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  1. I have NEVER liked Amy...not from the first show up until this day. I think she's mean and hateful. I thought she was mean and hateful to Matt when the show first started. It was so obvious to me that she had already fallen out of love with him before the filming even started. He couldn't please her no matter what he did. That's a sure sign of love lost. I could tolerate Matt back in the day, but he's a real pill now. He is so overbearing and talks way too much smack. He wanted to get upset with Amy because she didn't do cartwheels after seeing the fence. Like she said, it's a fence. If she didn't do cartwheels 10 years ago when I felt he was bending over backwards to please her, she's not going to do it now that when gloves are off. I do not buy Chris' why-I've-never-married story. He reminds me of the guy who took advantage of Paula Deen. For her sake I hope he's the real deal. As much as I dislike this woman, I do not want to see her taken advantage of or hurt.
  2. Bobby Ewing, okay, it's a stretch considering that was like 40 years ago. (snicker) James Evans (Good Times), 50 years ago, Lol Adam Cartright, maybe 60 years ago. Hahahahaha
  3. They can bring back Saint Jack as many times as they want IMO. I fell in love with show because of "The Good Dad". Once they cut Jack loose forever, I'll stick to reading recaps. I am just not that invested in any of the sibs, especially Randall who used to be my favorite. Now it's Kate b/c I do want to see Little Jack's progression as he grows into the young man they've shown him to become. Kevin is okay I guess, but I don't loose any sleep when he's not the focus. I'd also like to see how Rebecca and the 2nd husband (can't think of his name) developed their relationship. I'm sure they will include a lot of past scenes with Jack. Hate me if you much, but to each their own.
  4. They are both horrible cooks and that was supposed to be some kind of cute bonding moment. I also can't understand how you can be so bad at cooking, but some people can burn water. 🤷 I think it was one of his deceased wife's recipes. He brought Claire some of her recipes she had asked him to to give Claire before she died. I think the deceased wife had expectations that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Although either the recipe was a disaster or Claire's technique. I personally didn't see anything wrong with the deceased wife trying to find someone for her husband before she died. She didn't want him to spend his entire life grieving for her and she let Claire know that if the feeling was mutual, she would be pleased. Even the dying wife could see that Dash and Claire were kind of attracted to each other. In my mind, the ultimate gift you can give a surviving spouse is to tell them to find love again before you leave this world.
  5. I'm one of the first ones to say, "This is just teevee," when we know it's not like real life. But I have to chime in here about the ride-along. A person cannot, I repeat, cannot walk into a police station and request a ride-along and it happens THAT day. I know for a fact that ride-alongs have to be PRE-scheduled as the individual has to undergo a background check. Additionally, ride-alongs have to be a resident of that city where they are making the request. This is to protect the officer as well as the public. I feel better having gotten that off my chest - Lol.
  6. Unfortunately, I have fallen out of love with BCS. I'm just going to read the recaps the day following the show to stay of top of things. I didn't even finish either show because I was just bored. The dynamics between Jimmy, his brother, the big law firms etc. was what kept me interested season after season. I know the show is taking viewers down the path of how Jimmy became Saul Goodman, but this particular path doesn't interest me at all. From reading the posts I'm in a minority. Most viewers really like this direction and that's fine.
  7. Me too! Being killed instantly by a bullet trumps dying a slow death in a barrel - any day of the week for me. I would have rushed him and made him shoot me with a lethal shot, rather than stand there let him shoot me in the leg or some place non lethal.
  8. Regarding gray hair - it seems that beards seem to have more gray than head-hair for some reason. Most guys I know in their 50s, 60s and up who have beards have much more gray in their beards than on top of their heads. In any event, I thought Kevin looked absolutely smashing and he totally rocked that gray look. He has a long and pointy nose, but that's only from the side profile. Wish that was my only facial flaw!
  9. Evagirl

    Fargo In The Media

    Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who felt that S3 was a TOTAL waste of time and talent! I purchased S1 and S2 as soon as the DVDs were available. I won't buy S3. I was so disappointed. I think the story line disappointed me more than anything. The character development in S1 & S2 made you care about what happened to some of the folks. I just wanted S3 to be over. Looking forward to S4. Fargo can only go up from S3.
  10. I don't think it's a fat suit. I've seen her in a couple of movies and she looks the same. When the guy who plays Toby lost weight, you could tell it was a fat suit because he lost weight in the face as well. She is beautiful. She has small limbs. almost all of her fat is concentrated in the middle, which is not good. I don't think the producers are encouraging her to stay heavy. I remember reading when the show first started that they would write in whatever Chrissy chose to do. Melissa McCarthy looks great with her weight lost. Unfortunately instead of the writers writing her weight loss into the show, they chose to cancel it. I
  11. Yeah but, if him leaving her stranded on a deserted road in the dead of winter in the middle of the night didn't convince her he was no good, then locking her out shouldn't have come as a surprise especially after she asked him to be careful with Jack's mug and the a-hole broke it on purpose.
  12. Guess I'm in a minority regarding the cabin scene when the posse arrives. I was expecting something really big to happen...like Marc leaving Kate locked out and the posse finds her curled up next to the door almost frozen to death. Rebecca uses her key to get in and they find Marc asleep. The boys drag him out bed, dump him (in his underwear only) and his stuff in his car and tell him if ever comes near Kate again they will kill him. Now that's drama!! LOL
  13. After the elevator incident, it was like Lea was intentionally provoking Carly during the karoke scene. Like someone mentioned above, the skanky way she was acting with dude on the dance floor, then comes over to Shaun & Carly, screaming Shaun's name - just acting like a total jealous witch. I also agree with CarpeFelis above, she really doesn't want Shaun as a lover or the special man in her life, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him either. If he's unattached, she can manipulate him all the more. That's why she resents Shaun and Glassman's relationship. Carly and Shaun did not have any chemistry whatsoever and I'm glad it's over. She poured everything into making the relationship work and it wasn't enough because Shaun isn't in love with Carly. He's in lust with her now that he's no longer a virgin. He has always loved Lea who doesn't love him back. She does things to hurt him, upset him, disappoint him and it doesn't phase her one bit. I hope she breaks his heart in a gazillion pieces and leaves the show for good. Maybe then the show can get back to letting Shaun be "The Good Doctor" the show is designed to be about. They need to give Claire a nice boyfriend, who is not a doctor, so she can move on. It's apparent the writers are trying to hook Claire and Melendez up and it would be a disaster for the show. Look what happened with Lim & Melendez. The writers now pretend like their affair never happened. It a good show without all the sexual antics and boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. I like that Resnick has an issue that has nothing to do with a man or a romance. They made Claire out to be a $2 hooker after her mom died. Why I don't know. It didn't fit in with anything. Claire is always the punching bag for this show and I'm kind of tired of it. If she and Melendez hooks up, we know who's going to be left holding the bag. I
  14. Evagirl

    S01.E01: Pilot

    It's television folks. It's entertainment. If you get bogged down and throw up your hands about what's realistic and what isn't, shows like Blue Bloods, This Is Us, Bull, New Amsterdam, The Good Doctor, 9-1-1, S.W.A.T., The Rookie and on & on, would never succeed. I watch it, go "oh please" when I know something is out of whack, and enjoy the ride. When it's over I will have forgotten all about it until the next week.
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