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  1. I was gonna start this reply with a capital UGH! until I saw that you used it already. Are any of these people likable? To me most are forgettable until I see them again. I don't remember most by name but carrion-eater and Jeff are equally contemptible. I don't mind if they're all jerks. We may get an interesting show if they're all trying to be the boss.
  2. I like the tension. If they're all alpha douchebags that think they should be in charge, this may be the most fun season yet!
  3. I thought it was pretty funny seeing her as the grandma. Having a 10 year old mom it's no wonder that Katy's mom turned out so wild!😄
  4. That sounds like something Beverly would say while doing the opposite.😄
  5. I agree that this was a good episode. I'm just getting used to the new Anna-Kat. Even though I never could stand Lonnie before, maybe his grating personality will be a good fit as Greg's campaign manager. Getting Greg to stand up for himself should put some people in their place. With Lonnie's help the politics might get pretty dirty.😄
  6. This info might make me like some of them even less. Now I'll think of Beverly and Erica as some entitled rich b!tches who demand everyone do their bidding and Barry (ugh!) as a spoiled little jerk.
  7. Maybe he doesn't want to be recognized because the show is so lame.
  8. Yeah. I hope I don't start thinking of her like the new Darrin who never really fit the part to me.🙂
  9. Yeah, I guess we wont be seeing her anymore if she can't make an appearance for her dad's wedding. Maybe she's mad that she lost "her" show. Oh well, no great loss to me.
  10. Yeah. That intro was kind of a shock to me. I'm sure she's a fine actress and all but she'll take some getting used to. It seemed too obvious to me that she's acting. When she said "Quiet You!" to her dad, it came off as mean instead of a funny bitchy little quirk that's the result of being Katie's daughter. I guess that's my problem, it's just that Julia seemed like a natural daughter to Katy. Other than that and Lonnie the show was pretty good so I'll give Giselle a chance.
  11. There was one thing I really liked about the first episode, no opening theme song. Other than that, I felt like I was trapped on an airplane with a bunch of irritating morons for what seemed longer than a half hour. As for the next one, as soon as I read the description of Adam being the cool kid I knew we were in for an unbelievable farce. It turned out to be the same trite Goldberg plot we've seen 50 times already.
  12. As soon as he mentioned Saran wrap, I knew it would be a long drawn out cutaway. Plenty of time to get a drink and a snack. Haha. But it's so true. Press n Seal only for me, or aluminum. I like when Brian reverts back to his dog nature, like getting excited about chasing a ball. That was more animalistic and vicious. It seemed out of character.
  13. Yeah, I noticed that. There's an old saying, something about scared horses running into the burning barn because they feel safe there. Maybe that's why. I thought the same looking at Bird's house. Complete ash (besides the bathtub and stuff) but very nearby it looked pretty untouched. I couldn't figure out what burned except for Noah and Bird's place.
  14. This article links to another People article about Bear meeting his son for the first time and getting back together with Raiven. These are pretty recent, from the end of September.
  15. Yeah, very true. That's a good idea. Thanks. Wow, sounds pretty nuts but not totally surprising. They do show his picture occasionally so wouldn't they still have to pay him something?
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