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  1. Yeah. I've written that he needs therapy, but therapy is useless for people who don't acknowledge they have a problem, or, just don't care.
  2. I believe Derek already has this realization but is "committed" to what he's doing, the show, etc. He is trying, but, seems lukewarm toward her at best, & may be more frustrated with Katie then he's letting on. Given Katie's behavior, I hope it's Derek who chooses divorce, but, ... it might be Katie because of this. Reject before being rejected. How humiliating it would be for her to be rejected by such an uncool "nerd" (her view of him, not mine). I could also see them coming to an agreement & saying it's a mutual decision to save face on both sides, with Katie then going on a SM spree trashing Derek. Actually no matter what happens between them with the (assumed) divorce I could see her doing that. ---- Reg. Mindy, I thought her wedding look aged her terribly. Their wedding picture looks like she's with her younger brother. She looks much better on Unfiltered & various TH's. I despised Zach throwing his lack of attraction back at her, as if she could do something about it. She shouldn't change herself at all, just accept herself & find someone else accepting (& if they don't move on easily) & she'll be fine.
  3. So they’ll be renting out their “dream home” as an Airbnb- okay then. 🤷‍♀️ Yes, definitely! I’ve been saying this repeatedly for several episodes now. I understand, but at least this way she won’t get arrested. Although I think they’d let her go if they just watch a few clips of Zach’s verbal diarrhea.
  4. Rent part of the year... to whom? someone who winters in Jersey? I guess I don't understand the plan but not my biz.
  5. I don't know if there was anything in it, but, sometimes it's therapeutic to get that anger out in benign ways like punching bags, pillows... pinatas if being more creative. 😉 She's due in a few weeks & they just bought their "dream house" in Florida; they flew back from there with their toddler a few days ago in the middle of everyone being told to stay inside. Also wondering why Florida since she's moving away from the family she always wanted & her in-law nanny's.
  6. I agree, but taking her anger out on the pinata was probably one of the healthier things I've seen on this show. I also agree with another poster who said she should just ghost Lindsey, because she isn't worth her time or energy anymore.
  7. And isn't she the one who told her mom she didn't want her negativity in her life? 🤔😒
  8. I understand the safety concerns for them, I just don't understand why they need so many fucking paper products. Although I think if someone shows up who is not a senior, they can't kick them out. We're a good sized family with special needs kids who have never hoarded & are staying in our lane, being as careful as possible with what we do have. But we're gonna be SOL at some point, because it's not about need, it's about first come first grab, but whatever. On topic, I hope these two are off these shows for good. He's (they're) mentally ill & likes disgusting things apparently, so he can go clean up more manure & make an honest living not on TV. Sorry am a bit crankier than usual these days... 🙁
  9. I want that for Meka too. I have a strong feeling it will be Michael's decision to split though, as in, reject before being rejected. Or, he might not want to be the one lest he look any worse than he already does, but will portray himself as Meka's victim if she ends it. Guess we'll see but this is headed nowhere. I am annoyed Meka didn't just end it as Mindy did. There's nothing she can do for Michael & his serious issues that he brought into the marriage with him. The meeting with his sister was useless. Meka needs Mindy's friends right now.
  10. All the seniors are allowed in first thing & clean them out. Seriously ? geez They've caught on to that too & we have very few smaller stores around here. ETA: they also mentioned the delivery trucks aren't rolling in as they normally would either, making it tougher to re-stock. Once it's out, if you're not there waiting, it's gone (& they can't tell you when it's coming because they don't even know anymore). It's freakin' nuts...
  11. As a former poetry writer before life sucked the life out of me, I don't find it hard to believe Derek wrote that poem with no one in particular in mind. I do think Derek is wanting the 'idea' of love, but his expectations might be off. I like him though, & hope he finds the right person someday with whom he'll feel 'it', whatever 'it' is to him. It surely won't be Katie. The guy is freakin' trying his heart out though, almost literally. She didn't care to support him, made him feel stupid about his dreams, then he still opened up his life to her, only to be shit on again. I give him credit because I would not have trusted to go any further opening up to her, ever.
  12. Doesn't matter anymore, the selfish hoarders still be hoarding - every, single, fucking time we go to the store, which is now a few times/week thanks to all the people sucking up our old delivery/pick up times too, there is literally NOTHING on the shelves. If we're really lucky, we'll come home with one of something... it is what it is, but, this has really shown how much so many people just downright suck. And I watch reality TV, so that's saying something. 😒
  13. Yeah, I agree. He told her early on he wasn't attracted to her, gave her the responsibility to do something about it, then continued to pull away yet she kept at him like a puppy wanting another treat. Sad, really. Hope she did learn from it though.
  14. This is ridiculous, Meka, he's way too messed up for marriage. There's nothing but a world of hurt for anyone married to him until he straightens himself out.
  15. I used that segment to moisturize. Will have to rewind later just to see the duck.
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