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  1. A thread to discuss the newly announced Elliot Stabler project from Dick Wolf!
  2. Folks, Meghan's husband's site was not a topic on the show today, and is thus off topic. Please stick to the show.
  3. Folks, I totally understand the fear, concern, heartbreak, and stress in this current situation, and Small Talk is a good place to have the discussion about it all and offer each other support. I just ask that we please remember the politics policy. Keep politicians out of the discussion, please. And stay safe and healthy.
  4. Folks, other religions and what they may or may not do politically have ZERO relevance in this thread, or anywhere else in this forum. There is also no place here for fear mongering or intolerance. Stick to JOY and AUSTIN.
  5. Folks, let's remember to stick to the episode topic please. Feel free to discuss Covid-19 in its dedicated thread here on the forums, or in Small Talk.
  6. It is against the rules of Primetimer to discuss your own personal political opinions, or any political parties, elections or candidates, except as to how they are discussed on the show. That does not include the social media of show participants. Do not use Jill's social media to start a discussion about how you view voting, or candidates, or how she might have voted. This is out of bounds. Further discussion that violates our Politics Policy will result in warnings.
  7. Folks, remember to disagree respectfully. Sergio's comments and choices may be polarizing, but there is room for many opinions. There is no need for anyone to defend Sergio or any other designer from every negative comment or counteract every positive one. Posts that are rude or disrespectful to other posters are not tolerated here.
  8. Folks, we've gone too far afield on the Warren ancestry discussion - let's move along please. Remember to stick to how political figures were discussed on the show, and don't continue the discussion past that point.
  9. Please remember to treat each other with respect even when you disagree. Even if an opinion is stated as fact, or is strongly worded, remember that it's still an opinion on the internet, and not worth having a fight over. The most important rule here is to Be Civil to your fellow posters.
  10. Ok folks, here's the deal: YES, you are allowed to talk about the kids' looks. We do ask that you don't speculate on the kids' sexual orientations, sexualize them in any way, or play diagnostician, and we may ding stuff that's completely over the top. But it is not against the rules to say mean things about people on reality shows, kids or adults. What IS out of bounds is being critical of other posters, getting into fights with each other, or telling people what they can and can't post. Don't do that. If someone's posts bother you, put them on your Ignore List. If you don't know how, see the Site FAQ.
  11. All, I know it's more tempting to stray into political topics when there are political guests on the show, but it's still against the forums rules to discuss any political topics except to talk about how the hosts talked about them. What this means, to be very, very clear, is that just because the hosts mention Bloomberg, that doesn't give you license to talk about Bloomberg generally, or to give your opinion on him. You can say "I can't believe Whoopi was so positive about Bloomberg" but you canNOT say "I can't believe Whoopi was so positive about Bloomberg, when everyone knows he's a big meanie pants who passed bad laws". That's out of bounds.
  12. This is the first time I've watched this show live in years...really, the first time I've watched ANY primetime TV live in years. But I felt like I had to! I just wanted to say that it's been lovely watching this show with y'all for all these years. I know I don't comment much, but it's been fun watching YOU guys watch it! I do feel like they tried to stuff far too much into these last 2 hours. Ben Savage didn't get enough time, though I maintain he does a KILLER Mandy Patinkin impression. Nice to see Strauss. The flashbacks didn't add as much as I'd hoped, though it was nice to see the crowd at the wedding flashback at the end, including some of the guest stars on the show then. I do always think these sorts of things are weird - like if this were real life, there's no chance Derek would miss a sendoff party for Garcia, but this is TV, and clearly, they didn't want to go there. Maybe they figured having a couple of folks would draw a big circle around the ones they didn't/couldn't have. Sorry they destroyed the plane right when it proved "interesting" for 30 seconds. They could have done a longer thing with that. I think the writing in the finale was better than any other writing this season, which I have felt was pretty bad at points. Although I do feel like it all fell apart at the party at the end, and then in the after-party scenes too. Pretty hokey, and the pacing was weird, especially that ending. It left me sad, but more sad for the show than sad about the actually ending. Oh well. Twas a long, strange trip, and we'll always have the re-runs!
  13. Folks - every post where people posted their personal political opinions has been removed. As has been stated here many times - do not use discussion on the show as a jumping off point to political discussion here on the forums. Your opinions of political candidates and/or discussions of their viability are not allowed here. Let's stick to the show. Warnings will be issued for continued discussion that violates these rules.
  14. Folks, this is the Meghan Thread, not the Meghan's Husband thread. Ben's wholly-View-unrelated Twitter feed, especially Political posts on that Twitter feed, is out of bounds. Please stick to Meghan herself.
  15. Aethera

    S07.E10: Mercy

    Folks, let's take it down a notch please. Remember to disagree respectfully, and not accuse each other of anything. This is a charged topic, but there's room for respect.
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