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  1. I think there might be a little truth in both. It's not that I think Sara necessarily got turned on by Libby and Goo Goo (Ga Ga? their sexcapades put a whole new shade on his nickname now) but if she's a virgin, it might have made her curious what would drive people to copulate in an alley. I don't think she's uninformed about sex but it might have been the first time she witnessed it. And then there was John who both cares about her and was caring for her. Why let crisp, clean sheets go to waste? If she's a virgin, which I can believe she is, I could see her being curious and figuring John was as good as anyone else to have that experience with. Overall, I don't think she was overcome with uncontrollable passion as the actual act, as filmed, was quite deliberate and tender. I don't think Sara gives a hoot about standards. But I do think Violet was trying to "trap" John. An honorable man would marry her after taking her virginity even if she isn't pregnant.
  2. And if I remember correctly, the decision to double up for the whole season came close to the beginning of the season...so kind of last minute. The NBA decision wasn't finalized until the end of June.
  3. I stumbled on the apparent reason elsewhere. It sounds like the NBA tournament will start mid-August and TNT carries some of these games.
  4. And my (probably*) UO is that for a long time, Harold Dieterle was my favorite reality show winner. It felt earned and satisfying which was very unusual, IMO, back when his season of Top Chef aired. *I say probably because Top Chef didn't became big until later seasons--ironically probably because of the shitshow that was season 2--the quality of the competition changed and therefore it's not talked about much even when LeAnne comes back.
  5. I had most of the torture scenes on mute. I bet Ben and Eve would be hot together. I did feel bad for the Ben actor as I'd bet all that moisture or was or whatever he had to wear to stay shiny must have made him cold in that studio. I think people's reactions to Sami's conversation with Rafe to be overblown. It's so minor that only Allie truly has the right to have feelings about it all. It's even more ridiculous that Will knowing about it is being set up as some kind of major coverup. If Sonny gets mad at him about this, I want Will to divorce his ass. Speaking of Sonny, my hearing must be bad because I swear he said "I know you're Sami and Brady's son..." I know he said Sami Brady's son but I was wondering what kind of messed up parentage swapped happened in the years I didn't watch.
  6. Oh weird. I looked on my DVR and they didn't have a new UP Movie listed so I didn't record. Strange.
  7. Being a professional actor is a huge risk, period. That's what they've signed up for. The nature of being on a contract makes it difficult to get another gig while they're still under contract to the show they're on. That's why actors will leave soaps to try to jump into primetime or leave their primetime shows if they want to do movies more than just during their hiatus. It's not impossible and sometimes bosses are nice and will let their actors audition with a promise to release them for their contracts if they get other work but most will only allow that if they could go either way on the actor/character (unless the actor managed to get it written into their contract). It's not like regular jobs where having another job is an advantage in the job market. In fact, having a soap job might be seen as a disadvantage. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up coming back but she's young. I do think it's smart for her to explore.
  8. I thought it might be a dream too until she started walking towards John and then I realized it was just a stylistic choice. It is really hard to get a read on Sara when it comes to John. Is she interested? Is she not? Or is she just extraordinarily shut down to the possibility because either she doesn't trust him or she doesn't trust marriage? I will say that the look in her eyes and on her face before she approached him was the most unguarded we've seen her around him and in that moment, at least, I can believe he was the only thing in the world to her. So either it was a fleeting moment or her resistance is strong. I hope we get answers in the next episode. I think it'll be tough for John to get out of his marriage to Violet, especially after last week where it looked like he slept with her? Libby makes for a good villain but there would have to be something more to the story, right?
  9. I think it's a mistake. It doesn't specify "Season 2" or "Season 1B which it does for other shows about to air new seasons. A couple of other sites that list Netflix things dropping on Aug. 16th don't have that listed which makes me think it's some kind of data entry error. Someone put in Aug. 16th instead of July 16th (which is when it actually dropped.) To support that theory, if you look back at their "What's coming to Netflix in July" list, they don't have Indian Matchmaking listed on July 16th. I don't necessarily expect to see sexual tension in real life the way I would if I were watching a comedy or drama. I just think he lit up around her.
  10. I didn't like the Kentucky bride's dress much either. I thought when they said they were going to giver her an overskirt, it might have covered up the to-the-crotch slit for the ceremony part but it ended up being a half overskirt (and I LOATHE these--I have never seen one I liked) which made the dress look even weirder. So true. Both about the royalty and about the plastic. So much plastic. I was not surprised to learn she had spent so much time in Los Angeles. I did like her brother's reactions, though. As for Tennessee bride, I do think alternations will make that dress better. I didn't love it but I don't think it was a bad choice. The woman at the end wearing her stepmother's (but really mother's) dress was sweet. The dress was very much of its time and yet somehow perfect. It was my favorite dress of the episode.
  11. I don't think Sonny and Will have felt like predators. They seem excited but I was surprised at how decent Will was about making sure Allie and Rafe knew that a) he would love to adopt Allie's baby but b) he was willing to respect any decision Allie (and Rafe) made. The only fast thing was the weird adoption papers thing. That feels kind of early to draw those up but I've never been involved in adoption so maybe not.
  12. I think her brand was so strong that "I know people who she treated awfully" probably wouldn't cut it. But to be fair, people have been trying to bring attention to the fact that she's an asshole in real life for a while. Rumors have been around for years and I remember there was a Twitter thread (I think it was posted here) earlier this year that was giving away money for charity for every tweet they got about how Ellen treated people like garbage. He got some criticism on social media that it was mean to solicit bad stories about celebs but his point was basically "this is well known so let's compile them in one place." That got a little traction but not a ton. I guess because those stories were mostly about someone who behaved like an asshole as opposed to violent, she was just going to be one of those people who were worse than their public persona but had enough money and power to get away with it. So when the reports came out that WB was going to investigate her show, I knew there had to be something more than her just being mean. That wasn't going to spur an investigation. That's why the news about sexual harassment being prevalent didn't surprise me. What is going to be interesting to see if she's going to be able to throw her staff under the bus successfully the way she's trying to do in her 'apology'.
  13. Just when I was praising the show for how it was being slow and deliberate with Sarah and Xander. Oh they never do doggie style on soaps. He'll probably kiss her back a bit and then they'll end up flipping her around.
  14. Allie's going to give her baby to Eric and Nicole, isn't she? I don't understand the way the inheritance works. I missed the first few minutes but why would Stefan be entitled to half of the house? Wouldn't Stefano's inheritance be equally divided between all of his children? That doesn't necessarily mean Jake's share of the pot would come from Stefan's. Did the show forget Claire was one of the few things that gave Eve some dimension back when she was on her weird vengeance against Jennifer by using a brain-erased Jack?
  15. I don't think they'll out-superior the others. I don't think that's the role Alex is playing. I think she's sort of the bridge between GZ and the others. GZ's role is the ultra fine dining chef--only real ingredients, often an ingredient or two that you wouldn't necessarily have in your pantry...etc. Alex is similar but has a more casual vibe. I don't think she'd ever react to an ingredient like Kool-Whip or canned croissant rolls and be all "heavens to Betsy, what's this?" the way GZ is about some ingredients. Part of it is that wearing a suit is his thing. But he's also probably used to it since chef jackets typically are long-sleeved. Long sleeves protect arms from burns from splatter. I think there's something related to the health code too.
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