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  1. Yes, I’m sorry, a forum issue deleted our M show vaults. Editing it out.
  2. Ah yes a few of our vaulted forums for accidentally nuked during the forum upgrades. I’ll remove the link.
  3. Folks, I'm all for civil discussion of religion, but the key word is Civil. If someone is offended by what you've said, whether you meant to offend or not, the correct thing to do is apologize, and move on from the discussion, not tell them why they shouldn't be offended or double down. If you think someone isn't understanding you and you've tried civilly explaining, becoming uncivil with them does not help - simply move on. Being uncivil breaks our Golden Rule.
  4. Yes we did, sorry about that! You can refollow from the Index. I'll be dropping Season 2 Episode Threads now!
  5. Folks, I know it's hard, but this thread and other Clone Wars episode threads are a Rebels Spoiler-Free zone. Many people may only start watching Rebels now, and we don't want to ruin anything for others, so let's confine our discussion to the episode itself, and not any other shows.
  6. @Fukui San I think I might go with exactly your list but switch the bottom 2. Malarkey would be a nightmare to deal with, I think.
  7. See? Very interesting, isn't it?
  8. Testing things! Did you know it auto-combines posts?
  9. Folks, sniping at each other is not allowed here. Keep it civil.
  10. Folks let's remember to talk about the episode in the episode topics, and take discussion of our own experiences to Small Talk.
  11. Guys, seriously, this conversation has nothing to do with Jill. Take it to Small Talk, please.
  12. Folks, do not post articles here with explicit detailed references to politicians - it violates the Politics Policy to do so.
  13. Let's get back to actually talking about Joy & Austin, guys.
  14. A thread to discuss the newly announced Elliot Stabler project from Dick Wolf!
  15. Folks, Meghan's husband's site was not a topic on the show today, and is thus off topic. Please stick to the show.
  16. Folks, I totally understand the fear, concern, heartbreak, and stress in this current situation, and Small Talk is a good place to have the discussion about it all and offer each other support. I just ask that we please remember the politics policy. Keep politicians out of the discussion, please. And stay safe and healthy.
  17. Folks, other religions and what they may or may not do politically have ZERO relevance in this thread, or anywhere else in this forum. There is also no place here for fear mongering or intolerance. Stick to JOY and AUSTIN.
  18. Folks, let's remember to stick to the episode topic please. Feel free to discuss Covid-19 in its dedicated thread here on the forums, or in Small Talk.
  19. It is against the rules of Primetimer to discuss your own personal political opinions, or any political parties, elections or candidates, except as to how they are discussed on the show. That does not include the social media of show participants. Do not use Jill's social media to start a discussion about how you view voting, or candidates, or how she might have voted. This is out of bounds. Further discussion that violates our Politics Policy will result in warnings.
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