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  1. These are all grain of salt rumors posted on Reddit but the tea surrounding him was ugly, possibly violent, behavior to girlfriends and that he has the same girlfriend now that he had when he left for this. Reportedly people reached out to producers about it but since no one has come out publicly to speak on it, those rumors have been relegated to online message boards. So who knows.
  2. Yeah. I think sometimes the sound is a bit muddled. Taraji is terrific. The character of Grace in every production has always seemed a bit stiff to me...probably because she's supposed to be a very refined, "lady-like" character. But her singing is on point. That's his mic. The rest of the cast is probably wearing their microphones in their hair pieces but the wigs cover it up. Here's a photo of the actors of Hamilton. But the bald cap makes it hard to hide. I guess they figured it'd look less weird for the mic to be by the ear than coming up over the head. But th
  3. Lifetime has been airing new movies all this week. None have really wowed me enough to watch all the way through. They scream kind of cheap but I guess they'll attract eyeballs on nights where most people aren't expecting new movies. RuPaul has a holiday movie today too on VH1. With a bunch of drag queens. I'm recording it even though the promo looked awful. I like camp but this probably has too much camp going for it. But for those looking for something different or are big fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, I thought I should mention it.
  4. Me neither. As I think I've said before, within the first few minutes he mocks her desk and steals her chocolate. How's she supposed to react to that? Then they pretty much tease each other for the rest of the movie as their respect for one another grows. The constant lying was tough because I don't think he was ever fully exposed for his lie about getting the governor. Yes, he eventually got her (before she had to cancel) but so many of Emily's decisions were based on his lie instead of making a backup plan.
  5. For some reason, I got mildly obsessed with the show this season and found out more than I knew before. From what I understand, a lot of actors go into real estate when in between jobs if they need income because it's one profession where they can set their own schedules. It seems like the Oppenheim Group is a mix of part-time or former performers and those for whom real estate is it. Full Timers/Lifers: Mary did real estate after college. She left it when she got married and did something else but came back to it after her divorce. She has been in real estate longer than Jason
  6. I had that experience too for a while that I thought there was a big drop off. But when I eventually started watching the seasons in reruns, it wasn't the kind of drop off where the show went from hilarious to barely entertaining. I didn't like the stories as much but the laughs were still good.
  7. Maybe he was out of her teenage league but she's way out of his 20-something league. They could buy one of those houses on an island with no electricity and they have to take a boat to get to. I'm sad to see Rodney go. With that last bumper, I could actually see him hosting a Food Network Show. He should replace Jesse Palmer as the host of The Bachelor. I think he'd be good. I think she let him go because she cares about him the most out of her "runner ups" even if it is mostly as a friend. I've noticed the bachelorettes have been doing this lately. They kindly let go of so
  8. Sister Cities was an Instaget for me once they gave the French translation even though the French translation wasn't exact. It was enough for me to know what they were talking about given the category. I did get a kick out of the clue including the French words for "Twin Cities" when one of the contestants is from a suburb of the Twin Cities. Pam really did look like she was going to take it all for a bit there. Her aggressive play annoyed me at first but I did get used to it. Shallow: But I thought Amy looked especially lovely today. It was a nice top for her.
  9. I didn't mind that A Christmas Witness was "dark." I was hoping for something less sanitized than the other movies and I appreciated that sex existed in this movie. What I didn't love was that it was rather crude. I enjoy the actors but they were not served by the script. Why would the fed want to get with the crude criminal? There are two new movies tonight. One on Lifetime. Another on VH1.
  10. I don't love CCB but I don't hate her either. Like Lacey, she is what she is and it will all depend on the movie they're in. And The Christmas Contest was all right for me. I even liked the guy in it although I do agree that she should run. Maybe I liked his height. I won't rewatch but there was enough there that I stayed until the end.
  11. I think they would if they weren't on a reality show and likely being asked to talk about her in their talking heads and having every single mention of her included in the show because the show decided she was the story this season. She gives me Liz Hurley vibes.
  12. I think it's a combination of how her post-partum was portrayed and a blind item about a reality star using a surrogate but not wanting to say. But mostly, I think it's just people saying Christine's story doesn't add up. She was wearing heels, slinky clothes and seemingly returning to normal activity, according to her, only days after not only giving birth but having a "traumatic C-section." It was that she said her husband was told "you have to choose your wife or your child" when, in those situations, there's usually a medical team for the mother and a medical team for the child
  13. I don't remember Hallmark trying to tell this story. There was one a few years ago where the snowman came to life to be the "perfect" man but the girl ended up with her best friend in the end, IIRC. And the UP had one this season, I think, but I didn't finish. I don't know if he was actually a snowman or if the lead and her sister just suspected he was. I skipped Christmas In Tahoe because Laura Osnes stars in it. I may go back if others think it's good but I put that on the backburner. And The Christmas Contest might be bedtime fare. I don't like CCB but the previews did look kin
  14. It was. The scenery was great. The story got a little lost so it fell apart towards the end. But I didn't hate it even though it seemed to want to do every Scot cliche.
  15. Oh forgot to mention---as if you'd need another reason to hate Christmas CEO, it pulls out the "this random dude who keeps showing up is really Santa" trope. A Kiss Before Christmas did it too but overall that movie was so much better that I didn't mind. Making Spirits Bright might be my "go to sleep" movie. It's not bad; it's just not grabbing me. The leads are fine but I'm not sure how into "decorating houses in lights" competitions I can be. They must really be into cameos this year because Alison Sweeney showed up at the end of Time for Them To Come Home For Christmas although
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