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  1. Did we discuss Home For Christmas in this thread? It's a Norwegian series about a nurse who who feels pressured by her family to have a boyfriend so she lies and says she has one and he'll be at Christmas dinner. The next episodes are her trying to find someone she can bring to Christmas dinner. It's a series so I don't know if we would have discussed it here but I do remember talking about it so maybe? Anyway, a second season is coming December 18 so we'll find out (maybe?) who was at the door.
  2. It was renewed for a second season.
  3. There's just something nice and easy about him on screen.
  4. It makes no sense that Jack wasn't with some sort of family outside of Jennifer but alas---budget. I did think it was pretty slick of him to apologize to Julie as if she has a say in the matter. Well played, Jack, well played. Do we think there's anything to what JJ said about Gwen always walking away from him?
  5. I didn't love it when I first saw it. I thought it was okay but nothing rewatchable. Based on how much others love it, I did make a point to watch it again a few years ago. It was better than what I remembered but it's still not one that I feel compelled to rewatch. But I do see the elements that pull people to it even if I am not personally pulled into it.
  6. Autumn and Antonio starred in Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade as the end game couple. In the next Hallmark movie they did with one another (and Ali Liebert too from LATTDP), Antonio Cupo played the "wrong guy" she is engaged to but she ends up falling for his brother played by Shawn Roberts. While I'm sure it was a fun role for Antonio to play, it felt like such a waste of their chemistry. So the "course correction" is that it really does look like they're end game love interests again in A Glenbrooke Christmas coming out in a few weeks.
  7. Possibly. I wasn't sure how accurate that was other than the bottom two.
  8. So it wasn't just me flipping out about that? Good to know I wasn't alone. I mean, it might make me crazy and irrational but at least I wasn't alone. That's all you can ask for in this messed up world. I know they've done a few other non-Hallmark movies together but in non romcom genres. I didn't even recognize him. I had to look up who Alison Sweeney was sharing a movie with. Speaking of OTPs, I would love her to do another movie with Jonathan Scarfe. They were great together in Love On The Air. I watched tonight's "controversial" movie A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado. I kept waiting for the controversial part and about half way through we find out a coworker of the lead female character is gay. That is literally it. One sentence. Oh my. So the story was basic. I'm not going try to pretend otherwise; although it did highlight adoption which was nice. But I ended up enjoying it because I thought the leads were really strong. They were good separately and good together. We also saw one of romance's romancy-ey tropes which we never see on Hallmark: an argument turning into a kiss. It looks like they're both newbies to Hallmark and I hope we see more of them.
  9. I think this is a question about what is legal based on the letter of the law and what is right morally. History is riddled with people/corporations profiting off of unpaid or underpaid labor which might have been considered legal at the time but was clearly not ethical or moral. Technically, the contract Chapelle signed in the beginning didn't give him the ability to earn money from its current streaming. Whether that's because he didn't have the clout then or streaming wasn't a thing, it basically means a corporation is earning money off of something he created, wrote and performed in. A show that almost broke him. Sure that's legal. It's "business." But so is approaching Netflix about removing the old show from their service. They pay him a lot. They value him. He has the clout now to make demands. If I'm Netflix, do I risk my future relationship with him just to run a show that is available elsewhere but that makes him unhappy knowing other streaming services would line up to not only pay him but also not air a previous show? Heck no. I'm not a fan of Chapelle but it sounds like he can't win if the restrictions of his previous contract are just tough luck and using his current popularity to negotiate things he wants is an overreaction.
  10. Yes but I don't think it's "period," It's a modern western. I guess Yellowstone could also be considered a modern western? (I don't watch so maybe it's more soapy than western.) Godless on Netflix was a period western that was a limited series.
  11. But didn't their conversation take place at the protests? It sounded like they were already splittsville by the time that happened.
  12. Did John kill Jan? It certainly looks that way given the Marlena was standing at the end of the episode. But then again, maybe not. If she were, that would've been the great cliffhanger. And I guess I'll post this under spoilers because I think I skimmed spoilers but clearly didn't read past what happened today.
  13. It doesn't sound like Luke broke up with her over their different investment levels based on what Luke was saying. I suspect this is the big mystery this year.
  14. I would have rooted for her too because of the unnecessary backlash she got after she survived last week but then I thought the Twitter hate would have been worse had she won. I was hoping that she'd be spared the grief. I'm sad to hear that she's still getting grief. I'm glad Peter won even though I have yet to see the episode.
  15. I like sugar cookies. I hate icing. So all the flavors sound amazing--except I wouldn't want frosting. Except I might need it with gingerbread which is why gingerbread is not a cookie I'm a huge fan of . Ginger snaps on the other hand....
  16. I find myself on the opposite end of the spectrum. I don't mind that they split the difference. Superstore, for instance, usually has their workers in masks when they're out on the floor. All Rise will have the workers wear them when they're in public spaces. But when they're in one-one-one conversations mask use is less consistent but it allows for facial expressions. I think increased vigilance in public and a more relaxed attitude in real life is pretty realistic even if it's not even close to ideal.
  17. Most of the casting change ups happened earlier in the season movies as well. I didn't make it through 20 minutes of last night's movie. "Woman goes home and sees old boyfriend" is not a plot. I found her new boss/city boyfriend and the conflict there more intriguing. But that's pretty typical for the Monday of Thanksgiving movie week. Tonight's I'm not sure about. But tomorrow we have Alison Sweeney and Marc Blucas--both who do have a history of having chemistry with their co-stars (although Marc is looking a little puffy in the ads I've seen for the movie). Christmas By Starlight with Kimberly Sustad and Paul Greene is on Thursday. Friday's movie is with Bethany Joy Lenz and Victor Webster. They seem like an odd pairing but I normally enjoy them so I'll give it a go. Lacy's Saturday movie is with Will Kemp again and there seems to be a lot of dancing. Usually at least one of the Thanksgiving week movies is a winner for me.
  18. There's Jason! I am bummed we're not getting Gesine and Jason together in a judging round because they're two of my favorite recent Food Network personalities. And look FN, he's perfectly enjoyable when you aren't making him do sayings. Not that I mind sayings but it's clear they want him to lay it on thick sometimes.
  19. I thought his reasoning was sound about her not winning before which I think is the only information he has. I don't think they're usually hearing what the judges think until a winner and loser are announced. What is with Duff's Lorenzo hate? The only thing wrong with my cheesecake is there's too much Lorenzo in my cheesecake? Sorry but WTH?
  20. I would be very surprised if it's not renewed. This has to be rather cheap to make and it performs rather well for ABC. For instance, its last episode was only behind 60 Minutes and The Simpsons in the non-football demo for Sunday night.
  21. I didn't but I was thinking someone in their late 30s/40s/early 50s would be good. They'd be old enough to have developed some gravitas but also young enough that they could go decades if they're successful and become their own institution.
  22. Goodness yes. You want to talk favoritism/negativism? Let's talk about Noel with his creepy/weird weekly comments about Peter's dating life and the way he interjects trying to push Laura out when he doesn't even taste the bakes most of the time!
  23. Hmm. Maybe. But talking about how he can *gasp* see the TV in the background doesn't exactly seem like he was concerned about how Lukas was trapped in his apartment. Whether it was prudent of the actor is definitely up for debate but I also suspect there was potentially more to the story to get him to post that.
  24. She was star baker five weeks ago and she almost won last week so she has done far better than just hanging on.
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