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  1. Irlandesa

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Ah. The triangle I wanted instead of the immigration story. A triangle they could have been building up during the fake marriage but really haven't. They immediately pivoted back to JJ and Haley. At least we'll get to see who has the most chemistry and could end up together---but oh wait. Tripp is already gone so no. Considering he's asking for a divorce in the promo, I'm guessing not.
  2. Ron likes assaulting Brady. Leo did as well.
  3. Irlandesa

    Cats (2019)

    My favorite reactions are the ones that invoke this guy. I had zero interest in Cats but oof the look of those cats is a choice.
  4. Irlandesa

    Match Game

    I think it's because Skin doesn't have much meaning. Since they were looking for a movie title, something with a little more punch was required. Free and clear was the only answer I could think of. She didn't give great answers in general but I did love how she called out the panel for letting her down with "dog."
  5. Right? Show, if you feel like you need to have Jennifer, who has been on like two or three dates with Shah, use his honorific just so the audience knows who she's talking to, it might be worth just casting some other rando. At this point, I fully expect Shah to become a serial killer when he's dumped by Jennifer again.
  6. I think it's the context of everything. Kate left when she was in her late 20s. If an actress wants to leave soaps and try to hit prime time/movies, she better do it around this time or sooner. Alison left when she was 37 which is basically pretty old to attempt to make that leap to prime time or movies which is why it didn't really feel like that was her goal. (Not that she would have turned down an opportunity). So she did some directing. And kept hosting Biggest Loser for a while. And spent time with her family. And did some Hallmark. And visited DOOL every now and again. But Alison's role with Hallmark isn't just a movie here and a movie there. It's a pretty steady relationship and she often produces the movies she's in. So it feels like Alison is just kind of writing her post-soap career. Kate is not. Or at least not yet anyway.
  7. Irlandesa

    A.P. Bio

    I might have to check out the second season. I wanted to love the first but I kind of drifted away after a few eps. But if the 2nd season is good and continues, I might come back.
  8. Irlandesa

    House Hunters International

    It was pretty obvious which one they picked because it looked like an actual apartment, ugly furniture and all. Now that they start using air bnbs as decoys, I can usually tell which places are decorated for renting. Amore.
  9. Irlandesa

    Worst Bakers in America

    Yeah. That's what I found so funny. In "Best Bakers," the more serious show, it felt like producers were forcing him to throw a few of his sayings in there. But in this sillier show, I think he only had one "saying" throughout the whole episode.
  10. Irlandesa


    1. Yes. I will edit in some way where this exchange still makes sense but gets rid of the error. 2. Yes she does and she was nominated for a guest appearance in a comedy for Fleabag but she got the supporting actress in a drama nomination for Killing Eve.
  11. Irlandesa


    Yep. She'll be up against Olivia Colman (Fleabag), Sarah Goldberg (Barry), Alex Bornstein and Marin Hinkle (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Kate McKinnon (SNL) and Anna Chlumsky (Veep). Some articles are putting actresses in wrong categories. I was reading them as the nominees came out and I found a lot of mistakes. For instance, in one article, I saw Fiona Shaw was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for Fleabag when it was clearly for Killing Eve.
  12. Irlandesa

    Grand Hotel

    Depends on ABC and if they decide it's worth bringing back for another season but no, I don't think it was conceived as a limited run series. I fully expect we'll get some cliffhangers at the end of the first season.
  13. Irlandesa

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    She asked for two sums. The nanny amount was about $70K. The "other stuff" was 160K and she didn't refer to that as severance. The 70K amount would seem to indicate back pay except that would be a lot of back pay and it's weird to refer to that as severance, in my opinion. When I think of severance, I always think in terms of a settlement/thank you for your service thing in addition to what was already paid.
  14. Irlandesa

    Another World

    Oops. I knew that from when I read it this afternoon but forgot by the time I came here to reply. Yeah, I forget why Tom left for that short while--if his contract came to a stalemate or if he just wanted some time off.
  15. Irlandesa

    Another World

    He was fired. They brought some AW characters over to try and lure some AW viewers since they were both P&G soaps and aired at the same time in many parts of the country. Since Jake was one of the most popular AW stars, I think he was given the contract and integrated into the canvas the most as opposed to the short recurring appearances by others. IIRC, Jensen didn't want to come which is why Vicky was killed. As Tom's 3 year contract came to an end, ATWT decided they were done with the AW characters. Instead of writing a nice ending for Jake, one in which he and Molly end up splitting (and....oh....I don't know, reuniting him with a now single-in-my-head Paulina?) they killed him off.