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  1. I've moved a bunch of posts that are not about the Duggars at all to the Small Talk thread. Further posts that aren't about the Duggars will just be removed.
  2. Welcome to Succession. Your moderator is @Aethera, please contact her with any questions!
  3. Unfortunately, I have still not received any notifications via email, since this fix was put in place.
  4. Moved the giant discussion of Catholicism to the Old Time Religion Thread. The rule of thumb is the same as always: if your post isn't MOSTLY about the subjects of the thread (in this case, the Bates and other Duggar-adjacent folks) then you are way off topic and should not be posting where you're posting. Please take all future religion discussion to the Old Time Religion thread.
  5. A new Season 4 Discussion Thread 🙂
  6. All 2019 posts have been moved into this thread.
  7. On July 20th, my notifications via email totally stopped. This happened once before, when I was using a Yahoo email address, but since I've changed to Gmail, they've worked fine. Both Silver and I have checked my settings and there's no issue there - we were hoping the forum update would fix it, but it doesn't seem to have. I don't really want to have to keep trying new email addresses - I only have gmail and yahoo addresses available at present. So Silver asked me to put a bug in!
  8. All - we've unvaulted the old forum and restored Queer Eye from Single Thread to Full Forum - as part of that, I'm going to see if I can parse out the discussion in this thread over the past 4 months into season by season discussion, and move some posts around. Please continue to discuss Season 4 here though!
  9. I have gotten Janeane Garofalo. There is a sad lack of JG West Wing gifs out there featuring her.
  10. This is the place to discuss the New New Good Eats! https://www.eater.com/2019/6/3/18650542/alton-brown-good-eats-the-return-food-network-august-2019
  11. Aethera

    New Fun Post!

    Posty Mc Post!
  12. Folks, a reminder that we can disagree without criticizing each other or hammering on our own opinions - state your opinion once, and move on. Remember that it's no one's job here to change someone else's mind about their views on the show participants.
  13. If your post is not PRIMARILY about the Duggars, it will be removed. Please stick to the topic or take it to Small Talk, thank you.
  14. As you are all very well aware, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions of both Joy and Lauren. People can criticize or praise whoever they like. What is NOT allowed here is for anyone to criticize the opinions of other posters, whether specifically or in aggregate. Comment on the Duggars, not on each other.
  15. A reminder that the McCain parents are off-limits unless they're specifically mentioned on the show. And let's take Meghan-centric discussion to her thread, please!
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