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  1. @Female83, since this is halfway done, we recommend a thread instead of a forum. You can create it. Probably under Other non-fiction. Thanks.
  2. Airs April 12, 2020 After Eve is shot by Villanelle, she's trying to move on. Villanelle is also moving on until she's approached by someone from her past. Caroline is being undermined at work and Kenny is looking for more information about the twelve.
  3. Bull defends a train engineer who has no memory of a fatal crash he allegedly caused due to a brain injury he sustained in the crash.
  4. A gentle reminder, please talk about ICE as it relates to the show and leave your personal feelings at home. Yes, they went there with the Nazi \ ICE comparison. You see it or you don't. Either way make it about the show. Thanks.
  5. The team searches for Buck, their former captain when he goes off the grid and they think he might harm himself. Told in flashbacks.
  6. Kasie and Jimmy are held hostage in a diner after a jewelry store robbery goes awry.
  7. The team tracks the suspicious movements of the people in a sailor's life prior to his death.
  8. While Sam investigates the murder of an Iranian he must also try to save a new agent who accidentally triggers a bomb.
  9. The team must protect a hotel full of civilians from gangbangers when a mission goes wrong.
  10. Versatility is tested. A forerunner unexpectedly goes on the chopping block.
  11. The team investigates the of a Reservist is found in a lake. Sloan's daughter makes an unexpected request.
  12. Racial tensions rise when a white officer shoots a black Navy officer he believed was armed.
  13. The team investigates the disappearance of a DOD officer who was looking into a recent UFO sighting.
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