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  1. thewhiteowl

    S15. E15. Devil's Cut

    Casey conducts surgery, a former Marine is tested, Sig gets a call.
  2. thewhiteowl

    S12. E06. Art of War

    Consistency is tested.
  3. thewhiteowl

    S12. E05. The Art Stands Alone

    An unfinished tattoo should be automatically eliminated but often it isn't. So Pony's elimination doesn't bother me but she is a damn good artist. I think her inability to think beyond the art was her undoing. She was too focused on her project but tattooing is more than a good picture. She seemed confused about seeing to the canvas' comfort. It makes a difference as I hope she learns.
  4. thewhiteowl

    S15. E14. Crane Wreck

    In stormy seas, the Cornelia Marie's crane smashes the wheelhouse injuring deckhand Taylor.
  5. thewhiteowl

    S12. E05. The Art Stands Alone

    It's everyone for themselves in a blind critique.
  6. thewhiteowl

    S12. E04. The Hunter and the Hunted.

    Color contrast is tested in neo-traditional animal tattoos.
  7. Just miles from the fleet, the fishing vessel Destination disappears without a trace.
  8. thewhiteowl

    S12. E03. Down to the Wire.

    The competition intensifies.
  9. thewhiteowl

    S15. E12. Sixty Foot Monster

    As arctic super storm Elsa intensifies, one boat faces a monster wave.
  10. thewhiteowl

    S15. E11. Hell Hath No Fury

    Arctic Storm Elsa hits the Cornelia Marie hard. The Wizard is in danger.
  11. thewhiteowl

    S12. E02. A Storm Is Brewin'

    Leaders emerge in a twist that sends the Artists a wake-up call a shakes up the competition.
  12. thewhiteowl

    S12.E01: The Ink Will Speak For Itself

    If the battle of the sexes spills over to this board, warnings and bans will follow. Be civil or be gone.
  13. The artists arrive ready to battle for themselves only to discover they will be in teams by gender.
  14. Casey and Josh haul in their biggest ever pots prompting gold rush to the Russian line. Bill gets some inside intelligence while Harvey confirms the numbers his own way. Arctic storm Elsa strengthens.
  15. On Election Day, Kirkman turns to his therapist to relieve his conscience about the events and own decisions he made 36 hours ago.