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  1. WBR don't seem to be like that with everyone. Dan was discussing with Sticks how the officers know many of these folks they're dealing with, hence not playing nice so much. I still like them. I guess the skating crowd in OK didn't get the stay-at-home memo. No issues with the crowd size, lack of masks, etc... wtf. ETA: I realize it varies by state but thought large crowds were generally being discouraged & masks encouraged.
  2. Have you met weed sniffer/bad guy chaser extraordinaire, Danny Brown? 🙂
  3. Never intended to sound like she may have been neglected. I'm sorry for what they all went through & glad she was at least found & not alone at the end. ETA: thanks for more info
  4. Did they say how she got away? Was she reported missing? Sad story but glad she didn't die in that drain.
  5. Was disappointing when that guy at the end didn't want to press charges after having his apartment trashed. I wonder if he's afraid of the guy who did it or there's something else going on there.
  6. That poor dog, Rosie, being put in the open back of the truck with sharp tools; I felt so bad for her.
  7. Katie is doing Cameo. A big wow on the lack of self awareness there. Mindy is also on Cameo but is donating her proceeds. Oh, & also she's a decent person.
  8. I felt bad for the dog stuck in that little crate in the back of the SUV. Usually they have more room. Poor thing probably just wanted to stretch its legs & didn't care where he went. He was also more interested in the horses than the other guy they were searching (so was I). A guy who drove like that with an unrestrained kid in the back doesn't deserve to be treated nicely. I didn't really think they were rough. I get annoyed when they buddy up to these people endangering not only themselves but everyone else on the road by joking around, offering cigs etc., which they sometimes do - just no. That said I was surprised they even engaged in a chase like that given they knew from the jump there was an unrestrained kid in the car. I like this LA group better than the last one. They were kind of thug-like. I recall the one cop kicking down a naked guy, & another one basically groping a dude during a search - they were awful.
  9. Derek's AMA on Reddit (verified - 'Mindy' had one they shut down because it was not verified). He didn't keep up too well; Meka answered just about everything. No big revelations, I thought. Oh, but, & he's getting into music production & writing a book. I liked him but, at the risk of being Katie-ish, 🙄. https://www.reddit.com/r/MarriedAtFirstSight/comments/gcdvpn/i_am_derek_sherman_from_mafs_season_10_ama/
  10. I think it's more what you said previous to this, in that it takes genuinely liking each other first, then they can do the work to make it a long lasting relationship. It doesn't seem like Ashley & Anthony or others haven't had bumps here or there, most everyone does, but when they like & respect each other they'll have a good foundation to build off. With most of these couples it, whatever 'it' is, just doesn't click from the jump, so it's never going to happen because that can't be forced. So any relationship building work isn't worth it for them.
  11. Zach's a 'big' boy now, all grown up. Whatever Amy or Matt did doesn't excuse asshole behavior, especially toward a parent in front of the world on TV. His reactions are his own responsibility.
  12. Maybe if he despised his wife so damn much he should've done them both a favor a lot earlier & filed for divorce instead of fucking the help.
  13. I disagree too, & that's okay. Their whole life is on camera & that little jerk can be a stay-at-home dad with his stay-at-home mom wife with no worries because of it - for which he should be thankful & bend a little. She fucked up - but he could've handled it nicely on camera then confront her off camera. I'm completely UNsympathetic. He looked like he needed to sit in the corner with a fucking pacifier. Caryn's in it as well.
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