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  1. Folks, as is stated in the very short, bright red mod note that has been pinned directly above the reply box for weeks, discussion of Jed's run for office is off topic until it's shown on episodes, when it will then be discussable only in context of what is shown on the show. He is a politician, and thus the Politics Policy applies. Warnings will be issued for violations.
  2. Welcome to the Kardashian's world, we're all just living in it! The following guidelines apply to the Kardashian's forum. Your mods are Aethera and OnceSane - please PM us with any questions. The Politics Policy applies here. Yes, this includes Kanye's potential / actual runs for office. That is only discussable if it appears on the show. Snark the show, not your fellow posters.
  3. Folks, we are wandering a bit from the subject here, which is The Kitchen. Please stick directly to the show in this thread. If you'd like to discuss general topics, our Everything Else forum has lots of threads that might be useful!
  4. A reminder to discuss the show, not each other, and that those on the show are fair game. And finally, remember that the Ignore Feature can help ensure a pleasant site experience. (Click on your name and then Ignored Users to add anyone you like to your list.)
  5. Folks, participants on the show are fair game, and though we should be gentle to minors, discussing Alex's impact on her child's health is ok.
  6. Testing Polls again
  7. Aethera

    Poll Testing!

    I'm testing a poll!
  8. Folks, I've pinned a reminder to this thread, because we keep going over the line on the Politics Policy. Read it, know it, follow it, please. I know things are stressful and upsetting, but we still need to follow the policies of the site. If you have questions about the policy, feel free to PM me. But if you mention a politician (not just national, also state, etc), political party, administration member, political body, etc, your post will be removed and you may be warned.
  9. Folks, please take discussion that is not about JD & Abbie to the Small Talk thread. As always, if your post isn't primarily about the Duggars in question, it doesn't belong in the thread.
  10. Folks, discussion of Kanye West running for the US Presidency is off-limits here completely, unless it appears on KUWTK itself. See our Politics Policy. Posts referencing his relationship with the current US President are also out of bounds.
  11. Folks, please remember to stick to the episode, and not get ahead of the show. Not everyone knows what happens next. I've moved spoilery posts to the Fact vs. Fiction Thread.
  12. Jed is running for office. However, until that run is shown on the show itself, discussion of it is out of bounds due to our Politics Policy. Discussion of his opponent, President Trump or any other politics, for purpose of comparison or anything else, is ALSO out of bounds. Further violations of this will receive warnings.
  13. Guys, it's fine to discuss hot button issues, as long as you do not bring politicians into the discussion or otherwise violate the Politics Policy. Violations may result in warnings.
  14. Yes, I’m sorry, a forum issue deleted our M show vaults. Editing it out.
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