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  1. The final four battle it out in a tattoo marathon for their spot in the finale.
  2. Illustrative portraiture challenge.
  3. A crushing injury requires a Coast Guard rescue. The Offload gets cancelled for the CM. Sig gambles on an early return. Monte hauls more crab than the Wizard can hold.
  4. The six remaining artists are tested on finesse.
  5. Winds push the Wizard into a collision course with a monster wave. Jake taps a Hillstrand to save the Saga. The CM hits numbers not seen since Phil was Captain.
  6. The Artists must sell themselves when the canvases have the power to choose.
  7. A rookie mistake costs Captain Bill a deckhand. Jake hits the jackpot at sea. A fatal mistake in crab counting for Sean.
  8. Smoke fills the Wizard. Jake's anchor is shattered.
  9. Didn't her boss Dalton win his second term as an Independent? I kind of remember something like that. So I think it would make this ( her winning as an Independent) more plausible.
  10. Sig and Harley make an alliance. Freddy pays for his captain's decision. Make takes a risk to become a boat owner.
  11. Legal stuff on this show is whacky at best but why would they have to invalidate an adoption that never happened? Intentionally or not, they bought Beth. The paperwork, if they have any, is fake. Steffy is more likely to be arrested for something she didn't even realize she did. JMO.
  12. One phone call is all it took Liam. Steffy would have a poor excuse of motherly love to put Beth in foster care. Not that it would surprise me but damn. Beth actually served the purpose of getting Liam back to Steffy unlike poor Kelly. First born, second best is the story of her short life, to date.
  13. The adoption was phony. Steffy has no legal right to Beth.
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