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  1. Folks, please take discussion that is not about JD & Abbie to the Small Talk thread. As always, if your post isn't primarily about the Duggars in question, it doesn't belong in the thread.
  2. Folks, discussion of Kanye West running for the US Presidency is off-limits here completely, unless it appears on KUWTK itself. See our Politics Policy. Posts referencing his relationship with the current US President are also out of bounds.
  3. Folks, please remember to stick to the episode, and not get ahead of the show. Not everyone knows what happens next. I've moved spoilery posts to the Fact vs. Fiction Thread.
  4. Jed is running for office. However, until that run is shown on the show itself, discussion of it is out of bounds due to our Politics Policy. Discussion of his opponent, President Trump or any other politics, for purpose of comparison or anything else, is ALSO out of bounds. Further violations of this will receive warnings.
  5. Guys, it's fine to discuss hot button issues, as long as you do not bring politicians into the discussion or otherwise violate the Politics Policy. Violations may result in warnings.
  6. Yes, I’m sorry, a forum issue deleted our M show vaults. Editing it out.
  7. Ah yes a few of our vaulted forums for accidentally nuked during the forum upgrades. I’ll remove the link.
  8. Folks, I'm all for civil discussion of religion, but the key word is Civil. If someone is offended by what you've said, whether you meant to offend or not, the correct thing to do is apologize, and move on from the discussion, not tell them why they shouldn't be offended or double down. If you think someone isn't understanding you and you've tried civilly explaining, becoming uncivil with them does not help - simply move on. Being uncivil breaks our Golden Rule.
  9. Yes we did, sorry about that! You can refollow from the Index. I'll be dropping Season 2 Episode Threads now!
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