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  1. If TLC hadn't come along, Kody would not have looked for a fourth wife. They would still be living in the Lehi house, most of the kids would have moved out (but I bet more would have stayed in the area) and Kody would still be on the road, escaping three bitter women.
  2. In the plyg town I lived in, most had separate houses. The main family had a U-shaped compound, with the wives living in apartments in the arms of the U (there were up to 20). The patriarch had his apartment at the bottom of the U, along with the large meeting room and HUGE laundry room. After the patriarch passed away, several wives stayed in the apartments but others bought their own homes. When they were all starting out and were dirt poor, the families lived in one or two trailers next to each other. Then they went to the arrangements above. Each wife raised her own kids, but occasionally a wife would take all the kids to do something special. The kids did not call the other wives Mom or even consider them a mom. They were their dad's other wives.
  3. Walmart, Walgreens and Dollar General for single bottles. Amazon for multi-packs. Ebay for vintage tubes and bottles (I bet those would peel paint after all these years).
  4. Robyn has two kids asking where dad is? What a liar. Just go look in the Lazy Boy, you will find him there.
  5. Well, they could recreate the concept on Prairie Dog Flats. Four homes in a circle, with a small shack for Kodouche.They could even build a Meeting House, for holidays, parties and non-existent church services. But of course there needs to be a lot of $$ for all that. And Robyn and Meri would have to give up their mansions.
  6. So 50 year old women are standing in a million dollar home making...vision boards? With pictures of houses and whatnot? Good lord, they are hard up for story lines.
  7. OK. My mind is mush after the 90DF tell-all, so might as well finish it off with The House.
  8. That sound you hear is Kody beating a dead, plague-ridden prairie dog (no dead horse beating here). Janelle must be the renter from hell to get kicked out of yet another home. No way did she move to be closer to Kody's baby mamas. Flagstaff isn't that big.
  9. None of those words should be together in sentences.
  10. The comments on the first pic are funny. Several people chastise Christine for buying water in plastic bottles, but others defend her because of hurricanes. Yeah, Flagstaff is known for enduring repeated hurricanes. 😆😆 Tornadoes have been spotted every once in a while to the southwest, but still not a reason to stockpile water...
  11. Site built homes can cost as little as $100/SF up to $300/SF. Their home will be huge, have multiple sound-proof walls, three levels including a parking garage, and (knowing these selfish cows) high-end appliances and light fixtures. Everything in the house will be rolled into the mortgage. Add in the cost of running all utilities and creating a septic system/leech field that can support that size house. Finally, there is landscaping, driveway and possible fencing. They are definitely looking at $300+ per square foot. I can't remember how big this monstrosity is, so someone else will have to do the math. Janelle left the family before Lehi. Kodouche begged her to come back to them when he found the Lehi house and needed Janelle's money and credit rating for purchase.
  12. Really, being concerned about who Kodouche is with is the least of their problems. Robyn just took a right turn into "leaving the marriage".
  13. Robyn said Sol asked if daddy was moving out. Kinda proves he spends most of his time at Robyn's house.
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