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  1. It is frustrating that Michelle got away with so much but I guess that's what being hot will get you. I had to roll my eyes when John was all excited he was dating the "cheerleader." He got himself a hot babe and rushed to the altar before he really knew her. Sometimes those whirlwind relationships work out but there's a hug risk in not waiting to see what red flags might pop up. Although, it sounds like this guy was so generous that he might not have realized it until it was too late anyway. And she probably manipulated her boyfriend in the same way--not that he likely had to be pushed hard.
  2. That was hilarious. Also not for me. But part of me wishes I hadn't read the blog. Seeing Paul Greene with his shirt unbuttoned ruined him for me. Time and place, dude, there's a time and place. And given Ryan Paevy's long lines, I guess we're never getting rid of him.
  3. That breaks down to about $42/movie or $27/hour assuming each movie is 90 minutes long. That's not including the time and effort it takes to document the viewing on social media. And you can't skip any movie. Impossible. Speaking of fast forwarding, I watched most of Christmas a la Mode but I did fast forward a few parts. Unless Winter Storm Megan made an appearance in the times I was fast forwarding a bit, it broke the WSM streak. I suspect this was a Lifetime purchase instead of a made-for-Lifetime movie.
  4. Yeah. But I hope Sarah's baby isn't dead. I'm nervous about what Xander's confession is. I hope it's not a baby switch. Speaking of Xander, what is with him being everywhere? With Gina, Clyde?
  5. Goliath is renewed for a fourth and final season. I'd say this means he must survive the gunshot...but with some of the bizarre turns of last season, I wouldn't be surprised if he's a ghost haunting Patty during a case. https://www.spoilertv.com/2019/11/goliath-renewed-for-fourth-and-final.html#
  6. I would bet money John gets this reaction when he walks into a room. He has good skin, a nice smile, a toned body and looks rather symmetrical. Those are all standard qualities in "attractive" people. He's an EGOT winner and a successful performer who can own a stage. That suggests that he has a significant charisma factor. Charisma is what makes people take a second look, IMO. Ha. They lie. I appreciate John's approach to this in that he and his wife are having a lot of fun.
  7. I think the Jean Doumanian year is such an extreme situation. It was one year and she wasn't Michaels' choice. Most of the writers and all of the cast left with Michaels so she basically had to start from scratch. The show rebounded a bit with Ebersol. That's as much on NBC as it was on Doumanian. I suspect NBC will be more open to people Michaels suggests. There will likely be more consistency since I doubt NBC will allow a complete overhaul of writers and cast. As much as people say they'd like a major overhaul, it'd probably take at least a season or two for the newbies to find a groove since that's usually what happens with new cast members.
  8. To be fair, it's much easier to predict if one is spoiled. If someone who was unspoiled guessed there'd be a time jump, guessed that Will would be in jail along with the show's new golden boy, and guessed that Adrienne, Haley and the Bristen baby would be dead, I'd want them to predict the lottery numbers. Lani and Kristen being nuns was a surprise to me too and that's because it wasn't spoiled or rumored. I kind of wish we didn't find out what happened to Haley. I liked that they were intimating that Brady had something to do with Haley's death. I would have liked to keep guessing for a bit longer.
  9. That time needs to be filled. NBC doesn't own the show and they ordered episodes from the production company up until mid-September 2020. NBC is not going to want to pay for retrospective clip shows. They'll want new episodes wrapping up stories. Besides, I do suspect the next step for DOOL isn't full cancellation but rather a move to streaming. That's what releasing the actors from their contracts could be about if the rumor is true about them potentially being brought back at a lower salary. I don't know if it's next year but I do think Peacock will be its next home.
  10. Modern soap cancellations have been announced anywhere between 5 and 9 months ahead of time so there's no reason why they wouldn't say just that. They'll also be going on hiatus with enough episodes to last through June but still about 4 to 6 weeks short of what they'd need to film to fill the time slot into September. Things at DOOL are pretty leaky. It'd get out if they had actually filmed into September. It'd get out if it was common knowledge that they were cancelled. They could still be cancelled but releasing the actors was a production company decision not an NBC decision.
  11. I don't think the cast is doing a disservice. I think they're sharing what they truly believe or have been told. If they're being lied to, they're being lied to. Their experience/livelihood/hope is to trust what their bosses are telling them. A soap fan's experience is different and I understand the cynical perspective but I don't think it's the actors' responsibility to share that cynicism. It's probably not as drastic as some of the headlines indicate but it's also probably not as worry free as some of the actors seem to think it is. It's pretty clear this is about not paying the actors over the hiatus. If it were about cancellation, NBC would just cancel them and it wouldn't make sense to take such a long break. That's not to say it won't be cancelled because if NBC were certain about it, the renewal would have already taken place.
  12. I want a recipe to the top layer that the judges were raving about in Melissa's six layer bar.
  13. My spec: ONE: I think most of the younger actors will try to be active in pilot season. If anyone actually lands a pilot, it'll be the worst actor among them. But hey, bye bye Ben! His show (CW, of course) will be quickly cancelled. TWO: One or two actors will get poached by another soap. Perhaps one vet, like Galen, and then another who will return to a role they had previously. (I'm thinking Lindsay Godfrey going back to B&B even though her character there is dead.) THREE: I think most of the vets care more about working than salary. Not that they don't want to be paid. They do but as long as they can live on the salary DOOL will pay, they'll work. I also think there will be fewer contracts. FINALLY: I think this is all being done for a potential move to Peacock, NBC's streaming service. I don't know if it'll happen next year but Corday might be trying to get his ducks in a row to make the switch easier.
  14. In a jail world. That I found believable. I don't think they'd care about prisoners in jail.
  15. I did too. I did roll my eyes when someone said they thought he played hockey after he said he did figure skating. Have they not ever heard of The Cutting Edge? Sheesh. Oh smaller moment I forgot to mention, I adored how Buck kept slipping.
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