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  1. Are they even doing fall movies this year? I do think it's interesting that Hallmark Movies and Mysteries are doing new movies in September/October but they look like more romantic drama type movies instead of mysteries. I thought those movies were supposed to go on Hallmark Drama. So is this a sign that Hallmark Drama isn't doing so well? Or is it a sign that the mysteries aren't?
  2. TMZ is really sticking with their "past tweets" angle. I think they're looking for some stability. They'll re-evaluate ratings...etc. and then decide if the permanent host will be one of those two or if they'll have someone else do a long term guest host. Mayim likely won't know the fate of her show until May of next year. It looks like season 2 premieres midseason.
  3. It wasn't brought up because they didn't know about them at the time, IIRC. It has been a long time since I've cringed as hard as I cringed when Ivan tried to make out with Kendall when she was crying over Joe being with Serena. Joe's an online fan favorite. He has a real job. He's using his influence to spread good information. He's good looking. But he was an earlyish boot during Clayshia's season and I don't think he got a ton of screen time so regular viewers might not remember him as well as online people do. That's probably why he wasn't early on the beach.
  4. I had such a crush on Norm MacDonald. My crushes on guys like him and Ryan Stiles made me realize it's not abs or a good smile that I find attractive but laughter.
  5. And remember, Abbott didn't get ousted because he refused to include a same sex relationship in his movies. It was all over a commercial! There was a commercial that aired during one of the movies that featured a same sex couple. Some viewers threw a fit that it ruined their "family viewing" to see a same sex couple in any capacity during the two hour movie airing and Abbott pulled it. The backlash to his pulling that commercial was what did him in. He could pretend that not acknowledging gay people in any capacity was just the luck of the draw in his movies but he (or Hallmark) couldn't
  6. Ha. This was my least favorite episode so far but I still did enjoy quite a bit of it. I laughed when Oliver gave Charles a sincere speech why Charles might be upset but then said he needed to get a better recording of that and Charles shot back "you fucker." The horticulturist podcasters who gave Oliver and Charles a ride were great as well.
  7. Ha. Aaron Rodgers "easy-going manner" is an aura he works hard to cultivate.
  8. I thought the story was supposed to be "never been done before" but it's literally a rehash?
  9. I think it's just the opposite. It appears to me that they thought HB was blowing smoke with her demands not entirely expecting her to actually "leave it" when they threw it back on her. Of all of Hallmark actresses, she's one of the few in the best position to walk away. It'd cause a lather because of what a benign term like "family friendly" is really trying to say.
  10. It's not just code for not doing same sex relationships. Based on what Hallmark became under his watch, it's code for pretending gay people don't even exist. It's code for people of color mostly existing to be background players except for one or two movies a year out of 40. It's wrapped in some sort of innocuous "Family friendly" tag as if gay people and people of color don't have families.
  11. Thanks. I could have sworn they referenced him as an 18 year old this season but I may have misheard.
  12. I've heard way too many stories of couples marrying before the guy is sent off to war even though they barely dated. I know that neither of them is going off to war but given that Dee's pregnant, I could see them deciding that time is the essence and to jump in with both feet. Rita was okay with him going all the way for the pictures. It was only when he said that he didn't think he'd be able to get her to go all the way so quickly that Rita said that he didn't need to go all the way. All he had to do is make it look like they were going all the way. Of course, it turns out she
  13. While it's true a lot of protections didn't exist when this was taking place, what happened to Dee wouldn't even be considered wrongful termination in today's day and age--or at least not in the legal sense. Dee wasn't fired because she's a woman, or because of her race, or because she's pregnant, or because she's over 40 or because of her religion. Those would be protected under the law; although the diner might be too small and even be exempt from many of those protections. She was fired because her jerk of a boss believed an anonymous customer over his long term waitress. That mi
  14. He's 18 in this season. I think he was 15-16 in the first season.
  15. @magemaud is right that they're trying on sample dresses and then they'll order the dress from the manufacturer/manufacturer's factory. If they need something they can get quickly, take home or need a discount, they can buy leftovers or even the samples if the store is willing to sell them (like if the design is close to being last season.) A lot of the brides who say they have an "unlimited budget" really don't. They just have enough to cover what most wedding dresses would cost.
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