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  1. I think it is just the angle. High up, body mostly out of sight and her face is lifted so it is stretched out and looks thinner.
  2. Galloway Cave


    Yeah. FT was definitely photo-shopped in that pic of him at the festival.
  3. Galloway Cave

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Well, The Flats aren't but I am not sure about the various homes they are living in. The fire is two miles north of town and three of their homes are in town. I'll keep an eye on the news. There is also someone else on here who lives up there, so maybe we will hear from them.
  4. Galloway Cave

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Uh oh. Fire just north of Prairie Dog Plague Flats (located in the flat area at the left side of the main photo in the article). Bet Robyn is have a conniption over it.
  5. I wonder if Gwyn also has some degree of scoliosis and part of that pose is due to automatically falling into her back curve. You know damn well that Christine and The Douche didn't test any of their kids after Ysabel's diagnosis.
  6. As soon as I saw it, I thought the "slim filter has been applied". It's like his right side has been lopped off. Half the family thinks it is a Scottish Festival, the other half are going to a Renaissance Faire.
  7. Why does this article remind me of a certain woke princess?
  8. Galloway Cave

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Just what exactly does Janelle think life is all about? It's like anything above and beyond sitting in a ratty recliner cruising the Interwebz is an effort. All posts are about how she hates living, it is hard to do anything. She is just now finding out about X, Y and Z. She complains about what every other person on earth does, every day, as part of being a human being. And if this is living a good life for her, I wonder what kind of pill she was back before the show.
  9. Galloway Cave

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    Dominique Jackson is from Trinidad, so I think part of her speaking pattern is trying to hide her accent. It just comes off as haughty. But then again, it does fit perfectly with Electra's over-the-top persona. I really hope an apartment make-over is in the future. I would be so depressed living in a place like that.
  10. Good grief. Folks can do yoga for free on YouTube. Why would they pay her online?
  11. Galloway Cave

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    I highly recommend a half or full day float trip in Glen Canyon, up by Page, AZ (I guided on those trips for 8 years). 15 miles of flat water rafting in an amazing canyon. The only way you could pick up a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip in October is to get in on a cancellation for a full oar trip (14 days) or half oar trip (6-8 days). I guided on those trips too, here is a site with all the outfitters; I worked for Wilderness River Adventures. To do the float trip, you can either drive up to Page (about 3 hours from Williams) or book a trip that leaves and goes back to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you chose to go up to Page to do the flat water trip, you can also do lots around that area. Hike Antelope Canyon, or contact Lake Powell Adventure in Page (owned and operated by a fantastic gal I guided with in the Grand Canyon). They conduct bike tours and four-wheel drive tours around the Page area, and kayaking trips on Lake Powell in the side canyons. Around Flagstaff, you can visit the Lava Tubes, head down I-17 a bit to Montezuma Castle, and lots of good food in the downtown area. Up at the South Rim of the Canyon, visit the Kolb Studio. You can hike into the Canyon but wear good hiking shoes and bring water (even in the fall). You can go down half-way to Indian Springs, which is about 4 miles. Just remember you have to hike out! And don't forget you can always visit Prairie Dog Flats and see if our favorite plygs are building their ginormous homage to Kody!
  12. Didn't she used to get up early to run when living at her mom's house in LV? I seem to remember a story line about that. So why is she acting like she has never done it and knows nothing about runner's high?
  13. Galloway Cave


    She says she "decided" she can make more money without a degree. Not "I have a career plan that will take me to retirement and allow me to live comfortably, as well as save for retirement". She just thinks she can make more money this way. She will spend a life time going from job to job, MLM to MLM, and I can guarantee she will always struggle. Maybe one day she will wake up and get a REAL plan of some sort.
  14. Galloway Cave

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I agree. My keloids started in 1999 and docs knew what they were. Granted, I went to a plastic surgeon who told me he could remove them once, then he would have to remove my whole ear to stop them. Hell no. I went to another doc and the first one soon lost his license for malpractice (he was the only one in my town).
  15. Galloway Cave

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    Oof. I had keloids on my ears that were about half the size of Cosplay Girl. And they were only on the back of my ears. Took repeated removal (7 times), about a half dozen steroid injections and radiation to stop them. They were caused by bad piercings (done at a mall store many, many years ago). The earring gun crushed the cartilage, causing the scarring. I have had additional piercings done at a piercing shop and have no problems. Poor Gerald. I was happy to see she found another doctor for him. Previews look promising. It will be a fun season.