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  1. Shaun's autism is too sever for him to have any kind of romantic relationship. He can forget rearing children as well. His outburst when he first got to the house showed that he is emotionally unstable. Him (literally) beating himself up showed that he is emotionally unstable. This is Shaun. The only things that can "fix" or make him even remotely less robotic are the writers. Watching the winter finale had me seeing Shaun through a different lens. He is virtually a robot who gets overloaded and crashes. Carly needs to find a job at another hospital and move on. She cannot make Shaun into the man she wants him to be. He just doesn't have it in him and I don't see how she can be content with always catering to his needs and his wants, while she knows her needs will never be met because Shaun isn't capable of meeting them. Kill the romance, let the friendship with Lea continue, let Glassman continue to be jealous of Lea's relationship with Shaun, and let Shaun be the "good doctor". End this crazy "romantic" relationship stuff. It's a waste of time. And for crying out loud - give Claire a break!
  2. And . . . they want us to believe this is all for scientific research. I'm getting kind of disappointed in the History Channel. I mean, American Pickers 5 doggone nights a week and once on weekends!! I don't know it that's true or not, but it sure seems like it. I know they can only do so many "Men Who Built America", but couldn't they do a "Women Who Built America"? It's all about the "men". The Axemen, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, The Cowboys, The American Revolution . . . it's all about men. I think they tried to do the first ladies, maybe that was PBS. Anyway, the first ladies' jumped all over the place. I like watching shows like that in chronological order. They could even go back and show some old stuff. This American Pickers and Pawn Stars have both worn thin. Then again, I haven't watched Pawn Stars since The Old Man passed away. It might be a little different now. Thanks for letting me vent.
  3. I believe Shaun will have sex this season, but not with Carly. Looking at the Fall Final preview we see Shaun weeping in the bed with Lea, spooning not only tightly but they are clasping hands as well. THAT is the intimacy Carly wanted. I think the writers will drop the Shaun/Carly story and pick up with Shaun/Lea. Number one, those two have more on screen chemistry, and number two Lea is closer to Shaun's age. She "gets" Shaun just as much as Carly. She was his first "girlfriend". Carly's reactions to Shaun is so over-the-top that it doesn't even seem real. She's doing all of the giving and Shaun is doing all of the taking. Perhaps though it's the way the show is being written. If they show Shaun/Carly doing other couple stuff, maybe I could see what she sees in Shaun. But all I see are his rejections of everything she's trying to do to make it work.
  4. Just . . . wow! You were blessed.
  5. On one of the AJD (after Jack died) shows, Kate had a heart to heart with adult Kevin. I remember she told him that Randall was just easy to love whereas she had to struggle for love with Kevin and Kate.
  6. I love watching Jack on this show and if he didn't appear every now and then, I would not watch at all. Jack's character is the main reason I fell in love with this show. I know his character is over the top and much too much "father tries best", but that's what drew me. His love and compassion for all of his kids is a fantasy super dad that I just enjoy watching. His love for Rebecca leaves me going "awwwwwwwwwww" all the time. Telling Randall's teacher that Randall was his heart. Telling Rebecca that Katie-girl is just "big-boned". Giving Kevin his Viet Nam necklace . . . all of this and more sold me on Jack. When he's really gone forever, the heart and soul of the show is gone - IMO only.
  7. I kinda feel the same way. I do NOT like this story arc at all! When he was yelling all loud and everything, I wanted to throw something at the TV! This guys left his family for another woman, now he's living (probably rent free) with the son he left behind. The son loves the old coot, but the old coot has some serious guilt things going on, so he rejects the son's love. Okay, fine. Get out of my house and don't come back!
  8. I just watched a video of Trace and his girlfriend having a meal with the Bates family. When her head was sort of down, I could have sworn she was Jinger Duggar! However, looking at her full on, I can see the resemblance is not that strong. BUTTTT...if you hold a piece of paper covering her face from the nose down, she looks EXACTLY like Jinger! Try it and see if you don't agree. Wow! Nathan has really gained a lot of weight. I think he's heavier than Zach now. I bet he's miserable too, with the extra weight. I know I'm miserable with mine!
  9. Evagirl

    S3.06: Monsters

    Sorry, not gonna happen. I just read this in a recap: "And her problems are only just beginning. Upon receiving Tara’s formal complaint, Maddie’s supervisor took her off the floor pending a full psychological evaluation. As executive producer Tim Minear recently told TVLine, “Maddie’s trauma is far from over,” and the show clearly intends on addressing it fully." I too, was hoping this was the last of Maddie's PTSD thread. I bet dollars to donuts, the victim will be killed by the hubby and Maddie will then go through survivor's guilt or something. They didn't bring her on the show as a regular just to have her sit and monitor 911 calls. IMO, there are enough threads going on with the 118 crew without Maddie being thrown into the mix. I don't know why, but I just don't like her character, and I don't like the way her character treats Chim.
  10. I was very moved as well. The first thing that struck me was how much he looked like his dad. The second thing was he could be twins with the brother who wore the hat. They looked so much alike. Norma was a basket case - in a good way. Eric's emotions hit me hard. I thought at first he was going to just get through it, but once he found out how much his birth mother loved him, he couldn't hide his feelings in longer. Great, great episode. I would love to hear how they made out after a year or so.
  11. I kind of chuckled when I saw him switching up to the others already on the golf fourse, but reading your comment made me howl! I don't know why seeing it written out was funnier than actually seeing it!!!
  12. Last season they did a show about a married couple who both had autism. The wife was hospitalized and she asked if her husband could have sex with her to calm her down or something like that. Anyhoo, it was very "clinical" is the word I keep hearing. If Shaun was paired with someone with autism similar to his, that's all it would be is clinical. 'Carly brings a realistic approach to a difficult situation. It's almost like a little person falling in love with an average height person - if you love each other enough, you'll find a way to make it work. Carly has strong emotional and physical feelings for Shaun. Shaun really doesn't know or understand what he is feeling. I think the Carly character is testing the waters to see if they can have a physical relationship. It appears that the kissing doesn't get Shaun worked up like it does Carly. It's almost as if Shaun is just going through the motions to keep her as a "girlfriend". He just enjoys being in her company. Shaun would be the same way with Claire or any other non-autistic woman. The woman would eventually want a FULL relationship with Shaun. From my perspective, Shaun is not emotionally capable of doing that - with anyone. Maybe he needs to just stick with women friends instead of a girlfriend. I don't see how the writers can change his character into something he clearly is not and that is a man who desires a woman because he loves her and wants their relationship to deepen by adding in the physical factor. I just don't see how it could happen unless he got a big bump on the head and it jumbled up his wiring.
  13. I been reading that Chrissy Metz has lost over a 100 pounds. It must have happened after the current season was filmed. To me she looks heavier than she's ever been, especially in the face. It's even difficult for her to comfortably hold the baby in the show. I really, really, really do hope she's lost some weight. The way she carries the excess weight just can't be doing her heart any favors. She's such a lovely woman. I've seen pictures of her about 100 pounds lighter but I don't know if they're current (yeah!!!!!) or past pics. Maybe it's just me, but she looks huge this season.
  14. I was appalled!! He let them film his mother's funeral! I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. The raw emotions of the grandchildren, JimBob with tears streaming down - hell even I was crying and this was just a preview!! He must be money hungry, pure and simple. How could he let such a private, personal, and heart-wrenching experience be shown on a reality TV show?! I don't get it, I just don't get it. I can understand him talking about it during a TTH, but not film the farewell service. Is there anything he won't give up for money?
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