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  1. Was this show the season finale?
  2. Evagirl

    S04.E14: Survivors

    I think I read somewhere that JLH is pregnant in real life. That's must be why they only filmed her from the chest up. I'm pretty sure her baby will be born while the show is on hiatus, so that will work out well. Since the seasons are so far apart now (5-6 months), I don't like finales with cliffhangers (i.e. The Rookie). By the time the new season starts the finale will have lost it's impact. I really like the way 9-1-1 did it. It left me feeling good about everybody, even Maddie who is going to get help. New seasons starting with a clean slate works better for me. In the old
  3. Evagirl

    S04.E13: Suspicion

    Just read on Newsweek.com that the title of the finale next week is "Survivors" and the article implies that one of the "survivors" will be Eddie. I'm not sure what the plural means. This is also what it says about next week's show: "In the aftermath of the shooting, Athena [Angela Bassett] and the 118 are on high alert when a sniper is targeting members of the LAFD. Meanwhile, Maddie [Jennifer Love Hewitt] makes a life decision in the all-new 'Survivors' season finale episode of 9-1-1." I think the Eddie character will survive and that this is a wake-up call to Guzman that actors
  4. They could have Joe join ATF and make a couple of guest appearances per season with a strong story line. I can't see how he would fit in as a regular. I also think they should kill off Eddie. The actress and "Jamie" have zero on-screen chemistry. She looks out of place at the dinner table. The character doesn't add anything to the show that I can see. They didn't even televise the wedding! (Or did I sleep through it?) I guess it is time to retire this show. I have watched it from the beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed it. But it's losing steam and bordering on boredom. Like
  5. I enjoyed this episode immensely. Like Danielg mentioned above - it was a good solid show. The Hondo and Deacon characters have good chemistry and it comes off through the shows. I thought Deacon's shirt was a little tight - but hey that was to show off his physique (which is pretty tight in itself). LOL Chris is kind of getting on my nerves with Street. She wants him kept at arms' length, but injects herself into his personal life constantly. When she's down, she calls Street. She knows he has feelings for her and she for him, but she plays these little games that irk me. Either s
  6. I'll say, especially since "daddy" is now a regular on S.W.A.T. They'll have to bring in a new actor to play his father I guess. The guy can't cross-over even as a different character. He plays an ex-con on S.W.A.T, no way he can double-dip and play West's by-the-book-cop dad too.
  7. THANK YOU!!! I record every episode and watch later (I hate commercials). When fast-forwarding, all I have to do is hold down the ff button until I see dark, then I know I'm back at the show! It's crazy!! In the houses, in the squad rooms, even OUTSIDE in the daytime for crying out loud - it's dark! But you know what? I've noticed that other shows (i.e. Big Sky) do the same thing. I just don't understand why every scene has to be so dark. Makes me think they're trying to hide crappy or cheap backgrounds.
  8. Evagirl

    S04.E10: Parenthood

    After reading this thread I can only surmise that it's me. I was bored beyond bored with this episode. I'm really kind of over Hen and her household. I'd much rather watch Eddie and Christopher. Hen is so emotional that it draining to watch her. I dunno...bringing in babies slows down a show. I'm happy for Chim and Maddie, but all that drama over a new born. The house was a total mess. There was unnecessary chaos. It seems silly to dumb down a show because a baby is born. Organization is the key to everything flowing smoothly. Maddie and Chim both should know this. I fast-forwarded
  9. I enjoyed this episode better than most, but still...on what planet would they allow a patrol sergeant be the supervisor of his patrol officer wife? I didn't mind Eddie asking Erin about her divorce - they are family. But Anthony - no. He acted like a jealous high school crusher. Erin should have told HIM - it's none of your business buddy, so stay out of it. He doesn't have a clue about what happened in Erin & Jack's marriage except what Erin has chosen to tell him. I think Erin and Jack make a great couple. It's obvious they both still have feelings for each other and it's
  10. When the first guy was eliminated and stated he knew who the Hustler was, I wasn't too on board with his theory. However, once the guy (the Hustler) reacted to what Eugene (?) said, I just KNEW Eugene was right. He confronted this kid, "Maybe it's because you don't bring anything to the table!" His arrogance throughout the entire episode led me to believe it was him. I didn't feel he wasn't hurting for money. I personally think he got rid of Eugene b/c Eugene is a nail-biter (no nails to clip & save). It was obvious he wasn't the Hustler. I think he got rid of the lady and kept t
  11. Evagirl

    S04.E08: The Nadir

    I really needed this laugh today. You cracked me up - totally!!!!
  12. The gay couple won me over when one of them said when approaching the truck decorating task - "Ohhhhh arts and crafts!" I cracked up. Too cute.
  13. I kept staring at Phil thinking that he looked younger than when he did the Tough As Nails (don't know if that's the right title or not). Anyhoo...I just kept staring at his face and hair and thought, "Man, he looks great!" Then I find out TAR 32 was filmed in Nov/Dec 2018!!! Golly gee, two years ago. So glad to know my mind wasn't playing tricks. But then again Phil's introduction (when talking about being filmed before COVID), he looked the same as in the show, so I guess my mind played a trick on me after all. In any event, I'm glad it's back. So far, I pretty much like all the conte
  14. I'm with you on this one! I thought S3 was a hot mess, S4 is an even hotter mess!! The scenes are way too dark to see what's going on, especially when the majority of the cast are people of color! I know because I am a woman of color and I am straining trying to make out who's who. Not to mention the funky names that nobody can spell or understand unless they're using closed caption. I made up my mind after Ep4 that I was done and would only read the recaps. I'll continue to record and if a recap looks half-way decent I'll watch it. Right now, I can't bear it, I just can't. I canno
  15. Does Jana earn any income (besides what she gets from TLC)? Maybe JB gives her money for being a nanny or something. What 30-year-old woman would not want to earn her own money? I guess if she's happy it doesn't matter one way or the other.
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