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  1. Cheaters come in all shapes, sizes, are attractive, & not so much. All it takes is a willing party (& no matter what their looks there is always someone willing), & a total lack of character. They’re also all shit bags (as are the willing parties as well).
  2. I don't believe anything that hasn't been proven, but if Meka starts looking bad I'm not going to be able to help but wonder if she's just getting a bad edit & shit's going on behind the scenes we don't know about. It's not like it hasn't happened before. We'll see because it will depend on what's going on with everyone.
  3. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but in LivePD if someone doesn't want to be on camera they zoom in, & on Live Rescue if they don't want to be on camera, they keep filming, but from a distance. I wonder if they do that as much when the cameras aren't there LOL. Most of the people are only 'listening' because they're playing nice with authority, but just for that moment.
  4. I know it's his personal business, but it's hard not to wonder. I felt bad for him being filmed as he was clearly in distress. I really like this & Live Rescue but also feel sometimes, depending on the situation, they need to have more respect & consideration for some of the people. I know there are cameras everywhere but it's not the same as being shown on TV. Agree. Isn't there a new show focusing on the K9's? I caught it once but there are so many spin offs now I keep missing them.
  5. Was fun to see it so close this time. I wonder if the little underdog next week can keep up - they do well but don't seem to be a match for these police dogs. The scent tracking part is killing it for them so far, & understandably, as they don't do that for a living!
  6. Took one for the team & listened to the last part of Auntie's tea spilling. Here's a quick synopsis of what she said: -She received an email from Michael's ex gf, who knows Meka & was also at the casting but backed out because of too many red flags reg. Michael. (My assumption is she knew Michael was there & chosen- maybe someone can clear that up). -Auntie validated the person's identity, that she was in a relationship with Michael, & Auntie says she saw her in the casting show. -The ex feels sorry for Meka having been matched with Michael. -Michael's ex saw tons of red flags while dating him. -Michael was unemployed in 2018 driving Uber p/t, had no idea what to do in life, & was living with his mom; he was unable to pay when taking the gf out & asked her for gas money while out. -When she was hanging out with Michael's friends the friends would say that Michael is "under cover". -One of her friends said when she was dating Michael he was "zesty" (look it up on Urban Dictionary). -The ex said Michael hangs out with more women than men & has feminine traits. -Auntie then went on a rant saying there's nothing wrong with being gay but be true to yourself & don't marry someone who is hetero. -Auntie also said she "has not received any email in (her) box about Meka passing herself off as something she's not". -The ex also said she (allegedly says Auntie) had a restraining order out on Michael. -Auntie said she has a lot more info in the email she won't disclose because she doesn't want Lifetime coming after her. Take it all for what it's worth. Anyone know Auntie's track record with this type of thing?
  7. I won't be watching the whole thing tonight but tuned in to the Couples' Couch thing for a few minutes only to be completely distracted by Steph's eyebrows. I'd love to know how she thinks that's flattering. JamieO is making her comments mostly directly to the camera, not even trying to pretend it's not there.
  8. Bear is really cute. I wouldn't want him coming at me doing his job, but sitting in studio he looked really cute. Cat lady was great in the second hour - America's Top Cat headline- lol. I miss having cats since my son is allergic. 😥
  9. JamieO, after accepting her new TLC contract Doug as her husband, was also filmed on their shows obsessing over her ex. The thing with cakegate is Brandon was totally in control & enjoying it. Might be okay had he known her & she was familiar with his sense of humor, but they didn't know each other so it came off all kinds of wrong- ...and he destroyed the top of a perfectly good cake with his grubby hands. 😠 I'm not at all surprised Zach isn't attracted to Mindy. What would surprise me is if he doesn't have sex with her maybe even a few times before the big reveal.
  10. Ya think? LOL Her face must've been hurting that evening. Then this show is more nonsensical than ever, because they can't predict how he'll be with her looks ahead of time, even if they do choose someone more his type. They can pick 'types', but no one can predict chemistry, so that's the inherent problem with going in blindly like this. I've noticed some of the women getting really caught up if the guy is attractive to her. Some of them just cannot dial it back enough to try to get to know the guy at least a bit, before getting overly excited. For all they know the 'hottie' they're gushing over could have 3 side chicks, a raging STD, or just be an all around crappy person. I always want to go into full Cher Moonstruck mode with those brides - *slap... SLAP* "SNAP OUT OF IT!"
  11. Honestly no one prepared me for preg, postpartum etc., either. I did research because I'm like that, but nothing really prepares anyone for certain things except to go through it themselves. No one needs to see her postpartum belly just like no one needed to see her pregnant belly. She's another "Look at me! Look at me!" 'me monster' queen of TMI.
  12. Zach was ready for anyone. I wanted someone to tell him he could work off script too. Maybe he'll get better at ad-libbing on the honeymoon. Mindy was gobbling up the BS & smiling so hard she might've burst a few blood vessels. Michael: "I love natural hair & get excited whenever I see it." Cut to Meka & her smoothed out look - same editors who panned to Austin last week after Jessica said she likes dark haired men. I'll be able to judge how I feel about Jessica when she stops acting like a loon. Maybe she can help Austin with his hair game. Every season I get tired of the "I'm a wife!" & "I've got a husband!" The men do it too but seems less than the women. The women act like they've won a prize instead of just blindly married a stranger on teevee. Calm down people, & buckle up...
  13. Yeah I agree. I am very interested to see this season play out, but it's always more interesting to me hearing the behind the scenes spoilers, & then what happens after decision day.
  14. Oh good you're here then to take credit! I wasn't sure if it's okay to take a screenshot post from Reddit, but that was an interesting one so wanted to see what people had to say here. I mostly lurk on Reddit & don't pay much attention to user names etc. So, hope it was okay.
  15. Oh FFS she's such a drama queen attention whore.
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