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  1. Netflix kicked off its holiday movie season today with The Holidate and it's perfect if you want a romcom with a little bit of sex and language thrown in. I definitely appreciated it compared to some of the more sanitized cable movies. I do wish the two leads had a little bit more natural chemistry but overall they were fun together. Kristen Chenoweth was probably my favorite part of the movie. And I was aghast at the crowd scenes. So many crowd scenes.
  2. There were some moments I loved from tonight and they were surprisingly both from Dre. First was his frustration over not getting the brand of cookies he wanted from the grocery store pickup or delivery. I've appreciated being able to get groceries picked up but there have definitely been times where I've been surprised by what they chose to substitute with--notably once I got salmon instead of a white fish. Not a substitution I'd make but okay....luckily I do like salmon. The other moment was more of a nostalgic moment when he talked about his "proprietary" time schedule with the kids starting work at 1:45 like when TBS used to start their shows at five after the hour. I guess I never realized that it went away or when it went away but I definitely remember when it existed. It used to screw up my recordings if I was recording something on TBS and then wanted to record something an hour later. I had to either cut off the ending of one show or start the other show late.
  3. Not wanting to be "stuck" raising him and not being ready to be a mom or wanting what's best for him aren't mutually exclusive reasons. They can all be true. In fact, the mom not wanting to be "stuck" raising a kid so therefore she decides to give him up for adoption only reinforces her previously stated reasons, IMO. Not wanting to be "stuck" with a kid proves a) she's not ready to be a mom and b) Henry would be better off with someone who didn't feel that way about him
  4. It's when I watch TV. Or sometimes put on my pajamas. 2 minutes just brushing would be too boring for me.
  5. I feel lately they've moved away from the "awful" parent trope. Usually the other parent isn't around---for reasons--but I feel there have been more "he or she is a good person but we just didn't work out and now they're pursuing a GREAT work opportunity in Africa or something" lately. We've even had a few where the other parent is around and is fully supportive of their partner's moving on. I love the reconciliation trope but I can only think of one that did that in the past few years. Usually, if both leads have kids, one of the characters will be divorced while the other will be a widow/widower.
  6. With the holiday movies, I care less about Hallmark. I just record those and I know there will be 4 movies a week, more or less. It doesn't make much difference to me if they swap Christmas Inn Love with Inn to Christmas (not real movies---I don't think). But it helps me know when Ion starts kicking in. And UP. And other channels. Plus, it isn't overrun with Snoopie specials or tree lightings...etc.
  7. Of course Evan ran away to probably do more bad even though, in the battle of psycho killers, I'd take Evan a thousand times over Ben. Maybe we haven't seen enough of him but he seems like a better actor from what we have seen....maybe? Guys, I don't know about you but in the suckage that is 2020, there's nothing I want more than to see women threatened with losing their bodily autonomy via pregnancy. First, we have Allie's pregnancy be the result of her rape. I think she's pointing her finger at the wrong guy but clearly she was assaulted by someone. And now we have Rolfe wanting to implant Stefano's clone in someone. Ugh.
  8. Did you ever think you hit "send" but then realized you hadn't? That's me when I read your post because I thought I had just posted a link that answered your question. It turns out---nope. I hadn't. Thankfully, more sites have gotten into the business of listing these out. @Dani's site lays them out by channel but if you want them by date, US Weekly has a list. The only drawback is that the descriptions aren't attached to the titles--just the cast. So you'll have to do a bit of Googling if you want to know what they're about. But it's helpful for me just to know they're out there. I can rely on my cable box to find out more information. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/a-guide-to-every-holiday-movie-airing-on-tv-in-2020-schedule/november-7/
  9. I think that movie was my favorite of the four Hallmark movies that debuted this weekend (now that I've had time to sit on it) so I kind of have to defend that a little bit. Yes, it could have been a single date and it didn't mean they'd be together forever but she did make a fair point that he had been pretty clear that he didn't feel ready to date. He also hadn't made any effort--that she knew about--to meet her outside of the cookies thing. I thought her palpable disappointment that she liked someone who liked her but clearly didn't like her was very real. And creating distance is actually kind of a smart thing in the immediate aftermath But assuming it was his wife was quite stupid. I've got no excuse for that one.
  10. Yousef lost me (well he lost me weeks ago) in this argument when he started filtering everything through what would be "appropriate" for his daughter. Clare isn't his daughter's mother or even stepmother. She hasn't met her. She is a single woman involved in some apparently consensual nakedness that he was nowhere around. She has no responsibility towards his daughter who he abandoned for weeks (potentially months?)* just so he could get into a testosterone-filled fight for the affections of a woman he clearly did not know. I was disappointed she didn't point that out to him and send him packing. *And normally, I do not care when contestants choose to do this. But you don't get to do this and then weaponize the child you chose to leave behind to make people feel bad for you. This applies from bachelor shows to cooking shows. Miss them? Sure. But don't use them to make me feel sorry for you. Speaking of bad behavior, I want to show that clip of Jay chasing Clare to every man. Yes, she went in for a kiss. But for whatever reason, whether it's her perception that he pulled back or whether she suddenly realized he wasn't Dale, she changed her mind. That "it's fine, it's fine" while trying to run away is probably the one time I really identified with Clare. That feeling of trying to get away from a guy who clearly gets the message that I'm not interested in getting close to him---and yet him clearly not caring as he continues to approach felt all too real. Forget whatever came before. Once you get the message, back the fuck off. She wasn't just sad. Or mad. Regardless of whether or not he meant her ill intent (and I don't think he did), she was terrified. Right. But I don't feel bad for the producers. I don't know much about Clare but it sounds like this is her MO. And yet, I have to wonder about the producers. Her absolutely shutting down to anything about the process to the point of cancelling dates and not giving out a rose on a group date is just incredible to me.
  11. Oh look. Marlena has a new killer pet project. (Although I do like Evan better than Ben.)
  12. I even get emotionally involved in recipes. Why try to make it if nothing about it inspires me? As for today's show? I got nothing.
  13. She wore a mask in the promos. I actually wonder if it's due to her accent. I watch a lot of British TV but I still find myself having to pay close attention to understand her and masks can muddle the speech even more. Speaking of Adele, was it just me or did she look a bit like Sarah Paulson when she was all ghosted up in the Chad skit?
  14. I didn't have much time to watch many holiday movies tonight so of those on my DVR, I selected Deliver For Christmas and I really liked it. It's another interracial romance. I liked the more rugged, with a touch of gray, Eion Bailey as the male lead. I find him sexier than most of the leads of these movies. And I'm also a sucker for the You've Got Mailness/Shop Around The Cornerness of the plot.
  15. If you can get the first three (or is it five) items, there's really almost no reason not to go for it. Apparently getting those first items is hard. But Leslie almost crying during that last item is so typical of her and how she really wants them to win.
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