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  1. Guys, we're generally getting very far away from Mariah, and very close to politics. Let's get back to Mariah, please. And keep our thoughts about current political movements out of the forums.
  2. I had to take a break after this one - oof. They really do a good job on these episodes where they focus on one moment in time that isn't really about the royals, and how they handle it. I then called my dad - "are you watching the Crown?" "yes, but I had to stop tonight after episode 3, it was too much" "me too!" I will say, it feels like Phillip and Tony have done a bit of an about-face in terms of dickishness. They both seems so much more reasonable and human this season. It feels a bit abrupt - not the re-casting, but the way they've changed, when no time has actually passed since the end of Season 2. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer this Philip in particular, but it is a bit jarring how different he is. I think he's been quite right in a lot of things so far this season, like the whole "did I weep" scene. The new actor is doing very well, I'm just not sure I buy the transformation.
  3. I'm a terrible, horrible person who has only seen Labyrinth like twice. It does not form a central core of my childhood, ha. I'll go look at the upcoming games though!
  4. Done. Had to just remove it as the forum vanished.
  5. Donald Trump Jr's appearance on the View is NOT license to discuss at length all of the news/events/etc surrounding his father. And it is not license to bring your own personal political opinions into the discussion. This thread is currently locked due to the number of posts that were completely off the topic of the show and violating our political rules. Obviously, the presence of Donald Trump Jr. is going to mean political issues were discussed. But the rules do not change - as always, posts must be limited to discussing how these things were discussed on the show. We will unlock this thread after everyone has had a chance to review the Politics Policy.
  6. Folks, take talk about Meghan that doesn't have to do with the episodes to her thread, please. And let's move on from McGrath and Gabbard, we're getting too far from the show and into general political discussion, which is not allowed here.
  7. Folks, we're heading too far afield with the Tulsi Gabbard conversation. Please keep it to what was discussed on the show, only.
  8. All, let's remember to stick to what actually happened on The View, not what might happen when someone is on or off on tangents about the Trump and Clinton children. This is a thread for discussion of what happened ON THE SHOW.
  9. Ah yes - the M forums vanished in a recent Forum issue. So the Mentalist vault is no longer available.
  10. Legion discussion continues in the following topic: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/103786-legion/
  11. This topic replaces the old Legion forum which has been vaulted at the location below: https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/2339-legion-v/
  12. Charmed discussion continues in the following topic: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/103784-charmed/
  13. This topic replaces the old Charmed forum which has been vaulted at the location below: https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/879-charmed-v/
  14. Ah, yes, the M-named vaulted forums got eaten by a forum bug. I’m sorry! I’ll edit it when I have a moment.
  15. All - we are getting way too into the weeds on the politics here. Talk about Politics ONLY to discuss how it was discussed on the show. If your personal opinion is clear, if you've moved off of the subject at hand onto related political subjects, or if you are laying out detailed rebuttals to host arguments, you're on the wrong side of the line. Please follow the Politics Policy.
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