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  1. I think it's tough because it sounds like truffles really call for simplicity. What was it they said about Kevin's dish? That it would have been better if all he had served were the onions, truffles and other non-meat portions of his dish? So simple and, based on the reactions, maybe even vegetarian, would have been the way to go. But it's such the antithesis to how these chefs usually think. They're afraid if they don't do something extra to differentiate their dishes from something the judges have had before, then they're not doing enough. It can be their failure when they aren't required to highlight a specific ingredient but when highlighting an ingredient is a requirement? That's it. That was the impression I got too. Bryan's dish was excellent but it was "classic" while Melissa's was more unusual. I don't think selecting who wins a challenge is favoritism unless we're talking the finale. Who loses? Yes but not who wins. I thought Bryan would win too but I knew Melissa and Bryan would be the final 2.
  2. Maybe but I'd take Ron over Dena. All day and every day.
  3. Irlandesa

    NFL Thread

    My issue with his apology is that he can't really claim that he didn't know what his comments would do or how they'd be perceived. Nor do I believe he'll actually learn. It's not like he's a heavy hitter in some other field and never watched a football game in his life so his exposure to what Kap did, and the message, was gotten through second hand sources. He's considered one of the premiere QB's in the league. He's a figurehead of his team and arguably the NFL. He was around when Kap first took a knee. He was around when others started taking a knee. He was around when the debate raged over taking a knee. He was around when multiple teams, and even some owners, did it in alleged "solidarity." And yet he returns to the same twisting of motives.
  4. I got the impression the way it'd happen in this show is similar to the article. I never got the sense that Kamala had to marry Prashant or he had to marry her if either found something displeasing about the other. So "I just don't love him" wouldn't have appeased a family wanting their daughter to be married because arranged marriages often work on the basis that love will develop. But "he's not attractive" or "he gives me the creeps" likely would be enough. Arranged marriages, from what I understand, run the gamut between "this makes sense as a way to unite our families so this is who you need to marry" to "here are some people we think will be a good match, pick one and marry." How much choice the parties (and women) get vary but I've even seen depictions of choice in movies about Orthodox Jews. What isn't involved as much is dating to see if love will come because the arranged marriage is based on other factors such as shared values and goals. And that's the difference between a family or friend set up and an arranged marriage.
  5. I watched it. I would say the focus is more on aging--how the women navigate how they spend their golden years, how their family wants them to spend it. They do talk about their early years falling in love but more time is spent on whether or not they're going to stay in IL or go back to Canada to be near family members.
  6. If she was also a favorite of Ryan Murphy, she could be one of those people who knows how to charm those in power or of what she perceived to be equal standing. It'd explain why Ryan loves her and she got close with Jonathan Groff and Cory Monteith (both of whom I don't recall hearing bad things about--in fact wasn't Cory the most liked among the cast before he died?) They're the kind of people you can only commiserate with other people who've also experienced the pain of her because speaking up may be more likely to blowback on you than her.
  7. Ben is a rich kid with absentee parents who don't particularly sweat him having people over. I don't think he needs Shira to have entree to popular social circles. The fact that he can host parties should be able to do that for him if he wants or even by leveraging his dad's connections for cool experiences. It doesn't sound like this school is an "everyone has money" type of place. I agree that what he craves is closer one-on-one friendships/relationships. He can't buy those or get those through Shira.
  8. I think it depends on what the creators of the movie have as a goal. Is their goal to be a faithful adaption or are they using a source material to create something new? A critic can critique the book on its own, the movie on its own or compare and contract the two. There's room for all types of critiques. In fact, there needs to be all types of critiques because not everyone who goes to see the movie will take the time to read the book. Does the movie stand on its own? Will people watching the movie even care if the movie leaves out some of the things the book has? Would covering all aspects of the book make for a movie that becomes too long and convoluted for ideal movie watching?
  9. I watched the first episode but haven't finished it yet. Has anyone watched Dead Still? I saw the first episode but again, I haven't continued yet as it didn't really grab me like I thought it would.
  10. I enjoyed that as well and I don't have a problem with how either behaved during the evening. I got the sense that it wasn't really set up as an official "date". Both approached as such in a way but there were a few times in the evening where it felt like they were wrapping up. I don't think he tried to hide the fact that Condola was calling all that much or the fact that they were still in touch. I think when he said his evening was wrapping up, he thought his evening was wrapping up. In the morning after, Issa didn't really seem like a woman who necessarily thought there would be a "second" date. There might be but she started talking about him moving to San Francisco and chose to walk him. I don't think she regretted the evening. I think it was good for both of them. But I didn't get the sense of a renewed commitment. I agree. We did get a glimpse of flirtier times back then.
  11. Irlandesa

    U.K. TV

    I don't really know of one place but here's a recap of season . https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/the-split-series-1-recap-what-happened-last-time/
  12. Irlandesa

    U.K. TV

    I would read a recap of the first season before jumping in to watch the first season. It's part legal drama and part soap opera drama where stories in the first season are continued into the second season. "The split" refers to the love triangle at the center of the show between a woman (Nicola Walker), her husband and her old flame.
  13. It depends. From what I understand, there are many different antibody tests and their accuracy rates vary.
  14. Irlandesa

    U.K. TV

    I watched the first season but I didn't love it so I haven't really watched the second. I just read a recap to see what happened.
  15. Identical twins have the same DNA (from the same egg) but fingerprints are different.
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