. It wasn't talked about as freely but it happened. I had been liking Grantchester less and less. James Norton was fine as an actor but Sidney was tough to watch with his being tortured over Amanda while also being a super sleuth. Then we had Geordie's affair on top of it all. But tonight's episode was really good. I liked Leonard and Geordie working together. Leonard was helpful but it was still primarily Geordie's case.
  4. Irlandesa

    Grand Hotel

    She think Mateo is just another employee. He's one with a better paying job than hers but I gather she sees Javi as the big payday once Mateo initially didn't seem to have any interest in the child. I don't know where Mateo is in the organization that lent Santiago the money for the hotel--is he just an employee of that group too or family? I don't remember if they've specified. It's possible that Mateo has access to more cash than Javi, or any of his family, does at this point.
  5. Irlandesa


    Mr. Monk went out on a date in Mr. Monk and The Blackout season 3. There may have been another date or someone else showing interest at other points in the series but nothing serious is ever hinted at for Monk. And I can't recall anything being really hinted at between Monk/Sharona or Monk/Natalie. Even in the obligatory "pretend to be married" episode which took place when Sharona was still there, there were no romantic undertones.
  6. Irlandesa

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Yeah they did this last season too. The episode would be billed for two hours. The first hour will be the real SYTTD. The second hour will be the Northern edition. Subsequent reruns will only be an hour and only show the first hour. I don't understand why they do this. If the Northern edition can't stand on its own without subertfuge, then they shouldn't be airing it. The Northern edition used to be nicer overall, I thought, but from the little I've seen of this new season, it looks like they're going for awful entourages.
  7. Irlandesa

    House Hunters International

    You wouldn't necessarily but that doesn't stop people from hanging out or "needing something in the kitchen" while you're cooking. So I get wanting some moving space in a kitchen. It makes more sense than needing a room for guests.
  8. Irlandesa

    Season 1 Discussion

    S2 is definitely coming. I didn't see Anne as rapey or predatory. She was brasher and more confident in her sexuality. She has always been more certain about what she wanted. Ann presents as more frail because of her very real mental illness. She's more delicate and she conforms to more standard standard views of femininity. But she managed to get to 29 and still be single even with the money she had. Didn't she admit she had developed a crush on Anne early on? There's also focus on how Anne would stop when Ann asked her to but I always focus on the time when she took the initiative. While she was making out with Anne, she was caught by her aunt (Mother? whoever the older woman was). Both she and Anne jumped up while the woman warned Ann about Anne. Anne looked nervous but Ann just laughed it off and brought Anne up to her bedroom where they had sex for the first time. She was also the one who made the final grand romantic gesture. She did go back and forth--not about Anne but whether or not she was capable of living as a lesbian. And Anne was very passionate about trying to convince her. But overall, I felt boundaries were largely established and respected. I'd feel the same way if it were a mean too, BTW.
  9. Irlandesa

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Ah. The triangle I wanted instead of the immigration story. A triangle they could have been building up during the fake marriage but really haven't. They immediately pivoted back to JJ and Haley. At least we'll get to see who has the most chemistry and could end up together---but oh wait. Tripp is already gone so no. Considering he's asking for a divorce in the promo, I'm guessing not.
  10. Ron likes assaulting Brady. Leo did as well.
  11. Irlandesa

    Cats (2019)

    My favorite reactions are the ones that invoke this guy. I had zero interest in Cats but oof the look of those cats is a choice.
  12. Irlandesa

    Match Game

    I think it's because Skin doesn't have much meaning. Since they were looking for a movie title, something with a little more punch was required. Free and clear was the only answer I could think of. She didn't give great answers in general but I did love how she called out the panel for letting her down with "dog."
  13. Right? Show, if you feel like you need to have Jennifer, who has been on like two or three dates with Shah, use his honorific just so the audience knows who she's talking to, it might be worth just casting some other rando. At this point, I fully expect Shah to become a serial killer when he's dumped by Jennifer again.
  14. I think it's the context of everything. Kate left when she was in her late 20s. If an actress wants to leave soaps and try to hit prime time/movies, she better do it around this time or sooner. Alison left when she was 37 which is basically pretty old to attempt to make that leap to prime time or movies which is why it didn't really feel like that was her goal. (Not that she would have turned down an opportunity). So she did some directing. And kept hosting Biggest Loser for a while. And spent time with her family. And did some Hallmark. And visited DOOL every now and again. But Alison's role with Hallmark isn't just a movie here and a movie there. It's a pretty steady relationship and she often produces the movies she's in. So it feels like Alison is just kind of writing her post-soap career. Kate is not. Or at least not yet anyway.
  15. Irlandesa

    A.P. Bio

    I might have to check out the second season. I wanted to love the first but I kind of drifted away after a few eps. But if the 2nd season is good and continues, I might come back.