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  1. Off-topic posts that are not directly about Jim and Michelle have been removed. Please only talk about the subjects of the thread.
  2. Moved a few posts about Meghan that were only about her, not about the episodes, to her thread.
  3. Folks, Political discussion is not allowed here, unless directly related to the show, and only to discuss how they discussed it, not to add your own commentary. Social Media is not The Show. Please do not bring their political SM posts into the threads, and do not comment on them here.
  4. The Hanson Brothers are not Duggars, and thus any discuss of them, and any other non-Duggar folks, belongs in Small Talk. All off-topic posts have been removed.
  5. The place to live chat during the episodes! Will lock in between episodes. Please keep all live chat here.
  6. I'm going to set up a Live Chat thread, so let's please note discuss the episode live in here, and save commentary in this thread for after the episode ends. I can't lock this thread due to some forum issues, so we'll leave it open.
  7. Let's remember that the children on this show don't choose to be there, and cut them a break. But more importantly, remember to snark the SHOW, and not each other. There is no need to call each other out. If someone annoys you, or you don't like what they post, Ignore them.
  8. Folks, let's get back to Joe and Kendra please. This vaccines conversation has gone way too far afield.
  9. Folks, Jeanine Pirro was not on the show this week. We are way, way off topic. Please only discuss this week's episodes/guests.
  10. Folks. The ladies on the View are allowed to be snippy with each other, but we do not allow folks to get snippy here. People are allowed to criticize OR praise any of the hosts and guests, as much as they want. Be polite when disagreeing, and don't mock each other. Further snarkiness or criticism directed AT each other will result in warnings. Also, I appreciate educating each other on Ignore Feature, but those posts are off-topic. To learn how to Ignore other users, see our FAQ here: https://forums.primetimer.com/faq/
  11. Folks, this is not the place to go in-depth on discussion of Game Change and its plot, as that necessarily brings up Politics.
  12. Folks, I just moved a large number of posts that had nothing to do with Mariah over to Small Talk. If your post is not primarily about Mariah, you're in the wrong place.
  13. Folks, Religion Discussion belongs in the Religion Topic. There is a big red note pinned right above the posting box that says if your post is not primarily about the Duggars (and in this case, Jinger and Jeremy) it does not belong in this thread. Further off-topic posts will be hidden. Also, as always, political discussion does NOT belong on these forums. Doesn't matter if it's current events or the 1980s - let's move back to Jinger and Jeremy please.
  14. Seeing some broken ads on the site today. This one was on my home page: And this one was here: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/104153-s03e07-moondust/?tab=comments#comment-5758682 Using Safari 13 on my MacBook Air, running Mojave.
  15. Folks - if you have issues with the ads, please go to the Bugs/Questions/Suggestions forum and report in the ads thread or leave a suggestion in another appropriate thread.
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