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  1. Irlandesa

    NFL Thread

    Three teams from one division still can make it. It has happened seven times since 2006.
  2. Even in the most merit-based of situations, unless a person has the money/power to fund their own opportunities, an opportunity needs to be given to show off those skills. And the world very definitely is biased in who gets those opportunities. It's about class, race, who you know, wealth, gender, where you were able to go to school...etc. I'd posit that this whole film is about the family using those skills to lift themselves out of poverty through opportunity and creating more opportunities for themselves the only way they see possible. I get that it isn't the way we'd like to see it happen in an ideal world but even the least underhanded position the family got, that of Ki-woo becoming a tutor, highlights just what they're up against. Ki-woo only gets that opportunity because his friend (it's so often about having the right connections) presents this opportunity to Ki-woo. The only reason he's offering it to Ki-woo is because he wants to date the Park daughter he's tutoring and doesn't trust his university friends not to put the moves on her. He doesn't think Ki-woo is a threat on that front. But even with the skills and even with his friend's recommendation, Ki-woo still needed to doctor up credentials/pose as a university student. They know that even if he had perfect English and the recommendation of their current tutor, a poor kid from the city wouldn't cut it for the Parks. The way they infiltrate the Park household gets darker and darker but once there, they do have the skills to be successful. This movie isn't about people with money being bad vs. people without money being good. If that's the message people want to see, they can see the also very entertaining Knives Out. This movie is a commentary on class and social status in general and what it does to people. The poor have a scarcity mindset. The rich become oblivious to the struggles of those who have less. It's kind of ugly all around. There's a reason why the images we saw of Ki-woo's final plan to work hard, earn money and buy the house were shown to be a fantasy. I believe it because the homeless man didn't kill the rich businessman. He killed the poor girl committing fraud and was then killed himself. The police are putting all their energy into trying to find Mr. Kim who killed the rich man. BTW, earlier in the thread we were discussing how we'd react if we were Mr. Park and our son had passed out--I think he loses a little sympathy because, in all the chaos and alleged worry, he was still able to turn up his nose at Geun-sae's smell. That's what finally pushed Mr. Kim over the edge.
  3. He has been there as long as I can remember. And this isn't the first show on which he has consulted. I believe he was a consultant for The Closer/Major Crimes as well.
  4. Larry getting caught in a weird position with the sex doll could be seen coming from the minute the sex doll was introduced. It doesn't matter, though, the visual still cracked me up. I liked how they used the professional crier. It was all deceit and ridiculousness until they actually needed her professional services. I do think Larry's urinal plan is going to be what backfires on him somehow.
  5. Daytime Royalty has a thread that keeps comings and goings updated and I think they're pretty accurate. Kate Mansi is listed as leaving in June. But Chad/Billy is still listed as on contract with no departure date listed so I'm not sure where that's coming from.
  6. They killed Nick off because they were done with the character. There's no reason why the show would hire an early 20's nobody (I love him but he didn't really become a hot commodity until he played *le sigh* Alan-Michael Spaulding on GL) to replace a pushing-40s actor/character who they were more or less done with. They weren't trying to find a role for the actor; they were trying to find an actor for the role. Rick Hearst or not, a 20-something Scottie Banning was coming. This story is a big reason I'm not watching (plus not much Jack and Jennifer). And I will give Ron some slack in that some things are out of his hands when it comes to casting and story interference but this right there feels like he's going for big soapy moments but forgets why the originals were so iconic. Yes, seeing a woman surprise in a drop dead sexy dress could be gasp inducing but usually the moment made sense. This comes off as Lani caring more about making a big statement in front of Gabi than Eli's happiness or Julie's health.
  7. I enjoyed it for the most part. Good chemistry. Good angst. But it pissed me off in the end.
  8. Thank you! I guess I know what I'm watching today since it's On Demand.
  9. What was it called? I would have recorded it had I known.
  10. Ha. And for me, I saw him and said "that would be me" on the couch. I don't think I would personally describe him as a pill. He seemed more awkward than anything. I never got the sense that he wasn't paying attention or disengaged. But it definitely felt like he loosened up a bit in the second half. Maybe the alcohol kicked in? I did love the red chair's story; although it made me also doubt it was real.
  11. Quite a few networks are doing things like this for shows. Those six minutes will likely include commercials so it's probably one of the promos that are already out there online.
  12. Same here. I mean I'm happy, for her, that she broke it off but by episode four, she had turned into my favorite character so I don't want her gone. So not so happy for me. And Max might be doing his "duty" but he had been called out for his shitty behavior by both his sister and his fiancee after he had become obsessed with a woman he didn't even know. He can't plead ignorance and he's absolutely responsible for being an ass. But I might be overly passionate about it because the mysteries are pretty predictable and the apparent love story is just so fantasy driven. It doesn't make for an interesting story even if I did like the actress on Underground.
  13. Irlandesa


    In good news, the 7th season is now official. Bad news, it's going to be the show's last. This show is my comfort food. I wanted it to go on forever. But only two more seasons to go.
  14. Given when their last day airs, I wonder if this is some kind of cost cutting measure as they head into the new season. It's ridiculous and makes me sad even if I was more of a Will fan than Sonny.
  15. Oh NBC always fiddling to make their cops "sexy." It reminds me of Life, a cop show starring a pre-Homeland Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi. In the first season, she didn't wear a ton of makeup, wore job appropriate clothing (even flats, I think) and her hair was often up. Second season? They amped up her sexiness. I agree. Although I never got the hoopla that when a woman takes down five bad guys in a fight, people rush to point out how unrealistic that is but if the male star of one of these action shows does it, it's seen as cool and "badass." It's all unrealistic so I just like to have fun with the fantasy. I do also wish more writers would realize that a feminist character on a show doesn't necessarily mean they have to be the strongest or smartest character ever; they just have to be fully formed with an independent agency of their own. On the other hand, I also wish we could give more credit to the shows that are feminist in this way (the characters have agency and agenda of their own) even when they aren't making the smartest girl power decisions.
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