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  1. To be fair, I don't know how deeply articles are covering it either since they're so fascinated by the cannibal stuff and not the hints of potential non-consensual activity. To be fair to articles as well, so far no one, other than the ex whose story I edited in above, has come forward publicly. Even these DMs are linked and shared by others.
  2. She was playing "Loooooooy" from I Love Lucy not Lucille Ball the person. She did well with that character but the real person was not wacky and could actually be quite mean. And Desi wasn't a faithful and devoted husband like Ricky, the character he played. I don't like Nicole's casting but I don't think Debra fits the bill either. (Not that I'm sure she can't be mean but I do think there was an edgy quality to the real Lucille Ball that I don't know that she can capture.) From what I've read on Twitter, it does sound like there was inappropriate and borderline illegal stuff happening. I doubt it'd ever be prosecuted but it seems that some encounters began with consensual kink but he pushed beyond boundaries of what the women were comfortable with and went into dangerous territory like choke play. I think that's what's getting lost in all the "Armie has some weird kinks/don't kink shame" talk. I remember there was an interview he did that made me raise my eye brows. He mentioned he used to like to pull a girl's hair during sex but he grew out of that and doesn't do it with his wife because he respects her too much. Whether he engages in vanilla or kinky sex, he should be respecting his partner. So yeah, he's kinky but it sounds like he's a bad kinkster. Oops, forgot to include this link. A recent girlfriend talked about what being his girlfriend was like. Grain of salt and all but so much about this aligns with things even he has said.
  3. I'm pretty sure I'd seen this one before. I don't know if it was Dateline (probably because I don't really watch 48 hours...etc.)
  4. I thought he has been good in this story except the tears at the end didn't work for me. MM has been awesome, though. Gwen's secret is going to be so disappointing. Instead of being intriguing, it'll be boring or disgusting or "you're doing all of this because of that?'
  5. I think Issa's career is taking off. I think Insecure is the thing I've enjoyed the most but five seasons does feel good for this show. They brought things to a head and a denouement feels right. It also opens up the series for a lot of possibilities. They can make choices about relationships (romantic and friendship) and careers without having to come up with ways to keep characters relevant/connected for future seasons or careers in doubt.
  6. The last time I tried to watch on Peacock, I think it was up by the evening. I wonder if they'll upload it sooner since they had to have known they likely weren't going to air in much, if in any part, of the US and they're not doing any "pre-empting" anymore unless it has been planned in event like inaugurations and sports events. Some stations might also air it overnight--like at 2 a.m. Check your local affiliate's Twitter and they might announce it there. Mine does.
  7. Maris opted to go to war with him and tried to leave him with nothing which is why he lived in "embarrassing" conditions during their separation. But Maris had also been lying about what was behind her family's wealth. Niles Crane's divorce lawyer discovered it was something related to urinals--urinal cakes--and not whatever more snobbish reason she had been giving. Maris stopped fighting and Niles got a good settlement once they confronted her that they knew the truth. She was willing to give a good settlement as long as Niles kept his mouth shut. That's why he was able to buy a nice place.
  8. Frasier didn't live in the penthouse. He did have a really nice 3 BR condo up high with a balcony but people lived above him.
  9. I don't know that it was ever discussed but he was adopted and grew up as a Deveraux. It's not like his biological father is someone whose name he'd necessarily want to adopt.
  10. I've long felt she's a competent/good actress but I couldn't really get a sense of her Claire. Today was the first day I felt like she really started to own her own version of the character. It's different than OKR's version and I won't completely forget about her but this is also a version I can like and feel for even when the dedication to Charlie she has is relatively weak given how long they've known one another. True. Jack's psychology was related to his daddy issues. Charlie's is related to Ava. I can see how Charlie doesn't spend a day behind bars, though. If the police couldn't go after Tripp for rape, that should equally apply to Charlie. And I can't see London wanting to touch this one with Allie already having accused Tripp. I also see Ava dropping charges for kidnapping. But what I am curious about is why Allie wants so badly for her rapists to acknowledge Henry. Why do you want him to matter to his father? You want to share custody? I think cast changes were the reason behind them never bringing him back. Brent's story was mostly associated with Alan-Michael and Lucy. Rick Hearst left the show a few months after the Brent story wrapped. They recast his character but wrote off both Lucy and [recast] Alan-Michael when Sonia Satra also decided to leave at the end of her contract a few months after Rick. There were also the issues with Frank Beatty (Brent) being unable to finish that story because of some sort of illness or breakdown. I don't think we ever got the full story there. He was scheduled to do one of those soap reunion shows with Rick and Sonia but he ended up being a no show. In theory, he was going to do a later show but I don't think that ever happened.
  11. Right. I just don't think it's on observers to be upset by a hand on the shoulder if the person on the receiving end isn't offended. The gesture would have to be much more vulgar.
  12. It was also during a period of time when Jack was played by someone else--Mark Valley I think.
  13. Irlandesa

    NFL Thread

    Yeah. I agree. I do think the dominance by the Browns was a bit surprising given all the challenges Cleveland was facing but the Steelers were trending in the wrong direction heading into the playoffs. I think resting your players and then having a bye week is dangerous but I don't really see a difference between resting players and having a bye week. And a lot of teams came out of the no-preseason games gate this year looking decent from week 1. I think a simpler explanation is that the Steelers did not look good coming down the stretch and that just carried over into the game. Interesting. After hearing that Doug Pederson was going to stay on the morning he tanked, he was fired today. I doubt the playcalling was the reason otherwise, he would have been let go the next morning. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30693391/philadelphia-eagles-change-course-fire-head-coach-doug-pederson-source-says
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