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  1. Irlandesa

    The Mean Mean Mean! Kristen Blake DiMera Thread

    FWIW, I rooted for them. I love a good marriage of convenience/friendship story which Tony/Kristen kind of were. And both actors were appealing to me. So I'm a 'people' who rooted for them but I might have been a 'people' of one. I love the trope but I don't think DOOL was ever trying to take them seriously.
  2. Irlandesa

    Brooklyn Nine Neyo Game Night

    I don't think the celebrity can pass. It's the contestant who can. They needed to be more quick to do so.
  3. Irlandesa

    S02.E09: Episode 9

    That might be because Payne Lindsey is annoying as hell, IMO.
  4. Irlandesa

    Grand Hotel

    I agree. I don't mind topical stories. A lot of shows I watch lately have been doing stories on undocumented characters. My problem with so many of the stories is that the shows clearly want to tell this topical story but they're doing it the way shows in the 80s used to gay characters. In other words, the characters are there but not really fully developed. They're more of a representation of an idea than someone I really care about or am convinced matters to most of the show. Marisa seemed to exist to introduce Yoli's pansexuality. We still don't know much about her as a person. Now we know she's undocumented but again, that's more of a label that's attributed to her than really telling us much about who she is at her core. As a result, I can't fathom caring what happens to her. And that's the problem with so many of these stories that are being told on TV right now. They're not really investing in the character they're using for these stories. Superstore is the exception. The undocumented character on that show can certainly be annoying but he's a main character. We've known him for four seasons, have known about his status for over two of those seasons. And we care about his relationships with other characters so when they upped the ante on that story this season, it had an impact because the character actually mattered and was more than just the "undocumented character." But Marisa? Pfft. I cared more about Danny's ex than I care about Marisa. At least Danny's ex surprised me with how she wasn't bringing the crazy like I feared she might.
  5. Irlandesa

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Wasn't the sample she tried on directly from the runway show? Maybe that's why it was so small--it was sized for a smaller model.
  6. What was it Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman "sometimes the bad stuff is easier to believe?" Well that's where I am. After 30 years of this ish, it's still easier for me to believe the lie than it was all a lie. For what it's worth, I don't think the person who originally tweeted that was trying to stir up trouble. They had someone tell them that Matt's contract hadn't been renewed. That's when the "troll" comes in and starts tweeting that it's a fact and Matt's gone. (I think it's the same tweeter who also started definitively posting that Jack was going to be Gabi's next love interest after Brandon/Stefan exits.) But that tweeter likes to post as if they know something but there's been no indication that they actually do. They just post decisively, and since it gets so hard to track "insiders" it might seem legit. Others pointed out, though, that there was a recent fan event Matt was at and apparently he mentioned filming some big scenes the previous week. So he's still there and taping. I believe the original source took that as evidence that they might have been misinformed. Time will tell.
  7. Irlandesa

    GBBO In The Media

    I'm confused too. Are they finally going to show the first seasons?
  8. Irlandesa

    S02.E10: In My Heels

    I forgot to respond to this but he did it because he could. While it'd be great if people who were bullied or marginalized would stand up for others in their shoes, so often the opposite happens. They lash out at others to give themselves a feeling of superiority or power they're denied in other areas of their lives. He had this "secret" and he felt like it gave him power over Angel. He's the classic gossip that will use information that is none of their business as a way to get people to flock to him when they might not otherwise. And he's a total asshole for it. I agree that Blanca looked amazing at the ball.
  9. Irlandesa

    S02.E10: In My Heels

    I'm dedicated to singledom but if a man like Lil Papi came into my world, I'd reconsider. He was a rock star this season and I didn't realize how much I was rooting for the two of them as a couple until this episode. Every scene they had made me so happy that I was worried the show was going to ruin it. It almost makes me nervous about the renewal because I fear what awaits them. I loved that they gave Patti Lupone one more fun scene this season. I was cheering the words as much as I was cheering that she was behind bars. If they had given Pray Tell and Ricky more scenes like this before they slept together, it might not have come off as so jarring but I thought they were well done in how he essentially reflected Pray's wisdom back on him. The episode was long but it was so feel good and I love having that feeling.
  10. "DOOL will be cancelled" has become the next "Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are getting a divorce." I've been hearing it for years and while one day it might true (probably true in the case of DOOL), I'm not putting money down at the track that anyone can really know or predict. That's what's even more frustrating. The show wasted about 7 or 8 months with this Eve story. That's the kind of story you throw in when you want to draw out a story because they haven't really gotten into the meat of it or what people who want Jack back expected to see (i.e. J&J.) At this point, if he's really gone, they may as well keep him with amnesia. It'd prevent another death/back-from-dead story when the show finally wraps for good. It'd explain why he's not with Jennifer. But it'll rush through him regaining his memory/reunion and then either kill him again or come up with another ridiculous excuse like taking over for wherever Steve was.
  11. Irlandesa

    S02.E08: Episode 8

    One choice I found interesting about this episode is that Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra were singing Candyman and The Houston serial killer they interviewed earlier in the season went by the nickname The Candyman.
  12. If that's true, I'm free again. But once Steve came back, I feel I could have predicted this. It's like they can never be on the show at the same time.
  13. Irlandesa


    Ah, I ended up watching On Demand and suffered through the ads while I ate breakfast. For those who would like not to bother with the site or On Demand, here's a recap. After the reveal that the baby was a boy, Dylan met up with Julian. Julian realized that someone from the CIA had approached Dylan and realized it was his father. Julian said Mya believes the CIA might be compromised. Dylan said that he trusted Julian and told him about the baby. They go upstairs to say hello to Mya who is dead on the floor. Dylan calls his British contacts to report an asset of theirs is dead only to find out Mya was just supposed to be there on a fact finding mission and not to the extent she was telling Julian. Julian mentioned he got a text from her that said MB. He thought those were just her initials letting him know she was there but maybe it was a bigger message. Dylan wondered if it might mean mini-bar. They found a tablet in the mini-bar, decoded it and saw a video of Pasternack who is supposed to be dead. I just started watching this season so I don't know who he is other than a traitor Dylan apparently shot.
  14. Irlandesa


    Could someone summarize the last 10? I can try to watch On Demand but that means tons of commercials.
  15. Irlandesa

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I don't have a problem with destination weddings. I think people should get married wherever they want to get married. Sometimes that means it's more of an elopement. Sometimes it means that people you might want at your wedding can't make it. But that wasn't the problem with the Tuscany bride, IMO. She was off putting on the show for the same reason the Facebook posts were off putting. There seems to be a complete lack of awareness and the martyr mantra doesn't play well. The bride, her mother and her step mother all went to NY to participate in this reality show. I would have no problem if she pointed out how things were different than how they were portrayed on the show but claiming victimization when it was her mother and stepmother who were joking about crashing the wedding and lamenting about how they weren't able to go is ridiculous. That's on them. Plus, there was even a shot from the wedding where she told her mother she hoped she wasn't there. Fairness has nothing to do with anything. Being fair as a bride is inviting who you want to invite. If it's cost prohibitive for some of the guests and not others, that doesn't make the wedding more or less fair; it just makes it cost prohibitive for some and not for others.