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  1. True. But "Susan" can elect to disappear once Brady confronts her if she wants to stay out of jail yet still stick around as "Kate" without Brady knowing.
  2. I was distracted but didn't Brady tell Susan to stay in jail? That makes me nervous, especially since Kristen can go as "Kate" and not Susan.
  3. I hate how much I loved the Stan/Dunn/Sami and Lucas scenes considering how dumb the brain tumor story is. But I did. Lucas acting like he was reading off of a script was gold. Now that Chloe has remembered Stan, does she know he was Sami?
  4. Speaking of Barrowman, intent might matter in the long run of whether or not redemption is possible. Actors are often asked to do full nudity or partial nudity. For theater, they sometimes are fully naked on stage. In filming, the things that cover their bits are teeny tiny. Some actors never quite get comfortable with showing that much of their bodies but there are plenty of actors who do. And when you're used to being naked around other people, I think it'd be pretty easy for personal boundaries to get loosened and lead to some poor decision making. If he threw out his penis as a j
  5. Yeah. That's the duo I thought of. It just feels like there have been a lot of drunken hookups lately.
  6. I think this episode is a reason why I don't want Christy back. This was a wonderful episode to wrap Marjorie's story on a happy note with her son being the one to nominate her. It was an excellent and satisfying conclusion to her story which often focused on how her alcoholism cost her a relationship with her son. And Jill's story is starting to wrap up with the one thing she really wanted which was a child. We're getting a vision of their future. The finale is only a half an hour. Unless Bonnie's wrap up is Christy related, I don't think there's going to be much room for her with t
  7. Oh and Kristen having to keep changing masks depending on who she needs to impersonate. That would be a hilarious way to wrap this stupid story. When's the last time someone had sex on this show without being drunk first?
  8. If it's anything like in previous seasons, you won't find out who is coming back until the next broadcast TV episode. They leave it as a Last Chance Kitchen cliffhanger. But who knows, maybe this time will be different?
  9. The acting awards are some of the most popular awards. I don't see them going gender neutral unless there's a way to keep at least four awards.
  10. I knew they'd pick #3 when I saw it. It was in budget. Had a gorgeous view. And it had all of the bedrooms she wanted, I think. He was annoying with his "beach beach beach" focus but her "we must have a fourth bedroom" grew to be annoying as well. Does their family come to visit them every country they live in? It's not like Crete is hurting for hotel rooms and if budget is an issue, people are usually willing to sleep in the living room if they're saving money.
  11. Allie lit up her scenes with Chanel today. Thousands of college kids seem to manage it every year.
  12. I am pretty sure it is old. I never trust Yahoo because it usually curates news from other sources and I'm pretty sure it's done automatically (i.e. without a human). Because of that, things end up getting pulled into Yahoo that were retracted from their original source or are even old. There's nothing on Dale's Instgram about him and Clare (and I hate that I went there but I wanted to double check my gut about that article). And the wording in the article is the wording that was used in their first break up. I'm not saying they won't break up; all I'm saying is that Yahoo p
  13. It looks like DOOL is back in production. No word as to whether or not it has been renewed but it's probably the case in some form. https://www.soapsindepth.com/posts/days-of-our-lives/days-is-back-in-production-so-has-the-soap-been-renewed
  14. If he retired this season, he'd have to pay back about $30 million of his signing bonus. Tony Romo makes 17 million dollars a year. Aikman only makes 7.5. ESPN is apparently in the market for a QB color commentator if that's the route Rodgers wanted to go. I do not think it is.
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