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  1. Didn't Ryan say something like 'I'm 25 feet in the air, and if that alligator swims underneath me, I am going to jump on it'? Sounds risky to me.
  2. So the giant wild pig (fifth smartest animal on the planet) outsmarted his captor, where does his captor rank? Jeff's Hyperbole seems to fail him when he discussing his 2015 felony plea for insurance fraud. It must have been the BIGGEST fine ever levied for insurance fraud. Maybe his 2013 marriage was the BEST MARRIAGE ever! As the season concludes, it occurs to me I will miss you forum contributors as much as I miss the show.
  3. And he's still in the challenge. How many visits from the medic? And he's still in the challenge. 👎 We are adults watching a kid's show.
  4. True that. Max was really on the mental roller coaster this week.
  5. Maybe his employer required a return to work after 6 or 7 weeks away. There are a lot of things going on that we have no idea about. As Jeff demonstrates regularly, some contestants have a casual relationship with the truth.
  6. You know, Naked & Afraid XL is not a welfare program.
  7. IMHO Jeff took Laura Zerra to a lower level of social interaction too, in his 59 day challenge.
  8. If Jeff and EJ joined Gary and left, the show would be more enjoyable.
  9. If I recall correctly, the team was walking down a trail single file, (it could have been on the other side of the bridge, I'm not sure). Matt was pontificating about how snaring nutria was similar to finding the right woman, the more snares one set the better chance of snaring a nutria. Riley says 'so women are like nutria? and continues to ask do they give you an erection?' If they use this language in front of the camera, imagine the conversation after the camera crew leaves at the end of the day. The puke comment was based on the camera work of her sitting on the bridge vomiting
  10. EJ was happy to supervise the work Gary & Max did. EJ seemed to think cleaning a fish was below him. Jeff says he was charged by a bear, probably did not think the incident was going to be shown to viewers. I wonder how Steven puts up with Jeff's continuing crap, while Steven continues to do a majority of the work. Amber's shelter That bridge was really something. Riley's question about Matt's erections was interesting. It was also odd that for a second time Matt & Ryan stood around and watched Riley hurl. Hey, if I'm puking my guts out, give me some spac
  11. I think it pays to exercise caution when believing what participants mention about themselves.
  12. I find it impressive how Ryan is engaged as a team member. He is very capable on his own, yet is not demonstrating a "do it my way" attitude. He fits in as a team member contributing to the groups success.
  13. I understand how EJ was scared and embarrassed. However in the face of that he demonstrated what a genuinely unpleasant fellow he is. This is the second time in his N & A career he has been allowed medical attention without being withdrawn. He is a jerk
  14. Wonder if Gary is more confrontational and stupid in front of the camera than when off camera. The way a cast member interacts and/or achieves seems to have a lot to do with how much TV exposure the editor gives them.
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