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  1. There was a picture on Reddit of EriK & his ex-wife with him cuddling a cat on his chest. His cat allergy is probably just another show dupe.
  2. Submissiveness? Interesting. I never thought of either of those women that way. I think they were a very low drama couple so the Show created that narrative for them.
  3. It'd be a bombshell for sure if J&H had (goodbye) sex. It was just Haley playing it up to the camera as she's been doing for weeks & I doubt she stayed there that evening either. Jake has been dragged along in the act but obviously not happy about it. She also doesn't want to be dumped, so, I suspect she was being extra nice to Jakey to lead him on a bit so he'll think there's hope. I have a bad feeling he may fall for it & say "yes" on decision day, allowing Haley to sink her last dagger in for the final kill when she says "no way". She's not come off well or as relationship mater
  4. I missed the last half hour but doubt it matters. Clara for the win tonight. She is who she is & don’t give no fucks about saying it. Good for her. I think they’re intercoursing on the regular & the jokes on us. I wanna know how she ever held back about Ryan wearing dress shoes to the bowling thing though./s Maybe he & Jake can go putt putt in their less than athletic shoes together someday. 😂
  5. Not in my experience.😞 These two will stay together, but I'm doubtful they'll make it very long.
  6. At least Jake explained himself & apologized for his actions, & didn't repeat them, which is more than I see from most people in this world. So I will always give him that.
  7. Ahhh, thank you. I don't blame her at all & doubt he missed her, except for the sex LOL. I don't ever trust decision day, & sometimes even the reunion, because it's too soon after.
  8. All the Ryan's have been total assholes. I think the current one still has a chance to break the bad streak. He's definitely not in the same asshole league of the others. Didn't Nick scream "I'm not attracted to her!" ? I can't recall, but I do recall being appalled at his behavior, especially since he was okay with having sex with her more than once. Was this Amber (dated Dallas Douches) & Dave? If so, he dumped her. Guess he finally got tired of the twice daily sex; yet another douche to add to her list. So sick of these people this time, which I think is (mostly) on
  9. Unfortunately yeah, even though she'd probably be more compatible with them, they're not her type. I hope there's better going on behind the scenes with these two. Going on just what I know from the show Clara "falling in love" so often strikes me as someone who just becomes infatuated easily.
  10. If that were the case, Helley would probably have been happy to announce it, including on Unfiltered. She doesn't strike me as the type to hold back. She was drunk during the sex anyway, so maybe not the best judge, or best at all, herself. Maybe she's embarrassed about a big queef or fart during sex with a guy she ends up not liking & can't immediately get away from, so she's lashing out... 🤷‍♀️ Jake mentioned earlier in the season he was adding back in different foods (which has to be little at a time), so hopefully those include veggies. Since he trains it's not surprising he's hea
  11. Cat allergies are tricky. Exposure could help Erik, or make things much worse for him, & it could take months to find out for sure. Him being away a lot could also make it more difficult to adjust. VA doesn't understand that them sleeping on just her doesn't help, because cat allergens are also airborne & stick to things/clothing/people. She can't guarantee they won't wander over to him, because as she said, cats do what they want, & she'll be asleep. She also doesn't seem like the cleanest of people, so that will make it worse. That said VA & Erik don't seem at all compat
  12. And now the woe-is-me because Jake left. She doesn't care but is just pining to play the victim here. Nasty fake fuck she is.
  13. This is a hard situation, because you're right she shouldn't just assume he take meds, especially with his job. But her pets are very important to her, & they have a ton of issues as a couple that don't seem conducive to a long term relationship. Ultimately the 'experts' are again at fault. But I'd be "asinine" to even consider that they match for drama... right, PCal??
  14. I know it sounds terrible, but, she barely knows Erik & he keeps telling her he's "done" & she "can leave". I don't agree with her on some things but I would choose the cats too.
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