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  1. Kody brought them out there when he "took care" of the younger kids during the wives' Chicago trip. They had a cook-out.
  2. Well at least we now know the answer to The Mystery of U-Hauls at Plague Flats.
  3. Robyn is full-on babbling in her THs now. I didn't understand much of what she was saying.
  4. I was on pre-evacuation three times during my first year and a half in my house. I never felt the need to freak out this much. I also made an evac list after the first time.
  5. Kinda looking forward to Meri loosing her shit over the evacuation.
  6. Flagstaff has horrible traffic. The main road through the middle of town has lots of stoplights and tourists. Bicycle traffic every where. It isn't so much that the wives were spread so far apart, it just took forever to drive from one house to another.
  7. True. So it's either for one or more of her kids, or just speculation.
  8. I have long suspected they cashed out the equity in the LV homes to pay for the land. Kody was convinced they would get top dollar out of the homes, selling them quickly. They could then pay off the equity loans. But they ended up sitting on the homes for up to a year and did not get their asking price. I seriously doubt they have any savings, so maybe an advance on the season? They may have agreed to the Coyote Pass property story line if they got some money up front. I am curious about where they came up with $222,000 cash as a down payment on Robyn's new home and adjacent property. I also wonder which wife will build on that property, Meri or Janelle.
  9. They paid cash for two lots and mortgaged the other two.
  10. It is the exact same conversation repeated dozens of times. Every freaking detail repeated. Damn.
  11. JFC. Listening to Robyn blubber-cry and Kody manipulate for an hour is soul-breaking.
  12. HA! I knew it. Plaque Flats is a flood plane, hence the retention pond. Permits and insurance will be a nightmare.
  13. I could have stayed in Las Vegas. I would have saved a fortune. not run up all our credit cards.
  14. Producer: When are you going to move to Coyote Pa- Janelle: NEVER! Like, never.
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