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  1. Couples couch for me anyway is on the same station but the following night. Thursday. I have DirecTV and it's on Lifetime.
  2. I didn't realize that Cal did interviews about this. I didn't watch a lot of the before and after shows. No you can't fire them from their marriage but you can put them off the show. Apparently they are using the show for some other purpose. It was certainly obvious in the case of Matt who was out every night. I get that even lost causes like Matt and Luke matchups can still be entertaining. And if couple can agree to play the part for the eight weeks to get that exposure then good for them. But there were women with real feelings, real emotional abuse issues and they would push them back together just for the sake of the show. You can only say so much about real marriages and real experts while knowingly letting these kinds of assholes make an obvious joke out of the process. If Matt couldn't bother to make it look plausible then I say he should be fired. The Kate and Luke thing was so sick and abusive they should have never aired it in my opinion They're welcome to stay married but we all know that's not going to happen.
  3. I think Nick and Luke were on the same team. But I can't understand why these women would not only sleep with a guy who denies it because they have no attraction, but actually stay with a guy who is not attracted to you but will tolerate you in order to get their you-know-what wet. I mean I'm kind of old-fashioned enough that I can see myself telling the cameras it's none of their business but that's not what we're talking about here.
  4. I agree, Kate didn't know how to handle the situation , but I still think she should have been fired... that is if the show had Integrity as I said above. It would have told her that she has to be responsible for her own behavior even if she is " fragile". She still ran cover for Luke and whatever she thought was in it for her. He was one sick dude. And Pastor Cal should drop the pastor title if it's all about his job.
  5. Smarmy.... that's the word I've been looking for about Brandon.
  6. Pastor Cal's smack Downs are worthless, let's face it. If Cal had any Integrity about dealing with these relationships he would accept the fact that there is no chemistry and no attraction and with that the relationship is hopeless. He simply tries to shame and confront them with their actions and pretends not to acknowledge the real problem. If the show had any real Integrity they would be willing to actually FIRE people!! They should have fired Matt, they should have fired weirdo beardo, and they should have fired Kate, his complicit pathetic toady. She went well beyond "victim" to support his sick lying.
  7. Wellll OTOH it does give you an opportunity to compare your relationships. It was somewhat Illuminating to Mindy even though she was hoping against hope what she was seeing wasn't what she feared. If they were in a vacuum, she's just too Starry Eyed to see red flags sooner rather than later. But even if you're not all lovey-dovey but you can tell you feel good about each other, then you can accept your own timeline.
  8. I think it's a good idea even though it's done to save money. The girls can get together and get a little time away from their spouses and have someone to sort things out.. same with the guys. It gives them an opportunity to break up any tension or stress also. It's a highly charged situation no matter how good it's going. , Mindy was wearing a black top when she plopped into bed and in the hallway she's wearing a white top and she has makeup on so I don't believe it was the same night I think it was a Coming Attraction without it actually being in the coming attractions. Thanks twirly
  9. I have to agree that the way you treat people has little to do with others. Some exceptions do apply. This business of being shitty to someone because you're not attracted to them and you want to put them off is just passive aggressive. Especially when you signed up to take a chance. No one put a gun to your head. However I am trying to think how I would handle a situation where there was no attraction. I'm much more of a personality person as far as what attracts me. So I would give it a few days. But it is awkward when the other person is attracted or at least wants to have sex and you can tell that you don't. I think off camera I would tell them that we are in the friend zone. I would ask them if they wanted to continue for the sake of the experiment and perhaps the perks of the show or not, but also emphasize that time would not change anything. Would I allow doctor cal or the sexpert get involved? Oh hell no. The way they handled Matt and Amber was a disgrace. They saw that he was a complete POS and that she was shamelessly desperate yet they encouraged them (Amber nost cruelly) to continue this humiliation for Show ratings. But I digress... if my partner was totally cool with it then we could play along but that is rarely the case. If my spouse continued to pressure me I would bow out rather than decide to act like an ass to run them off. If the opposite were true and I could see there was no attraction to me... I honestly don't think I would ask.( like I assume Mindy did). If there was no attempt at romance, that would tell the story and I wouldn't assume he's just shy around women or some such excuse in my head. I would bow out. Hard to accept but harder to stick around for it. And if my spouse tried to pull the same stunt like wax melt girl or like Zach is doing, being rude, disdainful, and antagonistic I would bow out but hopefully not before my East Coast sarcasm and snark shut him up and illuminated his assholism for the world to see. (But Neil did get the last word which was soooooo delicious!!)
  10. I can't think of who they are. Can you refresh my memory? I'm losing track of all these couples. Thanks. I'm assuming they were USA couples. I don't know shows in other countries.
  11. I think Mindy's walk down the hall happens further in the week. It certainly isn't that evening. Mindy kind of questioned him gently during the "washing of the face' ritual, about how they didn't seem to be as close as other couples ( did Mother Teresa wash faces too? Just curious nevermind.) I'd be curious to know how much she pressured him after that to bring on such a straightforward and callous response. He made up some good excuses to her and to the camera about PDA and not comparing their timeline to others. I'm anxious to see what it was that brought on that comment. Assuming she asked again or complained I think it's foolish to do so. If you're not feeling it with somebody, possibly 'yet', it doesn't help when someone is pushing you. Actions revealed he wasn't that into her. She couldn't wait. She couldn't play it cool. Is it not obvious to her that he has a huge ego and can act like a prick?? Why would she play into it and leave herself open? If she had to ask then she got her answer. I hope she sees the bigger picture of zackass and stops dreaming.
  12. I don't think he would get any message if you just stayed silent. And if it has struck you as prissy and self-important as it has to others here I think it's more upfront to call it out in some fashion even if it's a little joke. God and the way he said it... so indignant! Take the crown off a******! I love the sarcasm. " oh I'm sorry is that holy water?" He needs to be knocked off his throne. I'm not one for giving the silent treatment. And I don't like getting it in return either. It's too much energy to try and read minds so just say it or get over it.
  13. Love this. " people can't stand to be treated the way they treat others"... ain't that the truth!! And they're always so taken aback when you do! Dense and self-absorbed. They don't even know. ITA Mindy is is much too enthusiastic. I don't think it takes a lot of sophistication to know to be wary of pretty boys. And a gym rat no less. On one hand I like Mindy's casual 'I am who I am' Style, but on the other hand she could not have looked frumpier on the trip down. Then, she decided to sleep in the same clothes she traveled in! The guy is a stuck-up dick so there's no hope for this match but still, Mindy let's put your best foot forward for at least a couple days. Take a damn shower, smell pretty. And put on something girly. At least at this point you think he's so great so put a little effort into it . it's your honeymoon.
  14. Initially Meka stated that Michael claimed to be ambitious. But nothing about Michael says ambitious to me at this point. The way he walks... the way he sits, and the way he clams up when confronted ( granted I don't have much else to go on) reads as though he's easily discouraged. The issue with Meka would not have been that difficult to work around. What he said was definitely a faux pas... but the smart thing is to admit it, apologize, say it came out wrong... lean into her concerns. Even if he felt that way and then realized it offended her, duh , a grown up knows how to deal with it to diffuse the situation. In the beginning I took him out as someone who was mature and self-assured.( maybe it was the tuxedo). He seems very childish to me now.
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