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  1. It will be great stuff on the reunion show!
  2. yes yes yes totally. Just mute Jeff, he was likely chosen because of his lack of integrity. He steals time from Jake and other successful, and entertaining participants.
  3. Every kingdom needs a broma bone throne. What a hoot!
  4. I was thinking, maybe incorrectly, that Suzahhhhhn said something that amounted to -- Mikani needs water immediately come along and you can drink some up there. Seth decided not to follow and drink where Mikani was. Suzahhhhn may not have known the medic/producer were on site providing water, ice and and electrolyte solution, before asking Mikani if she wanted to stay in the challenge.
  5. Seth will have to do some 'housekeeping' if Suzahhhhn self-exiles, and that is a lot tougher than napping in the blind. Seth recalled having difficulty with Max, and with Suzahhhhn, but does not seem to understand why he keeps getting difficult partners.
  6. Truly Seth is a dream hunter.
  7. The show did list her occupation as "Survival Instructor", it's cannot be true in the sense that people pay to go to "Kates School of Quitting". It is wrong for the show to distribute information that is not accurate. Maybe the show should list her as "Reality Show Star Wannabe." A couple of season ago one character was listed as "Texas Ranch Girl", and this season we've got Wes as a "Business Owner". More accuracy on the "Everest of Survival Challenges" would be welcome. It's reality TV. not reality.
  8. I don't think she is really a survival instructor? Her survival skills include repeating "you're not hearing me, I'm over it" and 'I quit'. Tough to think people are paying her enough to make a living.
  9. Should Wes & Gwen be considered out since they had medical attention? Maybe each participant should be allowed a certain amount or medical attention in the same vein as providing cast iron pots.
  10. The reunion show with Seth snoring while hunting is something to look forward to. He is not just an underachiever, but a contentions underachiever. He is out of touch with his behavior and accomplishments. Suzaaanne does not seem to have a knack for bringing out the best in Seth, hope she does better with Makani and others as they present themselves. Since Seth has been unable to deliver and food and does not appear to be helping with daily chores, Suzaaanne would be no worse of alone.
  11. She is horrible when it come to her motive for keeping Seth functioning. If he is of value to her, she want to keep him 'on board'. She is so desperate to have him as a resource, she even helped remove the leeches. It may have been more characteristic for her to say 'you got 'em, you get rid of 'em'. That Canadian may see she was lucky to quit early.
  12. Interested to see Gwen & Wes' duct tape rug and slippers! Was really interesting to see the rabbit, and it pointed out how different each group's local habitat is. In the group with Sarah, Jonathan and Ryan, Sarah and Jonathan are not getting much screen time. Ryan is out hunting and clamming, the others must be maintaining the fire and water. Kate's use of 'you're not hearing me, I'm done' seems to be replacing 'whatever' in contemporary vocabulary. Interesting to watch Bulent become more critical (and less pleasant) as time passes. When Kate was around he was accepting of Makani, after Kate left not so much. Poor Makani, by the time she resorted to eating catfish, her nutritional shortages were already affecting her thought processes. Ryan is the only archer producing. Thinking back to how many N & A participants have claimed to be hunters, only a couple have been successful. It seems like a great deal of time is devoted to waiting in ambush, with very little produced.
  13. From what the editors showed us, I am not certain Gwen & Wes explained to Joshua what Joshua's responsibilities would be. It seemed like they were so offended that the 'perfect team of two' was expanded, they would not have wanted anyone to join them. Not suggesting for a moment that Joshua's odd ball behavior created a positive dynamic, but we never saw Gwen & Wes say anything like, 'we need you to get three pots of water a day'. From that standpoint, Gwen & Wes were like other XL groups, they do not want to be part of a larger group, like that creep Jeff Zausch. (Of course Jeff failed in his mega challenge) Gwen & Wes did seem to be using the duct tape for several things after Joshua left. Thanks Joshua, wonder if the bow + arrows Joshua had were also left behind to Gwen & Wes.
  14. Watched the first hour "On Demand" this afternoon, went baack to watch the show "On Demand", and they wanted to charge me $3.99 to finish the show I started 6 hours earlier for free.🤔 Maybe tomorrow will be free.
  15. I like the flying pig in Heilmann's living room. Go 'cats!
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