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  1. Ooof. Mykelti looks big when she is alone in a pic. Next to FT she looks normal. I really want to know what his endgame is for that hair, because right now it is...something.
  2. Look at her hands in the first picture.They are half the size of her hands in the second pic. She is using all sorts of filters to enhance her #BecauseICan life.
  3. "I adulted today and I didn't die!!!!! Give me a cookie...."
  4. As soon as that thought started to creep into my head, I remembered that the sides of his head are shaved, his eyes are usually beady and, you know, his personality is shitty. Solves that problem.
  5. They outright own two of the Coyote Pass properties. I figured they did that in case they couldn't make payments on everything else vacations and dining out, and they could sell them for the cash.
  6. I think Meri posts these wild-and-free pics (including her gay guy friend) to poke at Robyn. She knows everything is over between her and Kody and that he doesn't give a rat's ass about her. But the Queen is younger than her, stuck at home for the next 15+ years with kids, has a failed internet business and is stuck with an aging, washed up surfer dude wanna-be/egomaniac. Her future is always up in the air because Kody can't sit still for two minutes. Meri is showing how much fun she is having, how younger, attractive guys actually want to hang out with her, and that she is making her own life without The Fambly, and more importantly, Kodouche.
  7. I'm not so sure Meri is renting in Flag at the moment. She hasn't posted about moving to a new house and she is spending a lot of time at the Inn when she isn't traveling for LLN. The U-Haul trucks parked on Prairie Dog Plague Flats probably contain her antiques and Hobby Lobby crap.
  8. How are these grifters able to qualify for multiple loans after their history? At this point they have loans on three houses and four properties. Plus Janelle's rent and Meri's B&B loan. The loans on the LV homes were questionable and who knows if they kept up on the mortgages. Hell, they can't even make property taxes. Add in the bankruptcies and they are a mess. I just don't get it.
  9. Robyn and Kody buy more land together. 1. The evergreen question- where did they get the money? The sale of Christine's house didn't net much. 2. Why are they in Kody and Robyn's name only?
  10. She is such an idiot. You don't "train" your hair to need less washings. It is all about the scalp and reducing the amount of oil it produces, allowing you to go longer between washings. You have to use organic non-sulfate shampoos and conditioners. It usually takes about two weeks for the scalp to adjust from sulfate shampoos to natural ones. Wash just the scalp once or twice a week (depending on how oily or sweaty you get) and just let the rinsed suds flow through the length of hair. Heavy heated conditioner once a week. And the key is to brush your hair every day to distribute oils down along the shaft. (59 years old and waist-length hair here. I live in central AZ and often get sweaty working outside. I will increase my scalp shampooing when that happens, using JR Ligget's shampoo bars. Otherwise I use Calia s/c and deep conditioner. Grapeseed oil and rosewater for spot-oiling the length of my hair. Castor oil my scalp once a week.) I despise those stupid little rat-tail braids. So professional looking for a bank. "I sell clothing online" like a gazillion other people and soon will be going down with the LLN ship.
  11. Here ya go, Janelle. Instead of spending a shit-ton of money on Rock Star crap, spend it on figuring out your stomach issues. (Not an endorsement of the test. I have no idea if they are accurate)
  12. gottdam those eyebrows.
  13. Good grief. In that first pic, Meri has practically filtered out her face. All that is left is eyebrows and eyes. Mariah must have sent her go-to self-help websites to dear old Mom. I hear an echo...
  14. Why is this woman SO obsessed with digestion??? Sure, there are foods that can make you feel like shit (sugar, high fat, a shit ton of carbs), but that has nothing to do with digestion. If something sits in your stomach a long time, that means it is taking a while to, you know, digest. Nothing wrong with that. And yes, there are certain foods that can pass through, looking like it did when it entered her pie hole. The key there is to masticate her food properly so the stomach can break it down easier. If she is bloating (ie. gassy) in her stomach (rather than her intestines), then she has a food intolerance or some type of infection/disease. She needs to lay off all the weird shit she eats, go back to a basic food diet, throw some probiotics in there and see what happens. If she insists in eating her Rock Star Foods, then add them back one at a time until she discovers what messes with her. We need to change the name of this thread to "Janelle Brown: Digestion is my Enemy"
  15. Get yer damn hooves off the bench. People have to sit there. Plus she is all contorted-posed to show off her tats.
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