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  1. Oh I know, but it just makes for a weird work environment... Amy, Heather, and Maddie are such positive people, all bubbles and rainbows and sisterhood and lifting each other up kind of stuff...just imagine them sitting there listening to their bosses pick apart their teammates in a somewhat catty, not very professional fashion and not being able to really say anything. Unless the koolaid is that strong, there is no way these women respect K&J as much as they pretend too.
  2. How awkward must it have been for the 4 group leaders to sit in the stands with K&J and listen to them pick apart the TCC and vets.
  3. Holy shit did Kelli's body language change at the mere mention of Jalyn's name during SG deliberations. Clearly Jalyn pissed her off somehow and I totally believe it had something to do with VK. Why else would her reaction be so defensive? These girls have silently and obediently watched the favoritism unfold for 2 summers now. Losing SG sucks, but losing it to someone who gets away with murder and is undeserving? That's a punch to the gut. Hence why Kelli was so quick to call her toxic...she is so defensive of VK that she labeled a normal human reaction/emotion as "toxic" and immediately assumed Jayln wasn't "supportive of her teammates" Kinda gross too that this was clearly a thought out, premeditated storyline. Why else would the camera guys conveniently be focused on Jalyn for her reaction and her leaving the studio? Other thoughts: Have they always devoted half an episode to SG auditions? I feel like we got to see more than usual which was cool. That weird voice over and mini tour of Gilly's was weird. The not-so-subtle product placements this season are a major turnoff. I wonder how different it was for KaShara to be behind closed doors with K&J judging the girls as opposed to being on the other end where she was being judged for every little thing. I wonder how differently they treated her as a judge (so to speak) as opposed to a subordinate. When KaShara picked Caroline for point, Kelli sounded so fake with her smirk saying "I appreciate your honesty". I basically heard it as "thanks, but no" And lastly, Lily's hair still looks terrible.
  4. That had me rolling. Kelli was all "wait how do you spell-" trying to write it down and Charm: "PULL THE F UP"
  5. Yes that's right; she was adamant that Rowdy made more $ than them, but his friend came on here and confirmed he works for the org as an executive or something and Rowdy was his side gig. I think Shelly even confirmed that as well. So of course he made more $ 🤦‍♀️ Erica sounded like an entitled idiot.
  6. From what I remember, she was injured her last season and was taken to the Hall of Fame game but since she couldn't perform she was asked to stay in the locker room. Apparently she disobeyed that rule and went into the stands and sent pictures of herself drinking to friends. She was cut from camp but it was never shown on the show and she was basically edited out of the show all together. I always got mean girl/snotty vibes from her from day one and things I saw on social media just kind of reinforced that. Then insiders came on here and said she was a indeed a mean girl and was a lazy group leader so that just sort of solidified how I already felt about her. It always annoyed me that in interviews about her lawsuit she kept reiterating that she quit, which is simply not true.
  7. Looks like Erica's lawsuit was finally settled. Although I loathe her, I'm glad to see the girls getting paid more, even if it's just a little more. Cowboys settle cheerleader pay dispute, entire squad gets pay boost https://www.wfaa.com/mobile/article/sports/nfl/cowboys/cowboys-settle-cheerleader-pay-dispute-entire-squad-gets-pay-boost/287-7dc7f6a3-8d36-44bf-8a5c-466cff75c3de
  8. Kat looks like Hoda standing back there
  9. I didn't even realize those were the same picture. You are so right, one is completely altered. Look how different her face looks too
  10. I just watched that episode on Pluto. It was definitely Christina. I wonder if comments like that from K&J pushed her to get bigger boobs.
  11. 👆 what she said. Use a different email every week. Since I only have 1 email address, I literally make one up.
  12. There should be an option to get a free 24 hr preview. If you don't see it, try clearing your cookies or using an incognito browser. I don't have cable and this is how i watch every week.
  13. Ladies and gents: here is your co-point WHYYYYYY
  14. Kelli is losing her damn marbles. I wonder of she's getting any kickbacks for promoting the movie and band so much? Or like you said: she officially can't think for her self anymore. I wonder how much she even liked Queen before that movie came out 😂
  15. Yep. Whether they genuinely like her or not, these women know that it would look far worse if they didn't comment and love all over her posts. It's probably an unspoken expectation that the "sisterhood" be showcased on social media. Especially with this new "positive" spin the producers are pushing for. The "love" they all show for each other is a bit over the top and exhausting. I watched the video too. It freaked me out. Sounds like scary circus music. Kelli: "Ok my little puppets, pose like this and act like you love Freddie Mercury!" How these girls don't roll their eyes is beyond me. K really needs to give this Queen shit a rest.
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