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  1. Evagirl

    The Butcher

    I liked it too and will watch it again. It was good to see Colby Donaldson. I loved him on Top Shot (or something about guns, it's been so long). I personally like the butcher with the beard. He's my 1st favorite. The Marine is my 2nd, and the lady my 3rd. As soon as that said in his TH that he was there to win the money and go home, I knew he was doomed :-).
  2. Evagirl

    The Enemy Within

    Yep that was it. I really wanted to like the show 'cause I like KB, but I couldn't handle how depressing it was every week.
  3. Evagirl

    The Enemy Within

    I used to watch a show with Kevin Bacon that I really liked. But the show never showed the good guys winning. Every week was dismal for the good guys. That's what wore me down and made me give up on the show. I can't remember how long the show actually lasted. I said the above because I'm feeling the same way about this show. When are the good guys going to get a break. And girlfriend walking around shackled everywhere she goes is off-putting. "No, I will not help you unless you treat me like a human being. You want my help to bring down Tal, then at least have the decency to unchain me. An agent is with me constantly. I'm not going to run, I've proven that. All I ask is some time with daughter every now and then and not be chained and paraded through my old stomping ground! You can't do that - well I'll just stay locked up in my dungeon, refuse to eat and die of starvation. How do you like THAT Buttercup?!!! I tend to get a little hysterical over this dumb show.
  4. Evagirl

    Season 8 Discussion

    Erin and Chad used to be my favorite Bates' couple. I think my heart was turned to them when Erin tried so hard to have their first child. Chad was so supportive and loving. I don't know what it is, but here of late all the hand-holding, leg-touching stuff is wearing thin. I noticed Gil and Kelly holding hands while sitting on the couch having a family briefing with the kids for crying out loud! Chad and Whitney are still my favorite Bates' in-laws though. Chad is sincerely humble. When Erin gives him all these glowing "best-husband-in-the-whole-wide-world" speeches, it embarrasses him. He shakes his head "no, I'm not", but she keeps on plowing ahead. But when he sings her praises, her response is fake to me. All that squealing and "I-can't-believe-he-did-this" stuff, sounds hollow to me. Whitney and Zach seem to really enjoy each other. They laugh at the same things - that's a good sign. She's so pretty. On another note, Nathan is blowing up like a balloon! I don't know if it's meds or food. And Zach is a very good-looking guy now that he's trimmed down and buffed up. His dimples are adorable. I used to think he was the homely brother, but not anymore!
  5. Evagirl

    S09.E07: A Bachelor No More

    Did they show Jill and Derek or have they been banned like Josh & spouse? Anybody know?
  6. Evagirl

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    So true. He is no Jack Pearson that's for sure. Toby is more like Jack than Randall. I think maybe the writers feel they made Randall too perfect the first couple of seasons, so now they're going in the other direction. Whatever the writers are doing, it's working 'cause Randall is a first class, grade A butt-hole!
  7. Evagirl

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    When they first showed it, I kind of glanced at it and I actually thought it was an amputated limb! Good grief - what is wrong with these people?! That thing wasn't even healed. He's lucky he didn't get some kind of staph infection, especially being a farmer (I think). I couldn't live with something like that attached me. My fear of cancer or THAT THING on his arm would have overcome my fear of doctors.
  8. Evagirl

    Season 8 Discussion

    IMO, I didn't think Chad looked tired, I thought he looked guilty. I hope I'm wrong. It just seems like he's been acting differently the past few THs. He's appears more distant. He used to look at Erin when she was talking like he could eat her up with a spoon. Now, not only do they not touch, he doesn't even look at her except when she says something he's not on board with. I'll watch more closely next week. Time will tell.
  9. Evagirl

    S09.E04: Love and Loss

    Has anybody heard that Jana might have a beau? I read somewhere (probably in some rag while standing in the supermarket checkout), that she is the next Duggar to be in a relationship.
  10. Evagirl

    S09.E04: Love and Loss

    I remember when GinJer were engaged and his grandma was teaching her how to cook something. First thing Grandma did was pull Ginger's hair back.
  11. Evagirl

    Season 16 Discussion

    I agree! Sometime the music was so loud I couldn't hear the singers. I don't like that AT ALL.
  12. Evagirl

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    Dear Dr. PP viewer-friends - they showed a preview of a show called "My Feet Are Killing Me", following Dr. PP's show last night. I literally could only watch through my fingers. I WILL NOT be watching this show. I can handle cysts, bumps, lumps, moles, blah, blah, blah. I CANNOT handle oozing ulcers, cracked feet, fungus toenails, ankle surgeries and the like. I just can't! Good grief, I sound almost hysterical!!! LOL Oh man, it was awful. And both doctors seemed so caring and pleasant, in addition to being easy on the eyes. But I can't, I just can't! One thing I will do though is come to PTV and read the forums. I think I might need help.
  13. Evagirl

    Season 8 Discussion

    Thanks so much for the info. Thought I was losing it.
  14. Evagirl

    Season 8 Discussion

    Did TLC show John and Alyssa's courtship like they did Erin, Zach, Michaela, etc.? I don't remember seeing any courtship shows with them. I might miss a show here and there, but not several covering one courtship. I don't even recall the wedding.
  15. Evagirl

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    Me too!!!