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  1. No way did she run 3 miles in what appears to be Broadway Stage-level make-up that never smudged or dripped.
  2. She is deliberately posing her left hand in that pic. Showing off the wedding ring. Spiking interest for a new season? Inviting probing questions from her sycophants? She is exhausting.
  3. What does a 1940's pin up pose have to do with white privilege? Idjet.
  4. 16 basal cell carcinomas, one squamous cell, two malignant melanomas and four MOHS surgeries here. The minute I see something different, I watch it for one month. If it is still there, off to my derm I go. Regardless, I see the doc every six months for a full check. These people are idiots when it comes to medical situations. Even after 11 years in the public eye, getting critiqued for everything they do, they still haven't gotten a clue. Some things you just don't ignore.
  5. Who knows if the show will be renewed. Kody seems to think so. Anyway, this is the place for us to talk about it, for the next year and a half or so.
  6. Maddie knew prior to the birth that Evie had the disease. Why would Maddie then insist on a birthing center two hours away, then used the tub to hold off the birth until Caleb show up? And she gets serious dings from me for not giving birth in the hospital. Idiots.
  7. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Thank cheesus this is the finale.
  8. There are. Lots of them. Meri and Robyn just didn't want them.
  9. So, Kody is saying he regrets marrying Meri and was deceived into marrying her. Damn. Nacho time.
  10. Meri can still have relationships with the kids if she leaves Kodouche.
  11. Whether this is scripted or not, I am enjoying the Kody vs Meri talk.
  12. Pillows. They are talking about pillows.
  13. Ari and Sol are tired of their toys? So mommy runs off to the storage to get them more? Shut up Robyn. Being connected financially has nothing to do with polygamy, idiot.
  14. Those kids are fleeing to the other side of the country.
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